Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2793

Word info for חֹרֶשׁ

Root: חֹרֶשׁ, חֹרֶשׁ
Strongs Number: 2793
Transliteration: [choresh]
Phonetics: kho·resh
Etymology: From 2790
Parts of Speech: n m.
Sense: wood, wooded height, forest, wooded area (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 wood, wooded height, forest, wooded area.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H2793

בַּחֹֽרְשָׁה, חֹ֑רְשָׁה, בַּחֹ֔רְשָׁה, וּבֶחֳרָשִׁ֣ים, הַחֹ֙רֶשׁ֙, וְחֹ֥רֶשׁ

All words for strongs number H2793 :

Word Occurance
בַּחֹ֔רְשָׁה 2
בַּחֹֽרְשָׁה 1
חֹ֑רְשָׁה 1
וּבֶחֳרָשִׁ֣ים 1
הַחֹ֙רֶשׁ֙ 1
וְחֹ֥רֶשׁ 1

How strongs number H2793 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
in the woods 3
in horesh 1
and in the forests 1
a bough 1
and the forest 1

Two strong number together

7 Verses with H2793

1 Samuel 23:15
Literal: So saw David that had come out Saul to seek - his life and David [was] in the Wilderness of Ziph in Horesh -
KJV: And David  saw  that Saul  was come out  to seek  his life:  and David  was in the wilderness  of Ziph  in a wood. 

1 Samuel 23:16
Literal: And arose Jonathan son of Saul and went to David in the woods and strengthened - his hand in God
KJV: And Jonathan  Saul's  son  arose,  to David  into the wood,  and strengthened  his hand  in God. 

1 Samuel 23:18
Literal: So made the two of them a covenant before Yahweh and stayed David in the woods and Jonathan went to his own house -
KJV: And they two  made  a covenant  before  the LORD:  and David  abode  in the wood,  and Jonathan  went  to his house. 

1 Samuel 23:19
Literal: And came up the Ziphites to Saul at Gibeah saying is not David hiding with us in strongholds in the woods in the hill of Hachilah which [is] on the south of Jeshimon
KJV: Then came up  the Ziphites  to Saul  to Gibeah,  saying,  Doth not David  hide  himself with us in strong holds  in the wood,  in the hill  of Hachilah,  which is on the south  of Jeshimon? 

2 Chronicles 27:4
Literal: Moreover cities he built in the mountains of Judah and in the forests he built fortresses and towers
KJV: Moreover he built  cities  in the mountains  of Judah,  and in the forests  he built  castles  and towers. 

Isaiah 17:9
Literal: In day that will be cities his strong as forsaken a bough and an uppermost bough which they left because of the sons of Israel and there will be desolation
KJV: In that day  shall his strong  cities  be as a forsaken  bough,  and an uppermost branch,  which they left  because  of the children  of Israel:  and there shall be desolation. 

Ezekiel 31:3
Literal: indeed Assyria [was] a cedar in Lebanon fine with branches and the forest that shaded and high of stature and among the thick boughs was its top
KJV: Behold, the Assyrian  was a cedar  in Lebanon  with fair  branches,  and with a shadowing  shroud,  and of an high  stature;  and his top  was among the thick boughs. 

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