Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 7521

Word info for רָצָא

Root: רָצָא, רָצָה, רָצָה
Strongs Number: 7521
Transliteration: [ratsah]
Phonetics: raw·tsaw
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to be pleased with, be favourable to, accept favourably (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to be pleased with, be favourable to, accept favourably.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to be pleased with, be favourable to.
         1a2 to accept.
         1a3 to be pleased, be determined.
         1a4 to make acceptable, satisfy.
         1a5 to please.
      1b (Niphal) to be accepted, be pleased with.
      1c (Piel) to seek favour of.
      1d (Hiphil) to please, pay off.
      1e (Hithpael) to make oneself acceptable or pleasing.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H7521

וַתִּרְצֵֽנִי, וְנִרְצָ֥ה, יֵרָצֶה֒, יֵרָצֶֽה, יֵרָצ֖וּ, יֵרָצֶ֕ה, תִּרְצֶ֨ה, יִרְצ֥וּ, וְתִ֣רֶץ, תִּרְצֶ֑ה, רְצוּי֙, יִתְרַצֶּ֥ה, יִרְצֶֽךָ, רָצָ֔ה, בִּרְצוֹתִי֙, וּרְצִיתָ֔ם, רָצְתָ֥ה, וְרָצ֖וּי, יִ֝רְצֶ֗ה, יְרַצּ֣וּ, וַיִּרְצֵ֗הוּ, בִּ֝רְצֹת֗וֹ, רְצֵ֣ה, רְצִיתָֽם, יִרְצ֣וּ, וַתִּ֣רֶץ, תִרְצֶֽה, יִרְצ֪וּ, לִרְצ֣וֹת, רָצִ֣יתָ, רָצ֣וּ, יִרְצֶֽה, רוֹצֶ֣ה, בִּרְצ֣וֹת, (תִּצֹּֽרְנָה‪‬), רָצָ֥ה, נִרְצָ֖ה, רָצְתָ֣ה, רָצָ֔ם, רֹצָ֑ם, אֶרְצֵ֔ם, אֶרְצֶ֣ה, וְרָצִ֣אתִי, רָצָ֑ם, אֶרְצֶ֑ה, הֲיִרְצֶ֤ה, וְאֶרְצֶה־, הֲיִּרְצְךָ֙‪‬‪‬, אֶרְצֶ֥ה, הַאֶרְצֶ֥ה

All words for strongs number H7521 :

Word Occurance
יֵרָצֶֽה 2
יִרְצֶֽה 2
רוֹצֶ֣ה 2
תִּרְצֶ֑ה 2
וַתִּרְצֵֽנִי 1
רָצָ֔ם 1
רָצִ֣יתָ 1
רָצ֣וּ 1
בִּרְצ֣וֹת 1
(תִּצֹּֽרְנָה‪‬) 1
רָצָ֥ה 1
נִרְצָ֖ה 1
רָצְתָ֣ה 1
אֶרְצֵ֔ם 1
רֹצָ֑ם 1
יִרְצ֪וּ 1
אֶרְצֶ֣ה 1
וְרָצִ֣אתִי 1
רָצָ֑ם 1
אֶרְצֶ֑ה 1
הֲיִרְצֶ֤ה 1
וְאֶרְצֶה־ 1
הֲיִּרְצְךָ֙‪‬‪‬ 1
אֶרְצֶ֥ה 1
לִרְצ֣וֹת 1
וַתִּ֣רֶץ 1
תִרְצֶֽה 1
רָצָ֔ה 1
יֵרָצֶה֒ 1
יֵרָצ֖וּ 1
יֵרָצֶ֕ה 1
תִּרְצֶ֨ה 1
יִרְצ֥וּ 1
וְתִ֣רֶץ 1
רְצוּי֙ 1
יִתְרַצֶּ֥ה 1
יִרְצֶֽךָ 1
בִּרְצוֹתִי֙ 1
וְנִרְצָ֥ה 1
וּרְצִיתָ֔ם 1
רָצְתָ֥ה 1
וְרָצ֖וּי 1
יִ֝רְצֶ֗ה 1
יְרַצּ֣וּ 1
וַיִּרְצֵ֗הוּ 1
בִּ֝רְצֹת֗וֹ 1
רְצֵ֣ה 1
רְצִיתָֽם 1
יִרְצ֣וּ 1
הַאֶרְצֶ֥ה 1

How strongs number H7521 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
it shall be accepted 4
takes pleasure 2
and you were pleased with me 1
[in whom] delights 1
you have been favorable 1
take pleasure in 1
he takes pleasure 1
[in whom] he delights 1
when please 1
let observe 1
has accepted 1
is pardoned 1
accept them 1
does accept them 1
they delight in 1
i will accept them 1
i will accept 1
and i will accept 1
[but] does accept them 1
i will accept [them] 1
will be pleased 1
that i may take pleasure 1
would he be pleased with you 1
will i accept 1
be favorable 1
you do delight 1
and it will be accepted 1
because i have set my affection 1
they shall be accepted 1
shall enjoy 1
they accept 1
and will enjoy 1
accept 1
favored 1
could he reconcile 1
may accept you 1
he was pleased 1
have pleasure 1
and you consented 1
and please them 1
had enjoyed 1
and well received 1
he finishes 1
will seek the favor 1
and he will delight in him 1
that he should delight 1
be pleased 1
you favored them 1
who approve 1
should i accept 1

Two strong number together

H7521 H5341

54 Verses with H7521

Genesis 33:10
Literal: And said Jacob No please if now I have found favor in your sight then receive my present from my hand inasmuch as thus I have seen your face as though I had seen the face of God and you were pleased with me
KJV: And Jacob  said,  Nay, I pray thee, if now I have found  grace  in thy sight,  then receive  my present  at my hand:  for therefore I have seen  thy face,  as though I had seen  the face  of God,  and thou wast pleased with me. 

Leviticus 1:4
Literal: And he shall put his hand on the head of the burnt offering and it will be accepted on his behalf to make atonement for him
KJV: And he shall put  his hand  upon the head  of the burnt offering;  and it shall be accepted  for him to make atonement  for him.

Leviticus 7:18
Literal: And if at all is eaten [any] of the flesh of the sacrifice of his peace offering on the day third not it shall be accepted who offers it [to] him nor shall it be imputed to him An abomination it shall be and the person who eats of it guilt shall bear
KJV: And if any of the flesh  of the sacrifice  of his peace offerings  be eaten  on the third  day,  it shall not be accepted,  neither shall it be imputed  unto him that offereth  it: it shall be an abomination,  and the soul  that eateth  of it shall bear  his iniquity. 

Leviticus 19:7
Literal: And if at all it is eaten on the day third [is] an abomination it not it shall be accepted
KJV: And if it be eaten  on the third  day,  it is abominable;  it shall not be accepted. 

Leviticus 22:23
Literal: And Either a bull or a lamb that has any limb too long or too short [as] a freewill offering you may offer - but for a vow not it shall be accepted
KJV: Either a bullock  or a lamb  that hath any thing superfluous  or lacking in his parts,  that mayest thou offer  for a freewill offering;  but for a vow  it shall not be accepted. 

Leviticus 22:25
Literal: And from the hand of a member of foreigner neither shall you offer as the bread of your God any of these because their corruption [is] in them [and] defects [are] in them not they shall be accepted on your behalf -
KJV: Neither from a stranger's  hand  shall ye offer  the bread  of your God  of any of these; because their corruption  is in them, and blemishes  be in them: they shall not be accepted  for you.

Leviticus 22:27
Literal: a bull or a sheep a goat when is born and it shall be seven days with its mother and from day the eighth and thereafter it shall be accepted as an offering made by fire to Yahweh
KJV: When a bullock,  or a sheep,  or a goat,  is brought forth,  then it shall be seven  days  under the dam;  and from the eighth  day  and thenceforth  it shall be accepted  for an offering  made by fire  unto the LORD. 

Leviticus 26:34
Literal: Then shall enjoy the land - its sabbaths all as long as it lies desolate and you [are] in land your enemies' then shall rest the land and enjoy its sabbaths
KJV: Then shall the land  enjoy  her sabbaths,  as long  as it lieth desolate,  and ye be in your enemies'  land;  rest,  and enjoy  her sabbaths. 

Leviticus 26:41
Literal: and also [that] I have walked to them contrary and have brought them into the land of their enemies if then are humbled their hearts uncircumcised then they accept - their guilt
KJV: contrary  unto them, and have brought  them into the land  of their enemies;  if then  their uncircumcised  hearts  be humbled,  and they then accept  of the punishment of their iniquity: 

Leviticus 26:43
Literal: And the land shall be left empty by them and will enjoy - its sabbaths while it lies desolate without them And they will accept their guilt because and because My judgments they despised and My statutes abhorred their soul
KJV: The land  also shall be left  of them, and shall enjoy  her sabbaths,  while she lieth desolate  without them: and they shall accept  of the punishment of their iniquity:  because,  they despised  my judgments,  and because their soul  abhorred  my statutes. 

Deuteronomy 33:11
Literal: Bless Yahweh his substance and the work of his hands accept Strike the loins of those who rise against him and of those who hate him that they rise not again -
KJV: Bless,  his substance,  and accept  the work  of his hands:  smite  through the loins  of them that rise  against him, and of them that hate  not  again. 

Deuteronomy 33:24
Literal: And of Asher he said most blessed of sons Asher [is] let him be favored by his brothers and let him dip in oil his foot
KJV: And of Asher  he said,  Let Asher  be blessed  with children;  let him be acceptable  to his brethren,  and let him dip  his foot  in oil. 

1 Samuel 29:4
Literal: But were angry with him the princes of the Philistines so said to him the princes of the Philistines Make return - this fellow that he may go back to the place which you have appointed for him that him and not do let him go down with us to battle and lest he become our adversary in the battle for with what could he reconcile this [one] his master if not with the heads of men those
KJV: And the princes  of the Philistines  were wroth  with him; and the princes  of the Philistines  said  this fellow  return,  to his place  which thou hast appointed  him, and let him not go down  with us to battle,  he be an adversary  to us: for wherewith should he reconcile  himself unto his master?  should it not be with the heads  of these men? 

2 Samuel 24:23
Literal: All these has given Araunah king to the king - And said Araunah to the king Yahweh your God May accept you
KJV: All these things did Araunah,  as a king,  give  unto the king.  And Araunah  said  unto the king,  The LORD  thy God  accept  thee.

1 Chronicles 28:4
Literal: And However chose Yahweh God of Israel me above all the house of my father to be king over Israel forever For Judah [to be] He has chosen the ruler and of the house of Judah the house of my father and among the sons with me He was pleased to make [me] king all Israel
KJV: God  of Israel  chose  me before all the house  of my father  to be king  over Israel  for ever:  for he hath chosen  Judah  to be the ruler;  and of the house  of Judah,  the house  of my father;  and among the sons  of my father  he liked  me to make me king  over all Israel: 

1 Chronicles 29:3
Literal: Moreover because I have set my affection on the house of my God I have my own special treasure of gold and silver I have given to the house of my God over and above all that I have prepared for house the holy
KJV: Moreover, because I have set my affection  to the house  of my God,  I have  of mine own proper good,  of gold  and silver,  which I have given  to the house  of my God,  over and above  all that I have prepared  for the holy  house, 

1 Chronicles 29:17
Literal: And I know my God that You test the heart and in uprightness have pleasure I in the uprightness Of my heart have willingly offered all these [things] now Your people who are present here I have seen with joy to offer willingly to You
KJV: I know  also, my God,  that thou triest  the heart,  and hast pleasure  in uprightness.  As for me, in the uprightness  of mine heart  I have willingly offered  all these things: and now have I seen  with joy  thy people,  which are present  here, to offer willingly  unto thee.

2 Chronicles 10:7
Literal: And they spoke to him saying if you are kind to people this and please them and speak to them words good and they will be your servants all forever
KJV: And they spake  unto him, saying,  If thou be kind  to this people,  and please  them, and speak  good  words  to them, they will be thy servants  for ever. 

2 Chronicles 36:21
Literal: to fulfill the word of Yahweh by the mouth of Jeremiah until had enjoyed the land - her Sabbaths All as long as she lay desolate she kept Sabbath seventy years -
KJV: To fulfil  the word  of the LORD  by the mouth  of Jeremiah,  until the land  had enjoyed  her sabbaths:  for as long as  she lay desolate  she kept sabbath,  to fulfil  threescore and ten  years. 

Esther 10:3
Literal: for Mordecai the Jew [was] second to King Ahasuerus and was great among the Jews and well received by the multitude of his brothers seeking the good of his people and speaking peace to all his countrymen
KJV: For Mordecai  the Jew  was next  unto king  Ahasuerus,  and great  among the Jews,  and accepted  of the multitude  of his brethren,  seeking  the wealth  of his people,  and speaking  peace  to all his seed. 

Job 14:6
Literal: Look away from him that he may rest Till he finishes like a hired man his day
KJV: Turn  from him, that he may rest,  till he shall accomplish,  as an hireling,  his day. 

Job 20:10
Literal: His children will seek the favor of the poor and his hands will restore his wealth
KJV: His children  shall seek to please  the poor,  and his hands  shall restore  their goods. 

Job 33:26
Literal: He shall pray to God and He will delight in him and He shall see His face with joy for He restores to man His righteousness
KJV: He shall pray  unto God,  and he will be favourable  unto him: and he shall see  his face  with joy:  for he will render  unto man  his righteousness. 

Job 34:9
Literal: For he has said nothing it profits a man that he should delight in God
KJV: For he hath said,  It profiteth  a man  nothing that he should delight  himself with God. 

Psalms 40:13
Literal: Be pleased Yahweh to deliver me Yahweh to help me make haste
KJV: Be pleased,  O LORD,  to deliver  me: O LORD,  make haste  to help 

Psalms 44:3
Literal: For not by their own sword they did gain possession of the land and their own arm nor did save them but it was Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your countenance because You favored them
KJV: not the land  in possession  by their own sword,  neither did their own arm  save  them: but thy right hand,  and thine arm,  and the light  of thy countenance,  because thou hadst a favour  unto them.

Psalms 49:13
Literal: This [is] the way of those who are foolish to and of their posterity their sayings who approve Selah
KJV: This their way  is their folly:  yet their posterity  approve  their sayings.  Selah. 

Psalms 50:18
Literal: When you saw a thief and you consented with him and with adulterers have been a partaker
KJV: When thou sawest  a thief,  then thou consentedst  with him, and hast been partaker  with adulterers. 

Psalms 51:16
Literal: For not You do desire sacrifice or else I would give [it] in burnt offering not You do delight
KJV: For thou desirest  not sacrifice;  else would I give  it: thou delightest  not in burnt offering. 

Psalms 62:4
Literal: Only from his high position they consult to cast [him] down they delight in lies with their mouth they bless but inwardly they curse Selah
KJV: They only consult  to cast him down  from his excellency:  they delight  in lies:  they bless  with their mouth,  but they curse  inwardly.  Selah. 

Psalms 77:7
Literal: Will forever cast off the Lord and no will He more be favorable more
KJV: Will the Lord  cast off  for ever?  and will  he be favourable 

Psalms 85:1
Literal: To the Chief Musician of the sons of Korah A Psalm You have been favorable Yahweh to Your land You have brought back - the captivity of Jacob
KJV: [[To the chief Musician,  A Psalm  for the sons  of Korah.]]  LORD,  thou hast been favourable  unto thy land:  thou hast brought back  the captivity  of Jacob. 

Psalms 102:14
Literal: for take pleasure in Your servants - her stones and her dust show favor to
KJV: For thy servants  take pleasure  in her stones,  and favour  the dust 

Psalms 147:10
Literal: Not in the strength of the horse He does delight no in the legs of a man He takes pleasure
KJV: He delighteth  not in the strength  of the horse:  he taketh not pleasure  in the legs  of a man. 

Psalms 147:11
Literal: Takes pleasure Yahweh - in those who fear Him in those who hope in His mercy
KJV: The LORD  taketh pleasure  in them that fear  him, in those that hope  in his mercy. 

Psalms 149:4
Literal: For takes pleasure Yahweh in His people He will beautify the humble with salvation
KJV: For the LORD  taketh pleasure  in his people:  he will beautify  the meek  with salvation. 

Proverbs 3:12
Literal: for - whom loves Yahweh He corrects and just as a father - the son [in whom] he delights
KJV: For whom the LORD  loveth  he correcteth;  even as a father  the son  in whom he delighteth. 

Proverbs 16:7
Literal: When please Yahweh ways of a man even his enemies He makes to be at peace with him
KJV: When a man's  ways  please  the LORD,  he maketh even his enemies  to be at peace 

Proverbs 23:26
Literal: Give My son your heart me and your eyes my ways - Let observe
KJV: My son,  give  me thine heart,  and let thine eyes  observe  my ways. 

Ecclesiastes 9:7
Literal: Go eat with joy your bread and drink with a heart merry your wine for already has accepted God for your works
KJV: eat  thy bread  with joy,  and drink  thy wine  with a merry  heart;  for God  now  accepteth  thy works. 

Isaiah 40:2
Literal: Speak upon comfort to Jerusalem and cry out to her that is ended her warfare is pardoned her iniquity for she has received from the hand of Yahweh Double for all her sins -
KJV: Speak  ye comfortably  to Jerusalem,  and cry  unto her, that her warfare  is accomplished,  that her iniquity  is pardoned:  for she hath received  hand  double  for all her sins. 

Isaiah 42:1
Literal: Behold My Servant whom I uphold in My Chosen one [in whom] delights My soul I have put My Spirit upon Him justice to the Gentiles He will bring forth
KJV: Behold my servant,  whom I uphold;  mine elect,  in whom my soul  delighteth;  I have put  my spirit  upon him: he shall bring forth  judgment  to the Gentiles. 

Jeremiah 14:10
Literal: Thus says Yahweh to people this thus they have loved to wander their feet not they have restrained therefore Yahweh does accept them now He will remember their iniquity and punish their sins -
KJV: Thus saith  the LORD  unto this people,  Thus have they loved  to wander,  they have not refrained  their feet,  therefore the LORD  doth not accept  them; he will now remember  their iniquity,  and visit  their sins. 

Jeremiah 14:12
Literal: When they fast I will not listen unto their cry and when they offer burnt offering and grain offering accept them but by the sword and by the famine and by the pestilence I will consume them -
KJV: When they fast,  I will not hear  their cry;  and when they offer  burnt offering  and an oblation,  I will not accept  them: but I will consume  them by the sword,  and by the famine,  and by the pestilence. 

Ezekiel 20:40
Literal: For on mountain My holy on the mountain height of Israel says the Lord GOD there shall serve Me all the house of Israel all of them in the land I will accept them and there I will require - your offerings and the firstfruits of your sacrifices together with all your holy things
KJV: For in mine holy  mountain,  of the height  of Israel,  saith  the Lord  GOD,  there shall all the house  of Israel,  all of them in the land,  serve  me: there will I accept  them, and there will I require  your offerings,  and the firstfruits  of your oblations,  with all your holy things. 

Ezekiel 20:41
Literal: As aroma a sweet I will accept you when I bring out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries where you have been scattered in And I will show My holiness in you before the Gentiles
KJV: I will accept  you with your sweet  savour,  when I bring you out  from the people,  and gather  you out of the countries  wherein ye have been scattered;  and I will be sanctified  in you before  the heathen. 

Ezekiel 43:27
Literal: When are over - these days - and it shall be on day the eighth and thereafter that shall offer the priests on the altar your burnt offerings and your peace offerings and I will accept you says the Lord GOD
KJV: And when these days  are expired,  it shall be, that upon the eighth  day,  and so forward,  the priests  shall make  your burnt offerings  upon the altar,  and your peace offerings;  and I will accept  you, saith  the Lord  GOD. 

Hosea 8:13
Literal: [For] the sacrifices of My offerings they sacrifice flesh and eat [it] Yahweh not [But] does accept them now He will remember their iniquity and punish their sins they to Egypt shall return
KJV: They sacrifice  flesh  for the sacrifices  of mine offerings,  and eat  accepteth  them not; now will he remember  their iniquity,  and visit  their sins:  they shall return  to Egypt. 

Amos 5:22
Literal: Even Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings not I will accept [them] and peace offerings your fattened nor will I regard
KJV: Though ye offer  me burnt offerings  and your meat offerings,  I will not accept  them: neither will I regard  the peace offerings  of your fat beasts. 

Micah 6:7
Literal: will be pleased Yahweh with thousands of rams Ten thousand rivers of oil shall I give my firstborn [for] my transgression the fruit of my body [for] the sin of my soul
KJV: Will the LORD  be pleased  with thousands  of rams,  or with ten thousands  of rivers  of oil?  shall I give  my firstborn  for my transgression,  the fruit  of my body  for the sin  of my soul? 

Haggai 1:8
Literal: Go up to the mountains and bring wood and build the temple that I may take pleasure in it - and be glorified says Yahweh
KJV: Go up  to the mountain,  and bring  wood,  and build  the house;  and I will take pleasure  in it, and I will be glorified,  saith  the LORD. 

Malachi 1:8
Literal: And when you offer the blind as a sacrifice [Is it] not evil and when you offer the lame and sick evil Offer it then to your governor would he be pleased with you or would he accept favorably you says Yahweh of hosts
KJV: And if ye offer  the blind  for sacrifice,  is it not evil?  and if ye offer  the lame  and sick,  is it not evil?  offer  it now unto thy governor;  will he be pleased  with thee, or accept  thy person?  saith  the LORD  of hosts. 

Malachi 1:10
Literal: Who [is there] even among you and who would shut the doors so that not you would kindle fire [on] My altar in vain Have no I pleasure in you says Yahweh of hosts and an offering nor will I accept from your hands
KJV: Who is there even among you that would shut  the doors  for nought? neither do ye kindle  fire on mine altar  for nought.  I have no pleasure  in you, saith  the LORD  of hosts,  neither will I accept  an offering  at your hand. 

Malachi 1:13
Literal: and You say Oh what a weariness and you sneer at it says Yahweh of hosts and you bring the stolen and the lame the sick thus you bring - an offering Should I accept this from your hand says Yahweh -
KJV: Ye said  also, Behold, what a weariness  is it! and ye have snuffed  at it, saith  the LORD  of hosts;  and ye brought  that which was torn,  and the lame,  and the sick;  thus ye brought  an offering:  should I accept  this of your hand?  saith  the LORD. 

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