Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5810

Word info for עָזַז

Root: עָזַז
Strongs Number: 5810
Transliteration: [ʿazaz]
Phonetics: aw·zaz
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to be strong (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to be strong.
      1a (Qal) to be strong, prevail.
      1b (Hiphil) to make firm, strengthen.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H5810

וַתָּ֣עָז, וַתָּ֥עָז, יָעֹ֣ז, יָ֝עֹ֗ז, עוּזָּ֥ה, תָּעֹ֥ז, הֵעֵ֥זָה, בַּ֝עֲז֗וֹז, הֵעֵ֬ז, תָּעֹ֣ז, לָעוֹז֙, יָעֽוֹז

All words for strongs number H5810 :

Word Occurance
וַתָּ֣עָז 1
וַתָּ֥עָז 1
יָעֹ֣ז 1
יָ֝עֹ֗ז 1
עוּזָּ֥ה 1
תָּעֹ֥ז 1
הֵעֵ֥זָה 1
בַּ֝עֲז֗וֹז 1
הֵעֵ֬ז 1
תָּעֹ֣ז 1
לָעוֹז֙ 1
יָעֽוֹז 1

How strongs number H5810 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
and prevailed 2
do let prevail 1
[and] strengthened himself 1
strengthen 1
strong is 1
with an impudent 1
when he strengthened 1
hardens 1
strengthens 1
to strengthen themselves 1
he will prevail 1

Two strong number together

12 Verses with H5810

Judges 3:10
Literal: And came upon him the Spirit of Yahweh and he judged - Israel and He went out to war and delivered Yahweh into his hand as Cushan-rishathaim king of Syria and prevailed his hand over Cushan-rishathaim
KJV: And the Spirit  of the LORD  came upon him, and he judged  Israel,  and went out  to war:  and the LORD  delivered  Chushanrishathaim  king  into his hand;  prevailed  against Chushanrishathaim. 

Judges 6:2
Literal: And prevailed the hand of Midian against Israel Because of the Midianites made for themselves the sons of Israel - the dens which [are] in the mountains and the caves the strongholds
KJV: And the hand  of Midian  prevailed  against Israel:  and because  of the Midianites  the children  of Israel  made  them the dens  which are in the mountains,  and caves,  and strong holds. 

Psalms 9:19
Literal: Arise Yahweh not do let prevail man let be judged the nations in Your sight
KJV: Arise,  prevail:  let the heathen  be judged  in thy sight. 

Psalms 52:7
Literal: Here is the man not [who] did make God his strength but trusted in the abundance of his riches [And] strengthened himself in his wickedness
KJV: Lo, this is the man  that made  not God  his strength;  but trusted  in the abundance  of his riches,  and strengthened  himself in his wickedness. 

Psalms 68:28
Literal: Has commanded Your God your strength Strengthen God what You have done for us
KJV: Thy God  hath commanded  thy strength:  strengthen,  O God,  that which  thou hast wrought  for us.

Psalms 89:13
Literal: You have a arm with mighty Strong is Your hand [and] high is Your right hand
KJV: Thou hast a mighty  arm:  strong  is thy hand,  and high  is thy right hand. 

Proverbs 7:13
Literal: So she caught him and kissed him with an impudent face and she said to him
KJV: So she caught  him, and kissed  him, and with an impudent  face  said  unto him,

Proverbs 8:28
Literal: when He established the clouds above when He strengthened the fountains of the deep
KJV: When he established  the clouds  above:  when he strengthened  the fountains  of the deep: 

Proverbs 21:29
Literal: Hardens a man wicked his face but [as for] the upright he - establishes - his way
KJV: A wicked  man  hardeneth  his face:  but as for the upright,  his way. 

Ecclesiastes 7:19
Literal: Wisdom strengthens the wise More than ten rulers that are of the city
KJV: Wisdom  strengtheneth  the wise  more than ten  mighty  men which are in the city. 

Isaiah 30:2
Literal: who walk to go down to Egypt and My advice not have asked to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh and to trust in the shadow of Egypt
KJV: That walk  to go down  into Egypt,  and have not asked  at my mouth;  to strengthen  themselves in the strength  of Pharaoh,  and to trust  in the shadow  of Egypt! 

Daniel 11:12
Literal: And when he has taken away the multitude - will be lifted up his heart and he will cast down ten thousands but not he will prevail
KJV: And when he hath taken away  the multitude,  his heart  shall be lifted up;  and he shall cast down  many ten thousands:  but he shall not be strengthened  by it.

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