Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5197

Word info for נָטַף

Root: נָטַף
Strongs Number: 5197
Transliteration: [nataph]
Phonetics: naw·taf
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to drop, drip, distil, prophesy, preach, discourse (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to drop, drip, distil, prophesy, preach, discourse.
      1a (Qal) to drop, drip.
      1b (Hiphil).
         1b1 to drip.
         1b2 to drop (prophecy).

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H5197

נָטָ֑פוּ, תִּטֹּ֥ף, נָטְפוּ֮, תִּ֭טֹּפְנָה, תִּטֹּ֥פְנָה, נָֽטְפוּ־, נֹטְפ֖וֹת, וְהַטֵּ֖ף, יִטְּפ֧וּ, תַטִּ֖יף, וְהִטִּ֤יפוּ, תַּטִּ֖פוּ, אַטִּ֣ף

All words for strongs number H5197 :

Word Occurance
וְהַטֵּ֖ף 2
נָטָ֑פוּ 1
תִּטֹּ֥ף 1
נָטְפוּ֮ 1
תִּ֭טֹּפְנָה 1
תִּטֹּ֥פְנָה 1
נָֽטְפוּ־ 1
נֹטְפ֖וֹת 1
יִטְּפ֧וּ 1
תַטִּ֖יף 1
וְהִטִּ֤יפוּ 1
תַּטִּ֖פוּ 1
אַטִּ֣ף 1

How strongs number H5197 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
and preach 2
drip 2
poured 1
settled [as dew] 1
dropped [rain] 1
dripped 1
dripping 1
[that] shall drip 1
do spout 1
and shall drip 1
do prattle 1
[saying] i will prophesy 1

Two strong number together

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14 Verses with H5197

Judges 5:4
Literal: Yahweh when You went out from Seir when You marched from the field of Edom the earth trembled and the heavens poured also the clouds poured water
KJV: LORD,  when thou wentest out  of Seir,  when thou marchedst out  of the field  of Edom,  the earth  trembled,  and the heavens  dropped,  the clouds  also dropped  water. 

Job 29:22
Literal: After my words not they did speak again and on them settled [as dew] my speech
KJV: After  my words  they spake not again;  and my speech  dropped 

Psalms 68:8
Literal: The earth shook also the heavens dropped [rain] at the presence of God this Sinai [was moved] of God the God of Israel
KJV: The earth  shook,  the heavens  also dropped  at the presence  of God:  even Sinai  itself  was moved at the presence  of God,  of Israel. 

Proverbs 5:3
Literal: For honey drip the lips of an immoral woman and smoother than oil her mouth [is]
KJV: For the lips  of a strange woman  drop  as an honeycomb,  and her mouth  is smoother  than oil: 

Song of Solomon 4:11
Literal: as the honeycomb Drip Your lips [my] spouse Honey and milk [are] under your tongue and the fragrance of your garments [Is] like the fragrance of Lebanon -
KJV: Thy lips,  O my spouse,  drop  as the honeycomb:  honey  and milk  are under thy tongue;  and the smell  of thy garments  is like the smell  of Lebanon. 

Song of Solomon 5:5
Literal: Arose I to open for my beloved and my hands dripped [with] myrrh and My fingers with myrrh liquid On the handles of the lock
KJV: I rose up  to open  to my beloved;  and my hands  dropped  with myrrh,  and my fingers  with sweet smelling  myrrh,  upon the handles  of the lock. 

Song of Solomon 5:13
Literal: His cheeks [are] like a bed of spices Banks of scented herbs His lips [are] lilies Dripping myrrh liquid
KJV: His cheeks  are as a bed  of spices,  as sweet  flowers:  his lips  like lilies,  dropping  sweet smelling  myrrh. 

Ezekiel 20:46
Literal: Son of man set your face toward toward the south and preach against the south and prophesy forest the land the Negev
KJV: Son  of man,  set  thy face  toward  the south,  and drop  thy word toward the south,  and prophesy  against the forest  of the south  field; 

Ezekiel 21:2
Literal: Son of man set your face toward Jerusalem and preach against the holy places and prophesy the land of Israel
KJV: Son  of man,  set  thy face  toward Jerusalem,  and drop  thy word toward the holy places,  and prophesy  against the land  of Israel, 

Joel 3:18
Literal: And it will come to pass in day that [That] shall drip the mountains with new wine and the hills shall flow with milk and all the brooks of Judah shall be flooded with water and a fountain from the house of Yahweh shall flow and water - the Valley of Acacias
KJV: And it shall come to pass in that day,  that the mountains  shall drop down  new wine,  and the hills  with milk,  and all the rivers  of Judah  with waters,  and a fountain  shall come forth  of the house  of the LORD,  and shall water  the valley  of Shittim. 

Amos 7:16
Literal: Therefore now hear the word of Yahweh You say not do prophesy against Israel and not do spout the house of Isaac
KJV: Now therefore hear  thou the word  of the LORD:  Thou sayest,  Prophesy  not against Israel,  and drop  not thy word against the house  of Isaac. 

Amos 9:13
Literal: Behold the days are coming says Yahweh and when shall overtake the plowman the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows seed and shall drip the mountains with sweet wine and all the hills shall flow [with it]
KJV: Behold, the days  come,  saith  the LORD,  that the plowman  shall overtake  the reaper,  and the treader  of grapes  him that soweth  seed;  and the mountains  shall drop  sweet wine,  and all the hills  shall melt. 

Micah 2:6
Literal: Not do prattle [you say to those] who prophesy not so they shall prophesy to these not they shall return insult for [insult]
KJV: Prophesy  to them, that they shall not take  shame. 

Micah 2:11
Literal: If a man should walk in a spirit and false and speak a lie [saying] I will prophesy to you of wine and drink and Even he would be the prattler of people this
KJV: If  a man  walking  in the spirit  and falsehood  do lie,  saying, I will prophesy  unto thee of wine  and of strong drink;  he shall even be the prophet  of this people. 

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