Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 991

Word info for βλέπω

Root: βλέπω
Strongs Number: 991
Transliteration: [blepo]
Phonetics: blep·o
Etymology: A primary word
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to see, discern, of the bodily eye (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to see, discern, of the bodily eye.
      1a with the bodily eye: to be possessed of sight, have the power of seeing.
      1b perceive by the use of the eyes: to see, look descry.
      1c to turn the eyes to anything: to look at, look upon, gaze at.
      1d to perceive by the senses, to feel.
      1e to discover by use, to know by experience.
   2 metaph.
   to see with the mind’s eye.
      2a to have (the power of) understanding.
      2b to discern mentally, observe, perceive, discover, understand.
      2c to turn the thoughts or direct the mind to a thing, to consider, contemplate, to look at, to weigh carefully, examine.
   3 in a geographical sense of places, mountains, buildings, etc.
   turning towards any quarter, as it were, facing it.
   Additional Information: For synonyms see entries 3708, horao; and 4648, skopeo.
   See entry 5822 for comparison of synonyms.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G991

βλέπων, βλέπεις, βλέπετε, βλέπειν, βλέποντες, βλέπουσιν, βλέποντας, βλέπουσι, Βλέπετε, Βλέποντες, Βλέπεις, Βλέπω, βλέπωσιν, βλέπει, βλέπῃ, βλέπω, Βλέπομεν, Ἔβλεπον, βλεπόντων, Βλέψον, ἔβλεπεν, βλέποντα, βλεπομένη, βλέπομεν, βλεπέτω, βλεπόμενα, Βλέπε, βλεπομένων, βλεπόμενον, βλέπῃς

All words for strongs number G991 :

Word Occurance
Βλέπετε 15
βλέπετε 15
βλέπων 12
βλέπειν 10
βλέποντες 9
βλέπει 9
βλέπεις 7
βλέπωσιν 4
βλέπομεν 4
βλέπω 4
Βλέπεις 3
βλέπουσιν 3
Βλέποντες 2
βλεπομένων 2
βλεπέτω 2
βλεπόντων 2
βλεπομένη 1
βλεπόμενον 1
Βλέπε 1
βλεπόμενα 1
ἔβλεπεν 1
βλέποντα 1
Βλέπω 1
Βλέψον 1
Ἔβλεπον 1
Βλέπομεν 1
βλέποντας 1
βλέπῃ 1
βλέπουσι 1
βλέπῃς 1

How strongs number G991 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
seeing 19
take heed 15
to see 9
he sees 6
you see 6
i see 5
we see 5
being seen 4
looking 3
see 3
they see 3
you look 2
do you see 2
beholding 2
see you 2
may see 2
consider 2
let take heed 1
be careful 1
let him take heed 1
looking upon 1
are you looking 1
beware of 1
take heed to 1
in seeing 1
watch 1
you may see 1
gaze 1
seen 1
began to look 1
he saw 1
he could see 1
look 1
are seeing 1
sees 1
she sees 1
does he see 1
he might see 1
looking [on them] 1
look you at 1
beware 1
behold 1
do you look at 1
they might see 1

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2 Corinthians 7:8 For I see [βλεπω γαρ]
A parenthetical explanation of his present joy in their sorrow. B D do not have γαρ — gar The Latin Vulgate has videns (seeing) for βλεπων — blepōn [source]

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2 Corinthians 7:8 For I see [βλεπω γαρ]
A parenthetical explanation of his present joy in their sorrow. B D do not have γαρ — gar The Latin Vulgate has videns (seeing) for βλεπων — blepōn [source]

117 Verses with G991

Matthew 5:28
Literal: I however say to you that everyone - looking upon a woman in order - to lust after her already has committed adultery with in the heart of him
KJV: But  say  That  whosoever  looketh  on a woman  to  lust after  her  hath committed adultery  with her  already  in  his  heart. 

Matthew 6:4
Literal: so that may be your - giving in - secret And the Father of you the [One] seeing will reward you
KJV: That  alms  in  secret:  and  Father  which  seeth  in  secret  shall reward  openly. 

Matthew 6:6
Literal: You however when you pray enter into the room of you and having shut the door pray to Father the [One] in - secret the Father the [One] seeing will reward you
KJV: But  thou,  when  thou prayest,  enter  into  closet,  and  when thou hast shut  door,  pray  Father  which  is in  secret;  and  Father  which  seeth  in  secret  shall reward  openly. 

Matthew 6:18
Literal: so that not you might appear - to men [as] fasting but - to Father your the [One] in - secret and the Father of you the [One] seeing will reward you
KJV: That  thou appear  not  unto men  to fast,  but  Father  which  is in  secret:  and  Father,  which  seeth  in  secret,  shall reward  openly. 

Matthew 7:3
Literal: Why now do you look at the splinter that [is] in the eye the brother of you - and the in - your [own] beam not notice
KJV: And  why  beholdest  thou the mote  that is in  brother's  eye,  but  considerest  not  the beam  that is in  thine own  eye? 

Matthew 11:4
Literal: And answering - Jesus said to them Having gone relate to John what you hear see
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto them,  Go  John  again  those things which  ye do hear  and  see: 

Matthew 12:22
Literal: Then was brought to Him [one] possessed by a demon blind and mute He healed him in order for the mute [man] to speak to see
KJV: Then  was brought  unto him  one possessed with a devil,  blind,  and  dumb:  and  he healed  him,  insomuch that  the blind  and  dumb  both  spake  and  saw. 

Matthew 13:13
Literal: Because of this in parables to them I speak Because seeing not do they see and hearing not do they hear nor do they understand
KJV: Therefore  speak I  to them  in  parables:  because  they seeing  not;  and  hearing  not,  neither  do they understand. 

Matthew 13:14
Literal: And is fulfilled in them the prophecy of Isaiah - saying In hearing you will hear no not understand seeing you will see perceive
KJV: And  them  is fulfilled  the prophecy  of Esaias,  which  saith,  By hearing  ye shall hear,  and  understand;  and  seeing  and 

Matthew 13:16
Literal: Of you however blessed [are] the eyes because they see and the ears they hear
KJV: But  blessed  eyes,  for  they see:  and  ears,  for  they hear. 

Matthew 13:17
Literal: Truly for I say to you that many prophets and righteous [men] longed to see what you see not saw to hear you hear heard
KJV: For  verily  I say  That  many  prophets  and  righteous  men have desired  those things which  ye see,  and  not  them; and  to hear  those things which  ye hear,  and  not  heard 

Matthew 14:30
Literal: Seeing now the wind charging he was afraid and having begun to sink he cried out saying Lord save me
KJV: But  when he saw  the wind  boisterous,  he was afraid;  and  beginning  to sink,  he cried,  saying,  Lord,  save 

Matthew 15:31
Literal: so that the crowd marveled seeing mute speaking crippled restored and lame walking blind they glorified God of Israel
KJV: Insomuch that  the multitude  wondered,  when they saw  the dumb  to speak,  the maimed  to be whole,  the lame  to walk,  and  the blind  to see:  and  they glorified  the God  of Israel. 

Matthew 18:10
Literal: See [that] not you despise one of the little ones of these I say for to you that the angels of them in [the] heavens continually always behold the face of the Father of me who [is]
KJV: Take heed  that ye despise  not  one  little ones;  for  I say  That  in  heaven  their  angels  do always  behold  the face  Father  which  is in  heaven. 

Matthew 22:16
Literal: And they send to Him the disciples of them with the Herodians saying Teacher we know that TRUE You are the way - of God in [the] truth You teach not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men
KJV: And  they sent out  unto him  disciples  with  the Herodians,  saying,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth,  neither  carest  for  any  man: for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men. 

Matthew 24:2
Literal: - And answering He said to them Not do you see these things all Truly I say to you none not even shall be left here stone upon stone which will be thrown down
KJV: And  said  unto them,  See ye  not  all  verily  I say  be left  here  one stone  upon  another,  that  be thrown down. 

Matthew 24:4
Literal: And answering - Jesus said to them Take heed lest anyone you mislead
KJV: And  Jesus  answered  and said  unto them,  Take heed  that no  man  deceive 

Mark 4:12
Literal: so that Seeing they might see and not perceive hearing they might hear understand lest ever they should turn should be forgiven them
KJV: That  seeing  and  not  and  hearing  and  not  understand;  they should be converted,  and  should be forgiven  them. 

Mark 4:24
Literal: And He was saying to them Take heed what you hear With what measure you measure it will be measured to you more will be added
KJV: And  unto them,  Take heed  what  ye hear:  with  what  measure  ye mete,  and  that hear  shall more be given. 

Mark 5:31
Literal: And were saying to Him the disciples of Him You see the crowd pressing in on You say You Who Me touched
KJV: And  his  disciples  said  unto him,  Thou seest  the multitude  thronging  and  sayest thou,  Who  touched 

Mark 8:15
Literal: And He was instructing them saying Watch out take heed of the leaven of the Pharisees of the of Herod
KJV: And  he charged  them,  saying,  Take heed,  beware  of  the leaven  of the Pharisees,  and  of the leaven  of Herod. 

Mark 8:18
Literal: Eyes having not do you see And ears not do you hear do you remember
KJV: Having  eyes,  see ye  not?  and  having  ears,  hear ye  not?  and  not  remember? 

Mark 8:23
Literal: And having taken hold of the hand of the blind [man] He led forth him out of the village having spit upon the eyes of him having laid the hands upon him He was asking him if anything you see
KJV: And  he took  the blind man  by the hand,  him  out of  the town;  and  when he had spit  on  his  eyes,  and put  his hands  upon him,  he asked  him  he saw 

Mark 8:24
Literal: And having looked up he was saying I see the men for as trees I see [them] walking
KJV: And  he looked up,  I see  men  as  trees,  walking. 

Mark 12:14
Literal: And having come they say to Him Teacher we know that TRUE You are not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men but on the basis of [the] truth the way - of God teach Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not Should we pay not pay
KJV: when they were come,  they say  unto him,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  carest  for  no man:  for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men,  but  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth:  Is it lawful  to give  tribute  to Caesar,  or  not? 

Mark 12:38
Literal: And in the teaching of Him He was saying Beware of the scribes - desiring robes to walk about greetings the marketplaces
KJV: And  unto them  in  his  doctrine,  Beware  of  the scribes,  which  love  to go  in  long clothing,  and  love salutations  in  the marketplaces, 

Mark 13:2
Literal: And - Jesus said to him See you these - great buildings No not shall be left here stone upon stone which shall be thrown down
KJV: And  Jesus  said  unto him,  Seest thou  great  buildings?  be left  one stone  upon  another,  that  be thrown down. 

Mark 13:5
Literal: - And Jesus began to say to them Take heed lest anyone you mislead
KJV: And  Jesus  them  began  to say,  Take heed  lest  any  man deceive 

Mark 13:9
Literal: Take heed however you to yourselves they will betray you to courts and in synagogues you will be beaten before governors kings you will stand because of Me for a testimony to them
KJV: But  to yourselves:  up  to  councils;  and  in  the synagogues  ye shall be beaten:  and  ye shall be brought  before  rulers  and  kings  sake,  for  a testimony  against them. 

Mark 13:23
Literal: You however take heed I have foretold to you all things
KJV: But  heed:  all things. 

Mark 13:33
Literal: Take heed watch not you know for when the time is
KJV: Take ye heed,  watch  for  ye know  not  when  the time 

Luke 6:41
Literal: Why now look you at the splinter that [is] in the eye of the brother of you - and the beam that [is] own not notice
KJV: And  why  beholdest thou  the mote  that is in  brother's  eye,  but  perceivest  not  the beam  that is in  thine own  eye? 

Luke 6:42
Literal: How are you able to say to brother of you Brother let [that] I might cast out the splinter that [is] in the eye yourself the of you beam not seeing Hypocrite cast out first from the eye and then you will see clearly - of the brother to cast out
KJV: how  canst thou  say  brother,  let me  pull out  the mote  that is in  eye,  thyself  beholdest  not  the beam  that is in  own eye?  Thou hypocrite,  cast out  first  the beam  out of  eye,  and  then  shalt thou see clearly  to pull out  the mote  that is in  brother's  eye. 

Luke 7:21
Literal: At that very - hour He healed many of diseases and afflictions spirits evil to blind many He granted to see
KJV: in  hour  he cured  many  of  their infirmities  and  plagues,  and  of evil  spirits;  and  unto many  that were blind  he gave  sight. 

Luke 7:44
Literal: And having turned to the woman - to Simon He was saying See you this I entered of you into house water of Me for feet not you gave with her however - tears she wet My - with [the] hair of her wiped [them]
KJV: And  he turned  to  the woman,  and said  unto Simon,  Seest thou  woman?  I entered  into  house,  thou gavest me  no  water  for  feet:  but  she  hath washed  feet  with tears,  and  wiped  them with the hairs  of her 

Luke 8:10
Literal: - And He said To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom - of God to however [the] rest [it is] in parables so that Seeing not may they see and hearing may they understand
KJV: And  he said,  it is given  to know  the mysteries  of the kingdom  of God:  but  to others  in  parables;  that  seeing  not  see,  and  hearing  not  understand. 

Luke 8:16
Literal: No one now a lamp having lighted covers it with a vessel or under a bed puts [it] but on a lampstand so that those entering in may see the light
KJV: No man,  when he hath lighted  a candle,  covereth  it  with a vessel,  or  putteth  it under  a bed;  but  it on  a candlestick,  that  they which enter in  may see  the light. 

Luke 8:18
Literal: Take heed therefore how you hear whoever - for might have will be given to him and not even what he seems to have will be taken away from him
KJV: Take heed  therefore  how  ye hear:  for  whosoever  hath,  to him  shall be given;  and  whosoever  hath  not,  from  him  shall be taken  even  that which  he seemeth  to have. 

Luke 9:62
Literal: Said then to him - Jesus No one having laid the hand upon [the] plow and looking on the things behind fit is for the kingdom - of God
KJV: And  Jesus  said  unto  him,  No man,  having put  his  hand  to  the plough,  and  looking  back,  fit  for  the kingdom  of God. 

Luke 10:23
Literal: And having turned to the disciples in private He said Blessed [are] the eyes - seeing what you see
KJV: And  he turned him  unto  his disciples,  and said  privately,  Blessed  are the eyes  which  see  the things that  ye see: 

Luke 10:24
Literal: I say for to you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see not saw to hear you hear heard
KJV: For  I tell  that  many  prophets  and  kings  have desired  those things which  see,  and  not  them; and  to hear  those things which  ye hear,  and  not  heard 

Luke 11:33
Literal: But no one a lamp having lit in secret sets it nor under the basket but upon the lampstand that those entering in the light may see
KJV: No man,  when he hath lighted  a candle,  putteth  it in  a secret place,  neither  under  a bushel,  but  on  a candlestick,  that  they which  come in  may see  the light. 

Luke 21:8
Literal: - And He said Take heed lest you be led astray many for will come in the name of Me saying I am [He] and The time is drawn near Not go after them
KJV: And  he said,  Take heed  not  deceived:  for  many  shall come  in  name,  saying,  am  Christ; and  the time  draweth near:  go ye  not  after  them. 

Luke 21:30
Literal: When they sprout already looking [on them] for yourselves you know that near the summer is
KJV: When  they now  shoot forth,  ye see  and know  of  your own selves  that  summer  now  nigh at hand. 

Luke 24:12
Literal: - But Peter having risen up ran to the tomb and having stooped down he sees the linen strips only he went away in himself wondering at that having come to pass
KJV: Then  arose  Peter,  and ran  unto  the sepulchre;  and  stooping down,  he beheld  the linen clothes  by themselves,  and  departed,  wondering  in  at that which was come to pass. 

John 1:29
Literal: On the next day he sees - Jesus coming to him and says Behold the Lamb - of God - taking away the sin of the world
KJV: The next day  seeth  Jesus  coming  unto  him,  and  saith,  the Lamb  of God,  which  taketh away  the sin  of the world. 

John 5:19
Literal: Answered therefore - Jesus and was saying to them Truly I say to you not is able the Son to do of Himself nothing if not anything He might see the Father doing whatever for - He does these things also likewise does
KJV: Then  answered  Jesus  and  said  unto them,  Verily,  I say  The Son  can  do  nothing  of  himself,  what  he seeth  the Father  do:  for  what things soever  he  doeth,  also  doeth  the Son  likewise. 

John 9:7
Literal: And He said to him Go wash in the pool - of Siloam which means Sent He went therefore washed came [back] seeing
KJV: And  said  unto him,  Go,  wash  in  the pool  of Siloam,  (which  is by interpretation,  Sent.)  He went his way  therefore,  and  washed,  and  came  seeing. 

John 9:15
Literal: Again therefore were asking him also the Pharisees how he had received sight - And he said to them Clay He put of me on the eyes and I washed I see
KJV: Then  again  the Pharisees  also  asked  him  how  he had received his sight.  He said  unto them,  He put  clay  upon  eyes,  and  I washed,  and  do see. 

John 9:19
Literal: And they asked them saying This is the son of you of whom you say that blind he was born How then does he see presently
KJV: And  they asked  them,  saying,  this  son,  who  say  was born  blind?  how  then  now  see? 

John 9:21
Literal: How however presently he sees not we know or who opened of him the eyes we know him ask age has He Concerning himself he will speak
KJV: But  by what means  now  seeth,  we know  not;  or  who  hath opened  his  eyes,  know  not:  he  is  of age;  ask  him:  shall speak  for 

John 9:25
Literal: Answered then he Whether a sinner He is not I know One [thing] I do know that blind being now I see
KJV: He  answered  Whether  a sinner  or no, I know  not:  one thing  I know,  that,  blind,  now  I see. 

John 9:39
Literal: And said - Jesus For judgment I into the world this came that those not seeing may see blind may become
KJV: And  Jesus  said,  For  judgment  am come  into  world,  that  they which see  not  might see;  and  that they which see  might be made  blind. 

John 9:41
Literal: Said to them - Jesus If blind you were not - you would have sin since however you say - We see the sin of you remains
KJV: Jesus  said  unto them,  If  blind,  ye should  have  no  sin:  but  now  ye say,  We see;  sin  remaineth. 

John 11:9
Literal: Answered Jesus Not twelve hours are there in the day If anyone walks in the day not he stumbles because the light the world of this he sees
KJV: Jesus  answered,  not  twelve  hours  in the day?  If  any man  walk  in  the day,  he stumbleth  not,  because  he seeth  the light  world. 

John 13:22
Literal: Began to look upon one another the disciples being uncertain of whom He is speaking
KJV: the disciples  looked  one on another,  doubting  of  whom  he spake. 

John 20:1
Literal: - Now the first [day] of the week Mary - Magdalene comes early dark still it being to the tomb and she sees the stone having been removed from the tomb
KJV: day of the week  cometh  Mary  Magdalene  early,  yet  dark,  unto  the sepulchre,  and  seeth  the stone  taken away  from  the sepulchre. 

John 20:5
Literal: And having stooped down he sees lying [there] the linen cloths not however he entered
KJV: And  he stooping down,  and looking in, saw  the linen clothes  lying;  yet  not  in. 

John 21:9
Literal: When therefore they got out onto the land they see a fire of coals lying and fish lying on [it] bread
KJV: As soon  then  as they were come  to  land,  they saw  a fire of coals  there, and  fish  laid  thereon,  and  bread. 

John 21:20
Literal: Having turned - Peter sees the disciple whom loved Jesus following who also had reclined at the supper on the bosom of Him and said Lord who is it who is betraying You
KJV: Peter,  turning about,  seeth  the disciple  whom  Jesus  loved  following;  which  also  leaned  on  his  breast  at  supper,  and  said,  Lord,  which  that betrayeth 

Acts 1:9
Literal: And these things having said beholding they He was taken up a cloud hid Him from the eyes of them
KJV: And  when he had spoken  while they  beheld,  he was taken up;  and  a cloud  received  him  out of  their  sight. 

Acts 1:11
Literal: who also said Men Galileans why do you stand looking into - heaven This - Jesus having been taken up from you heaven thus will come in that manner you beheld Him going
KJV: Which  also  said,  Ye men  of Galilee,  why  stand ye  into  heaven?  this same  Jesus,  which  is taken up  from  into  heaven,  so  come  in like manner as  ye have seen  him  go  into  heaven. 

Acts 2:33
Literal: To the right hand therefore - of God having been exalted - and the promise of the Spirit - Holy having received from the Father He has poured out this which you both are seeing and hearing
KJV: Therefore  by the right hand  of God  exalted,  and  having received  of  the Father  the promise  of the Holy  Ghost,  he hath shed forth  which  see  and  hear. 

Acts 3:4
Literal: Having looked intently now Peter upon him with - John he said Look unto us
KJV: And  Peter,  fastening his eyes  upon  him  with  John,  said,  Look  on 

Acts 4:14
Literal: - And the man beholding with them standing - having been healed nothing they had to contradict
KJV: beholding  the man  which was healed  standing  with  them,  they could  nothing 

Acts 8:6
Literal: Were giving heed now the crowds to the things being spoken by - Philip with one accord in the [time] to hear them and to see the signs that he was performing
KJV: the people  with one accord  gave heed  unto those things which Philip  spake,  hearing  and  seeing  the miracles  which  he did. 

Acts 9:8
Literal: Rose up then Saul from the ground having been opened however the eyes of him nothing he could see Leading by the hand him they brought [him] to Damascus
KJV: And  Saul  arose  from  the earth;  and  when his  eyes  were opened,  he saw  no man:  but  him  by the hand,  and brought  him into  Damascus. 

Acts 9:9
Literal: And he was days three without seeing neither did he eat nor drink
KJV: And  three  days  without  sight,  and  neither  did eat  nor  drink. 

Acts 12:9
Literal: And having gone forth he was following not did know that real is what is happening by means of the angel he was thinking however a vision he saw
KJV: And  he went out,  and followed  and  wist  not  that  true  which  was done  by  the angel;  but  thought  he saw  a vision. 

Acts 13:11
Literal: And now behold [the] hand of the Lord [is] upon you you will be blind not seeing the sun during a season Immediately then fell upon him mist darkness going about he was seeking someone to lead [him] by the hand
KJV: And  now,  behold,  the hand  of the Lord  is upon  and  blind,  not  seeing  the sun  for  a season.  And  immediately  on  him  a mist  and  a darkness;  and  he went about  seeking  some to lead him by the hand. 

Acts 13:40
Literal: Take heed therefore lest might come about that having been said in the prophets
KJV: Beware  therefore,  lest that  come  which is spoken of  in  the prophets; 

Acts 27:12
Literal: Unsuitable now the harbor being to winter in the majority reached a decision to set sail from there if somehow they might be able having arrived at Phoenix to winter [there] a harbor - of Crete looking toward [the] southwest and [the] northwest
KJV: And  the haven  was  not commodious  to  winter in,  the more part  advised  to depart  they might  attain  to  Phenice,  and there to winter;  which is an haven  of Crete,  and lieth  toward  the south west  and  north west. 

Acts 28:26
Literal: saying Go to the people this and say In hearing you will hear no not understand in seeing you will see perceive
KJV: Saying,  Go  unto  people,  and  say,  Hearing  ye shall hear,  and  understand;  and  seeing  and 

Romans 7:23
Literal: I see however another law in the members of me warring against the law of the mind and making captive me to - of sin - being
KJV: But  I see  another  law  in  members,  warring against  the law  mind,  and  into captivity  to the law  of sin  which  in  members. 

Romans 8:24
Literal: In this for hope we were saved hope however being seen not is hope what sees any one does he hope for
KJV: For  we are saved  by hope:  but  hope  that is seen  not  hope:  for  what  seeth,  why  hope for? 

Romans 8:25
Literal: If however what not we see we hope for in patience we await
KJV: But  if  we hope  for that  we see  not,  with  patience  wait for 

Romans 11:8
Literal: as it has been written Gave them - God a spirit of stupor eyes - not to see and ears to hear unto the today day
KJV: (According as  it is written,  God  hath given  them  the spirit  of slumber,  eyes  not  see,  and  ears  not  hear;)  unto  this  day. 

Romans 11:10
Literal: let be darkened the eyes of them - not to see and the backs for ever bent over
KJV: their  eyes  be darkened,  not  see,  and  bow down  their  back 

1 Corinthians 1:26
Literal: Consider for the calling of you brothers that not many wise according to flesh [were] powerful of noble birth
KJV: For  ye see  calling,  brethren,  how that  not  many  wise men  after  the flesh,  not  many  mighty,  not  many  noble, 

1 Corinthians 3:10
Literal: According to the grace - of God - having been given to me as a wise master builder [the] foundation I have laid another however is building upon [it] Each one let take heed how he builds upon [it]
KJV: According  to the grace  of God  which  is given  as  a wise  masterbuilder,  I have laid  the foundation,  and  another  buildeth  thereon. But  every man  take heed  how  he buildeth 

1 Corinthians 8:9
Literal: Be careful however lest somehow the right of you this an occasion of stumbling becomes to those being weak
KJV: But  take heed  this  liberty  become  a stumblingblock 

1 Corinthians 10:12
Literal: Therefore the [one] thinking to stand let him take heed lest he fall
KJV: Wherefore  him that thinketh  he standeth  take heed  lest  he fall. 

1 Corinthians 10:18
Literal: Consider - Israel according to flesh Not those eating the sacrifices fellow partakers in the altar are
KJV: Behold  Israel  after  the flesh:  which eat  of the sacrifices  partakers  of the altar? 

1 Corinthians 13:12
Literal: We see for presently through a glass in obscurity then however face to I know in part I will know fully as also I have been fully known
KJV: For  now  we see  through  a glass,  darkly;  but  then  face  to  face:  now  I know  in  part;  but  then  shall I know  even as  also  I am known. 

1 Corinthians 16:10
Literal: If now comes Timothy see that without fear he might be with you the for work of [the] Lord he is doing as also I
KJV: Now  if  Timotheus  come,  see  that  he may be  with  without fear:  for  he worketh  the work  of the Lord,  as 

2 Corinthians 4:18
Literal: not are looking at we the things being seen but The things for being seen [are] temporary however being seen [are] eternal
KJV: not  at  the things which are seen,  but  not  seen:  for  the things which are seen  are temporal;  but  not  seen  are eternal. 

2 Corinthians 7:8
Literal: For if also I have grieved you in the letter not I do regret [it] Though even I did regret [it] I see indeed that the letter that for an hour grieved
KJV: For  sorry  with  a letter,  not  repent,  for  I perceive  that  the same  epistle  sorry,  for  a season. 

2 Corinthians 10:7
Literal: The things according to appearance are you looking If anyone is persuaded in himself of Christ to be this let him reckon again within himself that as he [is] of Christ so also [are] we
KJV: Do ye look on  things after  the outward appearance?  trust  to himself  Christ's,  himself  think  again,  that,  as  he  is Christ's,  even  so  Christ's. 

2 Corinthians 12:6
Literal: If for I should desire to boast not I will be a fool [the] truth I will be speaking I refrain however lest anyone to me should credit more than what he sees in me or hears anyone of me
KJV: For  though  I would desire  to glory,  not  a fool;  for  I will say  the truth:  but  now I forbear,  lest  any man  should think  of  above  that which  he seeth  to be, or  that he heareth  of 

Galatians 5:15
Literal: If however one another you bite and devour take heed lest by one another you might be consumed
KJV: But  if  ye bite  and  devour  one another,  take heed  not  consumed  of  another. 

Ephesians 5:15
Literal: Take heed therefore carefully how you walk not as unwise but wise
KJV: See  then  that  ye walk  circumspectly,  not  as  fools,  but  as  wise, 

Philippians 3:2
Literal: Beware of the dogs evil workers the false circumcision
KJV: Beware  of dogs,  beware  of evil  workers,  beware  of the concision. 

Colossians 2:5
Literal: If truly indeed in the flesh I am absent yet - in spirit with you I am rejoicing and seeing your - good order the firmness of the in Christ faith of you
KJV: For  I be absent  in the flesh,  yet  am I  with  in the spirit,  joying  and  beholding  order,  and  the stedfastness  faith  in  Christ. 

Colossians 2:8
Literal: Take heed lest anyone you there will be - taking captive through - philosophy and empty deceit according to the tradition - of men the principles of the world not Christ
KJV: Beware  lest  any man  through  philosophy  and  vain  deceit,  after  the tradition  of men,  after  the rudiments  of the world,  and  not  after  Christ. 

Colossians 4:17
Literal: And say to Archippus Take heed to the ministry that you have received in [the] Lord that it you may fulfill
KJV: And  say  to Archippus,  Take heed  to the ministry  which  thou hast received  in  the Lord,  that  thou fulfil  it. 

Hebrews 2:9
Literal: Who however a little one than [the] angels having been made lower we see Jesus because of the suffering - of death with glory and with honor having been crowned so that by [the] grace of God for everyone He might taste death
KJV: But  we see  Jesus,  who  a little  lower  than  the angels  for  the suffering  of death,  crowned  with glory  and  honour;  that  by the grace  of God  should taste  death  for  every man. 

Hebrews 3:12
Literal: Take heed brothers lest ever there will be in any of you a heart evil of unbelief into - falling away from God [the] living
KJV: Take heed,  brethren,  in  any  an evil  heart  of unbelief,  in  departing  from  the living  God. 

Hebrews 3:19
Literal: And we see that not they were able to enter in because of unbelief
KJV: So  we see  that  they could  not  enter in  because  of unbelief. 

Hebrews 10:25
Literal: not forsaking the assembling together of ourselves as [is the] custom with some but encouraging [one another] and so much more as you see drawing near Day
KJV: Not  forsaking  of ourselves  together,  as  the manner  of some  is; but  exhorting  one another: and  so much  the more,  as  ye see  the day  approaching. 

Hebrews 11:1
Literal: Is now faith of [things] hoped for [the] assurance of things [the] conviction not being seen
KJV: Now  faith  the substance  of things hoped for,  the evidence  of things  not  seen. 

Hebrews 11:3
Literal: By faith we understand to have been formed the universe by [the] word of God so that which not from [things] being visible the things being seen have been made
KJV: Through faith  we understand  that the worlds  were framed  by the word  of God,  so  that things which  are seen  not  made  of  things which do appear. 

Hebrews 11:7
Literal: By faith having been divinely instructed Noah concerning the things not yet seen having been moved with fear prepared an ark for [the] salvation of the household of him by which he condemned the world and of the according to faith righteousness [that is] he became heir
KJV: By faith  Noah,  being warned of God  of  seen  as yet,  moved with fear,  prepared  an ark  to  the saving  of his  house;  by  the which  he condemned  the world,  and  became  heir  of the righteousness  which is by  faith. 

Hebrews 12:25
Literal: Take heed lest you refuse the [One] speaking If for they not escaped on earth having refused divinely instructing [them] much less we - from [the] heavens turning away from
KJV: See  that ye refuse  not  him that speaketh.  For  if  they  not  who refused him  that spake  on  earth,  much  more  escape, if we turn away from him  that speaketh from  heaven: 

James 2:22
Literal: You see that [his] faith was working with the works of him and by [his] works was perfected
KJV: Seest thou  how  faith  wrought  with his  works,  and  by  works  faith  made perfect? 

2 John 1:8
Literal: Watch yourselves so that not you should lose what things we have worked for but a reward full you may receive
KJV: Look  to yourselves,  we lose  those things which  we have wrought,  but  that we receive  a full  reward. 

Revelation 1:11
Literal: saying I am the Alpha and Omega the First Last and What you see write in a book send to the seven churches to Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia Laodicea
KJV: Saying,  am  Alpha  and  Omega,  the first  and  the last:  and,  What  thou seest,  write  in  a book,  and  send  it unto the seven  churches  which  unto  Ephesus,  and  unto  Smyrna,  and  unto  Pergamos,  and  unto  Thyatira,  and  unto  Sardis,  and  unto  Philadelphia,  and  unto  Laodicea. 

Revelation 1:12
Literal: And I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me having turned I saw seven lampstands golden
KJV: And  I turned  to see  the voice  that  spake  with  And  being turned,  seven  golden  candlesticks; 

Revelation 3:18
Literal: I counsel you to buy from Me gold having been refined by fire so that you may be rich and garments white you may be clothed not might be made manifest the shame of the nakedness of you eye-salve to anoint the eyes you may see
KJV: I counsel  to buy  of  gold  tried  in  the fire,  that  thou mayest be rich;  and  white  raiment,  that  thou mayest be clothed,  and  that the shame  nakedness  not  appear;  and  anoint  eyes  with eyesalve,  that  thou mayest see. 

Revelation 5:3
Literal: And no one was able in - heaven nor upon the earth under to open the scroll nor to see it
KJV: And  no man  in  heaven,  nor  in  earth,  neither  under  the earth,  was able  to open  the book,  neither  to look  thereon. 

Revelation 5:4
Literal: And I was weeping loudly because no one worthy was found to open the scroll nor to see it
KJV: And  wept  much,  because  no man  was found  worthy  to open  and  the book,  neither  to look  thereon. 

Revelation 9:20
Literal: And the rest of the men who not were killed by the plagues these not even repented of the works of the hands of them so that not they will worship the demons and idols - golden silver bronze stone wooden which neither to see are able nor to hear to walk
KJV: And  the rest  of the men  which  not  killed  by  plagues  repented  not  of  the works  of their  hands,  worship  devils,  and  idols  of gold,  and  silver,  and  brass,  and  stone,  and  of wood:  which  neither  can  see,  nor  hear,  nor  walk: 

Revelation 11:9
Literal: And gaze [those] of the peoples tribes tongues nations upon the bodies of them days three a half the bodies not they will allow to be put into a tomb
KJV: And  of  the people  and  kindreds  and  tongues  and  nations  shall see  their  dead bodies  three  days  and  an half,  and  not  suffer  their  dead bodies  to be put  in  graves. 

Revelation 16:15
Literal: Behold I am coming like a thief Blessed [is] the [one] watching and keeping the garments of him so that not naked he should walk they might see the shame
KJV: Behold,  I come  as  a thief.  Blessed  is he that watcheth,  and  keepeth  his  garments,  he walk  naked,  and  they see  his  shame. 

Revelation 17:8
Literal: The beast that you saw was and not is is about to come up out of the Abyss into destruction go will wonder those dwelling on earth whose not are written - names in the book - of life from [the] foundation of [the] world seeing beast which and yet will be
KJV: The beast  that  and  not;  and  shall  ascend  out of  the bottomless pit,  and  go  into  perdition:  and  they that dwell  on  the earth  shall wonder,  whose  names  not  written  in  the book  of life  from  the foundation  of the world,  when they behold  the beast  and  not, 

Revelation 18:9
Literal: And will weep will wail for her the kings of the earth the [ones] with her having committed sexual immorality having lived luxuriously when they see the smoke burning of her
KJV: And  the kings  of the earth,  who  have committed fornication  and  lived deliciously  with  her,  shall bewail  her,  and  lament  for  her,  when  they shall see  the smoke  of her  burning, 

Revelation 18:18
Literal: and were crying out seeing the smoke of the burning of her saying What [is] like the city - great
KJV: And  cried  the smoke  of her  burning,  saying,  What  city is like  unto this great  city! 

Revelation 22:8
Literal: And I John [am] the [one] hearing and seeing these things when I heard saw I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel - showing me
KJV: And  John  saw  and  heard  them. And  when  I had heard  and  seen,  I fell down  to worship  before  the feet  of the angel  which  shewed 

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