Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 7832

Word info for שָׂחַק

Root: שָׂחַק
Strongs Number: 7832
Transliteration: [sachaq]
Phonetics: saw·khak
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to laugh, play, mock (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to laugh, play, mock.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to laugh (usually in contempt or derision).
         1a2 to sport, play.
      1b (Piel).
         1b1 to make sport.
         1b2 to jest.
         1b3 to play (including instrumental music, singing, dancing).
      1c (Hiphil) to laugh mockingly.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H7832

וִישַֽׂחֶק־, בִּשְׂח֥וֹק, הַֽמְשַׂחֲק֖וֹת, וִֽישַׂחֲק֖וּ, מְשַֽׂחֲקִים֙, וְשִׂחַקְתִּ֖י, מְשַׂחֲקִ֛ים, וּמְשַׂחֵ֔ק, מַשְׂחִיקִ֣ים, תִּשְׂחָ֑ק, אֶשְׂחַ֣ק, שָֽׂחֲק֣וּ, יִ֭שְׂחַק, תִּֽשְׂחַ֥ק, יִשְׂחַ֣ק, יְשַֽׂחֲקוּ־, הַֽתְשַׂחֶק־, וְ֝יִשְׂחַ֗ק, יִשְׂחָ֑ק, יִשְׂחַק־, יִשְׂחָֽקוּ, תִּשְׂחַק־, לְשַֽׂחֶק־, אֶשְׂחָ֑ק, מְשַׂחֶ֖קֶת, מְ֭שַׂחֶקֶת, מְשַׂחֵ֥ק, וְ֝שָׂחַ֗ק, וַ֝תִּשְׂחַ֗ק, לִשְׂח֔וֹק, מְשַׂחֲקִ֖ים, מְשַׂחֲקִ֑ים, מְשַׂחֲקִֽים, שָׂחֲק֖וּ, יִשְׂחָ֔ק

All words for strongs number H7832 :

Word Occurance
מְשַׂחֲקִ֖ים 2
וִישַֽׂחֶק־ 1
מְ֭שַׂחֶקֶת 1
יִשְׂחָֽקוּ 1
תִּשְׂחַק־ 1
לְשַֽׂחֶק־ 1
אֶשְׂחָ֑ק 1
מְשַׂחֶ֖קֶת 1
וְ֝שָׂחַ֗ק 1
מְשַׂחֵ֥ק 1
יִשְׂחָ֑ק 1
וַ֝תִּשְׂחַ֗ק 1
לִשְׂח֔וֹק 1
מְשַׂחֲקִ֑ים 1
מְשַׂחֲקִֽים 1
שָׂחֲק֖וּ 1
יִשְׂחַק־ 1
וְ֝יִשְׂחַ֗ק 1
בִּשְׂח֥וֹק 1
מַשְׂחִיקִ֣ים 1
הַֽמְשַׂחֲק֖וֹת 1
וִֽישַׂחֲק֖וּ 1
מְשַֽׂחֲקִים֙ 1
וְשִׂחַקְתִּ֖י 1
מְשַׂחֲקִ֛ים 1
וּמְשַׂחֵ֔ק 1
תִּשְׂחָ֑ק 1
הַֽתְשַׂחֶק־ 1
אֶשְׂחַ֣ק 1
שָֽׂחֲק֣וּ 1
יִ֭שְׂחַק 1
תִּֽשְׂחַ֥ק 1
יִשְׂחַ֣ק 1
יְשַֽׂחֲקוּ־ 1
יִשְׂחָ֔ק 1

How strongs number H7832 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
rejoicing 2
played [music] 2
shall laugh 2
that he may perform 1
or laughs 1
shall laugh [saying] 1
to play 1
will laugh 1
was only joking 1
to laugh 1
and she shall rejoice 1
of the mockers 1
of those who make merry 1
of those who rejoice 1
[and] mocked 1
derides 1
laughs 1
and he laughs 1
while performed 1
will you play 1
play 1
he mocks 1
she scorns 1
he scorns 1
they mock 1
[if] i mocked 1
you shall laugh 1
they laughed 1
and playing music 1
therefore i will play [music] 1
and compete 1
as they danced 1
playing 1

Two strong number together

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36 Verses with H7832

Judges 16:25
Literal: So it came to pass when - when were merry their hearts that they said Call for Samson that he may perform For us so they called for Samson from prisoners the prison and he performed for them and they stationed him between the pillars
KJV: And it came to pass, when their hearts  were merry,  that they said,  Call  for Samson,  that he may make us sport.  And they called  for Samson  house;  and he made them  sport:  and they set  him between the pillars. 

Judges 16:27
Literal: Now the temple was full of men and women and [were] there all the lords of the Philistines and on the roof about three thousand men and women watching while performed Samson
KJV: Now the house  was full  of men  and women;  and all the lords  of the Philistines  were there; and there were upon the roof  about three  thousand  men  and women,  that beheld  while Samson  made sport. 

1 Samuel 18:7
Literal: So sang the women as they danced and said has slain Saul [his] thousands [his] thousands and David [his] ten thousands
KJV: And the women  answered  one another as they played,  and said,  Saul  hath slain  his thousands,  and David  his ten thousands. 

2 Samuel 2:14
Literal: And said Abner to Joab let arise now the young men and compete before us and said Joab let them arise
KJV: And Abner  said  to Joab,  Let the young men  now arise,  and play  before  us. And Joab  said,  Let them arise. 

2 Samuel 6:5
Literal: And David and all the house of Israel played [music] before Yahweh on all kinds of [instruments of] wood fir and on harps and on stringed instruments and on tambourines and on sistrums and on cymbals
KJV: And David  and all the house  of Israel  played  before  the LORD  on all manner of instruments made of fir  wood,  even on harps,  and on psalteries,  and on timbrels,  and on cornets,  and on cymbals. 

2 Samuel 6:21
Literal: So said David to Michal [it was] before Yahweh who chose me instead of your father and all his house to appoint me ruler over the people of Yahweh Israel therefore I will play [music] before Yahweh
KJV: And David  said  unto Michal,  It was before  the LORD,  which chose  me before thy father,  and before all his house,  to appoint  me ruler  over the people  of the LORD,  over Israel:  therefore will I play  before  the LORD. 

1 Chronicles 13:8
Literal: And David and all Israel played [music] before God with all [their] might and with singing and on harps and on stringed instruments and on tambourines and on cymbals and with trumpets
KJV: And David  and all Israel  played  before  God  with all their might,  and with singing,  and with harps,  and with psalteries,  and with timbrels,  and with cymbals,  and with trumpets. 

1 Chronicles 15:29
Literal: And it came to pass [as] the ark of the covenant of Yahweh came to the City of David that Michal daughter of Saul looked through at a window and saw - King David whirling and playing music and she despised him in her heart -
KJV: And it came to pass, as the ark  of the covenant  of the LORD  came  to the city  of David,  that Michal  the daughter  of Saul  looking out  at a window  saw  king  David  dancing  and playing:  and she despised  him in her heart. 

2 Chronicles 30:10
Literal: So the runners passed from city to city through the country of Ephraim and Manasseh and as far as Zebulun but they laughed at them and mocked them
KJV: So the posts  passed  from city  through the country  of Ephraim  and Manasseh  even unto Zebulun:  but they laughed them to scorn,  and mocked  them.

Job 5:22
Literal: At destruction and famine You shall laugh and of the beasts of the earth not you shall be afraid
KJV: At destruction  and famine  thou shalt laugh:  neither shalt thou be afraid  of the beasts  of the earth. 

Job 29:24
Literal: [If] I mocked at them not they did believe [it] and the light of my countenance not they did cast down
KJV: If I laughed  on them, they believed  it not; and the light  of my countenance  they cast not down. 

Job 30:1
Literal: But now they mock at me [men] younger than I - whose I disdained Whose fathers to put with the dogs of my flock
KJV: But now they that are younger  than I have me in derision,  whose fathers  I would have disdained  to have set  with the dogs  of my flock. 

Job 39:7
Literal: He scorns the tumult of the city the shouts of the driver not He does heed
KJV: He scorneth  the multitude  of the city,  neither regardeth  he the crying  of the driver. 

Job 39:18
Literal: When on high she lifts herself she scorns the horse and its rider
KJV: What time  she lifteth up  herself on high,  she scorneth  the horse  and his rider. 

Job 39:22
Literal: He mocks at fear and not is frightened nor does he turn back from the sword
KJV: He mocketh  at fear,  and is not affrighted;  neither turneth he back  from  the sword. 

Job 40:20
Literal: Surely food the mountains yield for him and all the beasts of the field play there
KJV: Surely the mountains  bring him forth  food,  where all the beasts  of the field  play. 

Job 41:5
Literal: will you play with him as [with] a bird Or will you leash him for your maidens
KJV: Wilt thou play  with him as with a bird?  or wilt thou bind  him for thy maidens? 

Job 41:29
Literal: As straw are regarded Darts and He laughs at the threat of javelins
KJV: Darts  are counted  as stubble:  he laugheth  at the shaking  of a spear. 

Psalms 2:4
Literal: He who sits in the heavens shall laugh Yahweh shall hold in derision them
KJV: He that sitteth  in the heavens  shall laugh:  the Lord  shall have them in derision. 

Psalms 37:13
Literal: The Lord laughs at him for He sees that is coming his day
KJV: The Lord  shall laugh  at him: for he seeth  that his day  is coming. 

Psalms 52:6
Literal: And shall see the righteous and fear and at him shall laugh [saying]
KJV: The righteous  also shall see,  and fear,  and shall laugh 

Psalms 59:8
Literal: but You Yahweh shall laugh at them You shall have in derision all the nations
KJV: But thou, O LORD,  shalt laugh  at them; thou shalt have all the heathen  in derision. 

Psalms 104:26
Literal: There the ships sail about [There is] that Leviathan which You have made to play there
KJV: There go  the ships:  there is that leviathan,  whom thou hast made  to play  therein.

Proverbs 1:26
Literal: Also I at your calamity will laugh I will mock when comes your terror
KJV: I also will laugh  at your calamity;  I will mock  when your fear  cometh; 

Proverbs 8:30
Literal: and I was beside Him [as] a [master] craftsman [His] delight day by day Rejoicing before Him always -
KJV: Then I was by him,  as one brought up  with him: and I was daily  his delight,  rejoicing  always  before 

Proverbs 8:31
Literal: Rejoicing in inhabited His world and my delight [was] with the sons of men -
KJV: Rejoicing  in the habitable part  of his earth;  and my delights  were with the sons  of men. 

Proverbs 26:19
Literal: So [Is] the man [who] deceives - his neighbor and says not was only joking I
KJV: So is the man  that deceiveth  his neighbour,  and saith,  Am not I in sport? 

Proverbs 29:9
Literal: [If] a man wise contends with a man foolish and Whether [the fool] rages or laughs and [there is] no peace
KJV: If a wise  man  contendeth  with a foolish  man,  whether he rage  or laugh,  there is no rest. 

Proverbs 31:25
Literal: Strength and honor [are] her clothing and she shall rejoice in time to come
KJV: Strength  and honour  are her clothing;  and she shall rejoice  in time  to come. 

Ecclesiastes 3:4
Literal: a time to weep and a time to laugh to mourn to dance
KJV: A time  to weep,  and a time  to laugh;  a time  to mourn,  and a time  to dance; 

Jeremiah 15:17
Literal: Not I did sit in the assembly of the mockers nor did I rejoice because of Your hand alone I sat for with indignation You have filled me -
KJV: I sat  not in the assembly  of the mockers,  nor rejoiced;  I sat  alone  because  of thy hand:  for thou hast filled  me with indignation. 

Jeremiah 30:19
Literal: And shall proceed out of them thanksgiving and the voice of those who make merry and I will multiply them and not they shall diminish and I will glorify them they shall be small
KJV: And out of them shall proceed  thanksgiving  and the voice  of them that make merry:  and I will multiply  them, and they shall not be few;  I will also glorify  them, and they shall not be small. 

Jeremiah 31:4
Literal: Again I will build you and you shall be rebuilt virgin of Israel You shall be adorned with your tambourines and shall go forth in the dances of those who rejoice
KJV: Again I will build  O virgin  of Israel:  thou shalt again be adorned  with thy tabrets,  and shalt go forth  in the dances  of them that make merry. 

Lamentations 1:7
Literal: Remembers Jerusalem in the days of her affliction and roaming all her pleasant things that she had in the days of old when fell her people into the hand of the enemy and with no one to help her saw her the adversaries [And] mocked at her downfall -
KJV: Jerusalem  remembered  in the days  of her affliction  and of her miseries  all her pleasant things  that she had in the days  of old,  when her people  fell  into the hand  of the enemy,  and none did help  her: the adversaries  saw  her, and did mock  at her sabbaths. 

Habakkuk 1:10
Literal: And He at kings scoffs and princes are scorned by him He every stronghold derides for he heaps up earthen [mounds] and seize it
KJV: And they shall scoff  at the kings,  and the princes  shall be a scorn  unto them: they shall deride  every strong hold;  for they shall heap  dust,  and take  it.

Zechariah 8:5
Literal: And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls Playing in its streets -
KJV: And the streets  of the city  shall be full  of boys  and girls  playing  in the streets  thereof.

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