Character Study on Henadad

Character Study on Henadad

Ezra 3: Then stood Jeshua with his sons and his brethren, Kadmiel and his sons, the sons of Judah, together, to set forward the workmen in the house of God: the sons of Henadad, with their sons and their brethren the Levites.
Nehemiah 3: After him repaired their brethren, Bavai the son of Henadad, the ruler of the half part of Keilah.
Nehemiah 3: After him repaired Binnui the son of Henadad another piece, from the house of Azariah unto the turning of the wall, even unto the corner.
Nehemiah 10: And the Levites: both Jeshua the son of Azaniah, Binnui of the sons of Henadad, Kadmiel;

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Henadad
(hehn' uh dad) Personal name meaning, “grace of Hadad (the god).” Clan of Levites who supervised the rebuilding of the Temple under Zerubbabel after 537 B.C. (Ezra 3:9 ). Clan members also helped Nehemiah rebuild Jerusalem's walls (Nehemiah 3:18 ,Nehemiah 3:18,3:24 ) and signed Nehemiah's covenant of obedience (Nehemiah 10:10 ).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Henadad
Favour of Hadad, the name of a Levite after the Captivity (Ezra 3:9 ).

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Henadad
HENADAD . A Levite ( Ezra 3:9 , Nehemiah 3:18 ; Nehemiah 3:24 ; Nehemiah 10:9 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Henadad
Ezra 3:9; compare Nehemiah 3:18; Nehemiah 3:24; Nehemiah 10:9.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Henadad
Grace of the beloved
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Henadad
Head of a Levite family who helped to rebuild the temple, and to repair the wall of the city, one of whom sealed the covenant. Ezra 3:9 ; Nehemiah 3:18,24 ; Nehemiah 10:9 .

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Iliadun - Perhaps to be identified with Henadad of Ezra 3:9
Henadad - Henadad
Bav'a-i - son of Henadad, ruler of the district of Keilah in the time of Nehemiah
Bavvai - The son of Henadad ( Nehemiah 3:18 ); rebuilt a portion of the wall of Jerusalem; called in Nehemiah 3:24 Binnui
Bin'nu-i - (Nehemiah 7:15 ) ... A Levite, son of Henadad, who assisted at the reparation of the wall of Jerusalem, under Nehemiah