Character Study on Asians

Character Study on Asians

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Victor, Bishop of Rome - ... Victor's most memorable action was with regard to the Asians on the Easter question. In the time of Victor the usage of the Asians (in which, according to Eusebius, they stood alone among all the churches of Christendom) attracted general attention. But the general feeling was that the retention of their own tradition by the Asians was no sufficient ground for breaking off communion with them. '" After receiving this reply Victor endeavoured to induce the church at large to excommunicate the Asians, but failed
Paulus of Samosata, Patriarch of Antioch - Dr Newman points out that the beginning of Paul's episcopate synchronizes with the commencement of the successes of Zenobia's husband Odenathus against Sapor ( Asians of the Fourth Cent
Galatia - ) does not include Galatia proper, and among the Jews who made the journey to Jerusalem at Pentecost there were Asians and Phrygians but apparently no Galatians (Acts 2:9)