Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2865

Word info for חָתַת

Root: חָתַת
Strongs Number: 2865
Transliteration: [chathath]
Phonetics: khaw·thath
Etymology: A primitive root
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to be shattered, be dismayed, be broken, be abolished, be afraid (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to be shattered, be dismayed, be broken, be abolished, be afraid.
      1a (Qal).
         1a1 to be shattered, be broken.
         1a2 to be dismayed.
      1b (Niphal) to be broken, be dismayed.
      1c (Piel) to be shattered, be dismayed, be scared.
      1d (Hiphil).
         1d1 to cause to be dismayed.
         1d2 to dismay, terrify.
         1d3 to shatter.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H2865

תֵּחָֽת, תֵחָֽת, תֵּחָ֑ת, תֵּחָ֔ת, תֵּחָ֑תּוּ, וַיֵּחַ֥תּוּ, חַ֖תּוּ, תֵּחַ֙תּוּ֙, תֵּחַ֔תּוּ, תֵּחַ֗תּוּ, וְחִתַּתַּ֥נִי, יְחִתֵּ֑נִי, חַ֭תּוּ, יֵחָ֑ת, וָחֹ֔תּוּ, הַחִתֹּ֖תָ, וְחַתּ֖וּ, יֵחַ֣ת, יֵחָ֔ת, וְחַתּ֥וּ, תֵּחָֽתּוּ, תֵּחַת֙, חַ֔תָּה, יֵחַ֣תּוּ, יֵחַ֛תּוּ, תֵּחַ֣ת, וָחָֽתָּה, חַ֖תָּה, ! חַ֙תָּה֙, וְהַחְתַּתִּ֣י, חַ֣ת, וָחָֽתּוּ, חִתְּתָ֖ה, תֵחַ֣ת, יְחִיתַ֑ן, נִחַ֥ת

All words for strongs number H2865 :

Word Occurance
חַ֖תּוּ 3
תֵּחָֽת 2
תֵחָֽת 2
תֵּחַ֣ת 2
וְחַתּ֥וּ 2
תֵּחָ֔ת 2
תֵּחָ֑תּוּ 2
תֵּחָ֑ת 2
יְחִיתַ֑ן 1
תֵחַ֣ת 1
חִתְּתָ֖ה 1
וָחָֽתּוּ 1
חַ֔תָּה 1
וְהַחְתַּתִּ֣י 1
! חַ֙תָּה֙ 1
חַ֖תָּה 1
וָחָֽתָּה 1
יֵחַ֛תּוּ 1
יֵחַ֣תּוּ 1
חַ֣ת 1
יֵחָ֔ת 1
תֵּחַת֙ 1
תֵּחָֽתּוּ 1
יֵחַ֣ת 1
וְחַתּ֖וּ 1
הַחִתֹּ֖תָ 1
וָחֹ֔תּוּ 1
יֵחָ֑ת 1
חַ֭תּוּ 1
יְחִתֵּ֑נִי 1
וְחִתַּתַּ֥נִי 1
תֵּחַ֗תּוּ 1
תֵּחַ֔תּוּ 1
תֵּחַ֙תּוּ֙ 1
וַיֵּחַ֥תּוּ 1
נִחַ֥ת 1

How strongs number H2865 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
be dismayed 10
dismayed 3
do be dismayed 3
they were dismayed 2
they are dismayed 2
be discouraged 1
she is broken down 1
may be dismayed 1
and dismayed 1
he is broken down 1
and they will be dismayed 1
for i will cause to be dismayed 1
is broken in pieces 1
is broken 1
and shall be dismayed 1
[which] made them afraid 1
is parched 1
will be abolished 1
be afraid 1
and shall be afraid 1
[he] will be afraid 1
will be beaten down 1
and they shall be afraid 1
you have broken 1
and be broken in pieces 1
is frightened 1
dreaded 1
and you scare me 1
and they were dismayed 1
reverent 1

Two strong number together

H2865 H5181
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45 Verses with H2865

Deuteronomy 1:21
Literal: Look has set Yahweh your God before you - the land go up [and] possess [it] as has spoken God of your fathers to you not do fear or be discouraged
KJV: Behold,  the LORD  thy God  hath set  the land  before  thee: go up  and possess  it, as the LORD  God  of thy fathers  hath said  unto thee; fear  not, neither be discouraged. 

Deuteronomy 31:8
Literal: And Yahweh He [is] the one who goes before you He will be with you not He will leave you nor forsake you not do fear be dismayed
KJV: And the LORD,  he it is that doth go  before  thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail  thee, neither forsake  thee: fear  not, neither be dismayed. 

Joshua 1:9
Literal: Have not I commanded you Be strong and of good courage not do be afraid nor be dismayed for with you Yahweh your God [is] wherever wherever you go -
KJV: Have not I commanded  thee? Be strong  and of a good courage;  be not afraid,  neither be thou dismayed:  for the LORD  thy God 

Joshua 8:1
Literal: And said Yahweh to Joshua not do be afraid nor be dismayed Take with you - all the people of war and arise go up to Ai See I have given into your hand - the king of Ai and his people his city his land
KJV: And the LORD  said  unto Joshua,  Fear  not, neither be thou dismayed:  take  all the people  of war  with thee, and arise,  go up  to Ai:  see,  I have given  into thy hand  the king  of Ai,  and his people,  and his city,  and his land: 

Joshua 10:25
Literal: And said to them Joshua not do be afraid nor be dismayed be strong and of good courage for thus will do Yahweh to all your enemies against whom you fight -
KJV: And Joshua  said  unto them, Fear  not, nor be dismayed,  be strong  and of good courage:  for thus shall the LORD  do  to all your enemies  against whom ye fight. 

1 Samuel 17:11
Literal: And when heard Saul and all Israel - words of the Philistine these and they were dismayed and afraid greatly -
KJV: When Saul  and all Israel  heard  those words  of the Philistine,  they were dismayed,  and greatly  afraid. 

2 Kings 19:26
Literal: Therefore their inhabitants had little power they were dismayed and confounded they were [as] the grass of the field and the green herb [As] the grass on the housetops and [grain] blighted before it is grown
KJV: Therefore their inhabitants  were of small  power,  they were dismayed  and confounded;  they were as the grass  of the field,  and as the green  herb,  as the grass  on the housetops,  and as corn blasted  before  it be grown up. 

1 Chronicles 22:13
Literal: Then you will prosper if you take care to fulfill - the statutes and judgments with which charged Yahweh Moses concerning Israel Be strong and of good courage not do fear nor be dismayed
KJV: Then shalt thou prosper,  if thou takest heed  to fulfil  the statutes  and judgments  which the LORD  charged  Moses  with concerning Israel:  be strong,  and of good courage;  dread  not, nor be dismayed. 

1 Chronicles 28:20
Literal: And said David to Solomon his son Be strong and of good courage and do [it] not do fear nor be dismayed for Yahweh God my God [will be] with you not He will leave you nor forsake you until that you have finished all the work for the service of the house of Yahweh
KJV: And David  said  to Solomon  his son,  Be strong  and of good courage,  and do  it: fear  not, nor be dismayed:  for the LORD  God,  will be with thee; he will not fail  thee, nor forsake  thee, until thou hast finished  all the work  for the service  of the house  of the LORD. 

2 Chronicles 20:15
Literal: and he said Listen you all of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem and you King Jehoshaphat thus says Yahweh to you you not do be afraid nor dismayed because of multitude great this for not yours the battle [is] but God's
KJV: And he said,  Hearken  ye, all Judah,  and ye inhabitants  of Jerusalem,  and thou king  Jehoshaphat,  Thus saith  the LORD  unto you, Be not afraid  nor dismayed  by reason  of this great  multitude;  for the battle  is not yours, but God's. 

2 Chronicles 20:17
Literal: Not You to will [need] fight in this [battle ] Position yourselves stand still and see - the salvation of Yahweh who is with you Judah and Jerusalem not do fear or be dismayed tomorrow go out against them for Yahweh [is] with you
KJV: Ye shall not need to fight  in this  battle: set  yourselves, stand  ye still, and see  the salvation  of the LORD  with you, O Judah  and Jerusalem:  fear  not, nor be dismayed;  to morrow  go out  against  them: for the LORD  will be with you.

2 Chronicles 32:7
Literal: Be strong and courageous not do be afraid nor dismayed before the king of Assyria nor before all the multitude that [is] with him for with us [there are] more than with him
KJV: Be strong  and courageous,  be not afraid  nor dismayed  for  the king  of Assyria,  nor for all the multitude  that is with him: for there be more 

Job 7:14
Literal: And You scare me with dreams and with visions terrify me
KJV: Then thou scarest  me with dreams,  and terrifiest  me through visions: 

Job 31:34
Literal: Because I feared the multitude great and the contempt of families dreaded so that I kept silence not [And] did go out of the door
KJV: Did I fear  a great  multitude,  or did the contempt  of families  terrify  me, that I kept silence,  and went not out  of the door? 

Job 32:15
Literal: They are dismayed no and answer more escape them Words
KJV: They were amazed,  they answered  no more: they left off  speaking. 

Job 39:22
Literal: He mocks at fear and not is frightened nor does he turn back from the sword
KJV: He mocketh  at fear,  and is not affrighted;  neither turneth he back  from  the sword. 

Isaiah 8:9
Literal: Be shattered you peoples and be broken in pieces and Give ear all you from far countries Gird yourselves but be broken in pieces Gird yourselves but be broken in pieces
KJV: Associate  yourselves, O ye people,  and ye shall be broken in pieces;  and give ear,  all  ye of far  countries:  gird  yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces;  gird  yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces. 

Isaiah 9:4
Literal: For - the yoke of his burden and the staff of his shoulder the rod of oppressor his You have broken as in the day of Midian
KJV: For thou hast broken  the yoke  of his burden,  and the staff  of his shoulder,  the rod  of his oppressor,  as in the day  of Midian. 

Isaiah 20:5
Literal: And they shall be afraid and ashamed of Ethiopia their expectation and Egypt their glory
KJV: And they shall be afraid  and ashamed  of Ethiopia  their expectation,  and of Egypt  their glory. 

Isaiah 30:31
Literal: For through the voice of Yahweh will be beaten down Assyria with the rod [As] He strikes
KJV: For through the voice  of the LORD  shall the Assyrian  be beaten down,  which smote  with a rod. 

Isaiah 31:4
Literal: For thus has spoken Yahweh to me as roars a lion and a young lion over his prey when is summoned against him a multitude of shepherds of their voice not [He] will be afraid and by their noise nor be disturbed so will come down Yahweh of hosts to fight for Mount Zion for its hill
KJV: For thus hath the LORD  spoken  unto me, Like as the lion  and the young lion  roaring  on his prey,  when a multitude  of shepherds  is called forth  against him, he will not be afraid  of their voice,  nor abase  himself for the noise  of them: so shall the LORD  of hosts  come down  to fight  for mount  Zion,  and for the hill 

Isaiah 31:9
Literal: And to his stronghold for fear He shall cross over and shall be afraid of the banner his princes says Yahweh Whose fire [is] to in Zion and furnace [is] whose in Jerusalem -
KJV: And he shall pass over  to his strong hold  for fear,  and his princes  shall be afraid  of the ensign,  saith  whose fire  is in Zion,  and his furnace  in Jerusalem. 

Isaiah 37:27
Literal: Therefore their inhabitants [had] little power they were dismayed and confounded they were [as] the grass of the field and the green herb [As] the grass on the housetops and [grain] blighted before it is grown
KJV: Therefore their inhabitants  were of small  power,  they were dismayed  and confounded:  they were as the grass  of the field,  and as the green  herb,  as the grass  on the housetops,  and as corn blasted  before  it be grown up. 

Isaiah 51:6
Literal: Lift up to the heavens your eyes and look on the earth beneath for the heavens like smoke will vanish away and the earth like a garment will grow old and those who dwell in it in like manner will die but My salvation forever will be and My righteousness not will be abolished -
KJV: Lift up  your eyes  to the heavens,  and look  upon the earth  beneath: for the heavens  shall vanish away  like smoke,  and the earth  shall wax old  like a garment,  and they that dwell  therein shall die  in like  but my salvation  shall be for ever,  and my righteousness  shall not be abolished. 

Isaiah 51:7
Literal: Listen to Me you who know righteousness You people [is] My law in whose heart not do fear the reproach of men and of their insults nor be afraid
KJV: Hearken  unto me, ye that know  righteousness,  the people  in whose heart  is my law;  fear  ye not the reproach  of men,  neither be ye afraid  of their revilings. 

Jeremiah 1:17
Literal: Therefore you prepare yourself and arise and speak to them - all that I command you not do be dismayed before their faces lest I dismay you before them
KJV: Thou therefore gird up  thy loins,  and arise,  and speak  unto them all that I command  thee: be not dismayed  at their faces,  lest I confound  thee before 

Jeremiah 8:9
Literal: Are ashamed the wise men they are dismayed and taken behold the word of Yahweh they have rejected so wisdom what do they have -
KJV: The wise  they are dismayed  and taken:  lo, they have rejected  the word  of the LORD;  and what wisdom  is in them?

Jeremiah 10:2
Literal: Thus says Yahweh to the way of the Gentiles not do learn and at the signs of heaven do be dismayed for are dismayed the Gentiles at them
KJV: Thus saith  the LORD,  Learn  not the way  of the heathen,  and be not dismayed  at the signs  of heaven;  for the heathen  are dismayed  at them. 

Jeremiah 14:4
Literal: Because the ground is parched for no there was rain in the land were ashamed the plowmen they covered their heads
KJV: Because the ground  is chapt,  for there was no rain  in the earth,  the plowmen  were ashamed,  they covered  their heads. 

Jeremiah 17:18
Literal: let them be ashamed who persecute me but not do let be put to shame me May be dismayed they do let be dismayed Me bring on them the day of doom and with double destruction destroy them -
KJV: Let them be confounded  that persecute  me, but let not me be confounded:  let them be dismayed,  bring  upon them the day  of evil,  and destroy  them with double  destruction. 

Jeremiah 23:4
Literal: And I will set up over them shepherds and who will feed them and no they shall fear more nor be dismayed nor shall they be lacking says Yahweh -
KJV: And I will set up  shepherds  them: and they shall fear  no more, nor be dismayed,  neither shall they be lacking,  saith  the LORD. 

Jeremiah 30:10
Literal: Therefore you not do fear My servant Jacob says Yahweh nor be dismayed Israel for behold I will save you from afar and your seed from the land of their captivity and shall return Jacob and have rest and be quiet and no one shall make [him] afraid
KJV: Therefore fear  thou not, O my servant  Jacob,  saith  the LORD;  neither be dismayed,  O Israel:  for, lo, I will save  thee from afar,  and thy seed  from the land  of their captivity;  and Jacob  shall return,  and shall be in rest,  and be quiet,  and none shall make him afraid. 

Jeremiah 46:27
Literal: But you not do fear My servant Jacob and not do be dismayed Israel for behold I will save you from afar and your offspring from the land of their captivity and shall return Jacob and have rest and be at ease and No one shall make [him] afraid -
KJV: But fear  not thou, O my servant  Jacob,  and be not dismayed,  O Israel:  for, behold, I will save  thee from afar off,  and thy seed  from the land  of their captivity;  and Jacob  shall return,  and be in rest  and at ease,  and none shall make him afraid. 

Jeremiah 48:1
Literal: Against Moab thus says Yahweh of hosts the God of Israel Woe to Nebo for it is plundered is shamed [and] taken Kiriathaim the high stronghold and dismayed
KJV: Against Moab  thus saith  the LORD  of hosts,  the God  of Israel;  Woe  unto Nebo!  for it is spoiled:  Kiriathaim  is confounded  and taken:  Misgab  is confounded  and dismayed. 

Jeremiah 48:20
Literal: Is shamed Moab for he is broken down - Wail - and cry Tell it in Arnon that is plundered Moab
KJV: Moab  is confounded;  for it is broken down:  howl  and cry;  tell  ye it in Arnon,  that Moab  is spoiled, 

Jeremiah 48:39
Literal: How she is broken down they shall wail has turned her back Moab with shame so shall be a derision and a dismay to all those about her -
KJV: They shall howl,  saying, How is it broken down!  how hath Moab  turned  the back  with shame!  so shall Moab  be a derision  and a dismaying  to all them about  him.

Jeremiah 49:37
Literal: For I will cause to be dismayed - Elam before their enemies and before those who seek their life and I will bring upon them disaster fierce My anger says Yahweh and I will send after them the sword Until I have consumed them
KJV: For I will cause Elam  to be dismayed  before  their enemies,  and before  them that seek  their life:  and I will bring  evil  upon them, even my fierce  anger,  saith  the LORD;  and I will send  the sword  after  them, till I have consumed 

Jeremiah 50:2
Literal: Declare among the nations and Proclaim and set up a standard Proclaim not do conceal [it] Say ] is taken Babylon is shamed Bel is broken in pieces Merodach are humiliated Her idols are broken in pieces Her images
KJV: Declare  ye among the nations,  and publish,  and set up  a standard;  publish,  and conceal  not: say,  Babylon  is taken,  Bel  is confounded,  Merodach  is broken in pieces;  her idols  are confounded,  her images  are broken in pieces. 

Jeremiah 50:36
Literal: A sword [is] against the soothsayers and they will be fools her mighty men and they will be dismayed
KJV: A sword  is upon the liars;  and they shall dote:  a sword  is upon her mighty men;  and they shall be dismayed. 

Jeremiah 51:56
Literal: Because comes against her against Babylon the plunderer and are taken her mighty men is broken every one of their bows for the God of recompense Yahweh [is] surely He will repay
KJV: Because the spoiler  is come  upon her, even upon Babylon,  and her mighty men  are taken,  every one of their bows  is broken:  for the LORD  God  of recompences  shall surely 

Ezekiel 2:6
Literal: And you son of man not do be afraid of them and of their words nor be afraid though briers and thorns [are] with you and among scorpions you dwell of their words do be afraid or by their looks dismayed a house rebellious they [are]
KJV: And thou, son  of man,  be not afraid  of their words,  though briers  and thorns  be with thee, and thou dost dwell  among scorpions:  be not afraid  of their words,  nor be dismayed  at their looks,  though they be a rebellious  house. 

Ezekiel 3:9
Literal: Like adamant stone stronger than flint I have made your forehead Not do be afraid of them nor be dismayed at their looks though a house Rebellious they [are] -
KJV: As an adamant  harder  than flint  have I made  thy forehead:  fear  them not, neither be dismayed  at their looks,  though they be a rebellious  house. 

Obadiah 1:9
Literal: and shall be dismayed your mighty men Teman to the end that May be cut off everyone from the mountains of Esau by slaughter
KJV: And thy mighty  men, O Teman,  shall be dismayed,  to the end that every one  of the mount  of Esau  may be cut off  by slaughter. 

Habakkuk 2:17
Literal: For the violence [done to] Lebanon will cover you and the plunder of beasts [which] made them afraid because of blood of men and the violence of the land [and] the city and of all who dwell in it -
KJV: For the violence  of Lebanon  shall cover  thee, and the spoil  of beasts,  which made them afraid,  because of men's  blood,  and for the violence  of the land,  of the city,  and of all that dwell  therein.

Malachi 2:5
Literal: My covenant was with him [one] of life and peace and I gave them to him [that he might] fear [Me] so he feared Me and before My name reverent was
KJV: My covenant  was with him of life  and peace;  and I gave  them to him for the fear  wherewith he feared  me, and was afraid  before  my name. 

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