Character Study on Caphtorim

Character Study on Caphtorim

Genesis 10: And Pathrusim, and Casluhim, (out of whom came Philistim,) and Caphtorim.
Deuteronomy 2: And the Avims which dwelt in Hazerim, even unto Azzah, the Caphtorims, which came forth out of Caphtor, destroyed them, and dwelt in their stead.)

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Caphtorim
or CAPHTORITES (NIV) (Caphtorim) Citizens of Caphtor or Crete. See Caphtor .

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Caphtorim
The people of Caphtor. Genesis 10:14 ; Deuteronomy 2:23 ; 1 Chronicles 1:12 .

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Caphtorim
Descendants of Mizraim, and kindred to the Casluhim, near whom they were probably located on the northeast coast of Africa. These last two people are both named as ancestors of the Philistines, Genesis 10:14 Deuteronomy 2:23 Amos 9:7 ; and it is probable that a colony made up from both drove out the Avim from the country on the south-east coast of the Mediterranean, and occupied it under the name of Philistines, which it is generally agreed means strangers. But whether they came from Cyprus, Crete, or Cappadocia, is not agreed.

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Casluhim - See Caphtorim
Caphtorim - or CAPHTORITES (NIV) (Caphtorim) Citizens of Caphtor or Crete
Haze'Rim - The Avim, or more accurately the Avvim, are said to have lived "in the villages (Authorized Version 'Hazerim') as far as Gaza," (2:23) before their expulsion by the Caphtorim
Casluhim - the Caphtorim and Philistines
Caph'Tor, Caph'Torim - (a crown ), thrice mentioned as the primitive seat of the Philistines, (2:23; Jeremiah 47:4 ; Amos 9:7 ) who are once called Caphtorim
Hazerim - of Palestine, or to the temporary dwellings of the Avim before they were expelled by the Caphtorim
Avim - They were subdued and driven northward by the Caphtorim
Caphtor - The country from which, beside the Caphtorim, came some of the Philistines
Caphtor - In Jeremiah 47:4 and in Deuteronomy 2:23 , its inhabitants are called Caphtorim (compare Genesis 10:14 )
Avim, or Avites - Descendants of Canaan, Genesis 10:17 , who occupied a portion of the coast of Palestine from Gaza towards the river of Egypt, but were expelled and almost destroyed by invading Philistines or Caphtorim, before the time of Moses, Deuteronomy 2:23
Caphtor - Hence in Deuteronomy 2:23 Caphtorim means the Philistines. In Genesis 10:14 Caphtorim is used of the country itself in place of Caphtor; it should be placed in the text immediately after Casluhim
Caphtor - It may, however, have been a part of Egypt, the Caphtur in the north Delta, since the Caphtorim were of the same race as the Mizraite people (Genesis 10:14 ; 1 Chronicles 1:12 )
Path'Ros - In the list of the Mizraites the Pathrusim occur after the Naphtuhim and before the Caluhim; the latter being followed by the notice of the Philistines and by the Caphtorim
Crete - " Some have supposed that it was the original home of the Caphtorim (q
Caphtor - CAPHTOR or Caphtorim. ... Pusey suggests there were different immigrations of the same tribe into Palestine, which afterward merged in one name: the Casluhim first; a second from the Caphtorim; a third the Cherethim or Cretans, Crete being an intermediate resting place in their migrations from whence some passed into Philistia
Philistia - ) Caphtorim; Amos 9:7, "the Philistines from Caphtor"; Jeremiah 47:4; Deuteronomy 2:23. " (See Caphtorim; CASLUHIM. As in Amos and Jeremiah the Philistines are traced to Caphtor, probably the Casluhim and Caphtorim were tribes which intermingled, the Caphtorim having strengthened the Casluchian colony by immigration; so the Philistines may be said to have come from either (Bochart). ) Successive emigrations of the same race took place into Philistia, first the Casluhim, then the Caphtorim from both of which came the Philistines, who seemingly were in subjection in Caphtor (the northern delta of Egypt), from whence "Jehovah brought them up" (Amos 9:7). )... The objection to the Mizraite origin of the Philistines from their language is answered by the supposition that the Philistine or Caphtorim invaders adopted the language of the Avim whom they conquered (Deuteronomy 2:23). The Cherethites were probably Caphtorim, the modern Copts
Crete - A large island, now called Candia, in the Mediterranean, originally people probably by a branch of the Caphtorim
Joppa - It belonged to the Philistines, a Mizraimite colony of Caphtorim
Philistines - Descendants, with the Caphtorim, of the Pathrusim, and the Casluhim, two clans descended from Ham
Ham - The descendants of these four respectively are so described in most cases from their geographical position, but at least one nation, the Caphtorim, from its political connexion with Egypt (see Driver on Genesis 9:14 )
Philis'Tines - (immigrants ), The origin of the Philistines is nowhere expressly stated in the Bible; but as the prophets describe them as "the Philistines-from Caphtor," ( Amos 9:7 ) and "the remnant of the maritime district of Caphtor" (Jeremiah 47:4 ) it is prima facie probable that they were the Caphtorim which came out of Caphtor" who expelled the Avim from their territory and occupied it; in their place, (2:23) and that these again were the Caphtorim mentioned in the Mosaic genealogical table among the descendants of Mizraim
Philistines - They seem originally to have migrated form Egypt to Caphtor, by which some understand Crete, and others with the ancients Cappadocia, Genesis 10:14 , and thence to have passed over to Palestine under the name of Caphtorim, where they drove out the Avim, who dwelt from Hazerim to Azzah, that is, Gaza, and swelt in their stead, Deuteronomy 2:23
Division of the Earth - The Caphtorim and the Casluhim, whose descendants were the Philistim of Palestine, occupied the district which lies between the delta of the Nile and the southern extremity of Palestine, Deuteronomy 2:23 ; Amos 9:7
Egypt - Faber derives the name from Ai-Capht, or the land of the Caphtorim; from which, also, the modern Egyptians derive their name of Cophts
Egypt - )... The Caphtorim sprang from the Mizraim or Egyptians (Genesis 10:13-14; Jeremiah 47:4; Amos 9:7)