Character Study on Jaddua

Character Study on Jaddua

Nehemiah 10: Meshezabeel, Zadok, Jaddua,
Nehemiah 12: And Joiada begat Jonathan, and Jonathan begat Jaddua.
Nehemiah 12: The Levites in the days of Eliashib, Joiada, and Johanan, and Jaddua, were recorded chief of the fathers: also the priests, to the reign of Darius the Persian.

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People's Dictionary of the Bible - Jaddua
Jaddua (jad-dû'a or jâd'du-ah), known. 1. Son and successor in the high priesthood of Jonathan or Johanan, and last of the high priests mentioned in the Old Testament. R. V. Joiada. Nehemiah 12:11; Nehemiah 12:22. b.c. 406-332. 2. One of the chief of the people who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah. Nehemiah 10:21.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Jaddua
(jad' dyoo uh) Personal name meaning, “well-known.” 1. Levite who placed his seal on Nehemiah's covenant (Nehemiah 10:22 ). 2 . A high priest, probably at the end of the Persian period when Alexander the Great approached Jerusalem about 333 B.C. (Nehemiah 12:11 ,Nehemiah 12:11,12:22 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Jaddua
1. Successor of Jonathan or Johanan in the high priesthood. The last high priest and the latest name in Old Testament, supposing 1 Chronicles 3:22-24 corrupt. In the reign of the last Persian king Darius and of Alexander; when he invaded Judea Jaddua is said to have gone out in priestly robes to meet Alexander, and to have implored his goodwill toward the Jews (Josephus, Ant. 11:8, section 7; Nehemiah 12:11-22). (See ALEXANDER.) The phrase "Darius the Persian" implies that the Grecian dynasty of Alexander the Great had begun.

2. Nehemiah 10:21.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Jaddua
JADDUA. 1. One of those who sealed the covenant ( Nehemiah 10:21 ). 2 . A high priest ( Nehemiah 12:11 ; Nehemiah 12:22 ). He is doubtless the Jaddua who is named by Josephus in connexion with Alexander the Great (Jos. [Note: Josephus.] Ant . XI. viii. 5, cf. vii. 2, viii. 7).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Jaddua
1. One who sealed the covenant. Nehemiah 10:21 .

2. Son of Jonathan, a descendant of Jeshua the priest. Nehemiah 12:11,22 .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Jaddua
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Jaddua
One of the chiefs who subscribed the covenant (Nehemiah 10:21 ).

The last high priest mentioned in the Old Testament (Nehemiah 12:11,22 ), sons of Jonathan.

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Jaddua - Jaddua. He is doubtless the Jaddua who is named by Josephus in connexion with Alexander the Great (Jos
Jaddua - Jaddua (jad-dû'a or jâd'du-ah), known
Jaddua - In the reign of the last Persian king Darius and of Alexander; when he invaded Judea Jaddua is said to have gone out in priestly robes to meet Alexander, and to have implored his goodwill toward the Jews (Josephus, Ant
Arius - , the successor of Jaddua
Nehemiah, the Book of - Nehemiah 12:10-11-22-23 mentions Jaddua and Darius the Persian; it is probably the addition of those who closed the Old Testament canon, testifying the continuance to their time of the ordinances and word of God. ... It is even possible that Nehemiah lived long enough to record there being an heir presumptive to the high priesthood, Jaddua, then an infant. The two "and's" in Nehemiah 12:22 show "and Jaddua" is a later addition
Onias - was son of Jaddua and father of Simon the Just ( Sir 50:1 , where, however, the Heb
Concise Chronological Table of Bible History - (Ochus)... 351-331... Jaddua high priest at J
Darius - As "Jaddua" was high priest at the invasion of Alexander the Great, Darius III, Codomanus, his enemy (336-330 B. , would be meant if Nehemiah were the writer; but it is more likely he was not, and that the continuation of the register down to Alexander's contemporary, Jaddua, is inserted by a later hand
Gerizim - Manasseh, brother of Jaddua the high priest, married the daughter of Sanballat the Cuthaean (2 Kings 17:24), who in order to reconcile his son-in-law to this forbidden affinity obtained leave from Alexander the Great to build a temple on Gerazim (Josephus, Ant
Alexander - 11:8, section 5) says that Alexander meeting the high priest Jaddua (Nehemiah 12:11-22) said that at Dium in Macedonia he had a divine vision so habited, inviting him to Asia and promising him success. ... Jaddua met him at Gapha (Mizpeh) at the head of a procession of priests and citizens in white
Alexander the Great - The high priest Jaddua, being warned of God in a vision, hung the city with garlands and went forth in his robes with the other priests and the people in white to meet the king
Mizpah - 2-3; 2:19, section 4; 5:2-3) mentions Sapha (a corruption of Maspha, Mizpah) as the place of Alexander's meeting Jaddua the high priest; and elsewhere calls it Scopus, i
Daniel, the Book of - 7:11, section 8) records that Alexander the Great had designed to punish the Jews for their fidelity, to Darius; but Jaddua (332 B. With Jaddua, high priest in 341-322 B
Nehemiah, Book of - The high priest Jaddua mentioned in Nehemiah 12:11 is known from Josephus to have been a contemporary of Alexander the Great
Gerizim - 2–4) is that Manasseh, brother of Jaddua, high priest at Jerusalem, married the daughter of Sanballat (Nehemiah 4)
Nehemiah - In Nehemiah 12 the high priests are given from the national archives down to Jaddua, and the Levites down to his contemporary Darius the Persian, Codomanus. (See Jaddua; DARIUS
Jews - When Alexander the Great was preparing to besiege Tyre, he sent to Jaddua, the high priest at Jerusalem, to supply him with that quantity of provisions which he was accustomed to send to Persia. Jaddua refused, upon the ground of his oath of fidelity to the king of Persia. Jaddua had notice of his approach, and, by the direction of God, went out of the city to meet him, dressed in his pontifical robes and attended by the Levites in white garments
High Priest - His successors were Joiakim, Eliashib, Joiada, Johanan (Jonathan), and Jaddua. ) states that Jaddua's brother Manasseh was at Sanballat's request made the first high priest of the Samaritan temple by Alexander the Great. Simon the Just, second after Jaddua, was reputed the last of the Great Synagogue and the finisher of the Old Testament canon
Name, Names - For instance, there is the frequency of names denoting personal qualities, Adin, Amasai, Jaddua, Korah, Solomon , etc
Bible - 12: 5: 22) Jaddua as high priest, and Darius Codomanus as king of Persia, who were at least a hundred years later than Ezra
Samaria, Samaritans - Jewish and Samaritan tradition agree as to the date of this event, which Josephus sets down wrongly in the time of Alexander the Great and Jaddua the high priest (b