Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 3668

Word info for ὁμοίως

Root: ὁμοίως
Strongs Number: 3668
Transliteration: [homoios]
Phonetics: hom·oy·oce
Etymology: From 3664
Parts of Speech: adv.
Sense: likewise, equally, in the same way (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 likewise, equally, in the same way.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3668

ὁμοίως, Ὁμοίως

All words for strongs number G3668 :

Word Occurance
ὁμοίως 23
Ὁμοίως 8

How strongs number G3668 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
likewise 31

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G3668 G2532
G3668 G1161
G3668 G3305

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1 Corinthians 7:22 Likewise the freeman when called is Christ‘s slave [ομοιως ο ελευτερος κλητεις δουλος εστιν Χριστου]
Those who were not slaves, but freemen, when converted, are as much slaves of Christ as those who were and still were slaves of men. All were slaves of sin and have been set free from sin by Christ who now owns them all. [source]
Hebrews 9:21 In like manner with the blood [τωι αιματι ομοιως]
Instrumental case of αιμα — haima (blood). But the use of the article does not necessarily refer to the blood mentioned in Hebrews 9:19. In Exodus 40:9 Moses sprinkled the tabernacle with oil. It had not been erected at the time of Exodus 24:5. Josephus (Ant. III. 8, 6) gives a tradition that blood was used also at this dedication. Blood was used annually in the cleansing rites on the day of atonement. [source]
1 Peter 3:1 In like manner [ομοιως]
Adverb closely connected with υποτασσομενοι — hupotassomenoi for which see note on 1 Peter 2:18. [source]
1 Peter 3:7 Ye husbands likewise [οι ανδρες ομοιως]
Probably “likewise” here refers to honouring all men (1 Peter 2:17), not “likewise” of 1 Peter 3:1. [source]
Jude 1:8 In like manner [ομοιως]
Like the cities of the plain.These also (και ουτοι — kai houtoi). The false teachers of Judges 1:4.In their dreamings Present middle participle of ενυπνιαζω — enupniazō to dream (from ενυπνιον — enupnion dream, Acts 2:17, from εν — en and υπνος — hupnos in sleep), in Aristotle, Hippocrates, Plutarch, papyri, lxx (Joel 2:28), here only in N.T. Cf. Colossians 2:18.Defile (μιαινουσιν — miainousin). Present active indicative of μιναινω — minainō old verb, to stain, with sin (Titus 1:15) as here. 2 Peter 2:10 has μιασμου — miasmou at nought (ατετουσιν — athetousin). Present active indicative of ατετεω — atheteō to annul. Both κυριοτης — kuriotēs (dominion) and δοχαι — doxai (dignities) occur in 2 Peter 2:10; see note for discussion. [source]
Revelation 2:15 The teaching of the Nicolaitans likewise [την διδαχην των Νικολαιτων ομοιως]
See note on Revelation 2:6 for the Nicolaitans. The use of ομοιως — homoiōs (likewise) here shows that they followed Balaam in not obeying the decision of the Conference at Jerusalem (Acts 15:20, Acts 15:29) about idolatry and fornication, with the result that they encouraged a return to pagan laxity of morals (Swete). Some wrongly hold that these Nicolaitans were Pauline Christians in the face of Colossians 3:5-8; Ephesians 5:3-6. [source]

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Revelation 2:15 The teaching of the Nicolaitans likewise [την διδαχην των Νικολαιτων ομοιως]
See note on Revelation 2:6 for the Nicolaitans. The use of ομοιως — homoiōs (likewise) here shows that they followed Balaam in not obeying the decision of the Conference at Jerusalem (Acts 15:20, Acts 15:29) about idolatry and fornication, with the result that they encouraged a return to pagan laxity of morals (Swete). Some wrongly hold that these Nicolaitans were Pauline Christians in the face of Colossians 3:5-8; Ephesians 5:3-6. [source]

31 Verses with G3668

Matthew 22:26
Literal: Likewise also the second and third unto the seventh
KJV: Likewise  the second  also,  the third,  unto  the seventh. 

Matthew 26:35
Literal: Says to Him - Peter Even if it were necessary for me with You to die no not You will I deny Likewise also all the disciples said
KJV: Peter  said  unto him,  Though  should  die  with  deny  Likewise  also  said  all  the disciples. 

Matthew 27:41
Literal: Likewise also the chief priests mocking with the scribes and elders were saying
KJV: Likewise  also  the chief priests  mocking  him, with  the scribes  and  elders, 

Mark 4:16
Literal: And these are likewise those upon the rocky places sown who when they hear the word immediately with joy receive it
KJV: And  these  likewise  which are sown  on  stony ground;  who,  when  they have heard  the word,  immediately  receive  it  with  gladness; 

Mark 15:31
Literal: Likewise also the chief priests mocking among one another with the scribes were saying Others He saved Himself not He is able to save
KJV: also  the chief priests  mocking  among  themselves  with  the scribes,  He saved  others;  himself  he cannot  save. 

Luke 3:11
Literal: Answering now he was saying to them The [one] having two tunics let him impart to the [one] none having and food likewise let him do
KJV: He answereth  and  unto them,  He that hath  two  coats,  let him impart  to him that hath  none;  and  he that hath  meat,  let him do  likewise. 

Luke 5:10
Literal: likewise now also James and John [the] sons of Zebedee who were partners - with Simon said to - Simon - Jesus Not fear from - now on men you will be catching
KJV: And  so  was also  James,  and  John,  the sons  of Zebedee,  which  partners  with Simon.  And  Jesus  said  unto  Simon,  Fear  not;  from  henceforth  catch  men. 

Luke 5:33
Literal: - And they said to Him The disciples of John fast often and prayers make likewise also those of the Pharisees however of You eat drink
KJV: And  they said  unto  him,  the disciples  of John  fast  often,  and  make  prayers,  and  likewise  the disciples  of the Pharisees;  but  thine  eat  and  drink? 

Luke 6:31
Literal: And as you desire that should do to you - men do to them likewise
KJV: And  as  ye would  that  men  should do  also  to them  likewise. 

Luke 10:32
Literal: Likewise now also a Levite having come to the spot having come and having seen [him] passed by on the opposite side
KJV: And  likewise  a Levite,  when he was  at  the place,  came  and  on him, and passed by on the other side. 

Luke 10:37
Literal: - And he said The [one] having shown - compassion toward him Said then to him Jesus Go and you do likewise
KJV: And  he said,  He that shewed  mercy  on  him.  said  Jesus  unto him,  Go,  and  do  thou  likewise. 

Luke 13:3
Literal: No I say to you but if not you repent all likewise you will perish
KJV: I tell  Nay:  but,  ye repent,  all  perish. 

Luke 16:25
Literal: Said then Abraham Child remember that you did fully receive the [things] good of you in the lifetime and Lazarus likewise evil Now however here he is comforted you now are suffering
KJV: But  Abraham  said,  Son,  that  thou  in  lifetime  receivedst  good things,  and  likewise  Lazarus  evil things:  but  now  he is comforted,  and  thou  art tormented. 

Luke 17:28
Literal: Likewise as it came to pass in the days of Lot they were eating they were drinking they were buying they were selling they were planting they were building
KJV: Likewise  it was  in  the days  of Lot;  they did eat,  they drank,  they bought,  they sold,  they planted,  they builded; 

Luke 17:31
Literal: In that - day the [one who] will be on the housetop and the goods of him the house not let him come down to take away them the [one] [the] field likewise let him return to the things behind
KJV: In  that  day,  he which  upon  the housetop,  and  his  stuff  in  the house,  him not  come down  it  away:  and  he that is in  the field,  likewise  not  return  back. 

Luke 22:36
Literal: He said then to them But now the [one] having a purse let him take [it] likewise also a bag and not let him sell the cloak of him buy [one] a sword
KJV: said he  unto them,  But  now,  he that hath  a purse,  let him take  it, and  likewise  his scrip:  and  he that hath  no  sword,  let him sell  his  garment,  and  buy 

John 5:19
Literal: Answered therefore - Jesus and was saying to them Truly I say to you not is able the Son to do of Himself nothing if not anything He might see the Father doing whatever for - He does these things also likewise does
KJV: Then  answered  Jesus  and  said  unto them,  Verily,  I say  The Son  can  do  nothing  of  himself,  what  he seeth  the Father  do:  for  what things soever  he  doeth,  also  doeth  the Son  likewise. 

John 6:11
Literal: Took then the loaves - Jesus and having given thanks He distributed to those reclining likewise also of the fish as much as they wished
KJV: Jesus  took  the loaves;  and  when he had given thanks,  he distributed  to them that were set down;  and  likewise  of  the fishes  as much as  they would. 

John 21:13
Literal: Comes - Jesus and takes the bread gives [it] to them the fish likewise
KJV: Jesus  cometh,  and  taketh  bread,  and  giveth  them,  and  fish  likewise. 

Romans 1:27
Literal: Likewise then also the males having left the natural use of the female were inflamed in the desire of them toward one another with males shame working out and recompense which was fitting error themselves receiving
KJV: And  likewise  also  the men,  leaving  the natural  use  of the woman,  burned  in  their  lust  one toward another;  men  with  men  working  that which is unseemly,  and  receiving  in  themselves  that recompence  of their  error  which  was meet. 

1 Corinthians 7:3
Literal: To the wife the husband the duty let fulfill likewise now also the wife to the husband
KJV: the husband  render  unto the wife  and  likewise  also  the wife  unto the husband. 

1 Corinthians 7:4
Literal: The wife the own body not has authority over but the husband likewise now also husband of the wife
KJV: The wife  not  power  of her own  body,  but  the husband:  and  likewise  also  the husband  not  power  of his own  body,  but  the wife. 

1 Corinthians 7:22
Literal: The [one] for in [the] Lord having been called [being] a slave a freedman of [the] Lord is likewise free a slave is of Christ
KJV: For  he that is called  in  the Lord,  being a servant,  the Lord's  freeman:  likewise  he that is called,  being free,  Christ's  servant. 

Hebrews 9:21
Literal: And the tabernacle then all the vessels of the ministry with blood likewise he sprinkled
KJV: Moreover  he sprinkled  with blood  both  the tabernacle,  and  all  the vessels  of the ministry. 

James 2:25
Literal: Likewise then also Rahab the prostitute not by works was justified having received the messengers and by another way having sent [them] forth
KJV: Likewise  also  not  Rahab  the harlot  justified  by  works,  when she had received  the messengers,  and  had sent them out  another  way? 

1 Peter 3:1
Literal: Likewise - wives be subject to the own husbands so that even if any are disobedient to the word by the of the wives conduct without word they will be won over
KJV: Likewise,  ye wives,  be in subjection  to your own  husbands;  that,  obey not  the word,  also  without  the word  be won  by  the conversation  of the wives; 

1 Peter 3:7
Literal: - Husbands likewise dwelling with [them] according to knowledge as with a weaker vessel with the female rendering honor also joint-heirs of [the] grace of life so as for - not to be hindered the prayers of you
KJV: Likewise,  ye husbands,  dwell with  them according to  knowledge,  giving  honour  unto the wife,  as  unto the weaker  vessel,  and  as  being heirs together  of the grace  of life;  that  prayers  not 

1 Peter 5:5
Literal: Likewise younger [ones] be subject to [your] elders All now one to another - humility gird on because - God [the] proud opposes to [the] humble however He gives grace
KJV: Likewise,  ye younger,  submit yourselves  unto the elder.  Yea,  all  of you be subject  one to another,  and be clothed  with humility:  for  God  resisteth  the proud,  and  giveth  grace  to the humble. 

Jude 1:8
Literal: Likewise yet also these dreaming [ones] [the] flesh indeed defile authority then set aside glorious [ones] and blaspheme

Revelation 2:15
Literal: So have also you [some] holding the teaching of the Nicolaitans likewise
KJV: So  hast  thou  also  them that hold  the doctrine  of the Nicolaitans, 

Revelation 8:12
Literal: And the fourth angel sounded [his] trumpet was struck a third of the sun of the moon of the stars so that should be darkened of them the day not should appear [for] of it night likewise
KJV: And  the fourth  angel  sounded,  and  the third part  of the sun  was smitten,  and  the third part  of the moon,  and  the third part  of the stars;  so as  the third part  of them  was darkened,  and  the day  shone  not  for a third part  of it,  and  the night  likewise. 

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