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Word info for νόμος

Root: νόμος
Strongs Number: 3551
Transliteration: [nomos]
Phonetics: nom·os
Etymology: From a primary nemo (to parcel out, especially food or grazing to animals)
Parts of Speech: n m.
Sense: anything established, anything received by usage, a custom, a law, a command (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 anything established, anything received by usage, a custom, a law, a command.
      1a of any law whatsoever.
         1a1 a law or rule producing a state approved of God.
            1a1a by the observance of which is approved of God.
         1a2 a precept or injunction.
         1a3 the rule of action prescribed by reason.
      1b of the Mosaic law, and referring, acc.
      to the context.
      either to the volume of the law or to its contents.
      1c the Christian religion: the law demanding faith, the moral instruction given by Christ, esp.
      the precept concerning love.
      1d the name of the more important part (the Pentateuch), is put for the entire collection of the sacred books of the OT.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3551

νόμον, νόμου, νόμος, νόμῳ, νόμον⧽, Νόμον, Νόμος, νόμους

All words for strongs number G3551 :

Word Occurance
νόμου 49
νόμον 47
νόμος 28
νόμῳ 27
νόμους 2
νόμον⧽ 1
Νόμον 1
Νόμος 1

How strongs number G3551 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
law 99
[the] law 31
of [the] law 5
the law 4
a law 3
of law 3
principle 2
of the law 2
of [the] law [are] 1
[the] law [are] 1
by law 1
the law [is] 1
[the] law [is] 1
laws 1
[the] laws 1

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Greek Commentary Search

John 7:23 That the law of Moses may not be broken [ινα μη λυτηι ο νομος Μωυσεως]
Purpose clause with negative μη — mē and first aorist passive subjunctive of λυω — luō They are punctilious about their Sabbath rules and about circumcision on the eighth day. When they clash, they drop the Sabbath rule and circumcise. Are ye wroth with me? Old word from χολη — cholē (bile, gall), possibly from χλοη — chloē or χλωρος — chlōros (yellowish green). Only here in N.T. So to be mad. With dative. Vivid picture of bitter spleen against Jesus for healing a man on the sabbath when they circumcise on the Sabbath. A man every whit whole Literally, “a whole (ολον — holon) man (all the man) sound (υγιη — hugiē well),” not just one member of the body mended. [source]
John 7:51 Doth our law judge a man? [μη ο νομος ημων κρινει τον αντρωπον]
Negative answer expected and “the man,” not “a man.” These exponents of the law (John 7:49) were really violating the law of criminal procedure (Exodus 23:1; Deuteronomy 1:16). Probably Nicodemus knew that his protest was useless, but he could at least show his colours and score the point of justice in Christ‘s behalf. Except it first hear from himself Third-class negative condition with εαν μη — ean mē and first aorist active subjunctive of ακουω — akouō That is common justice in all law, to hear a man‘s side of the case (“from him,” παρ αυτου — par' autou). And know what he doeth Continuation of the same condition with second aorist active subjunctive of γινωσκω — ginōskō with indirect question and present active indicative There was no legal answer to the point of Nicodemus. [source]
Romans 7:7 Is the law sin? [ο νομος αμαρτια]
A pertinent query in view of what he had said. Some people today oppose all inhibitions and prohibitions because they stimulate violations. That is half-baked thinking. [source]
Romans 8:2 The law of the Spirit of life [ο νομος του πνευματος της ζωης]
The principle or authority exercised by the Holy Spirit which bestows life and which rests “in Christ Jesus.” [source]
1 Corinthians 9:8 The law also [και ο νομος]
Perhaps objection was made that the Scripture does not support the practice of paying preachers. That objection is still made by the stingy. [source]
Galatians 3:12 The law is not of faith [ο νομος ουκ εστιν εκ πιστεως]
Law demands complete obedience and rests not on mercy, faith, grace. [source]
Galatians 3:19 What then is the law? [τι ουν ο νομοσ]
Or, why then the law? A pertinent question if the Abrahamic promise antedates it and holds on afterwards. [source]

156 Verses with G3551

Matthew 5:17
Literal: Not think that I have come to abolish the law or the Prophets not but to fulfill
KJV: Think  not  that  I am come  to destroy  the law,  or  the prophets:  not  come  to destroy,  but  to fulfil. 

Matthew 5:18
Literal: Truly for I say to you until - shall pass away the heaven and the earth iota one or one stroke of a letter no not from the law everything should happen
KJV: For  verily  I say  Till  heaven  and  earth  pass,  one  jot  or  tittle  pass  from  the law,  till  all  be fulfilled. 

Matthew 7:12
Literal: All things therefore as many as if you might desire that should do to you the men so also you do to them This for is the law and prophets
KJV: Therefore  all things  ye would  that  men  should do  even  so  to them:  for  this  the law  and  the prophets. 

Matthew 11:13
Literal: All for the prophets and the law until John prophesied
KJV: For  all  the prophets  and  the law  prophesied  until  John. 

Matthew 12:5
Literal: Or not have you read in the law that on the Sabbath the priests the temple the Sabbath profane and guiltless are
KJV: Or  not  read  in  the law,  how that  on the sabbath days  the priests  in  the temple  profane  the sabbath,  and  blameless? 

Matthew 22:36
Literal: Teacher which commandment [is the] greatest in the law
KJV: Master,  which  is the great  commandment  in  the law? 

Matthew 22:40
Literal: On these - two commandments all the law hangs and the Prophets
KJV: On  two  commandments  hang  all  the law  and  the prophets. 

Matthew 23:23
Literal: Woe to you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites For you pay tithes of - mint dill cumin you have neglected the weightier [matters] of the law - justice mercy faithfulness These now it behooved you to do those not to be leaving aside
KJV: Woe  scribes  and  Pharisees,  hypocrites!  for  ye pay tithe  of mint  and  anise  and  cummin,  and  have omitted  the weightier  matters of the law,  judgment,  mercy,  and  faith:  ought ye  to have done,  and not  the other  undone. 

Luke 2:22
Literal: And when were fulfilled the days of the purification of them according to the law of Moses they brought Him to Jerusalem to present to the Lord
KJV: And  when  the days  of her  purification  according  to the law  of Moses  were accomplished,  they brought  him  to  Jerusalem,  to present  him to the Lord; 

Luke 2:23
Literal: as it has been written in [the] law of [the] Lord - Every male opening a womb holy to the Lord shall be called
KJV: (As  it is written  in  the law  of the Lord,  Every  male  that openeth  the womb  shall be called  holy  to the Lord;) 

Luke 2:24
Literal: and - to offer a sacrifice according to that having been said in the law of [the] Lord A pair of turtle doves or two young pigeons
KJV: And  to offer  a sacrifice  according  to that which is said  in  the law  of the Lord,  A pair  of turtledoves,  or  two  young  pigeons. 

Luke 2:27
Literal: And he came in the Spirit into the temple the [time when] were bringing in the parents child Jesus the [thing] were doing they according to that having become customary by the law for Him
KJV: And  he came  by  the Spirit  into  the temple:  and  when the parents  brought  in  the child  Jesus,  to do  for  him  after  the custom  of the law, 

Luke 2:39
Literal: And when they had performed everything - according to the law of [the] Lord they returned to - Galilee to the town of them Nazareth
KJV: And  when  they had performed  according  to the law  of the Lord,  into  Galilee,  to  city  Nazareth. 

Luke 10:26
Literal: - And He said to him In the law what has been written How read you
KJV: He said  unto  him,  What  is written  in  the law?  how  readest thou? 

Luke 16:16
Literal: The law and the prophets [were] until John from that time the kingdom - of God is proclaimed everyone into it forces his way
KJV: The law  and  the prophets  John:  since  that time  the kingdom  of God  is preached,  and  every man  presseth  into  it. 

Luke 16:17
Literal: Easier for however it is the heaven and the earth to pass away than of the law one stroke of a pen to fail
KJV: And  easier  for heaven  and  earth  to pass,  than  tittle  of the law  to fail. 

Luke 24:44
Literal: He said now unto to them These [are] the words of me which I spoke to you still being with you that it behooves to be fulfilled all things - having been written in the law of Moses and the Prophets [the] Psalms concerning Me
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  These  are the words  which  I spake  unto  I was yet  with  that  all things  must  be fulfilled,  which  were written  in  the law  of Moses,  and  in the prophets,  and  in the psalms,  concerning 

John 1:17
Literal: For the law through Moses was given - grace and truth Jesus Christ came
KJV: For  the law  was given  by  Moses,  but grace  and  truth  came  by  Jesus  Christ. 

John 1:45
Literal: Finds Philip - Nathanael and says to him [Him] whom wrote of Moses in the Law also the prophets we have found Jesus son - of Joseph of Nazareth
KJV: Philip  findeth  Nathanael,  and  saith  unto him,  We have found  him, of whom  Moses  in  the law,  and  the prophets,  did write,  Jesus  of  Nazareth,  the son  of Joseph. 

John 7:19
Literal: Not Moses has given to you the law and no one of you keeps Why Me do you seek to kill
KJV: not  Moses  give  the law,  and  yet none  of  keepeth  the law?  Why  go ye about  to kill 

John 7:23
Literal: If circumcision receives a a man on Sabbath so that not might be broken the law of Moses with Me are you angry because entirely a man sound I made the Sabbath
KJV: If  a man  on  the sabbath day  receive  circumcision,  the law  of Moses  be broken;  are ye angry  because  I have made  a man  every whit  whole  on  the sabbath day? 

John 7:49
Literal: But the crowd this - not knowing the law accursed are
KJV: But  this  people  who  knoweth  not  the law  cursed. 

John 7:51
Literal: Not the law of us does judge the man if it has heard first from him and known what he does
KJV: law  judge  any man,  it hear  him,  and  know  what  he doeth? 

John 8:5
Literal: In now the law Moses us commanded - such to be stoned You therefore what say You
KJV: Now  Moses  in  the law  commanded  that such  but  what  sayest  thou? 

John 8:17
Literal: And in the law also - of you it has been written that of two men the testimony TRUE is
KJV: also  written  in  your  law,  that  the testimony  of two  men  true. 

John 10:34
Literal: Answered them - Jesus Not is it written in the law of you - I said gods you are
KJV: Jesus  answered  them,  not  written  in  law,  said,  gods? 

John 12:34
Literal: Answered then Him the crowd We have heard from the law that Christ abides to the age and how say you it behooves to be lifted up Son - of Man Who is this - Son
KJV: The people  answered  him,  have heard  out of  the law  that  Christ  abideth  for  ever:  and  how  sayest  thou,  The Son  of man  must  be lifted up?  who  this  Son  of man? 

John 15:25
Literal: But [this is] that may be fulfilled the word - in the law of them having been written - They hated Me without cause
KJV: But  this cometh to pass, that  the word  might be fulfilled  that is written  in  their  law,  They hated  without a cause. 

John 18:31
Literal: Said therefore to them - Pilate Take Him yourselves and according to the law of you judge Him Said to him the Jews To us not it is permitted to put to death no one
KJV: Then  said  Pilate  unto them,  Take  him,  and  judge  him  according  law.  The Jews  therefore  said  unto him,  not  lawful  any man  to death: 

John 19:7
Literal: Answered him the Jews We a law have and according to the law He ought to die because [the] Son of God Himself He made
KJV: The Jews  answered  him,  have  a law,  and  by  law  he ought  to die,  because  he made  himself  the Son  of God. 

Acts 6:13
Literal: They set also witnesses FALSE saying The man this not does stop speaking words against the place - holy this and law
KJV: And  set up  false  witnesses,  which said,  man  ceaseth  not  to speak  words  against  this  holy  place,  and  the law: 

Acts 7:53
Literal: who received the law by [the] ordination of angels and not have kept [it]
KJV: Who  have received  the law  by  the disposition  of angels,  and  not  kept 

Acts 13:15
Literal: After then the reading of the law and of the Prophets sent the rulers of the synagogue to them saying Men brothers if any there is among you a word of exhortation toward the people speak
KJV: And  after  the reading  of the law  and  the prophets  the rulers of the synagogue  sent  unto  them,  saying,  Ye men  and brethren,  if  any word  of exhortation  for  the people,  say on. 

Acts 13:39
Literal: And from all things from which not you were able in [the] law of Moses to be justified Him everyone - believing is justified
KJV: And  by  all  that believe  are justified  from  all things,  from which  ye could  not  be justified  by  the law  of Moses. 

Acts 15:5
Literal: Rose up now certain of those of the sect of the Pharisees who believed saying - It is necessary to circumcise them to command [them] then to keep the law of Moses
KJV: But  there rose up  certain  of  the sect  of the Pharisees  which believed,  saying,  That  it was needful  to circumcise  them,  and  to command  them to keep  the law  of Moses. 

Acts 15:24
Literal: Inasmuch as we have heard that some from us went out troubled you by words upsetting the minds of you saying [you must] be circumcised and keep the law to whom not we had given instructions
KJV: Forasmuch as  we have heard,  that  certain  which went out  from  have troubled  with words,  subverting  souls,  saying,  Ye must be circumcised,  and  keep  the law:  to whom  no  such commandment: 

Acts 18:13
Literal: saying - Contrary to the law persuades this [man] - men to worship - God
KJV: Saying,  This  fellow persuadeth  men  to worship  God  contrary  to the law. 

Acts 18:15
Literal: if however a question it is about a word and names law - in reference to your you will see [to it] yourselves a judge I of these things not resolve to be
KJV: But  if  a question  of  words  and  names,  and  of  law,  will be  no  judge 

Acts 21:20
Literal: Those then having heard began glorifying - God They said then to him You see brother how many myriads there are among the Jews - having believed and all zealous ones for the law are
KJV: And  when they heard  it, they glorified  and  said  unto him,  Thou seest,  brother,  how many  thousands  of Jews  which  believe;  and  they are  all  zealous  of the law: 

Acts 21:24
Literal: These [men] having taken be purified with them and bear expense for so that they will shave the head will know all that of which they have been informed about you nothing is but you walk orderly also yourself keeping the law
KJV: take,  and purify thyself  with  them,  and  be at charges  with  them,  that  they may shave  their heads:  and  all  may know  that those things,  whereof  they were informed  concerning  nothing;  but  that thou thyself  also  walkest orderly,  and keepest  the law. 

Acts 21:28
Literal: crying out Men Israelites help This is the man who against the people and law place this all those everywhere teaching besides and also Greeks he has brought into the temple defiled the holy place this
KJV: Crying out,  Men  of Israel,  help:  This  the man,  that teacheth  all  men every where  against  the people,  and  the law,  and  place:  and  further  brought  Greeks  also  into  the temple,  and  hath polluted  holy  place. 

Acts 22:3
Literal: I am a man a Jew born in Tarsus - of Cilicia brought up now the city this at the feet of Gamaliel having been instructed according to [the] exactness of the of our fathers law a zealous one being - for God even as all you are this day
KJV: am  a man  which am a Jew,  born  in  Tarsus,  a city in Cilicia,  yet  brought up  in  city  at  the feet  of Gamaliel,  and taught  according  to the perfect manner  of the law  of the fathers,  and was  zealous  toward God,  as  all  this day. 

Acts 22:12
Literal: Ananias then certain a man devout according to the law borne witness to by all the dwelling [there] Jews
KJV: And  one  Ananias,  man  according  to the law,  having a good report  of  all  the Jews  which dwelt 

Acts 23:3
Literal: Then - Paul to him said To strike you is about God wall whitewashed And you do you sit judging me according to the law violating law command to be struck
KJV: Then  said  Paul  unto  him,  God  shall  smite  thou whited  wall:  for  sittest  thou  to judge  after  the law,  and  commandest  to be smitten  contrary to the law? 

Acts 23:29
Literal: whom I found being accused concerning questions of the law of them no however worthy of death or of chains having accusation
KJV: Whom  I perceived  to be accused  of  questions  of their  law,  but  to have  nothing  laid to his charge  worthy  of death  or  of bonds. 

Acts 24:6
Literal: who even the temple attempted to profane whom also we seized and according to - our law wished to judge
KJV: Who  also  hath gone about  to profane  the temple:  whom  we took,  and  would  have judged  according  to our  law. 

Acts 24:14
Literal: I confess however this to you that according to the Way which they call a sect so I serve the of our fathers God believing all things - throughout the law and that in the Prophets have been written
KJV: But  I confess  that  after  the way  which  they call  heresy,  so  worship I  the God  of my fathers,  believing  all things  which  are written  in  the law  and  in  the prophets: 

Acts 25:8
Literal: - Paul made his defense - Neither against the law of the Jews nor the temple Caesar [in] anything have I sinned
KJV: While he answered  Neither  against  the law  of the Jews,  neither  against  the temple,  nor yet  against  Caesar,  have I offended  any thing at all. 

Acts 28:23
Literal: Having appointed then him a day came to him to the lodging many to whom he expounded fully testifying to the kingdom - of God persuading then them concerning Jesus from both the law of Moses and the Prophets from morning to evening
KJV: And  when they had appointed  him  a day,  many  to  him  into  his lodging;  to whom  he expounded  and testified  the kingdom  of God,  persuading  them  concerning  Jesus,  both  out of  the law  of Moses,  and  out of the prophets,  from  morning  till  evening. 

Romans 2:12
Literal: As many as for without [the] Law have sinned also will perish and in [the] Law by [the] Law will be judged
KJV: For  as many as  have sinned  without law  also  perish  without law:  and  as many as  have sinned  in  the law  shall be judged  by  the law; 

Romans 2:13
Literal: not for the hearers of [the] law [are] righteous with - God but doers of [the] law will be justified
KJV: (For  not  the hearers  of the law  are just  before  God,  but  the doers  of the law  shall be justified. 

Romans 2:14
Literal: When for Gentiles - not the law having by nature the things of the law do these [the] Law having to themselves are a law
KJV: For  when  the Gentiles,  which  have  not  the law,  do  by nature  the things  contained in the law,  these,  having  not  the law,  unto themselves: 

Romans 2:15
Literal: who show the work of the law written in the hearts of them bearing witness their - conscience and between one another the thoughts accusing or also defending [them]
KJV: Which  shew  the work  of the law  written  in  their  hearts,  their  conscience  also bearing witness,  and  their thoughts  the mean while accusing  or  else  excusing  one another;) 

Romans 2:17
Literal: If however you a Jew are called and rely on [the] law boast in God
KJV: thou  art called  a Jew,  and  restest  in the law,  and  makest thy boast  of  God, 

Romans 2:18
Literal: and know the will approve the things being superior being instructed out of the law
KJV: And  knowest  his will,  and  approvest  the things that are more excellent,  being instructed  out of  the law; 

Romans 2:20
Literal: an instructor of [the] foolish a teacher of infants having the embodiment - of knowledge and of the truth in the law
KJV: An instructor  of the foolish,  a teacher  of babes,  which hast  the form  of knowledge  and  of the truth  in  the law. 

Romans 2:23
Literal: You who in law boast through the transgression of the law - God dishonor you
KJV: Thou  that makest thy boast  of  the law,  through  breaking  the law  dishonourest thou  God? 

Romans 2:25
Literal: Circumcision indeed - profits if [the] law you do however a transgressor of law you are the circumcision of you uncircumcision has become
KJV: For  circumcision  verily  profiteth,  if  thou keep  the law:  but  if  a breaker  of the law,  circumcision  is made  uncircumcision. 

Romans 2:26
Literal: If therefore the uncircumcision the requirements of the law keeps not of him for circumcision will be reckoned
KJV: Therefore  if  the uncircumcision  keep  the righteousness  of the law,  his  uncircumcision  be counted  for  circumcision? 

Romans 2:27
Literal: And will judge the by nature uncircumcision the law fulfilling you who with [the] letter circumcision [are] a transgressor of law
KJV: And  uncircumcision  which is by  nature,  if it fulfil  the law,  judge  who by  the letter  and  circumcision  dost transgress  the law? 

Romans 3:19
Literal: We know now that whatever the law says to those under the law it speaks so that every mouth may be stopped and under judgment may be all world - to God
KJV: Now  we know  that  what things soever  the law  saith,  it saith  to them who are under  the law:  that  every  mouth  may be stopped,  and  all  the world  may become  guilty  before God. 

Romans 3:20
Literal: Therefore by works of [the] Law not will be justified any flesh before Him through for [the] Law [is] knowledge of sin
KJV: Therefore  by  the deeds  of the law  no  flesh  be justified  in his  sight:  for  by  the law  is the knowledge  of sin. 

Romans 3:21
Literal: Now however apart from law [the] righteousness of God has been revealed being borne witness to by the and the Prophets
KJV: But  now  the righteousness  of God  without  the law  is manifested,  being witnessed  by  the law  and  the prophets; 

Romans 3:27
Literal: Where then [is] the boasting It has been excluded Through what principle That of works No but [the] principle of faith
KJV: Where  is boasting  then?  It is excluded.  By  what  law?  of works?  Nay:  but  by  the law  of faith. 

Romans 3:28
Literal: We reckon therefore to be justified by faith a man apart from works of the Law
KJV: we conclude  that a man  is justified  by faith  without  the deeds  of the law. 

Romans 3:31
Literal: Law then do we nullify through - faith Never may it be Instead we uphold
KJV: then  make void  the law  through  faith?  God forbid:  yea,  we establish  the law. 

Romans 4:13
Literal: Not for through [the] Law the promise [was] - to Abraham or the descendants of him that heir he should be [of the] world but [the] righteousness of faith
KJV: For  the promise,  the  heir  of the world,  was not  to Abraham,  or  to his  seed,  through  the law,  but  through  the righteousness  of faith. 

Romans 4:14
Literal: If for those of [the] Law [are] heirs has been made void - faith and made of no effect the promise
KJV: For  if  they which are of  the law  be heirs,  faith  is made void,  and  the promise  made of none effect: 

Romans 4:15
Literal: - For law wrath brings where now no there is neither [is] transgression
KJV: Because  the law  worketh  wrath:  for  where  no  law  there is no  transgression. 

Romans 4:16
Literal: Therefore it [is] of faith that [it may be] according to grace for - to be sure the promise to all the seed not to that the law only but also of [the] of Abraham who is [the] father of all of us
KJV: Therefore  it is of  faith,  that  it might be by  grace;  to the end  the promise  sure  to all  the seed;  not  to that only  which is of  the law,  but  to that also  which is of  the faith  of Abraham;  who  the father  all, 

Romans 5:13
Literal: Until for [the] law sin was in [the] world however not is imputed not there being law
KJV: (For  until  the law  sin  in  the world:  but  sin  not  imputed  no  law. 

Romans 5:20
Literal: [The] law now entered so that might abound the trespass where however abounded - sin overabounded grace
KJV: Moreover  the law  entered,  that  the offence  might abound.  But  where  sin  abounded,  grace  did much more abound: 

Romans 6:14
Literal: Sin for you not will rule over for you are under law but grace
KJV: For  sin  not  have dominion over  for  not  under  the law,  but  under  grace. 

Romans 6:15
Literal: What then Shall we sin because not we are under law but grace Never may it be
KJV: What  then?  shall we sin,  because  not  under  the law,  but  under  grace?  God forbid. 

Romans 7:1
Literal: Or are you ignorant brothers to those knowing for law I speak that the law rules over the man for as long as [the] time he is alive
KJV: Know ye not,  brethren,  (for  I speak  to them that know  the law,)  how that  the law  hath dominion over  a man  as long as  he liveth? 

Romans 7:2
Literal: The for married woman to the living husband is bound by law if however should die the husband she is cleared from the law of the husband
KJV: For  the woman  which hath an husband  is bound  by the law  to her husband  so long as he liveth;  but  if  the husband  be dead,  she is loosed  from  the law  of her husband. 

Romans 7:3
Literal: Then therefore being alive the husband an adulteress she will be called if she is to man another however should die the husband free she is from law [so as for] not to be her an adulteress having been
KJV: So then  if,  while her husband  liveth,  she be married  to another  man,  she shall be called  an adulteress:  but  if  her husband  be dead,  free  from  that law;  so that she  no  adulteress,  though she be married  to another  man. 

Romans 7:4
Literal: Likewise brothers of me also you have been put to death to the law through the body - of Christ for - to belong you to another to the [One] out from [the] dead having been raised so that we should bear fruit - to God
KJV: Wherefore,  brethren,  also  are become dead  to the law  by  the body  of Christ;  that  should be married  to another,  even to him who is raised  from  the dead,  that  we should bring forth fruit  unto God. 

Romans 7:5
Literal: While for we were in the flesh the passions - of sins that [were] through the law were at work the members of us to the bringing forth of fruit - to death
KJV: For  when  in  the flesh,  the motions  of sins,  which  were by  the law,  did work  in  members  to bring  forth fruit  unto death. 

Romans 7:6
Literal: Now however we have been released from the law having died to that which we were bound in order for to serve us in newness of [the] Spirit and not in oldness of [the] letter
KJV: But  now  we are delivered  from  the law,  that being dead  wherein  we were held;  that  should serve  in  newness  of spirit,  and  not  in the oldness  of the letter. 

Romans 7:7
Literal: What then shall we say [Is] the law sin Never may it be But - sin not I have known if not by law - then for covetousness I had been conscious of the had said you shall covet
KJV: What  shall we say  then?  Is the law  sin?  God forbid.  Nay,  not  known  sin,  by  the law:  for  not  known  lust,  the law  not  covet. 

Romans 7:8
Literal: An occasion however having taken - sin by the commandment it produced in me all covetousness apart from for [the] Law [is] dead
KJV: But  sin,  taking  occasion  by  the commandment,  wrought  in  all manner of  concupiscence.  For  without  the law  sin  was dead. 

Romans 7:9
Literal: I however was alive apart from law once having come the commandment the sin revived then died
KJV: For  was alive  without  the law  once:  but  when the commandment  came,  sin  revived,  and  died. 

Romans 7:12
Literal: So - indeed the law [is] holy and the commandment [is] holy righteous good
KJV: Wherefore  the law  is holy,  and  the commandment  holy,  and  just,  and  good. 

Romans 7:14
Literal: We know for that - [the] Law spiritual is I however fleshly am having been sold under - sin
KJV: For  we know  that  the law  spiritual:  but  am  sold  under  sin. 

Romans 7:16
Literal: If now that which not I do want this I do I consent to the law that [it is] good
KJV: If  then  I do  which  I would  not,  I consent  unto the law  that  it is good. 

Romans 7:21
Literal: I find so the principle that desiring me to do - good that - evil is present with
KJV: I find  then  a law,  that,  would  do  good,  evil  is present 

Romans 7:22
Literal: I delight for in the law - of God according to the inward man
KJV: For  I delight  in the law  of God  after  the inward  man: 

Romans 7:23
Literal: I see however another law in the members of me warring against the law of the mind and making captive me to - of sin - being
KJV: But  I see  another  law  in  members,  warring against  the law  mind,  and  into captivity  to the law  of sin  which  in  members. 

Romans 7:25
Literal: Thanks [be] then to God through Jesus Christ the Lord of us Then so myself I with the indeed mind serve law God’s - but [with] the flesh [the] law of sin
KJV: God  through  Jesus  Christ  Lord.  So then  with the mind  myself  serve  the law  of God;  but  with the flesh  the law  of sin. 

Romans 8:2
Literal: - For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set free you from the law - of sin and - of death
KJV: For  the law  of the Spirit  of life  in  Christ  Jesus  free  from  the law  of sin  and  death. 

Romans 8:3
Literal: - For powerless [being] the law in that it was weak through the flesh - God - of Himself Son having sent likeness of flesh of sin and for sin condemned - sin the flesh
KJV: For  what the law  could not do,  in  that  it was weak  through  the flesh,  God  sending  his own  Son  in  the likeness  of sinful  flesh,  and  for  sin,  condemned  sin  in  the flesh: 

Romans 8:4
Literal: so that the righteousness of the law should be fulfilled in us - not according to the flesh walking but [the] Spirit
KJV: That  the righteousness  of the law  might be fulfilled  in  who walk  not  after  the flesh,  but  after  the Spirit. 

Romans 8:7
Literal: because the mind of the flesh [is] hostility toward God to for [the] law - of God not it is subject nor even can it [be]
KJV: Because  the carnal  mind  is enmity  against  God:  for  not  subject  to the law  of God,  neither  indeed  can be. 

Romans 9:31
Literal: Israel however pursuing a law of righteousness to [that] law not did attain
KJV: But  Israel,  which followed  after the law  of righteousness,  not  attained  to  the law  of righteousness. 

Romans 10:4
Literal: [The] end for of law [is] Christ unto righteousness to everyone - believing
KJV: For  Christ  is the end  of the law  for  righteousness  to every one  that believeth. 

Romans 10:5
Literal: Moses for writes - [of] the righteousness that [is] of the law that The having done these things man will live by them
KJV: For  Moses  describeth  the righteousness  which  is of  the law,  That  the man  which doeth  those things  shall live  by  them. 

Romans 13:8
Literal: To no one nothing owe if not - one another to love the [one] for loving the other [the] Law has fulfilled
KJV: Owe  no man  to love  one another:  for  he that loveth  another  hath fulfilled  the law. 

Romans 13:10
Literal: - Love to the neighbor evil not does do [the] fulfillment therefore of [the] law love [is]
KJV: Love  worketh  no  ill  to his neighbour:  therefore  love  is the fulfilling  of the law. 

1 Corinthians 9:8
Literal: Not according to man these things do I speak Or also the law not says
KJV: Say I  as  a man?  or  saith  the law  also? 

1 Corinthians 9:9
Literal: In for the of Moses law it has been written Not you shall muzzle an ox treading out grain Not for the oxen is there care - with God
KJV: For  it is written  in  the law  of Moses,  not  muzzle  the mouth of the ox  that treadeth out the corn.  God  take care  for oxen? 

1 Corinthians 9:20
Literal: And I became to the Jews like a Jew so that Jews I might win To those under [the] Law as not being myself those
KJV: And  unto the Jews  I became  as  a Jew,  that  I might gain  the Jews;  to them that are under  the law,  as  under  the law,  that  I might gain  them that are under  the law; 

1 Corinthians 14:21
Literal: In the law it has been written - By other tongues and lips other I will speak to the people this not even thus will they hear Me says [the] Lord
KJV: In  the law  it is written,  With  men of other tongues  and  other  lips  will I speak  people;  and  yet for all  not  hear  saith  the Lord. 

1 Corinthians 14:34
Literal: the women in the churches let them be silent Not for it is allowed to them to speak but to be in submission as also the law says
KJV: women  keep silence  in  the churches:  for  not  permitted  unto them  to speak;  but  they are commanded to be under obedience,  as  also  saith  the law. 

1 Corinthians 15:56
Literal: - And the sting - of death [is] - sin the power - of sin the law
KJV: The sting  of death  is sin;  and  the strength  of sin  is the law. 

Galatians 2:16
Literal: knowing nevertheless that not is justified a man by works of law if not through faith Christ from Jesus even we in Christ Jesus have believed that we may be justified by from Christ and not of the Law because will be justified any flesh
KJV: Knowing  that  a man  not  justified  by  the works  of the law,  by  the faith  of Jesus  Christ,  even  have believed  in  Jesus  Christ,  that  we might be justified  by  the faith  of Christ,  and  not  by  the works  of the law:  by  the works  of the law  no  flesh  be justified. 

Galatians 2:19
Literal: I for through [the] Law to [the] Law died that to God I might live
KJV: For  through  the law  am dead  to the law,  that  I might live  unto God. 

Galatians 2:21
Literal: Not I do set aside the grace - of God if for through [the] Law righteousness [is] then Christ for naught died
KJV: not  frustrate  the grace  of God:  for  if  righteousness  come by  the law,  then  Christ  is dead  in vain. 

Galatians 3:2
Literal: This only I wish to learn from you by works of [the] Law the Spirit did you receive or hearing of faith
KJV: only  would  I learn  of  Received ye  the Spirit  by  the works  of the law,  or  by  the hearing  of faith? 

Galatians 3:5
Literal: The [One] therefore supplying to you the Spirit and working miracles among you [is it] out of works of the Law or out of hearing of faith
KJV: He therefore  that ministereth  the Spirit,  and  worketh  miracles  among  doeth he it by  the works  of the law,  or  by  the hearing  of faith? 

Galatians 3:10
Literal: As many as for of works of [the] Law are under a curse are it has been written - Cursed [is] everyone who not does continue all things - having been written in the book of the Law - to do them
KJV: For  as many as  of  the works  of the law  under  the curse:  for  it is written,  Cursed  is every one  that  continueth  not  in  all things  which  are written  in  the book  of the law  to do  them. 

Galatians 3:11
Literal: That now by [the] law no one is justified before - God [is] evident because The righteous by faith will live
KJV: But  that  no man  is justified  by  the law  in the sight  of God,  it is evident:  for,  The just  shall live  by  faith. 

Galatians 3:12
Literal: - And the Law not is of faith rather The [one] having done these things will live by them
KJV: And  the law  not  of  faith:  but,  that doeth  them  shall live  in  them. 

Galatians 3:13
Literal: Christ us redeemed from the curse of the Law having become for us a curse for it has been written Cursed [is] everyone - hanging on a tree
KJV: Christ  hath redeemed  from  the curse  of the law,  being made  a curse  for  it is written,  Cursed  is every one  that hangeth  on  a tree: 

Galatians 3:17
Literal: This now I say [The] covenant having been confirmed beforehand by - God - afterward four hundred and thirty years having come [the] law not does annul so as - to nullify the promise
KJV: And  I say,  that the covenant,  that was confirmed before  of  God  in  the law,  which was  four hundred  and  thirty  years  after,  cannot  disannul,  that  the promise  of none effect. 

Galatians 3:18
Literal: If for by [the] Law [is] the inheritance [it is] no longer by a promise - but to Abraham through has granted [it] - God
KJV: For  if  the inheritance  be of  the law,  it is no more  of  promise:  but  God  gave  it to Abraham  by  promise. 

Galatians 3:19
Literal: Why then the Law - Transgressions on account of it was added until that should have come the seed to whom promise has been made having been ordained through angels in [the] hand of a mediator
KJV: Wherefore  then  serveth the law?  It was added  because of  transgressions,  till  the seed  should come  to whom  the promise was made;  and it was ordained  by  angels  in  the hand  of a mediator. 

Galatians 3:21
Literal: The therefore Law [is] contrary to the promises - of God Never may it be If for had been given a law - being able to impart life indeed from out of [the] Law - would have emerged - righteousness
KJV: Is the law  then  against  the promises  of God?  God forbid:  for  if  a law  given  which  could  have given life,  verily  righteousness  should  by  the law. 

Galatians 3:23
Literal: Before - now came - faith under the Law we were held in custody having been locked up until the being about to be revealed
KJV: But  before  faith  came,  we were kept  under  the law,  shut up  unto  the faith  which should afterwards  be revealed. 

Galatians 3:24
Literal: so that the Law trainer of us has become unto Christ so that by faith we might be justified
KJV: Wherefore  the law  was  schoolmaster  to bring us unto  Christ,  that  we might be justified  by  faith. 

Galatians 4:4
Literal: When however had come the fullness of the time sent forth - God the Son of him having been born of a woman under [the] Law
KJV: But  when  the fulness  of the time  was come,  God  sent forth  his  Son,  made  of  a woman,  made  under  the law, 

Galatians 4:5
Literal: that those under [the] Law He might redeem so that the divine adoption as sons we might receive
KJV: To  redeem  them that were under  the law,  that  we might receive  the adoption of sons. 

Galatians 4:21
Literal: Tell me those under [the] Law wishing to be the Law not you do listen to
KJV: Tell  ye that desire  under  the law,  not  hear  the law? 

Galatians 5:3
Literal: I testify now again to every man being circumcised that a debtor he is all the Law to keep
KJV: For  I testify  again  to every  man  that is circumcised,  that  a debtor  to do  the whole  law. 

Galatians 5:4
Literal: You are severed from Christ whoever in [the] Law are being justified from grace you have fallen away
KJV: Christ  is become of no effect unto you,  whosoever of you  are justified  by  the law;  ye are fallen from  grace. 

Galatians 5:14
Literal: - For the entire Law in one word is fulfilled this You shall love the neighbor of you as yourself
KJV: For  all  the law  is fulfilled  in  one  word,  even in  this; Thou shalt love  neighbour  as 

Galatians 5:18
Literal: If however [the] Spirit you are led by not you are under [the] Law
KJV: But  if  ye be led  of the Spirit,  not  under  the law. 

Galatians 5:23
Literal: gentleness self-control against things such no there is law
KJV: temperance:  against  such  no  law. 

Galatians 6:2
Literal: One another’s - burdens bear you and thus you shall fulfill the law - of Christ
KJV: Bear ye  one another's  burdens,  and  so  fulfil  the law  of Christ. 

Galatians 6:13
Literal: Not even for those being circumcised themselves [the] Law keep but they desire you to be circumcised so that in - your flesh they may boast
KJV: For  neither  they themselves  who are circumcised  keep  the law;  but  desire  circumcised,  that  they may glory  in  your  flesh. 

Ephesians 2:15
Literal: in the flesh of Him the law - of commandments ordinances having annulled so that the two He might create Himself into one new man making peace
KJV: Having abolished  in  his  flesh  even the law  of commandments  contained in  ordinances;  for to  make  in  of twain  one  new  man,  so making  peace; 

Philippians 3:5
Literal: circumcision on [the] eighth day of [the] nation of Israel of [the] tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews according to [the] Law a Pharisee
KJV: Circumcised  the eighth  day, of  the stock  of Israel,  of the tribe  of Benjamin,  an Hebrew  of  the Hebrews;  as touching  the law,  a Pharisee; 

Philippians 3:6
Literal: according to zeal persecuting the church righteousness which [is] in [the] Law having become faultless
KJV: Concerning  zeal,  persecuting  the church;  touching  the righteousness  which  is in  the law,  blameless. 

Philippians 3:9
Literal: and be found in Him not having my own righteousness which [is] of [the] Law but that through faith from Christ the God on the basis of - faith
KJV: And  be found  in  him,  not  having  mine own  righteousness,  which  is of  the law,  but  that which  is through  the faith  of Christ,  the righteousness  which  is of  God  by  faith: 

1 Timothy 1:8
Literal: We know now that good [is] the law if one it lawfully uses
KJV: But  we know  that  the law  is good,  if  a man  use  it  lawfully; 

1 Timothy 1:9
Literal: knowing this that for a righteous [one] law not is enacted for [the] lawless however and insubordinate for [the] ungodly sinful for [the] unholy profane for murderers of fathers murderers of mothers for slayers of man
KJV: Knowing  that  the law  not  made  for a righteous man,  but  for the lawless  and  disobedient,  for the ungodly  and  for sinners,  for unholy  and  profane,  for murderers of fathers  and  murderers of mothers,  for manslayers, 

Hebrews 7:5
Literal: And those indeed out from the sons of Levi the priestly office receiving a commandment have to take a tenth from the people according to the law that is from the brothers of them though having come out of the loin of Abraham
KJV: And  verily  they that are of  the sons  of Levi,  who  receive  the office of the priesthood,  have  a commandment  to take tithes  of the people  according to  the law,  of their  brethren,  though  they come  out of  the loins  of Abraham: 

Hebrews 7:12
Literal: Being changed for of the priesthood from necessity also of law a change takes place
KJV: For  the priesthood  being changed,  there is made  of  necessity  a change  also  of the law. 

Hebrews 7:16
Literal: who not according to a law of a commandment fleshly has been constituted but [the] power of a life indestructible
KJV: Who  is made,  not  after  the law  commandment,  but  after  the power  of an endless  life. 

Hebrews 7:19
Literal: nothing for perfected the law [the] introduction then of a better hope by which we draw near - to God
KJV: For  the law  nothing  perfect,  but  the bringing in  of a better  hope  did; by  the which  we draw nigh  unto God. 

Hebrews 7:28
Literal: The law for men appoints as high priests having weakness word however of the oath which [is] after the law a Son to age having been perfected
KJV: For  the law  maketh  men  high priests  which have  infirmity;  but  the word  of the oath,  which  was since  the law,  maketh the Son,  who is consecrated  for  evermore. 

Hebrews 8:4
Literal: If certainly then He were on earth not even - would He be a priest there being those offering according to law the gifts
KJV: if  on  earth,  he should  not  a priest,  that offer  gifts  according  to the law: 

Hebrews 8:10
Literal: For this [is] the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after the days those says [the] Lord putting Laws of Me into the mind of them and upon hearts I will inscribe them I will be to them for God they will be to Me a people
KJV: For  this  is the covenant  that  I will make  with the house  of Israel  after  those  days,  saith  the Lord;  I will put  laws  into  their  mind,  and  write  them  in  their  hearts:  and  to  them  a God,  and  they  to  a people: 

Hebrews 9:19
Literal: Having been spoken for of every commandment according to the law by Moses to all the people having taken the blood - of calves and of goats with water wool scarlet hyssop itself both book all people he sprinkled
KJV: For  when  Moses  had spoken  every  precept  to all  the people  according  to the law,  he took  the blood  of calves  and  of goats,  with  water,  and  scarlet  wool,  and  hyssop,  and sprinkled  both  the book,  and  all  the people, 

Hebrews 9:22
Literal: And almost with blood all things are purified according to the law apart from blood-shedding not there is forgiveness
KJV: And  almost  all things  by  the law  purged  with  blood;  and  without  shedding of blood  is  no  remission. 

Hebrews 10:1
Literal: A shadow for having the law of the coming good things not themselves the form things each year with the same sacrifices which they offer to the continuous never is able those drawing near to perfect
KJV: For  the law  having  a shadow  of good things  to come,  and not  the very  image  of the things,  can  never  with those  sacrifices  which  they offered  year by year  continually  the comers thereunto  perfect. 

Hebrews 10:8
Literal: Above saying - Sacrifice and offering burnt offerings [offerings] for sin not You have desired nor have You delighted in which according to [the] Law are offered
KJV: Above  when he said,  Sacrifice  and  offering  and  burnt offerings  and  offering for  sin  thou wouldest  not,  neither  hadst pleasure  therein; which  are offered  by  the law; 

Hebrews 10:16
Literal: This [is] the covenant that I will make with them after the days those says [the] Lord putting [the] laws of Me into [the] hearts of them and the mind I will inscribe them
KJV: This  is the covenant  that  I will make  with  them  after  those  days,  saith  the Lord,  I will put  laws  into  their  hearts,  and  in  their  minds  will I write  them; 

Hebrews 10:28
Literal: Having set aside anyone [the] law of Moses without mercies on the basis of two or three witnesses he dies
KJV: He  that despised  Moses'  law  died  without  mercy  under  two  or  three  witnesses: 

James 1:25
Literal: The [one] however having looked intently into [the] law perfect that - of freedom and having continued in [it] not a hearer forgetful having been but a doer of [the] work this one blessed in the work of him will be
KJV: But  whoso looketh  into  the perfect  law  of liberty,  and  continueth  therein, he  being  not  a forgetful  hearer,  but  a doer  of the work,  this man  blessed  in  his  deed. 

James 2:8
Literal: If indeed [the] law you keep royal according to the Scripture You shall love the neighbor of you as yourself well you are doing
KJV: If  ye fulfil  the royal  law  according to  the scripture,  Thou shalt love  neighbour  as  thyself,  ye do  well: 

James 2:9
Literal: If however you show partiality sin you are committing being convicted by the law as transgressors
KJV: But  if  ye have respect to persons,  ye commit  sin,  and are convinced  of  the law  as  transgressors. 

James 2:10
Literal: Whoever for all the law shall keep shall stumble but in one [point] he has become of all guilty
KJV: For  whosoever  shall keep  the whole  law,  and yet  offend  in  one  point, he is  guilty  of all. 

James 2:11
Literal: The [One] for having said Not you shall commit adultery said also you shall murder If however not you do commit adultery do commit murder however you have become a transgressor of [the] law
KJV: For  he that said,  not  commit adultery,  said  also,  not  kill.  Now  if  no  adultery,  yet if  thou kill,  thou art become  a transgressor  of the law. 

James 2:12
Literal: So speak and act as by [the] law of freedom being about to be judged
KJV: So  speak ye,  and  so  do,  as  they that shall be  judged  by  the law  of liberty. 

James 4:11
Literal: Not speak against one another brothers The [one] speaking against [his] brother or judging the brother of him speaks against [the] Law and judges [the] Law If however you judge not you are a doer of [the] Law but a judge
KJV: not  evil  one of another,  brethren.  He that speaketh evil  of his brother,  and  judgeth  his  brother,  speaketh evil  of the law,  and  judgeth  the law:  but  if  thou judge  the law,  not  a doer  of the law,  but  a judge. 

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