Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5456

Word info for φωνή

Root: φωνή
Strongs Number: 5456
Transliteration: [phone]
Phonetics: fo·nay
Etymology: Probably akin to 5316 through the idea of disclosure
Parts of Speech: n f.
Sense: a sound, a tone (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 a sound, a tone.
      1a of inanimate things, as musical instruments.
   2 a voice.
      2a of the sound of uttered words.
   3 speech.
      3a of a language, tongue.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G5456

Φωνὴ, φωνὴ, φωνὴν, φωνῇ, φωνῆς, φωναῖς, φωνήν, φωνὰς, φωνῇ», φωνῶν, φωναὶ

All words for strongs number G5456 :

Word Occurance
φωνὴν 34
φωνῇ 32
φωνὴ 24
φωνῆς 23
φωναὶ 5
Φωνὴ 4
φωνήν 2
φωναῖς 1
φωνὰς 1
φωνῇ» 1
φωνῶν 1

How strongs number G5456 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
voice 40
a voice 34
in a voice 20
[the] voice 9
sound 6
voices 5
[their] voice 2
a cry 2
the voice 2
[her] voice 1
with voices 1
[this is the] voice 1
a sound 1
of languages 1
tone 1
to a voice 1
rumblings 1

Two strong number together

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128 Verses with G5456

Matthew 2:18
Literal: A voice in Ramah was heard weeping and mourning great Rachel weeping [for] the children of her not would be comforted because no more are they
KJV: In  Rama  a voice  heard,  and  weeping,  and  great  mourning,  Rachel  weeping  for her  children,  and  would  not  be comforted,  because  not. 

Matthew 3:3
Literal: This for is the [One] having been spoken of through Isaiah the prophet saying [The] voice of one crying in the wilderness Prepare the way of [the] Lord straight make the paths of Him
KJV: For  this  the prophet  Esaias,  saying,  The voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Prepare ye  the way  of the Lord,  make  his  paths  straight. 

Matthew 3:17
Literal: And behold a voice out of the heavens saying This is the Son of me beloved in whom I was well pleased
KJV: And  lo  a voice  from  heaven,  saying,  This  beloved  Son,  in  whom  I am well pleased. 

Matthew 12:19
Literal: Not will He quarrel nor will he cry out will hear anyone in the streets the voice of Him
KJV: not  strive,  nor  cry;  neither  shall any man  hear  his  voice  in  the streets. 

Matthew 17:5
Literal: While yet he was speaking behold a cloud bright overshadowed them and a voice out of the cloud saying This is the Son of Me beloved in whom I am well pleased Listen to Him
KJV: While he  yet  spake,  behold,  a bright  cloud  overshadowed  them:  and  behold  a voice  out of  the cloud,  which said,  This  beloved  Son,  in  whom  I am well pleased;  hear ye  him. 

Matthew 27:46
Literal: About then the ninth hour cried out - Jesus in a voice loud saying Eli lema sabachthani That is God of Me so that why Me have you forsaken
KJV: And  about  the ninth  hour  Jesus  cried  with a loud  voice,  saying,  Eli,  lama  sabachthani?  God,  hast thou forsaken 

Matthew 27:50
Literal: - And Jesus again having cried in a voice loud yielded up [His] spirit
KJV: Jesus,  when he had cried  again  with a loud  voice,  yielded up  the ghost. 

Mark 1:3
Literal: [The] voice of one crying in the wilderness Prepare the way of [the] Lord straight make the paths of Him
KJV: The voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Prepare ye  the way  of the Lord,  make  his  paths  straight. 

Mark 1:11
Literal: And a voice came out of the heavens You are the Son of Me beloved in You I am well pleased
KJV: And  there came  a voice  from  heaven,  saying, Thou  beloved  Son,  in  I am well pleased. 

Mark 1:26
Literal: And having thrown into convulsions him the spirit - unclean having cried in a voice loud it came forth out of him
KJV: And  when the unclean  spirit  had torn  him,  and  with a loud  voice,  he came  out of  him. 

Mark 5:7
Literal: And having cried in a voice loud he said What to me to You Jesus Son - of God the Most High I adjure You - by God not me torment
KJV: And  cried  with a loud  voice,  What  to do  Jesus,  thou Son  of the most high  God?  I adjure  by God,  that thou torment  not. 

Mark 9:7
Literal: And there came a cloud overshadowing them a voice out of the cloud This is the Son of Me beloved listen you to Him
KJV: And  there was  a cloud  that overshadowed  them:  and  a voice  out of  the cloud,  This  beloved  Son:  hear  him. 

Mark 15:34
Literal: And at the ninth hour cried out - Jesus in a voice loud Eloi lema sabachthani Which is translated - God of Me to why have You forsaken Me
KJV: And  at the ninth  hour  Jesus  cried  with a loud  voice,  Eloi,  lama  sabachthani?  which  being interpreted,  God,  why  hast  thou forsaken 

Mark 15:37
Literal: - But Jesus having uttered a cry loud breathed His last
KJV: And  Jesus  cried  with a loud  voice,  and gave up the ghost. 

Luke 1:44
Literal: Behold for as came the voice of the greeting of you into the ears of me leaped in exultation the baby the womb
KJV: For,  lo,  as soon as  the voice  salutation  sounded  in  ears,  the babe  leaped  in  womb  for  joy. 

Luke 3:4
Literal: as it has been written in [the] book of [the] words of Isaiah the prophet [The] voice of one crying the wilderness Prepare the way of [the] Lord straight make the paths of Him
KJV: As  it is written  in  the book  of the words  of Esaias  the prophet,  The voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Prepare ye  the way  of the Lord,  make  his  paths  straight. 

Luke 3:22
Literal: and descended the Spirit - Holy in a bodily form as a dove upon Him a voice out of heaven came You are the Son of Me beloved in You I am well pleased
KJV: And  the Holy  Ghost  descended  in a bodily  shape  a dove  upon  him,  and  a voice  came  from  heaven,  Thou  beloved  Son;  in  I am well pleased. 

Luke 4:33
Literal: And in the synagogue was a man having a spirit of a demon unclean he cried out in a voice loud
KJV: And  in  the synagogue  a man,  which had  a spirit  of an unclean  devil,  and  cried out  with a loud  voice, 

Luke 8:28
Literal: Having seen then - Jesus having cried out he fell down before Him and in a voice loud said What to me to You Jesus Son - of God the Most High I implore of You not me You might torment
KJV: When  Jesus,  he cried out,  and  fell down before  him,  and  with a loud  voice  said,  What  to do with  Jesus,  thou Son  of God  most high?  I beseech  torment  not. 

Luke 9:35
Literal: And a voice came out of the cloud saying This is the Son of Me - whom I have chosen Him listen to
KJV: And  there came  a voice  out of  the cloud,  saying,  This  Son:  hear  him. 

Luke 9:36
Literal: And as - occurred the voice was found Jesus alone they were silent to no one they told in those the days anything of what they had seen
KJV: And  when the voice  was past,  Jesus  was found  alone.  And  they  kept it close,  and  told  no man  in  those  days  any  of those things which  they had seen. 

Luke 11:27
Literal: It came to pass then in - saying His these things having lifted up one [her] voice a woman from the crowd said to Him Blessed [is] the womb - having borne You and [the] breasts at which You nursed
KJV: And  it came to pass,  as  he  spake  a certain  woman  of  the company  lifted up  her voice,  and said  unto him,  Blessed  is the womb  that bare  and  the paps  which  thou hast sucked. 

Luke 17:13
Literal: And they lifted up [their] voice saying Jesus Master have compassion on us
KJV: And  they  lifted up  their voices,  and said,  Jesus,  Master,  have mercy 

Luke 17:15
Literal: One then of them having seen that he was healed turned back with a voice loud glorifying - God
KJV: And  one  of  them,  that  he was healed,  turned back,  and with  a loud  voice  glorified  God, 

Luke 19:37
Literal: Drawing near then of Him already at the descent of the Mount - of Olives began all the multitude of the disciples rejoicing to praise - God in a voice loud for all which they had seen [the] mighty works
KJV: And when he  was come nigh,  even  now  at  the descent  of the mount  of Olives,  the whole  multitude  of the disciples  began  to rejoice  and praise  God  with a loud  voice  for  all  the mighty works  that 

Luke 23:23
Literal: - But they were urgent with voices loud asking for Him to be crucified And were prevailing the voices of them and of the chief priests
KJV: And  they were instant  with loud  voices,  requiring  that he  might be crucified.  And  the voices  of them  and  of the chief priests  prevailed. 

Luke 23:46
Literal: And having called out in a voice loud - Jesus said Father into [the] hands of You I commit the Spirit of Me This now having said He breathed His last
KJV: And  when Jesus  had cried  with a loud  voice,  he said,  Father,  into  hands  I commend  spirit:  and  having said  he gave up the ghost. 

John 1:23
Literal: He was saying I [am] a voice crying in the wilderness Make straight the way of [the] Lord as said Isaiah the prophet
KJV: He said,  am the voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Make straight  the way  of the Lord,  as  said  the prophet  Esaias. 

John 3:8
Literal: The wind where it wishes blows and the sound of it You hear but not you know from where it comes where it goes thus is everyone - having been born of the Spirit
KJV: The wind  bloweth  where  it listeth,  and  thou hearest  the sound  thereof,  but  not  tell  whence  it cometh,  and  whither  it goeth:  so  every one  that is born  of  the Spirit. 

John 3:29
Literal: The [one] having the bride [the] bridegroom is the now friend of the bridegroom standing and listening for him with joy rejoices because of voice This therefore the joy - of mine is fulfilled
KJV: He that hath  the bride  the bridegroom:  but  the friend  of the bridegroom,  which  standeth  and  heareth  him,  rejoiceth  greatly  because  of the bridegroom's  voice:  this  my  joy  therefore  is fulfilled. 

John 5:25
Literal: Truly I say to you that is coming an hour and now is when the dead will hear the voice of the Son - of God those having heard will live
KJV: Verily,  I say  The hour  is coming,  and  now  when  the dead  shall hear  the voice  of the Son  of God:  and  they that hear  shall live. 

John 5:28
Literal: Not marvel at this for is coming an hour in which all those the tombs will hear the voice of Him
KJV: Marvel  not  for  the hour  is coming,  in  the which  all  that are in  the graves  shall hear  his  voice, 

John 5:37
Literal: And the [One] having sent Me [the] Father Himself has borne witness concerning Me Neither voice of Him at any time have You heard nor form have you seen
KJV: And  the Father  himself,  which hath sent  hath borne witness  of  neither  heard  his  voice  at any time,  nor  seen  his  shape. 

John 10:3
Literal: To him the doorkeeper opens and the sheep the voice of him hear the own sheep he calls by name leads out them
KJV: the porter  openeth;  and  the sheep  hear  his  voice:  and  his own  sheep  by  name,  and  them  out. 

John 10:4
Literal: When the own all he has brought out before them he goes and the sheep him follow because they know the voice of him
KJV: And  when  he putteth forth  his own  sheep,  he goeth  before  them,  and  the sheep  follow  him:  for  they know  his  voice. 

John 10:5
Literal: A stranger however in no way not they will follow but will flee from him because not they recognize - of strangers the voice
KJV: And  a stranger  follow,  but  will flee  from  him:  for  they know  not  the voice  of strangers. 

John 10:16
Literal: And other sheep I have which not are of the fold this those also it behooves Me to bring voice of Me they will hear there will be one flock with one shepherd
KJV: And  other  sheep  I have,  which  not  of  fold:  them also  must  bring,  and  they shall hear  voice;  and  there shall be  fold,  and one  shepherd. 

John 10:27
Literal: The sheep - of Me the voice of Me hear and I know them and they follow Me
KJV: My  sheep  hear  voice,  and I  know  them,  and  they follow 

John 11:43
Literal: And these things having said in a voice loud He cried out Lazarus come forth
KJV: And  had spoken,  he cried  with a loud  voice,  Lazarus,  come  forth. 

John 12:28
Literal: Father glorify of You the name Came therefore a voice from - heaven Both I have glorified [it] and again I will glorify [it]
KJV: Father,  glorify  name.  Then  came there  a voice  from  heaven,  both  glorified  it, and  will glorify  it again. 

John 12:30
Literal: Answered Jesus and said Not because of Me the voice this has come but you
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said,  This  voice  came  not  because of  but 

John 18:37
Literal: Said therefore to Him - Pilate Then a king are You Answered Jesus You say that a king I am I for this have been born and I have come into the world that I may bear witness to the truth Everyone being of the truth hears of Me voice
KJV: Pilate  therefore  said  unto him,  thou  a king  then?  Jesus  answered,  Thou  sayest  that  am  a king.  To  born,  and  for  cause came I  into  the world,  that  I should bear witness  unto the truth.  Every one  of  the truth  heareth  voice. 

Acts 2:6
Literal: Having come about now the sound of this came together the multitude and was confounded because was hearing one each the own language speaking them
KJV: Now  was  noised abroad,  the multitude  came together,  and  were confounded,  because  that every  man  heard  them  speak  in his own  language. 

Acts 2:14
Literal: Having stood up however - Peter with the eleven he lifted up the voice of him and spoke forth to them Men of Judea those inhabiting Jerusalem all this to you known let be give heed to the words of me
KJV: But  Peter,  standing up  with  the eleven,  lifted up  his  voice,  and  said  unto them,  Ye men  of Judaea,  and  ye that dwell  at Jerusalem,  known  and  hearken  words: 

Acts 4:24
Literal: - And having heard with one accord they lifted up [their] voice to - God and said Sovereign Lord You - made the heaven the earth sea all that [is] in them
KJV: And  when they heard that,  they lifted up  their voice  to  God  with one accord,  and  said,  Lord,  thou  art God,  which  hast made  heaven,  and  earth,  and  the sea,  and  all  that in  them is: 

Acts 7:31
Literal: - And Moses having seen [it] marveled at the vision coming near then of him to behold [it] there was [the] voice of [the] Lord
KJV: When  Moses  it, he wondered  at the sight:  and  as he  drew near  to behold  it, the voice  of the Lord  came  him, 

Acts 7:57
Literal: Having cried out then in a voice loud they held the ears of them and rushed with one accord upon him
KJV: Then  they cried out  with a loud  voice,  and stopped  their  ears,  and  ran  upon  him  with one accord, 

Acts 7:60
Literal: Having fallen then on [his] knees he cried in a voice loud Lord not place to them this - sin And this having said he fell asleep
KJV: And  he kneeled down,  and cried  with a loud  voice,  Lord,  lay  not  sin  to their  charge. And  when he had said  he fell asleep. 

Acts 8:7
Literal: Many for of those having spirits unclean crying voice in a loud they were coming out [of them] now having been paralyzed and lame were healed
KJV: For  unclean  spirits,  crying  with loud  voice,  came out  of many  that were possessed  with them: and  many  taken with palsies,  and  that were lame,  were healed. 

Acts 9:4
Literal: And having fallen on the ground he heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why Me do you persecute
KJV: And  he fell  to  the earth,  and heard  a voice  saying  unto him,  Saul,  why  persecutest thou 

Acts 9:7
Literal: - And the men traveling with him stood speechless hearing indeed the voice no one however seeing
KJV: And  the men  which  journeyed  with him  stood  speechless,  hearing  a voice,  but  seeing  no man. 

Acts 10:13
Literal: And came a voice to him Having risen up Peter kill eat
KJV: And  there came  a voice  to  him,  Rise,  Peter;  kill,  and  eat. 

Acts 10:15
Literal: And a voice [came] again for the second time to him What - God has cleansed you not call common
KJV: And  the voice  spake unto  him  again  the second time,  What  God  hath cleansed,  not  thou  common. 

Acts 11:7
Literal: I heard then also a voice saying to me Having risen up Peter kill and eat
KJV: And  I heard  a voice  saying  Arise,  Peter;  slay  and  eat. 

Acts 11:9
Literal: Answered however for a second [time] the voice out of - heaven What - God has cleansed you not do call unholy
KJV: But  the voice  answered  again  heaven,  What  God  hath cleansed,  not  thou  common. 

Acts 12:14
Literal: And having recognized the voice - of Peter from - joy not she opened the gate having run in but she reported to be standing - Peter before the gate
KJV: And  when she knew  Peter's  voice,  she opened  not  the gate  for  gladness,  but  ran in,  and told how  Peter  stood  before  the gate. 

Acts 12:22
Literal: - And the people were crying out Of a god [this is the] voice and not of a man
KJV: And  the people  gave a shout,  saying, It is the voice  of a god,  and  not  of a man. 

Acts 13:27
Literal: Those for dwelling in Jerusalem and the rulers of them Him not having known the voices of the prophets that on every Sabbath are being read having condemned [Him] they fulfilled [them]
KJV: For  they that dwell  at  Jerusalem,  and  their  rulers,  not,  nor yet  the voices  of the prophets  which  are read  every  sabbath day,  they have fulfilled  them in condemning 

Acts 14:10
Literal: said in a loud voice Stand on the feet of you upright And he sprang up began to walk
KJV: Said  with a loud  voice,  Stand  upright  on  feet.  And  he leaped  and  walked. 

Acts 14:11
Literal: - And the crowds having seen what had done Paul lifted up the voice of them in Lycaonian saying The gods having become like men have come down to us
KJV: when the people  what  Paul  had done,  they lifted up  their  voices,  saying  in the speech of Lycaonia,  The gods  are come down  to  in the likeness  of men. 

Acts 16:28
Literal: Called out however - Paul loud in a voice saying Not do to yourself harm all for we are here
KJV: But  Paul  cried  with a loud  voice,  saying,  Do  thyself  no  harm:  for  all  here. 

Acts 19:34
Literal: Having recognized however that a Jew he is a cry there was one from all about ongoing hours two crying out Great [is] - Artemis of [the] Ephesians
KJV: But  when they knew  that  a Jew,  all  with  voice  about  the space  of two  hours  cried out,  Great  is Diana  of the Ephesians. 

Acts 22:7
Literal: I fell then to the ground and heard a voice saying to me Saul Saul why Me persecute you
KJV: And  I fell  unto  the ground,  and  heard  a voice  saying  Saul,  why  persecutest thou 

Acts 22:9
Literal: Those then with me being the indeed light beheld the however voice not did they hear of the [One] speaking to me
KJV: And  with  saw  indeed  the light,  but  they heard  not  the voice  of him that spake 

Acts 22:14
Literal: - And he said The God of the fathers of us has appointed you to know the will of Him and to see the Righteous One to hear [the] voice out of the mouth
KJV: And  he said,  The God  fathers  hath chosen  that thou shouldest know  his  will,  and  that Just One,  and  shouldest hear  the voice  of  his  mouth. 

Acts 22:22
Literal: They were listening now to him until this - word and they lifted up the voice of them saying Away with from the earth the such Not for it is fit he to live
KJV: And  him  audience  unto  word,  and  then lifted up  their  voices,  and said,  Away with  such  a fellow from  the earth:  for  not  fit  that he  should live. 

Acts 24:21
Literal: [other] than concerning one this voice which I cried out among them standing - [the] resurrection of [the] dead I am judged this day by you
KJV: Except  it be for  voice,  that  I cried  standing  among  them,  Touching  the resurrection  of the dead  am called in question  this day. 

Acts 26:14
Literal: All and having fallen down of us to the ground I heard a voice saying to me in the Hebrew language Saul Saul why persecute you [It is] hard for you against [the] goads to kick
KJV: all  fallen  to  the earth,  I heard  a voice  unto  saying  in the Hebrew  tongue,  Saul,  why  persecutest thou  it is hard  to kick  against  the pricks. 

Acts 26:24
Literal: These things now of him saying in his defense - Festus in a loud - voice said You are insane Paul The great of you learning to insanity turns [you]
KJV: And  as he  spake for himself,  Festus  said  with a loud  voice,  Paul,  thou art beside thyself;  much  learning  doth make  mad. 

1 Corinthians 14:7
Literal: Even - lifeless things a sound giving whether flute or harp if distinction to the sounds not they give how will it be known what [is] being piped or - being harped
KJV: And even  things without life  giving  sound,  whether  pipe  or  harp,  they give  a distinction  in the sounds,  how  shall it be known  what is piped  or  harped? 

1 Corinthians 14:8
Literal: Also for if indistinct [the] trumpet sound gives who will prepare himself for battle
KJV: For  if  the trumpet  give  an uncertain  sound,  who  shall prepare himself  to  the battle? 

1 Corinthians 14:10
Literal: So many if it may be kinds of languages there are in [the] world and none without meaning
KJV: it may be,  so many  kinds  of voices  in  the world,  and  none of them  is without signification. 

1 Corinthians 14:11
Literal: If therefore not I know the power of the sound I will be to the [one] speaking a foreigner and the [one] speaking to me
KJV: Therefore  I know  the meaning  of the voice,  unto him that speaketh  a barbarian,  and  he that speaketh  shall be a barbarian  unto 

Galatians 4:20
Literal: I was wishing indeed to be present with you presently and to change the tone of me because I am perplexed as to you
KJV: I desire  to be present  with  now,  and  to change  voice;  for  I stand in doubt  of 

1 Thessalonians 4:16
Literal: because Himself the Lord with a loud command the voice of an archangel and [the] trumpet of God will descend from heaven the dead in Christ will rise first
KJV: For  the Lord  himself  shall descend  from  heaven  with  a shout,  with  the voice  of the archangel,  and  with  the trump  of God:  and  the dead  in  Christ  shall rise  first: 

Hebrews 3:7
Literal: Therefore just as says the Spirit - Holy Today if the voice of Him you should hear
KJV: Wherefore  (as  the Holy  Ghost  saith,  To day  if  ye will hear  his  voice, 

Hebrews 3:15
Literal: As - it is said Today if the voice of Him you should hear not harden the hearts of you as in the rebellion
KJV: While  it is said,  To day  if  ye will hear  his  voice,  harden  not  hearts,  as  in  the provocation. 

Hebrews 4:7
Literal: again a certain He appoints day Today through David saying after so long a time just as it has been said if the voice of Him you shall hear not harden the hearts of you
KJV: Again,  he limiteth  a certain  day,  saying  in  David,  To day,  after  so long  a time;  as  To day  if  ye will hear  his  voice,  harden  not  hearts. 

Hebrews 12:19
Literal: and of a trumpet to [the] sound to a voice of words which those having heard excused themselves [asking] not to be addressed to them [the] word
KJV: And  the sound  of a trumpet,  and  the voice  of words;  which  voice they that heard  intreated  that the word  be spoken  to them  any more: 

Hebrews 12:26
Literal: whose - voice the earth shook at that time now however He has promised saying Yet once [more] I will shake not only but also - heaven
KJV: Whose  voice  then  shook  the earth:  but  now  he hath promised,  saying,  Yet  once more  shake  not  the earth  only,  but  also  heaven. 

2 Peter 1:17
Literal: Having received for from God [the] Father honor and glory a voice was brought to Him such as follows by the Majestic Glory The Son of Me - beloved this is in whom I have found delight
KJV: For  he received  from  God  the Father  honour  and  glory,  when there came  such  a voice  to him  from  the excellent  glory,  This  beloved  Son,  in  whom  am well pleased. 

2 Peter 1:18
Literal: And this - voice we heard from heaven having been brought with Him being in the holy mountain
KJV: And  voice  which came  from  heaven  heard,  with  him  in  the holy  mount. 

2 Peter 2:16
Literal: reproof however he had for his own transgression [by] a donkey mute in a man’s voice having spoken it restrained the of the prophet madness
KJV: But  was  rebuked  for his  iniquity:  the dumb  ass  speaking  with  man's  voice  forbad  the madness  of the prophet. 

Revelation 1:10
Literal: I was in [the] Spirit on the Lord’s day and I heard behind me a voice loud like that of a trumpet
KJV: I was  in  the Spirit  on  the Lord's  day,  and  heard  behind  a great  voice,  as  of a trumpet, 

Revelation 1:12
Literal: And I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me having turned I saw seven lampstands golden
KJV: And  I turned  to see  the voice  that  spake  with  And  being turned,  seven  golden  candlesticks; 

Revelation 1:15
Literal: and the feet of Him [are] like fine bronze as in a furnace having been refined the voice [is] like [the] voice of waters many
KJV: And  his  feet  like  unto fine brass,  as  if they burned  in  a furnace;  and  his  voice  as  the sound  of many  waters. 

Revelation 3:20
Literal: Behold I stand at the door and knock If anyone should hear the voice of Me open then I will come in to him will dine with him he Me
KJV: Behold,  I stand  at  the door,  and  knock:  if  any man  hear  voice,  and  open  the door,  I will come in  to  him,  and  will sup  with  him,  and  he  with 

Revelation 4:1
Literal: After these things I looked and behold a door was standing open in - heaven the voice - first that I heard like a trumpet was speaking with me saying Come up here I will show to you what it behooves to take place
KJV: After  and,  behold,  a door  was opened  in  heaven:  and  the first  voice  which  I heard  was as it were of  a trumpet  talking  with  which said,  Come up  hither,  and  I will shew  things which  must  be  hereafter. 

Revelation 4:5
Literal: And out of the throne come flashes of lightning voices thunderings [there were] seven lamps of fire burning before which are the seven Spirits - of God
KJV: And  out of  the throne  proceeded  lightnings  and  thunderings  and  voices:  and  there were seven  lamps  of fire  burning  before  the throne,  which  the seven  Spirits  of God. 

Revelation 5:2
Literal: And I saw an angel strong proclaiming in a voice loud Who is worthy to open the scroll to break the seals of it
KJV: And  a strong  angel  proclaiming  with a loud  voice,  Who  worthy  to open  the book,  and  to loose  the seals  thereof? 

Revelation 5:11
Literal: And I looked I heard [the] voice of angels many around the throne of the living creatures of the elders was the number of them myriads of myriads thousands of thousands
KJV: And  I heard  the voice  of many  angels  the throne  and  the beasts  and  the elders:  and  the number  of them  ten thousand  and  thousands 

Revelation 5:12
Literal: saying in a voice loud Worthy is the Lamb - having been slain to receive the power and riches wisdom strength honor glory blessing
KJV: Saying  with a loud  voice,  Worthy  the Lamb  that was slain  to receive  power,  and  riches,  and  wisdom,  and  strength,  and  honour,  and  glory,  and  blessing. 

Revelation 6:1
Literal: And I watched when opened the Lamb one of the seven seals I heard one the four living creatures saying like a voice of thunder Come
KJV: And  when  the Lamb  opened  of  the seals,  and  I heard,  as it were  the noise  of thunder,  one  of  the four  beasts  saying,  Come  and 

Revelation 6:6
Literal: And I heard [something] like a voice in [the] midst of the four living creatures saying A choenix of wheat for a denarius three choenixes of barley the oil the wine not you should injure
KJV: And  I heard  a voice  in  the midst  of the four  beasts  say,  A measure  of wheat  for a penny,  and  three  measures  of barley  for a penny;  and  see thou hurt  not  the oil  and  the wine. 

Revelation 6:7
Literal: And when He opened the seal - fourth I heard [the] voice of the fourth living creature saying Come
KJV: And  when  he had opened  the fourth  seal,  I heard  the voice  of the fourth  beast  say,  Come  and 

Revelation 6:10
Literal: And they were crying in a voice loud saying Until when O Lord - holy TRUE not do You judge avenge the blood of us from those dwelling upon the earth
KJV: And  they cried  with a loud  voice,  saying,  How  long,  O Lord,  holy  and  true,  not  judge  and  avenge  blood  them that dwell  on  the earth? 

Revelation 7:2
Literal: And I saw another angel having ascended from [the] rising of [the] sun having [the] seal of God [the] living he cried in a voice loud to the four angels to whom it had been given to them to harm the earth sea
KJV: And  another  angel  ascending  from  the east,  having  the seal  of the living  God:  and  he cried  with a loud  voice  to the four  angels,  to whom  it  was given  to hurt  the earth  and  the sea, 

Revelation 7:10
Literal: And they were crying out in a voice loud saying - Salvation to the God of us the [One] sitting on the throne to the Lamb
KJV: And  cried  with a loud  voice,  saying,  Salvation  God  which  sitteth  upon  the throne,  and  unto the Lamb. 

Revelation 8:5
Literal: And took the angel the censer filled it from the fire of the altar cast [it] to the earth there were thunders rumblings flashes of lightning an earthquake
KJV: And  the angel  took  the censer,  and  filled  it  with  fire  of the altar,  and  cast  it into  the earth:  and  there were  voices,  and  thunderings,  and  lightnings,  and  an earthquake. 

Revelation 8:13
Literal: And I looked I heard one eagle flying in mid-heaven saying in a voice loud Woe to those dwelling on the earth because of the remaining voices of the trumpet of the three angels - being about to sound [their] trumpets
KJV: And  heard  an  angel  flying  through  the midst of heaven,  saying  with a loud  voice,  Woe,  to the inhabiters  of  the earth  by reason of  the other  voices  of the trumpet  of the three  angels,  which  are yet  to sound! 

Revelation 9:9
Literal: And they had breastplates like of iron the sound of the wings of them [was] as [the] sound of chariots of horses many rushing into battle
KJV: And  they had  breastplates,  as it were  breastplates  of iron;  and  the sound  of their  wings  was as  the sound  of chariots  of many  horses  running  to  battle. 

Revelation 9:13
Literal: And the sixth angel sounded [his] trumpet I heard voice one from the four horns of the altar - golden before - God
KJV: And  the sixth  angel  sounded,  and  I heard  voice  from  the four  horns  of the golden  altar  which  is before  God, 

Revelation 10:3
Literal: And he cried out in a voice loud as a lion roars when sounded the seven thunders the of themselves voice
KJV: And  cried  with a loud  voice,  as  when a lion  roareth:  and  when  he had cried,  seven  thunders  uttered  their  voices. 

Revelation 10:4
Literal: And when had spoken the seven thunders I was about to write But I heard a voice out of - heaven saying Seal what have spoken not them write
KJV: And  when  the seven  thunders  had uttered  voices,  I was about  to write:  and  I heard  a voice  from  heaven  saying  Seal up  those things which  the seven  thunders  uttered,  and  write  not. 

Revelation 10:7
Literal: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he is about to sound [the] trumpet then would be completed the mystery - of God as proclaimed the of Himself servants prophets
KJV: But  in  the days  of the voice  of the seventh  angel,  when  he shall begin  to sound,  the mystery  of God  should be finished,  as  he hath declared  to his  servants  the prophets. 

Revelation 10:8
Literal: And the voice that I heard out of - heaven again was speaking with me saying Go take the little scroll - having been opened in the hand of the angel standing upon the sea land
KJV: And  the voice  which  I heard  from  heaven  spake  unto  again,  and  said,  Go  and take  which  is open  in  the hand  of the angel  which  standeth  upon  the sea  and  upon  the earth. 

Revelation 11:12
Literal: And they heard a voice great out of - heaven saying to them Come up here they went up to - heaven in the cloud beheld them the enemies of them
KJV: And  they heard  a great  voice  from  heaven  saying  unto them,  Come up  hither.  And  they ascended up  to  heaven  in  a cloud;  and  their  enemies  beheld  them. 

Revelation 11:15
Literal: And the seventh angel sounded [his] trumpet there were voices great in - heaven saying Has become the kingdom of the world [that] of the Lord of us Christ of Him He will reign to the ages of the ages
KJV: And  the seventh  angel  sounded;  and  there were  great  voices  in  heaven,  saying,  The kingdoms  of this world  are become  Lord,  and  of his  Christ;  and  he shall reign  for  ever 

Revelation 11:19
Literal: And was opened the temple - of God - in - heaven was seen the ark of the covenant of Him the temple there were flashes of lightning voices thunders an earthquake hail great
KJV: And  the temple  of God  was opened  in  heaven,  and  in  his  temple  the ark  of his  testament:  and  there were  lightnings,  and  voices,  and  thunderings,  and  an earthquake,  and  great  hail. 

Revelation 12:10
Literal: And I heard a voice great in - heaven saying Now have come the salvation power kingdom of the God of us authority the Christ of Him because has been thrown down the accuser of the brothers the [one] accusing them before day night
KJV: And  I heard  a loud  voice  saying  in  heaven,  Now  is come  salvation,  and  strength,  and  the kingdom  God,  and  the power  of his  Christ:  for  the accuser  brethren  which  accused  them  before  God  day  and  night. 

Revelation 14:2
Literal: And I heard a voice out of - heaven as [the] sound of waters many of thunder loud the voice that [was] like that of harpists harping with the harps of them
KJV: And  I heard  a voice  from  heaven,  as  the voice  of many  waters,  and  as  the voice  of a great  thunder:  and  I heard  the voice  of harpers  harping  with  their  harps: 

Revelation 14:7
Literal: saying in a voice loud Fear - God and give Him glory because has come the hour of the judgment of Him worship the [One] having made heaven the earth sea springs of waters
KJV: Saying  with  a loud  voice,  Fear  God,  and  give  glory  to him;  for  the hour  of his  judgment  is come:  and  worship  him that made  heaven,  and  earth,  and  the sea,  and  the fountains  of waters. 

Revelation 14:9
Literal: And another angel a third followed them saying in a voice loud If anyone worships the beast the image of it receives a mark on the forehead of him or upon hand
KJV: And  the third  angel  followed  them,  saying  with  a loud  voice,  worship  the beast  and  his  image,  and  receive  his mark  in  his  forehead,  or  in  his  hand, 

Revelation 14:13
Literal: And I heard a voice out of - heaven saying Write Blessed [are] the dead - in the Lord dying from now on Yes says the Spirit so that they will rest from the labors of them - for the works follow with them
KJV: And  I heard  a voice  from  heaven  saying  Write,  Blessed  are the dead  which  die  in  the Lord  Yea,  saith  the Spirit,  that  they may rest  from  their  labours;  their  works  do follow  them. 

Revelation 14:15
Literal: And another angel came out of the temple crying in a voice loud to the [One] sitting on the cloud Put forth the sickle of You reap because has come the hour to reap has ripened the harvest of the earth
KJV: And  another  angel  came  out of  the temple,  crying  with  a loud  voice  to him that sat  on  the cloud,  Thrust in  sickle,  and  reap:  for  the time  is come  to reap;  for  the harvest  of the earth  is ripe. 

Revelation 14:18
Literal: And another angel came out of the altar - having authority over fire he called in a voice loud to the [one] having the sickle - sharp saying Put forth your gather the clusters from the vine of the earth because have fully ripened the grapes of it
KJV: And  another  angel  came  out  from the altar,  which had  power  over  fire;  and  cried  with a loud  to him that had  the sharp  sickle,  saying,  Thrust in  sharp  sickle,  and  gather  the clusters  of the vine  of the earth;  for  her  grapes  are fully ripe. 

Revelation 16:1
Literal: And I heard [a] loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels Go pour out the seven bowls of the wrath - of God into the earth
KJV: And  I heard  a great  voice  out of  the temple  saying  to the seven  angels,  Go your ways,  and  pour out  the vials  of the wrath  of God  upon  the earth. 

Revelation 16:17
Literal: And the seventh poured out the bowl of him upon the air came out a voice loud from the temple from throne saying It is done
KJV: And  the seventh  poured out  his  vial  the air;  and  there came  a great  voice  out of  the temple  from  the throne,  saying,  It is done. 

Revelation 16:18
Literal: And there were flashes of lightning voices thunders an earthquake there was great such as not had there been since - men were upon the earth so great [was the] earthquake so mighty
KJV: And  there were  voices,  and  thunders,  and  lightnings;  and  there was  a great  earthquake,  such as  was  not  since  men  were  upon  the earth,  so mighty  an earthquake,  and so  great. 

Revelation 18:2
Literal: And he cried out in a mighty voice saying Fallen Fallen is Babylon the great she has become a habitation of demons a prison of every spirit unclean bird and creature unclean having been hated
KJV: And  he cried  with  a strong  voice,  saying,  Babylon  the great  is fallen,  and  is become  the habitation  and  the hold  of every  foul  spirit,  and  a cage  of every  unclean  and  hateful  bird. 

Revelation 18:4
Literal: And I heard another voice from - heaven saying Come the people of me out of her so that not you may have fellowship in the sins of her of the plagues you may receive
KJV: And  I heard  another  voice  from  heaven,  saying,  Come  out of  her,  people,  partakers  of her  sins,  and  ye receive  of  her  plagues. 

Revelation 18:22
Literal: And sound of harpists musicians flute players trumpeters no not shall be heard in you any longer any craftsmen of any craft shall be found [the] sound of a millstone
KJV: And  the voice  of harpers,  and  musicians,  and  of pipers,  and  trumpeters,  shall be heard  at all  in  and  craftsman,  of whatsoever  craft  he be, shall be found  any more  in  and  the sound  of a millstone  shall be heard  at all  in 

Revelation 18:23
Literal: And [the] light of lamp no not shall shine in you any longer [the] voice of a bridegroom a bride shall be heard for the merchants of you were great ones of the earth because by the sorcery were deceived all the nations
KJV: And  the light  of a candle  shall shine  at all  in  and  the voice  of the bridegroom  and  of the bride  shall be heard  at all  in  for  merchants  the great men  of the earth;  for  by  sorceries  all  nations  deceived. 

Revelation 19:1
Literal: After these things I heard [something] like a voice loud of a multitude great in - heaven crying out Hallelujah The salvation and glory power to the God of us
KJV: And  after  I heard  a great  voice  of much  people  in  heaven,  saying,  Alleluia;  Salvation,  and  glory,  and  power,  God: 

Revelation 19:5
Literal: And a voice from the throne came forth saying Praise the God of us all the servants of Him and those fearing Him small great
KJV: And  a voice  came  the throne,  saying,  Praise  God,  all ye  his  servants,  and  ye that fear  him,  both  small  and  great. 

Revelation 19:6
Literal: And I heard [something] like [the] voice of a multitude great like [the] sound of waters many a sound of thunders mighty saying Hallelujah For has reigned [the] Lord - God of us the Almighty
KJV: And  I heard  as it were  the voice  of a great  multitude,  and  as  the voice  of many  waters,  and  as  the voice  of mighty  thunderings,  saying,  Alleluia:  for  the Lord  God  omnipotent  reigneth. 

Revelation 19:17
Literal: And I saw one angel standing in the sun he cried out a voice loud saying to all the birds - flying mid-heaven Come gather yourselves unto the supper - great - of God
KJV: And  an  angel  standing  in  the sun;  and  he cried  with a loud  voice,  saying  to all  the fowls  that fly  in  the midst of heaven,  Come  and  gather yourselves together  unto  the supper  of the great  God; 

Revelation 21:3
Literal: And I heard a voice great from the throne saying Behold the tabernacle - of God [is] with - men He will tabernacle with them they peoples of Him will be Himself - God will be [as] their God
KJV: And  I heard  a great  voice  out of  saying,  Behold,  the tabernacle  of God  is with  men,  and  he will dwell  with  them,  and  they  people,  and  God  himself  with  them,  God. 

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