Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 7233

Word info for רְבָבָה

Root: רְבָבָה
Strongs Number: 7233
Transliteration: [râbabah]
Phonetics: reb·aw·baw
Etymology: From 7231
Parts of Speech: n f.
Sense: multitude, myriad, ten thousand (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 multitude, myriad, ten thousand.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H7233

רְבָבָ֑ה, רְבָבָ֣ה, רִֽבְב֖וֹת, מֵרִבְבֹ֣ת, רִבְב֣וֹת, לָרְבָבָ֔ה, בְּרִבְבֹתָֽיו, רְבָב֔וֹת, ؟ (בְּרִבְבֹתָֽיו), מֵרִבְב֥וֹת, וּרְבָבָ֥ה, מֵרְבָבָֽה, רְבָבָ֗ה, בְּרִֽבְב֖וֹת

All words for strongs number H7233 :

Word Occurance
؟ (בְּרִבְבֹתָֽיו) 2
רְבָבָ֑ה 2
רְבָבָ֣ה 1
רִֽבְב֖וֹת 1
מֵרִבְבֹ֣ת 1
רִבְב֣וֹת 1
לָרְבָבָ֔ה 1
בְּרִבְבֹתָֽיו 1
רְבָב֔וֹת 1
מֵרִבְב֥וֹת 1
וּרְבָבָ֥ה 1
מֵרְבָבָֽה 1
רְבָבָ֗ה 1
בְּרִֽבְב֖וֹת 1

How strongs number H7233 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
ten thousand 4
[his] ten thousands 3
of myriads 1
[to] the ten thousands 1
with ten thousands 1
the ten thousands 1
out of [every] ten thousand 1
ten thousands 1
of ten thousands 1
and ten thousand 1
among ten thousand 1

Two strong number together

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16 Verses with H7233

Genesis 24:60
Literal: And they blessed - Rebekah and said to her Our sister you may become [the mother] of thousands of myriads and may possess your descendants - the gates of those who hate them
KJV: And they blessed  Rebekah,  and said  unto her, Thou  art our sister,  be thou  the mother of thousands  of millions,  and let thy seed  possess  the gate  of those which hate  them.

Leviticus 26:8
Literal: And shall chase of you Five a hundred and a hundred ten thousand shall put to flight and shall fall your enemies before you by the sword
KJV: And five  of you shall chase  an hundred,  of you shall put ten thousand  to flight:  and your enemies  shall fall  before  you by the sword. 

Numbers 10:36
Literal: And when it rested he said Return Yahweh [To] the ten thousands thousands of Israel -
KJV: And when it rested,  he said,  Return,  O LORD,  unto the many  thousands  of Israel. 

Deuteronomy 32:30
Literal: how could chase one a thousand and two put to flight ten thousand except not Unless their Rock had sold them and Yahweh had surrendered them
KJV: How should one  chase  a thousand,  and two  put ten  thousand  to flight,  except  their Rock  had sold  them,  and the LORD  had shut them up? 

Deuteronomy 33:2
Literal: And he said Yahweh from Sinai came and dawned from Seir on them He shone forth from Mount Paran and He came with ten thousands of holy ones from His right hand - fiery [Came] a fiery law for them
KJV: And he said,  The LORD  came  from Sinai,  and rose up  from Seir  unto them; he shined forth  from mount  Paran,  and he came  with ten thousands  of saints:  from his right hand  went a fiery  for them.

Deuteronomy 33:17
Literal: Firstborn a bull glory [is like] His and the horns of the wild ox his horns [like] with them the peoples He shall push Together to the ends of the earth And they [are] the ten thousands of Ephraim and they [are] the thousands of Manasseh -
KJV: His glory  is like the firstling  of his bullock,  and his horns  of unicorns:  with them he shall push  the people  together  to the ends  of the earth:  and they are the ten thousands  of Ephraim,  and they are the thousands  of Manasseh. 

Judges 20:10
Literal: And we will take ten men out of [every] hundred throughout all the tribes of Israel and a hundred out of [every] thousand and a thousand out of [every] ten thousand to make provisions for the people that they may repay when they come to Geba in Benjamin all the vileness that they have done in Israel
KJV: And we will take  ten  of an hundred  throughout all the tribes  of Israel,  and an hundred  of a thousand,  out of ten thousand,  to fetch  victual  for the people,  that they may do,  when they come  to Gibeah  of Benjamin,  according to all the folly  that they have wrought  in Israel. 

1 Samuel 18:7
Literal: So sang the women as they danced and said has slain Saul [his] thousands [his] thousands and David [his] ten thousands
KJV: And the women  answered  one another as they played,  and said,  Saul  hath slain  his thousands,  and David  his ten thousands. 

1 Samuel 18:8
Literal: And was angry Saul very and displeased him saying this and he said they have ascribed to David ten thousands and to me they have ascribed [only] thousands And [what] more can have he but the kingdom
KJV: And Saul  was very  wroth,  and the saying  him; and he said,  They have ascribed  unto David  ten thousands,  and to me they have ascribed  but thousands:  and what can he have more but the kingdom? 

1 Samuel 21:12
Literal: And said the servants of Achish to him [Is] not this David the king of the land did not of this [one] they sing to one another in dances saying has slain Saul [his] thousands [his] thousands and David ten thousands [his] ten thousands
KJV: And David  Achish  the king 

1 Samuel 29:5
Literal: [Is] not this David of whom they sang one to another in dances saying has slain Saul [his] thousands and David ten thousands [his] ten thousands -
KJV: Is not this David,  of whom they sang  one to another in dances,  saying,  Saul  slew  his thousands,  and David  his ten thousands? 

Psalms 3:6
Literal: Not I will be afraid of ten thousands of people who all around have set [themselves] against me
KJV: I will not be afraid  of ten thousands  of people,  that have set  themselves against me round about. 

Psalms 91:7
Literal: May fall at your side a thousand and ten thousand at your right hand near you not [But] it shall come
KJV: A thousand  shall fall  at thy side,  and ten thousand  at thy right hand;  but it shall not come nigh 

Song of Solomon 5:10
Literal: My beloved [is] white and red Chief among ten thousand
KJV: My beloved  is white  and ruddy,  the chiefest  among ten thousand. 

Ezekiel 16:7
Literal: Ten thousand like a plant in the field I made you and you grew and matured and became beautiful very [Your] breasts were formed and your hair grew but you [were] naked and bare
KJV: I have caused  thee to multiply  as the bud  of the field,  and thou hast increased  and waxen great,  and thou art come  to excellent  thy breasts  are fashioned,  and thine hair  is grown,  whereas thou wast naked  and bare. 

Micah 6:7
Literal: will be pleased Yahweh with thousands of rams Ten thousand rivers of oil shall I give my firstborn [for] my transgression the fruit of my body [for] the sin of my soul
KJV: Will the LORD  be pleased  with thousands  of rams,  or with ten thousands  of rivers  of oil?  shall I give  my firstborn  for my transgression,  the fruit  of my body  for the sin  of my soul? 

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