Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 8085

Word info for שָׁמַע

Root: שָׁמַע, שֶׁמַע
Strongs Number: 8085
Transliteration: [shamaʿ]
Phonetics: shaw·mah
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v n m.
Sense: to hear, listen to, obey (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to hear, listen to, obey.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to hear (perceive by ear).
         1a2 to hear of or concerning.
         1a3 to hear (have power to hear).
         1a4 to hear with attention or interest, listen to.
         1a5 to understand (language).
         1a6 to hear (of judicial cases).
         1a7 to listen, give heed.
            1a7a to consent, agree.
            1a7b to grant request.
         1a8 to listen to, yield to.
         1a9 to obey, be obedient.
      1b (Niphal).
         1b1 to be heard (of voice or sound).
         1b2 to be heard of.
         1b3 to be regarded, be obeyed.
      1c (Piel) to cause to hear, call to hear, summon.
      1d (Hiphil).
         1d1 to cause to hear, tell, proclaim, utter a sound.
         1d2 to sound aloud (musical term).
         1d3 to make proclamation, summon.
         1d4 to cause to be heard.
   2 sound.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H8085

וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֞וּ, שָׁמַ֖עְתִּי, שָׁמַעְתָּ֮, שְׁמַ֣עַן, יִשְׁמְע֔וּ, וַיִּשְׁמַ֣ע, וַיִּשְׁמַ֥ע, שָׁמַ֥ע, שְׁמַעְתִּיךָ֒, שֹׁמַ֛עַת, הַשֹּׁמֵ֖עַ, שְׁמַ֣ע, שָׁמַ֖עְתָּ, שְׁמָעֵ֣נוּ ׀, שְׁמָע֕וּנִי, שְׁמָעֵ֔נִי, שְׁמָעֵ֑נִי, וּכְשָׁמְע֗וֹ, שָׁמַ֛ע, שֹׁמַ֔עַת, שָׁמַ֙עְתִּי֙, שְׁמַ֥ע, כִּשְׁמֹ֤עַ, כִשְׁמֹ֨עַ, שָׁמַ֤ע, שָׁמַ֣ע, וַיִּשְׁמַ֤ע, וַיִּשְׁמַ֗ע, שָׁמַ֗ע, כְּשָׁמְעָ֔ם, תִשְׁמְע֛וּ, וַיִּשְׁמְע֤וּ, וַיִּשְׁמַ֖ע, שִׁמְעוּ־, וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֖וּ, כְשָׁמְע֔וֹ, שָׁמַ֤עְתִּי, שָׁמַ֔עְתִּי, שָׁמָ֑עְנוּ, ! שְׁמַעְתֶּ֑ם, שֹׁמֵ֖עַ, שָֽׁמְע֔וּ, וַיִּשְׁמְע֣וּ, נִשְׁמַ֗ע, וְשִׁמְע֖וּ, וְשָׁמְע֖וּ, יִשְׁמְע֖וּ, יִשְׁמְעוּן֙, וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֡וּ, אֶשְׁמַ֣ע, שָׁמַ֗עְתִּי, שָֽׁמְעוּ֙, שָׁמְע֣וּ, יִשְׁמַ֥ע, יִשְׁמַ֤ע, שָׁמַ֖ע, שָֽׁמְע֥וּ, שָׁמ֨וֹעַ, בְּשָׁמְע֥וֹ, בִּשְׁמֹ֤עַ, שָׁמַ֔ע, וַיִּשְׁמַ֞ע, שְׁמַ֤ע, שָׁמ֤וֹעַ, וְנִשְׁמָ֑עָה, שָׁמֹ֥עַ, וְשָׁמַעְתִּ֖י, יִשָּׁמַ֖ע, וּשְׁמַ֥ע, שָׁמֹ֤עַ, וְנִשְׁמָֽע, וְנִשְׁמַ֣ע, וַיִּשְׁמַ֧ע, שֹׁמֵֽעַ, וְשָֽׁמְעָה֙, הַשֹּׁמְעִ֛ים, תִשְׁמְע֖וּ, לִשְׁמֹ֣עַֽ, וַיִּשְׁמַ֨ע, וְאֶשְׁמְעָ֔ה, וְשָׁמְע֣וּ, שָׁמְע֥וּ, שָׁמְע֖וּ, שָׁמָֽעְתִּי, וּֽשֲׁמָ֔ע, שֹׁמֵ֙עַ֙, וְשָׁמַ֨ע, שָׁמְעוֹ֒, וְשָׁמַ֥ע, שְׁמֹ֣עַ, וְשָׁמַ֤ע, שָׁמְעֽוֹ, שָׁמְע֑וֹ, תִּשְׁמָע֔וּן, שְׁמַעְתֶּ֑ם, יִשְׁמְע֗וּן, וְאַשְׁמִעֵ֖ם, שֹׁמְעִ֔ים, יִשְׁמְע֔וּן, וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֖, הֲנִשְׁמַ֥ע, הֲשָׁ֣מַֽע, הִשְׁמִֽיעֲךָ֥, כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶ֤ם, שָׁמַ֖עְנוּ, לִ֠שְׁמֹעַ, וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֤, שְׁמַ֖ע‪‬, תִּשְׁמְע֗וּן, תִשְׁמְע֔וּן, שָׁמַ֔עְתָּ, שְׁמַעְתֶּ֖ם, תִּשְׁמְע֗וּ, תִשְׁמְעוּ֙, וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֗, תִשְׁמַ֗ע, תִשְׁמָ֔עוּ, תִשְׁמַ֖ע, תִשְׁמַ֞ע, שָׁמ֣וֹעַ, וְשָׁמָ֑עְתָּ, שְׁמֹ֤עַ, יִשְׁמְע֣וּ, יִשְׁמָ֑עוּ, תִּשְׁמָעֽוּן, לִשְׁמֹ֙עַ֙, יִשְׁמַע֙, שֹׁמֵ֔עַ, יִשְׁמְע֥וּ, לִשְׁמֹ֣עַ, וְלִשְׁמֹ֥עַ, וּשְׁמַע֙, וְשָׁ֣מַעְתָּ֔, תִשְׁמַ֔ע, תִשְׁמַע֙, שָׁמַ֗עְתָּ, לִשְׁמֹ֑עַ, בְּשָׁמְעוֹ֩, וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֣, וְיַשְׁמִעֵ֥נוּ, תִשְׁמָ֑ע, לִשְׁמֹ֥עַ, יִשְׁמְע֜וּ, יִשְׁמְעוּ֙, וְתִשְׁמַ֥ע, וַיִּשְׁמְע֨וּ, שָׁמַ֙עְנוּ֙, יִשְׁמַ֧ע, שָׁמַ֗עְנוּ, וַנִּשְׁמַע֙, וְשִׁמְע֕וּ, כִשְׁמֹ֣עַ, (כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶם֙), תַשְׁמִ֣יעוּ, וְיִשְׁמְע֣וּ, שָׁמְע֗וּ, שָׁמַ֣עְנוּ, וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֗וּ, כִּשְׁמֹ֖עַ, שָׁמַעְתָּ֩, וַתִּשְׁמְע֣וּ, וַיִּשְׁמְע֥וּ, נִשְׁמָֽע, שָׁמְעָ֗ה, שְׁמַעְתֶּ֥ם, שָׁמֵ֔עוּ, הֲיִשְׁמְעוּ֙, שִׁמְע֣וּ, לִשְׁמֹ֖עַ, וְשָֽׁמַעְתָּ֙, שִׁמְע֤וּ, וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֔וּ, שָׁמַע֙, הִשְׁמִיעָ֖נוּ, וְנִשְׁמָעֶֽנָּה, תַּשְׁמַ֥ע, וַֽיִּשְׁמְעוּ֙, לִשְׁמֹ֕עַ, שָֽׁמְעָה֙, שָׁמַ֣עַתְּ, יִשָּׁמֵ֑עַ, וְשָׁמַ֗ע, שֹׁ֣מְע֔וֹ, וַתִּשְׁמַ֣ע, שְׁמַע֙, וְאַשְׁמִיעֲךָ֖, (כְּשָׁמְע֖וֹ), שָׁמַ֣עְתִּי, וּשְׁמַעְתֶּ֣ם, שְׁמַ֔ע, וַיְשַׁמַּ֤ע, ؟ שֹׁמֵֽעַ, וָאֶשְׁמַ֖ע, וַיְּשָּֽׁמְעוּ֙‪‬, שְֽׁמַֽע־, וַיְשַׁמַּ֥ע, ؟ שָׁמַ֣ע, תִשְׁמַ֛ע, וּשְׁמַ֕ע, יִֽשְׁמַֽע־, שָׁמַ֙עְתָּ֙, שָׁמְעָ֤ה, שְׁמַֽע־, יִשְׁמַ֣ע, (כְּֽשָׁמְעֲךָ֞), וַיִּשְׁמַ֕ע, וַתִּשְׁמַע֙, לִשְׁמֹ֥עַֽ, שָׁמַ֕ע, וְשֹׁמֵ֥עַ, כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶם֙, תִּשְׁמַע֙, תִּשְׁמָֽעוּ, וְנִשְׁמְעָ֥ה, לִשְׁמ֥וֹעַ, שָׁמַ֔עַתְּ, שְׁמַעְתֶּֽם, כִּשְׁמֹ֧עַ, שָׁמַ֕עְתִּי, נִשְׁמַ֥ע, לִשְׁמֹ֤עַ, וְשָׁ֨מַעְתָּ֜, תִּשְׁמַ֣ע, תִּשְׁמַ֨ע, תִּשְׁמַ֤ע, וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֙, שָׁ֠מַעְתִּי, הַשֹּׁמְעִ֖ים, תִּשְׁמַע֮, כִּשְׁמֹ֣עַ ׀, וַיִּשְׁמְעוּ֙, כִּשְׁמֹ֣עַ, הִשְׁמִ֤יעַ, תִּשְׁמַ֖ע, כִּשְׁמֹ֙עַ֙, שָׁמַ֔עְנוּ, כִּשְׁמֹ֥עַ, שִׁמְע֖וּ, הִשְׁמִ֣יעַ ׀, שֹׁמְעִ֗ים, שָׁמֵ֑עוּ, שֹׁמְעִ֖ים, שִׁמְע֛וּ, תִּשְׁמְע֖וּ, תִּשְׁמְעוּ֙, יִשְׁמַע֩, שָׁמַ֤עְתָּ, שְׁמַ֖ע, (שֹׁ֣מְעָ֔הּ), שָׁמְע֜וּ, שָׁמָֽעְתָּ, בְּֽשָׁמְעֲךָ֡, וַיִּשְׁמְעוּ֩, כְּֽשָׁמְעֲךָ֞, מַשְׁמִיעִ֥ים, לְהַשְׁמִֽיעַ, מַשְׁמִעִ֕ים, מַשְׁמִֽיעַ, לְמַשְׁמִיעִ֔ים, שְׁמָע֖וּנִי, לְהַשְׁמִ֣יעַ, לִשְׁמ֙וֹעַ֙, וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֨, שָֽׁמְעָה֮, וְשֹׁמְעִ֖ים, כִּשְׁמֹ֨עַ, וְכִשְׁמֹ֨עַ, שְׁמָע֗וּנִי, בְּשָׁמְעָ֕ם, שְׁמָע֔וּנִי, שְׁמָע֣וּנִי, וַיִּשָּׁמַ֖ע, בְּשָׁמְעֲךָ֤, נִשְׁמַ֖ע, וּכְשָׁמְעִי֙, כְּשָׁמְעִ֣י ׀, וַיִּשְׁמַע֩, שָׁמְע֤וּ, נִשְׁמַ֣ע, נִשְׁמָע֙, יִשָּׁמַ֣ע, כְּשָׁמְעָ֖ם, יַשְׁמִ֗יעוּ, לִשְׁמֹ֗עַ, תִּשְׁמָ֔ע, תִּשְׁמַ֛ע, וַיַּשְׁמִ֙יעוּ֙, וַתִּשָּׁמַ֛ע, כְּשָׁמְעָ֣ם, הֲנִשְׁמַ֗ע, וְנִשְׁמַע֩, בְּהִשָּׁמַ֤ע, שָׁ֝מְע֗וּ, אֶשְׁמָֽע, שְׁ֝מָעֶ֗נָּה, שָֽׁמְעָ֥ה, תִּשְׁמָ֑ע, אֶשְׁמָ֑ע, וְיִשְׁמָעֶ֑ךָּ, נִשְׁמַע־, יִשְׁמַ֥ע ׀, שָׁמַ֥עְנוּ, שָׁ֭מְעָה, שֹׁ֘מֵ֤עַֽ, שִׁמְעָה־, שִׁמְע֫וּ, יִשְׁמָֽע, שֹׁמֵ֥עַֽ, יִשְׁמְע֗וּ, יִ֭שְׁמְעוּ, יִשָּׁמַ֥ע, לְשֵֽׁמַע־, יִ֝שְׁמַ֗ע, שָׁמַ֣עְתָּ, שִׁמְעָ֤ה, יִשָּׁ֣מְעוּ, נִשְׁמָ֥ע, שָׁמֵֽעַ, לַ֭שְׁמִעַ, שְׁמַע־, שָׁ֝מַע, שָׁמַ֨עְתִּי ׀, שָׁ֭מַעְתָּ, שָׁמֵ֑עַ, שֹׁמֵ֑עַ, שִֽׁמְעָ֥ה־, שִׁמְעִי־, שָׁמַ֨עְנוּ ׀, תַּ֭שְׁמִיעֵנִי, יִשְׁמַ֤ע ׀, יִ֭שְׁמַע, שִׁמְעָ֣ה, שָׁמָ֑עְתִּי, שֹׁמֵ֥עַ, וְ֝הַשְׁמִ֗יעוּ, יִשְׁמַ֣ע ׀, שֹׁמֵ֣עַ, הִשְׁמַ֣עְתָּ, שָׁ֭מַעְנוּ, שֹׁמֵ֣עַֽ, אֶשְׁמְעָ֗ה, תִּשְׁמַ֥עְנָה, ؟ יִשְׁמָ֑ע, תִשְׁמָֽעוּ, שָׁמְעָ֬ה, לִ֭שְׁמֹעַ, לִ֝שְׁמֹ֗עַ, יַ֝שְׁמִ֗יעַ, בְּ֝שָׁמְע֗וֹ, שִׁמְעָ֪ה, שְׁמַֽעֲנ֥וּהָ, וְשָׁמְע֥וּ, שְׁמַ֬ע, הַשְׁמִ֘יעֵ֤נִי, וְשֹׁמֵ֣עַֽ, שָׁ֭מַעְתִּי, שִׁ֭מְעוּ, שֹׁמֵ֪עַֽ֫, וְשֹׁמֵ֖עַ, שֹׁ֭מַעַת‪‬, וְשׁוֹמֵ֥עַ, יִשְׁמָ֑ע, שֹׁ֭מַעַת, שׁ֝וֹמֵ֗עַ, וּ֭שְׁמַע, שֹׁמָֽעַת, מִשְּׁמֹ֣עַ, מִשְּׁמֹֽעַ, לִשְׁמֹ֔עַ, תִשְׁמַ֥ע, נִשְׁמָעִֽים, נִשְׁמָעִ֑ים, נִשְׁמָ֑ע, הַשְׁמִיעִ֖ינִי, הַשְׁמִיעִֽינִי, שִׁמְע֥וּ, וּשְׁמַעְתֶּ֑ם, וָאֶשְׁמַ֞ע, יִשְׁמָ֗ע, מִשְׁמַעְתָּֽם, מִשְּׁמֹ֔עַ, שְׁמֽוֹעַ, וְשָׁמְע֧וּ, שְׁמ֖וֹעַ, כְּשָׁמְעָת֖וֹ, תִּשְׁמַ֣עְנָה, וְהִשְׁמִ֨יעַ, שְׁמַ֣עְנָה, מִשְּׁמ֔וֹעַ, שִׁמְע֗וּ, וּֽשְׁמָ֔ע, ؟ תִשְׁמָ֔עוּ, הַשְׁמִיעֻֽנוּ, מַשְׁמִ֔יעַ, יַשְׁמִ֥יעַ, אַשְׁמִ֥יע‪‬, שְׁמָ֑עוּ, וְיִשְׁמַ֖ע, יַשְׁמִיעֻ֑נוּ, וְהִשְׁמַ֔עְתִּי, הִשְׁמַעְתִּ֥יךָ, הִשְׁמִיעַ֩, וְאַשְׁמִיעֵ֑ם, הִשְׁמַעְתִּ֑יךָ, שָׁמַ֤עְתָּֽ, שְׁמַעְתָּ֑ם, וּֽשֲׁמָ֔עוּ, הַשְׁמִ֙יעוּ֙, מַשְׁמִ֧יעַ, שִׁמְע֨וּ, לְהַשְׁמִ֥יעַ, מִשְּׁמֽוֹעַ, יִשָּׁמַ֨ע, הִשְׁמִ֙יעַ֙, שִׁמְעוּ֙, נִשְׁמָ֔ע, הַשְׁמִ֔יעוּ, וּמַשְׁמִ֥יעַ, הַשְׁמִ֣יעוּ, (שָׁמַ֣עַתְּ), אֶשְׁמְעָ֖ה, וְהַשְׁמִיע֥וּהָ, יִשָּׁ֨מַע, ؟ וְיִשְׁמָ֔עוּ, שִׁמְעִ֣י, שְׁמַעְתֶּ֔ם, שָׁמְעוּ֙, וָֽאֶשְׁמָע֙, נִשְׁמַע֙, שְׁמַ֤עְנָה, שִׁמְע֕וּ, יִשְׁמַ֔ע, לִשְׁמ֣וֹעַ, אֶשְׁמַ֖ע, שֹׁמֵ֗עַ, שָׁמֵֽעוּ, תִשְׁמָע֔וּהָ, שְׁמֹ֥עַ, שָׁמֹ֨עַ, תִשְׁמְע֜וּ, אַשְׁמִֽיעֲךָ֥, וּשְׁמַ֖ע, תִּשָּׁמַ֤ע, שְׁמ֥וֹעַ, שָׁמַ֜עְתִּי, תִשְׁמְע֔וּ, שִׁמְעִ֖י, תִּשְׁמְע֞וּ, וְיִשְׁמַ֣ע, וְיַשְׁמִ֤עוּ, וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֛וּ, וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֣וּ ׀, תִּשְׁמְע֨וּ, תִּשְׁמְע֣וּ, הַשְׁמִ֤יעוּ, שְׁמַעְתֶּ֣ם, וַנִּשְׁמַ֗ע, וַנִּשְׁמַ֣ע, וַ֠יִּשְׁמַ֗ע, כְּשָׁמְעָם֙, הַשֹּׁ֣מְעִ֔ים, וַיִּשְׁמַ֡ע, וַיִּשְׁמַע֙, שְׁמֹ֔עַ, שְׁמַעְתֶּ֗ם, שָׁמַע֩, שְׁמַעְתֶּם֙, וְהַשְׁמִ֣יעוּ, הִשְׁמִ֥יעוּ, וְ֠הִשְׁמַעְתִּי, וְהַשְׁמִ֙יעוּ֙, שָׁמַ֧ע, הַשְׁמִ֧יעוּ, הַנִּשְׁמַ֣עַת, שָׁמְע֞וּ, שָׁמָ֑עְתָּ, וָאֶשְׁמַ֣ע, וָאֶשְׁמַ֕ע, שְׁמָֽע, הַשֹּׁמֵ֤עַ ׀, נִשְׁמַ֕ע, שֹׁמְעֵ֥י, לִּשְׁמֹ֣עַ, שֹׁמְעִ֣ים, וְהִשְׁמִ֤יעוּ, וְשִׁמְע֔וּ, וְשָֽׁמְעוּ֙, שָׁמַ֣עְתִּי ׀, אַשְׁמִ֨יעַ, שְּׁמָ֜ע, וָאֶשְׁמַ֛ע, שְּׁמָ֗ע, וָאֶשְׁמְעָ֥ה, וָאֶשְׁמַ֥ע, שְׁמ֣וֹעַ, וּֽשֲׁמָע֒, שְׁמָ֙עָה֙, נִשְׁמְע֣וּ, שִׁמְע֞וּ, הַשְׁמִ֑יעוּ, שָׁמַ֜עְנוּ, שָׁמַ֥עְתָּ, יִשְׁמָעֵ֖נִי, מַשְׁמִ֣יעַ, שֹׁמְעֵ֣י, ! תִשְׁמָ֑ע, שָׁמְע֛וּ, מִ֠שְּׁמוֹעַ, הַשֹּֽׁמְעִים֙, תִשְׁמְע֡וּ, וַיִּשְׁמָ֔ע

All words for strongs number H8085 :

Word Occurance
שִׁמְעוּ־ 23
וַיִּשְׁמַ֣ע 20
שְׁמַ֣ע 19
שָׁמַ֣ע 18
שִׁמְע֣וּ 16
וַיִּשְׁמַ֤ע 16
שִׁמְע֖וּ 15
וַיִּשְׁמַ֥ע 14
שָׁמְע֖וּ 12
שִׁמְע֥וּ 11
שִׁמְע֤וּ 11
שָׁמַ֙עְתִּי֙ 10
שָׁמַ֥ע 10
כִשְׁמֹ֨עַ 9
שָׁמַ֖ע 8
שְֽׁמַֽע־ 8
לִשְׁמֹ֣עַ 7
שָׁמַ֗עְתִּי 7
שָֽׁמְעוּ֙ 7
שֹׁמֵ֖עַ 7
שְׁמַ֤ע 7
תִּשְׁמַ֣ע 7
וַיִּשְׁמַ֖ע 6
שָׁמַ֔ע 6
שָׁמְע֤וּ 6
כִּשְׁמֹ֣עַ 6
שְׁמַעְתֶּ֖ם 6
וַיִּשְׁמְע֣וּ 6
שָׁמָֽעְתִּי 6
וַיִּשְׁמַ֨ע 6
שָֽׁמְע֔וּ 6
יִשְׁמְע֖וּ 6
לִשְׁמֹ֙עַ֙ 6
שָׁמַ֗עְתָּ 6
שָׁמַ֖עְנוּ 5
שָׁמַ֖עְתִּי 5
שָׁמַ֖עְתָּ 5
וַיִּשְׁמַ֞ע 5
וַיִּשְׁמַ֗ע 5
אֶשְׁמָֽע 5
שָׁמֵ֑עוּ 5
תִשְׁמַ֖ע 5
שֹׁמֵ֙עַ֙ 5
שֹׁמְעִ֖ים 5
יִשְׁמָֽע 4
נִשְׁמַ֥ע 4
שְׁמַ֖ע 4
יִשְׁמַ֣ע 4
שְׁמַֽע־ 4
יִשָּׁמַ֥ע 4
וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֤ 4
לִשְׁמֹ֥עַ 4
לִשְׁמֹ֖עַ 4
שָׁמַ֥עְנוּ 4
וְשָׁמַ֤ע 4
שָׁמֵֽעוּ 4
יִשְׁמְע֔וּ 4
שְׁמַע־ 4
וְשָׁמַ֥ע 4
שָׁמְע֗וּ 4
שָׁמַ֣עְתִּי 4
שָׁמְע֥וּ 4
יִשְׁמְע֣וּ 4
שָׁמֹ֤עַ 4
שְׁמַעְתֶּ֑ם 3
תִּשְׁמְע֞וּ 3
וּֽשֲׁמָ֔ע 3
יִשְׁמָ֑עוּ 3
שְׁמַעְתֶּֽם 3
מִשְּׁמֽוֹעַ 3
שִׁמְעוּ֙ 3
וַיִּשְׁמַ֕ע 3
וַיִּשְׁמְע֥וּ 3
שָׁמַ֙עְנוּ֙ 3
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֔וּ 3
שָׁמַ֔עְתָּ 3
וָאֶשְׁמַ֖ע 3
תִשְׁמְעוּ֙ 3
תִשְׁמַ֗ע 3
שְׁמַע֙ 3
שָׁמ֣וֹעַ 3
וַתִּשְׁמַ֣ע 3
יִשְׁמְעוּ֙ 3
שָׁמַ֔עְנוּ 3
נִשְׁמָ֑ע 3
וַיִּשְׁמְעוּ֩ 3
שִׁמְע֞וּ 3
לִשְׁמֹ֔עַ 3
שָׁמַ֔עְתִּי 3
שָׁ֝מְע֗וּ 3
יִשְׁמְעוּן֙ 3
אֶשְׁמַ֣ע 3
אֶשְׁמָ֑ע 3
שָׁמְע֣וּ 3
יִשְׁמַ֥ע ׀ 3
שָׁמַ֛ע 3
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֖וּ 3
יִ֝שְׁמַ֗ע 3
שָׁמַ֤עְתָּ 3
שָׁמֵ֑עַ 3
שִׁמְעָ֣ה 3
שִׁמְעִי־ 3
תִשְׁמְע֖וּ 3
כִּשְׁמֹ֙עַ֙ 3
שֹׁמֵ֑עַ 3
וַיִּשְׁמְע֤וּ 3
תִּשְׁמְעוּ֙ 3
שָׁמַע֙ 2
כִּשְׁמֹ֖עַ 2
שִׁמְעָה־ 2
שָׁמְעָ֗ה 2
שִׁמְעָ֤ה 2
שָׁמַ֣עְתָּ 2
וַֽיִּשְׁמְעוּ֙ 2
לִשְׁמֹ֕עַ 2
שָֽׁמְעָה֙ 2
מִשְּׁמֹ֣עַ 2
אֶשְׁמַ֖ע 2
שָׁמֵ֔עוּ 2
נִשְׁמָֽע 2
שְׁמַעְתֶּ֥ם 2
שָׁמַ֣עְנוּ 2
וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֙ 2
לִשְׁמ֣וֹעַ 2
שָׁמָֽעְתָּ 2
תִּשְׁמַ֤ע 2
תִּשְׁמַ֨ע 2
וְשִׁמְע֕וּ 2
וְשָׁ֨מַעְתָּ֜ 2
לִשְׁמֹ֤עַ 2
תִּשְׁמְע֖וּ 2
הַשְׁמִ֙יעוּ֙ 2
יִשְׁמַע֩ 2
שִׁמְע֨וּ 2
תִּשְׁמָֽעוּ 2
הַשְׁמִ֣יעוּ 2
לִשְׁמֹ֗עַ 2
שִׁמְע֗וּ 2
שְׁמָע֖וּנִי 2
וָאֶשְׁמַ֞ע 2
נִשְׁמַ֖ע 2
שָׁמַ֙עְתָּ֙ 2
שְׁמַעְתֶּ֔ם 2
נִשְׁמַ֣ע 2
נִשְׁמָע֙ 2
؟ שֹׁמֵֽעַ 2
יִשָּׁמַ֣ע 2
כִּשְׁמֹ֣עַ ׀ 2
כִשְׁמֹ֣עַ 2
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֞וּ 2
שִׁמְעִ֖י 2
כִּשְׁמֹ֤עַ 2
שְׁמָע֕וּנִי 2
שָׁמָ֑עְנוּ 2
לִשְׁמֹ֣עַֽ 2
תִשְׁמַ֞ע 2
וְשָׁמַ֨ע 2
שָׁמְעוֹ֒ 2
שְׁמֹ֣עַ 2
יִשְׁמַ֤ע 2
שְׁמַעְתֶּ֣ם 2
יִשְׁמַ֥ע 2
שָׁמַ֤ע 2
וָאֶשְׁמַ֣ע 2
שָׁמַ֗ע 2
שָׁמ֤וֹעַ 2
וְשִׁמְע֖וּ 2
וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֖ 2
שֹׁמֵ֔עַ 2
שְׁמָעֵ֔נִי 2
וְשָֽׁמְעוּ֙ 2
וּשְׁמַ֥ע 2
יִשָּׁמַ֖ע 2
וְשָׁמַעְתִּ֖י 2
יִשְׁמְע֜וּ 2
שָׁמַ֣עְתִּי ׀ 2
וְתִשְׁמַ֥ע 2
שָׁמַ֗עְנוּ 2
לִשְׁמֹ֑עַ 2
וַיִּשְׁמְע֨וּ 2
וְיַשְׁמִעֵ֥נוּ 2
שֹׁמַ֛עַת 2
וָאֶשְׁמַ֥ע 1
הַשְׁמִיעִ֖ינִי 1
הַשְׁמִיעִֽינִי 1
؟ תִשְׁמָ֔עוּ 1
שְׁמ֣וֹעַ 1
שְּׁמָ֜ע 1
וּֽשֲׁמָע֒ 1
הַשְׁמִיעֻֽנוּ 1
שְׁמָ֙עָה֙ 1
מִשְּׁמ֔וֹעַ 1
שְׁמַ֣עְנָה 1
וּשְׁמַעְתֶּ֑ם 1
וָאֶשְׁמְעָ֥ה 1
יִשְׁמָ֗ע 1
מִשְׁמַעְתָּֽם 1
מִשְּׁמֹ֔עַ 1
שְׁמֽוֹעַ 1
וְשָׁמְע֧וּ 1
וּֽשְׁמָ֔ע 1
וָאֶשְׁמַ֛ע 1
שְׁמ֖וֹעַ 1
שְּׁמָ֗ע 1
כְּשָׁמְעָת֖וֹ 1
תִּשְׁמַ֣עְנָה 1
וְהִשְׁמִ֨יעַ 1
נִשְׁמָעִ֑ים 1
שׁ֝וֹמֵ֗עַ 1
נִשְׁמָעִֽים 1
שָׁמְעָ֬ה 1
! תִשְׁמָ֑ע 1
שְׁמַֽעֲנ֥וּהָ 1
שִׁמְעָ֪ה 1
בְּ֝שָׁמְע֗וֹ 1
יַ֝שְׁמִ֗יעַ 1
שָׁמְע֛וּ 1
לִ֝שְׁמֹ֗עַ 1
לִ֭שְׁמֹעַ 1
מִ֠שְּׁמוֹעַ 1
שֹׁמְעֵ֣י 1
תִשְׁמָֽעוּ 1
הַשֹּֽׁמְעִים֙ 1
؟ יִשְׁמָ֑ע 1
תִּשְׁמַ֥עְנָה 1
אֶשְׁמְעָ֗ה 1
שֹׁמֵ֣עַֽ 1
תִשְׁמְע֡וּ 1
שָׁ֭מַעְנוּ 1
וְשָׁמְע֥וּ 1
שְׁמַ֬ע 1
תִשְׁמַ֥ע 1
וְשׁוֹמֵ֥עַ 1
נִשְׁמְע֣וּ 1
מִשְּׁמֹֽעַ 1
הַשְׁמִ֑יעוּ 1
שֹׁמָֽעַת 1
וּ֭שְׁמַע 1
שָׁמַ֜עְנוּ 1
שֹׁ֭מַעַת 1
יִשְׁמָ֑ע 1
שֹׁ֭מַעַת‪‬ 1
הַשְׁמִ֘יעֵ֤נִי 1
וְשֹׁמֵ֖עַ 1
שָׁמַ֥עְתָּ 1
שֹׁמֵ֪עַֽ֫ 1
שִׁ֭מְעוּ 1
יִשְׁמָעֵ֖נִי 1
שָׁ֭מַעְתִּי 1
מַשְׁמִ֣יעַ 1
וְשֹׁמֵ֣עַֽ 1
מַשְׁמִ֔יעַ 1
וְיִשְׁמַ֖ע 1
יַשְׁמִ֥יעַ 1
נִשְׁמַע֙ 1
וַ֠יִּשְׁמַ֗ע 1
כְּשָׁמְעָם֙ 1
יִשְׁמַ֔ע 1
הַשֹּׁ֣מְעִ֔ים 1
שִׁמְע֕וּ 1
שְׁמַ֤עְנָה 1
וַיִּשְׁמַ֡ע 1
וָֽאֶשְׁמָע֙ 1
וַנִּשְׁמַ֣ע 1
שָׁמְעוּ֙ 1
וַיִּשְׁמַע֙ 1
שְׁמֹ֔עַ 1
שְׁמַעְתֶּ֗ם 1
שָׁמַע֩ 1
שִׁמְעִ֣י 1
؟ וְיִשְׁמָ֔עוּ 1
שֹׁמֵ֗עַ 1
וַנִּשְׁמַ֗ע 1
וְהַשְׁמִיע֥וּהָ 1
וְיַשְׁמִ֤עוּ 1
תִשְׁמְע֔וּ 1
שָׁמַ֜עְתִּי 1
שְׁמ֥וֹעַ 1
תִּשָּׁמַ֤ע 1
וּשְׁמַ֖ע 1
אַשְׁמִֽיעֲךָ֥ 1
וְיִשְׁמַ֣ע 1
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֛וּ 1
תִשְׁמָע֔וּהָ 1
תִשְׁמְע֜וּ 1
שֹׁמֵ֣עַ 1
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֣וּ ׀ 1
שָׁמֹ֨עַ 1
תִּשְׁמְע֨וּ 1
תִּשְׁמְע֣וּ 1
הַשְׁמִ֤יעוּ 1
שְׁמֹ֥עַ 1
יִשָּׁ֨מַע 1
אֶשְׁמְעָ֖ה 1
אַשְׁמִ֨יעַ 1
לִּשְׁמֹ֣עַ 1
שְׁמַעְתָּ֑ם 1
שָׁמַ֤עְתָּֽ 1
נִשְׁמַ֕ע 1
הִשְׁמַעְתִּ֑יךָ 1
וְאַשְׁמִיעֵ֑ם 1
הִשְׁמִיעַ֩ 1
שֹׁמְעֵ֥י 1
הִשְׁמַעְתִּ֥יךָ 1
הַשֹּׁמֵ֤עַ ׀ 1
שֹׁמְעִ֣ים 1
וְהִשְׁמַ֔עְתִּי 1
יַשְׁמִיעֻ֑נוּ 1
וְהִשְׁמִ֤יעוּ 1
וְשִׁמְע֔וּ 1
שְׁמָ֑עוּ 1
אַשְׁמִ֥יע‪‬ 1
וּֽשֲׁמָ֔עוּ 1
שְׁמָֽע 1
שְׁמַעְתֶּם֙ 1
נִשְׁמָ֔ע 1
(שָׁמַ֣עַתְּ) 1
וְהַשְׁמִ֣יעוּ 1
הִשְׁמִ֥יעוּ 1
וְ֠הִשְׁמַעְתִּי 1
וְהַשְׁמִ֙יעוּ֙ 1
וּמַשְׁמִ֥יעַ 1
הַשְׁמִ֔יעוּ 1
שָׁמַ֧ע 1
וָאֶשְׁמַ֕ע 1
הִשְׁמִ֙יעַ֙ 1
יִשָּׁמַ֨ע 1
הַשְׁמִ֧יעוּ 1
לְהַשְׁמִ֥יעַ 1
הַנִּשְׁמַ֣עַת 1
שָׁמְע֞וּ 1
מַשְׁמִ֧יעַ 1
שָׁמָ֑עְתָּ 1
הִשְׁמַ֣עְתָּ 1
לְהַשְׁמִֽיעַ 1
יִשְׁמַ֣ע ׀ 1
יִשְׁמְע֥וּ 1
תִשְׁמָ֑ע 1
וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֣ 1
בְּשָׁמְעוֹ֩ 1
תִשְׁמַע֙ 1
תִשְׁמַ֔ע 1
וְשָׁ֣מַעְתָּ֔ 1
וּשְׁמַע֙ 1
וְלִשְׁמֹ֥עַ 1
יִשְׁמַע֙ 1
וַנִּשְׁמַע֙ 1
תִּשְׁמָעֽוּן 1
שְׁמֹ֤עַ 1
וְשָׁמָ֑עְתָּ 1
תִשְׁמָ֔עוּ 1
וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֗ 1
תִּשְׁמְע֗וּ 1
תִשְׁמְע֔וּן 1
תִּשְׁמְע֗וּן 1
יִשְׁמַ֧ע 1
(כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶם֙) 1
לִ֠שְׁמֹעַ 1
שָׁמַ֣עַתְּ 1
וַיְשַׁמַּ֤ע 1
שְׁמַ֔ע 1
וּשְׁמַעְתֶּ֣ם 1
(כְּשָׁמְע֖וֹ) 1
וְאַשְׁמִיעֲךָ֖ 1
שֹׁ֣מְע֔וֹ 1
וְשָׁמַ֗ע 1
יִשָּׁמֵ֑עַ 1
תַּשְׁמַ֥ע 1
תַשְׁמִ֣יעוּ 1
וְנִשְׁמָעֶֽנָּה 1
הִשְׁמִיעָ֖נוּ 1
וְשָֽׁמַעְתָּ֙ 1
הֲיִשְׁמְעוּ֙ 1
וַתִּשְׁמְע֣וּ 1
שָׁמַעְתָּ֩ 1
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֗וּ 1
וְיִשְׁמְע֣וּ 1
שְׁמַ֖ע‪‬ 1
כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶ֤ם 1
וַיְשַׁמַּ֥ע 1
כְּשָׁמְעָ֔ם 1
שָֽׁמְע֥וּ 1
וַֽיִּשְׁמְע֡וּ 1
וְשָׁמְע֖וּ 1
נִשְׁמַ֗ע 1
! שְׁמַעְתֶּ֑ם 1
שָׁמַ֤עְתִּי 1
כְשָׁמְע֔וֹ 1
תִשְׁמְע֛וּ 1
שְׁמַ֥ע 1
בְּשָׁמְע֥וֹ 1
שֹׁמַ֔עַת 1
וּכְשָׁמְע֗וֹ 1
שְׁמָעֵ֑נִי 1
שְׁמָעֵ֣נוּ ׀ 1
הַשֹּׁמֵ֖עַ 1
שְׁמַעְתִּיךָ֒ 1
שְׁמַ֣עַן 1
שָׁמַעְתָּ֮ 1
שָׁמ֨וֹעַ 1
בִּשְׁמֹ֤עַ 1
הִשְׁמִֽיעֲךָ֥ 1
שָׁמְעֽוֹ 1
הֲשָׁ֣מַֽע 1
הֲנִשְׁמַ֥ע 1
יִשְׁמְע֔וּן 1
שֹׁמְעִ֔ים 1
וְאַשְׁמִעֵ֖ם 1
יִשְׁמְע֗וּן 1
תִּשְׁמָע֔וּן 1
שָׁמְע֑וֹ 1
וְשָׁמְע֣וּ 1
וְנִשְׁמָ֑עָה 1
וְאֶשְׁמְעָ֔ה 1
הַשֹּׁמְעִ֛ים 1
וְשָֽׁמְעָה֙ 1
שֹׁמֵֽעַ 1
וַיִּשְׁמַ֧ע 1
וְנִשְׁמַ֣ע 1
וְנִשְׁמָֽע 1
שָׁמֹ֥עַ 1
וַיְּשָּֽׁמְעוּ֙‪‬ 1
؟ שָׁמַ֣ע 1
וְ֝הַשְׁמִ֗יעוּ 1
וַתִּשָּׁמַ֛ע 1
וְיִשְׁמָעֶ֑ךָּ 1
תִּשְׁמָ֑ע 1
שָֽׁמְעָ֥ה 1
שְׁ֝מָעֶ֗נָּה 1
בְּהִשָּׁמַ֤ע 1
וְנִשְׁמַע֩ 1
הֲנִשְׁמַ֗ע 1
כְּשָׁמְעָ֣ם 1
וַיַּשְׁמִ֙יעוּ֙ 1
שָׁ֭מְעָה 1
תִּשְׁמַ֛ע 1
תִּשְׁמָ֔ע 1
יַשְׁמִ֗יעוּ 1
כְּשָׁמְעָ֖ם 1
וַיִּשְׁמַע֩ 1
כְּשָׁמְעִ֣י ׀ 1
וּכְשָׁמְעִי֙ 1
בְּשָׁמְעֲךָ֤ 1
נִשְׁמַע־ 1
שֹׁ֘מֵ֤עַֽ 1
שְׁמָע֣וּנִי 1
שָׁמַ֨עְתִּי ׀ 1
שֹׁמֵ֥עַ 1
שָׁמָ֑עְתִּי 1
יִ֭שְׁמַע 1
יִשְׁמַ֤ע ׀ 1
תַּ֭שְׁמִיעֵנִי 1
שָׁמַ֨עְנוּ ׀ 1
שִֽׁמְעָ֥ה־ 1
שָׁ֭מַעְתָּ 1
שָׁ֝מַע 1
שִׁמְע֫וּ 1
לַ֭שְׁמִעַ 1
שָׁמֵֽעַ 1
נִשְׁמָ֥ע 1
יִשָּׁ֣מְעוּ 1
לְשֵֽׁמַע־ 1
יִ֭שְׁמְעוּ 1
יִשְׁמְע֗וּ 1
שֹׁמֵ֥עַֽ 1
וַיִּשָּׁמַ֖ע 1
שְׁמָע֔וּנִי 1
תִשְׁמַ֛ע 1
תִּשְׁמַע֙ 1
תִּשְׁמַע֮ 1
הַשֹּׁמְעִ֖ים 1
שָׁ֠מַעְתִּי 1
שָׁמַ֕עְתִּי 1
כִּשְׁמֹ֧עַ 1
שָׁמַ֔עַתְּ 1
לִשְׁמ֥וֹעַ 1
וְנִשְׁמְעָ֥ה 1
כְּשָׁמְעֲכֶם֙ 1
הִשְׁמִ֤יעַ 1
וְשֹׁמֵ֥עַ 1
שָׁמַ֕ע 1
לִשְׁמֹ֥עַֽ 1
וַתִּשְׁמַע֙ 1
(כְּֽשָׁמְעֲךָ֞) 1
שָׁמְעָ֤ה 1
יִֽשְׁמַֽע־ 1
וּשְׁמַ֕ע 1
וַיִּשְׁמְעוּ֙ 1
תִּשְׁמַ֖ע 1
בְּשָׁמְעָ֕ם 1
לְמַשְׁמִיעִ֔ים 1
שְׁמָע֗וּנִי 1
וְכִשְׁמֹ֨עַ 1
כִּשְׁמֹ֨עַ 1
וְשֹׁמְעִ֖ים 1
שָֽׁמְעָה֮ 1
וְשָׁמַעְתָּ֨ 1
לִשְׁמ֙וֹעַ֙ 1
לְהַשְׁמִ֣יעַ 1
מַשְׁמִֽיעַ 1
כִּשְׁמֹ֥עַ 1
מַשְׁמִעִ֕ים 1
מַשְׁמִיעִ֥ים 1
כְּֽשָׁמְעֲךָ֞ 1
בְּֽשָׁמְעֲךָ֡ 1
שָׁמְע֜וּ 1
(שֹׁ֣מְעָ֔הּ) 1
שִׁמְע֛וּ 1
שֹׁמְעִ֗ים 1
הִשְׁמִ֣יעַ ׀ 1
וַיִּשְׁמָ֔ע 1

How strongs number H8085 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
hear 145
listen 35
and when heard 33
i have heard 23
heard 23
and heard 22
we have heard 18
when heard 17
and hear 16
you have heard 13
obey 12
to hear 12
will hear 12
have heard 10
and i heard 9
i heard 9
hear me 9
they did obey 9
has heard 9
heed 8
and listened 8
was heard 8
do listen 8
and obey 7
he heard 7
shall hear 7
when heard [it] 7
you have obeyed 7
hears 6
so heeded 6
you hear 6
i will hear 6
did listen 6
you do obey 5
is heard 5
have obeyed 5
shall be heard 5
he did heed 5
they have heard 5
proclaim 5
and he heard 4
will heed 4
you will hear 4
and heard [it] 4
you heard 4
[and] hear 4
and when heard [of it] 4
then hear 4
to obey 4
they hear 4
you have listened 4
they did heed 4
will listen 4
would heed 4
and listen 4
he has heard 4
have heeded 3
and when heard [it] 3
obeyed 3
and he shall hear 3
when he heard 3
that you may listen 3
you will listen 3
they would hear 3
would listen 3
you shall hear 3
when you heard 3
and obeyed 3
you obey 3
did heed 3
diligently 3
surely 3
you did hear 3
when they heard 3
he hears 2
who proclaims 2
they did hear 2
that we may hear 2
i have obeyed 2
therefore hear 2
to listen 2
but he who heeds 2
from hearing 2
listened 2
you did obey 2
you listen 2
carefully 2
does obey 2
therefore they obeyed 2
call together 2
and they hear 2
for he hears 2
who hear 2
we have obeyed 2
you will heed 2
was listening 2
they obey 2
you would listen 2
when i heard 2
does hear 2
so heard 2
and have obeyed 2
he would listen 2
and heeded 2
indeed 2
they do obey 2
may hear 2
has obeyed 2
they do hear 2
hearing 2
when you hear 2
and proclaim 2
are heard 2
we will obey 2
and the king heard 2
of him who hears 2
understand [it] 2
heard [of it] 2
i have heeded 2
he who hears [it] 1
when [i] heard [it] 1
and obedient 1
you hear [it] 1
shall obey them 1
obedient 1
let me hear it 1
let me hear 1
let us hear 1
[should be] heard 1
with hearing 1
and who hears [him] 1
who can declare 1
listening to 1
heard [this] 1
who listen 1
he does heed 1
by the hearing 1
[where] is heard 1
that i may proclaim 1
i hear 1
shall hear [of it] 1
heard [him] 1
do hear 1
make me hear 1
you who hear 1
and make to be heard 1
has heard [me] 1
you caused to be heard 1
when heard [this] 1
listen to 1
[where] i heard 1
hear [my desire] 1
he hear 1
heeding 1
when he hears it 1
[and] did heed 1
we heard of it 1
cause me to hear 1
he will hear 1
but whoever listens 1
who listens 1
does listen 1
that hears 1
he hears [it] 1
and shall hear 1
can you understand 1
and will cause to be heard 1
but when heard 1
you understand 1
that [will be] heard 1
that i will cause to be heard 1
have caused to be heard 1
we will listen 1
they did listen 1
would obey 1
disobeying 1
had been heard 1
who listen to 1
he did listen 1
gave heed 1
who heard 1
when they had heard 1
he had heard 1
thus we have obeyed 1
did obey 1
there shall be heard 1
he who hears 1
should be heard 1
they have obeyed 1
were heard 1
you who have been hearing 1
refusing to hear 1
so that they couldnot hear 1
she has obeyed 1
will hear me 1
[and] you heard 1
of hearing 1
[and] announce 1
and yet i heard 1
you will obey 1
have we heeded 1
so he consented 1
will i let hear 1
have heard [them] 1
and for they hear 1
and therefore you shall hear 1
then hears 1
and they will make heard 1
they have listened 1
they have heeded 1
of those who hear 1
were they obedient 1
who obeys 1
you have heard them 1
i proclaimed [it] to you 1
and i caused them to hear it 1
has declared 1
i told you 1
and i have proclaimed 1
show us 1
he does hear 1
to make heard 1
i tell 1
cause to be heard 1
who declares 1
declare to us 1
have you heard 1
for he heard 1
beyond perception 1
hear you 1
they had heard 1
that it cannot hear 1
and i will listen 1
you will hear it 1
to heed 1
and had caused to hear 1
[say] hear 1
and let him hear 1
let be heard 1
so that it does obey 1
i will cause you to hear 1
listens 1
i will hear [them] 1
so that he will not hear 1
i will listen 1
can [men] hear 1
they will obey 1
that they may hear 1
and proclaim it 1
[men] listened 1
and proclaims 1
[men] have heard 1
has proclaimed 1
me 1
and they heard 1
we hear 1
you would be obedient 1
and you hear [of it] 1
you hear someone 1
you shall listen 1
you do listen 1
earnestly 1
but listened 1
heard [it said] 1
he let you hear 1
who will obey 1
did [ever] hear 1
has been heard 1
and i will let them hear 1
hear [the cases] 1
he has heard [them] 1
that he heard [them] 1
he heard [them] 1
again 1
that you will obey 1
and hears [it] 1
and as soon as we heard [these things] 1
when heard [these things] 1
that heeded 1
that they heard 1
when heard [about it] 1
for will hear [it] 1
make any noise 1
[and] when you hear 1
does heed 1
therefore you shall obey 1
we heeded 1
they may hear 1
that you may obey 1
that you do hear 1
when he hears 1
you would obey 1
you will understand 1
that he hears [it] 1
that he hears 1
heard has 1
that had obeyed 1
they heard 1
understood [them] 1
we did listen 1
but heard [it] 1
and heard [about it] 1
when they heard [it] 1
now [jacob] heard 1
and when he heard 1
have i heard 1
listen to me 1
hear us 1
had heard [of it] 1
i have heard you 1
has listened 1
may understand 1
you have heeded 1
and 1
and they will heed 1
and hears 1
and in hearing 1
may be obedient 1
so when heard [it] 1
and will hear [it] 1
for heard [it] 1
that i may hear 1
who heard [him] 1
so when heard [that] 1
and will be heard 1
i should obey 1
and be obedient 1
let it be heard 1
and i will hear 1
and we will hear 1
for hears 1
you would hear 1
shall heed 1
and heard [someone] 1
they would listen 1
and he will hear you 1
that will hear 1
made music 1
making music 1
[were] to sound 1
resounding 1
hears of it 1
they paid attention 1
and was attentive 1
will obey 1
to make to be heard 1
had caused to hear 1
take heed 1
and he listened 1
when [ben-hadad] heard 1
made a proclamation 1
you heed 1
they will hear 1
to sound aloud 1
and may you hear 1
i have considered [the message] 1
and sang loudly 1
hear it 1
i heard [saying] 1
when were heard 1
and when is proclaimed 1
should we hear 1
when was they had heard 1
so that was heard 1
they should announce 1
take heed you 1
who [could] hear 1
will be reported 1
it is reported 1
but when heard [of it] 1
so when i heard 1
and was heard 1
and you will hear 1
and may you listen 1
to discern 1
has heeded 1
who hears it 1
did you obey 1
so gathered together 1
had heard 1
[when] they heard 1
and heard [of it] 1
that i may announce to you 1
and when she heard 1
she had heard 1
as in obeying 1
do let be heard 1
that we may hear it 1
would he have told us [such things] 1
a witness 1
and when had heard [that] 1
and you shall hear 1
whether they would obey 1
but i have obeyed 1
and if hears [it] 1
understanding 1
but to hear 1
as soon as they hear 1
can i hear 1
heard it 1
that 1
and let us hear 1
and will hear 1
as soon as you hear 1
in discerning 1
so heard [them] 1
he would heed 1
and he heeded 1
let hear 1
so when heard 1
do you listen 1
and when heard [that] 1
and called together 1
and when were heard 1
and heard [them] 1

Two strong number together

H8085 H8085
H8085 H241
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Chronicles 9:5" [483]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 9:6" [484]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 9:7" [485]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 9:23" [486]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 10:2" [487]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 10:15" [488]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 10:16" [489]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 11:4" [490]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 13:4" [491]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 15:2" [492]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 15:8" [493]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 16:4" [494]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 16:5" [495]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 18:18" [496]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 18:27" [497]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 20:9" [498]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 20:20" [499]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 20:29" [500]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 23:12" [501]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 24:17" [502]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 25:16" [503]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 25:20" [504]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 28:11" [505]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 29:5" [506]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 30:20" [507]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 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string(8) "Job 33:8" [569]=> string(9) "Job 33:31" [570]=> string(9) "Job 33:33" [571]=> string(8) "Job 34:2" [572]=> string(9) "Job 34:10" [573]=> string(9) "Job 34:16" [574]=> string(9) "Job 34:28" [575]=> string(9) "Job 34:34" [576]=> string(9) "Job 35:13" [577]=> string(9) "Job 36:11" [578]=> string(9) "Job 36:12" [579]=> string(8) "Job 37:2" [580]=> string(8) "Job 37:4" [581]=> string(8) "Job 39:7" [582]=> string(8) "Job 42:4" [583]=> string(8) "Job 42:5" [584]=> string(10) "Psalms 4:1" [585]=> string(10) "Psalms 4:3" [586]=> string(10) "Psalms 5:3" [587]=> string(10) "Psalms 6:8" [588]=> string(10) "Psalms 6:9" [589]=> string(12) "Psalms 10:17" [590]=> string(11) "Psalms 17:1" [591]=> string(11) "Psalms 17:6" [592]=> string(11) "Psalms 18:6" [593]=> string(12) "Psalms 18:44" [594]=> string(11) "Psalms 19:3" [595]=> string(12) "Psalms 22:24" [596]=> string(11) "Psalms 26:7" [597]=> string(11) "Psalms 27:7" [598]=> string(11) "Psalms 28:2" [599]=> string(11) "Psalms 28:6" [600]=> 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string(11) "Isaiah 50:4" [776]=> string(12) "Isaiah 50:10" [777]=> string(11) "Isaiah 51:1" [778]=> string(11) "Isaiah 51:7" [779]=> string(12) "Isaiah 51:21" [780]=> string(11) "Isaiah 52:7" [781]=> string(12) "Isaiah 52:15" [782]=> string(11) "Isaiah 55:2" [783]=> string(11) "Isaiah 55:3" [784]=> string(11) "Isaiah 58:4" [785]=> string(11) "Isaiah 59:1" [786]=> string(11) "Isaiah 59:2" [787]=> string(12) "Isaiah 60:18" [788]=> string(12) "Isaiah 62:11" [789]=> string(11) "Isaiah 64:4" [790]=> string(12) "Isaiah 65:12" [791]=> string(12) "Isaiah 65:19" [792]=> string(12) "Isaiah 65:24" [793]=> string(11) "Isaiah 66:4" [794]=> string(11) "Isaiah 66:5" [795]=> string(11) "Isaiah 66:8" [796]=> string(12) "Isaiah 66:19" [797]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 2:4" [798]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 3:13" [799]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 3:21" [800]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 3:25" [801]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 4:5" [802]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 4:15" [803]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 4:16" [804]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 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1072 Verses with H8085

Genesis 3:8
Literal: And they heard - the sound of Yahweh God walking in the garden in the breeze of the day and hid themselves Adam and his wife from the presence God among the trees of the garden
KJV: And they heard  the voice  of the LORD  God  walking  in the garden  in the cool  of the day:  and Adam  and his wife  hid themselves  from the presence  of the LORD  God  amongst  the trees  of the garden. 

Genesis 3:10
Literal: so he said - Your voice I heard in the garden and I was afraid because was naked I and I hid myself
KJV: And he said,  I heard  thy voice  in the garden,  and I was afraid,  because I  was naked;  and I hid myself. 

Genesis 3:17
Literal: And to Adam He said because you have heeded the voice of your wife and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you saying not you shall eat of it Cursed [is] the ground for your sake in toil you shall eat [of] it all the days of your life
KJV: And unto Adam  he said,  Because thou hast hearkened  unto the voice  of thy wife,  and hast eaten  of the tree,  of which  I commanded thee,  saying,  Thou shalt not eat  of it: cursed  is the ground  for thy sake; in sorrow  shalt thou eat  of it all  the days  of thy life; 

Genesis 4:23
Literal: And said Lamech to his wives Adah and Zillah hear my voice wives of Lamech listen to my speech for a man I have killed for wounding me and Even a young man for wounding me
KJV: And Lamech  said  unto his wives,  Adah  and Zillah,  Hear  my voice;  ye wives  of Lamech,  hearken  unto my speech:  for I have slain  to my wounding,  and a young man  to my hurt. 

Genesis 11:7
Literal: Come let Us go down and confuse there their language that not may understand one man the speech of another
KJV: Go to,  let us go down,  and there confound  their language,  that  they may not understand  another's  speech. 

Genesis 14:14
Literal: And when heard Abram that was taken captive his brother then he armed - his trained [servants] who were born in his own house eight [and] ten and three hundred and went in pursuit as far as Dan
KJV: And when Abram  heard  that his brother  was taken captive,  he armed  his trained  servants, born  in his own house,  three  hundred  and eighteen,  and pursued  them unto Dan. 

Genesis 16:2
Literal: So said Sarai to Abram See now has restrained me Yahweh from bearing [children] go in please my maidservant perhaps I shall obtain children by her And heeded Abram the voice of Sarai
KJV: And Sarai  said  unto Abram,  Behold now, the LORD  hath restrained me  from bearing:  I pray thee, go in  unto my maid;  it may  be that I may obtain children  by her. And Abram  hearkened  to the voice  of Sarai. 

Genesis 16:11
Literal: And said to her the Angel of Yahweh behold you have conceived and you shall bear a son and you shall call his name Ishmael for has listened Yahweh to your affliction
KJV: And the angel  of the LORD  said  unto her, Behold,  thou art with child,  and shalt bear  a son,  and shalt call  his name  Ishmael;  because the LORD  hath heard  thy affliction. 

Genesis 17:20
Literal: And as for Ishmael I have heard you Behold I have blessed him and will make fruitful him and will multiply exceedingly greatly two [and] ten princes He shall beget and I will make him a nation great
KJV: And as for Ishmael,  I have heard thee:  Behold, I have blessed  him, and will make him fruitful,  and will multiply  him exceedingly;  twelve  princes  shall he beget,  and I will make him  a great  nation. 

Genesis 18:10
Literal: And He said surely I will return to you according to the time of life and behold a son Sarah your wife [shall have] And Sarah was listening at the entrance to the tent that [was] behind him
KJV: And he said,  I will certainly  unto thee according to the time  of life;  and, lo, Sarah  thy wife  shall have a son.  And Sarah  heard  it in the tent  door,  which was behind him. 

Genesis 21:6
Literal: And said Sarah laughter has brought to me God all who hear will laugh with me
KJV: And Sarah  said,  God  hath made  me to laugh,  so that all that hear  will laugh  with me.

Genesis 21:12
Literal: But said God to Abraham not let it be displeasing in your sight because of the boy or because of your maidservant all whatever has said to you Sarah listen to her voice for in Isaac will be reckoned your seed
KJV: And God  said  unto Abraham,  in thy sight  because of the lad,  and because of thy bondwoman;  in all that Sarah  hath said  unto thee, hearken  unto her voice;  for in Isaac  shall thy seed  be called. 

Genesis 21:17
Literal: And heard God - the voice of the boy and called the angel of God to Hagar out of heaven and said to her what ails you Hagar not fear for has listened God unto of the boy where he [is] there
KJV: And God  heard  the voice  of the lad;  and the angel  of God  called  to Hagar  out of heaven,  and said  unto her, What aileth thee, Hagar?  fear  not; for God  hath heard  the voice  of the lad  where he is.

Genesis 21:26
Literal: And said Abimelech not I do know who has done - the thing this and you not did tell me and I had heard [of it] until today
KJV: And Abimelech  said,  I wot  not who hath done  this thing:  neither  didst thou tell  me, neither  yet heard  I of it, but  to day. 

Genesis 22:18
Literal: And shall be blessed in your seed all the nations of the earth because that you have obeyed My voice
KJV: And in thy seed  shall all the nations  of the earth  be blessed;  because  thou hast obeyed  my voice. 

Genesis 23:6
Literal: Hear us my lord a prince mighty You [are] Among us in the choicest of our burial places bury - your dead - of us his burial place none will withhold from you that you may bury your dead
KJV: Hear us,  my lord:  thou art a mighty  prince  among us:  in the choice  of our sepulchres  bury  thy dead;  none  of us shall withhold  from thee his sepulchre,  but that thou mayest bury  thy dead. 

Genesis 23:8
Literal: And he spoke with them saying if it is - your wish that I bury - my dead out of my sight hear me and meet for me with Ephron son of Zohar
KJV: And he communed  with them, saying,  If it be  your mind  that I should bury  my dead  out of my sight;  hear  me, and intreat  for me to Ephron  the son  of Zohar, 

Genesis 23:11
Literal: No my lord hear me The field I give you and the cave that [is] in it to you I give it in the presence of the sons of my people I give it to you to bury your dead
KJV: Nay,  my lord,  hear me:  the field  give I  thee, and the cave  that is therein, I give it  thee; in the presence  of the sons  of my people  give  I it thee: bury  thy dead. 

Genesis 23:13
Literal: and he spoke to Ephron in the hearing of the people of the land saying But If you please hear me I will give you money for the field take [it] from me and I will bury - my dead there
KJV: And he spake  unto Ephron  in the audience  of the people  of the land,  saying,  But if thou wilt give it, I pray thee,  hear  me: I will give  thee money  for the field;  take  it of me, and I will bury  my dead 

Genesis 23:15
Literal: My lord listen to me The land [is worth] four hundred shekels of silver between me and you what [is] that so your dead bury
KJV: My lord,  hearken  unto me: the land  is worth four  hundred  shekels  of silver;  what is that betwixt  me and thee? bury  therefore thy dead. 

Genesis 23:16
Literal: And listened Abraham to Ephron and weighed out for Ephron - the silver which he had named in the hearing of the sons of Heth four hundred shekels of silver according to the standard of the merchants
KJV: And Abraham  hearkened  unto Ephron;  and Abraham  weighed  to Ephron  the silver,  which he had named  in the audience  of the sons  of Heth,  four  hundred  shekels  of silver,  current  money with the merchant. 

Genesis 24:30
Literal: So it came to pass when he saw - the ring and the bracelets on the hands on his sister and when he heard the words of Rebekah his sister saying thus spoke to me the man that he went to the man and there he stood by the camels at the well
KJV: And it came to pass, when he saw  the earring  and bracelets  upon his sister's  hands,  and when he heard  the words  of Rebekah  his sister,  saying,  Thus  spake  the man  unto me; that he came  unto the man;  and, behold, he stood  by  the camels  at the well. 

Genesis 24:52
Literal: And it came to pass when heard servant Abraham's - their words that he bowed down to the ground Yahweh
KJV: And it came to pass, that, when Abraham's  servant  heard  their words,  he worshipped  the LORD,  bowing himself to the earth. 

Genesis 26:5
Literal: because that obeyed Abraham My voice and kept My charge My commandments My statutes and My laws
KJV: Because  that Abraham  obeyed  my voice,  and kept  my charge,  my commandments,  my statutes,  and my laws. 

Genesis 27:5
Literal: Now Rebekah was listening when spoke Isaac to Esau his son And went Esau to the field to hunt game and to bring [it]
KJV: And Rebekah  heard  when Isaac  spake  to Esau  his son.  And Esau  to the field  to hunt  for venison,  and to bring 

Genesis 27:6
Literal: So Rebekah spoke to Jacob her son saying indeed I heard - your father speak Esau your brother saying
KJV: And Rebekah  spake  unto Jacob  her son,  saying,  Behold, I heard  thy father  speak  unto Esau  thy brother,  saying, 

Genesis 27:8
Literal: Now therefore my son obey my voice according to what I command you
KJV: Now therefore, my son,  obey  my voice  according to that which  I command 

Genesis 27:13
Literal: But said to him his mother on me [let] your curse [be] my son only obey my voice and go get [them] for me
KJV: And his mother  said  unto him, Upon me be thy curse,  my son:  only obey  my voice,  fetch  me them.

Genesis 27:34
Literal: When heard Esau - the words of his father and he cried a cry great and bitter and exceeding and said to his father Bless me also me my father
KJV: And when Esau  heard  the words  of his father,  he cried  with a great  and exceeding  bitter  cry,  and said  unto his father,  Bless  me, even me also, O my father. 

Genesis 27:43
Literal: And therefore my son obey my voice and arise flee - to Laban my brother in Haran
KJV: Now therefore, my son,  obey  my voice;  and arise,  flee  thou to Laban  my brother  to Haran; 

Genesis 28:7
Literal: that had obeyed Jacob - his father and his mother and had gone - to Padan Aram
KJV: And that Jacob  obeyed  his father  and his mother,  to Padanaram; 

Genesis 29:13
Literal: And it came to pass when heard Laban - the report about Jacob son of his sister that he ran to meet him and embraced him and kissed him and brought him to his house So he told Laban - all things these
KJV: And it came to pass, when Laban  heard  the tidings  of Jacob  his sister's  son,  that he ran  to meet  him, and embraced  him, and kissed  him, and brought  him to his house.  And he told  Laban  all these things. 

Genesis 29:33
Literal: And she conceived again and bore a son and said because has heard Yahweh that unloved I [am] therefore He has given me also - this [son] And she called his name Simeon
KJV: And she conceived  again, and bare  a son;  and said,  Because the LORD  hath heard  that I was hated,  he hath therefore given  me this son also: and she called  his name  Simeon. 

Genesis 30:6
Literal: And said Rachel has judged my case God and also He has heard my voice and given me a son Upon thus she called his name Dan
KJV: And Rachel  said,  God  hath judged  me, and hath also heard  my voice,  and hath given  me a son:  therefore called  she his name  Dan. 

Genesis 30:17
Literal: And listened God to Leah and she conceived and bore Jacob a son fifth
KJV: And God  hearkened  unto Leah,  and she conceived,  and bare  Jacob  the fifth  son. 

Genesis 30:22
Literal: And remembered God - Rachel and listened to her God and opened her womb
KJV: And God  remembered  Rachel,  and God  hearkened  to her, and opened  her womb. 

Genesis 31:1
Literal: Now [Jacob] heard - the words of the sons of Laban saying has taken away Jacob - all that was of our father and from what was our father's he has acquired wealth this
KJV: And he heard  the words  of Laban's  sons,  saying,  Jacob  hath taken away  all that was our father's;  hath he gotten  all this glory. 

Genesis 34:5
Literal: And Jacob heard that he had defiled - Dinah his daughter and his sons were with his livestock in the field so held his peace Jacob until they came
KJV: And Jacob  heard  that he had defiled  Dinah  his daughter:  now his sons  were with his cattle  in the field:  and Jacob  held his peace  until they were come. 

Genesis 34:7
Literal: And the sons of Jacob came in from the field when they heard [it] And were grieved the men and angry - very because an outrage he had committed in Israel by lying with with the daughter of Jacob and this thing not ought to be done
KJV: And the sons  of Jacob  came  out of the field  when they heard  were grieved,  and they were very  wroth,  because he had wrought  folly  in Israel  in lying  with Jacob's  daughter;  which thing ought not to be done. 

Genesis 34:17
Literal: But if not you will heed us and be circumcised then we will take - our daughter and be gone
KJV: But if ye will not hearken  unto us, to be circumcised;  then will we take  our daughter,  and we will be gone. 

Genesis 34:24
Literal: And heeded unto Hamor and Shechem his son all who went out of the gate of his city and was circumcised every male of his city
KJV: And unto Hamor  and unto Shechem  his son  hearkened  all that went out  of the gate  of his city;  and every male  was circumcised,  all that went out  of the gate  of his city. 

Genesis 35:22
Literal: And it came to pass when dwelt Israel in land that went in Reuben and lay with - Bilhah concubine of his father and heard [about it] Israel - And were the sons of Jacob two [and] ten
KJV: And it came to pass, when Israel  dwelt  in that land,  that Reuben  and lay  with Bilhah  his father's  concubine:  and Israel  heard  it. Now the sons  of Jacob  were twelve: 

Genesis 37:6
Literal: So he said to them hear please dream this which I have dreamed
KJV: And he said  unto them, Hear,  which I have dreamed: 

Genesis 37:17
Literal: and said the man they have departed from this [place] for I heard them say let us go to Dothan So went Joseph after his brothers and found them in Dothan
KJV: And the man  said,  They are departed  hence;  for I heard  them say,  to Dothan.  And Joseph  after  his brethren,  and found  them in Dothan. 

Genesis 37:21
Literal: But heard [it] Reuben and he delivered him out of their hands and said not let us take his life
KJV: And Reuben  heard  it, and he delivered  him out of their hands;  and said,  Let us not kill 

Genesis 37:27
Literal: come and let us sell him to the Ishmaelites and our hand not let be upon him for our brother [and] our flesh he [is] And listened his brothers
KJV: and let us sell  him to the Ishmeelites,  and let not our hand  be upon him; for he is our brother  and our flesh.  And his brethren  were content. 

Genesis 39:10
Literal: so it was as she spoke to Joseph day by day that not he did heed her to lie with her [or] to be with her
KJV: And it came to pass, as she spake  to Joseph  day  that he hearkened  not unto her, to lie  by her, 

Genesis 39:15
Literal: And it came to pass when he heard that I lifted my voice and cried out that he left his garment with me and fled and went outside
KJV: And it came to pass, when he heard  that I lifted up  my voice  and cried,  that he left  his garment  with me,  and fled,  and got him  out. 

Genesis 39:19
Literal: So it was when heard his master - the words of his wife which she spoke to him saying manner after this did to me your servant and was kindled his wrath
KJV: And it came to pass, when his master  heard  the words  of his wife,  which she spake  unto him, saying,  After this manner  did  thy servant  to me; that his wrath  was kindled. 

Genesis 41:15
Literal: And said Pharaoh to Joseph a dream I have dreamed and to interpret [there is] no one it But I have heard of you it said [that] you can understand to interpret it
KJV: And Pharaoh  said  unto Joseph,  I have dreamed  a dream,  and there is none that can interpret  it: and I have heard  say  of thee, that thou canst understand  a dream  to interpret 

Genesis 42:2
Literal: and he said indeed I have heard that there is grain in Egypt go down to that place and buy for us there that we may live and not die
KJV: And he said,  Behold, I have heard  that there is  corn  in Egypt:  get you down  thither, and buy  for us from thence; that we may live,  and not die. 

Genesis 42:21
Literal: And they said one to another truly guilty we [are] concerning our brother for we saw the anguish of his soul when he pleaded with us and not we did listen upon thus has come upon us distress this
KJV: And they said  one  to another,  We are verily  guilty  concerning our brother,  in that  we saw  the anguish  of his soul,  when he besought  us, and we would not hear;  therefore is this distress  come 

Genesis 42:22
Literal: And answered Reuben them saying did not I speak to you saying not do sin against the boy and not you would listen therefore his blood behold is required
KJV: And Reuben  answered  them, saying,  Do not sin  against the child;  and ye would not hear?  therefore, behold, also his blood  is required. 

Genesis 42:23
Literal: But they not did know that understood [them] Joseph for through an interpreter he spoke to them
KJV: And they knew  not that Joseph  understood  them; for he spake unto them by an interpreter. 

Genesis 43:25
Literal: And they made ready - the gift for arrival Joseph’s at noon for they heard that there they would eat bread
KJV: And they made ready  the present  against  Joseph  came  at noon:  for they heard  that they should eat  bread 

Genesis 45:2
Literal: And he - aloud wept and Egypt then heard him the house of Pharaoh
KJV: And he wept  aloud:  and the house  of Pharaoh  heard. 

Genesis 45:16
Literal: And the report was heard in house of Pharaoh saying have come the brothers of Joseph And it pleased the eye of Pharaoh and the eyes of his servants
KJV: And the fame  thereof was heard  in Pharaoh's  house,  saying,  Joseph's  brethren  are come:  Pharaoh  well,  and  his servants. 

Genesis 49:2
Literal: Gather together and hear sons of Jacob and listen to Israel your father
KJV: Gather yourselves together,  and hear,  ye sons  of Jacob;  and hearken  unto Israel  your father. 

Exodus 2:15
Literal: And when heard Pharaoh - of matter this then he sought to kill Moses But fled Moses from the face of Pharaoh and dwelt in the land of Midian and he sat down by a well
KJV: Now when Pharaoh  heard  this thing,  he sought  to slay  Moses.  fled  from the face  of Pharaoh,  and dwelt  in the land  of Midian:  and he sat down  by a well. 

Exodus 2:24
Literal: So heard God - their groaning and remembered God His covenant with Abraham Isaac and with Jacob
KJV: And God  heard  their groaning,  and God  remembered  his covenant  with Abraham,  with Isaac,  and with Jacob. 

Exodus 3:7
Literal: And said Yahweh surely I have seen - the oppression of My people who [are] in Egypt and their cry have I heard because of their oppressors for I know their sorrows
KJV: And the LORD  said,  I have surely  the affliction  of my people  which are in Egypt,  and have heard  their cry  by reason  of their taskmasters;  for I know  their sorrows; 

Exodus 3:18
Literal: And they will heed your voice and you shall come you and the elders of Israel to the king of Egypt and you shall say to him Yahweh God of the Hebrews has met with us Now let us go please journey three days' into the wilderness that we may sacrifice to Yahweh our God
KJV: And they shall hearken  to thy voice:  and thou shalt come,  thou and the elders  of Israel,  unto the king  of Egypt,  and ye shall say  unto him, The LORD  God  of the Hebrews  hath met  we beseech thee, three  days'  journey  into the wilderness,  that we may sacrifice  to the LORD  our God. 

Exodus 4:1
Literal: And answered Moses and said but suppose not they will believe me or listen to my voice suppose they say has appeared to you Yahweh
KJV: And Moses  answered  and said,  But, behold, they will not believe  me, nor hearken  unto my voice:  for they will say,  The LORD  hath not appeared  unto thee.

Exodus 4:8
Literal: And it will be if not they do believe you nor heed the message of the sign first that they may believe latter
KJV: And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe  thee, neither hearken  to the voice  of the first  sign,  that they will believe  the voice  of the latter  sign. 

Exodus 4:9
Literal: And it shall be if not they do believe even two signs these or listen to your voice that you shall take water from the Nile and pour [it] on the dry [land] And the water which you take from then will become blood on the dry [land]
KJV: And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe  also these two  signs,  neither hearken  unto thy voice,  that thou shalt take  of the water  of the river,  and pour  it upon the dry  land: and the water  which thou takest  out of the river  shall become blood  upon the dry 

Exodus 4:31
Literal: So believed the people when they heard that had visited Yahweh - the sons of Israel and that He had looked on their affliction then they bowed their heads and worshiped
KJV: And the people  believed:  and when they heard  that the LORD  had visited  the children  of Israel,  and that he had looked  upon their affliction,  then they bowed their heads  and worshipped. 

Exodus 5:2
Literal: And said Pharaoh who [is] Yahweh that I should obey His voice to let go - Israel not I do know Yahweh and will I let Israel go
KJV: And Pharaoh  said,  Who is the LORD,  that I should obey  his voice  to let Israel  go?  I know  not the LORD,  neither will I let Israel  go. 

Exodus 6:5
Literal: And also I have heard - the groaning of the sons of Israel whom Egypt keeps in bondage - and I have remembered - My covenant
KJV: And I have also heard  the groaning  of the children  of Israel,  whom  the Egyptians  keep in bondage;  and I have remembered  my covenant. 

Exodus 6:9
Literal: so spoke Moses thus to the sons of Israel but not they did heed unto Moses because of anguish of spirit and bondage cruel -
KJV: And Moses  spake  so unto the children  of Israel:  but they hearkened  not unto Moses  for anguish  of spirit,  and for cruel  bondage. 

Exodus 6:12
Literal: And spoke Moses before Yahweh saying behold the sons of Israel not have heeded me then how shall heed me Pharaoh for I [am] of uncircumcised lips -
KJV: And Moses  spake  before  the LORD,  saying,  Behold, the children  of Israel  have not hearkened  unto me; how then shall Pharaoh  hear  me,  who am of uncircumcised  lips? 

Exodus 6:30
Literal: But said Moses before the face of Yahweh behold I [am] of uncircumcised lips and how shall heed me Pharaoh -
KJV: And Moses  said  before  the LORD,  Behold, I am of uncircumcised  lips,  and how shall Pharaoh  hearken  unto me?

Exodus 7:4
Literal: But not will heed you Pharaoh so that I may lay - My hand on Egypt and bring My armies My people the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt by judgments great
KJV: But Pharaoh  shall not hearken  unto you, that I may lay  my hand  upon Egypt,  and bring forth  mine armies,  and my people  the children  of Israel,  out of the land  of Egypt  by great  judgments. 

Exodus 7:13
Literal: And grew hard heart of Pharaoh and not he did heed them as had said Yahweh -
KJV: And he hardened  Pharaoh's  heart,  that he hearkened  not unto them; as the LORD  had said. 

Exodus 7:16
Literal: And you shall say to him Yahweh God of the Hebrews has sent me to you saying let go - My people that they may serve Me in the wilderness But indeed not you would hear until now
KJV: And thou shalt say  unto him, The LORD  God  of the Hebrews  hath sent  me unto thee, saying,  Let my people  go,  that they may serve  me in the wilderness:  and, behold, hitherto  thou wouldest not hear. 

Exodus 7:22
Literal: And did so the magicians of Egypt with their enchantments and grew hard heart of Pharaoh and not he did heed them as had said Yahweh
KJV: And the magicians  of Egypt  did  so with their enchantments:  and Pharaoh's  heart  was hardened,  neither did he hearken  unto them; as the LORD  had said. 

Exodus 8:15
Literal: But when saw Pharaoh that there was relief and he hardened - his heart and not did heed them as had said Yahweh -
KJV: But when Pharaoh  saw  that there was respite,  he hardened  his heart,  and hearkened  not unto them; as the LORD  had said. 

Exodus 8:19
Literal: And said the magicians to Pharaoh the finger of God That [is] but grew hard heart of Pharaoh and not he did heed them just as had said Yahweh -
KJV: Then the magicians  said  unto Pharaoh,  This is the finger  of God:  and Pharaoh's  heart  was hardened,  and he hearkened  not unto them; as the LORD  had said. 

Exodus 9:12
Literal: But hardened Yahweh - the heart of Pharaoh and not he did heed them just as had spoken Yahweh to Moses -
KJV: And the LORD  hardened  the heart  of Pharaoh,  and he hearkened  not unto them; as the LORD  had spoken  unto Moses. 

Exodus 11:9
Literal: But said Yahweh to Moses not will heed you Pharaoh so that may be multiplied My wonders in the land of Egypt
KJV: And the LORD  said  unto Moses,  Pharaoh  shall not hearken  unto you; that my wonders  may be multiplied  in the land  of Egypt. 

Exodus 15:14
Literal: Will hear the people [and] be afraid Sorrow will take hold of the inhabitants of Philistia
KJV: The people  shall hear,  and be afraid:  sorrow  shall take hold  on the inhabitants  of Palestina. 

Exodus 15:26
Literal: And said if diligently you heed the voice of Yahweh your God and what is right in His sight do and give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes any of the diseases which I have brought on Egypt not I will put on you for I [am] Yahweh who heals you -
KJV: And said,  If thou wilt diligently  to the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  and wilt do  that which is right  in his sight,  and wilt give ear  to his commandments,  and keep  all his statutes,  I will put  none of these diseases  upon thee, which I have brought  for I am the LORD  that healeth  thee.

Exodus 16:7
Literal: and in the morning and you shall see - the glory of Yahweh for He hears your complaints against Yahweh but [are] we what that - you complain against us
KJV: And in the morning,  then ye shall see  the glory  of the LORD;  for that he heareth  your murmurings  against the LORD:  and what are we,  that ye murmur  against us?

Exodus 16:8
Literal: And said Moses [This shall be seen] when gives Yahweh you in the evening meat to eat and bread in the morning to the full for hears - your complaints which you make against Him And [are] we what not [are] against us Your complaints but against Yahweh
KJV: And Moses  said,  This shall be, when the LORD  shall give  you in the evening  flesh  to eat,  and in the morning  bread  to the full;  for that the LORD  heareth  your murmurings  against him: and what are we?  your murmurings  are not against us, but against the LORD. 

Exodus 16:9
Literal: And spoke Moses to Aaron Say all the congregation of the sons of Israel come near before Yahweh for He has heard - your complaints
KJV: And Moses  spake  unto Aaron,  Say  unto all the congregation  of the children  of Israel,  Come near  before  the LORD:  for he hath heard  your murmurings. 

Exodus 16:12
Literal: I have heard - the complaints of the sons of Israel speak to them saying at twilight you shall eat meat and in the morning you shall be filled with bread and you shall know that I [am] Yahweh your God
KJV: I have heard  the murmurings  of the children  of Israel:  speak  unto them, saying,  At even  ye shall eat  flesh,  and in the morning  ye shall be filled  with bread;  and ye shall know  that I am the LORD  your God. 

Exodus 16:20
Literal: And Notwithstanding not they did heed unto Moses but left part some of them of it until morning and it bred worms and stank and was angry with them Moses
KJV: Notwithstanding they hearkened  not unto Moses;  but some  of them left  of it until the morning,  and it bred  worms,  and stank:  and Moses  was wroth 

Exodus 18:1
Literal: And heard Jethro the priest of Midian father-in-law Moses' - of all that had done God for Moses for Israel His people that had brought Yahweh - Israel out of Egypt
KJV: When Jethro,  the priest  of Midian,  Moses'  father in law,  heard  of all that God  had done  for Moses,  and for Israel  his people,  and that the LORD  had brought  Israel  out of Egypt; 

Exodus 18:19
Literal: Now Listen to my voice I will give you counsel and will be God with you stand You for the people before God so that may bring - the difficulties to God
KJV: Hearken  now unto my voice,  I will give thee counsel,  and God  shall be  with thee: Be thou for the people  to God-ward,  that thou mayest bring  the causes  unto God: 

Exodus 18:24
Literal: So heeded Moses the voice of his father-in-law and did all that he had said
KJV: So Moses  hearkened  to the voice  of his father in law,  and did  all that he had said. 

Exodus 19:5
Literal: Now therefore if indeed you will obey My voice and keep - My covenant then you shall be to Me a special treasure above all people for [is] Mine all the earth
KJV: Now therefore, if ye will obey  my voice  indeed,  and keep  my covenant,  then ye shall be a peculiar treasure  unto me above all people:  for all the earth  is mine:

Exodus 19:9
Literal: And said Yahweh to Moses behold I come to you in thick the cloud that may hear the people when I speak with you and you believe forever So told Moses - the words of the people Yahweh
KJV: And the LORD  said  unto Moses,  Lo, I come  unto thee in a thick  cloud,  that the people  may hear  when I speak  with thee, and believe  thee for ever.  And Moses  told  the words  of the people  unto the LORD. 

Exodus 20:19
Literal: And they said to Moses speak You with us and we will hear But not let speak with us God lest we die
KJV: And they said  unto Moses,  Speak  thou with us, and we will hear:  but let not God  speak  with us, lest we die. 

Exodus 22:23
Literal: If in any way you afflict them for at all they cry to Me surely I will hear their cry
KJV: If  thou afflict  and they cry  unto me, I will surely  their cry; 

Exodus 22:27
Literal: For that - [is] his covering only it [is] his garment for his skin In what will he sleep and it will be that when he cries to Me and I will hear for [am] gracious I -
KJV: For that is his covering  only, it is his raiment  for his skin:  wherein shall he sleep?  and it shall come to pass, when he crieth  unto me, that I will hear;  for I am gracious. 

Exodus 23:13
Literal: And in all that I have said to you be circumspect And the name of gods other no make mention of nor let it be heard from your mouth
KJV: And in all things that I have said  unto you be circumspect:  and make no mention  of the name  of other  gods,  neither let it be heard  out  of thy mouth. 

Exodus 23:21
Literal: Beware of him and obey His voice not do provoke Him for not he will pardon your transgressions My Name [is] in him
KJV: Beware  of  him, and obey  his voice,  provoke  him not; for he will not pardon  your transgressions:  for my name  is in him. 

Exodus 23:22
Literal: But if indeed you obey his voice and do all that I speak then I will be an enemy - to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries
KJV: But if thou shalt indeed  his voice,  and do  all that I speak;  then I will be an enemy  unto thine enemies,  and an adversary  unto thine adversaries. 

Exodus 24:7
Literal: And he took the Book of the Covenant and read in the hearing of the people and they said all that has said Yahweh we will do and be obedient
KJV: And he took  the book  of the covenant,  and read  in the audience  of the people:  and they said,  All that the LORD  hath said  will we do,  and be obedient. 

Exodus 28:35
Literal: And it shall be upon Aaron when he ministers and will be heard its sound when he goes into the holy [place] before Yahweh and when he comes out that not he may die -
KJV: And it shall be upon Aaron  to minister:  and his sound  shall be heard  when he goeth  in unto the holy  place before  the LORD,  and when he cometh  out, that he die  not.

Exodus 32:17
Literal: And when heard Joshua - the noise of the people as they shouted and he said to Moses [There is] a noise of war in the camp
KJV: And when Joshua  heard  the noise  of the people  as they shouted,  he said  unto Moses,  There is a noise  of war  in the camp. 

Exodus 32:18
Literal: But he said [it is] not the noise of the shout of victory and [it is] not the noise of the cry of defeat [But] the sound of singing I hear
KJV: And he said,  It is not the voice  of them that shout  for mastery,  neither is it the voice  of them that cry  for being overcome:  but the noise  do I hear. 

Exodus 33:4
Literal: And when heard the people - news bad this and they mourned and no put one his ornaments on
KJV: And when the people  heard  these evil  tidings,  they mourned:  and no man  did put  on him his ornaments. 

Leviticus 5:1
Literal: And a person if sins and in hearing the utterance of an oath and is a witness whether he has seen or known [of the matter] if] not he does tell [it] and he bears guilt
KJV: And if a soul  sin,  and hear  the voice  of swearing,  and is a witness,  whether  he hath seen  or known  of it; if he do not utter  it, then he shall bear  his iniquity. 

Leviticus 10:20
Literal: so when heard [that] Moses and he was content in his sight -
KJV: And when Moses  heard  that, he was content. 

Leviticus 24:14
Literal: take - him who has cursed to outside the camp then let lay all who heard [him] their hands on his head and let stone him all the congregation
KJV: Bring forth  him that hath cursed  without  the camp;  and let all that heard  him lay  their hands  upon his head,  and let all the congregation  stone 

Leviticus 26:14
Literal: But if not you do obey Me and not do observe - all commandments these
KJV: But if ye will not hearken  unto me, and will not do  all these commandments; 

Leviticus 26:18
Literal: And if after these [things] not you do obey Me then I will more punish you sevenfold for your sins
KJV: And if ye will not yet  for all this hearken  unto me, then I will punish  you seven times  more  for your sins. 

Leviticus 26:21
Literal: And if you walk to Me contrary and not are willing to obey Me and I will bring more on you plagues sevenfold according to your sins
KJV: contrary  unto me, and will  not hearken  seven times  more  plagues  upon you according to your sins. 

Leviticus 26:27
Literal: And if after all this not you do obey Me but walk to Me contrary
KJV: And if ye will not for all this  hearken  unto me, but walk  contrary  unto me;

Numbers 7:89
Literal: And when went Moses into the tabernacle of meeting to speak with Him and he heard - the voice of one speaking to him from above the mercy seat that [was] on the ark of the Testimony from between two the cherubim Thus He spoke to him -
KJV: And when Moses  was gone  into the tabernacle  of the congregation  to speak  with him, then he heard  the voice  of one speaking  unto him from off the mercy seat  that was upon the ark  of testimony,  from between the two  cherubims:  and he spake  unto him.

Numbers 9:8
Literal: and said to them Moses Stand still that I may hear what will command Yahweh concerning you -
KJV: And Moses  said  unto them, Stand still,  and I will hear  what the LORD  will command  concerning you.

Numbers 11:1
Literal: and [when] the people complained of adversity it displeased Yahweh for heard [it] Yahweh and was aroused His anger so burned among them the fire of Yahweh and consumed [some] in the outskirts of the camp
KJV: And when the people  complained,  it displeased  the LORD:  heard  it; and his anger  was kindled;  and the fire  of the LORD  burnt  among them, and consumed  them that were in the uttermost parts  of the camp. 

Numbers 11:10
Literal: And heard Moses - the people weeping throughout their families everyone at the door of his tent and was aroused the anger of Yahweh greatly and also was displeased
KJV: Then Moses  heard  the people  weep  throughout their families,  every man  in the door  of his tent:  and the anger  was kindled  greatly;  Moses 

Numbers 12:2
Literal: So they said only indeed through Moses Has spoken Yahweh not also through us Has He spoken and heard [it] Yahweh
KJV: And they said,  Hath the LORD  indeed spoken  only by Moses?  hath he not spoken  also by us? And the LORD  heard  it.

Numbers 12:6
Literal: And He said Hear now My words if there is a prophet among you [I] Yahweh in a vision to him make Myself known in a dream I speak to him
KJV: And he said,  Hear  now my words:  If there be a prophet  among you, I the LORD  will make myself known  unto him in a vision,  and will speak  unto him in a dream. 

Numbers 14:13
Literal: And said Moses to Yahweh: and will hear [it] Egypt for You brought up by Your might - people this from among them
KJV: And Moses  said  unto the LORD,  shall hear  it, (for thou broughtest up  this people  in thy might  from among 

Numbers 14:14
Literal: And they will tell [it] to the inhabitants of land This they have heard that You [are] Yahweh among people this that face to face are seen You Yahweh and Your cloud stands above them and in a pillar of a cloud go before them by day and in pillar of fire by night
KJV: And they will tell  it to the inhabitants  of this land:  for they have heard  that thou LORD  art among  this people,  that thou LORD  art seen  face  and that thy cloud  standeth  over them, and that thou goest  before  them, by day time  in a pillar  of a cloud,  and in a pillar  of fire  by night. 

Numbers 14:15
Literal: And [if] You kill - people this as man one then will speak the nations which have heard - of Your fame saying
KJV: Now if thou shalt kill  all this people  as one  man,  then the nations  which have heard  the fame  of thee will speak, 

Numbers 14:22
Literal: Because all these men who have seen - My glory and the signs which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness and have put to the test Me this [is] ten times and not have heeded My voice
KJV: Because all those men  which have seen  my glory,  and my miracles,  which I did  in Egypt  and in the wilderness,  and have tempted  me now these ten  times,  and have not hearkened  to my voice; 

Numbers 14:27
Literal: how long congregation evil [shall I bear with] this who they complain against Me - the complaints the sons of Israel which make against Me I have heard
KJV: How long shall I bear with this evil  congregation,  which murmur  against me? I have heard  the murmurings  of the children  of Israel,  which they murmur 

Numbers 16:4
Literal: so when heard [it] Moses and he fell on his face
KJV: And when Moses  heard  it, he fell  upon his face: 

Numbers 16:8
Literal: And said Moses to Korah Hear now you sons of Levi
KJV: And Moses  said  unto Korah,  Hear,  I pray you, ye sons  of Levi: 

Numbers 20:10
Literal: And gathered together Moses and Aaron - the assembly to the face of the rock and he said to them Hear now you rebels Must out of rock this we bring for you water
KJV: And Moses  and Aaron  gathered  the congregation  together before  the rock,  and he said  unto them, Hear  now, ye rebels;  must we fetch  you water  out of this rock? 

Numbers 20:16
Literal: and when we cried out to Yahweh and He heard our voice and sent an angel and brought us up out of Egypt now here we [are] in Kadesh a city on the edge of your border
KJV: And when we cried  unto the LORD,  he heard  our voice,  and sent  an angel,  and hath brought us forth  out of Egypt:  and, behold, we are in Kadesh,  a city  in the uttermost  of thy border: 

Numbers 21:1
Literal: And heard the Canaanite the king of Arad who dwelt in the Negev that was coming Israel on the road to Atharim then he fought against Israel and took [some] of them prisoners
KJV: And when king  Arad  the Canaanite,  which dwelt  in the south,  heard  tell that Israel  came  by the way  of the spies;  then he fought  against Israel,  and took  some of them prisoners. 

Numbers 21:3
Literal: And listened Yahweh to the voice of Israel and delivered up - the Canaanite and they utterly destroyed them and their cities So was called the name of the place Hormah -
KJV: And the LORD  hearkened  to the voice  of Israel,  and delivered up  the Canaanites;  and they utterly destroyed  them and their cities:  and he called  the name  of the place  Hormah. 

Numbers 22:36
Literal: And when heard Balak that was coming Balaam and he went out to meet him at the city of Moab which [is] on the border at the Arnon that the boundary of the territory
KJV: And when Balak  heard  that Balaam  was come,  he went out  to meet  him unto a city  of Moab,  which is in the border  of Arnon,  which is in the utmost  coast. 

Numbers 23:18
Literal: and he took up his oracle and said Rise up Balak and hear Listen to me son of Zippor
KJV: And he took up  his parable,  and said,  Rise up,  Balak,  and hear;  hearken  unto me, thou son  of Zippor: 

Numbers 24:4
Literal: The utterance of him who hears the words of God who the vision of the Almighty sees who falls down and open wide with eyes
KJV: He hath said,  which heard  the words  of God,  which saw  the vision  of the Almighty,  falling  into a trance, but having his eyes  open: 

Numbers 24:16
Literal: The utterance of him who hears the words of God and has the knowledge of the Most High the vision of the Almighty [Who] sees [Who] falls down and wide open with eyes
KJV: He hath said,  which heard  the words  of God,  and knew  the knowledge  of the most High,  which saw  the vision  of the Almighty,  falling  into a trance, but having his eyes  open: 

Numbers 27:20
Literal: And you shall give [some] of your authority to him that may be obedient All the congregation of the sons of Israel
KJV: And thou shalt put  some of thine honour  upon him, that all the congregation  of the children  of Israel  may be obedient. 

Numbers 30:4
Literal: and hears her father - her vow and the agreement by which she has bound on her soul and holds his peace to her father then shall stand all her vows and every agreement with which she has bound she has bound herself shall stand
KJV: And her father  hear  her vow,  and her bond  wherewith she hath bound  her soul,  and her father  shall hold his peace  at her: then all her vows  shall stand,  and every bond  wherewith she hath bound  her soul  shall stand. 

Numbers 30:5
Literal: But if overrules her father her on the day that he hears then any of her vows or her agreements by which she has bound on her soul not shall stand and Yahweh will release her because overruled her
KJV: But if her father  disallow  her in the day  that he heareth;  not any of her vows,  or of her bonds  wherewith she hath bound  her soul,  shall stand:  and the LORD  shall forgive  her, because her father  disallowed  her.

Numbers 30:7
Literal: and hears [it] her husband on the day that he hears and makes no response to her then shall stand her vows and her agreements by which she bound on her soul shall stand
KJV: And her husband  heard  it, and held his peace  at her in the day  that he heard  it: then her vows  shall stand,  and her bonds  wherewith she bound  her soul  shall stand. 

Numbers 30:8
Literal: But if on the day that he hears [it] her husband overrules her and he shall make void - her vow which she took and what she uttered with her lips by which she bound on her soul and Yahweh will release her
KJV: But if her husband  disallowed  her on the day  that he heard  it; then he shall make her vow which she vowed,  and that which she uttered  with her lips,  wherewith she bound  her soul,  of none effect:  and the LORD  shall forgive  her.

Numbers 30:11
Literal: and heard [it] her husband and made no response to her not [and] did overrule her then shall stand all her vows and every agreement by which she bound on her soul shall stand
KJV: And her husband  heard  it, and held his peace  at her, and disallowed  her not: then all her vows  shall stand,  and every bond  wherewith she bound  her soul  shall stand. 

Numbers 30:12
Literal: But if truly made void them her husband on the day he heard [them] then whatever proceeded from her lips concerning her vows or concerning the agreement [binding] her not it shall stand her husband has made them void and Yahweh will release her
KJV: But if her husband  hath utterly  on the day  he heard  them; then whatsoever proceeded  out of her lips  concerning her vows,  or concerning the bond  of her soul,  shall not stand:  her husband  hath made them void;  and the LORD  shall forgive  her.

Numbers 30:14
Literal: And if whatever makes no response to her her husband from day to day then he confirms - all her vows or the agreements that bind her he confirms them because he made no response on the day that he heard [them]
KJV: But if her husband  altogether  at her from day  then he establisheth  all her vows,  or all her bonds,  which are upon her: he confirmeth  them, because he held his peace  at her in the day  that he heard  them.

Numbers 30:15
Literal: But if does he make void them after he has heard [them] then he shall bear - her guilt
KJV: But if he shall any ways  after  that he hath heard  them; then he shall bear  her iniquity. 

Numbers 33:40
Literal: And heard the Canaanite the king of Arad and he dwelt in the Negev in the land of Canaan of the coming of the sons of Israel
KJV: And king  Arad  the Canaanite,  which dwelt  in the south  in the land  of Canaan,  heard  of the coming  of the children  of Israel. 

Deuteronomy 1:16
Literal: And I commanded - your judges at time that saying Hear [the cases] between your brothers and judge righteously between a man and his brother or the stranger who is with him
KJV: And I charged  your judges  at that time,  saying,  Hear  the causes between your brethren,  and judge  righteously  between every man  and his brother,  and the stranger 

Deuteronomy 1:17
Literal: Not You shall respect persons in judgment the small as well as the great you shall hear not you shall be afraid in presence of any man for the judgment God's Is and the case that is too hard for you bring to me and I will hear it
KJV: Ye shall not respect  persons  in judgment;  but ye shall hear  the small  as well as the great;  ye shall not be afraid  of the face  of man;  for the judgment  is God's:  and the cause  that is too hard  for you, bring  it unto me, and I will hear 

Deuteronomy 1:34
Literal: And heard Yahweh - the sound of your words and was angry and took an oath saying
KJV: And the LORD  heard  the voice  of your words,  and was wroth,  and sware,  saying, 

Deuteronomy 1:43
Literal: So I spoke to you and yet not you would listen but rebelled against - the command of Yahweh and presumptuously and went up into the mountain
KJV: So I spake  unto you; and ye would not hear,  but rebelled  against the commandment  of the LORD,  presumptuously  up  into the hill. 

Deuteronomy 1:45
Literal: And you returned and wept before Yahweh but not would listen Yahweh to your voice nor give ear to you
KJV: And ye returned  and wept  before  the LORD;  would not hearken  to your voice,  nor give ear 

Deuteronomy 2:25
Literal: Day this I will begin to put the dread and fear of you upon the nations under whole the heaven who shall hear the report of you and shall tremble and be in anguish because of you
KJV: This day  will I begin  to put  the dread  of thee and the fear  of thee upon the nations  that are under the whole heaven,  who shall hear  report  of thee, and shall tremble,  and be in anguish  because of thee. 

Deuteronomy 3:26
Literal: But was angry Yahweh with me on your account and not would listen to me so said to me Enough of that to no more speak to Me more of matter this
KJV: But the LORD  was wroth  with me for your sakes, and would not hear  me: and the LORD  said  unto me, Let it suffice  thee; speak  no more  unto me of this matter. 

Deuteronomy 4:1
Literal: Now Israel listen to the statutes and the judgments which I teach you to observe that you may live and go in and possess - the land Yahweh God of your fathers is giving you
KJV: Now therefore hearken,  O Israel,  unto the statutes  and unto the judgments,  which I teach  you, for to do  them, that ye may live,  and go in  and possess  the land  which the LORD  God  of your fathers  giveth  you.

Deuteronomy 4:6
Literal: Therefore be careful and to observe [them] for that [is] your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear - all statutes these and say surely a people Wise and understanding nation [is] great this
KJV: Keep  therefore and do  them; for this is your wisdom  and your understanding  in the sight  of the nations,  which shall hear  all these statutes,  and say,  Surely this great  nation  is a wise  and understanding  people. 

Deuteronomy 4:10
Literal: [especially concerning] the day that you stood before Yahweh your God in Horeb when said to me Gather to Me - the people and I will let them hear My words they may learn to fear Me all the days they live on the earth and [that] their children they may teach
KJV: Specially the day  that thou stoodest  before  the LORD  thy God  in Horeb,  when the LORD  said  me the people  together,  and I will make them hear  my words,  that they may learn  to fear  me all the days  that they shall live  upon the earth,  and that they may teach  their children. 

Deuteronomy 4:12
Literal: and spoke Yahweh to you out of the midst of the fire the sound of the words You heard but form no saw only [you heard] a voice
KJV: And the LORD  spake  unto you out of the midst  of the fire:  ye heard  the voice  of the words,  but saw  no similitude;  only  ye heard a voice. 

Deuteronomy 4:28
Literal: And you will serve there gods the work of hands of men wood and stone which neither see nor hear eat smell
KJV: And there ye shall serve  gods,  the work  of men's  hands,  wood  and stone,  which neither see,  nor hear,  nor eat,  nor smell. 

Deuteronomy 4:30
Literal: When in distress you are and come upon you all things these in latter the days and when you turn to Yahweh your God and obey His voice
KJV: When thou art in tribulation,  and all these things  are come  upon thee, even in the latter  days,  if thou turn  to the LORD  thy God,  and shalt be obedient  unto his voice; 

Deuteronomy 4:32
Literal: For ask now concerning the days that are past which were before you since the day that created God man on the earth and from one end of heaven and to the other of the heavens [ask] whether has happened like [any thing] great this or has been heard [anything] like it
KJV: For ask  now of the days  that are past,  which were  before  thee, since the day  that God  created  man  upon the earth,  and ask from the one side  of heaven  unto the other, whether there hath been any such thing as this great  thing  is, or hath been heard 

Deuteronomy 4:33
Literal: did [ever] hear [any] people the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire as have heard you and live
KJV: Did ever people  hear  the voice  of God  speaking out  of the midst  of the fire,  as thou hast heard,  and live? 

Deuteronomy 4:36
Literal: Out of heaven He let you hear - His voice that He might instruct you and on earth He showed you His fire great and His words you heard out of the midst of the fire
KJV: Out of heaven  he made thee to hear  his voice,  that he might instruct  thee: and upon earth  he shewed  thee his great  fire;  and thou heardest  his words  out of the midst  of the fire. 

Deuteronomy 5:1
Literal: And called Moses unto all Israel and said to them Hear - the statutes and judgments which I speak in your hearing today that you may learn them and be careful to observe them
KJV: And Moses  called  all Israel,  and said  unto them, Hear,  O Israel,  the statutes  and judgments  which I speak  in your ears  this day,  that ye may learn  them, and keep,  and do 

Deuteronomy 5:23
Literal: So it was when you heard - the voice from the midst of the darkness and while the mountain was burning with fire that you came near to me all the heads of your tribes and your elders
KJV: And it came to pass, when ye heard  the voice  out of the midst  of the darkness,  (for the mountain  did burn  with fire,)  that ye came near  unto me, even all the heads  of your tribes,  and your elders; 

Deuteronomy 5:24
Literal: and you said surely has shown us Yahweh our God - His glory and His greatness His voice we have heard from the midst of the fire day this we have seen that speaks God with man and yet he [still] lives
KJV: And ye said,  Behold, the LORD  our God  hath shewed  us his glory  and his greatness,  and we have heard  his voice  out of the midst  of the fire:  we have seen  this day  that God  doth talk  with man,  and he liveth. 

Deuteronomy 5:25
Literal: And therefore why should we die for will consume us fire great this if anymore we hear - the voice of Yahweh our God any more then we shall die
KJV: Now therefore why should we die?  for this great  fire  will consume  us: if we hear  the voice  of the LORD  our God  any more,  then we shall die. 

Deuteronomy 5:26
Literal: For who [is there] of all flesh who has heard the voice of the God living speaking from the midst of the fire as we and [have] lived
KJV: For who is there of all flesh,  that hath heard  the voice  of the living  God  speaking  out of the midst  of the fire,  as we have, and lived? 

Deuteronomy 5:27
Literal: go near You and hear - all that may say Yahweh our God and you tell us - says our God to you and we will hear and do [it]
KJV: Go thou near,  and hear  all that the LORD  our God  shall say:  and speak  thou unto us all that the LORD  our God  shall speak  unto thee; and we will hear  it, and do 

Deuteronomy 5:28
Literal: And heard Yahweh - the voice of your words when you spoke to me and said Yahweh to me I have heard of the words of people this which they have spoken to you they are right [in] all that they have spoken
KJV: And the LORD  heard  the voice  of your words,  when ye spake  unto me; and the LORD  said  unto me, I have heard  the voice  of the words  of this people,  which they have spoken  unto thee: they have well  said all that they have spoken. 

Deuteronomy 6:3
Literal: Therefore hear Israel and be to careful observe [it] that it may be well with you that you may multiply greatly as has promised Yahweh God of your fathers you a land flowing with milk and honey -
KJV: Hear  therefore, O Israel,  and observe  to do  it; that it may be well  with thee, and that ye may increase  mightily,  as the LORD  God  of thy fathers  hath promised  thee, in the land  that floweth  with milk  and honey. 

Deuteronomy 6:4
Literal: Hear Israel Yahweh our God Yahweh [is] one
KJV: Hear,  O Israel:  The LORD  our God  is one  LORD: 

Deuteronomy 7:12
Literal: And it shall come to pass because you listen - to judgments these and keep and do them that will keep Yahweh your God with you - the covenant and the mercy which He swore to your fathers
KJV: Wherefore it shall come to pass, if  ye hearken  to these judgments,  and keep,  and do  them, that the LORD  thy God  shall keep  unto thee the covenant  and the mercy  which he sware  unto thy fathers: 

Deuteronomy 8:20
Literal: As the nations which Yahweh destroys before you so you shall perish because not you would be obedient to the voice of Yahweh your God -
KJV: As the nations  which the LORD  destroyeth  before your face,  so shall ye perish;  because  ye would not be obedient  unto the voice  of the LORD  your God. 

Deuteronomy 9:1
Literal: Hear Israel You [are] to cross over today - the Jordan and go in to dispossess nations greater and mightier than yourself cities great and fortified up to heaven
KJV: Hear,  O Israel:  Thou art to pass over  Jordan  this day,  to go in  to possess  nations  greater  and mightier  than thyself, cities  great  and fenced up  to heaven, 

Deuteronomy 9:2
Literal: a people great and tall the descendants of the Anakim whom you know and [of whom] you heard [it said] who can stand before the descendants of Anak
KJV: A people  great  and tall,  the children  of the Anakims,  whom thou knowest,  and of whom thou hast heard  say, Who can stand  before  the children  of Anak! 

Deuteronomy 9:19
Literal: For I was afraid of the anger and hot displeasure with which was angry Yahweh with you to destroy you but listened Yahweh to me also at time that
KJV: For I was afraid  of  the anger  and hot displeasure,  wherewith the LORD  was wroth  against you to destroy  you. But the LORD  hearkened  unto me at that time 

Deuteronomy 9:23
Literal: And Likewise when sent Yahweh you from Kadesh Barnea saying go up and possess - the land which I have given you then you rebelled against the commandment of Yahweh your God and not you did believe Him nor obey His voice
KJV: Likewise when the LORD  sent  you from Kadeshbarnea,  saying,  Go up  and possess  the land  which I have given  you; then ye rebelled  against the commandment  of the LORD  your God,  and ye believed  him not, nor hearkened  to his voice. 

Deuteronomy 10:10
Literal: And I stayed in the mountain as at the time first forty days and forty nights and heard Yahweh me also at time that not chose [and] Yahweh to destroy you
KJV: And I stayed  in the mount,  according to the first  time,  forty  days  and forty  nights;  and the LORD  hearkened  unto me at that time  also, and the LORD  would  not destroy 

Deuteronomy 11:13
Literal: And it shall be that if earnestly you obey unto My commandments which I command you today to love - Yahweh your God and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul
KJV: And it shall come to pass, if ye shall hearken  unto my commandments  which I command  you this day,  to love  the LORD  your God,  and to serve  him with all your heart  and with all your soul, 

Deuteronomy 11:27
Literal: the blessing if you obey unto the commandments of Yahweh your God which I command you today
KJV: A blessing,  if ye obey  the commandments  of the LORD  your God,  which I command  you this day: 

Deuteronomy 11:28
Literal: and the curse if not you do listen unto the commandments of Yahweh your God but turn aside from the way which I command you today to go after gods other not you have known -
KJV: And a curse,  if ye will not obey  the commandments  of the LORD  your God,  but turn aside  out of the way  which I command  you this day,  after  other  gods,  which ye have not known. 

Deuteronomy 12:28
Literal: Observe and obey - all words these which I command you that it may go well with you and your children after you for ever when you do [what is] good and right in the sight of Yahweh your God -
KJV: Observe  and hear  all these words  which I command  thee, that it may go well  with thee, and with thy children  after  thee for  ever,  when thou doest  that which is good  and right  in the sight  of the LORD  thy God. 

Deuteronomy 13:3
Literal: Not you shall listen to the words of prophet that or dreamer of dreams that for is testing Yahweh your God you to know whether you love - your God with all your heart and with all your soul
KJV: Thou shalt not hearken  unto the words  of that prophet,  or that dreamer  of dreams:  for the LORD  your God  proveth  you, to know  whether ye  love  the LORD  your God  with all your heart  and with all your soul. 

Deuteronomy 13:4
Literal: After Yahweh your God You shall walk and Him fear and His commandments keep and His voice obey you shall serve and to Him hold fast
KJV: after  your God,  and fear  him, and keep  his commandments,  and obey  his voice,  and ye shall serve  him, and cleave  unto him.

Deuteronomy 13:8
Literal: not you shall consent to him or listen to him nor shall pity your eye him nor shall you spare him or conceal him
KJV: Thou shalt not consent  unto him, nor hearken  unto him; neither shall thine eye  pity  him, neither shalt thou spare,  neither shalt thou conceal  him:

Deuteronomy 13:11
Literal: So all Israel shall hear and fear and not again do such wickedness as this among you -
KJV: And all Israel  shall hear,  and fear,  and shall do  no more  any  such wickedness  as this is among  you.

Deuteronomy 13:12
Literal: If you hear someone in one of your cities which Yahweh your God gives you to dwell in saying
KJV: If thou shalt hear  say in one  of thy cities,  which the LORD  thy God  hath given  thee to dwell  there, saying, 

Deuteronomy 13:18
Literal: because you have listened to the voice of Yahweh your God to keep - all His commandments which I command you today to do [what is] right in the eyes your God -
KJV: When thou shalt hearken  to the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  to keep  all his commandments  which I command  thee this day,  to do  that which is right  in the eyes  of the LORD  thy God. 

Deuteronomy 15:5
Literal: Only if carefully you obey the voice of Yahweh your God with care to observe - all commandment this which I command you today
KJV: Only if thou carefully  unto the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  to observe  to do  all these commandments  which I command  thee this day. 

Deuteronomy 17:4
Literal: and it is told you and you hear [of it] then you shall inquire diligently and if [it is] indeed TRUE [and] certain the thing that has been committed an abomination this in Israel
KJV: And it be told  thee, and thou hast heard  of it, and enquired  diligently,  and, behold, it be true,  and the thing  certain,  that such abomination  is wrought  in Israel: 

Deuteronomy 17:12
Literal: And the man who acts presumptuously and not will listen unto the priest who stands to minister before there - Yahweh your God or the judge and shall die man that so you shall put away the evil from Israel
KJV: And the man  that will do  presumptuously,  and will not hearken  unto the priest  that standeth  to minister  thy God,  or unto the judge,  even that man  shall die:  and thou shalt put away  the evil  from Israel. 

Deuteronomy 17:13
Literal: And all the people shall hear and fear and no act presumptuously longer -
KJV: And all the people  shall hear,  and fear,  and do no more presumptuously. 

Deuteronomy 18:14
Literal: For nations these which you will dispossess - to soothsayers and diviners listened but as for you not so has appointed such for you Yahweh your God
KJV: For these nations,  which thou shalt possess,  hearkened  unto observers of times,  and unto diviners:  but as for thee, the LORD  thy God  hath not suffered  thee so to do.

Deuteronomy 18:15
Literal: A Prophet from your midst from your brothers like me will raise up for you Yahweh your God Him you shall hear
KJV: The LORD  thy God  will raise up  unto thee a Prophet  from the midst  of thee, of thy brethren,  like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken; 

Deuteronomy 18:16
Literal: according to all that you desired of Yahweh your God in Horeb in the day of the assembly saying not let me hear again - the voice of Yahweh my God and fire great this nor let me see anymore and lest I die
KJV: According to all that thou desiredst  of the LORD  thy God  in Horeb  in the day  of the assembly,  saying,  Let me not hear  again  the voice  of the LORD  my God,  neither let me see  this great  fire  any more, that I die 

Deuteronomy 18:19
Literal: And it shall be - [that] whoever not will listen unto My words which He speaks in My name I will require [it] of him
KJV: And it shall come to pass, that whosoever  will not hearken  unto my words  which he shall speak  in my name,  I will require 

Deuteronomy 19:20
Literal: And those who remain shall hear and fear and not they shall commit hereafter again such thing evil this among you
KJV: And those which remain  shall hear,  and fear,  and shall henceforth  commit  no more any  such evil  among 

Deuteronomy 20:3
Literal: and he shall say to them Hear Israel you are on the verge Today of battle with your enemies not do let faint your heart not do be afraid and not do tremble or be terrified because of them
KJV: And shall say  unto them, Hear,  O Israel,  ye approach  this day  unto battle  against your enemies:  let not your hearts  faint,  fear  not, and do not tremble,  neither be ye terrified  because 

Deuteronomy 21:18
Literal: If has a man a son stubborn and rebellious not who will obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother and when [who] they have chastened him and not will heed them
KJV: If a man  have a stubborn  and rebellious  son,  which will not obey  the voice  of his father,  or the voice  of his mother,  and that, when they have chastened  him, will not hearken 

Deuteronomy 21:20
Literal: and they shall say to the elders of his city son of ours is this stubborn and rebellious he will not obey our voice he is a glutton and a drunkard
KJV: And they shall say  unto the elders  of his city,  This our son  is stubborn  and rebellious,  he will not obey  our voice;  he is a glutton, 

Deuteronomy 21:21
Literal: And shall stone him to death all the men of his city with stones and so you shall put away the evil from among you and all Israel shall hear and fear -
KJV: of his city  shall stone  him with stones,  that he die:  evil  away  from among  you; and all Israel  shall hear,  and fear. 

Deuteronomy 23:5
Literal: And nevertheless not would Yahweh your God listen to Balaam but turned your God for you - the curse into a blessing because loves you your God
KJV: Nevertheless the LORD  thy God  would  not hearken  unto Balaam;  but the LORD  thy God  turned  the curse  into a blessing  unto thee, because the LORD  thy God  loved  thee.

Deuteronomy 26:7
Literal: And we cried out to Yahweh God of our fathers and heard Yahweh - our voice and looked on our affliction and our toil our oppression
KJV: And when we cried  unto the LORD  God  of our fathers,  the LORD  heard  our voice,  and looked  on our affliction,  and our labour,  and our oppression: 

Deuteronomy 26:14
Literal: Not I have eaten when in mourning any of it nor have I removed [any] of it for an unclean [use] given [any] of it for the dead I have obeyed the voice of Yahweh my God and have done according to all that You have commanded me
KJV: I have not eaten  thereof in my mourning,  neither have I taken away  ought thereof for any unclean  use, nor given  ought thereof for the dead:  but I have hearkened  to the voice  of the LORD  my God,  and have done  according to all that thou hast commanded 

Deuteronomy 26:17
Literal: - Yahweh you have proclaimed Today to be your God that you will walk in His ways and keep His statutes and His commandments and His judgments that you will obey His voice
KJV: Thou hast avouched  the LORD  this day  to be thy God,  in his ways,  and to keep  his statutes,  and his commandments,  and his judgments,  and to hearken  unto his voice: 

Deuteronomy 27:9
Literal: And spoke Moses and the priests the Levites to all Israel saying Be silent and listen Israel day this you have become the people of Yahweh your God
KJV: And Moses  and the priests  the Levites  spake  unto all Israel,  saying,  Take heed,  and hearken,  O Israel;  this day  thou art become  the people  of the LORD  thy God. 

Deuteronomy 27:10
Literal: Therefore you shall obey the voice of Yahweh your God and observe - His commandments and His statutes which I command you today -
KJV: Thou shalt therefore obey  the voice  thy God,  and do  his commandments  and his statutes,  which I command  thee this day. 

Deuteronomy 28:1
Literal: Now it shall come to pass if diligently you obey the voice of Yahweh your God to observe carefully to do - all His commandments which I command you today that will set you Yahweh your God high above nations of the earth
KJV: And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken  unto the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  to observe  and to do  all his commandments  which I command  thee this day,  that the LORD  thy God  will set  thee on high  above all nations  of the earth: 

Deuteronomy 28:2
Literal: And shall come upon you all blessings these and overtake you because you obey the voice of Yahweh your God
KJV: And all these blessings  shall come  on thee, and overtake  thee, if thou shalt hearken  unto the voice  of the LORD  thy God. 

Deuteronomy 28:13
Literal: And will make you Yahweh the head and not the tail and you shall be only above be beneath if you listen unto the commandments of Yahweh your God which I command you today are careful and to observe [them]
KJV: And the LORD  shall make  thee the head,  and not the tail;  and thou shalt be above only,  and thou shalt not be beneath;  if that thou hearken  unto the commandments  of the LORD  thy God,  which I command  thee this day,  to observe  and to do 

Deuteronomy 28:15
Literal: But it shall come to pass if not you do obey the voice of Yahweh your God to observe carefully to observe - all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today that will come upon you curses these and overtake you
KJV: But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken  unto the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  to observe  to do  all his commandments  and his statutes  which I command  thee this day;  that all these curses  shall come  upon thee, and overtake 

Deuteronomy 28:45
Literal: Moreover shall come upon you all curses these and pursue and overtake you until you are destroyed because not you did obey the voice of Yahweh your God to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you
KJV: Moreover all these curses  shall come  upon thee, and shall pursue  thee, and overtake  thee, till thou be destroyed;  because thou hearkenedst  not unto the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  to keep  his commandments  and his statutes  which he commanded 

Deuteronomy 28:49
Literal: Will bring Yahweh against you a nation from afar from the end of the earth [as swift] as flies the eagle whose not you will understand language
KJV: The LORD  shall bring  a nation  against thee from far,  from the end  of the earth,  as swift as the eagle  flieth;  a nation  whose tongue  thou shalt not understand; 

Deuteronomy 28:62
Literal: And You shall be left in number few whereas whereas you were as stars of the heaven in multitude because not you would obey the voice of Yahweh your God
KJV: And ye shall be left  few  in number,  whereas  ye were as the stars  of heaven  for multitude;  because thou wouldest not obey  the voice  of the LORD  thy God. 

Deuteronomy 29:4
Literal: And yet not has given Yahweh you a heart to perceive and eyes to see and ears to hear to [very] day this
KJV: Yet the LORD  hath not given  you an heart  to perceive,  and eyes  to see,  and ears  to hear,  unto this day. 

Deuteronomy 29:19
Literal: so it may not happen when he hears - the words of oath this that he blesses himself in his heart saying peace shall have I even though the dictates of my heart I follow as though could be included the drunkard with the sober
KJV: And it come to pass, when he heareth  the words  of this curse,  that he bless  himself in his heart,  saying,  I shall have peace,  though  in the imagination  of mine heart,  to add  drunkenness  to thirst: 

Deuteronomy 30:2
Literal: And you return to Yahweh your God and obey His voice according to all that I command you today you and your children with all your heart and with all your soul
KJV: And shalt return  unto the LORD  thy God,  and shalt obey  his voice  according to all that I command  thee this day,  thou and thy children,  with all thine heart,  and with all thy soul; 

Deuteronomy 30:8
Literal: And you will again and obey the voice of Yahweh and do - all His commandments which I command you today
KJV: And thou shalt return  and obey  the voice  of the LORD,  and do  all his commandments  which I command  thee this day. 

Deuteronomy 30:10
Literal: if you obey the voice of Yahweh your God to keep His commandments and His statutes which are written in Book of the Law this [and] if you turn to Yahweh your God with all your heart and with all your soul -
KJV: If thou shalt hearken  unto the voice  of the LORD  thy God,  to keep  his commandments  and his statutes  which are written  in this book  of the law,  and if thou turn  unto the LORD  thy God  with all thine heart,  and with all thy soul. 

Deuteronomy 30:12
Literal: Not in heaven it [is] that you should say who will ascend for us into heaven and bring it to us that we may hear it and do it
KJV: It is not in heaven,  that thou shouldest say,  Who shall go up  for us to heaven,  and bring  it unto us, that we may hear  it, and do  it?

Deuteronomy 30:13
Literal: Nor beyond the sea [is] it that you should say who will go for us over over the sea and bring it to us that we may hear it and do it
KJV: Neither is it beyond  the sea,  that thou shouldest say,  Who shall go  over  the sea  for us, and bring  it unto us, that we may hear  it, and do  it?

Deuteronomy 30:17
Literal: But if turns away your heart so not that you do hear and are drawn away and worship gods other and serve them
KJV: But if thine heart  turn away,  so that thou wilt not hear,  but shalt be drawn away,  and worship  other  gods,  and serve 

Deuteronomy 30:20
Literal: That you may love - Yahweh your God that you may obey His voice that you may cling to Him for He [is] your life and the length of your days that you may dwell in the land which swore to your fathers to Abraham Isaac and Jacob to give them -
KJV: That thou mayest love  the LORD  thy God,  and that thou mayest obey  his voice,  and that thou mayest cleave  unto him: for he is thy life,  and the length  of thy days:  that thou mayest dwell  in the land  which the LORD  sware  unto thy fathers,  to Abraham,  to Isaac,  and to Jacob,  to give  them.

Deuteronomy 31:12
Literal: Gather together - the people men and women and little ones and the stranger who [is] within your gates that they may hear that they may learn and to fear Yahweh your God and carefully observe to observe all the words of law this
KJV: the people  together,  and women,  and children,  and thy stranger  that is within thy gates,  that they may hear,  and that they may learn,  and fear  the LORD  your God,  and observe  to do  all the words  of this law: 

Deuteronomy 31:13
Literal: And [that] their children who not have known it may hear and learn to fear - Yahweh your God as long day as long as you live in the land which cross the Jordan there to possess -
KJV: And that their children,  which have not known  any thing, may hear,  and learn  to fear  the LORD  your God,  as long as  ye live  in the land  whither ye go over  Jordan  to possess  it.

Deuteronomy 32:1
Literal: Give ear heavens and I will speak and hear earth the words of my mouth
KJV: Give ear,  O ye heavens,  and I will speak;  and hear,  O earth,  the words  of my mouth. 

Deuteronomy 33:7
Literal: And this of Judah and he said Hear Yahweh the voice of Judah and to his people Bring him his hands let be sufficient for him and a help against his enemies may You be -
KJV: And this is the blessing of Judah:  and he said,  Hear,  LORD,  the voice  of Judah,  and bring  him unto his people:  let his hands  be sufficient  for him; and be thou an help  to him from his enemies. 

Deuteronomy 34:9
Literal: Now Joshua son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom for had laid Moses - his hands on him so heeded him the sons of Israel and did as had commanded Yahweh Moses
KJV: And Joshua  the son  of Nun  was full  of the spirit  of wisdom;  for Moses  had laid  his hands  upon him: and the children  of Israel  hearkened  unto him, and did  as the LORD  commanded  Moses. 

Joshua 1:17
Literal: Just as in all things we heeded unto Moses so we will heed you only be Yahweh your God with you as He was with Moses
KJV: According as we hearkened  unto Moses  in all things, so will we hearken  unto thee: only the LORD  thy God  be with thee, as he was with Moses. 

Joshua 1:18
Literal: All whoever Whoever rebels - against your command and not does heed your words in all that you command him shall be put to death only be strong and of good courage -
KJV: Whosoever  he be that doth rebel  against thy commandment,  and will not hearken  unto thy words  in all that thou commandest  him, he shall be put to death:  only be strong  and of a good courage. 

Joshua 2:10
Literal: For we have heard - how dried up Yahweh - the water of the Sea Red for you when you came out of Egypt and what you did to two the kings of the Amorites who [were] on the other side of the Jordan Sihon and Og whom you utterly destroyed -
KJV: For we have heard  how the LORD  dried up  the water  of the Red  sea  for you,  when ye came out  of Egypt;  and what ye did  unto the two  kings  of the Amorites,  that were on the other side  Jordan,  Sihon  and Og,  whom ye utterly destroyed. 

Joshua 2:11
Literal: and as soon as we heard [these things] and melted our hearts and neither did there remain any more courage in anyone because of you for Yahweh your God He [is] God in heaven above and on earth beneath
KJV: And as soon as we had heard  these things, our hearts  did melt,  neither did there remain  any more courage  in any man,  because  of you: for the LORD  your God,  in heaven  above,  and in earth 

Joshua 3:9
Literal: So said Joshua to the sons of Israel come here and hear - the words of Yahweh your God
KJV: And Joshua  said  unto the children  of Israel,  Come hither,  and hear  the words  of the LORD  your God. 

Joshua 5:1
Literal: So it was when heard all the kings of the Amorites who [were] on the side of the Jordan west and all of the Canaanite who [were] by the sea - that had dried up Yahweh - the waters from before the sons of Israel until - we had crossed over that melted their heart and no there was in them any longer spirit because of the sons of Israel -
KJV: And it came to pass, when all the kings  of the Amorites,  which were on the side  of Jordan  westward,  and all the kings  of the Canaanites,  which were by the sea,  heard  that the LORD  had dried up  the waters  of Jordan  from before  the children  of Israel,  until we were passed over,  that their heart  melted,  neither was there spirit  in them any more, because  of the children  of Israel. 

Joshua 5:6
Literal: For forty years walked the sons of Israel in the wilderness till were consumed all the people [who were] men of war who came out of Egypt because not they did obey the voice of Yahweh to whom swore Yahweh to whom that not He would show them - the land which had sworn Yahweh to their fathers that He would give us a land flowing with milk and honey
KJV: For the children  of Israel  walked  forty  years  in the wilderness,  till all the people  of war,  which came out  of Egypt,  were consumed,  because they obeyed  not the voice  of the LORD:  sware  that he would not shew  them the land,  which the LORD  sware  unto their fathers  that he would give  us, a land  that floweth  with milk  and honey. 

Joshua 6:5
Literal: And it shall come to pass when they make a long [blast] with horn of the ram - [and] when you hear - the sound of the trumpet that shall shout all the people shout with a great then shall fall down the wall of the city flat and will go up every man straight before him
KJV: And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long  blast with the ram's  horn,  and when ye hear  the sound  of the trumpet,  all the people  shall shout  with a great  shout;  and the wall  of the city  shall fall down  flat,  and the people  shall ascend up  every man  straight before him.

Joshua 6:10
Literal: Now the people had commanded Joshua saying not You shall shout or make any noise with your voice nor shall proceed out of your mouth a word until the day I say to you Shout and you shall shout
KJV: And Joshua  had commanded  the people,  saying,  Ye shall not shout,  nor make any noise  with your voice,  neither shall any word  proceed  out of your mouth,  until the day  I bid  you shout; 

Joshua 6:20
Literal: So shouted the people and when [the priests] blew the trumpets and it came to pass when heard the people - the sound of the trumpet and shouted with the people a shout great that fell down the wall flat and went up into the city every man straight before him and they took the city
KJV: So the people  shouted  when the priests blew  with the trumpets:  and it came to pass, when the people  heard  the sound  of the trumpet,  and the people  shouted  with a great  shout,  that the wall  fell down flat,  so that the people  went up  into the city,  every man  straight before him, and they took  the city. 

Joshua 7:9
Literal: for will hear [it] the Canaanite and all the inhabitants of the land and surround us and cut off - our name from the earth And what will You do for Your name great -
KJV: For the Canaanites  and all the inhabitants  of the land  shall hear  of it, and shall environ us round,  and cut off  our name  from the earth:  and what wilt thou do  unto thy great  name? 

Joshua 9:1
Literal: And it came to pass when heard [about it] all the kings who [were] on this side of the Jordan in the hills and in the lowland and in all the coasts of the Sea Great over toward Lebanon the Hittite and the Amorite the Canaanite the Perizzite the Hivite and the Jebusite
KJV: And it came to pass, when all the kings  which were on this side  Jordan,  in the hills,  and in the valleys,  and in all the coasts  of the great  sea  over against  Lebanon,  the Hittite,  and the Amorite,  the Canaanite,  the Perizzite,  the Hivite,  and the Jebusite,  heard 

Joshua 9:3
Literal: But when the inhabitants of Gibeon heard - what had done Joshua to Jericho and Ai
KJV: And when the inhabitants  of Gibeon  heard  what Joshua  had done  unto Jericho  and to Ai, 

Joshua 9:9
Literal: So they said to him from a country far very have come your servants because of the fame of Yahweh your God for we have heard of His fame and all that He did in Egypt
KJV: And they said  unto him, From a very  far  country  thy servants  are come  because of the name  of the LORD  thy God:  for we have heard  the fame  of him, and all that he did  in Egypt, 

Joshua 9:16
Literal: And it came to pass at the end of three days after after they had made with them a covenant that they heard that neighbors they [were] their and near them they dwelt
KJV: And it came to pass at the end  of three  days  after  they had made  a league  with them, that they heard  that they were their neighbours,  and that they dwelt  among  them.

Joshua 10:1
Literal: And it came to pass when heard - Adoni-Zedek king of Jerusalem how had taken Joshua - Ai and had utterly destroyed it as he had done to Jericho and its king so to Ai and its king and how had made peace the inhabitants of Gibeon with Israel and were among them
KJV: Now it came to pass, when Adonizedek  king  of Jerusalem  had heard  how  Joshua  had taken  Ai,  and had utterly destroyed  it; as he had done  to Jericho  and her king,  so he had done  to Ai  and her king;  and how the inhabitants  of Gibeon  had made peace  with Israel,  and were among  them;

Joshua 10:14
Literal: And no there has been like day that before it or after it that heeded Yahweh the voice