Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 8055

Word info for שָׂמַח

Root: שָׂמַח
Strongs Number: 8055
Transliteration: [samach]
Phonetics: saw·makh
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to rejoice, be glad (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to rejoice, be glad.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to rejoice.
         1a2 to rejoice (arrogantly), exult (at).
         1a3 to rejoice (religiously).
      1b (Piel) to cause to rejoice, gladden, make glad.
      1c (Hiphil) to cause to rejoice, gladden, make glad.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H8055

וּשְׂמַחְתֶּ֗ם, וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֗, וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֖, וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֞, וְשִׂמַּ֖ח, וְשָׂ֣מַחְתָּ֔, שְׂמַ֥ח, הַֽמְשַׂמֵּ֥חַ, שִׂמְחוּ֙, וַיִּשְׂמַ֖ח, שָׂמַ֖חְתִּי, וַֽיִּשְׂמְח֖וּ, וַיִּשְׂמָֽחוּ, וַיִּשְׂמַ֨ח, וַתִּשְׂמָ֑ח, תִּשְׂמַ֙חְנָה֙, וַיִּשְׂמַ֣ח, וַיִּשְׂמַ֥ח, יִשְׂמַ֕ח, וַיִּשְׂמְח֤וּ, יִשְׂמְח֥וּ, וַיִּשְׂמְח֨וּ, שִׂמְּחָ֥ם, שָׂמֵ֗חַ, וַיִּשְׂמְח֥וּ, וַיִּשְׂמַ֤ח, וַֽיִּשְׂמְח֣וּ ׀, שִׂמְּחָ֣ם, וַיִּשְׂמָ֗חוּ, וְשָׂמֵֽחָה, הַשְּׂמֵחִ֥ים, וְ֝יִשְׂמְח֗וּ, וְיִשְׂמָ֑חוּ, אֶ֭שְׂמַח, וְיִשְׂמְח֨וּ, אֶשְׂמְחָ֣ה, יִשְׂמַ֥ח, שָׂמַ֣ח, מְשַׂמְּחֵי־, יִשְׂמַח־, שִׂמַּ֖חְתָּ, וְאֶשְׂמְחָ֗ה, שִׂמְח֬וּ, יִשְׂמַ֣ח, וְיִשְׂמָֽחוּ, שָׂמְח֪וּ, יִשְׂמְחוּ־, וְיִשְׂמְחוּ֮, וְיִשְׂמְח֨וּ ׀, שִׂמְּחֽוּךָ, יְשַׂמְּח֥וּ, יִשְׂמַ֤ח ׀, יִשְׂמַ֪ח, יִשְׂמַ֬ח, נִשְׂמְחָה־, יִֽשְׂמְח֥וּ, יִשְׂמְח֣וּ, יִשְׂמָ֑חוּ, שַׂ֭מֵּחַ, הִ֝שְׂמַ֗חְתָּ, וְ֝נִשְׂמְחָ֗ה, שַׂ֭מְּחֵנוּ, שִׂמַּחְתַּ֣נִי, יִ֝שְׂמְח֗וּ, וַתִּשְׂמַ֨ח ׀, שִׂמְח֣וּ, יְשַׂמַּ֬ח, יִשְׂמַ֖ח, אֶשְׂמַ֥ח, יִ֝שְׂמַ֗ח, לִ֭שְׂמֹחַ, יִשְׂמָֽח, וְנִשְׂמְחָ֣ה, שָׂ֭מַחְתִּי, וּ֝שְׂמַ֗ח, יְשַׂמַּח־, יְשַׂמְּחֶֽנָּה, יִשְׂמָ֑ח, יְשַׂמַּֽח־, (יִשְׂמַח־), יִֽשְׂמַח־, תִּשְׂמָ֑ח, יְשַׂמַּ֣ח, וְשָׂמֵֽחַ, שָׂמֵ֙חַ֙, לִשְׂמ֔וֹחַ, יִשְׂמַ֤ח, וְלִשְׂמֹ֖חַ, וְלִשְׂמ֑וֹחַ, שְׂמַ֧ח, וְנִשְׂמְחָה֙, שָׂמְח֤וּ, יִשְׂמַ֣ח ׀, שָׂמְח֥וּ, תִּשְׂמְחִ֤י, וְנִשְׂמְחָ֖ה, וְשִׂמַּחְתִּים֙, יִשְׂמָ֖חוּ, שִׂמְח֧וּ, תִּשְׂמַ֤ח, (תִשְׂמְחוּ֙), וַיְשַׂמַּ֤ח, יִשְׂמָ֔ח, וַתִּשְׂמַ֤ח, כִּשְׂמֹ֙חַ֙, יְשַׂמְּחוּ־, תִּשְׂמַ֨ח, וּשְׂמָ֔חִי, וְשִׂמְחוּ֙, הַשְּׂמֵחִ֖ים, תִּשְׂמַ֥ח, שִׂמְחִ֤י, וְשִׂמְחִ֖י, וְשָׂמְח֗וּ, וְשָׂמַ֥ח

All words for strongs number H8055 :

Word Occurance
יִשְׂמְחוּ־ 5
יִשְׂמַ֣ח 4
וּשְׂמַחְתֶּ֗ם 3
וְיִשְׂמָ֑חוּ 3
וַיִּשְׂמְח֥וּ 3
יִשְׂמַ֥ח 3
יִשְׂמָ֑ח 2
שָׂמַ֣ח 2
יְשַׂמַּ֣ח 2
וְיִשְׂמְח֨וּ ׀ 2
יְשַׂמַּֽח־ 2
וַיִּשְׂמַ֣ח 2
וַיִּשְׂמַ֥ח 2
יְשַׂמַּח־ 2
יִשְׂמְח֣וּ 2
וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֖ 2
יִשְׂמַ֖ח 2
יִ֝שְׂמַ֗ח 2
אֶ֭שְׂמַח 2
וַיִּשְׂמָֽחוּ 2
וְנִשְׂמְחָ֣ה 1
(יִשְׂמַח־) 1
יִשְׂמָֽח 1
יִֽשְׂמַח־ 1
יְשַׂמְּחֶֽנָּה 1
לִ֭שְׂמֹחַ 1
שָׂ֭מַחְתִּי 1
אֶשְׂמַ֥ח 1
וְשָׂמֵֽחַ 1
שָׂמֵ֙חַ֙ 1
לִשְׂמ֔וֹחַ 1
יִשְׂמַ֤ח 1
וּ֝שְׂמַ֗ח 1
תִּשְׂמָ֑ח 1
שְׂמַ֧ח 1
וְלִשְׂמֹ֖חַ 1
יִשְׂמָ֔ח 1
וְשָׂמְח֗וּ 1
וְשִׂמְחִ֖י 1
שִׂמְחִ֤י 1
תִּשְׂמַ֥ח 1
הַשְּׂמֵחִ֖ים 1
וְשִׂמְחוּ֙ 1
וּשְׂמָ֔חִי 1
תִּשְׂמַ֨ח 1
יְשַׂמְּחוּ־ 1
כִּשְׂמֹ֙חַ֙ 1
וַתִּשְׂמַ֤ח 1
וַיְשַׂמַּ֤ח 1
וְלִשְׂמ֑וֹחַ 1
(תִשְׂמְחוּ֙) 1
תִּשְׂמַ֤ח 1
שִׂמְח֧וּ 1
יִשְׂמָ֖חוּ 1
וְשִׂמַּחְתִּים֙ 1
וְנִשְׂמְחָ֖ה 1
תִּשְׂמְחִ֤י 1
שָׂמְח֥וּ 1
יִשְׂמַ֣ח ׀ 1
שָׂמְח֤וּ 1
וְנִשְׂמְחָה֙ 1
שִׂמְח֣וּ 1
יְשַׂמַּ֬ח 1
יִשְׂמָ֑חוּ 1
וַתִּשְׂמַ֨ח ׀ 1
תִּשְׂמַ֙חְנָה֙ 1
וַיִּשְׂמָ֗חוּ 1
שִׂמְּחָ֣ם 1
וַֽיִּשְׂמְח֣וּ ׀ 1
וַיִּשְׂמַ֤ח 1
שָׂמֵ֗חַ 1
שִׂמְּחָ֥ם 1
וַיִּשְׂמְח֨וּ 1
יִשְׂמְח֥וּ 1
וַיִּשְׂמְח֤וּ 1
יִשְׂמַ֕ח 1
וַתִּשְׂמָ֑ח 1
הַשְּׂמֵחִ֥ים 1
וַיִּשְׂמַ֨ח 1
וַֽיִּשְׂמְח֖וּ 1
שָׂמַ֖חְתִּי 1
וַיִּשְׂמַ֖ח 1
שִׂמְחוּ֙ 1
הַֽמְשַׂמֵּ֥חַ 1
שְׂמַ֥ח 1
וְשָׂ֣מַחְתָּ֔ 1
וְשִׂמַּ֖ח 1
וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֞ 1
וְשָׂמֵֽחָה 1
וְ֝יִשְׂמְח֗וּ 1
יִ֝שְׂמְח֗וּ 1
יִשְׂמַ֤ח ׀ 1
שִׂמַּחְתַּ֣נִי 1
שַׂ֭מְּחֵנוּ 1
וְ֝נִשְׂמְחָ֗ה 1
הִ֝שְׂמַ֗חְתָּ 1
שַׂ֭מֵּחַ 1
וְשָׂמַחְתָּ֗ 1
יִֽשְׂמְח֥וּ 1
נִשְׂמְחָה־ 1
יִשְׂמַ֬ח 1
יִשְׂמַ֪ח 1
יְשַׂמְּח֥וּ 1
וְיִשְׂמְח֨וּ 1
שִׂמְּחֽוּךָ 1
וְיִשְׂמְחוּ֮ 1
שָׂמְח֪וּ 1
וְיִשְׂמָֽחוּ 1
שִׂמְח֬וּ 1
וְאֶשְׂמְחָ֗ה 1
שִׂמַּ֖חְתָּ 1
יִשְׂמַח־ 1
מְשַׂמְּחֵי־ 1
אֶשְׂמְחָ֣ה 1
וְשָׂמַ֥ח 1

How strongs number H8055 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
and rejoice 11
and rejoiced 10
rejoice 9
let rejoice 9
and you shall rejoice 7
and be glad 6
shall rejoice 5
let be glad 3
they rejoice 3
be glad 3
rejoices 2
may rejoice 2
so rejoiced 2
will rejoice 2
makes glad 2
do rejoice 2
[and] be glad 2
i have rejoiced 2
and will be glad 1
and rejoices 1
makes it glad 1
makes rejoice 1
delight 1
has joy 1
i was glad 1
will delight 1
and be merry 1
rejoiced 1
you were glad 1
for rejoice 1
so was grateful 1
should you have rejoiced 1
you who rejoice 1
they make glad 1
when will rejoice 1
and he has caused to rejoice 1
that they were glad 1
to rejoice 1
and make them joyful 1
and was pleased 1
will have joy 1
[and] rejoices 1
makes merry 1
that i may rejoice 1
should rejoice 1
and they are glad 1
you have made rejoice 1
was glad 1
is glad 1
which cheers 1
[then] rejoice 1
and he was glad 1
i rejoice 1
and they were glad 1
that he rejoiced 1
had made them rejoice 1
were rejoicing 1
made them joyful 1
and was glad 1
who rejoice 1
and are glad 1
but let rejoice 1
i will be glad 1
rejoicing 1
will be glad 1
shall have joy 1
have let rejoice 1
they rejoiced 1
let them rejoice 1
they have made you glad 1
shall make glad 1
shall be glad 1
we will rejoice 1
oh let be glad 1
and bring happiness 1
make us glad 1
you have made me glad 1
and is glad 1
[that] makes glad 1
and shall rejoice 1

Two strong number together

H8055 H2416

144 Verses with H8055

Leviticus 23:40
Literal: And you shall take for yourselves on the day first the fruit of trees beautiful branches of palm trees and the boughs of trees leafy and willows of the brook and you shall rejoice before Yahweh your God [for] seven days
KJV: And ye shall take  you on the first  day  the boughs  of goodly  trees,  branches  of palm  trees, and the boughs  of thick  trees,  and willows  of the brook;  and ye shall rejoice  before  the LORD  your God  seven  days. 

Deuteronomy 12:7
Literal: And you shall eat there before Yahweh your God and you shall rejoice in all to which you have put your hand you and your households in which has blessed you your God
KJV: And there ye shall eat  before  the LORD  your God,  and ye shall rejoice  in all that ye put  your hand  unto, ye and your households,  wherein the LORD  thy God  hath blessed 

Deuteronomy 12:12
Literal: And you shall rejoice before Yahweh your God you and your sons and your daughters and your male and maidservants and the Levite who [is] within your gates since no he has portion nor inheritance with you
KJV: And ye shall rejoice  before  the LORD  your God,  ye, and your sons,  and your daughters,  and your menservants,  and your maidservants,  and the Levite  that is within your gates;  forasmuch  as he hath no part  nor inheritance  with you.

Deuteronomy 12:18
Literal: For but before Yahweh your God you must eat them in the place which chooses your God in you and your son and your daughter and your manservant and your maidservant and the Levite who [is] within your gates and you shall rejoice your God in all to which you put your hands
KJV: But thou must eat  them before  the LORD  thy God  in the place  which the LORD  thy God  shall choose,  thou, and thy son,  and thy daughter,  and thy manservant,  and thy maidservant,  and the Levite  that is within thy gates:  and thou shalt rejoice  before  the LORD  thy God  in all that thou puttest  thine hands  unto.

Deuteronomy 14:26
Literal: And you shall spend that money for whatever desires your heart for oxen or sheep for wine or similar drink for whatever desires your heart and you shall eat there before Yahweh your God and you shall rejoice you and your household
KJV: And thou shalt bestow  that money  for whatsoever thy soul  lusteth after,  for oxen,  or for sheep,  or for wine,  or for strong drink,  or for whatsoever thy soul  desireth:  and thou shalt eat  there before  the LORD  thy God,  and thou shalt rejoice,  thou, and thine household, 

Deuteronomy 16:11
Literal: And You shall rejoice before Yahweh your God you and your son and your daughter and your manservant and your maidservant and the Levite who [is] within your gates and the stranger and the fatherless and the widow who [are] among you at the place where chooses your God to make abide His Name there
KJV: And thou shalt rejoice  before  the LORD  thy God,  thou, and thy son,  and thy daughter,  and thy manservant,  and thy maidservant,  and the Levite  that is within thy gates,  and the stranger,  and the fatherless,  and the widow,  that are among  you, in the place  which the LORD  thy God  hath chosen  to place  his name 

Deuteronomy 16:14
Literal: and you shall rejoice in your feast you and your son and your daughter and your manservant and your maidservant and the Levite and the stranger and the fatherless and the widow who [are] within your gates
KJV: And thou shalt rejoice  in thy feast,  thou, and thy son,  and thy daughter,  and thy manservant,  and thy maidservant,  and the Levite,  the stranger,  and the fatherless,  and the widow,  that are within thy gates. 

Deuteronomy 24:5
Literal: When has taken a man a wife new not he shall go out to war or be charged with any business free he shall be at home year one and bring happiness - to his wife whom he has taken -
KJV: When a man  hath taken  a new  wife,  he shall not go out  to war,  neither shall he be charged  with any business:  but he shall be free  at home  one  year,  and shall cheer up  his wife  which he hath taken. 

Deuteronomy 27:7
Literal: and you shall sacrifice peace offerings and shall eat there and rejoice before Yahweh your God
KJV: And thou shalt offer  peace offerings,  and shalt eat  there, and rejoice  before  the LORD  thy God. 

Deuteronomy 33:18
Literal: And of Zebulun he said Rejoice Zebulun in your going out and Issachar in your tents
KJV: And of Zebulun  he said,  Rejoice,  Zebulun,  in thy going out;  and, Issachar,  in thy tents. 

Judges 9:13
Literal: But said to them the vine Should I cease - my new wine which cheers [both] God and men and go to sway over trees
KJV: And the vine  said  unto them, Should I leave  my wine,  which cheereth  God  and go  to be promoted  over the trees? 

Judges 9:19
Literal: And if then in truth and sincerity you have acted with Jerubbaal and with his house day this [then] rejoice in Abimelech and let rejoice also him in you
KJV: If ye then have dealt  truly  and sincerely  with Jerubbaal  and with his house  this day,  then rejoice  ye in Abimelech,  and let him also rejoice  in you:

Judges 19:3
Literal: And arose her husband and went after her to speak to kindly her - [and] bring her back and having his servant with him and a couple of donkeys So she brought him house of into her father and when saw him the father of the young woman and he was glad to meet him
KJV: And her husband  arose,  after  her, to speak  friendly  unto her, and to bring her again,  having his servant  with him, and a couple  of asses:  and she brought  him into her father's  house:  and when the father  of the damsel  saw  him, he rejoiced  to meet  him.

1 Samuel 2:1
Literal: And prayed Hannah and said rejoices My heart in Yahweh is exalted My horn in Yahweh I smile my mouth at my enemies because I rejoice in Your salvation
KJV: And Hannah  prayed,  and said,  My heart  rejoiceth  in the LORD,  mine horn  is exalted  in the LORD:  my mouth  is enlarged  over mine enemies;  because I rejoice  in thy salvation. 

1 Samuel 6:13
Literal: Now [the people of] Beth Shemesh [were] reaping their harvest wheat in the valley and they lifted - their eyes and saw the ark and rejoiced to see [it]
KJV: And they of Bethshemesh  were reaping  their wheat  harvest  in the valley:  and they lifted up  their eyes,  and saw  the ark,  and rejoiced  to see 

1 Samuel 11:9
Literal: And they said to the messengers who came thus you shall say to the men of Jabesh Gilead Tomorrow shall have you help - By [the time] is hot the sun and came the messengers and reported [it] to the men of Jabesh and they were glad
KJV: And they said  unto the messengers  that came,  Thus shall ye say  unto the men  of Jabeshgilead,  To morrow,  by that time the sun  be hot,  ye shall have help.  And the messengers  came  and shewed  of Jabesh;  and they were glad. 

1 Samuel 11:15
Literal: So went all the people to Gilgal and they made king there - Saul before Yahweh in Gilgal and they made sacrifices of peace offerings Yahweh and rejoiced and all the men of Israel even to greatly -
KJV: And all the people  to Gilgal;  and there they made Saul  king  before  the LORD  in Gilgal;  and there they sacrificed  sacrifices  of peace offerings  before  the LORD;  and there Saul  of Israel  rejoiced  greatly. 

1 Samuel 19:5
Literal: For he took - his life in his hands and killed the Philistine and brought about Yahweh a deliverance great for all Israel You saw [it] and rejoiced Then why will you sin against blood innocent to kill David without a cause
KJV: For he did put  his life  in his hand,  and slew  the Philistine,  and the LORD  wrought  a great  salvation  for all Israel:  thou sawest  it, and didst rejoice:  wherefore then wilt thou sin  against innocent  blood,  to slay  David  without a cause? 

2 Samuel 1:20
Literal: Not Tell [it] in Gath not Proclaim [it] in the streets of Ashkelon lest rejoice the daughters of the Philistines lest triumph of the uncircumcised
KJV: Tell  it not in Gath,  publish  it not in the streets  of Askelon;  lest the daughters  of the Philistines  rejoice,  lest the daughters  of the uncircumcised  triumph. 

1 Kings 5:7
Literal: So when it was heard Hiram - the words of Solomon that he rejoiced greatly and said Blessed [be] Yahweh this day for He has given David a son wise over people great this
KJV: And it came to pass, when Hiram  heard  the words  of Solomon,  that he rejoiced  greatly,  and said,  Blessed  be the LORD  this day,  which hath given  unto David  a wise  son  over this great  people. 

2 Kings 11:20
Literal: So rejoiced all the people of the land and the city was quiet For Athaliah they had slain with the sword [in] house - Of the king -
KJV: And all the people  of the land  rejoiced,  and the city  was in quiet:  and they slew  Athaliah  with the sword  beside the king's  house. 

1 Chronicles 16:10
Literal: Glory in name His holy let rejoice the hearts of those who seek Yahweh
KJV: Glory  ye in his holy  name:  let the heart  of them rejoice  that seek  the LORD. 

1 Chronicles 29:9
Literal: And rejoiced the people for they had offered willingly because with a heart loyal they had offered willingly to Yahweh and also David King rejoiced joy greatly -
KJV: Then the people  rejoiced,  for that they offered willingly,  because with perfect  heart  they offered willingly  to the LORD:  and David  the king  also rejoiced  with great  joy. 

2 Chronicles 6:41
Literal: Therefore now Arise Yahweh God to Your resting place You and the ark of Your strength Your priests let be clothed with salvation and Your saints let rejoice in goodness
KJV: Now therefore arise,  O LORD  God,  into thy resting  place, thou, and the ark  of thy strength:  let thy priests,  O LORD  God,  be clothed  with salvation,  and let thy saints  rejoice  in goodness. 

2 Chronicles 15:15
Literal: And rejoiced all Judah at the oath for with all their heart they had sworn and with all their soul sought Him and He was found by them and gave rest Yahweh them all around
KJV: And all Judah  rejoiced  at the oath:  for they had sworn  with all their heart,  and sought  him with their whole desire;  and he was found  of them: and the LORD  gave them rest  round about. 

2 Chronicles 20:27
Literal: And they returned every man of Judah and Jerusalem with Jehoshaphat in front of them to go back to Jerusalem with joy for had made them rejoice Yahweh over their enemies
KJV: Then they returned,  every man  of Judah  and Jerusalem,  and Jehoshaphat  in the forefront  of them, to go again  to Jerusalem  with joy;  had made them to rejoice  over their enemies. 

2 Chronicles 23:13
Literal: and when she looked and there was the king standing by his pillar at the entrance and the leaders and the trumpeters [were] by the king And all the people of the land were rejoicing and blowing trumpets and the singers with instruments musical and those who led in praise So tore Athaliah - her clothes and said Treason Treason -
KJV: And she looked,  and, behold, the king  stood  at his pillar  at the entering in,  and the princes  and the trumpets  by the king:  and all the people  of the land  and sounded  with trumpets,  also the singers  with instruments  of musick,  and such as taught  to sing praise.  Then Athaliah  rent  her clothes,  and said,  Treason, 

2 Chronicles 23:21
Literal: So rejoiced all the people of the land and the city was quiet for Athaliah they had slain with the sword -
KJV: And all the people  of the land  rejoiced:  and the city  was quiet,  after that they had slain  Athaliah  with the sword. 

2 Chronicles 24:10
Literal: And rejoiced all the leaders and all the people and brought their contributions and put [them] into the chest until that all had given
KJV: And all the princes  and all the people  rejoiced,  and brought in,  and cast  into the chest,  until they had made an end. 

2 Chronicles 29:36
Literal: And rejoiced Hezekiah and all the people that had prepared God the people since so suddenly Took place the events -
KJV: rejoiced,  and all the people,  that God  had prepared  the people:  for the thing  was done suddenly. 

2 Chronicles 30:25
Literal: And rejoiced Whole the assembly of Judah and the priests and Levites and all the assembly that came from Israel and the sojourners who came from the land of Israel and those who dwelt in Judah
KJV: And all the congregation  of Judah,  with the priests  and the Levites,  and all the congregation  that came out  of Israel,  and the strangers  that came out  of the land  of Israel,  and that dwelt  in Judah,  rejoiced. 

Ezra 6:22
Literal: and they kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread seven days with joy for made them joyful Yahweh and turned the heart of the king of Assyria toward them to strengthen their hands in the work of the house of God the God of Israel -
KJV: And kept  the feast  of unleavened bread  seven  days  with joy:  for the LORD  had made them joyful,  and turned  the heart  of the king  of Assyria  unto them, to strengthen  their hands  in the work  of the house  of God,  of Israel. 

Nehemiah 12:43
Literal: And they offered day that sacrifices great and rejoiced for God had made them rejoice with joy great and also the women and the sons rejoiced so that was heard the joy of Jerusalem afar off
KJV: Also that day  they offered  great  sacrifices,  and rejoiced:  for God  had made them rejoice  with great  joy:  the wives  also and the children  rejoiced:  so that the joy  of Jerusalem  was heard  even afar off. 

Esther 8:15
Literal: So Mordecai went out from the presence of the king in apparel of royal blue and white and with a crown of gold great and a garment of fine linen and purple and the city of Shushan rejoiced and was glad
KJV: And Mordecai  went out  from the presence  of the king  in royal  apparel  of blue  and white,  and with a great  crown  of gold,  and with a garment  of fine linen  and purple:  and the city  of Shushan  rejoiced 

Job 3:22
Literal: who rejoice to greatly [And] are glad when they can find the grave
KJV: exceedingly,  and are glad,  when they can find  the grave? 

Job 21:12
Literal: They sing to the tambourine and harp and rejoice to the sound of the flute
KJV: They take  the timbrel  and harp,  and rejoice  at the sound  of the organ. 

Job 22:19
Literal: See [it] the righteous and are glad and the innocent laugh at them
KJV: The righteous  see  it, and are glad:  and the innocent  laugh them to scorn. 

Job 31:25
Literal: if I have rejoiced because great my wealth [was] and because much had gained my hand
KJV: If I rejoiced  because my wealth  was great,  and because mine hand  had gotten  much; 

Job 31:29
Literal: If I have rejoiced at the destruction of him who hated me Or lifted up myself when found him evil
KJV: If I rejoiced  at the destruction  of him that hated  me, or lifted up  myself when evil  found 

Psalms 5:11
Literal: But let rejoice all those who put their trust in You ever let them shout for joy and because You defend them and Be joyful in You let those who love Your name
KJV: But let all those that put their trust  in thee rejoice:  let them ever  shout for joy,  because thou defendest  them: let them also that love  thy name  be joyful  in thee.

Psalms 9:2
Literal: I will be glad and rejoice in You I will sing praise to Your name Most High
KJV: I will be glad  and rejoice  in thee: I will sing praise  to thy name,  O thou most High. 

Psalms 14:7
Literal: Oh that Oh that [would come] out of Zion the salvation of Israel when brings back Yahweh the captivity of His people let rejoice Jacob [and] be glad Israel
KJV: Oh that  the salvation  of Israel  were come out of Zion!  when the LORD  bringeth back  the captivity  of his people,  Jacob  shall rejoice,  and Israel  shall be glad. 

Psalms 16:9
Literal: Therefore is glad my heart and rejoices my glory also My flesh will rest in hope
KJV: Therefore my heart  is glad,  and my glory  rejoiceth:  my flesh  also shall rest  in hope. 

Psalms 19:8
Literal: The statutes of Yahweh [are] right rejoicing the heart the commandment [is] pure enlightening the eyes
KJV: The statutes  of the LORD  are right,  rejoicing  the heart:  the commandment  of the LORD  is pure,  enlightening  the eyes. 

Psalms 21:1
Literal: To the Chief Musician a Psalm of David Yahweh in Your strength shall have joy the king and in Your salvation how shall he rejoice greatly
KJV: [[To the chief Musician,  A Psalm  of David.]]  The king  shall joy  in thy strength,  O LORD;  and in thy salvation  how greatly  shall he rejoice! 

Psalms 30:1
Literal: A Psalm a Song at the dedication of the house of David I will extol You Yahweh for You have lifted me up and not have let rejoice my foes over me
KJV: [[A Psalm  and Song  at the dedication  of the house  of David.]]  I will extol  thee, O LORD;  for thou hast lifted me up,  and hast not made my foes  to rejoice  over me.

Psalms 31:7
Literal: I will be glad and rejoice in Your mercy for You have considered - my trouble You have known in adversities my soul
KJV: I will be glad  and rejoice  in thy mercy:  for thou hast considered  my trouble;  thou hast known  my soul  in adversities; 

Psalms 32:11
Literal: Be glad in Yahweh and rejoice you righteous and shout for joy all [you] upright in heart
KJV: Be glad  in the LORD,  and rejoice,  ye righteous:  and shout  for joy, all ye that are upright  in heart. 

Psalms 33:21
Literal: For in Him shall rejoice our heart because in name His holy we have trusted
KJV: For our heart  shall rejoice  in him, because we have trusted  in his holy  name. 

Psalms 34:2
Literal: In Yahweh shall make its boast My soul shall hear [of it] the humble and be glad
KJV: My soul  shall make her boast  in the LORD:  the humble  shall hear  thereof, and be glad. 

Psalms 35:15
Literal: But in my adversity they rejoiced and gathered together gathered against me Attackers and not I did know [it] they tore [at me] and not did cease
KJV: But in mine adversity  they rejoiced,  and gathered themselves together:  yea, the abjects  gathered themselves together  against me, and I knew  it not; they did tear  me, and ceased 

Psalms 35:19
Literal: Not let rejoice over me them who are my enemies wrongfully who hate me nor let them wink without a cause With the eye
KJV: Let not them that are mine enemies  wrongfully  rejoice  over me: neither let them wink  with the eye  that hate  me without a cause. 

Psalms 35:24
Literal: Vindicate me according to Your righteousness Yahweh my God and not let them rejoice over me
KJV: Judge  me, O LORD  my God,  according to thy righteousness;  and let them not rejoice  over me.

Psalms 35:27
Literal: Let them shout for joy and be glad who favor my righteous [cause] and let them say continually let be magnified Yahweh who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant
KJV: Let them shout for joy,  and be glad,  that favour  my righteous cause:  yea, let them say  continually,  Let the LORD  be magnified,  which hath pleasure  in the prosperity  of his servant. 

Psalms 38:16
Literal: For I said [Hear me] lest they rejoice over me lest when slips my foot against me they exalt [themselves]
KJV: For I said,  Hear me, lest otherwise they should rejoice  over me: when my foot  slippeth,  they magnify  themselves against me.

Psalms 40:16
Literal: Rejoice and be glad in You all let those who seek You let say continually be magnified Yahweh such as love Your salvation
KJV: Let all those that seek  thee rejoice  and be glad  in thee: let such as love  thy salvation  say  continually,  The LORD  be magnified. 

Psalms 45:8
Literal: With myrrh and aloes [and] cassia all Your garments are [scented] Out of the palaces ivory by which they have made You glad
KJV: All thy garments  smell of myrrh,  and aloes,  and cassia,  out of the ivory  palaces,  whereby  they have made thee glad. 

Psalms 46:4
Literal: [There is] a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God the holy [place] of the tabernacle of the Most High
KJV: There is a river,  the streams  whereof shall make glad  the city  of God,  the holy  place of the tabernacles  of the most High. 

Psalms 48:11
Literal: Let rejoice Mount Zion let be glad the daughters of Judah because of Your judgments
KJV: Let mount  Zion  rejoice,  let the daughters  of Judah  be glad,  because of thy judgments. 

Psalms 53:6
Literal: Oh that would come Oh that out of Zion the salvation of Israel when brings back God the captivity of His people let rejoice Jacob be glad [and] Israel
KJV: Oh that  the salvation  of Israel  were come out of Zion!  When God  bringeth back  the captivity  of his people,  Jacob  shall rejoice,  and Israel  shall be glad. 

Psalms 58:10
Literal: shall rejoice the righteous when he sees the vengeance his feet He shall wash in the blood of the wicked
KJV: The righteous  shall rejoice  when he seeth  the vengeance:  he shall wash  his feet  in the blood  of the wicked. 

Psalms 63:11
Literal: But the king shall rejoice in God shall glory Everyone who swears by Him but shall be stopped The mouth of those who speak lies
KJV: But the king  shall rejoice  in God;  every one that sweareth  by him shall glory:  but the mouth  of them that speak  lies  shall be stopped. 

Psalms 64:10
Literal: Shall be glad the righteous in Yahweh and trust in Him and shall glory All the upright in heart
KJV: The righteous  shall be glad  and shall trust  in him; and all the upright  in heart  shall glory. 

Psalms 66:6
Literal: He turned the sea into dry [land] through the river they went on foot there we will rejoice in Him
KJV: He turned  the sea  into dry  land: they went  through the flood  on foot:  there did we rejoice  in him.

Psalms 67:4
Literal: Oh let be glad and sing for joy the nations for You shall judge the people righteously and the nations on earth govern Selah
KJV: O let the nations  be glad  and sing for joy:  for thou shalt judge  the people  righteously,  and govern  the nations  upon earth.  Selah. 

Psalms 68:3
Literal: But the righteous let be glad let them rejoice before God and Yes let them rejoice exceedingly
KJV: But let the righteous  be glad;  let them rejoice  before  God:  yea, let them exceedingly  rejoice. 

Psalms 69:32
Literal: Shall see [this] the humble [and] be glad you who seek God and shall live your hearts
KJV: The humble  shall see  this, and be glad:  and your heart  shall live  that seek  God. 

Psalms 70:4
Literal: Let rejoice and be glad in You all those who seek You and let say continually let be magnified God those who love Your salvation
KJV: Let all those that seek  thee rejoice  and be glad  in thee: and let such as love  thy salvation  say  continually,  Let God  be magnified. 

Psalms 85:6
Literal: not will You again revive us that Your people may rejoice in You
KJV: Wilt thou not revive  us again:  that thy people  may rejoice  in thee?

Psalms 86:4
Literal: Rejoice the soul of Your servant for to You Lord my soul I lift up
KJV: Rejoice  the soul  of thy servant:  for unto thee, O Lord,  do I lift up  my soul. 

Psalms 89:42
Literal: You have exalted the right hand of his adversaries You have made rejoice all his enemies
KJV: Thou hast set up  the right hand  of his adversaries;  thou hast made all his enemies  to rejoice. 

Psalms 90:14
Literal: Oh satisfy us with early Your mercy that we may rejoice and be glad all our days
KJV: O satisfy  us early  with thy mercy;  that we may rejoice  and be glad  all our days. 

Psalms 90:15
Literal: Make us glad according to the days [in which] You have afflicted us the years [in which] we have seen evil
KJV: Make us glad  according to the days  wherein thou hast afflicted  us, and the years  wherein we have seen  evil. 

Psalms 92:4
Literal: For You have made me glad Yahweh through Your work in the works of Your hands I will triumph
KJV: For thou, LORD,  hast made me glad  through thy work:  I will triumph  in the works  of thy hands. 

Psalms 96:11
Literal: Let rejoice the heavens and let be glad the earth let roar the sea and all its fullness
KJV: Let the heavens  rejoice,  and let the earth  be glad;  let the sea  roar,  and the fulness 

Psalms 97:1
Literal: Yahweh reigns let rejoice the earth let be glad of isles the multitude
KJV: The LORD  reigneth;  let the earth  rejoice;  let the multitude  of isles  be glad 

Psalms 97:8
Literal: Hears and is glad Zion and rejoice the daughters of Judah because of Your judgments Yahweh
KJV: Zion  heard,  and was glad;  and the daughters  of Judah  rejoiced  because of thy judgments,  O LORD. 

Psalms 97:12
Literal: Rejoice you righteous in Yahweh and give thanks at the remembrance of His holy [name]
KJV: Rejoice  in the LORD,  ye righteous;  and give thanks  at the remembrance  of his holiness. 

Psalms 104:15
Literal: and wine [that] makes glad the heart of man to make shine [his] face Oil and bread heart of man [which] strengthens
KJV: And wine  that maketh glad  the heart  of man,  and oil  to make his face  to shine,  and bread  which strengtheneth  man's  heart. 

Psalms 104:31
Literal: May endure the glory of Yahweh forever May rejoice Yahweh in His works
KJV: The glory  of the LORD  shall endure for ever:  the LORD  shall rejoice  in his works. 

Psalms 104:34
Literal: May be sweet to Him my meditation I will be glad in Yahweh
KJV: My meditation  of him shall be sweet:  I will be glad  in the LORD. 

Psalms 105:3
Literal: Glory in name His holy let rejoice the hearts of those who seek Yahweh
KJV: Glory  ye in his holy  name:  let the heart  of them rejoice  that seek  the LORD. 

Psalms 105:38
Literal: Was glad Egypt when they departed for had fallen the fear of them upon them
KJV: Egypt  was glad  when they departed:  for the fear  of them fell 

Psalms 106:5
Literal: that I may see the benefit of Your chosen ones that I may rejoice in the gladness of Your nation that I may glory with Your inheritance
KJV: That I may see  the good  of thy chosen,  that I may rejoice  in the gladness  of thy nation,  that I may glory  with thine inheritance. 

Psalms 107:30
Literal: And they are glad because they are quiet so He guides them to haven their desired
KJV: Then are they glad  because they be quiet;  so he bringeth  them unto their desired  haven. 

Psalms 107:42
Literal: See [it] the righteous and rejoice and all iniquity stops its mouth
KJV: The righteous  shall see  it, and rejoice:  and all iniquity  shall stop  her mouth. 

Psalms 109:28
Literal: Let curse them but You bless when they arise and let them be ashamed but Your servant let rejoice
KJV: Let them curse,  but bless  thou: when they arise,  let them be ashamed;  but let thy servant  rejoice. 

Psalms 118:24
Literal: This [is] the day has made Yahweh we will rejoice and be glad in it
KJV: This is the day  which the LORD  hath made;  we will rejoice  and be glad  in it.

Psalms 119:74
Literal: Those who fear You when they see me and will be glad because in Your word I have hoped
KJV: They that fear  thee will be glad  when they see  me; because I have hoped  in thy word. 

Psalms 122:1
Literal: A Song of Ascents of David I was glad when they said to me into the house of Yahweh let us go
KJV: [[A Song  of degrees  of David.]]  I was glad  when they said  into the house  of the LORD. 

Psalms 149:2
Literal: Let rejoice Israel in their Maker the sons of Zion let be joyful in their King
KJV: Let Israel  rejoice  in him that made  him: let the children  of Zion  be joyful  in their King. 

Proverbs 5:18
Literal: Let be your fountain blessed and rejoice with the wife of your youth
KJV: Let thy fountain  be blessed:  and rejoice  with the wife  of thy youth. 

Proverbs 10:1
Literal: The Proverbs of Solomon - A son wise makes glad a father but a son [is] foolish the grief of his mother
KJV: The proverbs  of Solomon.  A wise  son  maketh a glad  father:  but a foolish  son  is the heaviness  of his mother. 

Proverbs 12:25
Literal: Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression but a word good makes it glad
KJV: Heaviness  in the heart  of man  maketh it stoop:  but a good  word  maketh it glad. 

Proverbs 13:9
Literal: The light of the righteous rejoices but the lamp of the wicked will be put out
KJV: The light  of the righteous  rejoiceth:  but the lamp  of the wicked  shall be put out. 

Proverbs 15:20
Literal: A son wise makes glad a father but foolish a man despises his mother
KJV: A wise  son  maketh a glad  father:  but a foolish  man  despiseth  his mother. 

Proverbs 15:30
Literal: The light of the eyes rejoices the heart [And] a report good makes healthy the bones
KJV: The light  of the eyes  rejoiceth  the heart:  and a good  report  the bones  fat. 

Proverbs 17:21
Literal: He who begets a scoffer [does so] to sorrow his and no has joy the father of a fool
KJV: He that begetteth  a fool  doeth it to his sorrow:  and the father  of a fool  hath no joy. 

Proverbs 23:15
Literal: My son if is wise your heart will rejoice My heart indeed I
KJV: My son,  if thine heart  be wise,  my heart  shall rejoice,  even mine. 

Proverbs 23:24
Literal: - Greatly - will rejoice the father of the righteous - and he who begets a wise [child] - will delight in him
KJV: The father  of the righteous  rejoice:  and he that begetteth  a wise  child shall have joy  of him.

Proverbs 23:25
Literal: Let be glad your father and your mother and let her rejoice who bore you
KJV: Thy father  and thy mother  shall be glad,  and she that bare  thee shall rejoice. 

Proverbs 24:17
Literal: When falls - your enemy not do rejoice and when he stumbles do let be glad your heart
KJV: Rejoice  not when thine enemy  falleth,  and let not thine heart  be glad  when he stumbleth: 

Proverbs 27:9
Literal: Ointment and perfume delight the heart and the sweetness of a [man's] friend [gives delight] by counsel hearty
KJV: Ointment  and perfume  rejoice  the heart:  so doth the sweetness  of a man's friend  by hearty  counsel. 

Proverbs 29:2
Literal: When are in authority the righteous rejoice the people but when rules a wicked [man] groan the people
KJV: When the righteous  are in authority,  the people  rejoice:  but when the wicked  beareth rule,  the people  mourn. 

Proverbs 29:3
Literal: Whoever loves wisdom makes rejoice his father but a companion of harlots wastes [his] wealth
KJV: Whoso  loveth  wisdom  rejoiceth  his father:  but he that keepeth company  with harlots  spendeth  his substance. 

Proverbs 29:6
Literal: By transgression an man evil is snared but the righteous sings and rejoices
KJV: In the transgression  of an evil  man  there is a snare:  but the righteous  doth sing 

Ecclesiastes 2:10
Literal: And whatever desired my eyes not I did keep from them not I did withhold - my heart from any pleasure for rejoiced in all my labor and this was my reward from all my labor
KJV: And whatsoever mine eyes  desired  I kept  not from them, I withheld  not my heart  from any joy;  for my heart  in all my labour:  and this was my portion  of all my labour. 

Ecclesiastes 3:12
Literal: I know that nothing [is] better for them but than to rejoice and to do good in their lives
KJV: I know  that there is no good  in them, but for a man to rejoice,  and to do  good  in his life. 

Ecclesiastes 3:22
Literal: so I perceived that nothing [is] better than that should rejoice a man in his own works for that [is] his heritage For who can bring him to see what will happen after him
KJV: Wherefore I perceive  that there is nothing better,  than that a man  should rejoice  in his own works;  for that is his portion:  for who shall bring  him to see  what shall be after 

Ecclesiastes 4:16
Literal: [There was] no end of all the people over whom he was [made king] - yet those who come afterward not will rejoice in him surely also this [is] vanity and grasping for the wind
KJV: There is no end  of all the people,  even of all that have been before  them: they also that come after  shall not rejoice  in him. Surely this also is vanity  and vexation  of spirit. 

Ecclesiastes 5:19
Literal: As for every man to whom has given to whom God riches and wealth and given him power to eat of it and to receive - his heritage and rejoice in his labor this the gift of God is
KJV: Every man  also to whom God  hath given  riches  and wealth,  and hath given him power  to eat  thereof, and to take  his portion,  and to rejoice  in his labour;  this  is the gift  of God. 

Ecclesiastes 8:15
Literal: So commended I - enjoyment because has nothing better a man under the sun than than to eat and drink and be merry for that will remain with him in his labor [all] the days of his life which gives him God the sun
KJV: Then I commended  mirth,  because a man  hath no better thing  under the sun,  than to eat,  and to drink,  and to be merry:  for that shall abide  with him of his labour  the days  of his life,  which God  giveth  him under the sun. 

Ecclesiastes 10:19
Literal: For laughter is made a feast and wine makes merry - but money answers - everything
KJV: A feast  is made  for laughter,  and wine  maketh merry:  but money  answereth 

Ecclesiastes 11:8
Literal: But if years many lives a man in them all [And] rejoices and yet let him remember - the days of darkness for many They will be all that is coming [is] vanity
KJV: But if a man  live  many  years,  and rejoice  in them all; yet let him remember  the days  of darkness;  for they shall be many.  All that cometh  is vanity. 

Ecclesiastes 11:9
Literal: Rejoice young man in your youth and let cheer you your heart in the days of your youth and Walk in the ways of your heart and in the sight of your eyes But know that for all these will bring you God into judgment
KJV: Rejoice,  O young man,  in thy youth;  and let thy heart  thee in the days  of thy youth,  and walk  in the ways  of thine heart,  and in the sight  of thine eyes:  but know  thou, that for all these things God  will bring  thee into judgment. 

Song of Solomon 1:4
Literal: Draw me away after you we will run has brought me the king into his chambers We will be glad and rejoice in you we will remember your love more than wine Rightly do they love you -
KJV: Draw  me, we will run  after  thee: the king  hath brought  me into his chambers:  we will be glad  and rejoice  in thee, we will remember  thy love  more than wine:  the upright  love  thee.

Isaiah 9:3
Literal: You have multiplied the nation - not [And] increased its joy they rejoice before You According to the joy of harvest as [men] rejoice when they divide the spoil
KJV: Thou hast multiplied  the nation,  and not increased  the joy:  they joy  before  thee according to the joy  in harvest,  and as men rejoice  when they divide  the spoil. 

Isaiah 9:17
Literal: In therefore their young men no will have joy Yahweh and on their fatherless widows nor have mercy for everyone [is] a hypocrite and an evildoer and every mouth speaks folly For all this not is turned away His anger but still His hand [is] stretched out
KJV: Therefore the Lord  shall have no joy  in their young men,  neither shall have mercy  on their fatherless  and widows:  for every one is an hypocrite  and an evildoer,  and every mouth  speaketh  folly.  For all this his anger  is not turned away,  but his hand  is stretched out still. 

Isaiah 14:8
Literal: Indeed the cypress trees rejoice over you [And] the cedars of Lebanon [Saying] Since you were cut down No has come up woodsman against us
KJV: Yea, the fir trees  rejoice  at thee, and the cedars  of Lebanon,  saying, Since thou art laid down,  no feller  is come up  against us.

Isaiah 14:29
Literal: Do not rejoice Philistia all you of because is broken the rod that struck you for out of the roots of serpent will come forth a viper and its offspring [will be] a fiery serpent flying
KJV: Rejoice  not thou, whole Palestina,  because the rod  of him that smote  thee is broken:  for out of the serpent's  root  shall come forth  a cockatrice,  and his fruit  flying  serpent. 

Isaiah 25:9
Literal: And it will be said in day that behold our God this [is] we have waited for Him and He will save us Yahweh for Him we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation
KJV: And it shall be said  in that day,  Lo, this is our God;  we have waited  for him, and he will save  we have waited  for him, we will be glad  and rejoice  in his salvation. 

Isaiah 39:2
Literal: And was pleased with them Hezekiah and showed them - the house of his treasures the silver and gold the spices and ointment precious and all his armory and that was found among his treasures Nothing there was nothing that not Did show them Hezekiah in his house or in all his dominion
KJV: And Hezekiah  was glad  of them, and shewed  them the house  of his precious things,  the silver,  and the gold,  and the spices,  and the precious  ointment,  and all the house  of his armour,  and all that was found  in his treasures:  there was nothing  in his house,  that Hezekiah  shewed  them not.

Isaiah 56:7
Literal: and Even them I will bring to mountain My holy and make them joyful in house of My prayer Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices [Will be] accepted on My altar for My house a house of prayer shall be called for all nations
KJV: Even them will I bring  to my holy  mountain,  and make them joyful  in my house  of prayer:  their burnt offerings  and their sacrifices  shall be accepted  upon mine altar;  for mine house  shall be called  an house  of prayer  for all people. 

Isaiah 65:13
Literal: Therefore thus says the Lord GOD behold My servants shall eat but you shall be hungry My servants shall drink shall be thirsty shall rejoice shall be ashamed
KJV: Therefore thus saith  the Lord  GOD,  Behold, my servants  shall eat,  but ye shall be hungry:  behold, my servants  shall drink,  but ye shall be thirsty:  behold, my servants  shall rejoice,  but ye shall be ashamed: 

Isaiah 66:10
Literal: Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad with her all you who love her Rejoice with her for joy you who mourn for her
KJV: Rejoice  ye with Jerusalem,  and be glad  with her, all ye that love  her: rejoice  for joy  with her, all ye that mourn  for her:

Jeremiah 31:13
Literal: Then shall rejoice the virgin in the dance and the young men and the old together for I will turn their mourning to joy and will comfort them and make them rejoice rather than sorrow
KJV: Then shall the virgin  rejoice  in the dance,  both young men  and old  together:  for I will turn  their mourning  into joy,  and will comfort  them, and make them rejoice  from their sorrow. 

Jeremiah 41:13
Literal: So it was when saw all the people who [were] with Ishmael - Johanan son of Kareah and the captains of the forces with him that they were glad
KJV: Now it came to pass, that when all the people  which were with Ishmael  saw  Johanan  the son  of Kareah,  and all the captains  of the forces  that were with him, then they were glad. 

Jeremiah 50:11
Literal: Because - you were glad - you rejoiced You destroyers of My heritage - you have grown fat like a heifer threshing grain - and you bellow like mighty [bulls]
KJV: Because ye were glad,  because ye rejoiced,  O ye destroyers  of mine heritage,  because ye are grown fat  as the heifer  at grass,  and bellow  as bulls; 

Lamentations 2:17
Literal: Has done Yahweh what He purposed He has fulfilled His word which He commanded in days of old He has thrown down and not has pitied and He has caused to rejoice over you an enemy He has exalted the horn of your adversaries -
KJV: The LORD  hath done  that which he had devised;  he hath fulfilled  his word  that he had commanded  in the days  of old:  he hath thrown down,  and hath not pitied:  and he hath caused thine enemy  to rejoice  over thee, he hath set up  the horn  of thine adversaries. 

Ezekiel 7:12
Literal: Has come the time draws near The day the buyer not let rejoice and the seller nor mourn for wrath [is] on whole their multitude
KJV: The time  is come,  the day  draweth near:  let not the buyer  rejoice,  nor the seller  mourn:  for wrath  is upon all the multitude 

Ezekiel 25:6
Literal: For thus says the Lord GOD because you clapped [your] hands and stamped your feet and rejoiced with all your disdain in heart for the land of Israel
KJV: For thus saith  the Lord  GOD;  Because thou hast clapped  thine hands,  and stamped  with the feet,  and rejoiced  in heart  with all thy despite  against the land  of Israel; 

Ezekiel 35:14
Literal: Thus says the Lord GOD when will rejoice all the earth desolate I make you
KJV: Thus saith  the Lord  GOD;  When the whole earth  rejoiceth,  I will make  thee desolate. 

Hosea 7:3
Literal: With their wickedness they make glad a king and with their lies princes
KJV: They make the king  glad  with their wickedness,  and the princes  with their lies. 

Hosea 9:1
Literal: Not do rejoice Israel with joy like [other] peoples for you have played the harlot against your God You have made love [for] hire on every floors threshing floor
KJV: Rejoice  not, O Israel,  for joy,  as other people:  for thou hast gone a whoring  from thy God,  thou hast loved  a reward  upon every cornfloor. 

Joel 2:21
Literal: Not fear land Be glad and rejoice for marvelous things Yahweh has done
KJV: Fear  not, O land;  be glad  and rejoice:  for the LORD  will do  great things. 

Joel 2:23
Literal: Then you children of Zion Be glad and rejoice in Yahweh your God for He has given you - the former rain faithfully and He will cause to come down for you the rain the former rain and the latter rain in the first [month]
KJV: Be glad  then, ye children  of Zion,  and rejoice  in the LORD  your God:  for he hath given  you the former rain  moderately,  and he will cause to come down  for you the rain,  the former rain,  and the latter rain  in the first  month.

Amos 6:13
Literal: You who rejoice of nothing over Lo Debar who say have not by our own strength we taken for ourselves Karnaim
KJV: in a thing  of nought,  which say,  Have we not taken  to us horns  by our own strength? 

Obadiah 1:12
Literal: But not you should have gazed on the day of your brother in the day of his captivity nor should you have rejoiced over the sons of Judah of their destruction should have spoken proudly you of distress
KJV: But thou shouldest not have looked  on the day  of thy brother  in the day  neither shouldest thou have rejoiced  over the children  of Judah  in the day  of their destruction;  neither shouldest thou have spoken  proudly  in the day  of distress. 

Jonah 4:6
Literal: And prepared Yahweh God a plant and made it come up over over Jonah that it might be shade for his head to deliver him from his misery So was grateful Jonah the plant glad very
KJV: And the LORD  God  prepared  a gourd,  and made it to come up  over Jonah,  that it might be a shadow  over his head,  to deliver  him from his grief.  So Jonah  was exceeding  glad  of the gourd. 

Habakkuk 1:15
Literal: All of them with a hook they take up they catch them in their net and gather them in their dragnet upon thus they rejoice and are glad
KJV: They take up  all of them with the angle,  they catch  them in their net,  and gather  them in their drag:  therefore they rejoice  and are glad. 

Zephaniah 3:14
Literal: Sing daughter of Zion Shout Israel Be glad and rejoice with all [your] heart daughter of Jerusalem
KJV: Sing,  O daughter  of Zion;  shout,  O Israel;  be glad  and rejoice  with all the heart,  O daughter  of Jerusalem. 

Zechariah 2:10
Literal: Sing and rejoice daughter of Zion for behold I am coming and I will dwell in your midst says Yahweh
KJV: Sing  and rejoice,  O daughter  of Zion:  for, lo, I come,  and I will dwell  in the midst  of thee, saith  the LORD. 

Zechariah 4:10
Literal: For who has despised the day of small things for rejoice and to see - the plummet the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel seven these the eyes of Yahweh they [are] which scan to and fro throughout all the earth
KJV: the day  of small things?  for they shall rejoice,  and shall see  the plummet  in the hand  of Zerubbabel  with those seven;  they are the eyes  of the LORD,  which run to and fro  through the whole earth. 

Zechariah 10:7
Literal: And shall be like a mighty man [Those of] Ephraim and shall rejoice their heart as if with wine and Yes their children shall see [it] and be glad shall rejoice in Yahweh
KJV: And they of Ephraim  shall be like a mighty  man, and their heart  shall rejoice  as through wine:  yea, their children  shall see  it, and be glad;  their heart  shall rejoice  in the LORD. 

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