Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 4098

Word info for πίπτω

Root: πίπτω, συμπίπτω
Strongs Number: 4098
Transliteration: [pipto]
Phonetics: pip·to
Etymology: A reduplicated and contracted form of peto (pet·o, which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses), probably akin to 4072 through the idea of alighting
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to descend from a higher place to a lower (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to descend from a higher place to a lower.
      1a to fall (either from or upon).
         1a1 to be thrust down.
      1b metaph.
      to fall under judgment, came under condemnation.
   2 to descend from an erect to a prostrate position.
      2a to fall down.
         2a1 to be prostrated, fall prostrate.
         2a2 of those overcome by terror or astonishment or grief or under the attack of an evil spirit or of falling dead suddenly.
         2a3 the dismemberment of a corpse by decay.
         2a4 to prostrate one’s self.
         2a5 used of suppliants and persons rendering homage or worship to one.
         2a6 to fall out, fall from i.e. shall perish or be lost.
         2a7 to fall down, fall into ruin: of buildings, walls etc.
      2b to be cast down from a state of prosperity.
         2b1 to fall from a state of uprightness.
         2b2 to perish, i.
         e come to an end, disappear, cease.
            2b2a of virtues.
         2b3 to lose authority, no longer have force.
            2b3a of sayings, precepts, etc.
         2b4 to be removed from power by death.
         2b5 to fail of participating in, miss a share in.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G4098

πεσόντες, πεσὼν, ἔπεσεν, πεσεῖται, πεσοῦνται, πιπτόντων, ἔπεσαν, πίπτει, Πεσὼν, πίπτοντες, ἔπιπτεν, συνέπεσεν, πεσόν, πεσόντα, πεσεῖν, Πέσετε, Ἔπεσεν, πεπτωκυῖαν, ἔπεσά, πέσωσιν, πεσόντας, πέσῃ, πέσητε, ἔπεσα, πέπτωκας, πεπτωκότα

All words for strongs number G4098 :

Word Occurance
ἔπεσεν 23
ἔπεσαν 12
πεσὼν 11
πίπτει 5
πεσοῦνται 4
Ἔπεσεν 3
ἔπεσα 3
πέσῃ 3
Πέσετε 2
Πεσὼν 2
πιπτόντων 2
πεσεῖται 2
πέπτωκας 1
πέσητε 1
πέσωσιν 1
πεσόντας 1
πεσόντες 1
πεσόντα 1
ἔπεσά 1
πεπτωκυῖαν 1
πεσεῖν 1
πεσόν 1
συνέπεσεν 1
ἔπιπτεν 1
πίπτοντες 1
πεπτωκότα 1

How strongs number G4098 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
fell 25
having fallen 12
will fall 5
having fallen down 4
he fell 4
falling 4
i fell 3
fell down 3
falls 3
it fell 3
fallen 2
fall 2
should fall 1
shall fall 1
they fell 1
are fallen 1
you have fallen 1
you might fall 1
has fallen 1
fails 1
he fall 1
they might fall 1
falling down 1
she fell down 1
they will fall 1
to fail 1
he falls 1
i fell down 1

Two strong number together

G4098 G3303

Greek Commentary Search

Luke 6:49 It fell in [συνεπεσεν]
Second aorist active of συνπιπτω — sunpiptō to fall together, to collapse. An old verb from Homer on, but only here in the N.T. [source]
Acts 22:7 I fell [επεσα]
Second aorist active indicative with α — ̇a rather than επεσον — epeson the usual form of πιπτω — piptō [source]
Acts 5:5 Fell down [πεσων]
Second aorist active participle of πιπτω — piptō fell all of a sudden while listening. Gave up the ghost (εχεπσυχεν — exepsuxen). First aorist active indicative of εκπσυχω — ekpsuchō late verb in lxx and Hippocrates, to breathe out, to expire. In the N.T. only here, Acts 5:10; Acts 12:23. It is needless to blame Peter for the death of Ananias. He had brought the end upon himself. It was the judgment of God. Physically the nervous shock could have caused the collapse. [source]
Hebrews 11:30 Fell down [επεσαν]
“Fell,” second aorist active indicative of πιπτω — piptō with first aorist endings as often in the Koiné. After they had been compassed First aorist passive participle of κυκλοω — kukloō old verb to encircle (from κυκλος — kuklos circle) as in Acts 14:20. Antecedent action here. [source]
Revelation 1:17 I fell [επεσα]
Late form for the old επεσον — epeson (second aorist active indicative of πιπτω — piptō to fall). Under the over-powering influence of the vision as in Revelation 19:10. [source]
Revelation 11:13 Fell [επεσεν]
Second aorist active indicative of πιπτω — piptō to fall. Only the tenth First aorist passive indicative of αποκτεινω — apokteinō as in Revelation 9:18.Seven thousand persons This use of ονοματα — onomata (names of men here) is like that in Revelation 3:4; Acts 1:15 and occurs in the papyri (Deissmann, Bible Studies, p. 196f.).Were affrighted (εμποβοι εγενοντο — emphoboi egenonto). “Became terrified,” old adjective (εν ποβος — enεδωκαν δοχαν — phobos fear) as in Luke 24:5; Acts 10:4; Acts 24:5. “A general movement toward Christianity, induced by fear or despair - a prediction fulfilled more than once in ecclesiastical history” (Swete).Gave glory First aorist active indicative of didōmi when they saw the effect of the earthquake, recognition of God‘s power (John 9:24; Acts 12:23; Romans 4:20). [source]
Revelation 16:19 Fell [επεσαν]
Second aorist active indicative of πιπτω — piptō First aorist (prophetic) passive indicative of μιμνησκω — mimnēskō Babylon (Rome) had not been overlooked. God was simply biding his time with Rome.To give unto her Second aorist active infinitive of διδωμι — didōmi epexegetic use as in Revelation 11:18; Revelation 16:9.The cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath (το ποτηριον του οινου του τυμου της οργης αυτου — to potērion tou oinou tou thumou tēs orgēs autou). “The cup of the wine of the wrath of his anger,” using both τυμος — thumos (boiling rage) and οργη — orgē (settled anger). See both in Jeremiah 30:24. [source]
Revelation 4:10 Shall fall down [πεσουνται]
The two actions by the two groups (living creatures, elders) are coordinated (simultaneous in the repetition). They thus acknowledge that all this kingly dignity comes from God, who is King of kings and Lord of lords. Charles takes the elders, however, to be angels, not redeemed men. [source]
Revelation 5:8 Fell down [επεσαν]
Second aorist active indicative of πιπτω — piptō with first aorist “Holding.”A harp Old word, the traditional instrument (lyre or zithern) for psalmody (Psalm 33:2; Psalm 98:5, etc.).Golden bowls (πιαλας χρυσας — phialas chrusās). Broad shallow saucers, old word, in N.T. only in Revelation 5:8; Revelation 15:7; Revelation 16:1-4, Revelation 16:8, Revelation 16:10, Revelation 16:12, Revelation 16:17; Revelation 17:1; Revelation 21:9.Of incense Old word from τυμιαω — thumiaō to burn incense (Luke 1:9), as in Luke 1:10.Which are (αι εισιν — hai eisin). “Which (these bowls of incense) symbolize the prayers of the saints” as in Psalm 140:2; Luke 1:10. [source]
Revelation 9:1 Fallen [πεπτωκοτα]
Perfect active participle of πιπτω — piptō already down. In Luke 10:18 note πεσοντα — pesonta (constative aorist active, like a flash of lightning) after ετεωρουν — etheōroun and in Revelation 7:2 note αναβαινοντα — anabainonta (present active and linear, coming up, picturing the process) after ειδον — eidon the pit of the abyss Αβυσσος — Abussos is an old adjective (alpha privative and βυτος — buthos depth, without depth), but η αβυσσος — hē abussos (supply χωρα — chōra place), the bottomless place. It occurs in Romans 10:7 for the common receptacle of the dead for Hades (Sheol), but in Luke 8:31 a lower depth is sounded (Swete), for the abode of demons, and in this sense it occurs in Revelation 9:1, Revelation 9:2, Revelation 9:11; Revelation 11:7; Revelation 17:8; Revelation 20:1, Revelation 20:3. Πρεαρ — Phrear is an old word for well or cistern (Luke 14:5; John 4:11.) and it occurs in Revelation 9:1. for the mouth of the abyss which is pictured as a cistern with a narrow orifice at the entrance and this fifth angel holds the key to it. [source]

86 Verses with G4098

Matthew 2:11
Literal: And having come into the house they found the Child with Mary the mother of Him having fallen down they worshiped Him having opened the treasures of them they offered to Him gifts gold frankincense myrrh
KJV: And  when they were come  into  the house,  the young child  with  Mary  his  mother,  and  fell down,  and worshipped  him:  and  when they had opened  their  treasures,  they presented  unto him  gifts;  gold,  and  frankincense,  and  myrrh. 

Matthew 4:9
Literal: and he says to Him These things to You all will I give if falling down You will worship me
KJV: And  unto him,  All  will I give  if  thou wilt fall down  and worship 

Matthew 7:25
Literal: And came down the rain came the torrents blew winds beat that house upon not it fell it had been founded for upon the rock
KJV: And  the rain  descended,  and  the floods  came,  and  the winds  blew,  and  beat upon  that  house;  and  it fell  not:  for  it was founded  upon  a rock. 

Matthew 7:27
Literal: And came down the rain came the torrents blew winds beat that house upon it fell was fall of it great
KJV: And  the rain  descended,  and  the floods  came,  and  the winds  blew,  and  beat upon  that  house;  and  it fell:  and  great  the fall  of it. 

Matthew 10:29
Literal: Not two sparrows for an assarion are sold And one of them not will fall to the ground apart from the Father of you
KJV: not  two  sparrows  sold  for a farthing?  and  one  of  them  not  fall  on  the ground  without  Father. 

Matthew 13:4
Literal: And in - sowing of him some indeed fell along the road having come the birds devoured them
KJV: And  when  he  sowed,  some  seeds fell  by  the way side,  and  the fowls  came  and  them  up: 

Matthew 13:5
Literal: Other now fell upon the rocky places where not it had soil much and immediately it sprang up through - not having depth of soil
KJV: Some  fell  upon  stony places,  where  they had  not  much  earth:  and  forthwith  they sprung up,  because  they had  no  deepness  of earth: 

Matthew 13:7
Literal: Other now fell upon the thorns and grew up the thorns choked them
KJV: And  some  fell  among  thorns;  and  the thorns  sprung up,  and  them: 

Matthew 13:8
Literal: Other now fell upon the soil - good and were yielding fruit some indeed a hundredfold sixty thirty
KJV: But  other  fell  into  good  ground,  and  brought forth  fruit,  some  an hundredfold,  some  sixtyfold,  some  thirtyfold. 

Matthew 15:14
Literal: Leave them Blind they are guides of the blind Blind now blind if they lead both into a pit will fall
KJV: them  alone:  blind  leaders  of the blind.  And  if  the blind  lead  the blind,  both  shall fall  into  the ditch. 

Matthew 15:27
Literal: - And she said Yes Lord even however the dogs eat of the crumbs - falling from the table of the masters of them
KJV: And  she said,  Truth,  Lord:  yet  the dogs  eat  of  the crumbs  which  fall  from  their  masters'  table. 

Matthew 17:6
Literal: And having heard [it] the disciples fell upon face of them were terrified greatly
KJV: And  when the disciples  heard  it, they fell  on  their  face,  and  were sore  afraid. 

Matthew 17:15
Literal: and saying Lord have mercy on my - son for he is epileptic miserably suffers often for he falls into the fire water
KJV: Lord,  have mercy  son:  for  he is lunatick,  and  sore  vexed:  for  ofttimes  he falleth  into  the fire,  and  oft  into  the water. 

Matthew 18:26
Literal: Having fallen down therefore the servant was bowing on his knees to him saying Have patience with me and all I will pay to you
KJV: The servant  therefore  fell down,  and worshipped  him,  saying,  have patience  with  and  I will pay  all. 

Matthew 18:29
Literal: Having fallen down therefore the fellow servant of him was begging him saying Have patience with me and I will pay you
KJV: And  his  fellowservant  fell down  his  and besought  him,  saying,  Have patience  with  and  I will pay 

Matthew 21:44
Literal: And the [one] having fallen on the stone this will be broken on whomever but - it shall fall it will grind to powder him
KJV: And  whosoever shall fall  on  stone  shall be broken:  but  on  whomsoever  it shall fall,  him  to powder. 

Matthew 24:29
Literal: Immediately then after the tribulation the days of those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it the stars will fall from the sky the powers of the heavens will be shaken
KJV: Immediately  after  the tribulation  of those  days  shall the sun  be darkened,  and  the moon  not  give  her  light,  and  the stars  shall fall  from  heaven,  and  the powers  of the heavens  shall be shaken: 

Matthew 26:39
Literal: And having gone forward a little He fell upon face of Him praying saying Father of Me if possible it is let pass from Me the cup this Nevertheless not as I will but You
KJV: And  further,  and fell  on  his  face,  and  prayed,  saying,  Father,  if  possible,  cup  pass  from  nevertheless  not  as  will,  but  as  thou 

Mark 4:4
Literal: And it came to pass as - he sowed some - fell along the road came the birds devoured it
KJV: And  it came to pass,  as  he sowed,  some  fell  by  the way side,  and  the fowls  came  and  it  up. 

Mark 4:5
Literal: And other fell upon the rocky place and where not it had soil much immediately it sprang up because of not having depth of soil
KJV: some  fell  on  stony ground,  where  it had  not  much  earth;  and  immediately  it sprang up,  because  it had  no  depth  of earth: 

Mark 4:7
Literal: And other fell among the thorns grew up the thorns choked it fruit no it yielded
KJV: And  some  fell  among  thorns,  and  the thorns  grew up,  and  choked  it,  and  it yielded  no  fruit. 

Mark 4:8
Literal: And other fell into the soil - good began yielding fruit growing up increasing bearing one thirtyfold one sixty a hundred
KJV: And  other  fell  on  good  ground,  and  did yield  fruit  that sprang up  and  increased;  and  brought forth,  some  thirty,  and  some  sixty,  and  some  an hundred. 

Mark 5:22
Literal: And comes one of the synagogue rulers named Jairus having seen Him falls at the feet of Him
KJV: And,  there cometh  one  of the rulers of the synagogue,  Jairus  by name;  and  him,  he fell  at  his  feet, 

Mark 9:20
Literal: And they brought him to Him having seen the spirit immediately threw into convulsions having fallen upon the ground he began rolling around foaming
KJV: And  they brought  him  unto  him:  and  him,  straightway  the spirit  him;  and  he fell  on  the ground,  and wallowed  foaming. 

Mark 13:25
Literal: and the stars will be out of the heaven falling the powers that [are] in the heavens will be shaken
KJV: And  the stars  of heaven  and  the powers  that are in  heaven  shall be shaken. 

Mark 14:35
Literal: And having gone forward a little He fell upon the ground was praying that if possible it is might pass from Him the hour
KJV: And  he went forward  and fell  on  the ground,  and  prayed  that,  if  possible,  the hour  might pass  from  him. 

Luke 5:12
Literal: And it came to pass in - being His one of the cities that behold a man full of leprosy having seen then - Jesus having fallen upon [his] face begged Him saying Lord if You would be willing You are able me to cleanse
KJV: And  it came to pass,  when he  in  city,  behold  a man  full  of leprosy:  who  Jesus  fell  on  his face,  and besought  him,  saying,  Lord,  if  thou wilt,  thou canst  clean. 

Luke 6:49
Literal: The [one] however having heard and not having done like is to a man having built a house on the ground without a foundation on which burst the stream immediately it fell was the ruin of the house that great
KJV: But  he that heareth,  and  doeth  not,  like  a man  that without  a foundation  built  an house  upon  the earth;  which  the stream  did beat vehemently,  and  immediately  it fell;  and  the ruin  of that  house  was  great. 

Luke 8:5
Literal: Went out the [one] sowing - to sow the seed of him And in the sowing of him some indeed fell along the road it was trampled upon the birds of the air devoured it
KJV: A sower  went out  to sow  his  seed:  and  as  he  sowed,  some  fell  by  the way side;  and  it was trodden down,  and  the fowls  of the air  devoured  it. 

Luke 8:7
Literal: And other fell in [the] midst of the thorns having sprung up with [it] the thorns choked it
KJV: And  some  fell  among  thorns;  and  the thorns  sprang up with it,  and choked  it. 

Luke 8:8
Literal: And other fell upon the soil - good having sprung up it produced fruit a hundredfold These things saying He was calling out The [one] having ears to hear let him hear
KJV: And  other  fell  good  ground,  and  sprang up,  and bare  fruit  an hundredfold.  And when he had said  he cried,  He that hath  ears  to hear, 

Luke 8:14
Literal: That now into the thorns having fallen these are those having heard and under cares riches pleasures - of life moving along are choked not do mature
KJV: And  that which fell  among  thorns  they,  which, when they have heard,  go forth,  and  are choked  with  cares  and  riches  and  pleasures  of this life,  and  no  fruit to perfection. 

Luke 8:41
Literal: And behold came a man whose name [was] Jairus he a ruler of the synagogue was having fallen at the feet - of Jesus he began begging Him to come to the house of him
KJV: And,  behold,  there came  a man  named  Jairus,  and  he  was  a ruler  of the synagogue:  and  he fell down  at  Jesus'  feet,  and besought  him  that he would come  into  his  house: 

Luke 10:18
Literal: He said then to them I beheld - Satan as lightning out of the heaven having fallen
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  I beheld  Satan  as  lightning  fall  from  heaven. 

Luke 11:17
Literal: He now knowing their - thoughts said to them Every kingdom against itself having been divided is brought to desolation and a house against a house falls
KJV: But  he,  knowing  their  thoughts,  said  unto them,  Every  kingdom  divided  against  itself  is brought to desolation;  and  a house  divided against  a house  falleth. 

Luke 13:4
Literal: Or those - ten [and] eight on whom fell the tower in - Siloam and killed them think you that these debtors were beyond all the men - dwelling in Jerusalem
KJV: Or  those  eighteen,  upon  whom  the tower  in  Siloam  fell,  and  slew  them,  think ye  that  were  sinners  above  all  men  that dwelt  in  Jerusalem? 

Luke 14:5
Literal: And to them He said Which of you a son or an ox into a pit will fall also not immediately he will pull up him on day the Sabbath
KJV: And  them,  saying,  Which  or  an ox  into  a pit,  and  not  straightway  him  out  on  the sabbath  day? 

Luke 16:17
Literal: Easier for however it is the heaven and the earth to pass away than of the law one stroke of a pen to fail
KJV: And  easier  for heaven  and  earth  to pass,  than  tittle  of the law  to fail. 

Luke 16:21
Literal: and desiring to be fed from that falling the table of the rich man but even the dogs coming were licking the sores of him
KJV: And  desiring  to be fed  with  which  fell  from  the rich man's  table:  moreover  the dogs  came  and licked  his  sores. 

Luke 17:16
Literal: and he fell on [his] face at the feet of Him giving thanks to Him he was a Samaritan
KJV: And  fell down  on  his face  at  his  feet,  him  thanks:  and  he  a Samaritan. 

Luke 20:18
Literal: Everyone - falling on that - stone will be broken on whomever but - it might fall it will grind into powder him
KJV: Whosoever  shall fall  upon  that  stone  shall be broken;  but  on  whomsoever  it shall fall,  him  to powder. 

Luke 21:24
Literal: And they will fall by [the] edge of [the] sword will be led captive into the nations all Jerusalem will be trodden down by [the] Gentiles until that are fulfilled also be [the] times of [the] Gentiles
KJV: And  they shall fall  by the edge  of the sword,  and  shall be led away captive  into  all  nations:  and  Jerusalem  trodden down  of  the Gentiles,  until  the times  of the Gentiles  be fulfilled. 

Luke 23:30
Literal: Then They will begin to say to the mountains Fall upon us and to the hills Cover
KJV: Then  shall they begin  to say  to the mountains,  Fall  on  and  to the hills,  Cover 

John 11:32
Literal: - Therefore Mary when she came to where was Jesus having seen Him fell of Him at the feet saying to Him Lord if You had been here not - of me would have died the brother
KJV: Then  when  Mary  was come  where  Jesus  him,  she fell down  his  feet,  saying  unto him,  Lord,  if  here,  brother  had  not  died. 

John 12:24
Literal: Truly I say to you if not the grain - of wheat having fallen into the ground should die it alone abides however it should die much fruit it bears
KJV: Verily,  I say  a corn  of wheat  fall  into  the ground  and die,  it  abideth  alone:  but  if  it die,  it bringeth forth  much  fruit. 

John 18:6
Literal: When therefore He said to them I am [He] they drew toward the back and fell to [the] ground
KJV: As soon  then  as he had said  unto them,  am  he, they went  backward,  and  fell  to the ground. 

Acts 1:26
Literal: And they gave lots for them fell the lot on Matthias he was numbered with the eleven apostles
KJV: And  they gave forth  their  lots;  and  the lot  fell  upon  Matthias;  and  he was numbered  with  the eleven  apostles. 

Acts 5:5
Literal: Hearing now - Ananias the words these having fallen down he breathed his last And came fear great upon all those hearing
KJV: And  Ananias  hearing  words  fell down,  and gave up the ghost:  and  great  fear  came  on  all  them that heard 

Acts 5:10
Literal: She fell down then immediately at the feet of him and breathed her last Having come in the young [men] found her dead having carried out they buried [her] by the husband of her
KJV: Then  fell she down  straightway  his  feet,  and  yielded up the ghost:  and  the young men  came in,  and found  her  dead,  and,  carrying her forth,  buried  her by  her  husband. 

Acts 9:4
Literal: And having fallen on the ground he heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why Me do you persecute
KJV: And  he fell  to  the earth,  and heard  a voice  saying  unto him,  Saul,  why  persecutest thou 

Acts 10:25
Literal: As then was - entering - Peter having met him - Cornelius having fallen at the feet worshiped [him]
KJV: And  as  Peter  was  coming in,  Cornelius  met  him,  and fell down  at  his feet,  and worshipped 

Acts 13:11
Literal: And now behold [the] hand of the Lord [is] upon you you will be blind not seeing the sun during a season Immediately then fell upon him mist darkness going about he was seeking someone to lead [him] by the hand
KJV: And  now,  behold,  the hand  of the Lord  is upon  and  blind,  not  seeing  the sun  for  a season.  And  immediately  on  him  a mist  and  a darkness;  and  he went about  seeking  some to lead him by the hand. 

Acts 15:16
Literal: After these things I will return and will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen the ruins of it I will rebuild I will set upright it
KJV: After  I will return,  and  will build again  the tabernacle  of David,  which  is fallen down;  and  I will build again  the ruins  thereof,  and  it  up: 

Acts 20:9
Literal: Was sitting then a certain young man named Eutychus by the window overpowered by sleep deep as talked - Paul on longer having been overpowered by the sleep he fell from the third story down and was picked up dead
KJV: And  in  a window  a certain  young man  named  Eutychus,  being fallen  into a deep  sleep:  and as Paul  was long  preaching,  he sunk down  with  sleep,  and fell down  from  the third loft,  and  was taken up  dead. 

Acts 22:7
Literal: I fell then to the ground and heard a voice saying to me Saul Saul why Me persecute you
KJV: And  I fell  unto  the ground,  and  heard  a voice  saying  Saul,  why  persecutest thou 

Romans 11:11
Literal: I ask then not did they stumble that they might fall Never may it be But in the of them trespass - [is] salvation to the Gentiles so as - to provoke to jealousy them
KJV: I say  then,  Have they stumbled  that  they should fall?  God forbid:  but  rather through their  fall  salvation  is come unto the Gentiles,  for to  them  to jealousy. 

Romans 11:22
Literal: Behold therefore [the] kindness and severity of God upon indeed those having fallen severity toward however you kindness if you continue in the kindness otherwise also you will be cut off
KJV: therefore  the goodness  and  severity  of God:  on  them which fell,  severity;  but  toward  goodness,  if  thou continue  in his goodness:  otherwise  thou  also  shalt be cut off. 

Romans 14:4
Literal: You who are - judging another’s servant To the own master he stands or falls He will be upheld however able is for the Lord to uphold him
KJV: Who  thou  that judgest  another man's  servant?  to his own  master  he standeth  or  falleth.  Yea,  he shall be holden up:  for  him  stand. 

1 Corinthians 10:8
Literal: Neither should we commit sexual immorality as some of them committed sexual immorality and fell in one day twenty three thousand
KJV: Neither  let us commit fornication,  as  some  of them  committed,  and  fell  day  three  and twenty  thousand. 

1 Corinthians 10:12
Literal: Therefore the [one] thinking to stand let him take heed lest he fall
KJV: Wherefore  him that thinketh  he standeth  take heed  lest  he fall. 

1 Corinthians 13:8
Literal: - Love never fails if however [there are] prophesies they will be done away tongues they will be ceased knowledge it will pass away
KJV: Charity  never  but  whether  there be prophecies,  they shall fail;  whether  there be tongues,  they shall cease;  whether  there be knowledge,  it shall vanish away. 

1 Corinthians 14:25
Literal: the secrets of the heart of him manifest become And thus having fallen upon [his] face he will worship - God declaring that certainly - God among you is
KJV: And  thus  the secrets  of his  heart  made  manifest;  and  so  falling down  on  his face  he will worship  God,  and report  that  God  in  of a truth. 

Hebrews 3:17
Literal: With whom now was He indignant forty years [if] not with those having sinned whose - bodies fell in the wilderness
KJV: But  with whom  was he grieved  forty  years?  was it not  with them that had sinned,  whose  carcases  fell  in  the wilderness? 

Hebrews 4:11
Literal: We should be diligent therefore to enter into that - rest so that not by the same anyone example should fall - of disobedience
KJV: Let us labour  therefore  to enter  into  that  rest,  any man  fall  after  the same  example  of unbelief. 

Hebrews 11:30
Literal: By faith the walls of Jericho fell having been encircled for seven days
KJV: By faith  the walls  of Jericho  fell down,  after they were compassed  about  seven  days. 

James 5:12
Literal: Before all things however brothers of me not swear neither [by] - heaven nor the earth other any oath Be however of you the Yes yes and No no so that under judgment you might fall
KJV: But  above  all things,  brethren,  swear  not,  neither  by heaven,  neither  by the earth,  neither  by any  other  oath:  but  yea  and  your nay,  ye fall 

Revelation 1:17
Literal: And when I saw Him I fell at the feet of Him as though dead He placed the right hand upon me saying Not fear I am the First Last
KJV: And  when  him,  I fell  at  his  feet  as  dead.  And  his  right  upon  saying  Fear  not;  am  the first  and  the last: 

Revelation 2:5
Literal: Remember therefore from where you have fallen and repent the first works do If however not I am coming to you I will remove the lampstand of you out of the place of it if not you should repent
KJV: Remember  therefore  from whence  and  repent,  and  do  the first  works;  I will come  and  will remove  candlestick  out of  his  place,  thou repent. 

Revelation 4:10
Literal: will fall the twenty four elders before the [One] sitting upon the throne and they will worship the [One] living to the ages of the ages they will cast crowns of them saying
KJV: The four  and  twenty  elders  fall down  before  him that sat  on  the throne,  and  worship  him that liveth  for  ever  and  cast  their  crowns  before  the throne,  saying, 

Revelation 5:8
Literal: And when He had taken the scroll the four living creatures the twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb having each a harp bowls golden being full of incenses which are the prayers of the saints
KJV: And  when  he had taken  the book,  the four  beasts  and  four  and twenty  elders  fell down  before  the Lamb,  having  every one of them  harps,  and  golden  vials  full  of odours,  which  the prayers  of saints. 

Revelation 5:14
Literal: And the four living creatures kept saying Amen the elders fell down worshiped Him who lives for the ages of the ages
KJV: And  the four  beasts  Amen.  And  the four  elders  fell down  and  worshipped  him that liveth  for  ever 

Revelation 6:13
Literal: and the stars of heaven fell to the earth as a fig tree casts the unripe figs of it by a wind great being shaken
KJV: And  the stars  of heaven  fell  unto  the earth,  even as  a fig tree  casteth  her  untimely figs,  when she is shaken  of  a mighty  wind. 

Revelation 6:16
Literal: And they say to the mountains to the rocks Fall on us hide from [the] face of the [One] sitting on the throne the wrath of the Lamb
KJV: And  said  to the mountains  and  rocks,  Fall  on  and  hide  from  the face  of him that sitteth  on  the throne,  and  from  the wrath  of the Lamb: 

Revelation 7:11
Literal: And all the angels stood around the throne the elders the four living creatures they fell before upon the faces of them worshiped - God
KJV: And  all  the angels  stood  round about  the throne,  and  about the elders  and  the four  beasts,  and  fell  before  the throne  on  their  faces,  and  worshipped  God, 

Revelation 7:16
Literal: Not they will hunger any more neither will they thirst anymore nor at all shall fall upon them the sun any scorching heat
KJV: They shall hunger  no  more,  neither  thirst  any more;  neither  the sun  light  on  them,  nor  any  heat. 

Revelation 8:10
Literal: And the third angel sounded [his] trumpet fell out of - heaven a star great burning like a torch it fell upon a third of the rivers the springs of waters
KJV: And  the third  angel  sounded,  and  there fell  a great  star  from  heaven,  burning  as it were  a lamp,  and  it fell  upon  the third part  of the rivers,  and  upon  the fountains  of waters; 

Revelation 9:1
Literal: And the fifth angel sounded [his] trumpet I saw a star out of - heaven having fallen to the earth was given to it the key of the pit of the Abyss
KJV: And  the fifth  angel  sounded,  and  a star  fall  from  heaven  unto  the earth:  and  to him  was given  the key  of the bottomless  pit. 

Revelation 11:13
Literal: And in that - hour there was an earthquake great a tenth of the city fell were killed the earthquake names of men thousand seven the rest terrified became gave glory to the God of heaven
KJV: And  the same  hour  was there  a great  earthquake,  and  the tenth part  of the city  fell,  and  in  the earthquake  were slain  of men  seven  thousand:  and  the remnant  were  affrighted,  and  gave  glory  to the God  of heaven. 

Revelation 11:16
Literal: And the twenty four elders - before - God sitting on the thrones of them fell upon the faces worshiped - God
KJV: And  the four  and  twenty  elders,  which  sat  before  God  on  their  seats,  fell  upon  their  faces,  and  worshipped  God, 

Revelation 14:8
Literal: And another angel a second followed saying Fallen Fallen is Babylon the great who of the wine - of wrath for the immorality of her she has given to drink all the Gentiles
KJV: And  there followed  another  angel,  saying,  Babylon  is fallen,  that great  all  nations  drink  of  the wine  of the wrath  of her  fornication. 

Revelation 16:19
Literal: And was [split] the city - great into three parts the cities of the nations fell Babylon was remembered before - God to give her the cup of the wine fury the wrath of Him
KJV: And  the great  city  was divided  into  three  parts,  and  the cities  of the nations  fell:  and  great  Babylon  before  God,  to give  unto her  the cup  of the wine  of the fierceness  of his  wrath. 

Revelation 17:10
Literal: And kings seven there are The five are fallen the one is other not yet has come when he shall have come a little while him it behooves to remain
KJV: And  seven  kings:  five  are fallen,  and  one  and the other  not yet  come;  and  when  he cometh,  he  must  continue  a short space. 

Revelation 18:2
Literal: And he cried out in a mighty voice saying Fallen Fallen is Babylon the great she has become a habitation of demons a prison of every spirit unclean bird and creature unclean having been hated
KJV: And  he cried  with  a strong  voice,  saying,  Babylon  the great  is fallen,  and  is become  the habitation  and  the hold  of every  foul  spirit,  and  a cage  of every  unclean  and  hateful  bird. 

Revelation 19:4
Literal: And fell down the elders - twenty four the four living creatures they worshiped - God the [One] sitting on the throne saying Amen Hallelujah
KJV: And  the four  and  twenty  elders  and  the four  beasts  fell down  and  worshipped  God  that sat  on  the throne,  saying,  Amen;  Alleluia. 

Revelation 19:10
Literal: And I fell before the feet of him to worship him he says to me See that you not A fellow servant with you I am brothers of you - holding the testimony of Jesus - God worship The for testimony is the spirit - of prophecy
KJV: And  I fell  at  his  feet  to worship  him.  And  he said  See  thou do it not:  I am  fellowservant,  and  brethren  that have  the testimony  of Jesus:  worship  God:  for  the testimony  of Jesus  the spirit  of prophecy. 

Revelation 22:8
Literal: And I John [am] the [one] hearing and seeing these things when I heard saw I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel - showing me
KJV: And  John  saw  and  heard  them. And  when  I had heard  and  seen,  I fell down  to worship  before  the feet  of the angel  which  shewed 

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