Character Study on Avvites

Character Study on Avvites

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Avva, Avvites
AVVA, AVVITES ( 2 Kings 17:24 ; 2 Kings 17:31 ). See Ivvah.

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Avva, Avvites - AVVA, Avvites ( 2 Kings 17:24 ; 2 Kings 17:31 )
Nibhaz - An idol of the Avvites ( 2 Kings 17:31 )
Tartak - An idol introduced by the Avvites into Samaria when Sargon of Assyria transported them thither ( 2 Kings 17:31 ). In Assyro-Babylonian mythology no such deity is at present provable; moreover, the geographical position of the Avvites is uncertain, and their city may have been in one of the western States of Asia
Samaritans - The descendants of the Cuthites, Avvites, Sepharvites, and Hamathites, established by Sargon in Samaria after he had put an end to the Israelite kingdom