Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5346

Word info for φημί

Root: φημί
Strongs Number: 5346
Transliteration: [phemi]
Phonetics: fay·mee
Etymology: Properly, the same as the base of 5457 and 5316
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to make known one’s thoughts, to declare (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to make known one’s thoughts, to declare.
   2 to say.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G5346

Ἔφη, ἔφη, φησιν, φησίν, [φησίν], φασίν, φημι

All words for strongs number G5346 :

Word Occurance
ἔφη 30
φησίν 13
Ἔφη 12
φησιν 4
φημι 4
[φησίν] 1
φασίν 1

How strongs number G5346 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
he was saying 15
said 12
was saying 11
he says 7
he said 4
says 3
i say 3
do i mean 1
it says 1
affirm 1
saying 1
he began to speak 1
he declared 1
answered 1
has been saying 1
she says 1
they say 1

Two strong number together

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65 Verses with G5346

Matthew 4:7
Literal: Said to him - Jesus Again it has been written Not you shall test [the] Lord the God of you
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  It is written  again,  not  tempt  the Lord  God. 

Matthew 8:8
Literal: Answering however the centurion said Lord not I am worthy that of me under the roof You should come but only speak the word and will be healed servant
KJV: The centurion  answered  and  said,  Lord,  I am  not  worthy  that  thou shouldest come  under  roof:  but  speak  the word  only,  and  servant  shall be healed. 

Matthew 13:28
Literal: - And he said to them An enemy a man this did - the servants to him said Do you desire then [that] having gone forth we should gather them
KJV: He said  unto them,  An enemy  hath done  The servants  unto him,  Wilt thou  then  that we go  them  up? 

Matthew 13:29
Literal: - And he said No not lest gathering the weeds you would uproot with them the wheat
KJV: But  he said,  Nay;  while ye gather up  the tares,  ye root up  also the wheat  with  them. 

Matthew 14:8
Literal: - And having been urged on by the mother of her Give me she says here upon a platter the head of John the Baptist
KJV: And  she, being before instructed  of  her  mother,  said,  Give  here  John  Baptist's  head  in  a charger. 

Matthew 17:26
Literal: He having said now From the strangers said to him - Jesus Then free are the sons
KJV: unto him,  Of  strangers.  Jesus  saith  unto him,  Then  the children  free. 

Matthew 19:21
Literal: Was saying to him - Jesus If you desire perfect to be go sell of you the possessing and give to the poor you will have treasure in [the] heavens come follow Me
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  If  thou wilt  perfect,  go  and sell  and  give  to the poor,  and  thou shalt have  treasure  in  heaven:  and  come  and follow 

Matthew 21:27
Literal: And answering - Jesus they said Not do we know Said to them also He Neither I tell you by what authority these things I do
KJV: And  they answered  Jesus,  and said,  We cannot  tell.  And  he  said  unto them,  Neither  tell  by  what  authority  I do 

Matthew 22:37
Literal: - And He said to him You shall love [the] Lord the God of you with all the heart and soul mind
KJV: unto him,  Thou shalt love  the Lord  God  with  all  heart,  and  with  all  soul,  and  with  all  mind. 

Matthew 25:21
Literal: Said to him the master of Him Well done servant good and faithful Over a few things you were faithful many things you will I set Enter into the joy of the master of you
KJV: His  lord  said  unto him,  Well done,  thou good  and  faithful  servant:  faithful  over  a few things,  ruler  over  many things:  enter thou  into  the joy  lord. 

Matthew 25:23
Literal: Said to him the master of Him Well done servant good and faithful Over a few things you were faithful many things you will I set Enter into the joy of the master of you
KJV: His  lord  said  unto him,  Well done,  good  and  faithful  servant;  faithful  over  a few things,  ruler  over  many things:  enter thou  into  the joy  lord. 

Matthew 26:34
Literal: Said to him - Jesus Truly I say to you that during this - night before [the] rooster crowing three times you will deny Me
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  Verily  I say  That  this  night,  before  the cock  crow,  thou shalt deny  thrice. 

Matthew 26:61
Literal: they said This [man] has been saying I am able to destroy the temple - of God and in three days to rebuild it
KJV: And said,  This  fellow said,  I am able  to destroy  the temple  of God,  and  to build  in  three  days. 

Matthew 27:11
Literal: - And Jesus stood before the governor and questioned Him the governor saying You are King of the Jews said say
KJV: And  Jesus  stood  before  the governor:  and  the governor  asked  him,  saying,  thou  the King  of the Jews?  And  Jesus  said  unto him,  Thou  sayest. 

Matthew 27:23
Literal: - And he said What for evil did He commit - all the more they kept crying out saying Let [Him] be crucified
KJV: And  said,  Why,  what  evil  hath he done?  But  they cried out  the more,  saying,  Let him be crucified. 

Matthew 27:65
Literal: Said to them - Pilate You have a guard Go make [it as] secure as you know [how]
KJV: Pilate  said  unto them,  Ye have  a watch:  go your way,  make it as sure  as  ye can. 

Mark 9:12
Literal: - And He was saying to them Elijah indeed having come first restores all things and how has it been written of the Son - of Man that many things He should suffer be set at naught
KJV: And  them,  Elias  verily  cometh  first,  and restoreth  all things;  and  how  it is written  of  the Son  of man,  that  he must suffer  many things,  and  be set at nought. 

Mark 9:38
Literal: Answered Him - John Teacher we saw someone in the name of You casting out demons who not does follow us and we were forbidding him because he was following us
KJV: John  him,  Master,  one  casting out  devils  name,  and  he followeth  not  and  we forbad  him,  because  he followeth  not 

Mark 10:20
Literal: - And he was saying to Him Teacher these all I have kept from [the] youth of me
KJV: And  unto him,  Master,  all  have I observed  from  youth. 

Mark 10:29
Literal: Was saying - Jesus Truly I say to you no one there is who has left house or brothers sisters mother father children lands for the sake of me and because of the gospel
KJV: Jesus  Verily  I say  no man  that  hath left  house,  or  brethren,  or  sisters,  or  father,  or  mother,  or  children,  or  lands,  sake,  and  the gospel's, 

Mark 12:24
Literal: Was saying to them - Jesus Not because of this do you err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power - of God
KJV: Jesus  unto them,  not  therefore  err,  because ye know  not  the scriptures,  neither  the power  of God? 

Mark 14:29
Literal: - And Peter was saying to Him If even all will fall away yet not I
KJV: But  Peter  said  unto him,  Although  all  shall be offended,  yet  will not  I. 

Luke 7:40
Literal: And answering - Jesus said to him Simon I have to you something to say And Teacher say [it] he says
KJV: And  Jesus  answering  said  unto  him,  Simon,  I have  somewhat  to say  And  he saith,  Master,  say on. 

Luke 7:44
Literal: And having turned to the woman - to Simon He was saying See you this I entered of you into house water of Me for feet not you gave with her however - tears she wet My - with [the] hair of her wiped [them]
KJV: And  he turned  to  the woman,  and said  unto Simon,  Seest thou  woman?  I entered  into  house,  thou gavest me  no  water  for  feet:  but  she  hath washed  feet  with tears,  and  wiped  them with the hairs  of her 

Luke 15:17
Literal: To himself however having come he was saying How many hired servants of the father of me have abundance of bread I with hunger here am perishing
KJV: And  when he came  to  himself,  How many  hired servants  father's  have bread  enough and to spare,  and  perish  with hunger! 

Luke 22:58
Literal: And after a little another having seen him was saying Also you of them are - But Peter Man not I am
KJV: And  after  a little while  another  him,  and said,  Thou  also  of  them.  And  Peter  Man,  I am  not. 

Luke 22:70
Literal: They said then all You then are the Son - of God - And to them He was saying You say that I am
KJV: Then  said  they all,  thou  then  the Son  of God?  And  he said  unto  them,  say  that  am. 

Luke 23:3
Literal: - And Pilate questioned Him saying You are the King of the Jews answering him He was saying say
KJV: And  Pilate  him,  saying,  thou  the King  of the Jews?  And  he answered  him  and said,  Thou  sayest 

Luke 23:40
Literal: Answering now the other was rebuking him saying Not even do fear you - God that under the same judgment you are
KJV: But  the other  answering  rebuked  him,  not  thou  fear  God,  seeing  in  the same  condemnation? 

John 1:23
Literal: He was saying I [am] a voice crying in the wilderness Make straight the way of [the] Lord as said Isaiah the prophet
KJV: He said,  am the voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Make straight  the way  of the Lord,  as  said  the prophet  Esaias. 

John 9:38
Literal: - And he was saying I believe Lord And he worshiped Him
KJV: And  he said,  Lord,  I believe.  And  he worshipped  him. 

John 18:29
Literal: Went therefore - Pilate out to them and said What accusation bring you against the man this
KJV: Pilate  then  went out  unto  them,  and  What  accusation  bring ye  against  man? 

Acts 2:38
Literal: Peter then to them Repent he declared and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of the sins you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
KJV: Then  Peter  said  unto  them,  Repent,  and  be baptized  every one  in  the name  of Jesus  Christ  for  the remission  of sins,  and  ye shall receive  the gift  of the Holy  Ghost. 

Acts 7:2
Literal: - And he began to speak Men brothers and fathers listen The God - of glory appeared to the father of us Abraham being in - Mesopotamia before rather dwelling his Haran
KJV: And  he said,  Men,  brethren,  and  fathers,  hearken;  The God  of glory  father  Abraham,  in  Mesopotamia,  before  he  dwelt  in  Charran, 

Acts 8:36
Literal: As then they were going along the road they came upon some water and says the eunuch Behold water what prevents me to be baptized
KJV: And  as  they went  on  their way,  they came  unto  a certain  water:  and  the eunuch  said,  See,  here is water;  what  doth hinder  to be baptized? 

Acts 10:28
Literal: He was saying then to them You know how unlawful it is for a man a Jew to unite himself or to come near to a foreigner To me however God has shown not common unclean to call man
KJV: And  he said  unto  them,  know  how  an unlawful thing  for a man  that is a Jew  to keep company,  or  come unto  one of another nation;  God  hath shewed  call  any  man  common  or  unclean. 

Acts 10:30
Literal: And - Cornelius was saying Ago four days until this the hour I was at the ninth hour praying in the house of me behold a man stood before me apparel bright
KJV: And  Cornelius  said,  Four  days  ago  until  hour;  and  at the ninth  hour  I prayed  in  house,  and,  behold,  a man  stood  before  in  bright  clothing, 

Acts 10:31
Literal: and said Cornelius has been heard your - prayer the alms of you have been remembered before - God
KJV: And  said,  Cornelius,  prayer  is heard,  and  alms  in the sight  of God. 

Acts 16:30
Literal: And having brought them out he was saying Sirs what of me is necessary to do that I may be saved
KJV: And  brought  them  out,  and said,  Sirs,  what  must  do  to  be saved? 

Acts 16:37
Literal: - But Paul was saying to them Having beaten us publicly uncondemned men Romans being they cast [us] into prison and now secretly do they throw out No indeed Instead having come themselves let them bring out
KJV: But  Paul  said  unto  them,  They have beaten  openly  uncondemned,  being  Romans,  and have cast  us into  prison;  and  now  out  privily?  nay  verily;  but  let them come  themselves  out. 

Acts 17:22
Literal: Having stood then - Paul in [the] midst of the Ares Hill he was saying Men Athenians in all things as very religious you I behold
KJV: Then  Paul  stood  in  the midst  of Mars' hill,  and said,  Ye men  of Athens,  I perceive  that  in  all things  are too superstitious. 

Acts 19:35
Literal: Having calmed then the town clerk the crowd he says Men Ephesians what for is there man who not knows the of [the] Ephesians city temple-keeper as being of the great Artemis and of that fallen from the sky
KJV: And  when the townclerk  had appeased  the people,  he said,  Ye men  of Ephesus,  what  man  that  knoweth  not  how that the city  of the Ephesians  a worshipper  of the great  Diana,  and  of the image which fell down from Jupiter? 

Acts 21:37
Literal: Being about then to be brought into the barracks - Paul says to the commander If is it permitted to me to say something to you Then he was saying Greek do you know
KJV: And  as Paul  was to be  led  into  the castle,  he said  unto the chief captain,  May  speak  unto  Who  said,  Canst thou speak  Greek? 

Acts 22:2
Literal: Having heard then that in the Hebrew language he was addressing them even more they became quiet And he says
KJV: (And  when they heard  that  he spake  in the Hebrew  tongue  to them,  they kept  the more  silence:  and  he saith,) 

Acts 22:27
Literal: Having come near then the commander said to him Tell me you a Roman are - And he was saying Yes
KJV: Then  the chief captain  came,  and said  unto him,  Tell  thou  a Roman?  He said,  Yea. 

Acts 22:28
Literal: Answered then the commander I with a great sum the citizenship this bought - But Paul was saying however even was born [so]
KJV: the chief captain  answered,  With a great  sum  obtained  freedom.  And  Paul  said,  But  was free born. 

Acts 23:5
Literal: Was saying then - Paul Not I was aware brothers that he is high priest it has been written for - [The] ruler of the people of you you shall speak evil [of]
KJV: Then  said  Paul,  I wist  not,  brethren,  that  the high priest:  for  it is written,  not  speak  evil  of the ruler  people. 

Acts 23:17
Literal: Having called to [him] then - Paul one of the centurions he was saying The young man this take to commander he has for to report something to him
KJV: Then  Paul  called  one  of the centurions  unto him, and said,  Bring  young man  unto  the chief captain:  for  he hath  a certain thing  to tell  him. 

Acts 23:18
Literal: The [one] indeed therefore having taken him brought [him] to the commander and he says The prisoner Paul having called to me asked [me] this - young man to lead you having something to say to you
KJV: So  he took  him,  and brought  him to  the chief captain,  and  said,  Paul  the prisoner  called  unto him, and prayed me  to bring  unto  who hath  something  to say 

Acts 23:35
Literal: I will hear fully you he was saying when also the accusers of you may have arrived having commanded in the Praetorium - of Herod to be guarded him
KJV: I will hear  said he,  when  accusers  also  come.  he commanded  him  to be kept  in  Herod's  judgment hall. 

Acts 25:5
Literal: Those therefore among you he says [those] in power having gone down too if anything there is in the man wrong let them accuse him
KJV: Let them therefore,  said  he, which among  are able,  go down with  me, and accuse  this  man,  in 

Acts 25:22
Literal: Agrippa then [said] to - Festus I have been wanting also myself the man to hear Tomorrow he says you will hear him
KJV: Then  Agrippa  said  unto  Festus,  I would  also  hear  the man  myself.  To morrow,  said  he, thou shalt hear  him. 

Acts 25:24
Literal: And says - Festus Agrippa King and all the being present with us men you see this one concerning whom all the multitude of the Jews pleaded with me in both Jerusalem here crying out [that] not he ought of him to live no longer
KJV: And  Festus  said,  King  Agrippa,  and  all  men  which  are here present  ye see  about  whom  all  the multitude  of the Jews  have dealt  both  at  Jerusalem,  and  also here,  that he ought  not  to live  any longer. 

Acts 26:1
Literal: Agrippa then to - Paul was saying It is permitted you for yourself to speak Then - Paul having stretched out the hand began his defense
KJV: Then  Agrippa  said  unto  Paul,  art permitted  to speak  for  thyself.  Then  Paul  stretched forth  the hand,  and answered for himself: 

Acts 26:24
Literal: These things now of him saying in his defense - Festus in a loud - voice said You are insane Paul The great of you learning to insanity turns [you]
KJV: And  as he  spake for himself,  Festus  said  with a loud  voice,  Paul,  thou art beside thyself;  much  learning  doth make  mad. 

Acts 26:25
Literal: - But Paul Not I am insane says most excellent Festus but of truth and sobriety words I utter
KJV: But  he said,  not  mad,  most noble  Festus;  but  speak forth  the words  of truth  and  soberness. 

Acts 26:32
Literal: Agrippa then to Festus was saying Have been released could the man this if not he had appealed to Caesar
KJV: Then  said  Agrippa  unto Festus,  This  man  might  have been set at liberty,  appealed unto  Caesar. 

Romans 3:8
Literal: And [is it] not as we are slanderously charged and as affirm some [that] us to say - Let us do things evil that may come the good things Their - condemnation just is
KJV: And  not  rather, (as  we be slanderously reported,  and  as  some  affirm  say,)  Let us do  evil,  that  good  may come?  whose  damnation  just. 

1 Corinthians 6:16
Literal: Or not know you that the [one] being joined to the prostitute one body is Will become for it says the two into flesh one
KJV: What?  know ye  not  that  he which is joined  to an harlot  one  body?  for  two,  saith he,  one  flesh. 

1 Corinthians 7:29
Literal: This now I say brothers The season shortened is - From now on that both those having wives as none should be
KJV: But  I say,  brethren,  the time  is short:  that  both  they that have  wives  as though  they had  none; 

1 Corinthians 10:15
Literal: As to sensible [ones] I speak judge for yourselves what I say
KJV: I speak  as  to wise men;  judge  what  I say. 

1 Corinthians 10:19
Literal: What then do I mean That what is sacrificed to an idol anything is or an idol
KJV: What  say I  then?  that  the idol  any thing,  or  that  which is offered in sacrifice to idols  any thing? 

1 Corinthians 15:50
Literal: This now I say brothers that flesh and blood [the] kingdom of God to inherit not is able nor the decay the immortality does inherit
KJV: Now  I say,  brethren,  that  flesh  and  blood  cannot  inherit  the kingdom  of God;  neither  corruption  inherit  incorruption. 

2 Corinthians 10:10
Literal: For the letters indeed they say [are] weighty and strong - but the presence of the body weak the speech having been ignored
KJV: For  his letters,  say they,  are weighty  and  powerful;  but  his bodily  presence  is weak,  and  his speech  contemptible. 

Hebrews 8:5
Literal: who a copy and shadow serve of the heavenly as was divinely instructed Moses being about to complete the tabernacle See that for He says you shall make all things according to the pattern - having been shown you in the mountain
KJV: Who  serve  unto the example  and  shadow  of heavenly things,  as  Moses  was admonished of God  when he was about  to make  the tabernacle:  for,  See,  saith he,  that thou make  all things  according to  the pattern  shewed  in  the mount. 

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