Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 454

Word info for אֶלְיְהֹועֵינַי

Root: אֶלְיְהֹועֵינַי, אֶלְיׄועֵינַי
Strongs Number: 454
Transliteration: [ʾElyâhowʿeynay, or (shortened), ʾElyowʿeynay]
Phonetics: el·ye·ho·ay·nah·ee
Etymology: From 413 and 3068 and 5869
Parts of Speech: n pr m.
Sense: a Korahite temple doorkeeper, son of Meshelemiah (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 a Korahite temple doorkeeper, son of Meshelemiah.
   2 two men with foreign wife during the exile; one a priest.
   3 a son of Neariah.
   4 a Simeonite.
   5 a Benjamite, son of Becher.
   Additional Information: Elioenai or Elihoenai = “unto Jehovah are my eyes”.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H454

אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֧י, אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֗י, וְאֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֡י, וְאֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֤י, אֶלְיְהוֹעֵינַ֖י, אֶלְיְהֽוֹעֵינַ֖י, אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֤י, אֶלְיוֹעֵנַ֤י, אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֛י

All words for strongs number H454 :

Word Occurance
אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֧י 1
אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֗י 1
וְאֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֡י 1
וְאֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֤י 1
אֶלְיְהוֹעֵינַ֖י 1
אֶלְיְהֽוֹעֵינַ֖י 1
אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֤י 1
אֶלְיוֹעֵנַ֤י 1
אֶלְיוֹעֵינַ֛י 1

How strongs number H454 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
elioenai 4
and elioenai 2
eliehoenai 2
[were] elioenai 1

Two strong number together

9 Verses with H454

1 Chronicles 3:23
Literal: And the sons of Neariah [were] Elioenai and Hezekiah and Azrikam three [in all]
KJV: And the sons  of Neariah;  Elioenai,  and Hezekiah,  and Azrikam,  three. 

1 Chronicles 3:24
Literal: And the sons of Elioenai - [were] Hodaviah and Eliashib and Pelaiah and Akkub and Johanan and Delaiah and Anani seven [in all] -
KJV: And the sons  of Elioenai  and Eliashib,  and Pelaiah,  and Akkub,  and Johanan,  and Dalaiah,  and Anani,  seven. 

1 Chronicles 4:36
Literal: and Elioenai and Jaakobah Jeshohaiah and Asaiah and Adiel Jesimiel and Benaiah
KJV: And Elioenai,  and Jaakobah,  and Jeshohaiah,  and Asaiah,  and Adiel,  and Jesimiel,  and Benaiah, 

1 Chronicles 7:8
Literal: And the sons of Becher [were] Zemirah and Joash and Eliezer and Elioenai and Omri Jeremoth and Abijah and Anathoth and Alemeth All these [are] the sons of Becher
KJV: And the sons  of Becher;  Zemira,  and Joash,  and Eliezer,  and Elioenai,  and Omri,  and Jerimoth,  and Abiah,  and Anathoth,  and Alameth.  All these are the sons  of Becher. 

1 Chronicles 26:3
Literal: Elam the fifth Jehohanan the sixth Eliehoenai the seventh
KJV: Elam  the fifth,  Jehohanan  the sixth,  Elioenai  the seventh. 

Ezra 8:4
Literal: Of the sons of Pahath-moab Eliehoenai son of Zerahiah and with him two hundred males -
KJV: Of the sons  of Pahathmoab;  Elihoenai  the son  of Zerahiah,  and with him two hundred  males. 

Ezra 10:22
Literal: And of the sons of Pashhur Elioenai Maaseiah Ishmael Nethanel Jozabad and Eleasah -
KJV: And of the sons  of Pashur;  Elioenai,  Maaseiah,  Ishmael,  Nethaneel,  Jozabad,  and Elasah. 

Ezra 10:27
Literal: And of the sons of Zattu Elioenai Eliashib Mattaniah Jeremoth and Zabad and Aziza -
KJV: And of the sons  of Zattu;  Elioenai,  Eliashib,  Mattaniah,  and Jeremoth,  and Zabad,  and Aziza. 

Nehemiah 12:41
Literal: And the priests Eliakim Maaseiah Minjamin Micaiah Elioenai Zechariah [and] Hananiah with trumpets
KJV: And the priests;  Eliakim,  Maaseiah,  Miniamin,  Michaiah,  Elioenai,  Zechariah,  and Hananiah,  with trumpets; 

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