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Word info for קוּשָׁיָהוּ

Root: קוּשָׁיָהוּ
Strongs Number: 6984
Transliteration: [quwshayahuw]
Phonetics: koo·shaw·yaw·hoo
Etymology: From the pass part of 6983 and 3050
Parts of Speech: n pr m.
Sense: father of Ethan the Merarite (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 father of Ethan the Merarite.
      1a same as ‘Kish’ or ‘Kishi’.
      Additional Information: Kushaiah = “bow of Jehovah”.

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All words for strongs number H6984 :

Word Occurance
קֽוּשָׁיָֽהוּ 1

How strongs number H6984 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
of kushaiah 1

Two strong number together

1 Verses with H6984

1 Chronicles 15:17
Literal: So appointed the Levites - Heman son of Joel and of his brothers Asaph of Berechiah - and of the sons of Merari their brothers Ethan of Kushaiah
KJV: So the Levites  appointed  Heman  the son  of Joel;  and of his brethren,  Asaph  the son  of Berechiah;  and of the sons  of Merari  their brethren,  Ethan  the son  of Kushaiah; 

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