Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5507

Word info for χίλιοι

Root: χίλιοι
Strongs Number: 5507
Transliteration: [chilioi]
Phonetics: khil·ee·oy
Etymology: Plural of uncertain affinity
Parts of Speech: adj.
Sense: a thousand (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 a thousand.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G5507

χίλια, χιλίας, χιλίων

All words for strongs number G5507 :

Word Occurance
χίλια 7
χιλίας 2
χιλίων 1

How strongs number G5507 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
thousand 4
a thousand 3
one thousand 2
for a thousand 1

Two strong number together

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10 Verses with G5507

2 Peter 3:8
Literal: [This] one however thing not let be hidden from you beloved that one day with [the] Lord [is] like a thousand years and
KJV: But,  beloved,  not  ignorant  of this one  that  day  is with  the Lord  as  a thousand  years,  and  a thousand  years  as  day. 

Revelation 11:3
Literal: And I will grant to the two witnesses of me they will prophesy days a thousand two hundred sixty clothed in sackcloth
KJV: And  I will give  two  witnesses,  and  they shall prophesy  a thousand  two hundred  and threescore  days,  clothed in  sackcloth. 

Revelation 12:6
Literal: And the woman fled into the wilderness where she has there a place having been prepared by - God so that they should nourish her days one thousand two hundred sixty
KJV: And  the woman  fled  into  the wilderness,  where  she hath  a place  prepared  of  God,  that  they should feed  her  there  a thousand  two hundred  and threescore  days. 

Revelation 14:20
Literal: And was trodden the winepress outside the city flowed blood out of winepress as high as the bridles of the horses to the distance of stadia one thousand six hundred
KJV: And  the winepress  was trodden  the city,  and  blood  came  out of  the winepress,  even unto  the horse  bridles,  by the space of  a thousand  and six hundred  furlongs. 

Revelation 20:2
Literal: And he seized the dragon the serpent - ancient who is [the] devil Satan bound him for a thousand years
KJV: And  he laid hold on  the dragon,  that old  serpent,  which  the Devil,  and  Satan,  and  bound  him  a thousand  years, 

Revelation 20:3
Literal: And he cast him into the Abyss shut sealed [it] over him so that not he should deceive any longer the nations until were completed the thousand years After these things it is necessary for to be released for a little time
KJV: And  cast  him  into  the bottomless pit,  and  him  up,  and  set a seal  upon  him,  he should deceive  the nations  more,  till  the thousand  years  should be fulfilled:  and  after  he  must  be loosed  a little  season. 

Revelation 20:4
Literal: And I saw thrones and they sat upon them judgment was given to them the souls of those having been beheaded because of the testimony of Jesus the word - of God those who not did worship the beast nor image of him not did take mark upon forehead hand of them they lived reigned with Christ a thousand years
KJV: And  thrones,  and  they sat  upon  them,  and  judgment  was given  unto them:  and  I saw the souls  of them that were beheaded  for  the witness  of Jesus,  and  for  the word  of God,  and  which  not  worshipped  the beast,  his  image,  neither  had received  his mark  upon  their  foreheads,  or  in  their  hands;  and  they lived  and  reigned  with  Christ  a thousand  years. 

Revelation 20:5
Literal: The rest of the dead not lived again until shall have been completed the thousand years This [is] the resurrection - first
KJV: the rest  of the dead  not  the thousand  years  were finished.  This  is the first  resurrection. 

Revelation 20:6
Literal: Blessed and holy [is] the [one] having a part in the resurrection - first Over these the second death not has power but they will be priests - of God of Christ will reign with Him a thousand years
KJV: Blessed  and  holy  is he that hath  part  in  the first  resurrection:  on  the second  death  hath  no  power,  but  priests  of God  and  of Christ,  and  shall reign  with  him  a thousand  years. 

Revelation 20:7
Literal: And when shall have been completed the thousand years will be released - Satan out of the prison of him
KJV: And  when  the thousand  years  are expired,  Satan  shall be loosed  out of  his  prison, 

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