Character Study on Misham

Character Study on Misham

1 Chronicles 8: The sons of Elpaal; Eber, and Misham, and Shamed, who built Ono, and Lod, with the towns thereof:

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Misham
Their cleansing or their beholding, a Benjamite, one of the sons of Elpaal (1 Chronicles 8:12 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Misham
1 Chronicles 8:12.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Misham
(mi' ssham) Benjaminite builder of Ono and Lod (1 Chronicles 8:12 ). The name perhaps derives from the root meaning, “to inspect.”

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Misham
MISHAM. Eponym of a Benjamite family ( 1 Chronicles 8:12 )

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Misham
Their savior; taking away
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Misham
Son of Elpaal, a Benjamite. 1 Chronicles 8:12 .

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