Character Study on Hachmoni

Character Study on Hachmoni

1 Chronicles 11: And this is the number of the mighty men whom David had; Jashobeam, an Hachmonite, the chief of the captains: he lifted up his spear against three hundred slain by him at one time.
1 Chronicles 27: Also Jonathan David's uncle was a counseller, a wise man, and a scribe: and Jehiel the son of Hachmoni was with the king's sons:

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Hachmoni
(hach' moh ni) See Hachmon .

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Hachmoni, Son of the Hachmonite
(1 Chronicles 27:32; 1 Chronicles 11:11). The former is the correct rendering; the Hebrew in both passages is the same. In 2 Samuel 23:8 "the Tachmonite" names, in Chronicles given with "son of" (ben), are given without it, but with the definite article. Hachmonite was founder of a family; for the actual father of Jashobeam (a Korhite) was Zabdiel (1 Chronicles 27:2; 1 Chronicles 12:6).

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Hachmoni
A wise man
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Hachmoni, Hachmonite
HACHMONI, HACHMONITE . Both represent one and the same Heb. word, but in 1 Chronicles 27:32 the latter is translated as a prop. name, ‘Jehiel the son of Hachmoni,’ whereas in 1 Chronicles 11:11 Jashobeam is called ‘a Hachmonite.’ We should probably render it in both cases as a gentilic name. In 2 Samuel 23:8 , which is parallel to 1 Chronicles 11:11 , we have ‘the Tahchemonite ,’ which is probably a textual error (see Adino, Josheb-basshebeth).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Hachmoni
Father of Jehiel, a companion of David's sons. 1 Chronicles 27:32 . In 1 Chronicles 11:11 the same Hebrew word is translated 'Hachmonite.'

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Hacmoni - (hac' muh ni) NIV spelling of Hachmoni
Hachmoni, Hachmonite - Hachmoni, HachmoniTE . name, ‘Jehiel the son of Hachmoni,’ whereas in 1 Chronicles 11:11 Jashobeam is called ‘a Hachmonite
Tach'Monite, the - "The Tachmonite that sat in the seat," chief among David's captains, (2 Samuel 23:8 ) Isa in 1 Chronicles 11:11 Called "Jashobeam an Hachmonite," or, as the margin gives it, "son of Hachmoni. " Kennicott has shown that the words translated "he that sat in the seat" are a corruption of Jashobeam, and that "the Tachmonite" is a corruption of the "son of Hachmoni," which was the family or local name of Jashobeam. Therefore he concludes "Jashobeam the Hachmonite" to have been the true reading
Hachmonite - Designation of Jashobeam, 1 Chronicles 11:11 , or he was 'the son of Hachmoni
Hach'Moni - ( 1 Chronicles 11:11 ; 27:32 ) Hachmon or Hachmoni was no doubt the founder of a family to which these men belonged: the actual father of Jashobeam was Zabdiel, (1 Chronicles 27:2 ) and he is also said to have belonged to the Korhites
Hachmon - ” Original ancestor of an Israelite clan called the Hachmonites. Most translations transliterate the Hebrew clan name as Hachmoni, including the Hebrew ending “i” that indicates membership in the clan or English “ite. Jashobeam, leader of David's army, was either a Hachmonite (1 Chronicles 11:11 ) or a Tachmonite (2 Samuel 23:8 ), a copyist having either added or subtracted a “t” in transmitting the clan name
Jehiel (2) - Son of Hachmoni (a Hachmonite), an officer of David "with the king's sons" (1 Chronicles 27:32), i
Jashobeam - David's follower, a "Hachmonite", or rather "son of Hachmoni," i. (See HachmoniTE
Jehiel - Son of Hachmoni, and a companion of David's sons
Adino - In 1 Chronicles 11:11 the chief of the captains is Jashobeam an Hachmonite, or son of Hachmoni, margin