Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 4405

Word info for מִלָּה

Root: מִלָּה
Strongs Number: 4405
Transliteration: [millah]
Phonetics: mil·law
Etymology: From 4448 (as if from milleh) mil-leh’
Parts of Speech: n f.
Sense: word, speech, utterance (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 word, speech, utterance.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H4405

וּמִלָּת֖וֹ, ؟ בְּ֝מִלִּ֗ין, מִלֶּ֑יךָ, מִלִּ֣ים, מִלִּֽים, ؟ מִלִּ֣ין, מִלָּתִ֑י, וּ֝מִלִּ֗ים, ؟ מִלִּֽין, בְּמִלִּ֑ים, ؟ לְמִלִּ֑ין, ؟ בְמִלִּֽים, מִלָּ֑י, מִלָּתִֽי, ؟ מִלִּ֑ין, בְמִלִּ֑ים, לְמִלָּֽה, מִלִּֽין, מִלִּ֑ין, מִלִּ֑ים, מִלִּ֣ין, מִלִּ֥ין, מִלָּֽי, בְמִלִּ֗ין, מִלֵּיהֶ֑ם, מִ֭לָּה, מִלֶּֽיךָ

All words for strongs number H4405 :

Word Occurance
מִלָּ֑י 4
מִלִּֽים 3
מִלָּתִֽי 2
מִלִּ֣ים 2
מִלָּתִ֑י 2
מִלִּ֥ין 2
מִלִּ֣ין 2
מִלִּ֑ין 2
לְמִלָּֽה 1
מִ֭לָּה 1
מִלֵּיהֶ֑ם 1
בְמִלִּ֗ין 1
מִלָּֽי 1
מִלִּ֑ים 1
מִלִּֽין 1
וּמִלָּת֖וֹ 1
בְמִלִּ֑ים 1
؟ מִלִּ֑ין 1
؟ בְּ֝מִלִּ֗ין 1
؟ בְמִלִּֽים 1
؟ לְמִלִּ֑ין 1
בְּמִלִּ֑ים 1
؟ מִלִּֽין 1
וּ֝מִלִּ֗ים 1
؟ מִלִּ֣ין 1
מִלֶּ֑יךָ 1
מִלֶּֽיךָ 1

How strongs number H4405 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
words 7
my speech 3
to my speech 2
my words 2
and his word [was] 1
of words 1
a word 1
their words 1
by words 1
my words [are] 1
words to speak 1
- 1
of my words 1
if 1
of [your] words [saying] 1
byword 1
[his] words 1
what to say 1
from speaking 1
from talking 1
the words 1
with words 1
to words 1
[such] words 1
or by speeches 1
[my] words 1
your words 1
of your words 1

Two strong number together

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38 Verses with H4405

2 Samuel 23:2
Literal: the Spirit of Yahweh spoke by me and His word [was] on my tongue
KJV: The Spirit  of the LORD  spake  by me, and his word  was in my tongue. 

Job 4:2
Literal: will [If] one attempts a word with you you become weary but withhold himself from speaking who can
KJV: If we assay  to commune  with thee, wilt thou be grieved?  but who can  withhold  himself from speaking? 

Job 4:4
Literal: Him who was stumbling have upheld Your words and the knees feeble you have strengthened
KJV: Thy words  have upholden  him that was falling,  and thou hast strengthened  the feeble  knees. 

Job 6:26
Literal: do to rebuke [my] words you intend and [which are] as wind the speeches of a desperate one
KJV: Do ye imagine  to reprove  words,  and the speeches  of one that is desperate,  which are as wind? 

Job 8:10
Literal: Will not they teach you and tell you and from their heart utter words
KJV: Shall not they teach  thee, and tell  thee, and utter  words  out of their heart? 

Job 12:11
Literal: Does not the ear words test and the mouth food taste its
KJV: Doth not the ear  try  words?  and the mouth  taste  his meat? 

Job 13:17
Literal: Listen carefully to my speech and to my declaration with your ears
KJV: Hear  my speech,  and my declaration  with your ears. 

Job 15:3
Literal: Should he reason with talk not unprofitable Or by speeches no he can do good with which
KJV: Should he reason  with unprofitable  talk?  or with speeches  wherewith he can do no good? 

Job 15:13
Literal: That you turn against God your spirit and let go out of your mouth [such] words
KJV: That thou turnest  thy spirit  against God,  and lettest such words  go out  of thy mouth? 

Job 16:4
Literal: also I as you [do] could speak if were your soul in place of my soul I could heap up against you words and shake at you my my head
KJV: I also could speak  as ye do: if  your soul  were  in my soul's  stead, I could heap up  words  against you, and shake  mine head  at  you.

Job 18:2
Literal: how long [till] you put an end to words Gain understanding and afterward we will speak
KJV: How long  will it be ere ye make  an end  of words?  mark,  and afterwards  we will speak. 

Job 19:2
Literal: how long will you torment my soul and break me in pieces with words
KJV: How long will ye vex  my soul,  and break  me in pieces with words? 

Job 19:23
Literal: Oh that were now and were written my words they were in a book and they were inscribed
KJV: Oh that  my words  were now  written!  oh that  they were printed  in a book! 

Job 21:2
Literal: Listen carefully to my speech and let be this your consolation
KJV: Hear  my speech,  and let this be your consolations. 

Job 23:5
Literal: I would know the words [which] He would answer me and understand what He would say to me
KJV: I would know  the words  which he would answer  me, and understand  what he would say  unto me.

Job 24:25
Literal: And if [it is] not [so] - who will prove me a liar and make worth nothing my speech -
KJV: And if it be not so now,  who will make  me a liar,  and make  my speech  nothing worth? 

Job 26:4
Literal: To whom have you uttered words and the spirit of whom came from you
KJV: To whom hast thou uttered  words?  and whose spirit  came 

Job 29:9
Literal: The princes refrained from talking and [their] hand put on their mouth
KJV: The princes  refrained  talking,  and laid  their hand  on their mouth. 

Job 29:22
Literal: After my words not they did speak again and on them settled [as dew] my speech
KJV: After  my words  they spake not again;  and my speech  dropped 

Job 30:9
Literal: Now their taunting song I am and Yes I am their byword
KJV: And now am I their song,  yea, I am their byword. 

Job 32:11
Literal: Indeed I waited for your words I listened to your reasonings while you searched out what to say
KJV: Behold, I waited  for your words;  I gave ear  to your reasons,  whilst ye searched out  what to say. 

Job 32:14
Literal: And not he has directed against me [his] words so with your words not I will answer him
KJV: Now he hath not directed  his words  against me: neither will I answer  him with your speeches. 

Job 32:15
Literal: They are dismayed no and answer more escape them Words
KJV: They were amazed,  they answered  no more: they left off  speaking. 

Job 32:18
Literal: For I am full of words compels me the spirit within me
KJV: For I am full  of matter,  the spirit  within  me constraineth 

Job 33:1
Literal: But hear please Job my speech and all my words listen to
KJV: Wherefore,  Job,  I pray thee, hear  my speeches,  and hearken  to all my words. 

Job 33:8
Literal: Surely you have spoken in my hearing and the sound of [your] words [saying] I have heard
KJV: Surely thou hast spoken  in mine hearing,  and I have heard  the voice  of thy words, 

Job 33:32
Literal: I desire to justify you If you have anything to say answer me speak for
KJV: If thou hast  any thing to say,  answer  me: speak,  for I desire  to justify 

Job 34:2
Literal: Hear you wise [men] my words and you who have knowledge Give ear to me
KJV: Hear  my words,  O ye wise  men; and give ear  unto me, ye that have knowledge. 

Job 34:3
Literal: For the ear words tests and as the palate tastes food
KJV: For the ear  trieth  words,  as the mouth  tasteth  meat. 

Job 34:16
Literal: And if [you have] understanding hear this listen to the sound of my words
KJV: If now thou hast understanding,  hear  this: hearken  to the voice  of my words. 

Job 35:4
Literal: I will answer you - and your companions with you
KJV: I will answer  thee, and thy companions 

Job 35:16
Literal: Therefore Job in vain opens his mouth without knowledge Words He multiplies -
KJV: Therefore doth Job  open  his mouth  in vain;  he multiplieth  words  without  knowledge. 

Job 36:2
Literal: Bear with me a little and I will show you that [there are] yet of on behalf God words to speak
KJV: Suffer  me a little,  and I will shew  thee that I have yet to speak  on God's  behalf.

Job 36:4
Literal: For truly not FALSE my words [are] one who is perfect in knowledge [is] with you
KJV: For truly  my words  shall not be false:  he that is perfect  in knowledge 

Job 38:2
Literal: who [is] this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge
KJV: Who is this that darkeneth  counsel  by words  without knowledge? 

Psalms 19:4
Literal: Through all the earth has gone out their line and to the end of the world Their words for the sun He has set a tabernacle in them
KJV: Their line  is gone out  through all the earth,  and their words  to the end  of the world.  In them hath he set  a tabernacle  for the sun, 

Psalms 139:4
Literal: For [there is] not a word on my tongue [But] behold Yahweh You know it altogether
KJV: For there is not a word  in my tongue,  but, lo, O LORD,  thou knowest 

Proverbs 23:9
Literal: In the hearing of a fool not do speak for he will despise the wisdom of your words
KJV: Speak  not in the ears  of a fool:  for he will despise  the wisdom  of thy words. 

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