Character Study on Berachah

Character Study on Berachah

1 Chronicles 12: The chief was Ahiezer, then Joash, the sons of Shemaah the Gibeathite; and Jeziel, and Pelet, the sons of Azmaveth; and Berachah, and Jehu the Antothite,
2 Chronicles 20: And on the fourth day they assembled themselves in the valley of Berachah; for there they blessed the LORD: therefore the name of the same place was called, The valley of Berachah, unto this day.

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Berachah
A valley not far from Engedi, where Jehoshaphat overthrew the Moabites and Ammonites (2 Chronicles 20:26 ). It has been identified with the valley of Bereikut. (RSV, "Beracah.")

One of the Benjamite warriors, Saul's brethren, who joined David when at Ziklag (1 Chronicles 12:3 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Berachah, Valley of
("blessing".) Where Jehoshaphat and his people on the fourth day assembled to "bless" Jehovah for overthrowing the invading Ammonites, Moabites, Hagarenes, Edomites, and Amalekites who sought to "cut off Israel from being a nation" (Psalm 83; 2 Chronicles 20:26). Now Bereikut, in a valley between Tekua and the road from Bethlehem to Hebron. It is a broad, rich vale, watered with copious springs, affording space for a large multitude.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Berachah
One of Saul's brethren, yet attached himself to David at Ziklag (1 Chronicles 12:3).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Berachah
(behr' uh chah) KJV spelling of Beracah. See Beracah .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Berachah
Blessing; bending the knee
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Berachah
1. One who joined David at Ziklag. 1 Chronicles 12:3 .

2. A valley between Bethlehem and Hebron where Jehoshaphat overcame Moab and Ammon, and where he blessed the Lord because of the victory: hence its name 'Valley of Blessing.' 2 Chronicles 20:26 , margin. Identified with Wady el Arrub, 31 37' N, 35 10' E .

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary - Berachah
Blessing, a beautiful valley between Tekoa and Etham, where Jehoshaphat and all Judah held a thanksgiving for their miraculous victory over the Moabites and Ammonites, 2 Chronicles 20:26 .

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Baraca - ) An international, interdenominational organization of Bible classes of young men; - so named in allusion to the Hebrew word Berachah (Meaning blessing) occurring in 2 Chron
Pools of Solomon - , in the wilderness of Tekoa, Jehoshaphat assembled his army in the valley of Berachah ("blessing"), and there blessed the Lord. Berachah has been identified with the modern Bereikut, some 5 miles south of Wady Urtas, and hence the "valley of Berachah" may be this valley of pools, for the word means both "blessing" and "pools;" and it has been supposed, therefore, that this victory was celebrated beside Solomon's pools (2 Chronicles 20:26 )
Jehoshaphat (2) - That the valley referred to is the same as the "valley of Berachah," where the forces allied against Israel were defeated by Jehoshaphat
Valley - ... ... 'Emek, "deep;" "a long, low plain" (Job 39:10,21 ; Psalm 65:13 ; Song of Solomon 2:1 ), such as the plain of Esdraelon; the "valley of giants" (Joshua 15:8 ), usually translated "valley of Rephaim" (2 Samuel 5:18 ); of Elah (1 Samuel 17:2 ), of Berachah (2 Chronicles 20:26 ); the king's "dale" (Genesis 14:17 ); of Jehoshaphat (Joel 3:2,12 ), of Achor (Joshua 7:24 ; Isaiah 65:10 ), Succoth (Psalm 60:6 ), Ajalon (Joshua 10:12 ), Jezreel (Hosea 1:5 )
Yale, Valley - emeq, 'valley or plain,' more resembles an English 'valley': it is applied to Achor, Ajalon, Baca, Berachah, Beth-aram, 'of decision' ( Joel 3:14 ); Elah; 'of the giants' (Joshua 15:8 ; Joshua 18:16 ); Gibeon, Hebron, Jehoshaphat, Jezreel, Keziz, 'of the King,' or 'the King's Dale' (Genesis 14:17 ; 2 Samuel 18:18 ); Rephaim, Shaveh, Siddim, and Succoth
Jehoshaphat, Valley of - Possibly "the valley of Berachah", where between Tekoa and the main road from Bethlehem to Hebron Jehoshaphat assembled the people to bless Jehovah for the victory over Ammon, Moab, etc. (See Berachah
Jehoshaphat - (See JAHAZIEL; Berachah. On the fourth day was the blessing of Jehovah in Berachah valley, then the return and the thanksgiving in the house of God
Edom - "... Psalm 47 (compare Psalms 47:4-5; Psalms 47:8-9) was sung on the battle field of Berachah ("blessing") after the victory
Psalms - (See JAHAZIEL; Berachah