Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 6865

Word info for צֹור

Root: צֹור, צֹר
Strongs Number: 6865
Transliteration: [Tsor, Tsowr]
Phonetics: tsore
Etymology: The same as 6864
Parts of Speech: n pr loc.
Sense: the Phoenician city on the Mediterranean coast (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 the Phoenician city on the Mediterranean coast.
   Additional Information: Tyre or Tyrus = “a rock”.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H6865

צֹ֑ר, צֹ֥ר, צֹ֔ר, צ֤וֹר, מִצֹּֽר, צֹ֠ר, מִצֹּ֔ר, צֹ֖ר, צֹר֙, צֹ֨ר ׀, צֽוֹר, וְצ֣וֹר, צֹֽר, לְצֹר֙, צֹּ֤ר, צֹ֗ר, לְצ֑וֹר, לְצ֗וֹר, צוֹר֙, כְצ֔וֹר, צֹ֜ר, צ֑וֹר, לְצ֖וֹר, צֹ֣ר, צֹ֛ר

All words for strongs number H6865 :

Word Occurance
צֹ֔ר 5
צֹ֑ר 4
צֹ֖ר 4
צֹ֗ר 2
צֹ֣ר 2
צֹר֙ 2
צֹ֥ר 2
לְצ֖וֹר 1
צ֑וֹר 1
צֹ֜ר 1
כְצ֔וֹר 1
צוֹר֙ 1
לְצ֗וֹר 1
לְצ֑וֹר 1
צֹֽר 1
צֹּ֤ר 1
לְצֹר֙ 1
וְצ֣וֹר 1
צֽוֹר 1
צֹ֨ר ׀ 1
מִצֹּ֔ר 1
צֹ֠ר 1
מִצֹּֽר 1
צ֤וֹר 1
צֹ֛ר 1

How strongs number H6865 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
of tyre 16
tyre 14
from tyre 3
to tyre 2
like tyre 2
and tyre 1
and [against] tyre 1

Two strong number together

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39 Verses with H6865

Joshua 19:29
Literal: And turned the border to Ramah and to the city of fortified Tyre then turned to Hosah - and ended at the sea by the region of Achzib
KJV: And then the coast  turneth  to Ramah,  and to the strong  city  Tyre;  and the coast  turneth  to Hosah;  and the outgoings  thereof are at the sea  from the coast  to Achzib: 

2 Samuel 5:11
Literal: And sent Hiram king of Tyre messengers to David and trees cedar and carpenters and stones masons and they built a house David
KJV: And Hiram  king  of Tyre  sent  messengers  to David,  and cedar  trees,  and carpenters,  and masons:  and they built  David  an house. 

2 Samuel 24:7
Literal: and they came to the stronghold of Tyre and to all the cities of the Hivite and the Canaanite and they went out to Negev Judah in Beersheba
KJV: And came  to the strong hold  of Tyre,  and to all the cities  of the Hivites,  and of the Canaanites:  and they went out  to the south  of Judah,  even to Beersheba. 

1 Kings 5:1
Literal: And sent Hiram king of Tyre - his servants to Solomon because he heard that him they had anointed king in place of his father for had loved was David Ever always -
KJV: And Hiram  king  of Tyre  sent  his servants  unto Solomon;  for he had heard  that they had anointed  him king  in the room of his father:  for Hiram  was ever  a lover  of David. 

1 Kings 7:13
Literal: And sent King Solomon and brought - Huram from Tyre
KJV: And king  Solomon  sent  and fetched  Hiram  out of Tyre. 

1 Kings 9:11
Literal: Hiram the king of Tyre had supplied - Solomon with cedar and cypress fir and gold as much as he desired then gave [that] King Hiram twenty cities in the land of Galilee
KJV: (Now Hiram  the king  of Tyre  had furnished  Solomon  with cedar  trees  and fir  trees,  and with gold,  according to all his desire,)  that then  king  Solomon  gave  Hiram  twenty  cities  in the land  of Galilee. 

1 Kings 9:12
Literal: And went Hiram from Tyre to see - the cities which had given him Solomon but not they did please him
KJV: And Hiram  came out  from Tyre  to see  the cities  which Solomon  had given  him; and they pleased  him not.

1 Chronicles 14:1
Literal: And sent Hiram Huram king of Tyre messengers to David and trees cedar and with masons carpenters to build him a house
KJV: Now Hiram  king  of Tyre  sent  messengers  to David,  and timber  of cedars,  with masons  and carpenters,  to build  him an house. 

2 Chronicles 2:3
Literal: And sent Solomon to Hiram king of Tyre saying as you have dealt with David my father and sent him cedars to build himself a house to dwell in [so deal with me]
KJV: And Solomon  sent  to Huram  the king  of Tyre,  saying,  As thou didst deal  with David  my father,  and didst send  him cedars  to build  him an house  to dwell  therein, even so deal with me.

2 Chronicles 2:11
Literal: And answered Hiram king of Tyre in writing and which he sent to Solomon because loves Yahweh - His people He has made you over them king
KJV: Then Huram  the king  of Tyre  answered  in writing,  which he sent  to Solomon,  Because the LORD  hath loved  his people,  he hath made  thee king 

Psalms 45:12
Literal: And the daughter of Tyre [will come] with a gift your favor Will seek the rich among the people
KJV: And the daughter  of Tyre  shall be there with a gift;  even the rich  among the people  shall intreat  thy favour. 

Psalms 83:7
Literal: Gebal and Ammon and Amalek Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre
KJV: Gebal,  and Ammon,  and Amalek;  the Philistines  with the inhabitants  of Tyre; 

Psalms 87:4
Literal: I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to those who know Me behold Philistia and Tyre with Ethiopia this [one] was born there
KJV: I will make mention  of Rahab  and Babylon  to them that know  me: behold Philistia,  and Tyre,  with Ethiopia;  this man was born 

Isaiah 23:1
Literal: The burden against Tyre Wail you ships of Tarshish for it is laid waste so that there is no house no harbor from the land of Cyprus it is revealed to them
KJV: The burden  of Tyre.  Howl,  ye ships  of Tarshish;  for it is laid waste,  so that there is no house,  no entering in:  from the land  of Chittim  it is revealed  to them.

Isaiah 23:5
Literal: When the report [reaches] Egypt they also will be in agony at the report of Tyre
KJV: As at the report  concerning Egypt,  so shall they be sorely pained  at the report  of Tyre. 

Isaiah 23:8
Literal: Who has taken counsel this against Tyre the crowning [city] Whose merchants [are] princes Whose traders [are] the honorable of the earth
KJV: Who hath taken this counsel  against Tyre,  the crowning  city, whose merchants  are princes,  are the honourable  of the earth? 

Isaiah 23:15
Literal: And it shall come to pass in day that will be forgotten Tyre seventy years according to the days of king One at the end of seventy years it will come to pass to Tyre as [in] the song of the harlot
KJV: And it shall come to pass in that day,  that Tyre  shall be forgotten  seventy  years,  according to the days  of one  king:  after the end  of seventy  years  shall Tyre  sing  as an harlot. 

Isaiah 23:17
Literal: And it shall be at the end of seventy years that will visit Yahweh - Tyre and she will return to her hire and commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world on the face of the earth
KJV: And it shall come to pass after the end  of seventy  years,  that the LORD  will visit  Tyre,  and she shall turn  to her hire,  and shall commit fornication  with all the kingdoms  of the world  upon the face  of the earth. 

Jeremiah 25:22
Literal: and all the kings of Tyre and the kings of Sidon of the coastlands which [are] across the sea
KJV: And all the kings  of Tyrus,  and all the kings  of Zidon,  and the kings  of the isles  which are beyond  the sea, 

Jeremiah 27:3
Literal: and send them to the king of Edom and of Moab the king of the Ammonites of Tyre of Sidon by the hand of the messengers who come to Jerusalem Zedekiah king of Judah
KJV: And send  them to the king  of Edom,  and to the king  of Moab,  and to the king  of the Ammonites,  and to the king  of Tyrus,  and to the king  of Zidon,  by the hand  of the messengers  which come  to Jerusalem  unto Zedekiah  king  of Judah; 

Jeremiah 47:4
Literal: because of the day that comes to plunder - all the Philistines to cut off from Tyre and Sidon every who remains helper for shall plunder Yahweh the remnant of the country of Caphtor
KJV: Because of the day  that cometh  to spoil  all the Philistines,  and to cut off  from Tyrus  and Zidon  every helper  that remaineth:  for the LORD  will spoil  the Philistines,  the remnant  of the country  of Caphtor. 

Ezekiel 26:2
Literal: Son of man because because has said Tyre against Jerusalem Aha she is broken who [was] the gateway of the peoples now she is turned over to me I shall be filled she is laid waste
KJV: Son  of man,  because that Tyrus  hath said  against Jerusalem,  Aha,  she is broken  that was the gates  of the people:  she is turned  unto me: I shall be replenished,  now she is laid waste: 

Ezekiel 26:3
Literal: therefore thus says the Lord GOD behold I [am] against you Tyre and will cause to come up against you nations many as causes to come up the sea its waves
KJV: Therefore thus saith  the Lord  GOD;  Behold, I am against thee, O Tyrus,  and will cause many  nations  to come up  against thee, as the sea  causeth his waves  to come up. 

Ezekiel 26:4
Literal: And they shall destroy the walls of Tyre and break down her towers and I will scrape her dust from her and make her like the top of a rock
KJV: And they shall destroy  the walls  of Tyrus,  and break down  her towers:  I will also scrape  her dust  from her, and make  her like the top  of a rock. 

Ezekiel 26:7
Literal: For thus says the Lord GOD behold I will bring against Tyre Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon from the north king of kings with horses and with chariots and with horsemen and an army and with people many
KJV: For thus saith  the Lord  GOD;  Behold, I will bring  upon Tyrus  Nebuchadrezzar  king  of Babylon,  a king  from the north,  with horses,  and with chariots,  and with horsemen,  and companies,  and much  people. 

Ezekiel 26:15
Literal: Thus says the Lord GOD to Tyre will not at the sound of your fall when cry the wounded when is made slaughter in the midst of you shake the coastlands
KJV: Thus saith  the Lord  GOD  to Tyrus;  Shall not the isles  shake  at the sound  of thy fall,  when the wounded  cry,  when the slaughter  is made  in the midst 

Ezekiel 27:2
Literal: now you son of man take up for Tyre a lamentation
KJV: Now, thou son  of man,  take up  a lamentation  for Tyrus; 

Ezekiel 27:3
Literal: And say to Tyre - You who are situated at the entrance of the sea merchant of the peoples on coastlands many thus says the Lord GOD Tyre you have said I [am] in perfect beauty
KJV: And say  unto Tyrus,  O thou that art situate  of the sea,  which art a merchant  of the people  for many  isles,  Thus saith  the Lord  O Tyrus,  thou hast said,  I am of perfect  beauty. 

Ezekiel 27:8
Literal: Inhabitants of Sidon and Arvad were oarsmen your Your wise men Tyre were in you they [were] your pilots
KJV: The inhabitants  of Zidon  and Arvad  were thy mariners:  thy wise  men, O Tyrus,  that were in thee, were thy pilots. 

Ezekiel 27:32
Literal: And they will take up for you in their wailing a lamentation and lament for you who [is] like Tyre Destroyed in the midst of the sea
KJV: And in their wailing  they shall take up  a lamentation  for thee, and lament  over thee, saying, What city is like Tyrus,  like the destroyed  in the midst  of the sea? 

Ezekiel 28:2
Literal: Son of man say to the prince of Tyre thus says the Lord GOD because [is] lifted up your heart and you say a god I [am] [in] the seat of gods I sit in the midst of the seas and yet you [are] a man and not a god and Though you set as the heart of a god
KJV: Son  of man,  say  unto the prince  of Tyrus,  Thus saith  the Lord  GOD;  Because thine heart  is lifted up,  and thou hast said,  I am a God,  I sit  in the seat  of God,  in the midst  of the seas;  yet thou art a man,  and not God,  though thou set  thine heart  of God: 

Ezekiel 28:12
Literal: Son of man take up a lamentation for the king of Tyre and say to him thus says the Lord GOD You [were] the seal of perfection Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty
KJV: Son  of man,  take up  a lamentation  upon the king  of Tyrus,  and say  the Lord  GOD;  Thou sealest up  the sum,  full  of wisdom,  and perfect  in beauty. 

Ezekiel 29:18
Literal: Son of man Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon caused to labor - his army strenuously great against Tyre every head [was] made bald and every shoulder rubbed raw and yet wages neither received he and nor his army from Tyre for the labor which they expended on it -
KJV: Son  of man,  Nebuchadrezzar  king  of Babylon  his army  to serve  a great  service  against Tyrus:  every head  was made bald,  and every shoulder  was peeled:  yet had he no wages,  nor his army,  for Tyrus,  for the service  that he had served  against it:

Hosea 9:13
Literal: Ephraim just as I saw like Tyre planted in a pleasant place so Ephraim will bring out to the murderer his children
KJV: Ephraim,  as I saw  Tyrus,  is planted  in a pleasant place:  but Ephraim  shall bring forth  his children  to the murderer. 

Joel 3:4
Literal: And indeed what have you to do with Me Tyre and Sidon and all the coasts of Philistia retaliate you will against Me but if retaliate against Me Swiftly and speedily I will return your retaliation upon your own head
KJV: Yea, and what have ye to do with me, O Tyre,  and Zidon,  and all the coasts  of Palestine?  will ye render  me a recompence?  and if ye recompense  me, swiftly  and speedily  will I return  your recompence  upon your own head; 

Amos 1:9
Literal: Thus says Yahweh for three transgressions of Tyre for four not I will turn away its [punishment] because they delivered up the captivity whole to Edom and not did remember the covenant of brotherhood
KJV: Thus saith  the LORD;  For three  transgressions  of Tyrus,  and for four,  I will not turn away  the punishment thereof; because they delivered up  the whole  captivity  to Edom,  and remembered  not the brotherly  covenant: 

Amos 1:10
Literal: But I will send a fire upon the wall of Tyre and which shall devour its palaces -
KJV: But I will send  a fire  on the wall  of Tyrus,  which shall devour  the palaces  thereof.

Zechariah 9:2
Literal: and [against] Hamath [which] borders on it and [against] Tyre and Sidon though they are wise very
KJV: And Hamath  also shall border  thereby; Tyrus,  and Zidon,  though it be very  wise. 

Zechariah 9:3
Literal: For built Tyre a tower herself and Heaped up silver like the dust and gold like the mire of the streets
KJV: And Tyrus  did build  herself a strong hold,  and heaped up  silver  as the dust,  and fine gold  as the mire  of the streets. 

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