Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5128

Word info for נוּעַ

Root: נוּעַ
Strongs Number: 5128
Transliteration: [nuwaʿ]
Phonetics: noo·ah
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to quiver, totter, shake, reel, stagger, wander, move, sift, make move, wave, waver, tremble (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to quiver, totter, shake, reel, stagger, wander, move, sift, make move, wave, waver, tremble.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to wave, quiver, vibrate, swing, stagger, tremble, be unstable.
         1a2 to totter, go tottering.
            1a2a vagabond (participle).
      1b (Niphal) to be tossed about or around.
      1c (Hiphil).
         1c1 to toss about.
         1c2 to shake, cause to totter.
         1c3 to shake, disturb.
         1c4 to cause to wander.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H5128

נָ֥ע, נָ֤ע, וַיָּנֻ֔עוּ, וַיְנִעֵם֙, לָנ֖וּעַ, נָּע֔וֹת, (אֲנִֽיעֲךָ֤), הֵנִ֔יעָה, יָנַ֣ע, וְאָנִ֥יעָה, נָֽעוּ, יָנִ֥יעוּ, הֲנִיעֵ֣מוֹ, [יְנִיע֣וּן], וְ֭יָנוּעוּ, וְנ֤וֹעַ, יְנִיע֥וּן, נָע֥וּ, וַיָּנֻ֙עוּ֙, וַיָּ֤נַע, וְנָע֞וּ, נ֣וֹעַ, נָע֖וּ, לָנ֔וּעַ, וַיָּנִ֣עוּ, נָע֤וּ, נָ֑עוּ, וַתְּנִיעֵ֥נִי, וְנָע֡וּ, וְנָעוּ֙, וַהֲנִע֥וֹתִי, יִנּ֕וֹעוּ, יָנִ֥יעַ

All words for strongs number H5128 :

Word Occurance
לָנ֖וּעַ 3
הֵנִ֔יעָה 2
נָ֥ע 1
נָע֤וּ 1
וְנָע֞וּ 1
נ֣וֹעַ 1
נָע֖וּ 1
לָנ֔וּעַ 1
וַיָּנִ֣עוּ 1
וַתְּנִיעֵ֥נִי 1
נָ֑עוּ 1
וַיָּנֻ֙עוּ֙ 1
וְנָע֡וּ 1
וְנָעוּ֙ 1
וַהֲנִע֥וֹתִי 1
יִנּ֕וֹעוּ 1
וַיָּ֤נַע 1
יְנִיע֥וּן 1
נָע֥וּ 1
נָ֤ע 1
וְנ֤וֹעַ 1
וְ֭יָנוּעוּ 1
[יְנִיע֣וּן] 1
הֲנִיעֵ֣מוֹ 1
יָנִ֥יעוּ 1
נָֽעוּ 1
וְאָנִ֥יעָה 1
יָנַ֣ע 1
(אֲנִֽיעֲךָ֤) 1
נָּע֔וֹת 1
וַיְנִעֵם֙ 1
וַיָּנֻ֔עוּ 1
יָנִ֥יעַ 1

How strongs number H5128 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
and shake 3
to sway 3
a fugitive 2
has shaken 2
and were shaken 1
and will sift 1
and they shall wander 1
so wandered 1
and which made me tremble 1
wandered 1
they wandered 1
to wander 1
they stagger 1
to and fro 1
and will totter 1
so were moved 1
they shake 1
are unstable 1
and they trembled 1
and continually 1
and stagger 1
wander up and down 1
scatter them 1
they shake [saying] 1
they swing to and fro 1
let move 1
should i make you 1
moved 1
and he made them wander 1
they are shaken 1

Two strong number together

H5128 H5128
H5128 H5128
array(36) { [0]=> string(12) "Genesis 4:12" [1]=> string(12) "Genesis 4:14" [2]=> string(12) "Exodus 20:18" [3]=> string(13) "Numbers 32:13" [4]=> string(10) "Judges 9:9" [5]=> string(11) "Judges 9:11" [6]=> string(11) "Judges 9:13" [7]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 1:13" [8]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 15:20" [9]=> string(13) "2 Kings 19:21" [10]=> string(13) "2 Kings 23:18" [11]=> string(8) "Job 16:4" [12]=> string(8) "Job 28:4" [13]=> string(11) "Psalms 22:7" [14]=> string(12) "Psalms 59:11" [15]=> string(12) "Psalms 59:15" [16]=> string(13) "Psalms 107:27" [17]=> string(13) "Psalms 109:10" [18]=> string(13) "Psalms 109:25" [19]=> string(12) "Proverbs 5:6" [20]=> string(10) "Isaiah 6:4" [21]=> string(10) "Isaiah 7:2" [22]=> string(11) "Isaiah 19:1" [23]=> string(12) "Isaiah 24:20" [24]=> string(11) "Isaiah 29:9" [25]=> string(12) "Isaiah 37:22" [26]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 14:10" [27]=> string(17) "Lamentations 2:15" [28]=> string(17) "Lamentations 4:14" [29]=> string(17) "Lamentations 4:15" [30]=> string(12) "Daniel 10:10" [31]=> string(8) "Amos 4:8" [32]=> string(9) "Amos 8:12" [33]=> string(8) "Amos 9:9" [34]=> string(10) "Nahum 3:12" [35]=> string(14) "Zephaniah 2:15" }

36 Verses with H5128

Genesis 4:12
Literal: When you till - the ground no it shall longer yield its strength to you a fugitive and a wanderer you shall be on the earth
KJV: When  thou tillest  the ground,  it shall not henceforth  yield  unto thee her strength;  a fugitive  and a vagabond  shalt thou be in the earth. 

Genesis 4:14
Literal: surely You have driven out me today from the face of the ground and from Your face I shall be hidden and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth and it will come to pass [that] anyone who finds me will kill me
KJV: Behold, thou hast driven me out  this day  from the face  of the earth;  and from  thy face  shall I be hid;  and I shall be a fugitive  and a vagabond  in the earth;  and it shall come to pass,  that every one that findeth me  shall slay me. 

Exodus 20:18
Literal: And all the people witnessed - the thunderings and the lightning flashes and the sound of the trumpet the mountain smoking and when saw [it] the people and they trembled and stood afar off
KJV: And all the people  saw  the thunderings,  and the lightnings,  and the noise  of the trumpet,  and the mountain  smoking:  and when the people  saw  it, they removed,  and stood  afar off. 

Numbers 32:13
Literal: So was aroused anger of Yahweh against Israel and He made them wander in the wilderness forty years until was gone All the generation that had done evil in the sight of Yahweh
KJV: And the LORD'S  anger  was kindled  against Israel,  and he made them wander  in the wilderness  forty  years,  until all the generation,  that had done  evil  in the sight  of the LORD,  was consumed. 

Judges 9:9
Literal: But said to them the olive tree Should I cease giving - my oil with which in they honor God and men and go to sway over trees
KJV: But the olive tree  said  unto them, Should I leave  my fatness,  wherewith by me they honour  God  and go  to be promoted  over the trees? 

Judges 9:11
Literal: But said to them the fig tree Should I cease - my sweetness and my fruit good and go to sway over trees
KJV: But the fig tree  said  unto them, Should I forsake  my sweetness,  and my good  fruit,  and go  to be promoted  over the trees? 

Judges 9:13
Literal: But said to them the vine Should I cease - my new wine which cheers [both] God and men and go to sway over trees
KJV: And the vine  said  unto them, Should I leave  my wine,  which cheereth  God  and go  to be promoted  over the trees? 

1 Samuel 1:13
Literal: And Hannah she spoke in her heart only her lips moved but her voice not was heard Therefore thought Eli was drunk
KJV: Now Hannah,  she spake  in her heart;  only her lips  moved,  but her voice  was not heard:  therefore Eli  thought  she had been drunken. 

2 Samuel 15:20
Literal: [only] yesterday in fact you came and today - Should I make you with us wander up and down since I go there where I know not Return and take back - your brothers [be] with you Mercy and truth
KJV: Whereas thou camest  but yesterday,  should I this day  up and down  with us? seeing I go  whither I may, return  thy brethren:  mercy  and truth  be with thee.

2 Kings 19:21
Literal: This [is] the word which has spoken Yahweh concerning him Has despised you laughed to scorn you the virgin the daughter of Zion behind your back [her] head Has shaken the daughter of Jerusalem
KJV: This is the word  that the LORD  hath spoken  concerning him; The virgin  the daughter  of Zion  hath despised  thee, and laughed thee to scorn;  the daughter  of Jerusalem  hath shaken  her head  at thee. 

2 Kings 23:18
Literal: And he said let alone him one no let move his bones So they let alone his bones with the bones of the prophet who came from Samaria
KJV: And he said,  Let him alone;  let no man  move  his bones.  alone,  with the bones  of the prophet  that came out  of Samaria. 

Job 16:4
Literal: also I as you [do] could speak if were your soul in place of my soul I could heap up against you words and shake at you my my head
KJV: I also could speak  as ye do: if  your soul  were  in my soul's  stead, I could heap up  words  against you, and shake  mine head  at  you.

Job 28:4
Literal: He breaks open a shaft away from people [In places] forgotten by feet they hang far away from men they swing to and fro
KJV: The flood  breaketh out  from the inhabitant;  even the waters forgotten  of the foot:  they are dried up,  they are gone away  from men. 

Psalms 22:7
Literal: All those who see Me ridicule Me they shoot out the lip they shake [saying] the head
KJV: All they that see  me laugh me to scorn:  the lip,  they shake  the head,  saying,

Psalms 59:11
Literal: Not do slay them lest forget my people Scatter them by Your power and bring them down our shield Lord
KJV: Slay  them not, lest my people  forget:  scatter  them by thy power;  and bring them down,  O Lord  our shield. 

Psalms 59:15
Literal: They - wander up and down for food if not they are satisfied and howl
KJV: Let them wander up and down  for meat,  and grudge  if they be not satisfied. 

Psalms 107:27
Literal: They reel to and fro and stagger like a drunken man and their wits' are at end
KJV: They reel to and fro,  and stagger  like a drunken man,  and are at their wits'  end. 

Psalms 109:10
Literal: And continually let be vagabonds his children and beg and let them seek [their bread] from their desolate places
KJV: Let his children  be continually  and beg:  let them seek  their bread also out of their desolate places. 

Psalms 109:25
Literal: And I have become a reproach to them [when] they look at me they shake their heads
KJV: I became also a reproach  unto them: when they looked  upon me they shaked  their heads. 

Proverbs 5:6
Literal: [her] path of life lest you ponder are unstable Her ways not You do know [them] -
KJV: Lest thou shouldest ponder  the path  of life,  her ways  are moveable,  that thou canst not know  them.

Isaiah 6:4
Literal: And were shaken the posts of the door by the voice of him who cried out and the house was filled with smoke
KJV: And the posts  of the door  moved  at the voice  of him that cried,  and the house  was filled  with smoke. 

Isaiah 7:2
Literal: And it was told to the house of David saying are deployed Syria's [forces] in Ephraim So were moved his heart and the heart of his people as are moved the trees of the woods with the wind
KJV: And it was told  the house  of David,  saying,  Syria  is confederate  with Ephraim.  And his heart  was moved,  and the heart  of his people,  as the trees  of the wood  are moved  with  the wind. 

Isaiah 19:1
Literal: The burden against Egypt Behold Yahweh rides on a cloud swift and will come into Egypt and will totter the idols of Egypt at His presence and the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst
KJV: The burden  of Egypt.  Behold, the LORD  rideth  upon a swift  cloud,  and shall come  into Egypt:  and the idols  of Egypt  shall be moved  at his presence,  and the heart  of Egypt  shall melt  in the midst 

Isaiah 24:20
Literal: To and fro shall reel the earth like a drunkard and shall totter like a hut and shall be heavy upon it Its transgression and it will fall and not again rise -
KJV: The earth  shall reel  like a drunkard,  and shall be removed  like a cottage;  and the transgression  thereof shall be heavy  upon it; and it shall fall,  and not rise  again. 

Isaiah 29:9
Literal: Pause and wonder Blind yourselves and be blind they are drunk but not with wine they stagger but not with intoxicating drink
KJV: Stay  yourselves, and wonder;  cry ye out,  they are drunken,  but not with wine;  they stagger,  but not with strong drink. 

Isaiah 37:22
Literal: this [is] the word which has spoken Yahweh concerning him Has despised you laughed to scorn you the virgin the daughter of Zion behind your back [her] head Has shaken the daughter of Jerusalem
KJV: This is the word  which the LORD  hath spoken  concerning him; The virgin,  the daughter  of Zion,  hath despised  thee, and laughed thee to scorn;  the daughter  of Jerusalem  hath shaken  her head  at thee. 

Jeremiah 14:10
Literal: Thus says Yahweh to people this thus they have loved to wander their feet not they have restrained therefore Yahweh does accept them now He will remember their iniquity and punish their sins -
KJV: Thus saith  the LORD  unto this people,  Thus have they loved  to wander,  they have not refrained  their feet,  therefore the LORD  doth not accept  them; he will now remember  their iniquity,  and visit  their sins. 

Lamentations 2:15
Literal: Clap at you [their] hands all who pass by the way they hiss and shake their heads at the daughter of Jerusalem [Is] this the city that is called the perfection of beauty the joy of all the earth -
KJV: All that pass  by clap  their hands  at thee;  they hiss  and wag  their head  at the daughter  of Jerusalem,  saying, Is this the city  that men call  The perfection  of beauty,  The joy  of the whole earth? 

Lamentations 4:14
Literal: They wandered blind in the streets they have defiled themselves with blood so that no one would touch their garments -
KJV: They have wandered  as blind  men in the streets,  they have polluted  themselves with blood,  so that men could  not  touch  their garments. 

Lamentations 4:15
Literal: Go away unclean they cried out to them go away not do touch us when they fled and wandered [Those] said among the nations no they shall longer dwell [here] -
KJV: They cried  unto them, Depart  ye; it is unclean;  depart,  touch  not: when they fled away  and wandered,  they said  among the heathen,  They shall no more  sojourn  there.

Daniel 10:10
Literal: And suddenly a hand touched me and which made me tremble on my knees and [on] the palms of my hands
KJV: And, behold, an hand  touched  me, which set  me upon my knees  and upon the palms  of my hands. 

Amos 4:8
Literal: So wandered two [or] three cities to city one to drink water but not they were satisfied and yet not you have returned to Me says Yahweh
KJV: So two  or three  cities  wandered  unto one  city,  to drink  water;  but they were not satisfied:  yet have ye not returned  unto me, saith  the LORD. 

Amos 8:12
Literal: And they shall wander from sea to sea and from north and to east they shall run to and fro seeking - the word of Yahweh but not shall find [it]
KJV: And they shall wander  from sea  and from the north  even to the east,  they shall run to and fro  to seek  the word  of the LORD,  and shall not find 

Amos 9:9
Literal: For surely I will command and will sift among all nations - the house of Israel as [grain] is sifted in a sieve and yet not shall fall the smallest [grain] to the ground
KJV: For, lo, I will command,  and I will sift  the house  of Israel  among all nations,  like as corn is sifted  in a sieve,  yet shall not the least grain  fall  upon the earth. 

Nahum 3:12
Literal: All your strongholds [are] fig trees with ripened figs if they are shaken and they fall into the mouth of the eater
KJV: All thy strong holds  shall be like fig trees  with the firstripe figs:  if they be shaken,  they shall even fall  into the mouth  of the eater. 

Zephaniah 2:15
Literal: This [is] the city rejoicing that dwelt securely that said in her heart I [am it] and [there is] none besides me how has she become a desolation a resting place for beasts Everyone who passes by her shall hiss and shake his fist -
KJV: This is the rejoicing  city  that dwelt  carelessly,  that said  in her heart,  I am, and there is none beside  me: how is she become a desolation,  a place for beasts  to lie down in!  every one that passeth by  her shall hiss,  and wag  his hand. 

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