Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 7015

Word info for קִינָה

Root: קִינָה
Strongs Number: 7015
Transliteration: [qiynah]
Phonetics: kee·naw
Etymology: From 6969
Parts of Speech: n f.
Sense: lamentation, dirge, elegy (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 lamentation, dirge, elegy.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H7015

הַקִּינָ֖ה, בְּקִינ֨וֹתֵיהֶ֤ם, קִינָ֑ה, קִינָ֔ה, קִינָֽה, קִנִ֥ים, קִ֥ינָה, קִינָה֙, קִינָ֖ה, וְק֣וֹנְנ֔וּהָ, לְקִינָ֔ה

All words for strongs number H7015 :

Word Occurance
קִינָ֔ה 3
קִינָֽה 2
קִינָה֙ 2
קִינָ֖ה 2
הַקִּינָ֖ה 1
בְּקִינ֨וֹתֵיהֶ֤ם 1
קִינָ֑ה 1
קִנִ֥ים 1
קִ֥ינָה 1
וְק֣וֹנְנ֔וּהָ 1
לְקִינָ֔ה 1

How strongs number H7015 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
a lamentation 11
lamentation 1
in their lamentations 1
[were] lamentations 1
and with which they shall lament her 1
into lamentation 1

Two strong number together

16 Verses with H7015

2 Samuel 1:17
Literal: And lamented David with lamentation this over Saul and over Jonathan his son
KJV: And David  lamented  with this lamentation  over Saul  and over Jonathan  his son: 

2 Chronicles 35:25
Literal: And lamented Jeremiah for Josiah And speak all the singing men and the singing women in their lamentations of Josiah to this day and they made it a custom in Israel and indeed they [are] written the Laments
KJV: And Jeremiah  lamented  for Josiah:  and all the singing men  spake  of Josiah  in their lamentations  to this day,  and made  them an ordinance  in Israel:  and, behold, they are written  in the lamentations. 

Jeremiah 7:29
Literal: Cut off your hair and cast [it] away and take up on the desolate heights a lamentation for has rejected Yahweh and forsaken - the generation of His wrath
KJV: Cut off  thine hair,  O Jerusalem, and cast it away,  and take up  a lamentation  on high places;  for the LORD  hath rejected  and forsaken  the generation  of his wrath. 

Jeremiah 9:10
Literal: For the mountains I will take up a weeping and wailing and for the dwelling places of the wilderness a lamentation because they are burned up so that no one one can pass through nor can [men] hear the voice of the cattle from the birds of the heavens and to the beasts have fled they are gone
KJV: For the mountains  will I take up  a weeping  and wailing,  and for the habitations  of the wilderness  a lamentation,  because they are burned up,  so that none  can pass  through them; neither can men hear  the voice  of the cattle;  both the fowl  of the heavens  and the beast  are fled;  they are gone. 

Jeremiah 9:20
Literal: Yet hear women the word of Yahweh and let receive your ear of His mouth and Teach your daughters wailing and everyone her neighbor a lamentation
KJV: Yet hear  the word  of the LORD,  O ye women,  and let your ear  receive  the word  of his mouth,  and teach  your daughters  wailing,  and every one  her neighbour  lamentation. 

Ezekiel 2:10
Literal: And He spread it before me and was writing on the inside and on the outside and written on it [were] lamentations and mourning and woe -
KJV: And he spread  it before  me; and it was written  within  and without:  and there was written  therein lamentations,  and mourning,  and woe. 

Ezekiel 19:1
Literal: And Moreover you take up a lamentation for the princes of Israel
KJV: Moreover take thou up  a lamentation  for the princes  of Israel, 

Ezekiel 19:14
Literal: And has come out Fire from a rod of her branches her fruit [And] devoured so that no she has in branch strong a scepter for ruling A lamentation that [is] and has become a lamentation -
KJV: And fire  is gone out  of a rod  of her branches,  which hath devoured  her fruit,  so that she hath no strong  rod  to be a sceptre  to rule.  This is a lamentation, 

Ezekiel 26:17
Literal: And they will take up for you a lamentation and say to you how you have perished one inhabited by seafaring [men] city renowned who was strong at sea she and her inhabitants who caused [to] [be] their terror on all her inhabitants
KJV: And they shall take up  a lamentation  for thee, and say  to thee, How art thou destroyed,  that wast inhabited  of seafaring men,  the renowned  city,  which wast strong  in the sea,  she and her inhabitants,  which cause  their terror  to be on all that haunt  it!

Ezekiel 27:2
Literal: now you son of man take up for Tyre a lamentation
KJV: Now, thou son  of man,  take up  a lamentation  for Tyrus; 

Ezekiel 27:32
Literal: And they will take up for you in their wailing a lamentation and lament for you who [is] like Tyre Destroyed in the midst of the sea
KJV: And in their wailing  they shall take up  a lamentation  for thee, and lament  over thee, saying, What city is like Tyrus,  like the destroyed  in the midst  of the sea? 

Ezekiel 28:12
Literal: Son of man take up a lamentation for the king of Tyre and say to him thus says the Lord GOD You [were] the seal of perfection Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty
KJV: Son  of man,  take up  a lamentation  upon the king  of Tyrus,  and say  the Lord  GOD;  Thou sealest up  the sum,  full  of wisdom,  and perfect  in beauty. 

Ezekiel 32:2
Literal: Son of man take up a lamentation for Pharaoh king of Egypt and say to him a young lion among the nations You are like and you [are] like a monster in the seas and Bursting forth in your rivers and Troubling the waters with your feet and fouling their rivers
KJV: Son  of man,  take up  a lamentation  for Pharaoh  king  of Egypt,  and say  unto him, Thou art like  a young lion  of the nations,  and thou art as a whale  in the seas:  and thou camest forth  with thy rivers,  and troubledst  the waters  with thy feet,  and fouledst  their rivers. 

Ezekiel 32:16
Literal: The lamentation that [is] and with which they shall lament her the daughters of the nations shall lament her for Egypt and for all her multitude they shall lament for her says the Lord GOD -
KJV: This is the lamentation  wherewith they shall lament  her: the daughters  of the nations  shall lament  for her, even for Egypt,  and for all her multitude,  saith  the Lord  GOD. 

Amos 5:1
Literal: Hear - word this which I take up against you a lamentation house of Israel
KJV: Hear  ye this word  which I take up  against you, even a lamentation,  O house  of Israel. 

Amos 8:10
Literal: And I will turn your feasts into mourning and all your songs into lamentation and I will bring on every waist sackcloth and on head baldness and I will make it like mourning for an only [son] and its end like a day bitter
KJV: And I will turn  your feasts  into mourning,  and all your songs  into lamentation;  and I will bring up  sackcloth  upon all loins,  and baldness  upon every head;  and I will make  it as the mourning  of an only  son, and the end  thereof as a bitter  day. 

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