Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 3563

Word info for νοῦς

Root: νοῦς
Strongs Number: 3563
Transliteration: [nous]
Phonetics: nooce
Etymology: Probably from the base of 1097
Parts of Speech: n m.
Sense: the mind, comprising alike the faculties of perceiving and understanding and those of feeling, judging, determining (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 the mind, comprising alike the faculties of perceiving and understanding and those of feeling, judging, determining.
      1a the intellectual faculty, the understanding.
      1b reason in the narrower sense, as the capacity for spiritual truth, the higher powers of the soul, the faculty of perceiving divine things, of recognising goodness and of hating evil.
      1c the power of considering and judging soberly, calmly and impartially.
   2 a particular mode of thinking and judging, i.
   e thoughts, feelings, purposes, desires.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3563

νοῦν, νοός, νοῒ, νοῦς, νοΐ, νοὸς

All words for strongs number G3563 :

Word Occurance
νοῦν 8
νοὸς 4
νοῒ 3
νοῦς 3
νοός 2
νοΐ 2

How strongs number G3563 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
mind 14
[the] mind 3
understanding 2
in mind 2
the mind 1

Two strong number together

Greek Commentary Search

1 Corinthians 14:14 But my understanding is unfruitful [ο δε νους μου ακαρπος]
My intellect (νους — nous) gets no benefit (ακαρπος — akarpos without fruit) from rhapsodical praying that may even move my spirit (πνευμα — pneuma). [source]
Revelation 17:9 Here is the mind which hath wisdom [ωδε ο νους ο εχων σοπιαν]
“Here is the intelligence which has wisdom” (Charles). A variation of Revelation 13:18, but the same idea. [source]

Greek Commentary Content Search

1 Corinthians 1:10 Mind [νους]
“Of these words νους — nous denotes the frame or state of mind, gnōmē the judgment, opinion or sentiment, which is the outcome of nous ” (Lightfoot). [source]
1 Corinthians 14:14 But my understanding is unfruitful [ο δε νους μου ακαρπος]
My intellect (νους — nous) gets no benefit (ακαρπος — akarpos without fruit) from rhapsodical praying that may even move my spirit (πνευμα — pneuma). [source]

22 Verses with G3563

Luke 24:45
Literal: Then He opened their - mind - to understand the Scriptures
KJV: Then  opened he  their  understanding,  that they might understand  the scriptures, 

Romans 1:28
Literal: And as not they did see fit - God to have in [their] knowledge gave up them - God to a depraved mind to do things not being proper
KJV: And  even as  not  like  to retain  God  in  their knowledge,  God  them  over  to  a reprobate  mind,  to do  not  convenient; 

Romans 7:23
Literal: I see however another law in the members of me warring against the law of the mind and making captive me to - of sin - being
KJV: But  I see  another  law  in  members,  warring against  the law  mind,  and  into captivity  to the law  of sin  which  in  members. 

Romans 7:25
Literal: Thanks [be] then to God through Jesus Christ the Lord of us Then so myself I with the indeed mind serve law God’s - but [with] the flesh [the] law of sin
KJV: God  through  Jesus  Christ  Lord.  So then  with the mind  myself  serve  the law  of God;  but  with the flesh  the law  of sin. 

Romans 11:34
Literal: Who for has known [the] mind of [the] Lord or counselor of Him has been
KJV: For  who  hath known  the mind  of the Lord?  or  who  hath been  his  counsellor? 

Romans 12:2
Literal: And not be conformed to the age this but be transformed by the renewing of the mind for - to prove by you what [is] the will - of God - good well-pleasing perfect
KJV: And  not  conformed  world:  but  be ye transformed  by the renewing  mind,  that  may prove  what  is that good,  and  acceptable,  and  perfect,  will  of God. 

Romans 14:5
Literal: One truly for judges a day [to be] above [another] day however every day [alike] Each in the own mind let be fully assured
KJV: One  man  esteemeth  one day  above  another:  another  esteemeth  every  day  every man  be fully persuaded  in  his own  mind. 

1 Corinthians 1:10
Literal: I exhort now you brothers by the name of the Lord of us Jesus Christ that the same thing you speak all and not there be among you divisions you may be however having been knit together in the same mind the same judgment
KJV: Now  I beseech  brethren,  by  the name  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  that  all  speak  the same thing,  and  no  divisions  among  but  perfectly joined together  in  the same  mind  and  in  the same  judgment. 

1 Corinthians 2:16
Literal: Who for has known [the] mind of [the] Lord Who will instruct Him We however of Christ have
KJV: For  who  hath known  the mind  of the Lord,  that  he may instruct  him?  But  have  the mind  of Christ. 

1 Corinthians 14:14
Literal: If for I pray in a tongue the spirit of me prays - but the mind unfruitful is
KJV: For  if  I pray  in an unknown tongue,  spirit  prayeth,  but  understanding  unfruitful. 

1 Corinthians 14:15
Literal: What then is it I will pray with the spirit however also with the mind I will sing praise
KJV: What  then?  I will pray  with the spirit,  and  I will pray  with the understanding  also:  I will sing  with the spirit,  and  I will sing  with the understanding  also. 

1 Corinthians 14:19
Literal: but in [the] church I desire five words with [the] mind of me to speak that also others I might instruct rather than ten thousand a tongue
KJV: Yet  in  the church  I had rather  speak  five  words  understanding,  that  by my voice I might teach  others  also,  than  ten thousand  words  in  an unknown tongue. 

Ephesians 4:17
Literal: This therefore I say and testify in [the] Lord No longer [are] you to walk as also the Gentiles are walking [the] futility of the mind of them
KJV: I say  therefore,  and  testify  in  the Lord,  walk  not  as  Gentiles  walk,  in  the vanity  of their  mind, 

Ephesians 4:23
Literal: to be renewed then in the spirit of the mind of you
KJV: And  be renewed  in the spirit  mind; 

Philippians 4:7
Literal: And the peace - of God - surpassing all understanding will guard the hearts of you the minds in Christ Jesus
KJV: And  the peace  of God,  which  passeth  all  understanding,  shall keep  hearts  and  through  Christ  Jesus. 

Colossians 2:18
Literal: No one you let disqualify delighting in humility and [the] worship of the angels which he has seen detailing vainly being puffed up by the mind of the flesh of him
KJV: no man  of your reward  in  a voluntary  humility  and  worshipping  of angels,  intruding into  those things which  seen,  vainly  puffed up  by  his  fleshly  mind, 

2 Thessalonians 2:2
Literal: for - not quickly to be shaken you in - mind nor to be troubled neither by spirit nor word by letter as if us as that is present the day of the Lord
KJV: That  not  soon  shaken  in  mind,  or  be troubled,  neither  by  spirit,  nor  by  word,  nor  by  letter  as  from  as  that  the day  is at hand. 

1 Timothy 6:5
Literal: [and] constant frictions corrupted among men - in mind and destitute of the truth holding a means of gain to be - godliness Withdraw from from such
KJV: Perverse disputings  of men  of corrupt  minds,  and  destitute  of the truth,  supposing  that gain  godliness:  from  such  withdraw thyself. 

2 Timothy 3:8
Literal: By which way now Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses so also these oppose the truth men being depraved - in mind disqualified regarding the faith
KJV: Now  as  Jannes  and  Jambres  withstood  Moses,  so  these  also  resist  the truth:  men  of corrupt  minds,  reprobate  concerning  the faith. 

Titus 1:15
Literal: All things [are] pure to the pure to those however being defiled and unbelieving nothing [is] pure Instead are defiled their both - mind - conscience
KJV: Unto the pure  all things  but  unto them that are defiled  and  unbelieving  is nothing  pure;  but  even  their  mind  and  conscience  is defiled. 

Revelation 13:18
Literal: Here the wisdom is The [one] having understanding let him count the number of the beast number for a man’s it is and the number [is] of it six hundred sixty six
KJV: Here  wisdom.  Let him that hath  understanding  count  the number  of the beast:  for  the number  of a man;  and  his  number 

Revelation 17:9
Literal: Here [is] the mind - having wisdom The seven heads seven mountains are where the woman sits on them
KJV: And here  is the mind  which  hath  wisdom.  The seven  heads  seven  mountains,  on  which  the woman  sitteth. 

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