Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 5087

Word info for τίθημι

Root: τίθημι
Strongs Number: 5087
Transliteration: [tithemi]
Phonetics: tith·ay·mee
Etymology: A prolonged form of a primary theo (theh·o, which is used only as alternate in certain tenses)
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to set, put, place (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to set, put, place.
      1a to place or lay.
      1b to put down, lay down.
         1b1 to bend down.
         1b2 to lay off or aside, to wear or carry no longer.
         1b3 to lay by, lay aside money.
      1c to set on (serve) something to eat or drink.
      1d to set forth, something to be explained by discourse.
   2 to make.
      2a to make (or set) for one’s self or for one’s use.
   3 to set, fix establish.
      3a to set forth.
      3b to establish, ordain.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G5087

τιθέασιν, θήσω, θῶ, θήσει, ἔθηκεν, τεθῇ, θῶμεν, ἔθηκαν, ἐτίθεσαν, τιθεὶς, τιθέντες, τέθειται, ἔθεντο, θεῖναι, τίθησιν, Θέσθε, θέντος, ἔθηκας, ἔθηκα, θέτε, θεὶς, ἐτέθη, τίθημι, τεθείκατε, θήσεις, θῇ, τεθειμένος, ἔθετο, ἐτίθουν, ἔθου, τιθέναι, ἔθεσθε, ἐτέθησαν, Τέθεικά, θέντες, τέθεικά, τιθέτω, ἐτίθει, θέμενος, ἐτέθην, τεθῶσιν, τεθεικώς, τεθῆναι

All words for strongs number G5087 :

Word Occurance
ἔθηκεν 11
ἔθετο 7
ἔθηκαν 7
τίθημι 5
τίθησιν 5
θῶ 5
ἔθεντο 4
θεὶς 4
θήσω 3
ἔθηκα 3
θήσει 2
ἐτέθην 2
θέμενος 2
τιθέναι 2
θῇ 2
θεῖναι 2
ἐτίθουν 2
ἐτέθησαν 2
ἔθηκας 2
τεθεικώς 1
ἔθεσθε 1
θέντες 1
Τέθεικά 1
τεθῶσιν 1
τέθεικά 1
τιθέτω 1
ἐτίθει 1
τιθέασιν 1
ἐτέθη 1
ἔθου 1
τεθειμένος 1
θήσεις 1
τεθείκατε 1
θέτε 1
θέντος 1
Θέσθε 1
τέθειται 1
τιθέντες 1
τιθεὶς 1
ἐτίθεσαν 1
θῶμεν 1
τεθῇ 1
τεθῆναι 1

How strongs number G5087 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
i place 4
laid 4
having bowed 3
put 2
lay down 2
i lay 2
was appointed 2
they have laid 2
they laid 2
placed 2
he placed 2
will appoint 2
put [her] 1
having fallen 1
he put 1
i have laid 1
were placed 1
they put [him] 1
i have set 1
purposed 1
has set 1
reached 1
i have made 1
to put 1
has appointed 1
to lay 1
having appointed [me] 1
laid down 1
having set 1
they were appointed 1
should be placed 1
i may place 1
he appointed 1
has destined 1
i should offer 1
having put 1
would put 1
let put 1
he shall have put 1
to put [them] 1
has arranged 1
you put 1
put [them] 1
did you purpose 1
to place 1
i did lay down 1
you did lay down 1
he having laid 1
sets it 1
let sink 1
puts [it] 1
laid [them] up 1
having fallen on 1
he was laid 1
bending 1
having laid 1
they were laying 1
shall we present 1
it might be put 1
settle 1
was laid 1
he laid [it] 1
put [it] 1
laid [it] 1
were laying [them] 1
i will put 1
they placed 1
put in place 1
you have laid 1
appointed 1
sets out 1
should lay down 1
will you lay down 1
i will lay down 1
lays aside 1
have you laid 1
i lay down 1
lays down 1
to be put 1

Two strong number together

G5087 G1119
G5087 G1119
G5087 G1119
G5087 G1119
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96 Verses with G5087

Matthew 5:15
Literal: Nor do they light a lamp and put it under - a basket but upon the lampstand it shines for all those in the house
KJV: Neither  do men light  a candle,  and  put  it  under  a bushel,  but  on  a candlestick;  and  it giveth light  unto all  that are in  the house. 

Matthew 12:18
Literal: Behold the servant of Me whom I have chosen beloved in has found delight the soul I will put the Spirit upon Him and justice to the Gentiles He will proclaim
KJV: Behold  servant,  whom  I have chosen;  beloved,  in  whom  soul  is well pleased:  I will put  spirit  upon  him,  and  he shall shew  judgment  to the Gentiles. 

Matthew 22:44
Literal: Said the Lord to the Lord of me Sit on [the] right hand until - I place the enemies of You [as] a footstool for the feet
KJV: The LORD  said  Lord,  Sit thou  on  right hand,  till  I make  enemies 

Matthew 24:51
Literal: and will cut in pieces him the place of him with the hypocrites will appoint there will be the weeping gnashing of teeth
KJV: And  him  asunder,  and  appoint  him his  portion  with  the hypocrites:  there  weeping  and  gnashing  of teeth. 

Matthew 27:60
Literal: and placed it in the new of him tomb which he had cut the rock having rolled a stone great to the door of the tomb he went away
KJV: And  laid  it  in  his own  new  tomb,  which  he had hewn out  in  the rock:  and  he rolled  a great  stone  to the door  of the sepulchre,  and departed. 

Mark 4:21
Literal: And He was saying to them - Not is brought in the lamp so that under the basket it might be put or the bed [Is it] not that upon lampstand
KJV: And  unto them,  Is  a candle  brought  to  be put  under  a bushel,  or  under  a bed?  and not  to  on  a candlestick? 

Mark 4:30
Literal: And He was saying To what shall we liken the kingdom - of God Or in what it parable shall we present
KJV: And  Whereunto  shall we liken  the kingdom  of God?  or  with  comparison  it? 

Mark 6:29
Literal: And having heard [it] the disciples of him came took up the body laid it in [a] tomb
KJV: And  when his  disciples  heard  of it, they came  and  took up  his  corpse,  and  laid  it  in  a tomb. 

Mark 6:56
Literal: And wherever - He entered into villages or cities fields in the marketplaces they were laying the ailing were begging Him that only the fringe clothing of Him they might touch as many as touched Him were being healed
KJV: And  whithersoever  he entered,  into  villages,  or  cities,  or  country,  they laid  the sick  in  the streets,  and  besought  him  that  they might touch  it were but  the border  of his  garment:  and  as many  as  touched  him  were made whole. 

Mark 10:16
Literal: And having taken [them] in arms them He was blessing having laid the hands on them
KJV: And  them  up in his arms,  put  his hands  upon  them,  and blessed  them. 

Mark 12:36
Literal: Himself David said by the Spirit - Holy [the] Lord to the Lord of me Sit at [the] right hand until - I place of the enemies of You [as] a footstool of the feet
KJV: David  himself  said  by  the Holy  Ghost,  The LORD  said  Lord,  Sit thou  on  right hand,  till  I make  enemies 

Mark 15:19
Literal: And they kept striking His - head with a reed spitting on Him bending the knees they were kneeling down to Him
KJV: And  they smote  him  on the head  with a reed,  and  did spit  upon him,  and  bowing  their knees  worshipped  him. 

Mark 15:46
Literal: And having bought a linen cloth having taken down him he wrapped [Him] in the linen cloth laid in a tomb which was cut out of a rock he rolled a stone to the door of the tomb
KJV: And  he bought  fine linen,  and  took him down,  and wrapped  him  in the linen,  and  him  in  a sepulchre  which  hewn  out of  a rock,  and  rolled  a stone  unto  the door  of the sepulchre. 

Mark 15:47
Literal: - And Mary Magdalene and the [mother] of Joseph were watching where He was laid
KJV: And  Mary  Magdalene  and  Mary  the mother of Joses  beheld  he was laid. 

Mark 16:6
Literal: - And he says to them Not be amazed Jesus you seek the Nazarene the [One] having been crucified He is risen Not He is here Behold the place where they laid Him
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  not  affrighted:  Ye seek  Jesus  of Nazareth,  which  was crucified:  he is risen;  not  here:  the place  where  they laid  him. 

Luke 1:66
Literal: And laid [them] up all those having heard in the heart of them saying What then the child this will be for [the] hand of [the] Lord was with him
KJV: And  all  they that heard  them laid them up  in  their  hearts,  saying,  What  manner  of child  And  the hand  of the Lord  with  him. 

Luke 5:18
Literal: And behold men carrying upon a mat a man who was paralyzed they were seeking him to bring in to place him before Him
KJV: And,  behold,  men  brought  in  a bed  a man  which  taken with a palsy:  and  they sought  him  in,  and  to lay  him before  him. 

Luke 6:48
Literal: Like he is to a man building a house who dug and deepened laid a foundation on the rock a flood then having come burst upon the stream the house that not was able to shake it because - well had been built it
KJV: like  a man  which  built  an house,  and  digged  deep,  and  laid  the foundation  on  a rock:  and  when the flood  arose,  the stream  beat vehemently  upon that  house,  and  could  not  shake  it:  upon  a rock. 

Luke 8:16
Literal: No one now a lamp having lighted covers it with a vessel or under a bed puts [it] but on a lampstand so that those entering in may see the light
KJV: No man,  when he hath lighted  a candle,  covereth  it  with a vessel,  or  putteth  it under  a bed;  but  it on  a candlestick,  that  they which enter in  may see  the light. 

Luke 9:44
Literal: Let sink you into the ears of you the words these - for the Son - of Man is about to be betrayed [the] hands of men
KJV: sayings  sink down  into  ears:  for  the Son  of man  shall be  delivered  into  the hands  of men. 

Luke 11:33
Literal: But no one a lamp having lit in secret sets it nor under the basket but upon the lampstand that those entering in the light may see
KJV: No man,  when he hath lighted  a candle,  putteth  it in  a secret place,  neither  under  a bushel,  but  on  a candlestick,  that  they which  come in  may see  the light. 

Luke 12:46
Literal: will come the master of the servant that in a day in which not he does expect and an hour that he knows he will cut in two him the place of him with the unbelievers will appoint
KJV: The lord  of that  servant  will come  in  a day  when  not  for  him, and  at  an hour  when  not  aware,  and  him  in sunder,  and  will appoint  him his  portion  with  the unbelievers. 

Luke 14:29
Literal: Thus not ever he having laid of it a foundation and not being able to finish all - seeing [it] may begin him to mock
KJV: after he  hath laid  the foundation,  and  not  able  to finish  it, all  that behold  it begin  to mock  him, 

Luke 19:21
Literal: I was afraid for of you because a man harsh you are You take up what not you did lay down and you reap you did sow
KJV: For  I feared  because  an austere  man:  thou takest up  that  not  down,  and  reapest  that  not  sow. 

Luke 19:22
Literal: He says to him Out of the mouth of you I will judge you evil servant You knew that I a man harsh am taking up what not I did lay down and reaping I did sow
KJV: he saith  unto him,  Out of  mouth  will I judge  thou wicked  servant.  Thou knewest  that  was  an austere  man,  taking up  that  not  down,  and  reaping  that  not  sow: 

Luke 20:43
Literal: until - I place the enemies of You [as] a footstool of the feet
KJV: Till  I make  enemies  footstool. 

Luke 21:14
Literal: Settle therefore in the minds of you not to premeditate to make a defense
KJV: Settle  it therefore  hearts,  not  to meditate before  what ye shall answer: 

Luke 22:41
Literal: And He withdrew from them about a stone’s throw having fallen on the knees He was praying
KJV: And  he  was withdrawn  from  them  about  a stone's  cast,  and  kneeled down,  and prayed, 

Luke 23:53
Literal: And having taken it down he wrapped it in a linen cloth placed it in a tomb cut in a rock in which no had been no one not yet laid
KJV: And  it  down,  and wrapped  it  in linen,  and  laid  it  in  a sepulchre  that was hewn in stone,  never  before  laid. 

Luke 23:55
Literal: Having followed then the women who were come out of - Galilee with Him saw the tomb and how was laid the body of Him
KJV: And  the women  also,  which  with him  from  Galilee,  followed after,  and beheld  the sepulchre,  and  how  his  body  was laid. 

John 2:10
Literal: and says to him Every man first the good wine sets out when they might have drunk freely inferior you have kept until now
KJV: And  saith  unto him,  Every  man  at the beginning  doth set forth  good  wine;  and  when  men have well drunk,  that which is worse:  but thou  hast kept  the good  wine  until  now. 

John 10:11
Literal: I am the shepherd - good good the life of Him lays down for the sheep
KJV: am  the good  shepherd:  the good  shepherd  giveth  his  life  for  the sheep. 

John 10:15
Literal: As knows Me the Father I also know the Father and the life of Me I lay down for the sheep
KJV: As  the Father  knoweth  the Father:  and  I lay down  life  for  the sheep. 

John 10:17
Literal: Because of this Me the Father loves because I lay down the life of Me that again I might take it
KJV: my Father  love  because  lay down  life,  that  I might take  it  again. 

John 10:18
Literal: No one takes it from Me but I lay down of Myself Authority I have to lay down it and again to take This - commandment I received from the Father of Me
KJV: No man  taketh  it  from  but  it  down  of  myself.  I have  power  it  down,  and  I have  power  to take  it  again.  commandment  have I received  of  Father. 

John 11:34
Literal: And He said Where have you laid him They say to Him Lord come see
KJV: And  said,  Where  have ye laid  him?  They said  unto him,  Lord,  come  and 

John 13:4
Literal: He rises from the supper and lays aside the garments having taken a towel He girded Himself
KJV: He riseth  from  supper,  and  laid aside  his garments;  and  took  a towel,  and girded  himself. 

John 13:37
Literal: Says to Him - Peter Lord because of why not am I able You to follow presently The life of me for You I will lay down
KJV: Peter  said  unto him,  Lord,  cannot  I follow  now?  I will lay down  life  for 

John 13:38
Literal: Answered Jesus The life of you for Me will you lay down Truly I say to you no not [the] rooster will crow until that you will deny Me three times
KJV: Jesus  answered  Wilt thou lay down  life  for  Verily,  I say  The cock  crow,  till  thrice. 

John 15:13
Literal: Greater than this love no one has that one the life of him should lay down for the friends
KJV: love  hath  no man  that  a man  lay down  his  life  for  his  friends. 

John 15:16
Literal: Not you Me chose but I chose you and appointed that should go fruit you should bear the fruit of you should remain so that whatever - you might ask the Father in the name of Me He may give you
KJV: not  chosen  but  have chosen  and  ordained  that  should go  and  bring forth  fruit,  and  fruit  should remain:  that  ye shall ask  of the Father  in  name,  he may give it 

John 19:19
Literal: Wrote then also a title - Pilate and put [it] on the cross It was now written Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews
KJV: And  Pilate  wrote  a title,  and  put  it on  the cross.  And  the writing  JESUS  OF NAZARETH  THE KING  OF THE JEWS. 

John 19:41
Literal: There was now in the place where He was crucified a garden and garden a tomb new which not yet no one was laid
KJV: Now  in  the place  where  he was crucified  a garden;  and  in  the garden  a new  sepulchre,  wherein  man  yet  laid. 

John 19:42
Literal: There therefore on account of the Preparation of the Jews because near was the tomb they laid - Jesus
KJV: There  laid they  Jesus  therefore  because  of the Jews'  preparation  day; for  the sepulchre  nigh at hand. 

John 20:2
Literal: She runs therefore and comes to Simon Peter the other disciple whom loved - Jesus she says to them They have taken away Lord out of the tomb not we know where they have laid Him
KJV: Then  she runneth,  and  cometh  to  Simon  Peter,  and  to  the other  disciple,  whom  Jesus  loved,  and  saith  unto them,  They have taken away  the Lord  out of  the sepulchre,  and  we know  not  where  they have laid  him. 

John 20:13
Literal: And say to her they Woman why weep you She says to them Because they have taken away the Lord of me not I know where they have laid Him
KJV: And  they  say  unto her,  Woman,  why  weepest thou?  She saith  unto them,  Because  they have taken away  Lord,  and  I know  not  where  they have laid  him. 

John 20:15
Literal: Says to her Jesus Woman why do you weep Whom do you seek She thinking that the gardener He is to Him Sir if you have carried off him tell me where you have laid and I him will take away
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto her,  Woman,  why  weepest thou?  whom  seekest thou?  She,  supposing  the gardener,  saith  unto him,  Sir,  if  thou  him  hence,  tell  where  thou hast laid  him,  and I  him  away. 

Acts 1:7
Literal: He said then to them Not yours it is to know times or seasons which the Father put in place by - His own authority
KJV: And  he said  unto  them,  not  to know  the times  or  the seasons,  which  the Father  hath put  in  his own  power. 

Acts 2:35
Literal: until - I place the enemies of You a footstool of the feet
KJV: Until  I make  foes  footstool. 

Acts 3:2
Literal: And a certain man lame from womb of mother of him being was being carried whom they placed every day at the gate of the temple - called Beautiful - to ask for alms from those who were going into the temple
KJV: And  a certain  man  lame  from  his  mother's  womb  was carried,  whom  they laid  daily  at  the gate  of the temple  which  is called  Beautiful,  to ask  alms  of  them that entered  into  the temple; 

Acts 4:3
Literal: and they laid on them the hands put [them] in custody until the next day it was for evening already
KJV: And  they laid  hands  on them,  and  put  them in  hold  unto  the next day:  for  now  eventide. 

Acts 4:35
Literal: and were laying [them] at the feet of the apostles distribution was made then to each just as - anyone need had
KJV: And  laid them down  at  the apostles'  feet:  and  distribution was made  unto every man  according  as  he had  need. 

Acts 4:37
Literal: owns by him a field having sold [it] brought the money and laid [it] at the feet of the apostles
KJV: Having  land,  sold  it, and brought  the money,  and  laid  the apostles'  feet. 

Acts 5:2
Literal: and he kept back from the proceeds being aware of [it] also wife having brought a portion certain at the feet of the apostles he laid [it]
KJV: And  kept back  part of  the price,  wife  also  being privy  to it, and  brought  a certain  part,  and laid  it at  the apostles'  feet. 

Acts 5:4
Literal: Not remaining to you did it remain And having been sold in the own authority it was Why - did you purpose heart of you the deed this Not you have lied to men but - to God
KJV: Whiles it remained,  was it not  and  after it was sold,  was it not  in  thine own  power?  why  hast thou conceived  thing  in  heart?  not  lied  unto men,  but  unto God. 

Acts 5:15
Literal: so as even into the streets to bring out the sick and to put [them] on cots mats that coming of Peter at least the shadow might envelop some of them
KJV: Insomuch  that they brought forth  the sick  the streets,  and  laid  them on  and  couches,  that  at the least  the shadow  of Peter  passing by  might overshadow  some  of them. 

Acts 5:18
Literal: and they laid the hands on the apostles put them in [the] jail public
KJV: And  laid  their  hands  on  the apostles,  and  put  them  in  the common  prison. 

Acts 5:25
Literal: Having come then a certain one reported to them - Behold the men whom you put in the prison are the temple standing and teaching the people
KJV: Then came  one  and  told  them,  Behold,  the men  whom  ye put  in  prison  standing  in  the temple,  and  teaching  the people. 

Acts 7:16
Literal: and they were carried over into Shechem were placed in the tomb which had bought Abraham for a sum of silver from the sons of Hamor Shechem
KJV: And  were carried over  into  Sychem,  and  laid  in  the sepulchre  that  Abraham  bought  for a sum  of money  of  the sons  of Emmor  the father  of Sychem. 

Acts 7:60
Literal: Having fallen then on [his] knees he cried in a voice loud Lord not place to them this - sin And this having said he fell asleep
KJV: And  he kneeled down,  and cried  with a loud  voice,  Lord,  lay  not  sin  to their  charge. And  when he had said  he fell asleep. 

Acts 9:37
Literal: It came to pass however in the days those [that] having become sick she died Having washed [her] then put [her] they an upper room
KJV: And  it came to pass  in  those  days,  that she was sick,  and died:  whom when  they  had washed,  they laid  her in  an upper chamber. 

Acts 9:40
Literal: Having put then outside all - Peter and having bowed the knees he prayed having turned to the body he said Tabitha arise - And she opened the eyes of her having seen - Peter she sat up
KJV: But  Peter  put  them all  forth,  and kneeled down,  and prayed;  and  turning  him to  the body  said,  Tabitha,  arise.  And  she opened  her  eyes:  and  Peter,  she sat up. 

Acts 12:4
Literal: whom also having seized he put in prison having delivered [him] to four sets of four soldiers to guard him intending after the Passover to bring out him to the people
KJV: And  when he had apprehended  him, he put  him in  prison,  and delivered  him to four  quaternions  of soldiers  to keep  him;  intending  after  Easter  him  forth  to the people. 

Acts 13:29
Literal: When then they had finished all the things about Him having been written having taken [Him] down from the tree they put [Him] in a tomb
KJV: And  when  they had fulfilled  that was written  of  him,  they took him down  from  the tree,  and laid  him in  a sepulchre. 

Acts 13:47
Literal: Thus for has commanded us the Lord I have set you for a light of [the] Gentiles - to be salvation to [the] uttermost part of the earth
KJV: For  so  the Lord  commanded  saying, I have set  to be  a light  of the Gentiles,  for  salvation  unto  the ends  of the earth. 

Acts 19:21
Literal: After now were fulfilled these things purposed - Paul in the Spirit having passed through - Macedonia and Achaia to go to Jerusalem having said - After - having been my there it behooves me also Rome to see
KJV: After  were ended,  Paul  purposed  in  the spirit,  when he had passed through  Macedonia  and  Achaia,  to go  to  saying,  After  have been  there,  must  also  Rome. 

Acts 20:28
Literal: Take heed to yourselves and to all the flock among which you the Spirit - Holy has set overseers to shepherd the church - of God which He purchased with - blood the own
KJV: Take heed  unto yourselves,  and  to all  the flock,  over  the which  the Holy  Ghost  hath made  overseers,  to feed  the church  of God,  which  he hath purchased  with  his own  blood. 

Acts 20:36
Literal: And these things having said having bowed the knee of him with all them he prayed
KJV: And  spoken,  he  kneeled  down,  and prayed  with  them  all. 

Acts 21:5
Literal: When then it happened that had completed we the days having set out we journeyed accompanying us all with wives and children as far as outside the city having bowed the knees on the shore having prayed
KJV: And  when  had  accomplished  those days,  we departed  and went our way;  and they all  on our way,  with  wives  and  children,  till  we were out of  the city:  and  we kneeled down  on  the shore,  and prayed. 

Acts 27:12
Literal: Unsuitable now the harbor being to winter in the majority reached a decision to set sail from there if somehow they might be able having arrived at Phoenix to winter [there] a harbor - of Crete looking toward [the] southwest and [the] northwest
KJV: And  the haven  was  not commodious  to  winter in,  the more part  advised  to depart  they might  attain  to  Phenice,  and there to winter;  which is an haven  of Crete,  and lieth  toward  the south west  and  north west. 

Romans 4:17
Literal: as it has been written - A father of many nations I have made you before whom he believed God the [One] giving life to the dead and calling the things not [into] being even existing
KJV: (As  it is written,  I have made  a father  of many  nations,)  before  him whom  he believed,  even God,  who quickeneth  the dead,  and  calleth  not  as though 

Romans 9:33
Literal: as it has been written Behold I lay in Zion a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense the [one] believing on Him never will be put to shame
KJV: As  it is written,  Behold,  I lay  in  Sion  a stumblingstone  and  rock  of offence:  and  believeth  on  him  not  be ashamed. 

Romans 14:13
Literal: No longer therefore one another should we judge but this determine rather - not to put [any] stumbling block before [your] brother or snare
KJV: not therefore  judge  one another  any more:  but  judge  rather,  that no man  put  a stumblingblock  or  an occasion to fall  in his brother's way. 

1 Corinthians 3:10
Literal: According to the grace - of God - having been given to me as a wise master builder [the] foundation I have laid another however is building upon [it] Each one let take heed how he builds upon [it]
KJV: According  to the grace  of God  which  is given  as  a wise  masterbuilder,  I have laid  the foundation,  and  another  buildeth  thereon. But  every man  take heed  how  he buildeth 

1 Corinthians 3:11
Literal: Foundation for another no one is able to lay besides the [one] being already laid which is Jesus Christ
KJV: For  other  foundation  can  no man  lay  than  that is laid,  which  Jesus  Christ. 

1 Corinthians 9:18
Literal: What then of me is the reward That in preaching the gospel free of charge I should offer the gospel so as - not to use up the right of me in the gospel
KJV: What  reward  then?  Verily that,  when I preach the gospel,  I may make  the gospel  without charge,  that  I abuse  not  power  in  the gospel. 

1 Corinthians 12:18
Literal: Now however - God has arranged the members one each of them in the body as He desired
KJV: But  now  God  set  the members  every  one  of them  in  the body,  as  it hath pleased him. 

1 Corinthians 12:28
Literal: And some indeed has appointed - God in the church first apostles secondly prophets third teachers then miracles gifts of healing helping administrating various kinds of tongues
KJV: And  God  hath set  some  in  the church,  first  apostles,  secondarily  prophets,  thirdly  teachers,  after that  miracles,  gifts  of healings,  helps,  governments,  diversities  of tongues. 

1 Corinthians 15:25
Literal: It behooves for Him to reign until that He shall have put all the enemies under feet of Him
KJV: For  he  must  reign,  till  all  enemies  under  his  feet. 

1 Corinthians 16:2
Literal: Every first of the week each of you aside him let put treasuring up what if he may be prospered in so that not when I might come then collections there should be
KJV: Upon  day of the week  every one  lay  by  him  in store,  God hath prospered him,  there be  gatherings  when  I come. 

2 Corinthians 3:13
Literal: and not as Moses would put a veil over the face of himself for - not to look intently the sons of Israel into end of that fading away
KJV: And  not  as  Moses,  which put  a vail  over  face,  that  the children  of Israel  not  stedfastly look  to  the end  of that which is abolished: 

2 Corinthians 5:19
Literal: how that God was in Christ [the] world reconciling to Himself not reckoning to them the trespasses of them and having put into us the word - of reconciliation
KJV: To wit,  that  God  in  Christ,  reconciling  the world  unto himself,  not  imputing  their  trespasses  unto them;  and  hath committed  unto  the word  of reconciliation. 

1 Thessalonians 5:9
Literal: because not has destined us - God for wrath but obtaining salvation through the Lord of us Jesus Christ
KJV: For  God  not  appointed  to  wrath,  but  to  obtain  salvation  by  Lord  Jesus  Christ, 

1 Timothy 1:12
Literal: Thankfulness I have for the [One] having strengthened me Christ Jesus the Lord of us that faithful He esteemed having appointed [me] to service
KJV: I thank  Christ  Jesus  Lord,  who  hath enabled  for  that he counted  faithful,  putting me  into  the ministry; 

1 Timothy 2:7
Literal: in regard to which was appointed I a herald and an apostle [the] truth I am speaking not I do lie a teacher of [the] Gentiles in faith truth
KJV: Whereunto  am ordained  a preacher,  and  an apostle,  (I speak  the truth  in  and lie  not;)  a teacher  of the Gentiles  in  faith  and  verity. 

2 Timothy 1:11
Literal: to which was appointed I a herald and an apostle a teacher
KJV: Whereunto  am appointed  a preacher,  and  an apostle,  and  a teacher 

Hebrews 1:2
Literal: in last - days these has spoken to us in [His] Son whom He appointed heir of all things through whom also He made the ages
KJV: in  last  days  spoken  by  his Son,  whom  he hath appointed  heir  of all things,  by  whom  also  he made  the worlds; 

Hebrews 1:13
Literal: To which now of the angels did He say ever Sit at [the] right hand of Me until - I may place the enemies of You [as] a footstool for the feet
KJV: But  to  which  of the angels  said he  at any time,  Sit  on  right hand,  until  I make  enemies  footstool? 

Hebrews 10:13
Literal: the henceforth awaiting until should be placed the enemies of Him [as] a footstool for the feet
KJV: From henceforth  expecting  till  his  enemies  be made  his  footstool. 

1 Peter 2:6
Literal: Therefore it is contained in Scripture Behold I lay Zion a stone a chosen cornerstone precious and the [one] believing on Him no not shall be put to shame
KJV: also  it is contained  in  the scripture,  Behold,  I lay  in  Sion  a chief corner  stone,  elect,  precious:  and  he that believeth  on  him  confounded. 

1 Peter 2:8
Literal: and A stone of stumbling a rock of offense [They] stumble at to the word being disobedient to which also they were appointed
KJV: And  a stone  of stumbling,  and  a rock  of offence,  even to them which  stumble  at the word,  being disobedient:  whereunto  also  they were appointed. 

2 Peter 2:6
Literal: and [the] cities of Sodom Gomorrah having reduced to ashes to destruction He condemned [them] an example of what is coming on the ungodly having set
KJV: And  the cities  of Sodom  and  Gomorrha  into ashes  condemned  them with an overthrow,  making  them an ensample  unto those that after should 

1 John 3:16
Literal: By this we have known - love because He for us the life of Him laid down and we ought [our] brothers [our] lives to lay down
KJV: Hereby  perceive we  the love  of God, because  he  laid down  his  life  for  and  ought  to lay down  our lives  for  the brethren. 

Revelation 1:17
Literal: And when I saw Him I fell at the feet of Him as though dead He placed the right hand upon me saying Not fear I am the First Last
KJV: And  when  him,  I fell  at  his  feet  as  dead.  And  his  right  upon  saying  Fear  not;  am  the first  and  the last: 

Revelation 10:2
Literal: and having in the hand of him a little scroll being open he placed the foot - right upon the sea and left earth
KJV: And  he had  in  his  hand  a little book  open:  and  he set  his  right  foot  upon  the sea,  and  his left  foot on  the earth, 

Revelation 11:9
Literal: And gaze [those] of the peoples tribes tongues nations upon the bodies of them days three a half the bodies not they will allow to be put into a tomb
KJV: And  of  the people  and  kindreds  and  tongues  and  nations  shall see  their  dead bodies  three  days  and  an half,  and  not  suffer  their  dead bodies  to be put  in  graves. 

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