Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 376

Word info for אִישׁ

Root: אִישׁ, אִישׁ
Strongs Number: 376
Transliteration: [ʾiysh]
Phonetics: eesh
Etymology: Contracted for 582 [or perhaps rather from an unused root meaning to be extant]
Parts of Speech: n m.
Sense: man (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 man.
      1a man, male (in contrast to woman, female).
      1b husband.
      1c human being, person (in contrast to God).
      1d servant.
      1e mankind.
      1f champion.
      1g great man.
   2 whosoever.
   3 each (adjective).

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H376

מֵאִ֖ישׁ, אִ֔ישׁ, אִישֵׁךְ֙, אִ֖ישׁ, אַנְשֵׁ֥י, אִ֣ישׁ, אֲנָשִׁ֑ים, אֲנָשִׁ֥ים, וְאַנְשֵׁ֣י, הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֔ים, אִישׁ־, בְּאַנְשֵׁ֖י, אַנְשֵׁ֤י, אֲנָשִׁ֔ים, הָאֲנָשִׁ֛ים, הָֽאֲנָשִׁים֙, הָאֲנָשִׁ֞ים, הָאֲנָשִׁ֜ים, וְאִ֨ישׁ, הָאִישׁ֙, הָאֲנָשִׁ֖ים, אַנְשֵׁ֣י, וְאִ֖ישׁ, וְהָאִ֥ישׁ, הָאִ֔ישׁ, הָאִ֛ישׁ, הָאִ֑ישׁ, וְהָאֲנָשִׁ֥ים, הָאִ֣ישׁ, אֲנָשָֽׁיו, הָאִ֤ישׁ, אִ֛ישׁ, בָּאִ֥ישׁ, אִישִֽׁי, אִישִׁי֙, לְאִישִׁ֑י, אִישִׁ֔י, הָאִ֖ישׁ, אֲנָשִׁ֖ים, אִ֑ישׁ, הָאֲנָשִׁ֨ים, הָאֲנָשִׁים֙, אֲנָשִׁ֨ים, אִ֥ישׁ, אִ֜ישׁ, לְאַנְשֵׁ֣י, אִ֕ישׁ, אִ֧ישׁ, אִ֤ישׁ, הָאִ֞ישׁ, לָאִ֔ישׁ, הָ֠אִישׁ, הָאִֽישׁ, הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֗ים, אִישׁ֙, הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֑ים, הָאִ֡ישׁ, אַנְשֵׁי־, לְאִ֨ישׁ, ؟ הָאִ֔ישׁ, הָ֣אֲנָשִׁ֔ים, אִ֣ישׁ ׀, לְמֵאִ֖ישׁ, אִ֚ישׁ, אִ֨ישׁ, אִ֗ישׁ, וְאַנְשֵׁי־, הָאִ֗ישׁ, אִֽישׁ, וְאִישׁ֙, אִ֞ישׁ, אִֽישׁ־, אֶחָ֑ת, וְאִ֕ישׁ, הָאִ֥ישׁ, וּלְאִ֕ישׁ, לָאִ֤ישׁ, אַנְשֵֽׁי־, וְ֠אִישׁ, בָּאִ֣ישׁ, וְאִ֗ישׁ, וְאִ֣ישׁ, לְאִ֑ישׁ, מֵאִישָׁ֖הּ, לְאִ֣ישׁ, לָאִ֖ישׁ, לָאִ֜ישׁ, וְאִ֥ישׁ, אִישֵׁ֖ךְ, בְּאִישָׁהּ֒, אִישָׁ֖הּ, הָאֲנָשִׁ֤ים, וְהָאִישׁ֩, אִישׁ֮, אֲנָשִׁ֣ים ׀, וְהָ֨אֲנָשִׁ֜ים, כְּאִ֣ישׁ, וְהָ֣אֲנָשִׁ֔ים, הָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים, ؟ הָאֲנָשִׁ֥ים, הָאֲנָשִׁ֥ים, וְאִ֤ישׁ, הָאֲנָשִׁ֔ים, אִישׁ֩, לְאִ֔ישׁ, אִישָׁ֛הּ, אִישָׁהּ֮, אִישָׁהּ֙, אִישָׁ֥הּ, אַנְשֵׁי֙, אֲנָשִׁ֤ים, אֲנָשִׁים֙, וְהָאִ֞ישׁ, בְּאִ֗ישׁ, בְּאִ֑ישׁ, לְאִ֜ישׁ, לְאִ֗ישׁ, אַנְשֵׁ֨י, בְאִ֗ישׁ, לָאִ֥ישׁ, הָאִ֨ישׁ, לְאִישׁ־, וְהָאִ֗ישׁ, אִ֥יש‪‬‪‬‪‬, בְּאִ֣ישׁ, הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֤ים, וְהָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים, וְהָאֲנָשִׁ֗ים, בְּאִ֖ישׁ, הָאֲנָשִׁ֗ים, הָאֲנָשִׁ֑ים, מֵאִישׁ֙, הָאִ֜ישׁ, אֲנָשִׁ֜ים, אַנְשֵׁי֩, מֵאִ֣ישׁ, אֲנָשֶׁ֖יהָ, לְאִ֖ישׁ, כְּאִ֥ישׁ, לְאַנְשֵׁ֥י, כָאִ֖ישׁ, וַאֲנָשִׁ֑ים, כָּאֲנָשִֽׁים, לְאִישָׁהּ֮, הָֽאִשָּׁ֔ה, אִישֵׁ֗ךְ, וְהָאִ֣ישׁ, אֲנָשִׁ֣ים, אִישָׁ֜הּ, וְלָאִ֤ישׁ, לְאִ֥ישׁ, וּמֵאִישָֽׁהּ, אִישָׁ֑הּ, ؟ לַאֲנָשִֽׁים, ؟ לְאִ֑ישׁ, לְאִישָׁ֗הּ, אִישֵׁ֑ךְ, אִישָׁ֗הּ, לָאִ֣ישׁ, אִישָׁ֔הּ, אֲנָשִֽׁים, לַֽאֲנָשִׁים֙, וְאִישָׁ֑הּ, וְאִישָֽׁהּ, וְהָֽאֲנָשִׁים֙, אַנְשֵׁ֣י ׀, ؟ לָאִישׁ֒, לְאִישׁ֙, וְאִֽישׁ־, וְאִ֧ישׁ, לָאִישׁ֙, וְהָאִ֛ישׁ, וַאֲנָשָׁ֗יו, (וַאֲנָשָׁ֨יו), אֲנָשַׁ֖י, וַאֲנָשָׁ֜יו, וַאֲנָשָׁיו֮, וַאֲנָשָׁ֛יו, וַאֲנָשָׁ֔יו, אֲנָשָׁיו֙, וַֽאֲנָשָׁ֔יו, לַֽאֲנָשִׁ֔ים, לַאֲנָשָׁ֜יו, וּלְאִישָׁ֥הּ, ؟ אִ֣ישׁ, וַאֲנָשָׁ֖יו, וַאֲנָשֶֽׁיךָ, ؟ הָאִ֗ישׁ, וַֽאֲנָשָׁיו֙, וַאֲנָשָֽׁיו, אֲנָשָׁ֛יו, וַאֲנָשָׁ֧יו, אַנְשֵׁ֖י, וּבְאַנְשֵׁ֖י, לְמֵאִ֣ישׁ, בָּאִ֖ישׁ, אֲנָשָׁ֔יו, (אִ֖ישׁ), אֲנָשָׁ֜יו, מֵאִ֥ישׁ, לְאִֽישׁ, אֲ֠נָשִׁים, אֲנָשֶׁ֔יךָ, מֵאַנְשֵׁ֣י, וַאֲנָשִׁ֨ים, וְהָאֲנָשִׁים֩, אִישׁ֒, וְאִישָׁ֥הּ, אִישָׁהּ֒, ؟ לְאִישֵׁ֖ךְ, לַאֲנָשִׁ֖ים, ؟ אִ֑ישׁ, אֲנָשִׁ֛ים, ؟ הָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים, וּלְאַנְשֵׁיהֶ֔ם, בְאִ֔ישׁ, מֵאַנְשֵׁ֧י, וְאַנְשֵׁ֧י, וְאִ֣ישׁ ׀, הָאֲנָשִׁים֩, אֲנָשִׁ֕ים, וַאֲנָשִׁ֖ים, וַאֲנָשִׁ֣ים ׀, הָאִישׁ֩, הַאִ֤ישׁ, בָּאִ֕ישׁ, הַֽ֭אֱנוֹשׁ, אִ֝֗ישׁ, בֶּ֝אֱנ֗וֹשׁ, אַ֥נֲשֵׁ֥י, אִ֭ישׁ, בְּאַנְשֵׁי־, אִ֡ישׁ, אֱנ֑וֹשׁ, אֱ֝נ֗וֹשׁ, הָ֭אִישׁ, בְּ֝אִ֗ישׁ, כְּ֭אִישׁ, מֵ֤אִישׁ־, ؟ אִישׁ֮, אֱ֭נוֹשׁ, מֵ֝אִ֗ישׁ, אִ֓ישׁ, אִישִׁ֣ים, לָ֭אִישׁ, אִ֤ישׁ ׀, בְּאַנְשֵׁ֣י, אַנְשֵׁ֤י ׀, וְ֝אִ֗ישׁ, מֵאִ֑ישׁ, מֵאִ֕ישׁ, אֱנ֖וֹשׁ, אֱנֽוֹשׁ, ؟ אִ֗ישׁ, אִישִׁ֔ים, אֱנוֹשׁ֙, כְּאִ֕ישׁ, לְאִ֤ישׁ, כְּאִישׁ֙, וְאִ֛ישׁ, וְאַ֨נְשֵׁיהֶ֔ם, וְאַנְשֵׁיהֶ֔ם, וּלְאַנְשֵׁיהֶ֣ם, הָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים ׀, וְאַנְשֵׁ֥י, אִֽישׁ‪‬‪‬, אֲנָשִׁ֡ים, הָאִ֣ישׁ ׀, ! אִישָׁ֔הּ, וַאֲנָשִׁ֣ים, וְאַנְשֵׁ֨י, אִישִׁ֣י, אִישִׁ֑י, כְּאַנְשֵׁ֥י, כְּאִ֖ישׁ, לָאִ֨ישׁ

All words for strongs number H376 :

Word Occurance
אִ֣ישׁ 241
אִ֥ישׁ 115
אִ֖ישׁ 102
אִישׁ־ 62
אִ֔ישׁ 49
אִ֑ישׁ 44
אִישׁ֙ 44
אִ֛ישׁ 41
אִ֤ישׁ 38
אִ֨ישׁ 34
אַנְשֵׁ֣י 30
אִֽישׁ 23
אִֽישׁ־ 23
אִ֚ישׁ 23
אִ֗ישׁ 23
לְאִ֣ישׁ 22
אַנְשֵׁ֥י 21
הָאִישׁ֙ 21
אַנְשֵׁ֤י 17
הָאִ֣ישׁ 16
הָאִ֔ישׁ 15
אִ֜ישׁ 14
אִ֭ישׁ 14
וְאִ֗ישׁ 14
אַנְשֵׁ֨י 12
וְאִ֣ישׁ 12
אֲנָשִׁ֔ים 12
אִ֕ישׁ 11
וְאִ֖ישׁ 11
וְאִ֥ישׁ 11
וְאִ֨ישׁ 11
אֲנָשִׁ֖ים 10
הָאִ֑ישׁ 10
הָאִ֤ישׁ 10
לָאִ֔ישׁ 9
אִישׁ֩ 9
הָאִ֖ישׁ 9
וְאִישׁ֙ 9
הָאֲנָשִׁ֗ים 9
הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֔ים 9
כְּאִ֣ישׁ 8
וְאִ֕ישׁ 8
הָאִ֗ישׁ 8
הָאֲנָשִׁ֖ים 8
הָאִ֥ישׁ 8
אִ֞ישׁ 7
אַנְשֵׁי־ 7
אִ֧ישׁ 7
אִ֣ישׁ ׀ 7
אֲנָשִׁים֙ 7
הָאֲנָשִׁ֤ים 6
אֲנָשִׁ֑ים 6
אִ֝֗ישׁ 6
אַנְשֵׁ֖י 6
הָאִ֛ישׁ 6
אֲנָשִׁ֜ים 6
הָ֣אֲנָשִׁ֔ים 5
אֲנָשִׁ֣ים 5
הָאִ֜ישׁ 5
הָאֲנָשִׁ֜ים 5
וְאִ֤ישׁ 5
לָאִישׁ֙ 5
כְּאִ֥ישׁ 5
הָאֲנָשִׁ֔ים 4
הָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים 4
לְאִ֑ישׁ 4
אֲנָשִׁ֤ים 4
אִישָׁ֖הּ 4
לְאִישׁ֙ 4
מֵאִ֥ישׁ 4
מֵאִ֣ישׁ 4
וְאִ֛ישׁ 4
הָאִ֞ישׁ 4
וְאַנְשֵׁ֣י 4
הָֽאֲנָשִׁים֙ 4
בְּאִ֣ישׁ 4
וְאִֽישׁ־ 4
הָאִ֣ישׁ ׀ 3
הָאֲנָשִׁ֥ים 3
לָ֭אִישׁ 3
וְאִ֣ישׁ ׀ 3
הָאִ֨ישׁ 3
וְאִ֧ישׁ 3
אִישָׁהּ֮ 3
אֲנָשִֽׁים 3
לָאִ֣ישׁ 3
לְאִ֗ישׁ 3
אִישָׁ֑הּ 3
לְאִ֖ישׁ 3
אַנְשֵׁי֩ 3
וְהָאִ֣ישׁ 3
מֵאִ֖ישׁ 3
בָּאִ֣ישׁ 3
אַנְשֵֽׁי־ 3
הָאֲנָשִׁ֛ים 3
וְהָאֲנָשִׁ֥ים 3
אֲנָשִׁ֨ים 3
אֲנָשִׁ֥ים 3
וְהָאִ֥ישׁ 3
הָאֲנָשִׁ֨ים 3
אִישׁ֒ 2
אִישָׁ֔הּ 2
אִישָׁ֗הּ 2
לְאִישָׁ֗הּ 2
אֱ֝נ֗וֹשׁ 2
אִישִׁי֙ 2
הָ֭אִישׁ 2
הָאֲנָשִׁים֙ 2
לְאִ֥ישׁ 2
וַאֲנָשִׁ֑ים 2
הָאִֽישׁ 2
הָאֲנָשִׁ֞ים 2
וַאֲנָשָׁ֗יו 2
אִישִֽׁי 2
אִישׁ֮ 2
אֲנָשֶׁ֔יךָ 2
אֲ֠נָשִׁים 2
אֲנָשִׁ֛ים 2
אֲנָשָֽׁיו 2
וַֽאֲנָשָׁיו֙ 2
וַאֲנָשָׁ֖יו 2
אֲנָשִׁ֕ים 2
בָּאִ֥ישׁ 2
לַֽאֲנָשִׁ֔ים 2
וַֽאֲנָשָׁ֔יו 2
וַאֲנָשָׁ֔יו 2
וַאֲנָשָׁ֛יו 2
וַאֲנָשָׁ֜יו 2
הָאִ֡ישׁ 2
וְ֝אִ֗ישׁ 2
אִישָׁ֜הּ 2
מֵאִישׁ֙ 2
וְהָאֲנָשִׁ֗ים 2
לָאִ֤ישׁ 2
וְהָאִ֗ישׁ 2
לְאִישׁ־ 2
לְאִ֤ישׁ 2
כְּאִישׁ֙ 2
לְאִ֔ישׁ 2
לָאִ֖ישׁ 2
וְ֠אִישׁ 2
אַנְשֵׁי֙ 2
בְּאִ֑ישׁ 2
הָאֲנָשִׁ֑ים 2
לְמֵאִ֖ישׁ 2
וַאֲנָשִׁ֖ים 1
אִֽישׁ‪‬‪‬ 1
אֲנָשִׁ֡ים 1
וְאַנְשֵׁ֥י 1
וַאֲנָשִׁ֣ים ׀ 1
הָאֲנָשִׁים֩ 1
הָאִישׁ֩ 1
אִישֵׁךְ֙ 1
! אִישָׁ֔הּ 1
וְאַנְשֵׁ֧י 1
לַאֲנָשִׁ֖ים 1
כְּאִ֖ישׁ 1
כְּאַנְשֵׁ֥י 1
וְאִישָׁ֥הּ 1
אִישִׁ֑י 1
אִישָׁהּ֒ 1
؟ לְאִישֵׁ֖ךְ 1
؟ אִ֑ישׁ 1
וַאֲנָשִׁ֣ים 1
אִישִׁ֣י 1
؟ הָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים 1
וְאַנְשֵׁ֨י 1
וּלְאַנְשֵׁיהֶ֔ם 1
בְאִ֔ישׁ 1
מֵאַנְשֵׁ֧י 1
הַאִ֤ישׁ 1
הַֽ֭אֱנוֹשׁ 1
בָּאִ֕ישׁ 1
וְהָאֲנָשִׁים֩ 1
מֵאִ֑ישׁ 1
אֱנ֖וֹשׁ 1
אַנְשֵׁ֤י ׀ 1
אֱנֽוֹשׁ 1
בְּאַנְשֵׁ֣י 1
אִ֤ישׁ ׀ 1
בְּאַנְשֵׁ֖י 1
אִישִׁ֣ים 1
אִ֓ישׁ 1
מֵ֝אִ֗ישׁ 1
אֱ֭נוֹשׁ 1
؟ אִישׁ֮ 1
؟ אִ֗ישׁ 1
מֵ֤אִישׁ־ 1
הָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים ׀ 1
אִישִׁ֔ים 1
כְּ֭אִישׁ 1
בְּ֝אִ֗ישׁ 1
אֱנוֹשׁ֙ 1
כְּאִ֕ישׁ 1
אֱנ֑וֹשׁ 1
אִ֡ישׁ 1
בְּאַנְשֵׁי־ 1
וְאַ֨נְשֵׁיהֶ֔ם 1
אַ֥נֲשֵׁ֥י 1
בֶּ֝אֱנ֗וֹשׁ 1
וְאַנְשֵׁיהֶ֔ם 1
מֵאִ֕ישׁ 1
וּלְאַנְשֵׁיהֶ֣ם 1
וְהָאִישׁ֩ 1
؟ אִ֣ישׁ 1
וַאֲנָשִׁ֨ים 1
לְאִ֨ישׁ 1
וְאַנְשֵׁי־ 1
אִ֥יש‪‬‪‬‪‬ 1
הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֤ים 1
וְהָאֲנָשִׁ֣ים 1
בְּאִ֖ישׁ 1
؟ הָאִ֔ישׁ 1
הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֑ים 1
בְאִ֗ישׁ 1
הָֽאֲנָשִׁ֗ים 1
אֲנָשֶׁ֖יהָ 1
הָ֠אִישׁ 1
לְאַנְשֵׁ֥י 1
כָאִ֖ישׁ 1
כָּאֲנָשִֽׁים 1
לָאִ֥ישׁ 1
אֶחָ֑ת 1
הָֽאִשָּׁ֔ה 1
לָאִ֜ישׁ 1
אֲנָשִׁ֣ים ׀ 1
וְהָ֨אֲנָשִׁ֜ים 1
בְּאִישָׁהּ֒ 1
וְהָ֣אֲנָשִׁ֔ים 1
אִישֵׁ֖ךְ 1
؟ הָאֲנָשִׁ֥ים 1
מֵאִישָׁ֖הּ 1
וּלְאִ֕ישׁ 1
אִישָׁ֛הּ 1
אִישָׁהּ֙ 1
אִישָׁ֥הּ 1
וְהָאִ֞ישׁ 1
בְּאִ֗ישׁ 1
לְאִ֜ישׁ 1
לְאִישָׁהּ֮ 1
אִישֵׁ֗ךְ 1
מֵאַנְשֵׁ֣י 1
וַאֲנָשָׁ֧יו 1
לַאֲנָשָׁ֜יו 1
וּלְאִישָׁ֥הּ 1
וַאֲנָשֶֽׁיךָ 1
؟ הָאִ֗ישׁ 1
וַאֲנָשָֽׁיו 1
אֲנָשָׁ֛יו 1
וּבְאַנְשֵׁ֖י 1
וַאֲנָשָׁיו֮ 1
לְמֵאִ֣ישׁ 1
בָּאִ֖ישׁ 1
אֲנָשָׁ֔יו 1
(אִ֖ישׁ) 1
אֲנָשָׁ֜יו 1
לְאִֽישׁ 1
אֲנָשָׁיו֙ 1
אֲנָשַׁ֖י 1
לְאַנְשֵׁ֣י 1
לַֽאֲנָשִׁים֙ 1
וְלָאִ֤ישׁ 1
וּמֵאִישָֽׁהּ 1
؟ לַאֲנָשִֽׁים 1
؟ לְאִ֑ישׁ 1
אִישֵׁ֑ךְ 1
אִישִׁ֔י 1
וְאִישָׁ֑הּ 1
(וַאֲנָשָׁ֨יו) 1
וְאִישָֽׁהּ 1
וְהָֽאֲנָשִׁים֙ 1
אַנְשֵׁ֣י ׀ 1
؟ לָאִישׁ֒ 1
לְאִישִׁ֑י 1
וְהָאִ֛ישׁ 1
לָאִ֨ישׁ 1

How strongs number H376 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
a man 210
men 173
the men 160
the man 145
man 100
one 69
everyone 48
every man 47
each 28
of man 25
- 22
each one 20
and a man 20
and the men 18
of the men 18
each man 18
her husband 17
every one 17
of a man 16
and his men 16
of the man 16
anyone 15
of men 15
and the man 12
and men 10
to the man 10
any man 8
my husband 6
and 6
and one 6
any 6
but the man 6
as man 6
but a man 6
a person 5
against man 5
like a man 5
each of you 5
his men 5
and man 5
of every man 5
to the men 5
every one of you 5
an man 5
of 4
to man 4
every 4
to 4
from men 4
persons 4
and her husband 4
soldiers 4
[each] man 4
from the man 4
and their men 4
for man 3
of her husband 3
some 3
for a man 3
a certain 3
husband 3
of each man 3
for the man 3
whoever 3
[is] a man 3
and each one 3
you men 3
the husband 2
the 2
to men 2
one man 2
one [was] 2
from man 2
like men 2
a husband 2
and when the men 2
those who 2
now the men 2
husbands 2
none 2
artisan 2
but the men 2
men [were] 2
and anyone 2
the people 2
to everyone 2
for everyone 2
man [is] 2
among the men 2
your men 2
your husband 2
and whoever 2
as men 2
all 2
and everyone 2
of the men of 2
affects a man 1
to anyone 1
[they were] men 1
from every one 1
[where there is] one 1
men were 1
each of them 1
because of the man 1
of [that] man 1
these men 1
and [their] men 1
[with] certain 1
so man 1
my prosecutor 1
has a man 1
with the men 1
[there were] men 1
friend 1
and every man 1
should such a man 1
certain 1
[for] the man 1
and a certain man 1
of one 1
[there is] man 1
was a man o 1
can a [mortal] man 1
whether man 1
that which the traders 1
[he is] a man 1
[to have] a man 1
for an man 1
mankind 1
the strangers 1
[except] that everyone 1
out of man 1
than for a man 1
high 1
had each one 1
in man 1
[accompanied] by the men 1
and every one 1
that none 1
from one 1
men [seeking] 1
with men 1
and when as yet one 1
certain men 1
one each 1
of each one 1
and each 1
more than any man 1
for men 1
but men 1
[there] [was] a man 1
and while a man 1
unmarried 1
to any 1
equally 1
me my husband 1
the men [are] 1
as a man 1
and none of you 1
as one 1
or 1
men of [high degree] 1
[will be] a man 1
to each one 1
this [one] 1
[as for] man 1
like an man 1
an adulteress 1
my husband [is] 1
a man [will be satisfied] 1
[and] a man 1
to one who gives 1
than 1
to a man 1
and yes a man 1
any one 1
like man 1
[is] the man 1
so [is] a man 1
so a man 1
and a man [is valued] 1
the man [is] 1
[if] a man 1
and the 1
an man [is] 1
than [any] man 1
every man [has] 1
a [mortal] man 1
let none 1
with consent 1
[every] man 1
against a man 1
[to] every man 1
[are] men 1
[that] the man 1
shall man 1
son 1
of any man 1
of war 1
standard 1
who 1
every man [shall give] 1
against any man 1
toward her husband 1
that man 1
to a husband 1
man's [wife] 1
[two] men 1
but man 1
to the husband 1
with one 1
that the men 1
in anyone 1
[who were] men 1
her husband's [authority] 1
your husband's [authority] 1
its men [were] 1
the steward 1
a male 1
of every man's 1
[his] men 1
the one 1
the man's 1
to my husband 1
men [are] 1
of a certain 1
a single 1
each of us 1
[any] men 1
and every man's 1
some men 1
of one man 1
of anyone 1
to one 1
and as for the man 1
and any man 1
for him 1
th man 1
from her husband 1
of any 1
or the man 1
[you] men 1
against any 1
with your husband 1
against the man 1
his servants 1
now [there was] a man 1
to his men 1
but her husband 1
and neither man 1
and your men 1
this fellow 1
[her] husband 1
from the men 1
someone 1
concubines one 1
my men 1
except the man 1
[another] man 1
not one 1
and meanwhile one 1
as for the man 1
deserving 1
from 1
and certain 1
and a [certain] man 1
of man [was it] 1
and his men [were] 1
a certain man [was] 1
[the [rest of] 1
of husband 1
of men [were they] 1
as a man [is] 1
as [if they were] men 1
the woman 1
every one of us 1
but to man 1
that is the men 1
between the men 1
for any of them 1
a certain man 1
of your husband 1
every one of 1
this man 1
male 1
to her husband 1
but any men 1
and when the man 1
[there is] a man 1
into man 1
each man's 1
every man's 1
the champion 1
and the man [went] 1
a farmer 1
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[318]=> string(12) "Numbers 25:6" [319]=> string(12) "Numbers 25:8" [320]=> string(13) "Numbers 25:14" [321]=> string(13) "Numbers 26:10" [322]=> string(13) "Numbers 26:54" [323]=> string(13) "Numbers 26:64" [324]=> string(13) "Numbers 26:65" [325]=> string(12) "Numbers 27:8" [326]=> string(13) "Numbers 27:16" [327]=> string(13) "Numbers 27:18" [328]=> string(12) "Numbers 30:2" [329]=> string(12) "Numbers 30:6" [330]=> string(12) "Numbers 30:7" [331]=> string(12) "Numbers 30:8" [332]=> string(13) "Numbers 30:10" [333]=> string(13) "Numbers 30:11" [334]=> string(13) "Numbers 30:12" [335]=> string(13) "Numbers 30:13" [336]=> string(13) "Numbers 30:14" [337]=> string(13) "Numbers 30:16" [338]=> string(12) "Numbers 31:3" [339]=> string(13) "Numbers 31:17" [340]=> string(13) "Numbers 31:28" [341]=> string(13) "Numbers 31:42" [342]=> string(13) "Numbers 31:49" [343]=> string(13) "Numbers 31:50" [344]=> string(13) "Numbers 31:53" [345]=> string(13) "Numbers 32:11" [346]=> string(13) "Numbers 32:18" [347]=> string(13) "Numbers 34:17" [348]=> string(12) "Numbers 35:8" [349]=> string(12) "Numbers 36:7" [350]=> string(12) "Numbers 36:8" [351]=> string(12) "Numbers 36:9" [352]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:15" [353]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:16" [354]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:17" [355]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:22" [356]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:23" [357]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:31" [358]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:35" [359]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 1:41" [360]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 2:14" [361]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 3:11" [362]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 3:20" [363]=> string(15) "Deuteronomy 4:3" [364]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 7:24" [365]=> string(15) "Deuteronomy 8:5" [366]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 11:25" [367]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 12:8" [368]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 13:13" [369]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 16:17" [370]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 17:2" [371]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 17:5" [372]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 17:12" [373]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 17:15" [374]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 18:19" [375]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 19:11" [376]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 19:15" [377]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 19:16" [378]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 19:17" [379]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 20:5" [380]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 20:6" [381]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 20:7" [382]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 20:8" [383]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 21:15" [384]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 21:18" [385]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 21:21" [386]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 21:22" [387]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:13" [388]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:16" [389]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:18" [390]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:21" [391]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:22" [392]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:23" [393]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:24" [394]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:25" [395]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:26" [396]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:28" [397]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:29" [398]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 22:30" [399]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 23:10" [400]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 24:1" [401]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 24:2" [402]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 24:3" [403]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 24:5" [404]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 24:7" [405]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 24:11" [406]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 24:12" [407]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 24:16" [408]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 25:5" [409]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 25:7" [410]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 25:9" [411]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 25:11" [412]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 27:14" [413]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 27:15" [414]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 28:30" [415]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 28:54" [416]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 28:56" [417]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 29:10" [418]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 29:18" [419]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 29:20" [420]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 31:12" [421]=> string(17) "Deuteronomy 32:25" [422]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 33:1" [423]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 33:8" [424]=> string(16) "Deuteronomy 34:6" [425]=> string(10) "Joshua 1:5" [426]=> string(11) "Joshua 1:18" [427]=> string(10) "Joshua 2:1" [428]=> string(10) "Joshua 2:3" [429]=> string(10) "Joshua 2:4" [430]=> string(10) "Joshua 2:5" [431]=> string(10) "Joshua 2:7" [432]=> string(10) "Joshua 2:9" [433]=> string(11) "Joshua 2:11" [434]=> string(11) "Joshua 2:14" [435]=> string(11) "Joshua 2:17" [436]=> string(11) "Joshua 2:23" [437]=> string(11) "Joshua 3:12" [438]=> string(10) "Joshua 4:2" [439]=> string(10) "Joshua 4:4" [440]=> string(10) "Joshua 4:5" [441]=> string(10) "Joshua 5:6" [442]=> string(11) "Joshua 5:13" [443]=> string(10) "Joshua 6:3" [444]=> string(10) "Joshua 6:5" [445]=> string(11) "Joshua 6:20" [446]=> string(11) "Joshua 6:21" [447]=> string(11) "Joshua 6:26" [448]=> string(10) "Joshua 7:2" [449]=> string(10) "Joshua 7:3" [450]=> string(10) "Joshua 7:4" [451]=> string(10) "Joshua 7:5" [452]=> string(10) "Joshua 8:3" [453]=> string(11) "Joshua 8:12" [454]=> string(11) "Joshua 8:17" [455]=> string(11) "Joshua 8:20" [456]=> string(11) "Joshua 8:25" [457]=> string(10) "Joshua 9:6" [458]=> string(10) "Joshua 9:7" [459]=> string(11) "Joshua 10:2" [460]=> string(11) "Joshua 10:6" [461]=> string(11) "Joshua 10:8" [462]=> string(12) "Joshua 10:14" [463]=> string(12) "Joshua 10:21" [464]=> string(12) "Joshua 10:24" [465]=> string(11) "Joshua 14:6" [466]=> string(11) "Joshua 17:1" [467]=> string(11) "Joshua 18:4" [468]=> string(12) "Joshua 21:44" [469]=> string(12) "Joshua 22:14" [470]=> string(12) "Joshua 22:20" [471]=> string(11) "Joshua 23:9" [472]=> string(12) "Joshua 23:10" [473]=> string(12) "Joshua 24:28" [474]=> string(10) "Judges 1:4" [475]=> string(11) "Judges 1:24" [476]=> string(11) "Judges 1:25" [477]=> string(11) "Judges 1:26" [478]=> string(10) "Judges 2:6" [479]=> string(11) "Judges 2:21" [480]=> string(11) "Judges 3:15" [481]=> string(11) "Judges 3:17" [482]=> string(11) "Judges 3:28" [483]=> string(11) "Judges 3:29" [484]=> string(11) "Judges 3:31" [485]=> string(10) "Judges 4:6" [486]=> string(11) "Judges 4:10" [487]=> string(11) "Judges 4:14" [488]=> string(11) "Judges 4:20" [489]=> string(11) "Judges 4:22" [490]=> string(10) "Judges 6:8" [491]=> string(11) "Judges 6:16" [492]=> string(11) "Judges 6:27" [493]=> string(11) "Judges 6:28" [494]=> string(11) "Judges 6:29" [495]=> string(11) "Judges 6:30" [496]=> string(10) "Judges 7:6" [497]=> string(10) "Judges 7:7" [498]=> string(10) "Judges 7:8" [499]=> string(11) "Judges 7:13" [500]=> string(11) "Judges 7:14" [501]=> string(11) "Judges 7:16" [502]=> string(11) "Judges 7:19" [503]=> string(11) "Judges 7:21" [504]=> string(11) "Judges 7:22" [505]=> string(11) "Judges 7:23" [506]=> string(11) "Judges 7:24" [507]=> string(10) "Judges 8:1" [508]=> string(10) "Judges 8:4" [509]=> string(10) "Judges 8:8" [510]=> string(10) "Judges 8:9" [511]=> string(11) "Judges 8:10" [512]=> string(11) "Judges 8:14" [513]=> string(11) "Judges 8:15" [514]=> string(11) "Judges 8:16" [515]=> string(11) "Judges 8:17" [516]=> string(11) "Judges 8:18" [517]=> string(11) "Judges 8:21" [518]=> string(11) "Judges 8:22" [519]=> string(11) "Judges 8:24" [520]=> string(11) "Judges 8:25" [521]=> string(10) "Judges 9:2" [522]=> string(10) "Judges 9:5" [523]=> string(10) "Judges 9:9" [524]=> string(11) "Judges 9:13" [525]=> string(11) "Judges 9:18" [526]=> string(11) "Judges 9:28" [527]=> string(11) "Judges 9:36" [528]=> string(11) "Judges 9:49" [529]=> string(11) "Judges 9:55" [530]=> string(11) "Judges 9:57" [531]=> string(11) "Judges 10:1" [532]=> string(12) "Judges 10:18" [533]=> string(12) "Judges 11:39" [534]=> string(11) "Judges 12:1" [535]=> string(11) "Judges 12:2" [536]=> string(11) "Judges 12:4" [537]=> string(11) "Judges 13:2" [538]=> string(11) "Judges 13:6" [539]=> string(11) "Judges 13:8" [540]=> string(11) "Judges 13:9" [541]=> string(12) "Judges 13:10" [542]=> string(12) "Judges 13:11" [543]=> string(12) "Judges 14:15" [544]=> string(12) "Judges 14:18" [545]=> string(12) "Judges 14:19" [546]=> string(12) "Judges 15:10" [547]=> string(12) "Judges 15:11" [548]=> string(12) "Judges 15:15" [549]=> string(12) "Judges 15:16" [550]=> string(11) "Judges 16:5" [551]=> string(12) "Judges 16:19" [552]=> string(12) "Judges 16:27" [553]=> string(11) "Judges 17:1" [554]=> string(11) "Judges 17:5" [555]=> string(11) "Judges 17:6" [556]=> string(11) "Judges 17:8" [557]=> string(12) "Judges 17:11" [558]=> string(11) "Judges 18:2" [559]=> string(11) "Judges 18:7" [560]=> string(12) "Judges 18:11" [561]=> string(12) "Judges 18:16" [562]=> string(12) "Judges 18:17" [563]=> string(12) "Judges 18:19" [564]=> string(12) "Judges 18:25" [565]=> string(11) "Judges 19:1" [566]=> string(11) "Judges 19:3" [567]=> string(11) "Judges 19:6" [568]=> string(11) "Judges 19:7" [569]=> string(11) "Judges 19:9" [570]=> string(12) "Judges 19:10" [571]=> string(12) "Judges 19:15" [572]=> string(12) "Judges 19:16" [573]=> string(12) "Judges 19:17" [574]=> string(12) "Judges 19:18" [575]=> string(12) "Judges 19:20" [576]=> string(12) "Judges 19:22" [577]=> string(12) "Judges 19:23" [578]=> string(12) "Judges 19:24" [579]=> string(12) "Judges 19:25" [580]=> string(12) "Judges 19:26" [581]=> string(12) "Judges 19:28" [582]=> string(11) "Judges 20:1" [583]=> string(11) "Judges 20:2" [584]=> string(11) "Judges 20:4" [585]=> string(11) "Judges 20:8" [586]=> string(12) "Judges 20:10" [587]=> string(12) "Judges 20:11" [588]=> string(12) "Judges 20:13" [589]=> string(12) "Judges 20:15" [590]=> string(12) "Judges 20:16" [591]=> string(12) "Judges 20:17" [592]=> string(12) "Judges 20:20" [593]=> string(12) "Judges 20:21" [594]=> string(12) "Judges 20:22" [595]=> string(12) "Judges 20:25" [596]=> string(12) "Judges 20:31" [597]=> string(12) "Judges 20:33" [598]=> string(12) "Judges 20:34" [599]=> string(12) "Judges 20:35" [600]=> string(12) "Judges 20:36" [601]=> string(12) "Judges 20:38" [602]=> string(12) "Judges 20:39" [603]=> string(12) "Judges 20:41" [604]=> string(12) "Judges 20:42" [605]=> string(12) "Judges 20:44" [606]=> string(12) "Judges 20:45" [607]=> string(12) "Judges 20:46" [608]=> string(12) "Judges 20:47" [609]=> string(12) "Judges 20:48" [610]=> string(11) "Judges 21:1" [611]=> string(11) "Judges 21:8" [612]=> string(11) "Judges 21:9" [613]=> string(12) "Judges 21:10" [614]=> string(12) "Judges 21:12" [615]=> string(12) "Judges 21:21" [616]=> string(12) "Judges 21:22" [617]=> string(12) "Judges 21:24" [618]=> string(12) "Judges 21:25" [619]=> string(8) "Ruth 1:1" [620]=> string(8) "Ruth 1:2" [621]=> string(8) "Ruth 1:3" [622]=> string(8) "Ruth 1:5" [623]=> string(8) "Ruth 1:9" [624]=> string(9) "Ruth 1:11" [625]=> string(9) "Ruth 1:12" [626]=> string(9) "Ruth 1:13" [627]=> string(8) "Ruth 2:1" [628]=> string(9) "Ruth 2:11" [629]=> string(9) "Ruth 2:19" [630]=> string(9) "Ruth 2:20" [631]=> string(8) "Ruth 3:3" [632]=> string(8) "Ruth 3:8" [633]=> string(9) "Ruth 3:14" [634]=> string(9) "Ruth 3:16" [635]=> string(9) "Ruth 3:18" [636]=> string(8) "Ruth 4:7" [637]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 1:1" [638]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 1:3" [639]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 1:8" [640]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 1:11" [641]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 1:21" [642]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 1:22" [643]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 1:23" [644]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 2:9" [645]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:13" [646]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:15" [647]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:16" [648]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:19" [649]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:25" [650]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:26" [651]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:27" [652]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 2:33" [653]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 4:2" [654]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 4:9" [655]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:10" [656]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:12" [657]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:13" [658]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:14" [659]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:16" [660]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:18" [661]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:19" [662]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 4:21" [663]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 5:9" [664]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 5:12" [665]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 6:10" [666]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 6:15" [667]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 6:19" [668]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 6:20" [669]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 7:1" [670]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 8:22" [671]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 9:1" [672]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 9:2" [673]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 9:6" [674]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 9:7" [675]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 9:8" [676]=> string(12) "1 Samuel 9:9" [677]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 9:10" [678]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 9:16" [679]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 9:17" [680]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 9:22" [681]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 10:2" [682]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 10:6" [683]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 10:11" [684]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 10:12" [685]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 10:22" [686]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 10:25" [687]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 11:1" [688]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 11:7" [689]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 11:8" [690]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 11:9" [691]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 11:12" [692]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 11:13" [693]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 11:15" [694]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 12:4" [695]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 13:2" [696]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 13:6" [697]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 13:14" [698]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 13:15" [699]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 13:20" [700]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 14:2" [701]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:12" [702]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:14" [703]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:20" [704]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:22" [705]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:24" [706]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:28" [707]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:34" [708]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:36" [709]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 14:52" [710]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 15:3" [711]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 15:4" [712]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 16:16" [713]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 16:17" [714]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 16:18" [715]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 17:2" [716]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 17:4" [717]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 17:8" [718]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:10" [719]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:12" [720]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:23" [721]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:24" [722]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:25" [723]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:26" [724]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:27" [725]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:28" [726]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:33" [727]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:41" [728]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 17:52" [729]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 18:23" [730]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 18:27" [731]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 20:15" [732]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 20:41" [733]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 21:2" [734]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 21:3" [735]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 21:8" [736]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 21:15" [737]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 22:2" [738]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 22:18" [739]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 22:19" [740]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 23:3" [741]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 23:5" [742]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 23:8" [743]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 23:12" [744]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 23:13" [745]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 23:24" [746]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 23:25" [747]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 23:26" [748]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 24:2" [749]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 24:3" [750]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 24:4" [751]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 24:7" [752]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 24:19" [753]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 24:22" [754]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 25:2" [755]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 25:3" [756]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 25:10" [757]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 25:11" [758]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 25:13" [759]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 25:19" [760]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 25:20" [761]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 25:25" [762]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 26:2" [763]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 26:15" [764]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 26:23" [765]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 27:2" [766]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 27:3" [767]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 27:9" [768]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 27:11" [769]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 28:1" [770]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 28:14" [771]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 29:2" [772]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 29:4" [773]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 30:1" [774]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 30:2" [775]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 30:3" [776]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 30:6" [777]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 30:9" [778]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:10" [779]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:11" [780]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:13" [781]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:17" [782]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:21" [783]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:22" [784]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 30:31" [785]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 31:1" [786]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 31:6" [787]=> string(13) "1 Samuel 31:7" [788]=> string(14) "1 Samuel 31:12" [789]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 1:2" [790]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 1:11" [791]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 1:13" [792]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 2:3" [793]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 2:4" [794]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 2:5" [795]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 2:16" [796]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 2:17" [797]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 2:27" [798]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 2:30" [799]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 2:31" [800]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 2:32" [801]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 3:15" [802]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 3:16" [803]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 3:20" [804]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 3:39" [805]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 4:2" [806]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 4:11" [807]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 5:6" [808]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 6:19" [809]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 7:14" [810]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 8:4" [811]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 8:5" [812]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 8:10" [813]=> string(12) "2 Samuel 9:3" [814]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 10:6" [815]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 10:8" [816]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 11:16" [817]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 11:23" [818]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 11:26" [819]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 12:4" [820]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 12:5" [821]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 12:7" [822]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 13:3" [823]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 13:9" [824]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 13:29" [825]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 14:5" [826]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 14:16" [827]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 14:25" [828]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 15:1" [829]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 15:2" [830]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 15:4" [831]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 15:5" [832]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 15:6" [833]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 15:11" [834]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 15:13" [835]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 15:18" [836]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 15:22" [837]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 15:30" [838]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 16:5" [839]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 16:7" [840]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 16:8" [841]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 16:13" [842]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 16:15" [843]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 16:18" [844]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 16:23" [845]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 17:1" [846]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 17:3" [847]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 17:8" [848]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 17:14" [849]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 17:18" [850]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 17:24" [851]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 17:25" [852]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:10" [853]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:11" [854]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:12" [855]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:17" [856]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:20" [857]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:24" [858]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:26" [859]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:27" [860]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 18:28" [861]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 19:7" [862]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 19:8" [863]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:14" [864]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:16" [865]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:17" [866]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:22" [867]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:28" [868]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:32" [869]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:41" [870]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:42" [871]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 19:43" [872]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 20:1" [873]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 20:2" [874]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 20:4" [875]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 20:7" [876]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 20:11" [877]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 20:12" [878]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 20:13" [879]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 20:21" [880]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 20:22" [881]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 21:4" [882]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 21:5" [883]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 21:6" [884]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 21:17" [885]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 21:20" [886]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 22:49" [887]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 23:7" [888]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 23:9" [889]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 23:20" [890]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 23:21" [891]=> string(13) "2 Samuel 24:9" [892]=> string(14) "2 Samuel 24:15" [893]=> string(11) "1 Kings 1:5" [894]=> string(11) "1 Kings 1:9" [895]=> string(12) "1 Kings 1:42" [896]=> string(12) "1 Kings 1:49" [897]=> string(11) "1 Kings 2:2" [898]=> string(11) "1 Kings 2:4" [899]=> string(11) "1 Kings 2:9" [900]=> string(12) "1 Kings 2:26" [901]=> string(12) "1 Kings 2:32" [902]=> string(12) "1 Kings 3:13" [903]=> string(12) "1 Kings 4:25" [904]=> string(12) "1 Kings 4:27" [905]=> string(12) "1 Kings 4:28" [906]=> string(11) "1 Kings 5:6" [907]=> string(12) "1 Kings 5:13" [908]=> string(12) "1 Kings 7:14" [909]=> string(12) "1 Kings 7:30" [910]=> string(12) "1 Kings 7:36" [911]=> string(11) "1 Kings 8:2" [912]=> string(12) "1 Kings 8:25" [913]=> string(12) "1 Kings 8:31" [914]=> string(12) "1 Kings 8:38" [915]=> string(12) "1 Kings 8:39" [916]=> string(11) "1 Kings 9:5" [917]=> string(12) "1 Kings 9:22" [918]=> string(12) "1 Kings 10:8" [919]=> string(13) "1 Kings 10:15" [920]=> string(13) "1 Kings 10:25" [921]=> string(13) "1 Kings 11:17" [922]=> string(13) "1 Kings 11:24" [923]=> string(13) "1 Kings 11:28" [924]=> string(13) "1 Kings 12:22" [925]=> string(13) "1 Kings 12:24" [926]=> string(12) "1 Kings 13:1" [927]=> string(12) "1 Kings 13:4" [928]=> string(12) "1 Kings 13:5" [929]=> string(12) "1 Kings 13:6" [930]=> string(12) "1 Kings 13:7" [931]=> string(12) "1 Kings 13:8" [932]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:11" [933]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:12" [934]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:14" [935]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:21" [936]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:25" [937]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:26" [938]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:29" [939]=> string(13) "1 Kings 13:31" [940]=> string(13) "1 Kings 17:18" [941]=> string(13) "1 Kings 17:24" [942]=> string(12) "1 Kings 18:4" [943]=> string(13) "1 Kings 18:13" [944]=> string(13) "1 Kings 18:22" [945]=> string(13) "1 Kings 18:40" [946]=> string(13) "1 Kings 18:44" [947]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:20" [948]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:24" [949]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:28" [950]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:30" [951]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:33" [952]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:35" [953]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:37" [954]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:39" [955]=> string(13) "1 Kings 20:42" [956]=> string(13) "1 Kings 21:11" [957]=> string(13) "1 Kings 21:13" [958]=> string(12) "1 Kings 22:6" [959]=> string(12) "1 Kings 22:8" [960]=> string(13) "1 Kings 22:10" [961]=> string(13) "1 Kings 22:17" [962]=> string(13) "1 Kings 22:34" [963]=> string(13) "1 Kings 22:36" [964]=> string(11) "2 Kings 1:6" [965]=> string(11) "2 Kings 1:7" [966]=> string(11) "2 Kings 1:8" [967]=> string(11) "2 Kings 1:9" [968]=> string(12) "2 Kings 1:10" [969]=> string(12) "2 Kings 1:11" [970]=> string(12) "2 Kings 1:12" [971]=> string(12) "2 Kings 1:13" [972]=> string(12) "2 Kings 2:16" [973]=> string(12) "2 Kings 2:17" [974]=> string(12) "2 Kings 2:19" [975]=> string(12) "2 Kings 3:23" [976]=> string(12) "2 Kings 3:25" [977]=> string(12) "2 Kings 3:26" [978]=> string(11) "2 Kings 4:1" [979]=> string(11) "2 Kings 4:7" [980]=> string(11) "2 Kings 4:9" [981]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:14" [982]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:16" [983]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:21" [984]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:22" [985]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:25" [986]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:26" [987]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:27" [988]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:29" [989]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:40" [990]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:42" [991]=> string(12) "2 Kings 4:43" [992]=> string(11) "2 Kings 5:1" [993]=> string(11) "2 Kings 5:7" [994]=> string(11) "2 Kings 5:8" [995]=> string(12) "2 Kings 5:14" [996]=> string(12) "2 Kings 5:15" [997]=> string(12) "2 Kings 5:20" [998]=> string(12) "2 Kings 5:26" [999]=> string(11) "2 Kings 6:2" [1000]=> string(11) "2 Kings 6:6" [1001]=> string(11) "2 Kings 6:9" [1002]=> string(12) "2 Kings 6:10" [1003]=> string(12) "2 Kings 6:15" [1004]=> string(12) "2 Kings 6:19" [1005]=> string(12) "2 Kings 6:32" [1006]=> string(11) "2 Kings 7:2" [1007]=> string(11) "2 Kings 7:3" [1008]=> string(11) "2 Kings 7:5" [1009]=> string(11) "2 Kings 7:6" [1010]=> string(11) "2 Kings 7:9" [1011]=> string(12) "2 Kings 7:10" [1012]=> string(12) "2 Kings 7:17" [1013]=> string(12) "2 Kings 7:18" [1014]=> string(12) "2 Kings 7:19" [1015]=> string(11) "2 Kings 8:2" [1016]=> string(11) "2 Kings 8:4" [1017]=> string(11) "2 Kings 8:7" [1018]=> string(11) "2 Kings 8:8" [1019]=> string(12) "2 Kings 8:11" [1020]=> string(12) "2 Kings 9:11" [1021]=> string(12) "2 Kings 9:13" [1022]=> string(12) "2 Kings 9:21" [1023]=> string(12) "2 Kings 10:5" [1024]=> string(12) "2 Kings 10:6" [1025]=> string(12) "2 Kings 10:7" [1026]=> string(13) "2 Kings 10:14" [1027]=> string(13) "2 Kings 10:19" [1028]=> string(13) "2 Kings 10:21" [1029]=> string(13) "2 Kings 10:24" [1030]=> string(13) "2 Kings 10:25" [1031]=> string(12) "2 Kings 11:8" [1032]=> string(12) "2 Kings 11:9" [1033]=> string(13) "2 Kings 11:11" [1034]=> string(12) "2 Kings 12:4" [1035]=> string(12) "2 Kings 12:5" [1036]=> string(12) "2 Kings 12:9" [1037]=> string(13) "2 Kings 13:19" [1038]=> string(13) "2 Kings 13:21" [1039]=> string(12) "2 Kings 14:6" [1040]=> string(13) "2 Kings 14:12" [1041]=> string(13) "2 Kings 15:20" [1042]=> string(13) "2 Kings 15:25" [1043]=> string(13) "2 Kings 17:30" [1044]=> string(13) "2 Kings 18:21" [1045]=> string(13) "2 Kings 18:27" [1046]=> string(13) "2 Kings 18:31" [1047]=> string(13) "2 Kings 18:33" [1048]=> string(13) "2 Kings 20:14" [1049]=> string(13) "2 Kings 22:15" [1050]=> string(12) "2 Kings 23:2" [1051]=> string(12) "2 Kings 23:8" [1052]=> string(13) "2 Kings 23:10" [1053]=> string(13) "2 Kings 23:16" [1054]=> string(13) "2 Kings 23:17" [1055]=> string(13) "2 Kings 23:18" [1056]=> string(13) "2 Kings 23:35" [1057]=> string(12) "2 Kings 25:4" [1058]=> string(13) "2 Kings 25:19" [1059]=> string(13) "2 Kings 25:23" [1060]=> string(13) "2 Kings 25:24" [1061]=> string(13) "2 Kings 25:25" [1062]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 4:12" [1063]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 4:42" [1064]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 5:24" [1065]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 7:40" [1066]=> string(16) "1 Chronicles 9:9" [1067]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 10:1" [1068]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 10:7" [1069]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 10:12" [1070]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 11:22" [1071]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 11:23" [1072]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 12:9" [1073]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 12:31" [1074]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 12:39" [1075]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 16:3" [1076]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 16:21" [1077]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 16:43" [1078]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 18:4" [1079]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 18:5" [1080]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 18:10" [1081]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 19:18" [1082]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 20:6" [1083]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 21:5" [1084]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 21:14" [1085]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 22:9" [1086]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 23:14" [1087]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 25:1" [1088]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 26:8" [1089]=> string(18) "1 Chronicles 27:32" [1090]=> string(17) "1 Chronicles 28:3" [1091]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 2:2" [1092]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 2:7" [1093]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 2:13" [1094]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 2:14" [1095]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 2:17" [1096]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 5:3" [1097]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 6:5" [1098]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 6:16" [1099]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 6:22" [1100]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 6:29" [1101]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 6:30" [1102]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 7:18" [1103]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 8:14" [1104]=> string(16) "2 Chronicles 9:7" [1105]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 9:14" [1106]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 9:24" [1107]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 10:16" [1108]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 11:2" [1109]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 11:4" [1110]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 13:3" [1111]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 13:15" [1112]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 13:17" [1113]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 15:13" [1114]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 17:13" [1115]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 18:5" [1116]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 18:7" [1117]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 18:9" [1118]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 18:16" [1119]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 18:33" [1120]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 20:23" [1121]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 20:27" [1122]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 23:7" [1123]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 23:8" [1124]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 23:10" [1125]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 25:4" [1126]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 25:7" [1127]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 25:9" [1128]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 25:22" [1129]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 28:12" [1130]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 28:15" [1131]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 30:16" [1132]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 31:1" [1133]=> string(17) "2 Chronicles 31:2" [1134]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 31:19" [1135]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 34:23" [1136]=> string(18) "2 Chronicles 34:30" [1137]=> string(8) "Ezra 1:4" [1138]=> string(8) "Ezra 2:1" [1139]=> string(8) "Ezra 2:2" [1140]=> string(9) "Ezra 2:23" [1141]=> string(9) "Ezra 2:27" [1142]=> string(9) "Ezra 2:28" [1143]=> string(8) "Ezra 3:1" [1144]=> string(8) "Ezra 3:2" [1145]=> string(9) "Ezra 8:18" [1146]=> string(9) "Ezra 10:9" [1147]=> string(10) "Ezra 10:16" [1148]=> string(10) "Ezra 10:17" [1149]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 1:2" [1150]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 1:11" [1151]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 2:12" [1152]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 3:7" [1153]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 3:22" [1154]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 3:28" [1155]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 4:15" [1156]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 4:18" [1157]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 4:19" [1158]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 4:22" [1159]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 4:23" [1160]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 5:7" [1161]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 5:13" [1162]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 5:17" [1163]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 6:11" [1164]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 7:2" [1165]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 7:3" [1166]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 7:6" [1167]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 7:7" [1168]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:27" [1169]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:28" [1170]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:29" [1171]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:30" [1172]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:31" [1173]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:32" [1174]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 7:33" [1175]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 8:1" [1176]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 8:2" [1177]=> string(12) "Nehemiah 8:3" [1178]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 8:16" [1179]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 11:2" [1180]=> string(13) "Nehemiah 11:3" [1181]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 11:20" [1182]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 12:24" [1183]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 12:36" [1184]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 12:44" [1185]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 13:10" [1186]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 13:25" [1187]=> string(14) "Nehemiah 13:30" [1188]=> string(10) "Esther 1:8" [1189]=> string(11) "Esther 1:22" [1190]=> string(10) "Esther 2:5" [1191]=> string(11) "Esther 4:11" [1192]=> string(10) "Esther 6:6" [1193]=> string(10) "Esther 6:7" [1194]=> string(10) "Esther 6:9" [1195]=> string(11) "Esther 6:11" [1196]=> string(10) "Esther 7:6" [1197]=> string(10) "Esther 9:2" [1198]=> string(10) "Esther 9:4" [1199]=> string(10) "Esther 9:6" [1200]=> string(11) "Esther 9:12" [1201]=> string(11) "Esther 9:15" [1202]=> string(11) "Esther 9:19" [1203]=> string(11) "Esther 9:22" [1204]=> string(7) "Job 1:1" [1205]=> string(7) "Job 1:3" [1206]=> string(7) "Job 1:4" [1207]=> string(7) "Job 1:8" [1208]=> string(7) "Job 2:3" [1209]=> string(7) "Job 2:4" [1210]=> string(8) "Job 2:11" [1211]=> string(8) "Job 2:12" [1212]=> string(8) "Job 4:13" [1213]=> string(8) "Job 4:17" [1214]=> string(8) "Job 9:32" [1215]=> string(8) "Job 11:2" [1216]=> string(9) "Job 11:12" [1217]=> string(9) "Job 12:10" [1218]=> string(9) "Job 12:14" [1219]=> string(8) "Job 13:9" [1220]=> string(9) "Job 14:12" [1221]=> string(9) "Job 15:16" [1222]=> string(8) "Job 22:8" [1223]=> string(9) "Job 31:35" [1224]=> string(8) "Job 32:5" [1225]=> string(9) "Job 32:13" [1226]=> string(9) "Job 32:21" [1227]=> string(9) "Job 33:15" [1228]=> string(8) "Job 34:8" [1229]=> string(9) "Job 34:10" [1230]=> string(9) "Job 34:11" [1231]=> string(9) "Job 34:21" [1232]=> string(9) "Job 34:23" [1233]=> string(9) "Job 34:36" [1234]=> string(8) "Job 35:8" [1235]=> string(9) "Job 36:24" [1236]=> string(8) "Job 37:7" [1237]=> string(9) "Job 37:20" [1238]=> string(9) "Job 38:26" [1239]=> string(9) "Job 41:17" [1240]=> string(9) "Job 42:11" [1241]=> string(10) "Psalms 1:1" [1242]=> string(10) "Psalms 4:2" [1243]=> string(10) "Psalms 5:6" [1244]=> string(11) "Psalms 9:19" [1245]=> string(12) "Psalms 10:18" [1246]=> string(11) "Psalms 12:2" [1247]=> string(12) "Psalms 18:48" [1248]=> string(11) "Psalms 22:6" [1249]=> string(12) "Psalms 25:12" [1250]=> string(11) "Psalms 26:9" [1251]=> string(12) "Psalms 31:20" [1252]=> string(12) "Psalms 34:12" [1253]=> string(11) "Psalms 37:7" [1254]=> string(12) "Psalms 37:37" [1255]=> string(12) "Psalms 38:14" [1256]=> string(11) "Psalms 39:6" [1257]=> string(12) "Psalms 39:11" [1258]=> string(11) "Psalms 41:9" [1259]=> string(11) "Psalms 43:1" [1260]=> string(11) "Psalms 49:2" [1261]=> string(11) "Psalms 49:7" [1262]=> string(12) "Psalms 49:16" [1263]=> string(11) "Psalms 62:3" [1264]=> string(11) "Psalms 62:9" [1265]=> string(12) "Psalms 62:12" [1266]=> string(11) "Psalms 64:6" [1267]=> string(12) "Psalms 78:25" [1268]=> string(12) "Psalms 80:17" [1269]=> string(11) "Psalms 87:5" [1270]=> string(11) "Psalms 90:1" [1271]=> string(11) "Psalms 92:6" [1272]=> string(13) "Psalms 103:15" [1273]=> string(13) "Psalms 105:17" [1274]=> string(13) "Psalms 109:16" [1275]=> string(12) "Psalms 112:1" [1276]=> string(12) "Psalms 112:5" [1277]=> string(12) "Psalms 140:1" [1278]=> string(12) "Psalms 140:4" [1279]=> string(13) "Psalms 140:11" [1280]=> string(12) "Psalms 144:3" [1281]=> string(13) "Psalms 147:10" [1282]=> string(13) "Proverbs 2:12" [1283]=> string(13) "Proverbs 3:31" [1284]=> string(13) "Proverbs 5:21" [1285]=> string(13) "Proverbs 6:11" [1286]=> string(13) "Proverbs 6:12" [1287]=> string(13) "Proverbs 6:26" [1288]=> string(13) "Proverbs 6:27" [1289]=> string(13) "Proverbs 6:28" [1290]=> string(13) "Proverbs 7:19" [1291]=> string(12) "Proverbs 8:4" [1292]=> string(14) "Proverbs 10:23" [1293]=> string(14) "Proverbs 11:12" [1294]=> string(14) "Proverbs 11:17" [1295]=> string(13) "Proverbs 12:2" [1296]=> string(13) "Proverbs 12:8" [1297]=> string(14) "Proverbs 12:14" [1298]=> string(14) "Proverbs 12:25" [1299]=> string(13) "Proverbs 13:2" [1300]=> string(13) "Proverbs 13:8" [1301]=> string(13) "Proverbs 14:7" [1302]=> string(14) "Proverbs 14:12" [1303]=> string(14) "Proverbs 14:14" [1304]=> string(14) "Proverbs 14:17" [1305]=> string(14) "Proverbs 15:18" [1306]=> string(14) "Proverbs 15:21" [1307]=> string(14) "Proverbs 15:23" [1308]=> string(13) "Proverbs 16:2" [1309]=> string(13) "Proverbs 16:7" [1310]=> string(14) "Proverbs 16:14" [1311]=> string(14) "Proverbs 16:25" [1312]=> string(14) "Proverbs 16:27" [1313]=> string(14) "Proverbs 16:28" [1314]=> string(14) "Proverbs 16:29" [1315]=> string(14) "Proverbs 17:12" [1316]=> string(14) "Proverbs 17:27" [1317]=> string(13) "Proverbs 18:4" [1318]=> string(14) "Proverbs 18:12" [1319]=> string(14) "Proverbs 18:14" [1320]=> string(14) "Proverbs 18:20" [1321]=> string(14) "Proverbs 18:24" [1322]=> string(13) "Proverbs 19:6" [1323]=> string(14) "Proverbs 19:21" [1324]=> string(14) "Proverbs 19:22" [1325]=> string(13) "Proverbs 20:3" [1326]=> string(13) "Proverbs 20:5" [1327]=> string(13) "Proverbs 20:6" [1328]=> string(14) "Proverbs 20:17" [1329]=> string(13) "Proverbs 21:2" [1330]=> string(13) "Proverbs 21:8" [1331]=> string(14) "Proverbs 21:17" [1332]=> string(14) "Proverbs 21:28" [1333]=> string(14) "Proverbs 21:29" [1334]=> string(13) "Proverbs 22:7" [1335]=> string(14) "Proverbs 22:24" [1336]=> string(14) "Proverbs 22:29" [1337]=> string(13) "Proverbs 24:1" [1338]=> string(13) "Proverbs 24:5" [1339]=> string(14) "Proverbs 24:29" [1340]=> string(14) "Proverbs 24:30" [1341]=> string(14) "Proverbs 24:34" [1342]=> string(13) "Proverbs 25:1" [1343]=> string(14) "Proverbs 25:14" [1344]=> string(14) "Proverbs 25:18" [1345]=> string(14) "Proverbs 25:28" [1346]=> string(14) "Proverbs 26:12" [1347]=> string(14) "Proverbs 26:19" [1348]=> string(14) "Proverbs 26:21" [1349]=> string(13) "Proverbs 27:8" [1350]=> string(14) "Proverbs 27:17" [1351]=> string(14) "Proverbs 27:21" [1352]=> string(14) "Proverbs 28:11" [1353]=> string(14) "Proverbs 28:20" [1354]=> string(14) "Proverbs 28:22" [1355]=> string(14) "Proverbs 28:24" [1356]=> string(13) "Proverbs 29:1" [1357]=> string(13) "Proverbs 29:3" [1358]=> string(13) "Proverbs 29:4" [1359]=> string(13) "Proverbs 29:6" [1360]=> string(13) "Proverbs 29:8" [1361]=> string(13) "Proverbs 29:9" [1362]=> string(14) "Proverbs 29:13" [1363]=> string(14) "Proverbs 29:20" [1364]=> string(14) "Proverbs 29:22" [1365]=> string(14) "Proverbs 29:26" [1366]=> string(14) "Proverbs 29:27" [1367]=> string(13) "Proverbs 30:2" [1368]=> string(16) "Ecclesiastes 1:8" [1369]=> string(16) "Ecclesiastes 4:4" [1370]=> string(16) "Ecclesiastes 6:2" [1371]=> string(16) "Ecclesiastes 6:3" [1372]=> string(16) "Ecclesiastes 7:5" [1373]=> string(17) "Ecclesiastes 9:15" [1374]=> string(17) "Ecclesiastes 12:3" [1375]=> string(19) "Song of Solomon 3:8" [1376]=> string(19) "Song of Solomon 8:7" [1377]=> string(20) "Song of Solomon 8:11" [1378]=> string(10) "Isaiah 2:9" [1379]=> string(11) "Isaiah 2:11" [1380]=> string(11) "Isaiah 2:17" [1381]=> string(10) "Isaiah 3:2" [1382]=> string(10) "Isaiah 3:5" [1383]=> string(10) "Isaiah 3:6" [1384]=> string(10) "Isaiah 4:1" [1385]=> string(10) "Isaiah 5:3" [1386]=> string(10) "Isaiah 5:7" [1387]=> string(11) "Isaiah 5:15" [1388]=> string(10) "Isaiah 6:5" [1389]=> string(11) "Isaiah 7:13" [1390]=> string(11) "Isaiah 7:21" [1391]=> string(11) "Isaiah 9:19" [1392]=> string(11) "Isaiah 9:20" [1393]=> string(11) "Isaiah 13:8" [1394]=> string(12) "Isaiah 13:12" [1395]=> string(12) "Isaiah 13:14" [1396]=> string(12) "Isaiah 14:16" [1397]=> string(12) "Isaiah 14:18" [1398]=> string(11) "Isaiah 19:2" [1399]=> string(11) "Isaiah 21:9" [1400]=> string(12) "Isaiah 28:14" [1401]=> string(12) "Isaiah 29:13" [1402]=> string(11) "Isaiah 31:7" [1403]=> string(11) "Isaiah 31:8" [1404]=> string(11) "Isaiah 32:2" [1405]=> string(11) "Isaiah 33:8" [1406]=> string(11) "Isaiah 36:6" [1407]=> string(12) "Isaiah 36:12" [1408]=> string(12) "Isaiah 36:16" [1409]=> string(12) "Isaiah 36:18" [1410]=> string(12) "Isaiah 40:13" [1411]=> string(12) "Isaiah 40:26" [1412]=> string(11) "Isaiah 41:6" [1413]=> string(12) "Isaiah 41:11" [1414]=> string(12) "Isaiah 41:12" [1415]=> string(12) "Isaiah 41:28" [1416]=> string(12) "Isaiah 42:13" [1417]=> string(12) "Isaiah 44:13" [1418]=> string(12) "Isaiah 45:14" [1419]=> string(12) "Isaiah 46:11" [1420]=> string(12) "Isaiah 47:15" [1421]=> string(11) "Isaiah 50:2" [1422]=> string(12) "Isaiah 52:14" [1423]=> string(11) "Isaiah 53:3" [1424]=> string(11) "Isaiah 53:6" [1425]=> string(11) "Isaiah 55:7" [1426]=> string(11) "Isaiah 56:2" [1427]=> string(12) "Isaiah 56:11" [1428]=> string(11) "Isaiah 57:1" [1429]=> string(12) "Isaiah 59:16" [1430]=> string(11) "Isaiah 63:3" [1431]=> string(11) "Isaiah 66:3" [1432]=> string(12) "Isaiah 66:13" [1433]=> string(12) "Isaiah 66:24" [1434]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 1:15" [1435]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 2:6" [1436]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 3:1" [1437]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 4:3" [1438]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 4:4" [1439]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 4:29" [1440]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 5:1" [1441]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 5:8" [1442]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 6:3" [1443]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 6:11" [1444]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 6:23" [1445]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 7:5" [1446]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 8:6" [1447]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 9:4" [1448]=> string(12) "Jeremiah 9:5" [1449]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 9:10" [1450]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 9:12" [1451]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 10:23" [1452]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 11:2" [1453]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 11:3" [1454]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 11:8" [1455]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 11:9" [1456]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 11:21" [1457]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 11:23" [1458]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 12:11" [1459]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 12:15" [1460]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 13:11" [1461]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 13:14" [1462]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 14:9" [1463]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 15:10" [1464]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 16:12" [1465]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 17:10" [1466]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 17:25" [1467]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 18:11" [1468]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 18:12" [1469]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 18:21" [1470]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 19:9" [1471]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 20:15" [1472]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 20:16" [1473]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 22:7" [1474]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 22:8" [1475]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 22:28" [1476]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 22:30" [1477]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 23:9" [1478]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:14" [1479]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:24" [1480]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:27" [1481]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:30" [1482]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:34" [1483]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:35" [1484]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 23:36" [1485]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 25:5" [1486]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 25:26" [1487]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 26:3" [1488]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 26:11" [1489]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 26:16" [1490]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 26:20" [1491]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 26:22" [1492]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 29:26" [1493]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 29:32" [1494]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 31:30" [1495]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 31:34" [1496]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 32:19" [1497]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 32:32" [1498]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 33:17" [1499]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 33:18" [1500]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 34:9" [1501]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 34:10" [1502]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 34:14" [1503]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 34:15" [1504]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 34:16" [1505]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 34:17" [1506]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 34:18" [1507]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 35:4" [1508]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 35:13" [1509]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 35:15" [1510]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 35:19" [1511]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 36:3" [1512]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 36:7" [1513]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 36:16" [1514]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 36:19" [1515]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 36:31" [1516]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 37:10" [1517]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 38:4" [1518]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 38:7" [1519]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 38:9" [1520]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 38:10" [1521]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 38:11" [1522]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 38:16" [1523]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 38:22" [1524]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 38:24" [1525]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 39:17" [1526]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 40:7" [1527]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 40:9" [1528]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 40:15" [1529]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:1" [1530]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:2" [1531]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:4" [1532]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:5" [1533]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:7" [1534]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:8" [1535]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 41:9" [1536]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 41:12" [1537]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 41:15" [1538]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 41:16" [1539]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 42:17" [1540]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 43:2" [1541]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 44:7" [1542]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 44:15" [1543]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 44:26" [1544]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 44:27" [1545]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 46:16" [1546]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 48:31" [1547]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 48:36" [1548]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 49:5" [1549]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 49:18" [1550]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 49:26" [1551]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 49:33" [1552]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 50:16" [1553]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 50:30" [1554]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 50:40" [1555]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 50:42" [1556]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 51:6" [1557]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 51:9" [1558]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 51:22" [1559]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 51:32" [1560]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 51:43" [1561]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 51:45" [1562]=> string(13) "Jeremiah 52:7" [1563]=> string(14) "Jeremiah 52:25" [1564]=> string(17) "Lamentations 3:33" [1565]=> string(11) "Ezekiel 1:9" [1566]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 1:11" [1567]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 1:12" [1568]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 1:23" [1569]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 3:26" [1570]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 4:17" [1571]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 7:13" [1572]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 7:16" [1573]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 8:11" [1574]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 8:12" [1575]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 8:16" [1576]=> string(11) "Ezekiel 9:1" [1577]=> string(11) "Ezekiel 9:2" [1578]=> string(11) "Ezekiel 9:3" [1579]=> string(11) "Ezekiel 9:6" [1580]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 9:11" [1581]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 10:2" [1582]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 10:3" [1583]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 10:6" [1584]=> string(13) "Ezekiel 10:22" [1585]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 11:1" [1586]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 11:2" [1587]=> string(13) "Ezekiel 12:16" [1588]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 14:3" [1589]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 14:4" [1590]=> string(12) "Ezekiel 14:7" [1591]=> string(12) 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1702 Verses with H376

Genesis 2:23
Literal: And said Adam this [is] now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh this [one] shall be called Woman because out of Man was taken this [one]
KJV: And Adam  said,  This  is now  bone  and flesh  she  shall be called  Woman,  because she  was taken  out of Man. 

Genesis 2:24
Literal: Therefore - shall leave a man - his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become flesh one
KJV: Therefore  shall a man  leave  his father  and his mother,  and shall cleave  unto his wife:  and they shall be one  flesh. 

Genesis 3:16
Literal: To the woman He said greatly I will multiply your sorrow and your conception in pain you shall bring forth children for your husband Your desire [shall be] and he shall rule over you -
KJV: Unto the woman  he said,  I will greatly  thy sorrow  and thy conception;  in sorrow  thou shalt bring forth  children;  and thy desire  shall be to thy husband,  and he shall rule  over thee.

Genesis 4:1
Literal: And Adam knew - Eve his wife and she conceived and bore Cain and said I have acquired a man from Yahweh
KJV: And Adam  knew  Eve  his wife;  and she conceived,  and bare  Cain,  and said,  I have gotten  a man  from  the LORD. 

Genesis 6:4
Literal: The Nephilim were on the earth in days those and also after that when came in the sons of God to the daughters of men and they bore [children] to them Those [were] the mighty men who [were] of old men of renown -
KJV: There were giants  in the earth  in those days;  and also after  that,  when  the sons  of God  came in  unto the daughters  of men,  and they bare  children to them, the same  became mighty men  which were of old,  of renown. 

Genesis 7:2
Literal: Of every animal clean you shall take with you seven seven a male and his female and of animals that not clean are two [each] and his female
KJV: Of every clean  beast  thou shalt take  to thee by sevens,  the male  and his female:  and of beasts  that are not clean  by two,  the male  and his female. 

Genesis 9:5
Literal: And surely - the blood of your lives will I require [an accounting] from the hand of every beast I will require it and from the hand of man From the hand of every man's brother I will require the life of man
KJV: And surely  your blood  of your lives  will I require;  at the hand  of every beast  will I require it,  and at the hand  of man;  at the hand  of every man's  brother  will I require  the life  of man. 

Genesis 10:5
Literal: From these were separated the maritime peoples into their lands everyone according to his language according to their families into their nations
KJV: By these were the isles  of the Gentiles  divided in  their lands;  every one  after his tongue,  after their families,  in their nations. 

Genesis 11:3
Literal: And they said one to another come let us make bricks and bake [them] thoroughly And they had - brick for stone and asphalt they had for mortar
KJV: And they said  one  to another,  Go to,  let us make  brick,  and burn  them throughly.  And they had brick  for stone,  and slime  had  they for morter. 

Genesis 12:20
Literal: so commanded concerning him Pharaoh [his] men and they sent away him and with his wife all that he had
KJV: And Pharaoh  commanded  concerning him: and they sent him away,  and his wife,  and all that he had.

Genesis 13:8
Literal: So said Abram to Lot no please let there be strife between me and you and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen for men brothers we [are]
KJV: And Abram  said  unto Lot,  Let there be  no  strife,  be brethren. 

Genesis 13:11
Literal: And chose for himself Lot - all the plain of Jordan and journeyed Lot east And they separated the one from the other
KJV: Then Lot  chose  him all the plain  of Jordan;  and Lot  journeyed  east:  and they separated themselves  the one  from the other. 

Genesis 13:13
Literal: But the men of Sodom [were] wicked and sinful against Yahweh exceedingly
KJV: of Sodom  were wicked  and sinners  before the LORD  exceedingly. 

Genesis 14:24
Literal: except only what have eaten the young men and the portion of the men who went with me Aner Eshcol and Mamre they may take their portion -
KJV: Save  only that which  the young men  have eaten,  and the portion  which went  with  me, Aner,  Eshcol,  and Mamre;  let them  take  their portion. 

Genesis 15:10
Literal: And he brought to Him - all these and cut in two them down the middle and placed each piece opposite the other but the birds not he did cut in two
KJV: And he took  unto him all these, and divided  them in the midst,  and laid  each  piece  one against  another:  but the birds  divided  he not.

Genesis 17:23
Literal: So took Abraham - Ishmael his son and all who were born in his house and who were bought with his money every male among the men in the house of Abraham and he circumcised the flesh of their foreskins in the very day this as had said to him God
KJV: And Abraham  took  Ishmael  his son,  and all that were born  in his house,  and all that were bought  with his money,  every male  of Abraham's  house;  and circumcised  the flesh  of their foreskin  in the selfsame  day,  as God  had said 

Genesis 17:27
Literal: And all the men of his house born in the house or bought with money from a son a foreigner were circumcised with him -
KJV: of his house,  born  in the house,  and bought  with money  of the stranger,  were circumcised  with him.

Genesis 18:2
Literal: So he lifted his eyes and looked and behold three men were standing by him and when he saw [them] and he ran to meet them from the door of the tent and he bowed himself to the ground
KJV: And he lift up  his eyes  and looked,  and, lo, three  stood  by him: and when he saw  them, he ran  to meet  them from the tent  door,  and bowed  himself toward the ground, 

Genesis 18:22
Literal: And turned away from there the men and went toward Sodom but Abraham still stood before Yahweh
KJV: turned their faces  toward Sodom:  but Abraham  stood  yet  before  the LORD. 

Genesis 19:5
Literal: And they called to Lot and said to him where are the men who came to you tonight bring them out to us that we may know them
KJV: And they called  unto Lot,  and said  which came in  to thee this night?  bring them out  unto us, that we may know  them.

Genesis 19:8
Literal: Behold now I have two daughters who not have known a man let me bring out please them to you and you may do to them according to what [is] good in your eyes only to men these not do anything for upon thus they have come under the shadow of my roof
KJV: Behold now, I have two  daughters  which have not known  man;  let me, I pray you, bring them out  unto you, and do  ye to them as is good  in your eyes:  only unto these  do  nothing;  for therefore came  they under the shadow  of my roof. 

Genesis 19:10
Literal: But reached out the men - their hands and pulled Lot with them into the house and the door shut
KJV: put forth  their hand,  and pulled  Lot  into the house  to them, and shut  to the door. 

Genesis 19:11
Literal: And the men who [were] at the doorway of the house they struck with blindness from small and to great so that they wearied to find the door
KJV: And they smote  that were at the door  of the house  with blindness,  both small  and great:  so that they wearied  themselves to find  the door. 

Genesis 19:12
Literal: And said the men to Lot else who have you here Son-in-law and your sons and your daughters and whomever you have in the city take [them] out of the place
KJV: said  unto Lot,  Hast thou here  any  besides? son in law,  and thy sons,  and thy daughters,  and whatsoever  thou hast in the city,  bring them out  of this place: 

Genesis 19:16
Literal: And while he lingered then took hold the men of his hand and on the hand of his wife and the hand of his two daughters being merciful Yahweh to him and they brought him out and set him outside the city
KJV: And while he lingered,  laid hold  upon his hand,  of his wife,  and upon the hand  of his two  daughters;  the LORD  being merciful  unto him: and they brought him forth,  and set him  without  the city. 

Genesis 19:31
Literal: And said the firstborn to the younger Our father [is] old and man [there is] no on the earth to come in to us as is the custom of all the earth
KJV: And the firstborn  said  unto the younger,  Our father  is old,  and there is not a man  in the earth  to come in  unto us after the manner  of all the earth: 

Genesis 20:7
Literal: Now restore wife the man's for a prophet he [is] and he will pray for you and you shall live But if not you do restore [her] know that surely you shall die you and all who [are] yours
KJV: Now therefore restore  the man  his wife;  for he is a prophet,  and he shall pray  for thee,  and thou shalt live:  and if thou restore  her not, know  thou that thou shalt surely  thou, and all that are thine.

Genesis 20:8
Literal: So rose early Abimelech in the morning and called all his servants and he told - all things these in their hearing and were afraid the men very much
KJV: Therefore Abimelech  rose early  in the morning,  and called  all his servants,  and told  all these things  in their ears:  were sore  afraid. 

Genesis 24:13
Literal: Behold I stand [here] by the well of water and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water
KJV: Behold, I stand  here by the well  of water;  and the daughters  of the city  come out  to draw  water: 

Genesis 24:16
Literal: Now the young woman [was] beautiful to behold very a virgin and man no had known her and she went down to the well and filled her jar and came up
KJV: And the damsel  was very  fair  to look upon,  a virgin,  neither had any man  known  her: and she went down  to the well,  and filled  her pitcher,  and came up. 

Genesis 24:21
Literal: And the man gazing at her remained silent so as to know whether had made prosperous Yahweh his journey or not
KJV: And the man  wondering  at her held his peace,  to wit  whether the LORD  his journey  prosperous  or  not.

Genesis 24:22
Literal: So it was when had finished the camels drinking that took the man a ring golden half a shekel weighing and two bracelets for her wrists ten [shekels] of gold weighing
KJV: And it came to pass, as the camels  had done  drinking,  that the man  took  a golden  earring  of half a shekel  weight,  and two  bracelets  for her hands  of ten  shekels weight  of gold; 

Genesis 24:26
Literal: And bowed down his head the man and worshiped Yahweh
KJV: And the man  bowed down his head,  and worshipped  the LORD. 

Genesis 24:29
Literal: Now Rebekah had a brother whose name [was] Laban and ran [out] Laban to the man out unto the well
KJV: And Rebekah  had a brother,  and his name  was Laban:  ran  out  unto the man,  unto the well. 

Genesis 24:30
Literal: So it came to pass when he saw - the ring and the bracelets on the hands on his sister and when he heard the words of Rebekah his sister saying thus spoke to me the man that he went to the man and there he stood by the camels at the well
KJV: And it came to pass, when he saw  the earring  and bracelets  upon his sister's  hands,  and when he heard  the words  of Rebekah  his sister,  saying,  Thus  spake  the man  unto me; that he came  unto the man;  and, behold, he stood  by  the camels  at the well. 

Genesis 24:32
Literal: And came the man to the house and he unloaded the camels and provided straw and feed for the camels and water to wash his feet and the feet of the men who [were] with him
KJV: And the man  came  into the house:  and he ungirded  his camels,  and gave  straw  and provender  for the camels,  and water  to wash  his feet,  and the men's  feet 

Genesis 24:54
Literal: And ate and drank he and the men who [were] with him and spent the night there And they arose in the morning and he said Send me away to my master
KJV: And they did eat  and drink,  that were with him, and tarried all night;  and they rose up  in the morning,  and he said,  Send me away  unto my master. 

Genesis 24:58
Literal: And they called Rebekah and said to her will you go with man this and she said I will go
KJV: And they called  Rebekah,  and said  with this man?  And she said, 

Genesis 24:59
Literal: So they sent away - Rebekah their sister and her nurse servant Abraham's his men
KJV: And they sent away  Rebekah  their sister,  and her nurse,  and Abraham's  servant, 

Genesis 24:61
Literal: And arose Rebekah and her servant girls and they rode on the camels and followed the man So took the servant - Rebekah and departed
KJV: And Rebekah  arose,  and her damsels,  and they rode  upon the camels,  the man:  and the servant  took  Rebekah, 

Genesis 24:65
Literal: For she had said to the servant who [is] man this walking in the field to meet us and said the servant it [is] my master So she took a veil and covered herself
KJV: For she had said  unto the servant,  What  man  is this  that walketh  in the field  to meet us?  And the servant  had said,  It is my master:  therefore she took  a vail,  and covered herself. 

Genesis 25:27
Literal: So grew the boys and was Esau a man skillful a hunter a man of the field but Jacob was a man mild dwelling in tents
KJV: And the boys  grew:  and Esau  was a cunning  hunter,  a man  of the field;  and Jacob  was a plain  man,  dwelling  in tents. 

Genesis 26:7
Literal: And asked the men of that place about his wife and he said my sister she [is] For he was afraid to say [She is] my wife Lest kill me of the place on account of Rebekah because beautiful to behold she [is]
KJV: of the place  asked  him of his wife;  and he said,  She is my sister:  for he feared  to say,  She is my wife;  of the place  should kill  me for Rebekah;  because she was fair  to look upon. 

Genesis 26:11
Literal: So warned Abimelech - all [his] people saying He who touches man this or his wife surely shall be put to death
KJV: And Abimelech  charged  all his people,  saying,  He that toucheth  this man  or his wife  shall surely 

Genesis 26:13
Literal: And began to prosper the man and continued to prosper until that he became prosperous very
KJV: And the man  waxed great,  forward,  very  great: 

Genesis 26:31
Literal: And they arose early in the morning and swore an oath one with another and sent them away Isaac and they departed from him in peace
KJV: And they rose up betimes  in the morning,  and sware  one  to another:  and Isaac  sent them away,  from him in peace. 

Genesis 27:11
Literal: And said Jacob to Rebekah his mother Look Esau my brother [is] a man hairy and I [am] a man smooth-[skinned]
KJV: And Jacob  said  to Rebekah  his mother,  Behold, Esau  my brother  is a hairy  man,  and I am a smooth  man: 

Genesis 29:32
Literal: So conceived Leah and bore a son and she called his name Reuben for she said surely has looked Yahweh on my affliction therefore now will love me my husband
KJV: And Leah  conceived,  and bare  a son,  and she called  his name  Reuben:  for  she said,  Surely  the LORD  hath looked  upon my affliction;  now therefore  my husband  will love 

Genesis 29:34
Literal: And she conceived again and bore a son and said now at last will become attached my husband to me because I have borne him three sons Upon thus was called his name Levi
KJV: And she conceived again,  and bare  a son;  and said,  Now this time  will my husband  be joined  unto me, because I have born  him three  sons:  therefore was his name  called  Levi. 

Genesis 30:18
Literal: And said Leah has given me God my wages because I have given my maidservant to my husband So she called his name Issachar
KJV: And Leah  said,  God  hath given  me my hire,  because  I have given  my maiden  to my husband:  and she called  his name  Issachar. 

Genesis 30:20
Literal: And said Leah has endowed God me [with] endowment good now will dwell with me my husband because I have borne him six sons So she called - his name Zebulun
KJV: And Leah  said,  God  hath endued  me with a good  dowry;  now  will my husband  dwell  with me, because I have born  him six  sons:  and she called  his name  Zebulun. 

Genesis 30:43
Literal: Thus became prosperous the man exceedingly greatly and had to him flocks large and maidservants and menservants and camels and donkeys
KJV: And the man  increased  exceedingly,  and had much  cattle,  and maidservants,  and menservants,  and camels,  and asses. 

Genesis 31:50
Literal: If you afflict - my daughters or if you take [other] wives besides [although] no man [is] with us see God [is] witness between me and you
KJV: If thou shalt afflict  my daughters,  or if thou shalt take  other wives  beside  my daughters,  no man  is with us; see,  God  is witness 

Genesis 32:6
Literal: And returned the messengers to Jacob saying we came to your brother - Esau and also he is coming to meet you and four hundred men [are] with him
KJV: And the messengers  returned  to Jacob,  saying,  We came  to thy brother  Esau,  and also he cometh  to meet thee,  and four hundred  men 

Genesis 32:28
Literal: And He said not Jacob shall be called anymore Your name - but Israel for you have struggled with God and with men and have prevailed
KJV: And he said,  Thy name  shall be called  no more Jacob,  but Israel:  for as a prince hast thou power  with God  and hast prevailed. 

Genesis 33:1
Literal: And lifted Jacob his eyes and looked and there Esau was coming and with him four hundred men So he divided - the sons among Leah and Rachel and two the maidservants
KJV: And Jacob  lifted up  his eyes,  and looked,  and, behold, Esau  came,  and with him four  hundred  men.  And he divided  the children  unto Leah,  and unto Rachel,  and unto the two  handmaids. 

Genesis 34:7
Literal: And the sons of Jacob came in from the field when they heard [it] And were grieved the men and angry - very because an outrage he had committed in Israel by lying with with the daughter of Jacob and this thing not ought to be done
KJV: And the sons  of Jacob  came  out of the field  when they heard  were grieved,  and they were very  wroth,  because he had wrought  folly  in Israel  in lying  with Jacob's  daughter;  which thing ought not to be done. 

Genesis 34:21
Literal: men these at peace are with us therefore let them dwell in the land and trade in it for the land [is] indeed large enough For them - their daughters let us take to us as wives and our daughters let us give them
KJV: are peaceable  with  us; therefore let them dwell  in the land,  and trade  therein; for the land,  behold, it is large  enough  for them;  let us take  their daughters  to us for wives,  and let us give  them our daughters. 

Genesis 34:22
Literal: Only in this will consent - the men to dwell with us to be people one if is circumcised among us every male as they [are] circumcised
KJV: Only herein  consent  unto us for to dwell  with us, to be one  people,  if every male  among us be circumcised, 

Genesis 34:25
Literal: And it came to pass on the day third when they were in pain that took two of the sons of Jacob Simeon and Levi brothers of Dinah each his sword and came upon the city boldly and killed all the males
KJV: And it came to pass on the third  day,  when they were sore,  that two  of the sons  of Jacob,  Simeon  and Levi,  Dinah's  brethren,  took  each man  his sword,  and came  upon the city  boldly,  and slew  all the males. 

Genesis 37:17
Literal: and said the man they have departed from this [place] for I heard them say let us go to Dothan So went Joseph after his brothers and found them in Dothan
KJV: And the man  said,  They are departed  hence;  for I heard  them say,  to Dothan.  And Joseph  after  his brethren,  and found  them in Dothan. 

Genesis 37:19
Literal: And they said one to another Look - dreamer this is coming
KJV: And they said  one  to another,  Behold, this  dreamer  cometh. 

Genesis 37:28
Literal: And passed by men Midianites traders so they pulled up and lifted up - Joseph out of the pit and sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty [shekels] of silver And they took to Egypt
KJV: Then there passed  by Midianites  and they drew  and lifted up  Joseph  out of the pit,  and sold  Joseph  to the Ishmeelites  for twenty  pieces of silver:  and they brought  Joseph  into Egypt. 

Genesis 38:1
Literal: And it came to pass at time that departed Judah from his brothers and settled near a certain Adullamite and his name [was] Hirah
KJV: And it came to pass at that time,  that Judah  went down  from his brethren,  and turned  in to a certain  Adullamite,  whose name  was Hirah. 

Genesis 38:2
Literal: And saw there Judah a daughter of a certain Canaanite and whose name [was] Shua and he married her and went in to her
KJV: And Judah  saw  there a daughter  of a certain  Canaanite,  whose name  was Shuah;  and he took her,  and went in 

Genesis 38:22
Literal: So he returned to Judah and said cannot I find her and the men of the place said no there was in this [place] harlot
KJV: And he returned  to Judah,  and said,  I cannot  find  of the place  said,  that there was no harlot 

Genesis 39:1
Literal: And Joseph had been taken down to Egypt and bought him Potiphar an officer of Pharaoh captain of the guard - an Egyptian from the Ishmaelites who had taken him down there
KJV: And Joseph  was brought down  to Egypt;  and Potiphar,  an officer  of Pharaoh,  captain  of the guard,  an Egyptian,  bought  him of the hands  of the Ishmeelites,  which had brought him down 

Genesis 39:11
Literal: But it came to pass about time this that when Joseph went into the house to do his work and not a single of the men of the house [was] there inside
KJV: And it came to pass about this time,  that Joseph went  into the house  to do  his business;  and there was none of the men  of the house 

Genesis 39:14
Literal: that she called to the men of her house and spoke to them saying Look he has brought in to us a man Hebrew to mock us He came in to me to lie with me and I cried out in a voice loud
KJV: That she called  of her house,  and spake  See,  he hath brought in  an Hebrew  unto us to mock  us; he came in  unto me to lie  with me, and I cried  with a loud  voice: 

Genesis 41:11
Literal: And we each had a dream in night one I and he each of us according to the interpretation of his [own] dream dreamed
KJV: And we dreamed  a dream  in one  night,  I and he; we dreamed  each man  according to the interpretation  of his dream. 

Genesis 41:33
Literal: Now therefore let select Pharaoh a man discerning and wise and set him over the land of Egypt
KJV: Now therefore let Pharaoh  look out  a man  discreet  and wise,  and set  him over the land  of Egypt. 

Genesis 41:38
Literal: And said Pharaoh to his servants can we find [such] as this a man whom the Spirit of God [is] in
KJV: And Pharaoh  said  unto his servants,  Can we find  such a one as this  is, a man  in whom  the Spirit  of God  is?

Genesis 41:44
Literal: And said Pharaoh to Joseph I [am] Pharaoh and apart from you not may lift man - his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt
KJV: And Pharaoh  said  unto Joseph,  I am Pharaoh,  and without  thee shall no man  lift up  his hand  or foot  in all the land  of Egypt. 

Genesis 42:11
Literal: All sons of man one we [are] honest [men] we [are] not are your servants spies
KJV: We  are all one  man's  sons;  we are true  men, thy servants  are no spies. 

Genesis 42:13
Literal: And they said two [and] ten your servants brothers we [are] the sons of man one in the land of Canaan and in fact the youngest [is] with our father today and one [is] no more
KJV: And they said,  Thy servants  are twelve  brethren,  the sons  of one  man  in the land  of Canaan;  and, behold, the youngest  is this day  with our father,  and one 

Genesis 42:21
Literal: And they said one to another truly guilty we [are] concerning our brother for we saw the anguish of his soul when he pleaded with us and not we did listen upon thus has come upon us distress this
KJV: And they said  one  to another,  We are verily  guilty  concerning our brother,  in that  we saw  the anguish  of his soul,  when he besought  us, and we would not hear;  therefore is this distress  come 

Genesis 42:25
Literal: And commanded Joseph then to fill - their sacks with grain and to restore silver of every man to his sack and to give them provisions for the journey And he did for them thus
KJV: Then Joseph  commanded  to fill  their sacks  with corn,  and to restore  every man's  money  into his sack,  and to give  them provision  for the way:  and thus  did he  unto them.

Genesis 42:28
Literal: So he said to his brothers has been restored my silver and there it is in my sack And failed [them] their hearts and they were afraid one another saying what [is] this [that] has done God to us
KJV: And he said  unto his brethren,  My money  is restored;  and, lo,  it is even in my sack:  and their heart  failed  them, and they were afraid,  saying  one  to another,  What is this that God  hath done  unto us?

Genesis 42:33
Literal: And said to us the man lord of the country by this I will know that honest you [are] of your brothers one leave [here] with me and [food for] the famine of your households take and be gone
KJV: And the man,  the lord  of the country,  said  unto us, Hereby shall I know  that ye are true  men; leave  one  of your brethren  here with me, and take  food for the famine  of your households, 

Genesis 42:35
Literal: And it came to pass as they emptied their sacks that surprisingly of each man bundle of silver [was] in his sack and when saw - the bundles of silver they and their father and they were afraid
KJV: And it came to pass as they emptied  their sacks,  that, behold, every man's  bundle  of money  was in his sack:  and when both they and their father  saw  the bundles  of money,  they were afraid. 

Genesis 43:3
Literal: But spoke to him Judah saying solemnly warned us the man saying not you shall see my face unless your brother [is] with you
KJV: And Judah  spake  The man  did solemnly  unto us, saying,  Ye shall not see  my face,  except  your brother  be with you.

Genesis 43:5
Literal: But if not you will send [him] not we will go down for the man said to us not you shall see my face unless your brother [is] with you
KJV: But if thou wilt not send  him, we will not go down:  for the man  said  unto us, Ye shall not see  my face,  except your brother 

Genesis 43:6
Literal: And said Israel why dealt you ill to me [as] to tell the man you had yet to you a brother
KJV: And Israel  said,  Wherefore dealt ye so ill  with me, as to tell  the man  whether ye had yet a brother? 

Genesis 43:7
Literal: but they said asked specifically the man about ourselves and our family saying [Is] still your father alive have you a brother and we told him according to mouth the words these Could possibly we have known that he would say bring down - your brother
KJV: And they said,  The man  asked  of our state, and of our kindred,  saying,  Is your father  yet alive?  have ye  another brother?  and we told  him according  to the tenor  of these words:  could we certainly  that he would say,  your brother  down? 

Genesis 43:13
Literal: And your brother take also and arise go back to the man
KJV: Take  also your brother,  and arise,  go again  unto the man: 

Genesis 43:14
Literal: and God Almighty may give you mercy before the man that he may release your - brother other and Benjamin And I if am bereaved I am bereaved
KJV: And God  Almighty  give  you mercy  before  the man,  that he may send away  your other  brother,  and Benjamin.  If  I be bereaved 

Genesis 43:15
Literal: So took the men - gift this and double the silver they took in their hand and Benjamin and arose and went down to Egypt and they stood before Joseph
KJV: took  that  present,  and they took  double  money  in their hand,  and Benjamin;  and rose up,  and went down  to Egypt,  and stood  before  Joseph. 

Genesis 43:17
Literal: And did the man as ordered Joseph and brought the man - the men into house of Joseph
KJV: And the man  did  as Joseph  bade;  and the man  brought  into Joseph's  house. 

Genesis 43:18
Literal: And were afraid the men because they were brought into house of Joseph And they said [it is] because of the silver which was returned in our sacks the first time we that are brought in that he may assault against us and fall upon us and to take us as slaves and with our donkeys
KJV: were afraid,  because they were brought  into Joseph's  house;  and they said,  Because  of the money  that was returned  in our sacks  at the first time  are we brought in;  that he may seek occasion  against us, and fall  upon us, and take  us for bondmen,  and our asses. 

Genesis 43:19
Literal: And they drew near to the steward - of house of Joseph and they talked with him at the door of the house
KJV: And they came near  to the steward  of Joseph's  house,  and they communed  with him at the door  of the house, 

Genesis 43:21
Literal: But it came to pass when we came to the encampment that we opened - our sacks and there silver [was] [each] man in the mouth of his sack our silver in full weight So we have brought back it in our hand
KJV: And it came to pass, when we came  to the inn,  that we opened  our sacks,  and, behold, every man's  money  was in the mouth  of his sack,  our money  in full weight:  and we have brought it again  in our hand. 

Genesis 43:24
Literal: So brought the man - the men into house of Joseph and gave [them] water and they washed their feet and he gave feed unto their donkeys
KJV: And the man  brought  into Joseph's  house,  and gave  them water,  and they washed  their feet;  and he gave  their asses  provender. 

Genesis 43:33
Literal: And they sat before him the firstborn according to his birthright and the youngest according to his youth and looked in astonishment the men one at another
KJV: And they sat  before him,  the firstborn  according to his birthright,  and the youngest  according to his youth:  marvelled  one  at another. 

Genesis 44:1
Literal: And he commanded - the steward of his house saying Fill the sacks of the men with food as much as they can carry and put silver each man in the mouth of his sack
KJV: And he commanded  the steward of his house,  saying,  Fill  sacks  with food,  as much as  they can  carry,  and put  every man's  money  in his sack's  mouth. 

Genesis 44:4
Literal: [when] they had gone out of the city not [yet] far off and Joseph said to his steward of his house Get up follow after the men and when you overtake them then say to them why have you repaid evil for good
KJV: And when they were gone out  of the city,  and not yet far off,  Joseph  said  unto his steward,  Up,  follow  after  and when thou dost overtake  them, say  unto them, Wherefore have ye rewarded  evil  for good? 

Genesis 44:11
Literal: And speedily lowered each man - his sack to the ground and opened each his sack
KJV: Then they speedily  took down  every man  his sack  to the ground,  and opened  every man  his sack. 

Genesis 44:13
Literal: And they tore their clothes and loaded each man - his donkey and returned to the city
KJV: Then they rent  their clothes,  and laded  every man  his ass,  and returned  to the city. 

Genesis 44:15
Literal: And said to them Joseph what deed [is] this that you have done did not you know that surely can practice divination a man such as I
KJV: And Joseph  said  unto them, What deed  is this that ye have done?  wot ye  not that such a man  as I can certainly 

Genesis 44:17
Literal: But he said Far be it from me that I should do this the man whose was found the cup in hand he shall be my slave and as for you go up in peace to your father -
KJV: And he said,  God forbid  that I should do  so:  but the man  in whose hand  the cup  is found,  he shall be my servant;  and as for you, get you up  in peace  unto your father. 

Genesis 44:26
Literal: But we said cannot we go down if is our brother youngest with us then we will go down For not we may see face of the man but our brother except [is] with us
KJV: And we said,  We cannot  go down:  if our youngest  brother  be  with us, then will we go down:  for we may  not see  the man's  face,  except  our youngest  brother 

Genesis 45:1
Literal: And not could Joseph restrain himself before all those who stood by him And he cried out Make go out every man from me So no stood man with him while made himself known to his brothers
KJV: Then Joseph  could  not refrain  himself before all them that stood  by him; and he cried,  every man  to go out  from me. And there stood  no man  with him, while Joseph  made himself known  unto his brethren. 

Genesis 47:6
Literal: The land of Egypt before you it [is] in the best of the land dwell - your father and brothers let them dwell in the land of Goshen And if you know being among them [any] men competent then make them rulers of livestock over that unto me
KJV: The land  of Egypt  is before thee;  in the best  of the land  thy father  and brethren  to dwell;  in the land  of Goshen  let them dwell:  and if thou knowest  of activity  among them, then make them  rulers  over my cattle. 

Genesis 49:6
Literal: Their council not let enter my soul to their assembly let be united my honor for in their anger they slew a man and in their self-will they hamstrung an ox
KJV: O my soul,  come  not thou into their secret;  unto their assembly,  mine honour,  be not thou united:  for in their anger  they slew  a man,  and in their selfwill  they digged down  a wall. 

Exodus 1:1
Literal: And these [are] the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob each man and his household came
KJV: Now these are the names  of the children  of Israel,  which came  into Egypt;  every man  and his household  came  with Jacob. 

Exodus 2:1
Literal: And went a man of the house of Levi and took [as wife] a daughter of Levi
KJV: a man  of the house  of Levi,  and took  to wife a daughter  of Levi. 

Exodus 2:11
Literal: And it came to pass in days those that when was grown Moses that he went out to his brothers and looked at their burdens and he saw - an Egyptian beating - a Hebrew of his brothers
KJV: And it came to pass in those days,  when Moses  was grown,  that he went out  unto his brethren,  and looked  on their burdens:  and he spied  an Egyptian  smiting  an Hebrew,  one of his brethren. 

Exodus 2:12
Literal: So he looked this way [and] that way and when he saw that no one then he killed - the Egyptian and hid him in the sand
KJV: And he looked  this way  and when he saw  that there was no man,  he slew  the Egyptian,  and hid  him in the sand. 

Exodus 2:13
Literal: And when he went out the day second then behold two men Hebrews were fighting and he said to the one who did the wrong why are you striking your companion
KJV: And when he went out  the second  day,  behold, two  of the Hebrews  strove  together: and he said  to him that did the wrong,  Wherefore smitest  thou thy fellow? 

Exodus 2:14
Literal: and he said who made you - a prince and a judge over us to kill me you intend as you killed - the Egyptian and feared Moses and said surely is known this thing
KJV: And he said,  Who made  thee  a prince  and a judge  over us? intendest  thou to kill  the Egyptian?  And Moses  feared,  and said,  Surely  this thing  is known. 

Exodus 2:19
Literal: and they said - An Egyptian delivered us from the hand of the shepherds and also even he drew water for us and watered - the flock
KJV: And they said,  An Egyptian  delivered  us out of the hand  of the shepherds,  and also drew  for us, and watered  the flock. 

Exodus 2:20
Literal: So he said to his daughters and where [is] he what [is] this [that] you have left - the man Call him that he may eat bread
KJV: And he said  unto his daughters,  And where is he? why is it that ye have left  the man?  call  him, that he may eat  bread. 

Exodus 2:21
Literal: And was content Moses to live with the man and he gave - Zipporah his daughter to Moses
KJV: And Moses  was content  to dwell  with the man:  and he gave  Moses  Zipporah  his daughter. 

Exodus 5:9
Literal: Let be laid more work on the men that they may labor in it and not let them regard words FALSE
KJV: Let there more work  be laid  that they may labour  therein; and let them not regard  vain  words. 

Exodus 7:12
Literal: For threw down every man his rod and they became serpents But swallowed up rod of Aaron - their rods
KJV: For they cast down  every man  his rod,  and they became serpents:  but Aaron's  rod  swallowed up  their rods. 

Exodus 10:7
Literal: And said servants of Pharaoh to him until when shall be this [man] to us a snare let go - the men that they may serve Yahweh their God Do not yet you know that is destroyed Egypt
KJV: And Pharaoh's  servants  said  unto him, How long shall this man be a snare  go,  that they may serve  the LORD  their God:  knowest  thou not yet  that Egypt  is destroyed? 

Exodus 10:23
Literal: Not they did see one - another nor did rise anyone from his place [for] three days But all the sons of Israel had light in their dwellings
KJV: They saw  not one  another,  neither rose  any  from his place for three  days:  but all the children  of Israel  had light  in their dwellings. 

Exodus 11:2
Literal: Speak now in the hearing of the people and let ask every man from his neighbor and every woman her neighbor articles of silver and articles of gold
KJV: Speak  now in the ears  of the people,  and let every man  borrow  of his neighbour,  and every woman  of her neighbour,  jewels  of silver,  and jewels  of gold. 

Exodus 11:3
Literal: And gave Yahweh - favor the people in the sight of Egypt Moreover the man Moses [was] great very in the land of Egypt of servants of Pharaoh and in the sight of the people -
KJV: And the LORD  gave  the people  favour  in the sight  of the Egyptians.  Moreover the man  Moses  was very  great  in the land  of Egypt,  in the sight  of Pharaoh's  servants,  and in the sight  of the people. 

Exodus 11:7
Literal: But against any the sons of Israel not shall move a dog its tongue against man or beast that you may know that does make a difference Yahweh between Egypt and Israel
KJV: But against any of the children  of Israel  shall not a dog  move  his tongue,  against man  or beast:  that ye may know  how that the LORD  doth put a difference  between the Egyptians  and Israel. 

Exodus 12:3
Literal: Speak to all the congregation of Israel saying On the tenth [day] month of this and shall take for himself every man a lamb according to the house of [his] father a lamb for a household
KJV: Speak  ye unto all the congregation  of Israel,  saying,  In the tenth  day of this month  they shall take  to them every man  a lamb,  according to the house  of their fathers,  a lamb  for an house: 

Exodus 12:4
Literal: And if is too small the household - for the lamb and let take [it] him and his neighbor next to his house according to the number of the persons man according to his eating you shall make your count for the lamb
KJV: And if the household  be  too little  for the lamb,  let him and his neighbour  next  unto his house  take  it according to the number  of the souls;  every man  according  to his eating  shall make your count  for the lamb. 

Exodus 12:22
Literal: And you shall take a bunch of hyssop and dip [it] in the blood that [is] in the basin and strike unto the lintel and two the doorposts with the blood that [is] in the basin and of you none shall go out - of the door of his house until morning
KJV: And ye shall take  a bunch  of hyssop,  and dip  it in the blood  that is in the bason,  and strike  the lintel  and the two  side posts  with the blood  that is in the bason;  and none  of you shall go out  at the door  of his house  until the morning. 

Exodus 12:44
Literal: But every servant of man who is bought for money and when you have circumcised him then he may eat it
KJV: But every man's  servant  that is bought  for money,  when thou hast circumcised  him, then shall he eat  thereof.

Exodus 15:3
Literal: Yahweh [is] a man of war [is] His name
KJV: The LORD  is a man  of war:  the LORD  is his name. 

Exodus 16:15
Literal: So when saw [it] the sons of Israel and they said one to another what [is] it for not they did know what it [was] And said Moses to them that [is] the bread which has given Yahweh you for food
KJV: And when the children  of Israel  saw  it, they said  one  to another,  It is manna:  for they wist  not what it was. And Moses  said  unto them, This is the bread  which the LORD  hath given  you to eat. 

Exodus 16:16
Literal: This [is] the thing which has commanded Yahweh let gather it every man according to each one's need one omer for each person [according to the] number of persons for [those] who [are] in his tent let take
KJV: This is the thing  which  the LORD  hath commanded,  Gather  of it every man  according  to his eating,  an omer  for every man,  according to the number  of your persons;  take  ye every man  for them which are in his tents. 

Exodus 16:18
Literal: So when they measured [it] by omers and nothing had left over he who gathered much and he who gathered little no had lack every man according to each one's need had gathered
KJV: And when they did mete  it with an omer,  he that gathered much  had nothing over,  and he that gathered little  had no lack;  they gathered  every man  according  to his eating. 

Exodus 16:19
Literal: And said Moses - one no let leave any of it till morning
KJV: And Moses  said,  Let no man  leave  of it till the morning. 

Exodus 16:21
Literal: So they gathered it morning by morning every man as his mouth his meal and when became hot the sun then it melted
KJV: And they gathered  it every morning,  every man  according  to his eating:  and when the sun  waxed hot,  it melted. 

Exodus 16:29
Literal: See for Yahweh has given you the Sabbath upon thus He gives on the day sixth bread for two days Let remain every man in his place no let go out man of his place seventh
KJV: See,  for that the LORD  hath given  you the sabbath,  therefore he giveth  you on the sixth  day  the bread  of two days;  abide  ye every man  go out  of his place  on the seventh  day. 

Exodus 17:9
Literal: And said Moses to Joshua Choose us some men and go out fight with Amalek Tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill and with the rod of God in my hand
KJV: And Moses  said  unto Joshua,  Choose us out  and go out,  fight  with Amalek:  to morrow  I will stand  on the top  of the hill  with the rod  of God  in mine hand. 

Exodus 18:7
Literal: So went out Moses to meet his father-in-law and bowed down and kissed him and they asked each other about [their] well-being and they went into the tent
KJV: And Moses  went out  to meet  his father in law,  and did obeisance,  and kissed  him; and they asked  each  other  of their welfare;  and they came  into the tent. 

Exodus 18:16
Literal: When have they a difficulty they come to me and I judge between one and another and I make known - the statutes of God and His laws
KJV: When they have a matter,  they come  unto me; and I judge  between one  and another,  and I do make them know  the statutes  of God,  and his laws. 

Exodus 18:21
Literal: Moreover you shall select from all the people men able [such as] fear God men of truth hating covetousness and place [such] over them [to be] rulers of thousands rulers of hundreds of fifty and rulers of ten
KJV: Moreover thou shalt provide  out of all the people  able  such as fear  God,  of truth,  hating  covetousness;  and place  such over them, to be rulers  of thousands,  and rulers  of hundreds,  rulers  of fifties,  and rulers  of tens: 

Exodus 19:13
Literal: Not shall touch him a hand but surely he shall be stoned or - shot [with an arrow] whether beast or man not he shall live when sounds long the trumpet they shall come near the mountain
KJV: There shall not an hand  touch  it, but he shall surely  or  shot  whether it be beast  or  man,  it shall not live:  when the trumpet  soundeth long,  they shall come up  to the mount. 

Exodus 21:7
Literal: And if sells a man - his daughter to be a female slave not she shall go out as do the male slaves
KJV: And if a man  sell  his daughter  to be a maidservant,  she shall not go out  as the menservants  do. 

Exodus 21:12
Literal: He who strikes a man so that he dies surely shall be put to death
KJV: He that smiteth  a man,  so that he die, 

Exodus 21:14
Literal: but if acts with premeditation a man against his neighbor to kill him by treachery from My altar you shall take him that he may die -
KJV: But if a man  come presumptuously  upon his neighbour,  to slay  him with guile;  thou shalt take  him from mine altar,  that he may die. 

Exodus 21:16
Literal: And He who kidnaps a man and sells him or if he is found in his hand surely shall be put to death -
KJV: And he that stealeth  a man,  and selleth  him, or if he be found  in his hand,  he shall surely 

Exodus 21:18
Literal: And if contend with each other men and strikes one - the other with a stone or with [his] fist and not he does die but is confined to [his] bed
KJV: strive  together, and one  smite  another  with a stone,  or  with his fist,  and he die  not, but keepeth  his bed: 

Exodus 21:20
Literal: And if beats a man - his male or maidservant with a rod so that he dies under his hand surely he shall be punished
KJV: And if a man  smite  his servant,  or his maid,  with a rod,  and he die  under his hand;  he shall be surely 

Exodus 21:26
Literal: And if strikes a man - the eye of his manservant or of his maidservant and destroys it free he shall let him go - for the sake of his eye -
KJV: And if a man  smite  the eye  of his servant,  or the eye  of his maid,  that it perish;  he shall let him go  free  for  his eye's  sake.

Exodus 21:28
Literal: And if gores an ox - a man or a woman and to death surely then shall be stoned the ox and not shall be eaten its flesh but the owner of the ox [shall be] acquitted
KJV: If an ox  gore  a man  or a woman,  that they die:  then the ox  shall be surely  and his flesh  shall not be eaten;  but the owner  of the ox  shall be quit. 

Exodus 21:29
Literal: But if the ox tended to thrust with its horn it in times past and it has been made known to his owner and not he has kept it confined so that it has killed a man or a woman the ox shall be stoned and also its owner shall be put to death
KJV: But if the ox  were wont to push with his horn  in time past,  and it hath been testified  to his owner,  and he hath not kept  him in, but that he hath killed  a man  or a woman;  the ox  shall be stoned,  and his owner  also shall be put to death. 

Exodus 21:33
Literal: And if opens a man a pit or if digs a pit and not does cover it and falls in it an ox a donkey
KJV: And if a man  shall open  a pit,  or if a man  shall dig  a pit,  and not cover  it, and an ox  or an ass  fall 

Exodus 21:35
Literal: And if hurts ox of one man - - of another so that it dies then they shall sell the ox live and divide the money from it and also and the dead [ox] they shall divide
KJV: And if one man's  ox  hurt  another's,  that he die;  then they shall sell  the live  ox,  and divide  the money  of it; and the dead  ox also they shall divide. 

Exodus 22:1
Literal: If steals a man an ox or a sheep and slaughters it or sells it five oxen he shall restore for an ox and four sheep a sheep
KJV: If a man  shall steal  an ox,  or a sheep,  and kill  it, or sell  it; he shall restore  five  oxen  for an ox,  and four  sheep  for a sheep. 

Exodus 22:5
Literal: If causes to be grazed a man a field or vineyard and lets loose - - his animal and it feeds in field of another man from the best of his own field and the best of his own vineyard he shall make restitution -
KJV: If a man  shall cause a field  or vineyard  to be eaten,  and shall put  in his beast,  and shall feed  in another man's  field;  of the best  of his own field,  and of the best  of his own vineyard,  shall he make restitution. 

Exodus 22:7
Literal: If delivers a man to his neighbor money or articles to keep and it is stolen out of house of the man if is found the thief he shall pay double
KJV: If a man  shall deliver  unto his neighbour  money  or stuff  to keep,  and it be stolen  out of the man's  house;  if the thief  be found,  let him pay  double. 

Exodus 22:10
Literal: If delivers a man to his neighbor a donkey or an ox a sheep or any animal to keep and it dies is hurt driven away no one seeing [it]
KJV: If a man  deliver  unto his neighbour  an ass,  or an ox,  or a sheep,  or any beast,  to keep;  and it die,  or be hurt,  or driven away,  no man seeing 

Exodus 22:14
Literal: And if borrows [anything] a man from his neighbor and it becomes injured or dies the owner of it not [being] with it surely he shall make [it] good
KJV: And if a man  borrow  ought of his neighbour,  and it be hurt,  or die,  the owner  thereof being not with it,  he shall surely 

Exodus 22:16
Literal: And if entices a man a virgin who not is betrothed and lies with her surely he shall pay the bride-price - for her [to be] his wife
KJV: And if a man  entice  a maid  that is not betrothed,  and lie  with her, he shall surely  her to be his wife. 

Exodus 22:31
Literal: And men holy you shall be To Me and meat in the field torn [by beasts] not you shall eat To the dogs you shall throw it -
KJV: And ye shall be holy  unto me: neither shall ye eat  any flesh  that is torn of beasts  in the field;  ye shall cast  it to the dogs. 

Exodus 25:2
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel that they bring Me an offering from every man who gives it willingly with his heart you shall take - My offering
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  that they bring  me an offering:  of every man  that giveth it willingly  with his heart  ye shall take  my offering. 

Exodus 25:20
Literal: And shall the cherubim stretch out [their] wings above covering with their wings - the mercy seat and they shall face one unto another toward the mercy seat shall be the faces of the cherubim
KJV: And the cherubims  shall stretch  forth their wings  on high,  covering  the mercy seat  with their wings,  and their faces  shall look one  to another;  toward the mercy seat  shall the faces  of the cherubims 

Exodus 28:21
Literal: And the stones shall have upon them the names of the sons of Israel two [and] ten according to their names [like] the engravings of a signet each one with its own name they shall be according to two [and] ten the tribes
KJV: And the stones  shall be with the names  of the children  of Israel,  twelve,  according to their names,  like the engravings  of a signet;  every one  with his name  shall they be according to the twelve  tribes. 

Exodus 30:12
Literal: when you take - the census of the sons of Israel for their number then shall give every man a ransom for himself to Yahweh when you number them that no there may be among them plague when [you] number them
KJV: When thou takest  the sum  of the children  of Israel  after their number,  then shall they give  every man  a ransom  for his soul  unto the LORD,  when thou numberest  them; that there be no plague  among them, when thou numberest  them.

Exodus 30:33
Literal: Anyone who compounds [any] like it or whoever puts [any] of it on an outsider and shall be cut off from his people -
KJV: Whosoever  compoundeth  any like it, or whosoever putteth  any of it upon a stranger,  shall even be cut  off from his people. 

Exodus 30:38
Literal: A man who makes [any] like it to smell it and he shall be cut off from his people -
KJV: Whosoever  shall make  like unto that, to smell  thereto, shall even be cut off  from his people. 

Exodus 32:1
Literal: And when saw the people that delayed Moses coming down from the mountain and gathered together the people to Aaron and said to him come make us gods that shall go before us For [as for] this Moses the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt not we do know what has become of him
KJV: And when the people  saw  that Moses  delayed  to come down  out of the mount,  the people  gathered themselves together  unto Aaron,  and said  unto him, Up,  make  us gods,  before  us; for as for this Moses,  the man  that brought  us up out of the land  of Egypt,  we wot  not what is become of him.

Exodus 32:23
Literal: For they said to me Make us gods that shall go before us [as for] this Moses the man who brought us out of the land of Egypt not we do know what has become of him
KJV: For they said  unto me, Make  us gods,  before  us: for as for this Moses,  the man  that brought us up  out of the land  of Egypt,  we wot  not what is become of him.

Exodus 32:27
Literal: And he said to them thus says Yahweh God of Israel let put every man his sword on his side go in and out from entrance to entrance throughout the camp and let kill every man - his brother and every man his companion his neighbor
KJV: And he said  the LORD  God  of Israel,  Put  every man  his sword  by his side,  and go  in and out  from gate  throughout the camp,  and slay  every man  his brother,  and every man  his companion,  and every man  his neighbour. 

Exodus 32:28
Literal: So did the sons of Levi according to the word of Moses and fell of the people day that about three thousand men
KJV: And the children  of Levi  did  according to the word  of Moses:  and there fell  of the people  that day  about three  thousand  men. 

Exodus 32:29
Literal: And said Moses Consecrate yourselves today to Yahweh for every man has opposed his son and his brother that He may bestow on you this day a blessing
KJV: For Moses  had said,  Consecrate yourselves  to day  to the LORD,  even  every man  upon his son,  and upon his brother;  that he may bestow  upon you a blessing  this day. 

Exodus 33:4
Literal: And when heard the people - news bad this and they mourned and no put one his ornaments on
KJV: And when the people  heard  these evil  tidings,  they mourned:  and no man  did put  on him his ornaments. 

Exodus 33:8
Literal: So it was [that] whenever went out Moses to the tabernacle rose all the people and stood [at] each man door his tent and watched the back of Moses until he had gone into the tabernacle
KJV: And it came to pass, when Moses  went out  unto the tabernacle,  that all the people  rose up,  and stood  every man  at his tent  door,  and looked  after  Moses,  until he was gone  into the tabernacle. 

Exodus 33:10
Literal: And saw all the people - pillar of the cloud standing [at] door the tabernacle and rose all and worshiped each man [in] his tent
KJV: And all the people  saw  the cloudy  pillar  stand  at the tabernacle  door:  and all the people  rose up  and worshipped,  every man  in his tent  door. 

Exodus 33:11
Literal: So spoke Yahweh to Moses face face as speaks a man his friend And he would return the camp but his servant Joshua son of Nun a young man not did depart from the tabernacle -
KJV: And the LORD  spake  unto Moses  face  as a man  speaketh  unto his friend.  And he turned again  into the camp:  but his servant  Joshua,  the son  of Nun,  a young man,  departed  not out  of the tabernacle. 

Exodus 34:3
Literal: And man no shall come up with you and man no let be seen throughout all the mountain neither flocks nor herds neither let feed before the front of mountain that
KJV: And no man  shall come up  with thee, neither  let any man  be seen  throughout all the mount;  neither let the flocks  nor herds  feed  before  that mount. 

Exodus 34:24
Literal: For I will cast out the nations before you and enlarge - your borders and neither will covet any man - your land when you go up to appear before Yahweh your God three times in the year
KJV: For I will cast out  the nations  before  thee, and enlarge  thy borders:  neither shall any man  desire  thy land,  when thou shalt go up  to appear  before  the LORD  thy God  thrice  in the year. 

Exodus 35:21
Literal: And came every one whose was stirred heart and everyone whose was willing spirit - [and] they brought - offering of Yahweh for the work of the tabernacle of meeting for all its service for garments the holy
KJV: And they came,  every one  whose  heart  stirred him up,  and every one whom his spirit  made willing,  and they brought  the LORD'S  offering  to the work  of the tabernacle  of the congregation,  and for all his service,  and for the holy  garments. 

Exodus 35:22
Literal: And they came the men along with women as many as had willing a heart [and] brought earrings and nose rings and rings and necklaces all jewelry of gold and every man that is who [made] an offering of gold to Yahweh
KJV: And they came,  both  men  and women,  as many as  were willing  hearted,  and brought  bracelets,  and earrings,  and rings,  and tablets,  all jewels  of gold:  and every man  that offered  offered an offering  of gold  unto the LORD. 

Exodus 35:23
Literal: And every man who was found with blue and purple and yarns scarlet and fine linen and goats' [hair] and skins of rams red badger brought [them]
KJV: And every man,  with whom was found  blue,  and purple,  and scarlet,  and fine linen,  and goats'  hair, and red  skins  of rams,  and badgers'  skins,  brought 

Exodus 35:29
Literal: All the men and women whose were willing hearts - to bring [material] for all kinds of work which had commanded Yahweh to be done by the hand of Moses brought the sons of Israel a freewill offering to Yahweh -
KJV: The children  of Israel  brought  a willing offering  unto the LORD,  every man  and woman,  whose  heart  made them willing  to bring  for all manner of work,  which the LORD  had commanded  to be made  by the hand  of Moses. 

Exodus 36:1
Literal: And shall do Bezalel and Aholiab and every artisan wise hearted in whom has put Yahweh wisdom and understanding in them to know how to do - all manner of work for the service of the sanctuary according to all that has commanded Yahweh
KJV: Then wrought  Bezaleel  and Aholiab,  and every wise  hearted  man,  in whom  the LORD  put  wisdom  and understanding  to know  how to work  all manner of work  for the service  of the sanctuary,  according to all that the LORD  had commanded. 

Exodus 36:2
Literal: And Moses called Bezalel and Aholiab and every artisan gifted heart in whose had put Yahweh wisdom heart everyone whose was stirred heart to come unto the work and do -
KJV: And Moses  called  Bezaleel  and Aholiab,  and every wise  hearted  man,  in whose heart  the LORD  had put  wisdom,  even every one whose heart  stirred him up  to come  unto the work  to do 

Exodus 36:4
Literal: And came all the craftsmen who were doing - the work of the sanctuary man man from the work that they were doing
KJV: And all the wise men,  that wrought  all the work  of the sanctuary,  came  every man  from his work  which they made; 

Exodus 36:6
Literal: so gave a commandment Moses and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp saying man nor woman neither let do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary And were restrained the people from bringing
KJV: And Moses  gave commandment,  and they caused it to be proclaimed  throughout the camp,  saying,  Let neither man  nor woman  make  any more work  for the offering  of the sanctuary.  So the people  were restrained  from bringing. 

Exodus 36:10
Literal: And he coupled - five curtains one to one and five [the other] curtains he coupled one
KJV: And he coupled  the five  curtains  one  and the other five  curtains  he coupled  one 

Exodus 37:9
Literal: And the cherubim spread out [their] wings above [and] covered with their wings over the mercy seat and they faced one unto another toward the mercy seat were the faces of the cherubim -
KJV: And the cherubims  spread out  their wings  on high,  and covered  with their wings  over the mercy seat,  with their faces  one  to another;  even to the mercy seatward  were the faces  of the cherubims. 

Exodus 39:14
Literal: And stones according to the names of the sons of Israel were two [and] ten their names [engraved like] a signet each one with its own name according to two [and] ten the tribes
KJV: And the stones  were according to the names  of the children  of Israel,  twelve,  according to their names,  like the engravings  of a signet,  every one  with his name,  according to the twelve  tribes. 

Leviticus 7:8
Literal: And the priest who offers - burnt offering of anyone the skin of the burnt offering which he has offered that priest for himself shall have
KJV: And the priest  that offereth  any man's  burnt offering,  even the priest  shall have to himself the skin  of the burnt offering  which he hath offered. 

Leviticus 7:10
Literal: And every grain offering [whether] mixed with oil or dry to all the sons of Aaron shall belong to one as [much as] the other -
KJV: And every meat offering,  mingled  with oil,  and dry,  shall all the sons  of Aaron  have, one  as much as another. 

Leviticus 10:1
Literal: And took the sons of Aaron Nadab and Abihu each his censer and put in it fire and put on it incense and offered before Yahweh fire profane which not He had commanded them
KJV: And Nadab  and Abihu,  the sons  of Aaron,  took  either  of them his censer,  and put  fire  therein,  and put  incense  thereon, and offered  strange  fire  before  the LORD,  which he commanded 

Leviticus 13:29
Literal: And a man or woman if has in him a sore on the head the beard
KJV: If a man  or woman  have a plague  upon the head  or the beard; 

Leviticus 13:38
Literal: And a man or a woman if has on the skin of the body bright spots bright spots [specifically] white
KJV: If a man  also or a woman  have in the skin  of their flesh  bright spots,  even white  bright spots; 

Leviticus 13:40
Literal: And as for the man whose hair has fallen from his head [is] bald he [is] clean [but] he
KJV: And the man  whose hair is fallen  off his head,  he is bald;  yet is he clean. 

Leviticus 13:44
Literal: man a leprous he [is] unclean He [is] surely shall pronounce him unclean the priest on his head his sore [is]
KJV: He is a leprous  man,  he is unclean:  the priest  shall pronounce him utterly  his plague  is in his head. 

Leviticus 14:11
Literal: And shall present the priest who makes [him] clean - the man who is to be made clean and those things before Yahweh [at] the door of the tabernacle of meeting
KJV: And the priest  that maketh him clean  shall present  the man  that is to be made clean,  and those things, before  at the door  of the tabernacle  of the congregation: 

Leviticus 15:2
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel and say to them man man when has a discharge from his body his discharge unclean [is]
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  and say  unto them, When any  hath a running issue  out of his flesh,  because of his issue  he is unclean. 

Leviticus 15:5
Literal: And whoever touches his bed shall wash his clothes and bathe in water and be unclean until evening
KJV: And whosoever  toucheth  his bed  shall wash  his clothes,  and bathe  himself in water,  and be unclean  until the even. 

Leviticus 15:16
Literal: And any man if has an emission from of copulation of semen then he shall wash in water - all his body and be unclean until evening
KJV: And if any man's  seed  of copulation  go out  from him, then he shall wash  all his flesh  in water,  and be unclean  until the even. 

Leviticus 15:18
Literal: And when a woman with lies a man - and [there is] an emission of semen and they shall bathe in water and be unclean until evening
KJV: The woman  also with whom man  shall lie  with seed  of copulation,  they shall both bathe  themselves in water,  and be unclean  until the even. 

Leviticus 15:24
Literal: And if at all lies any man with her so that is her impurity on him and he shall be unclean seven days and every bed on which he lies - shall be unclean -
KJV: And if any man  lie  and her flowers  be upon him, he shall be unclean  seven  days;  and all the bed  whereon he lieth  shall be unclean. 

Leviticus 15:33
Literal: For her who is menstruating because of her [customary] impurity and - for one who has a discharge either man or woman for him who lies with her who is unclean -
KJV: And of her that is sick  of her flowers,  and of him that hath  an issue,  of the man,  and of the woman,  and of him  that lieth  with her that is unclean. 

Leviticus 16:21
Literal: And shall lay Aaron - the two of his hands on the head of the goat live and confess over it all the iniquities of the sons of Israel and their transgressions concerning all their sins and putting them on of the goat and shall send [it] away by the hand of a man suitable into the wilderness
KJV: And Aaron  shall lay  both  his hands  upon the head  of the live  goat,  and confess  over him all the iniquities  of the children  of Israel,  and all their transgressions  in all their sins,  putting  them upon the head  of the goat,  and shall send him away  by the hand  of a fit  man  into the wilderness: 

Leviticus 17:3
Literal: - whatever man of the house of Israel who kills an ox or lamb goat in the camp or kills [it] outside the camp
KJV: What  soever there be of the house  of Israel,  that killeth  an ox,  or lamb,  or goat,  in the camp,  or that killeth  it out  of the camp, 

Leviticus 17:4
Literal: and to the door of the tabernacle of meeting not does bring it to offer an offering to Yahweh before the tabernacle of Yahweh the guilt of bloodshed shall be imputed to man That blood He has shed and shall be cut off man that from among his people
KJV: And bringeth  it not unto the door  of the tabernacle  of the congregation,  to offer  an offering  unto the LORD  before  the tabernacle  of the LORD;  blood  shall be imputed  unto that man;  he hath shed  blood;  and that man  shall be cut off  from among  his people: 

Leviticus 17:8
Literal: And to them you shall say - whatever man of the house of Israel or of the strangers who dwell among you offers a burnt offering or sacrifice
KJV: And thou shalt say  unto them, Whatsoever man  there be of the house  of Israel,  or of the strangers  which sojourn  among  you, that offereth  a burnt offering  or sacrifice, 

Leviticus 17:9
Literal: and to the door of the tabernacle of meeting not does bring it to offer it to Yahweh and shall be cut off man that from among his people
KJV: And bringeth  it not unto the door  of the tabernacle  of the congregation,  to offer  it unto the LORD;  even that man  shall be cut off  from among his people. 

Leviticus 17:10
Literal: And whatever man of the house of Israel or of the strangers who dwell among you who eats any blood and I will set My face against that person who eats - blood and will cut him off - from among his people
KJV: And whatsoever man  there be of the house  of Israel,  or of the strangers  that sojourn  among  you, that eateth  any manner of blood;  I will even set  my face  against that soul  that eateth  blood,  and will cut him off  from among  his people. 

Leviticus 17:13
Literal: And whatever man of the sons of Israel or of the strangers who dwell among you who hunts and catches any animal or bird that may be eaten and he shall pour out - its blood and cover it with dust
KJV: And whatsoever man  there be of the children  of Israel,  or of the strangers  that sojourn  among  you, which hunteth  and catcheth  any beast  or fowl  that may be eaten;  he shall even pour  out the blood  thereof, and cover  it with dust. 

Leviticus 18:6
Literal: Any one unto any who is near of kin to him not shall approach to uncover his nakedness I [am] Yahweh -
KJV: None of you shall approach  to any  that is near  of kin  to him, to uncover  their nakedness: 

Leviticus 18:27
Literal: For - all abominations these have done the men of the land who [were] before you thus is defiled the land
KJV: (For all these  abominations  of the land  done,  which were before  you, and the land  is defiled;) 

Leviticus 19:3
Literal: Every one of you his mother and his father shall revere and My Sabbaths keep I [am] Yahweh your God
KJV: Ye shall fear  every man  his mother,  and his father,  and keep  my sabbaths:  I am the LORD  your God. 

Leviticus 19:11
Literal: Not You shall steal nor deal falsely nor lie one to another
KJV: Ye shall not steal,  neither deal falsely,  neither lie  one  to another. 

Leviticus 19:20
Literal: A man if he lies with a woman lying sowing and she [is] a concubine betrothed to a man and at all not who has been redeemed or freedom nor given her scourging for this there shall be [but] they shall be put to death because she was free
KJV: And whosoever  lieth  carnally  with a woman,  that is a bondmaid,  betrothed  to an husband,  and not at all  nor freedom  given  her; she shall be scourged;  they shall not be put to death,  because she was not free. 

Leviticus 20:2
Literal: and Again to the sons of Israel you shall say - Whoever of the sons of Israel or of the strangers who dwell in Israel who gives [any] of his descendants to Molech surely he shall be put to death The people of the land shall stone him with stones
KJV: Again, thou shalt say  to the children  of Israel,  Whosoever  he be of the children  of Israel,  or of the strangers  that sojourn  in Israel,  that giveth  any of his seed  unto Molech;  he shall surely  the people  of the land  shall stone  him with stones. 

Leviticus 20:3
Literal: And I will set - My face against man that and will cut him off - from his people because [some] of his descendants he has given Molech to defile My sanctuary and to profane name My holy
KJV: And I will set  my face  against that man,  and will cut him off  from among  his people;  because he hath given  of his seed  unto Molech,  to defile  my sanctuary,  and to profane  my holy  name. 

Leviticus 20:4
Literal: And if in any way should hide the people of the land - their eyes from th man that when he gives [some] of his descendants to Molech not and they do kill him
KJV: And if the people  of the land  do any ways  their eyes  from the man,  when he giveth  of his seed  unto Molech,  and kill  him not: 

Leviticus 20:5
Literal: then will set I - My face against man that and against his family and I will cut off him and all who prostitute themselves with him to commit harlotry with Molech from his people
KJV: Then I will set  my face  against that man,  and against his family,  and will cut him off,  and all that go a whoring  after  him, to commit whoredom  with Molech,  from among  their people. 

Leviticus 20:9
Literal: For every one who curses - his father or his mother surely shall be put to death or his mother He has cursed His blood [shall be] upon him
KJV: For every  that curseth  his father  or his mother  shall be surely  he hath cursed  his father  or his mother;  his blood  shall be upon him.

Leviticus 20:10
Literal: And the man who commits adultery with wife [another] man [he] commits adultery of his neighbor surely shall be put to death the adulterer and the adulteress
KJV: And the man  that committeth adultery  with another man's  wife,  even he that committeth adultery  with his neighbour's  wife,  the adulterer  shall surely 

Leviticus 20:11
Literal: And the man who lies with wife of his father nakedness of his father has uncovered Surely shall be put to death the two of them their blood [shall be] upon them
KJV: And the man  that lieth  with his father's  wife  hath uncovered  his father's  nakedness:  both  of them shall surely  their blood  shall be upon them.

Leviticus 20:12
Literal: And a man if lies with his daughter-in-law surely shall be put to death the two of them perversion they have committed their blood [shall be] upon them
KJV: And if a man  lie  with his daughter in law,  both  of them shall surely  they have wrought  confusion;  their blood  shall be upon them.

Leviticus 20:13
Literal: And a man if lies with a male as he lies with a woman an abomination have committed the two of them surely they shall be put to death their blood [shall be] upon them
KJV: If a man  also lie  with mankind,  as he lieth  with a woman,  both  of them have committed  an abomination:  they shall surely  their blood  shall be upon them.

Leviticus 20:14
Literal: And a man if marries - a woman and her mother [is] wickedness it with fire they shall be burned he and they that no there may be wickedness among you
KJV: And if a man  take  a wife  and her mother,  it is wickedness:  they shall be burnt  with fire,  both he and they; that there be no wickedness  among 

Leviticus 20:15
Literal: And a man if he lies carnally with an animal surely he must be put to death and the animal you shall kill
KJV: And if a man  lie  with a beast,  he shall surely  and ye shall slay  the beast. 

Leviticus 20:17
Literal: And a man if he takes - his sister daughter of his father or daughter of his mother and sees her nakedness and she sees his nakedness [is] a wicked thing it and they shall be cut off in the sight of their people Nakedness of his sister He has uncovered his guilt He shall bear
KJV: And if a man  shall take  his sister,  his father's  daughter,  or  his mother's  daughter,  and see  her nakedness,  and she see  his nakedness;  it is a wicked thing;  and they shall be cut off  in the sight  of their people:  he hath uncovered  his sister's  nakedness;  he shall bear  his iniquity. 

Leviticus 20:18
Literal: And a man if lies with a woman menstruating and uncovers - her nakedness her flow he has exposed and she has uncovered the flow of her blood and shall be cut off the two of them from their people
KJV: And if a man  shall lie  with a woman  having her sickness,  and shall uncover  her nakedness;  he hath discovered  her fountain,  and she hath uncovered  the fountain  of her blood:  and both  of them shall be cut off  from among  their people. 

Leviticus 20:20
Literal: And a man if lies with his uncle's wife nakedness of his uncle he has uncovered their sin they shall bear Childless they shall die
KJV: And if a man  shall lie  with his uncle's wife,  he hath uncovered  his uncle's  nakedness:  they shall bear  their sin;  they shall die  childless. 

Leviticus 20:21
Literal: And a man if he takes - the wife of his brother [is] an unclean thing it nakedness of his brother He has uncovered Childless they shall be
KJV: And if a man  shall take  his brother's  wife,  it is an unclean thing:  he hath uncovered  his brother's  nakedness;  they shall be childless. 

Leviticus 20:27
Literal: And a man or a woman who is - a medium or who has familiar spirits surely shall be put to death with stones they shall stone them their blood [shall be] upon them -
KJV: A man  also or woman  that hath  a familiar spirit,  or that is a wizard,  shall surely  they shall stone  them with stones:  their blood  shall be upon them.

Leviticus 21:3
Literal: and his sister virgin who is near to him who no has had husband for her he may defile himself
KJV: And for his sister  a virgin,  that is nigh  unto him, which hath had no husband;  for her may he be defiled. 

Leviticus 21:7
Literal: A wife [who is] a harlot or a defiled woman not they shall take and a woman divorced from her husband nor shall they take for holy [the priest] is to his God
KJV: They shall not take  a wife  that is a whore,  or profane;  neither shall they take  a woman  put away  from her husband:  for he is holy  unto his God. 

Leviticus 21:9
Literal: And the daughter of any priest if she profanes herself by playing the harlot - her father she profanes with fire she shall be burned -
KJV: And the daughter  of any  priest,  if she profane  herself by playing the whore,  she profaneth  her father:  she shall be burnt  with fire. 

Leviticus 21:17
Literal: speak to Aaron saying A man of your descendants in [succeeding] generations who has in him [any] defect not may approach to offer the bread of his God
KJV: Speak  unto Aaron,  saying,  Whosoever  he be of thy seed  in their generations  that hath any blemish,  let him not approach  the bread  of his God. 

Leviticus 21:18
Literal: For any man who in him has a defect not shall approach a man blind or lame disfigured deformed
KJV: For whatsoever man  he be that hath a blemish,  he shall not approach:  a blind  man,  or a lame,  or he that hath a flat nose,  or any thing superfluous, 

Leviticus 21:19
Literal: or a man who has in him a broken a broken foot broken hand
KJV: Or a man  that is brokenfooted, 

Leviticus 21:21
Literal: Any man who in him has a defect of the descendants of Aaron the priest not shall come near to offer - the offerings made by fire to Yahweh has a defect He - the bread of his God he shall come near to offer
KJV: No man  that hath a blemish  of the seed  of Aaron  the priest  shall come nigh  to offer  of the LORD  made by fire:  he hath a blemish;  he shall not come nigh  to offer  the bread  of his God. 

Leviticus 22:3
Literal: Say to them throughout your generations Whoever - who goes of all your descendants near the holy things which dedicate the sons of Israel to Yahweh and while he has uncleanness upon him and shall be cut off person that from My presence I [am] Yahweh
KJV: Say  unto them, Whosoever  he be of all your seed  among your generations,  that goeth  unto the holy things,  which the children  of Israel  hallow  unto the LORD,  having his uncleanness  upon him, that soul  shall be cut off  from my presence:  I am the LORD. 

Leviticus 22:4
Literal: A man whatever man of the descendants of Aaron and [who] is a leper or has a discharge the holy offerings not shall eat until that he is clean And whoever touches anything made unclean [by] a corpse a man whom goes out from an emission semen
KJV: What man soever  of the seed  of Aaron  is a leper,  or hath a running issue;  he shall not eat  of the holy things,  until he be clean.  And whoso toucheth  any thing that is unclean  by the dead,  or a man  whose seed  goeth 

Leviticus 22:5
Literal: Or a man who touches any creeping thing by which would be made unclean he or any person by whom would become unclean he whatever his uncleanness may be
KJV: Or whosoever  toucheth  any creeping thing,  whereby he may be made unclean,  or a man  of whom he may take uncleanness,  whatsoever uncleanness  he hath;

Leviticus 22:12
Literal: And daughter of the priest if is married to an outsider she of offerings the holy not may eat
KJV: If the priest's  daughter  also be married unto a stranger,  she may not eat  of an offering  of the holy things. 

Leviticus 22:14
Literal: And a man if eats the holy [offering] unintentionally and add a fifth to it then he shall restore to the priest - a holy [offering]
KJV: And if a man  eat  of the holy thing  unwittingly,  then he shall put  the fifth  part thereof unto it, and shall give  it unto the priest  with the holy thing. 

Leviticus 22:18
Literal: speak to Aaron and his sons and to all the sons of Israel and say to them Any man of the house of Israel or of the strangers in Israel who offers his sacrifice for any of his vows or for any of his freewill offerings which they offer to Yahweh as a burnt offering
KJV: Speak  unto Aaron,  and to his sons,  of Israel,  and say  unto them, Whatsoever  he be of the house  of Israel,  or of the strangers  in Israel,  that will offer  his oblation  for all his vows,  and for all his freewill offerings,  which they will offer  unto the LORD  for a burnt offering; 

Leviticus 22:21
Literal: And whoever - offers a sacrifice of a peace offering to Yahweh to fulfill [his] vow or a freewill offering from the herd the sheep perfect it must be to be accepted any defect not there shall be in it
KJV: And whosoever  offereth  a sacrifice  of peace offerings  to accomplish  his vow,  or a freewill offering  in beeves  or sheep,  it shall be perfect  to be accepted;  there shall be no blemish  therein.

Leviticus 24:10
Literal: And went out the son of woman an Israelitess and [who] was of an Egyptian among the sons of Israel and fought each other in the camp this [woman's] son Israelitess and a man of the Israelites
KJV: And the son  of an Israelitish  woman,  whose father  was an Egyptian,  went out  among  the children  of Israel:  and this son  of the Israelitish  woman and a man  of Israel  strove together  in the camp; 

Leviticus 24:15
Literal: And to the sons of Israel you shall speak saying - Whoever If curses his God and shall bear his sin
KJV: And thou shalt speak  unto the children  of Israel,  saying,  Whosoever  curseth  his God  shall bear  his sin. 

Leviticus 24:17
Literal: And Whoever - kills any - man surely shall be put to death
KJV: And he  that killeth  any  man  shall surely 

Leviticus 24:19
Literal: And a man if causes disfigurement of his neighbor as he has done so shall it be done to him
KJV: And if a man  cause  a blemish  in his neighbour;  as he hath done,  to him;

Leviticus 25:10
Literal: And you shall consecrate - year the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout [all] the land to all its inhabitants A Jubilee it shall be for you and shall return each of you to his possession and each of you his family shall return
KJV: And ye shall hallow  the fiftieth  year,  and proclaim  liberty  throughout all the land  unto all the inhabitants  thereof: it shall be a jubile  unto you; and ye shall return  every man  unto his possession,  and ye shall return  every man  unto his family. 

Leviticus 25:13
Literal: In Year of Jubilee this Shall return each of you to his possession
KJV: In the year  of this jubile  ye shall return  every man  unto his possession. 

Leviticus 25:14
Literal: And if you sell anything to your neighbor or buy from hand of your neighbor not you shall oppress one - another
KJV: And if thou sell  ought  unto thy neighbour,  or buyest  ought of thy neighbour's  hand,  ye shall not oppress  one  another: 

Leviticus 25:17
Literal: Therefore not you shall oppress one - another but you shall fear your God For I [am] Yahweh your God
KJV: Ye shall not therefore oppress  one  another;  but thou shalt fear  thy God:  for I am the LORD  your God. 

Leviticus 25:26
Literal: Or the man if no has it one to redeem but himself and he becomes able to redeem it
KJV: And if the man  have none to redeem  it, and himself  be able  to redeem  it;

Leviticus 25:27
Literal: then let him count - the years since its sale and restore the remainder to the man to whom he sold it that he may return to his possession
KJV: Then let him count  the years  of the sale  thereof, and restore  the overplus  unto the man  to whom he sold  it; that he may return  unto his possession. 

Leviticus 25:29
Literal: And a man if sells a house dwelling city in a walled then he may redeem it within whole a year after it is sold [within a full] year it may be redeemed
KJV: And if a man  sell  a dwelling  house  in a walled  city,  then he may redeem  year  after it is sold;  within a full year  may he redeem 

Leviticus 25:46
Literal: And you may take as an inheritance them for your children after you to inherit [them] [as] a possession forever in them shall be your slaves but regarding your brothers the sons of Israel one over another not you shall rule with rigor -
KJV: And ye shall take them as an inheritance  for your children  after  you, to inherit  them for a possession;  they shall be your bondmen  for ever:  but over your brethren  the children  of Israel,  ye shall not rule  one  over another  with rigour. 

Leviticus 26:37
Literal: And they shall stumble one over another as it were before a sword and when pursues no one and no shall have you [power] to stand before your enemies
KJV: And they shall fall  one  upon another,  as it were before  a sword,  when none pursueth:  and ye shall have no power to stand  before  your enemies. 

Leviticus 27:2
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel and say to them a man when consecrates by a vow according to your valuation certain persons to Yahweh
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  and say  unto them, When a man  shall make a singular  vow,  the persons  shall be for the LORD  by thy estimation. 

Leviticus 27:14
Literal: And a man when dedicates - his house [to be] holy to Yahweh then shall set a value for it the priest whether it is good or bad as values it the priest so it shall stand
KJV: And when a man  shall sanctify  his house  to be holy  unto the LORD,  then the priest  shall estimate  it, whether it be good  or bad:  as the priest  shall estimate  it, so shall it stand. 

Leviticus 27:16
Literal: And if [part] of a field of his possession dedicates a man to Yahweh then shall be your valuation according to the seed for it seed a homer of barley [shall be valued] at fifty shekels of silver
KJV: And if a man  shall sanctify  unto the LORD  some part of a field  of his possession,  then thy estimation  shall be according  to the seed  thereof: an homer  of barley  seed  shall be valued at fifty  shekels  of silver. 

Leviticus 27:20
Literal: But if not he does want to redeem - the field or if he has sold the field to man another it shall be redeemed anymore
KJV: And if he will not redeem  the field,  or if he have sold  the field  to another  man,  it shall not be redeemed 

Leviticus 27:26
Literal: But the firstborn which should be firstborn Yahweh's of the animals no shall dedicate man - whether [it is] an ox or sheep of Yahweh it [is]
KJV: Only the firstling  of the beasts,  which should be the LORD'S  firstling,  no man  shall sanctify  it; whether it be ox,  or sheep:  it is the LORD'S. 

Leviticus 27:28
Literal: Nevertheless - devoted [offering] that may devote a man to Yahweh of all that he has [both] man and beast or the field of his possession not shall be sold and not redeemed Every devoted thing most holy is to Yahweh
KJV: Notwithstanding no devoted thing,  that a man  shall devote  of all that he hath, both of man  and beast,  and of the field  of his possession,  shall be sold  or redeemed:  every devoted thing  is most 

Leviticus 27:31
Literal: And if at all wants to redeem a man [any] of his tithes a fifth he shall add to it
KJV: And if a man  will at all  ought of his tithes,  he shall add  thereto the fifth 

Numbers 1:4
Literal: And with you there shall be a man of every tribe each one the head of house of his father is
KJV: And with you there shall be a man  tribe;  every one  head  of the house  of his fathers. 

Numbers 1:5
Literal: And these [are] the names of the men who shall stand with you From Reuben Elizur son of Shedeur
KJV: And these are the names  that shall stand  with you: of the tribe of Reuben;  Elizur  the son  of Shedeur. 

Numbers 1:44
Literal: These [are] the ones who were numbered whom numbered Moses and Aaron and with the leaders of Israel two [and] ten men each one representing house of his father was
KJV: These are those that were numbered,  which Moses  and Aaron  numbered,  and the princes  of Israel,  being twelve  men:  one  was for the house  of his fathers. 

Numbers 1:52
Literal: And shall pitch their tents the sons of Israel everyone by his own camp and everyone by his own standard according to their armies
KJV: And the children  of Israel  shall pitch their tents,  every man  by his own camp,  and every man  by his own standard,  throughout their hosts. 

Numbers 2:2
Literal: Everyone of by his own standard beside the emblems of house of his father shall camp the sons of Israel some distance from the tabernacle of meeting they shall camp
KJV: Every man  of the children  of Israel  shall pitch  by his own standard,  with the ensign  of their father's  house:  far off  about  the tabernacle  of the congregation  shall they pitch. 

Numbers 2:17
Literal: And shall move out the tabernacle of meeting with the camp of the Levites in the middle of the camps as they camp so they shall move out everyone in his place by their standards -
KJV: Then the tabernacle  of the congregation  shall set forward  with the camp  of the Levites  in the midst  of the camp:  as they encamp,  so shall they set forward,  every man  in his place  by their standards. 

Numbers 2:34
Literal: Thus did the sons of Israel according to all that commanded Yahweh - Moses So they camped by their standards so they broke camp each one by his family according to houses their fathers'
KJV: And the children  of Israel  did  according to all that the LORD  commanded  Moses:  so they pitched  by their standards,  and so they set forward,  every one  after their families,  according to the house  of their fathers. 

Numbers 4:19
Literal: But this do in regard to them that they may live and not die when they approach - to the most holy things Aaron and his sons shall go in and appoint - every man to his service and his task
KJV: But thus do  unto them, that they may live,  and not die,  when they approach  unto the most  Aaron  and his sons  shall go in,  and appoint  them every  to his service  and to his burden: 

Numbers 4:49
Literal: According to the commandment of Yahweh they were numbered - by the hand of Moses man his service and according to his task thus were they numbered by him as commanded Yahweh - Moses -
KJV: According to the commandment  of the LORD  they were numbered  by the hand  of Moses,  every  according to his service,  and according to his burden:  thus were they numbered  of him, as the LORD  commanded  Moses. 

Numbers 5:6
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel a man or woman when commits any sin that men commit in unfaithfulness against Yahweh and is guilty person that
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  When a man  or woman  shall commit  any sin  that men  commit,  to do a trespass  against the LORD,  and that person  be guilty; 

Numbers 5:8
Literal: But if no the man has relative to whom restitution may be made for the wrong for the wrong the restitution [must go] to Yahweh for the priest in addition to the ram of the atonement with which atonement is made for him
KJV: But if the man  have no kinsman  to recompense  the trespass  be recompensed  unto the LORD,  even to the priest;  beside the ram  of the atonement,  whereby an atonement shall be made  for him.

Numbers 5:10
Literal: And every man's - holy things his shall be any man whatever gives the priest shall be -
KJV: And every man's  hallowed things  shall be his: whatsoever any man  giveth  the priest,  it shall be his.

Numbers 5:12
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel and say to them any man if goes astray wife and commits against him a trespass
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  and say  unto them, If any  wife  go aside,  and commit  a trespass  against him,

Numbers 5:13
Literal: And lies a man with her lying sowing and it is hidden from the eyes of her husband and it is concealed that she has defiled herself and witness [there was] no against her and she nor was caught
KJV: And a man  lie  with her carnally,  and it be hid  from the eyes  of her husband,  and be kept close,  and she be defiled,  and there be no witness  against her, neither she be taken  with the manner;

Numbers 5:15
Literal: then shall bring the man - his wife to the priest and He shall bring the offering required for her a tenth of an ephah of meal barley No he shall pour on it oil and no put on it frankincense because a grain offering of jealousy it [is] an offering for remembering for bringing to remembrance iniquity
KJV: Then shall the man  bring  his wife  unto the priest,  and he shall bring  her offering  for her, the tenth  part of an ephah  of barley  meal;  he shall pour  no oil  upon it, nor put  frankincense  thereon; for it is an offering  of jealousy,  an offering  of memorial,  iniquity  to remembrance. 

Numbers 5:19
Literal: And shall put under oath her the priest and say to the woman if no has lain man with you and if not you have gone astray to uncleanness [while] under your husband's [authority] be free from water bitter that brings curses these
KJV: And the priest  shall charge her by an oath,  and say  unto the woman,  If no man  have lain  with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside  to uncleanness  with another instead of thy husband,  be thou free  from this bitter  water  that causeth the curse: 

Numbers 5:20
Literal: But you if have gone astray [while] under your husband's [authority] and if you have defiled yourself and has lain with you some man in - intercourse other than your husband
KJV: But if thou hast gone aside  to another instead of thy husband,  and if thou be defiled,  and some man  have  lain  with thee beside  thine husband: 

Numbers 5:27
Literal: And when he has made her drink - the water then it shall be if she has defiled herself and behaved unfaithfully toward her husband that will enter her the water the that brings a curse [and become] bitter and will swell her belly and will rot her thigh and will become woman an oath among her people
KJV: And when he hath made her to drink  the water,  then it shall come to pass, that, if she be defiled,  and have done  trespass  against her husband,  that the water  that causeth the curse  shall enter  into her, and become bitter,  and her belly  shall swell,  and her thigh  shall rot:  and the woman  shall be a curse  among  her people. 

Numbers 5:29
Literal: This [is] the law of jealousy when goes astray a wife [while] under her husband's [authority] and defiles herself
KJV: This is the law  of jealousies,  when a wife  goeth aside  to another instead of her husband,  and is defiled; 

Numbers 5:30
Literal: or - when comes upon a man the spirit of jealousy and he becomes jealous of his wife then he shall stand - the woman before Yahweh and shall execute upon her the priest - all law this
KJV: Or when the spirit  of jealousy  cometh  upon him,  and he be jealous  over his wife,  and shall set  the woman  before  the LORD,  and the priest  shall execute  upon her all this law. 

Numbers 5:31
Literal: And shall be free the man from iniquity but woman that shall bear - her guilt -
KJV: Then shall the man  be guiltless  from iniquity,  and this  woman  shall bear  her iniquity. 

Numbers 6:2
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel and say to them a man or woman when either consecrates an offering to take the vow of a Nazirite to separate himself to Yahweh
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  and say  unto them, When either man  or woman  shall separate  themselves to vow  a vow  of a Nazarite,  to separate 

Numbers 7:5
Literal: Accept [these] from them that they may be used in doing - the work of the tabernacle of meeting and you shall give them to the Levites [to] every man according to his service
KJV: Take  it of them, that they may be to do  the service  of the tabernacle  of the congregation;  and thou shalt give  them unto the Levites,  to every man  according  to his service. 

Numbers 9:7
Literal: And said men those to him we [became] defiled by corpse a human why are we kept from presenting - the offering of Yahweh at its appointed time among the sons of Israel
KJV: And those  said  unto him, We are defiled  by the dead body  of a man:  wherefore are we kept back,  that we may not offer  an offering  of the LORD  in his appointed season  among  the children  of Israel? 

Numbers 9:10
Literal: speak to the sons of Israel saying any man if he is unclean because of a corpse or on a journey [is] far away of you or your posterity and he may still keep the Passover of Yahweh
KJV: Speak  unto the children  of Israel,  saying,  If any  of you or of your posterity  shall be unclean  by reason of a dead body,  or be in a journey  afar off,  yet he shall keep  the passover  unto the LORD. 

Numbers 9:13
Literal: But the man who is clean