Character Study on Beerah

Character Study on Beerah

1 Chronicles 5: Beerah his son, whom Tilgathpilneser king of Assyria carried away captive: he was prince of the Reubenites.

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Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Beerah
1 Chronicles 5:6.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Beerah
(bee ee'rah) Personal name meaning, “a well.” A leader of the tribe of Reuben taken captive by Tiglath-pileser, king of Assyria, about 732 B.C. (1 Chronicles 5:6 ).

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beerah
BEERAH . A Reubenite who was carried captive by Tiglath-pileser ( 1 Chronicles 5:6 ).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Beerah
Prince of the Reubenites, carried to Assyria. 1 Chronicles 5:6 .

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Beerah - Beerah
Baal - According to 1 Chronicles 5:5 , Baal was a descendant of Reuben, Jacob's firstborn son, and the father of Beerah