Character Study on Korathites

Character Study on Korathites

Numbers 26: These are the families of the Levites: the family of the Libnites, the family of the Hebronites, the family of the Mahlites, the family of the Mushites, the family of the Korathites. And Kohath begat Amram.

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Morrish Bible Dictionary - Korahites, Korathites, Korhites
Descendants of Korah, the grandson of Kohath. The two principal offices assigned to them were the service of song, and keeping the doors of the sanctuary. Exodus 6:24 ; Numbers 26:58 ; 1 Chronicles 9:19,31 ; 1 Chronicles 12:6 ; 1 Chronicles 26:1 ; 2 Chronicles 20:19 .

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Korahites - The name is also spelled Korathites (Numbers 26:58 ) and Korhites (KJV)