Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 3982

Word info for ἐπισείω

Root: ἐπισείω, πείθω
Strongs Number: 3982
Transliteration: [peitho]
Phonetics: pi·tho
Etymology: A primary verb
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: persuade (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 persuade.
      1a to persuade, i.e. to induce one by words to believe.
      1b to make friends of, to win one’s favour, gain one’s good will, or to seek to win one, strive to please one.
      1c to tranquillise.
      1d to persuade unto i.e. move or induce one to persuasion to do something.
   2 be persuaded.
      2a to be persuaded, to suffer one’s self to be persuaded; to be induced to believe: to have faith: in a thing.
         2a1 to believe.
         2a2 to be persuaded of a thing concerning a person.
      2b to listen to, obey, yield to, comply with.
   3 to trust, have confidence, be confident.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3982

ἔπεισαν, πέποιθεν, πείσομεν, πεποιθότας, ἐπεποίθει, πεισθήσονται, πεπεισμένος, ἐπείθοντο, Ἐπείσθησαν, πείσαντες, ἔπειθον, ἐπείσθησαν, ἔπειθέν, πείθων, πείσας, πειθομένου, πεισθῇς, πείθομαι, πείθεις, ἐπείθετο, πειθομένοις, πέποιθάς, πέπεισμαι, Πέπεισμαι, πεποιθότες, πεποιθὼς, πείθομεν, πείθω, πείθεσθαι⧽, πείθεσθαι, πέποιθα, πεποιθέναι, πεποίθαμεν, Πεποιθὼς, Πεπείσμεθα, Πείθεσθε, πειθόμεθα

All words for strongs number G3982 :

Word Occurance
πέπεισμαι 4
πεποιθὼς 4
πεποιθότας 3
ἐπείθοντο 3
πείσομεν 2
πεποιθότες 2
πέποιθεν 2
πείσαντες 2
πέποιθα 2
πείθεσθαι 2
πείθων 2
ἔπεισαν 1
πείθω 1
πείθομεν 1
πεποιθέναι 1
πείθεσθαι⧽ 1
πεποίθαμεν 1
Πεποιθὼς 1
Πεπείσμεθα 1
Πείθεσθε 1
Πέπεισμαι 1
πείθεις 1
πέποιθάς 1
πειθομένοις 1
ἐπείθετο 1
πείθομαι 1
πεισθῇς 1
πειθομένου 1
πείσας 1
ἔπειθέν 1
ἐπείσθησαν 1
ἔπειθον 1
Ἐπείσθησαν 1
πεπεισμένος 1
πεισθήσονται 1
ἐπεποίθει 1
πειθόμεθα 1

How strongs number G3982 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
i am persuaded 7
trusting 5
persuading 3
we are persuaded 3
to obey 3
were persuaded 2
being persuaded of 2
having been persuaded of 1
having put confidence 1
was persuaded 1
am confident 1
to have confidence 1
do i seek approval 1
is persuaded 1
obey 1
we persuade 1
are persuaded [that] 1
being persuaded about 1
were persuaded of 1
persuaded 1
do you persuade 1
he trusted 1
should be persuaded 1
being persuaded 1
having persuaded [them] 1
were obedient 1
having persuaded 1
kept persuading 1
having gained 1
they were persuaded 1
having been persuaded 1
will they be persuaded 1
he had trusted 1
trust 1
will persuade 1
we will assure 1

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Greek Commentary Search

Matthew 27:20 Persuaded [επεισαν]
The chief priests (Sadducees) and elders (Pharisees) saw the peril of the situation and took no chances. While Pilate wavered in pressing the question, they used all their arts to get the people to “ask for themselves” (αιτησωνται — aitēsōntai indirect middle ingressive aorist subjunctive) and to choose Barabbas and not Jesus. [source]
Acts 12:20 Made their friend [πεισαντες]
First aorist active participle of πειτω — peithō to persuade. Having persuaded (probably with bribes as in Matthew 28:14). They asked for peace (ηιτουντο ειρηνην — ēitounto eirēnēn). Imperfect middle of αιτεω — aiteō kept on asking for peace. Because their country was fed Causal sentence with δια — dia and the articular infinitive (present passive of τρεπω — trephō to nourish or feed) and the accusative of general reference, “because of the being fed as to their country.” Tyre and Sidon as large commercial cities on the coast received large supplies of grain and fruits from Palestine. Herod had cut off the supplies and that brought the two cities to action. [source]
2 Timothy 1:5 I am persuaded [πεπεισμαι]
Perfect passive indicative of πειτω — peithō “I stand persuaded.” In the Pastorals only here and 2 Timothy 1:12, common in Paul‘s other writings (Romans 8:38, etc.). [source]
2 Timothy 1:12 I am persuaded [πεπεισμαι]
See 2 Timothy 1:5. To guard (πυλαχαι — phulaxai). First aorist active infinitive of πυλασσω — phulassō the very word used in 1 Timothy 6:20 with παρατηκην — parathēkēn as here, to guard against robbery or any loss. That which I have committed unto him Literally, “my deposit,” as in a bank, the bank of heaven which no burglar can break (Matthew 6:19.). See this word also in 2 Timothy 1:14. Some MSS. have the more common παρακατατηκη — parakatathēkē (a sort of double deposit, παρα — para beside, down, κατα — kata). Against that day (εις εκεινην την ημεραν — eis ekeinēn tēn hēmeran). The day of Christ‘s second coming. See also 2 Timothy 1:18; 2 Timothy 4:8; 2 Thessalonians 1:10, and often in the Gospels. Elsewhere, the day of the Lord (1 Thessalonians 5:2; 2 Thessalonians 2:2; 1 Corinthians 1:8; 2 Corinthians 1:14), the day of Christ or Jesus Christ (Philemon 1:6, Philemon 1:10; Philemon 2:16), the day (1 Thessalonians 5:4; 1 Corinthians 3:13; Romans 13:12), the day of redemption (Ephesians 4:20), the day of judgment (Romans 2:5, Romans 2:16). [source]

54 Verses with G3982

Matthew 27:20
Literal: - And the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds that they should ask for - Barabbas Jesus should destroy
KJV: But  the chief priests  and  elders  persuaded  the multitude  that  they should ask  Barabbas,  and  destroy  Jesus. 

Matthew 27:43
Literal: He trusted on - God Let Him deliver now if He wants Him He said for - Of God I am [the] Son
KJV: He trusted  in  God;  let him deliver  him  now,  if  he will have  him:  for  he said,  I am  the Son  of God. 

Matthew 28:14
Literal: And if is heard this by the governor we will persuade him you out of trouble will keep
KJV: And  if  to  the governor's  ears,  will persuade  him,  and  secure 

Mark 10:24
Literal: - And the disciples were astonished at the words of Him - But Jesus again answering says to them Children how difficult it is into the kingdom - of God to enter those who trust in riches
KJV: And  the disciples  were astonished  at  his  words.  But  Jesus  answereth  again,  and saith  unto them,  Children,  how  hard  for them that trust  in  riches  to enter  into  the kingdom  of God! 

Luke 11:22
Literal: when however [one] stronger than he having come upon [him] shall overcome him the complete armor of him he takes away in which he had trusted and the plunder he divides
KJV: But  when  a stronger  than he  shall come upon him,  and overcome  him,  he taketh  from him  all his armour  wherein  he trusted,  and  divideth  his  spoils. 

Luke 16:31
Literal: He said however to him If Moses and the prophets not they hear not even if one out from [the] dead should rise will they be persuaded
KJV: And  he said  unto him,  If  they hear  not  Moses  and  the prophets,  neither  will they be persuaded,  though  one  rose  from  the dead. 

Luke 18:9
Literal: He spoke now also to some - trusting in themselves that they are righteous and despising the others the parable this
KJV: And  he spake  parable  unto  certain  which  trusted  in  themselves  that  righteous,  and  despised  others: 

Luke 20:6
Literal: If however we should say From men the people all will stone us having been persuaded for they are John a prophet to be
KJV: But and  if  we say,  Of  men;  the people  will stone  for  persuaded  that John  a prophet. 

Acts 5:36
Literal: Before for these - days rose up Theudas affirming to be somebody himself to whom were joined of men number about four hundred who was put to death and all as many as were persuaded by him were dispersed it came to nothing
KJV: For  before  days  rose up  Theudas,  boasting  himself  somebody;  to whom  a number  of men,  four hundred,  who  was slain;  and  all,  as many as  obeyed  him,  were scattered,  and  brought  to  nought. 

Acts 5:37
Literal: After this man rose up Judas the Galilean in the days of the registration and drew away people after him And he perished all as many as were persuaded by him were scattered
KJV: After  rose up  Judas  of Galilee  in  the days  of the taxing,  and  drew away  people  after  him:  he also  perished;  and  all,  even as many as  obeyed  him,  were dispersed. 

Acts 5:40
Literal: They were persuaded now by him and having called in the apostles having beaten they commanded [them] not to speak in the name - of Jesus released [them]
KJV: And  to him  they agreed:  and  when they had called  the apostles,  and beaten  them, they commanded  not  speak  in  the name  of Jesus,  and  them  go. 

Acts 12:20
Literal: He had been now furiously angry with [the] Tyrians and Sidonians with one accord then they came to him having gained Blastus who [was] over the bedchamber of the king they were seeking peace because of - being nourished their - region by the king’s
KJV: And  highly displeased  with them of Tyre  and  Sidon:  but  they came  with one accord  to  him,  and,  Blastus  the king's  chamberlain  their friend,  desired  peace;  because  their  country  was nourished  by  the king's 

Acts 13:43
Literal: Having broken up then the synagogue followed many of the Jews and worshipping converts - Paul Barnabas who speaking to them kept persuading them to continue in the grace - of God
KJV: Now  when the congregation  was broken up,  many  of the Jews  and  religious  proselytes  followed  Paul  and  Barnabas:  who,  speaking  to them,  persuaded  them  in the grace  of God. 

Acts 14:19
Literal: Came however from Antioch and Iconium Jews having persuaded the crowds having stoned - Paul they dragged [him] outside the city supposing him to have died
KJV: And  there came thither  certain Jews  from  Antioch  and  Iconium,  who  persuaded  the people,  and,  having stoned  Paul,  drew  him out of  the city,  supposing  he  had been dead. 

Acts 17:4
Literal: And some of them were obedient and joined themselves - to Paul to Silas - along with worshipping Greeks a multitude great women then of the leading not a few
KJV: And  some  of  them  believed,  and  consorted  with Paul  and  Silas;  and  of the devout  Greeks  a great  multitude,  and  of the chief  women  not  a few. 

Acts 18:4
Literal: He was reasoning now in the synagogue on every Sabbath persuading both Jews and Greeks
KJV: And  he reasoned  in  the synagogue  every  sabbath,  and  persuaded  the Jews  and  the Greeks. 

Acts 19:8
Literal: Having entered then into the synagogue he was speaking boldly for months three reasoning and persuading - concerning the kingdom - of God
KJV: And  he went  into  the synagogue,  and spake boldly  for the space  of three  months,  disputing  and  persuading  the things concerning  the kingdom  of God. 

Acts 19:26
Literal: And you see hear that not only in Ephesus but almost all - of Asia - Paul this having persuaded [them] has turned away a great many people saying not they are gods - by hands being made
KJV: Moreover  ye see  and  hear,  that  not  alone  at Ephesus,  but  almost  throughout all  Asia,  this  Paul  hath persuaded  and turned away  much  people,  saying  that  no  gods,  which  are made  with  hands: 

Acts 21:14
Literal: Not being persuaded then of him we were silent having said Of the Lord the will be done
KJV: And  when he  not  be persuaded,  we ceased,  saying,  The will  of the Lord  be done. 

Acts 23:21
Literal: You therefore not should be persuaded by them Lie in wait indeed for him of them men more than forty who have put under an oath themselves neither to eat nor to drink until that they have killed him and now they are ready awaiting the from you promise
KJV: But  not  thou  yield  unto them:  for  there lie in wait for  him  of  them  more than  forty  men,  which  themselves  with an oath,  neither  eat  nor  drink  till  they have killed  him:  and  now  ready,  looking for  a promise  from 

Acts 26:26
Literal: Understands for concerning these things the king to whom also using boldness I speak Are hidden from him any of these things not I am persuaded none for is in a corner done of these things
KJV: For  the king  knoweth  of  things, before  whom  also  I speak  freely:  for  I am persuaded  that  none  are hidden  from him;  for  not  done  in  a corner. 

Acts 26:28
Literal: - Then Agrippa [said] to - Paul Within so little me do you persuade a Christian to become
KJV: Then  Agrippa  unto  Paul,  Almost  thou persuadest  a Christian. 

Acts 27:11
Literal: - But the centurion by the pilot and the ship owner rather was persuaded than by the things by Paul spoken
KJV: Nevertheless  the centurion  believed  the master  and  the owner of the ship,  more  than  those things which were spoken  by  Paul. 

Acts 28:23
Literal: Having appointed then him a day came to him to the lodging many to whom he expounded fully testifying to the kingdom - of God persuading then them concerning Jesus from both the law of Moses and the Prophets from morning to evening
KJV: And  when they had appointed  him  a day,  many  to  him  into  his lodging;  to whom  he expounded  and testified  the kingdom  of God,  persuading  them  concerning  Jesus,  both  out of  the law  of Moses,  and  out of the prophets,  from  morning  till  evening. 

Acts 28:24
Literal: And some indeed were persuaded of the things he is speaking however refused to believe
KJV: And  some  believed  the things which were spoken,  and  some believed not. 

Romans 2:8
Literal: to those however of self-interest and disobeying the truth being persuaded about - unrighteousness wrath anger
KJV: But  unto them that are contentious,  and  do not obey  the truth,  but  obey  unrighteousness,  indignation  and  wrath, 

Romans 2:19
Literal: are persuaded [that] then you yourself a guide are of [the] blind a light to those in darkness
KJV: And  art confident  that thou thyself  a guide  of the blind,  a light  of them which are in  darkness, 

Romans 8:38
Literal: I am persuaded for that neither death nor life angels principalities things present things to come powers
KJV: For  I am persuaded,  that  neither  death,  nor  life,  nor  angels,  nor  principalities,  nor  powers,  nor  things present,  nor  things to come, 

Romans 14:14
Literal: I know and I am persuaded in [the] Lord Jesus that nothing [is] unclean of itself if not to him reckoning anything to be to that one unclean [it is]
KJV: I know,  and  am persuaded  by  the Lord  Jesus,  that  there is nothing  unclean  of  itself:  to him that esteemeth  any thing  unclean,  to him  it is unclean. 

Romans 15:14
Literal: I am persuaded now brothers of me also myself I concerning you that you yourselves full are of goodness being filled with all - knowledge being able one another to admonish
KJV: And  myself  also  am persuaded  of  brethren,  that  ye  also  full  of goodness,  filled  with all  knowledge,  able  also  to admonish  one another. 

2 Corinthians 1:9
Literal: But we in ourselves the sentence - of death had in order that not trusting we should be in but in - God the [One] raising the dead
KJV: But  we had  the sentence  of death  in  ourselves,  trust  in  ourselves,  but  in  God  which  raiseth  the dead: 

2 Corinthians 2:3
Literal: And I wrote this same thing so that not having come grief I might have from [those] of whom it behooves me to rejoice trusting in all you that - my joy of all of you is
KJV: And  I wrote  same  when I came,  I should have  sorrow  from  them of whom  ought  to rejoice;  having confidence  in  all,  that  my  joy  all. 

2 Corinthians 5:11
Literal: Knowing therefore the fear of the Lord men we persuade to God and we have been made manifest I hope now also in the consciences of you to have been made manifest
KJV: Knowing  therefore  the terror  of the Lord,  we persuade  men;  but  we are made manifest  unto God;  and  I trust  also  are made manifest  in  consciences. 

2 Corinthians 10:7
Literal: The things according to appearance are you looking If anyone is persuaded in himself of Christ to be this let him reckon again within himself that as he [is] of Christ so also [are] we
KJV: Do ye look on  things after  the outward appearance?  trust  to himself  Christ's,  himself  think  again,  that,  as  he  is Christ's,  even  so  Christ's. 

Galatians 1:10
Literal: Presently for of men do I seek approval or - God do I seek men to please For if yet I were pleasing of Christ a servant not - I would be
KJV: For  now  persuade  men,  or  God?  or  do I seek  to please  men?  for  if  yet  pleased  men,  I should  not  the servant  of Christ. 

Galatians 3:1
Literal: O foolish Galatians Who you has bewitched the truth not to obey whose before eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed [as] having been crucified
KJV: foolish  Galatians,  who  hath bewitched  not  obey  the truth,  before  whose  eyes  Jesus  Christ  hath been evidently set forth,  crucified 

Galatians 5:7
Literal: You were running well Who you cut into the truth not to obey
KJV: Ye did run  well;  who  not  obey  the truth? 

Galatians 5:10
Literal: I am confident as to you in [the] Lord that no other mind will you have The [one] however troubling will bear the judgment whoever if he might be
KJV: have confidence  in  through  the Lord,  that  none  otherwise  minded:  but  he that troubleth  shall bear  his judgment,  whosoever 

Philippians 1:6
Literal: being persuaded of [the] very thing this that the [One] having begun in you a work good will complete [it] until [the] day of Christ Jesus
KJV: Being confident  very thing,  that  he which hath begun  a good  work  in  will perform  it until  the day  of Jesus  Christ: 

Philippians 1:14
Literal: and - most of the brothers in [the] Lord trusting by the chains of me more abundantly to dare fearlessly the word of God to speak
KJV: And  many  of the brethren  in  the Lord,  waxing confident  bonds,  bold  to speak  the word  without fear. 

Philippians 1:25
Literal: And this having been persuaded of I know that I will remain will continue with all of you for - your progress joy of the faith
KJV: And  confidence,  I know  that  I shall abide  and  all  for  furtherance  and  joy  of faith; 

Philippians 2:24
Literal: I am persuaded now in [the] Lord that also I myself soon I will come
KJV: But  I trust  in  the Lord  that  also  myself  shall come  shortly. 

Philippians 3:3
Literal: We for are the circumcision those in [the] Spirit of God worshiping and glorying in Christ Jesus not [the] flesh having put confidence
KJV: For  the circumcision,  which  worship  God  in the spirit,  and  rejoice  in  Christ  Jesus,  and  no  confidence  in  the flesh. 

Philippians 3:4
Literal: though I have confidence even in [the] flesh If any thinks other to have confidence more
KJV: Though  also  have  confidence  in  the flesh.  other man  thinketh  that he hath whereof he might trust  in  the flesh,  more: 

2 Thessalonians 3:4
Literal: We are persuaded now in [the] Lord as to you that the things that we command both you are doing and you will do
KJV: And  we have confidence  in  the Lord  touching  that  ye both  do  and  will do  the things which  we command 

2 Timothy 1:5
Literal: remembrance having taken of the within you sincere faith which dwelt first in the grandmother of you Lois and in the mother Eunice I am persuaded now that also [it is] in you
KJV: When I call  to remembrance  the unfeigned  faith  that is in  which  dwelt  first  in  grandmother  Lois,  and  mother  Eunice;  and  I am persuaded  that  in  also. 

2 Timothy 1:12
Literal: For this reason also these things I suffer But not I am ashamed I know for whom I have believed and I am persuaded that able He is the deposit entrusted of me to guard for that - day
KJV: For  the which  cause  also  suffer  nevertheless  not  ashamed:  for  I know  whom  I have believed,  and  am persuaded  that  able  to keep  have committed unto him  against  that  day. 

Philemon 1:21
Literal: Being persuaded of the obedience of you I write to you knowing that even above what I say you will do
KJV: Having confidence  obedience  I wrote  knowing  that  also  do  more than  I say. 

Hebrews 2:13
Literal: And again I will be trusting in Him Behold the children whom to Me has given - God
KJV: And  again,  put my trust  in  him.  And  again,  Behold  and  the children  which  God  hath given 

Hebrews 6:9
Literal: We are persuaded however concerning you beloved of better [things] and [things] accompanying salvation if even like this we speak
KJV: But,  beloved,  we are persuaded  of  and  things that accompany  salvation,  thus  speak. 

Hebrews 13:17
Literal: Obey those leading you and be submissive they for watch over the souls of you as account about to give that with joy this they might do not groaning unprofitable indeed for you [is] this
KJV: Obey  them that have the rule  and  submit yourselves:  for  they  watch  for  souls,  as  they that must give  account,  that  they may do  with  joy,  and  not  with grief:  for  is unprofitable 

Hebrews 13:18
Literal: Pray for us we are persuaded for that a good conscience we have in all things well desiring to conduct ourselves
KJV: Pray  for  for  we trust  we have  a good  conscience,  in  all things  willing  to live  honestly. 

James 3:3
Literal: If now of the horses - bits into the mouths we put for - to obey them us even all the body of them we turn about
KJV: we put  bits  in  the horses'  mouths,  they  may obey  and  we turn about  their  whole  body. 

1 John 3:19
Literal: And by this we will know that of the truth we are and before Him we will assure the heart of us
KJV: And  hereby  we know  that  of  the truth,  and  shall assure  hearts  before  him. 

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