Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 629

Word info for אָסְפַּרְנָא

Root: אָסְפַּרְנָא
Strongs Number: 629
Transliteration: [ʾocparnaʾ]
Phonetics: os·par·naw
Etymology: Of Persian derivation
Parts of Speech: adv.
Sense: thoroughly (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 thoroughly.
   2 (CLBL) eagerly, diligently.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H629

אָסְפַּ֥רְנָא, אָסְפַּ֗רְנָא, אָסְפַּ֖רְנָא, אָסְפַּ֨רְנָא, אָסְפַּ֕רְנָא

All words for strongs number H629 :

Word Occurance
אָסְפַּ֥רְנָא 2
אָסְפַּ֖רְנָא 2
אָסְפַּ֗רְנָא 1
אָסְפַּ֨רְנָא 1
אָסְפַּ֕רְנָא 1

How strongs number H629 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
diligently 7

Two strong number together

7 Verses with H629

Ezra 5:8
Literal: Known let it be to king the that we went of Judah into province the to the temple of God great the that is being built with stones heavy and timber is being laid in walls the and work this diligently goes on and prospers in their hands -
KJV: Be it known  unto the king,  that we went  into the province  of Judea,  to the house  of the great  God,  which is builded  with great  stones,  and timber  is laid  in the walls,  and this  work  goeth  fast  on, and prospereth  in their hands. 

Ezra 6:8
Literal: Moreover I issue a decree [as to] what - you shall do for the elders of Jews these for the building of house of God this and at expense king's the from taxes [on] [the region] beyond River the diligently cost the let be paid this is to be given to men these so that not they are hindered
KJV: Moreover I  make  a decree  what  ye shall do  to  the elders  of these  Jews  for the building  of this  house  of God:  that of the king's  goods,  even of  the tribute  beyond  the river,  forthwith  expenses  be  given  unto these  men,  that they be not  hindered. 

Ezra 6:12
Literal: And God the who causes to dwell His name there may destroy any king or people who put their hand to alter it or to destroy house of God this which is in Jerusalem I Darius issue a decree diligently let it be done -
KJV: And the God  that hath caused his name  to dwell  there  destroy  all  kings  and people,  that shall put  to their hand  to alter  and to destroy  this  house  of God  which is at Jerusalem.  Darius  have made  a decree;  let it be done  with speed. 

Ezra 6:13
Literal: Then Tattenai governor of [the region] beyond River the - Shethar-boznai and their companions according to according to what had sent Darius King so diligently did
KJV: Then  Tatnai,  governor  on this side  the river,  Shetharboznai,  and their companions,  according  to that which Darius  the king  had sent,  so  they did  speedily. 

Ezra 7:17
Literal: therefore now therefore diligently buy with money this bulls rams and lambs and with their grain offerings and their drink offerings and offer them on altar the of the house of your God that in Jerusalem
KJV: That  thou mayest buy  speedily  with this  money  bullocks,  rams,  lambs,  with their meat offerings  and their drink offerings,  and offer  them  upon  the altar  of the house  of your God  which is in Jerusalem. 

Ezra 7:21
Literal: And I [even] I Artaxerxes king the issue a decree to all treasurers the who [are in the region] beyond River the that all whatever may require of you Ezra priest the the scribe of Law the of God of heaven the diligently let it be done
KJV: And I,  even I  Artaxerxes  the king,  do make  a decree  to all  the treasurers  which are beyond  the river,  that whatsoever Ezra  the priest,  the scribe  of the law  of the God  of heaven,  shall require  of you, it be done  speedily, 

Ezra 7:26
Literal: And Whoever not will observe law the of your God and law the of king the diligently judgment let be executed on him whether [it be] death or - or banishment or or confiscation of goods or bonds -
KJV: And whosoever  will not  do  the law  of thy God,  and the law  of the king,  let judgment  be  executed  speedily  upon him,  whether  it be unto death,  or  to banishment,  or  to confiscation  of goods,  or to imprisonment. 

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