Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2098

Word info for זוּ

Root: זוּ
Strongs Number: 2098
Transliteration: [zuw]
Phonetics: zoo
Etymology: For 2088
Parts of Speech: demons pron.
Sense: this, such rel pron (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 this, such rel pron.
   2 (of) which, (of) whom.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of H2098

ז֣וּ, ז֥וּ, ז֭וּ, ז֝֗וּ, ז֚וּ, זוּ֙

All words for strongs number H2098 :

Word Occurance
ז֥וּ 7
ז֣וּ 4
ז֭וּ 1
ז֝֗וּ 1
ז֚וּ 1
זוּ֙ 1

How strongs number H2098 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
which 3
this 3
whom 2
in which 2
who 1
that 1
what 1
he whom 1
[ascribing] this 1

Two strong number together

15 Verses with H2098

Exodus 15:13
Literal: You have led forth in Your mercy the people whom You have redeemed You have guided [them] in Your strength to habitation Your holy
KJV: Thou in thy mercy  hast led forth  the people  which  thou hast redeemed:  thou hast guided  them in thy strength  unto thy holy  habitation. 

Exodus 15:16
Literal: Will fall on them fear and dread By the greatness of Your arm they will be [as] still as a stone Till pass over Your people Yahweh Till the people Whom You have purchased
KJV: Fear  and dread  shall fall  upon them; by the greatness  of thine arm  they shall be as still  as a stone;  till thy people  pass over,  O LORD,  till the people  pass over,  which  thou hast purchased. 

Psalms 9:15
Literal: Have sunk down the nations in the pit [which] they made in the net which they hid is caught their own foot
KJV: The heathen  are sunk down  in the pit  that they made:  in the net  which  they hid  is their own foot  taken. 

Psalms 10:2
Literal: in [his] pride the wicked persecutes the poor let them be caught in the plots which they have devised
KJV: The wicked  in his pride  doth persecute  the poor:  let them be taken  in the devices  that  they have imagined. 

Psalms 12:7
Literal: You Yahweh shall keep them You shall preserve them from generation this forever
KJV: Thou shalt keep  them, O LORD,  thou shalt preserve  them from this  generation  for ever. 

Psalms 17:9
Literal: From the wicked who oppress me [From] my enemies deadly who surround me
KJV: From  the wicked  that  oppress  me, from my deadly  enemies,  who compass me about. 

Psalms 31:4
Literal: Pull me out of the net which they have laid secretly for me for You [are] my strength
KJV: Pull me out  of the net  that  they have laid privily  for me: for thou art my strength. 

Psalms 32:8
Literal: I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go I will guide you with My eye
KJV: I will instruct  thee and teach  thee in the way  which  I will guide  thee with mine eye. 

Psalms 62:11
Literal: Once has spoken God Twice this I have heard that power [belongs] to God
KJV: God  hath spoken  once;  twice  have I heard  this;  that power  belongeth unto God. 

Psalms 68:28
Literal: Has commanded Your God your strength Strengthen God what You have done for us
KJV: Thy God  hath commanded  thy strength:  strengthen,  O God,  that which  thou hast wrought  for us.

Psalms 142:3
Literal: When was overwhelmed within me my spirit and You knew my path In the way in which I walk they have secretly set a snare for me
KJV: When my spirit  was overwhelmed  within me, then thou knewest  my path.  In the way  wherein  I walked  have they privily laid  a snare  for me.

Psalms 143:8
Literal: Cause me to hear in the morning Your lovingkindness for in You do I trust Cause me to know the way in which I should walk to You I lift up my soul
KJV: Cause me to hear  thy lovingkindness  in the morning;  for in thee do I trust:  cause me to know  the way  wherein  for I lift up  my soul  unto thee.

Isaiah 42:24
Literal: who gave - for plunder Jacob and Israel to the robbers Was it not Yahweh He whom we have sinned against for not they would in His ways walk nor were they obedient to His law
KJV: Who gave  Jacob  and Israel  to the robbers?  he against whom  we have sinned?  for they would  not walk  in his ways,  neither were they obedient  unto his law. 

Isaiah 43:21
Literal: People this I have formed for Myself My praise they shall declare -
KJV: This  people  have I formed  for myself; they shall shew forth  my praise. 

Habakkuk 1:11
Literal: Then changes [his] mind and he transgresses and He commits offense [Ascribing] this power to his god
KJV: Then shall his mind  change,  and he shall pass over,  and offend,  imputing this  his power 

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