Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 3544

Word info for νομικός

Root: νομικός
Strongs Number: 3544
Transliteration: [nomikos]
Phonetics: nom·ik·os
Etymology: From 3551
Parts of Speech: adj.
Sense: pertaining to the law, one learned in the law (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 pertaining to the law, one learned in the law.
   2 in the NT an interpreter and teacher of the Mosaic law.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3544

νομικὸς, νομικοὶ, νομικός, νομικῶν, νομικοῖς, νομικοὺς, νομικὰς, νομικὸν

All words for strongs number G3544 :

Word Occurance
νομικοῖς 2
νομικὸς 1
νομικοὶ 1
νομικός 1
νομικῶν 1
νομικοὺς 1
νομικὰς 1
νομικὸν 1

How strongs number G3544 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
lawyers 5
a lawyer 2
about [the] law 1
lawyer 1

Two strong number together

9 Verses with G3544

Matthew 22:35
Literal: And questioned [Him] one of them a lawyer testing Him
KJV: Then  one  of  them,  which was a lawyer,  asked  him a question, tempting  him,  and 

Luke 7:30
Literal: - but the Pharisees and the lawyers the counsel - of God rejected as to themselves not having been baptized by him
KJV: But  the Pharisees  and  lawyers  rejected  the counsel  of God  against  themselves,  not  baptized  of  him. 

Luke 10:25
Literal: And behold a lawyer certain stood up testing Him saying Teacher what having done life eternal will I inherit
KJV: And,  behold,  a certain  lawyer  stood up,  and  tempted  him,  saying,  Master,  what  shall I do  to inherit  eternal  life? 

Luke 11:45
Literal: Answering now one of the lawyers says to Him Teacher these things saying also us You insult
KJV: Then  answered  one  of the lawyers,  and said  unto him,  Master,  saying  thou reproachest  also. 

Luke 11:46
Literal: - And He said Also to you the lawyers woe For you burden the men [with] burdens heavy to bear and yourselves with one of the fingers of you not do touch the burdens
KJV: And  he said,  Woe  also,  ye lawyers!  for  ye lade  men  with burdens  grievous to be borne,  and  ye yourselves  touch  not  the burdens  with one  fingers. 

Luke 11:52
Literal: Woe to you the lawyers for you have taken away the key of the knowledge You yourselves not did enter and those who are entering you hindered
KJV: Woe  lawyers!  for  ye have taken away  the key  of knowledge:  not  in  yourselves,  and  them that were entering in  ye hindered. 

Luke 14:3
Literal: And answering - Jesus spoke to the lawyers to [the] Pharisees saying Is it lawful on the Sabbath to heal or not
KJV: And  Jesus  answering  spake  unto  the lawyers  and  Pharisees,  saying,  lawful  to heal  on the sabbath day? 

Titus 3:9
Literal: Foolish however controversies and genealogies arguments quarrels about [the] Law avoid they are for unprofitable worthless
KJV: But  avoid  foolish  questions,  and  genealogies,  and  contentions,  and  strivings about  the law;  for  unprofitable  and  vain. 

Titus 3:13
Literal: Zenas the lawyer and Apollos earnestly equip so that nothing to them should be lacking
KJV: Zenas  the lawyer  and  Apollos  on their journey  diligently,  that  nothing  be wanting  unto them. 

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