Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 3056

Word info for λόγος

Root: λόγος
Strongs Number: 3056
Transliteration: [logos]
Phonetics: log·os
Etymology: From 3004
Parts of Speech: n m.
Sense: of speech (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 of speech.
      1a a word, uttered by a living voice, embodies a conception or idea.
      1b what someone has said.
         1b1 a word.
         1b2 the sayings of God.
         1b3 decree, mandate or order.
         1b4 of the moral precepts given by God.
         1b5 Old Testament prophecy given by the prophets.
         1b6 what is declared, a thought, declaration, aphorism, a weighty saying, a dictum, a maxim.
      1c discourse.
         1c1 the act of speaking, speech.
         1c2 the faculty of speech, skill and practice in speaking.
         1c3 a kind or style of speaking.
         1c4 a continuous speaking discourse—instruction.
      1d doctrine, teaching.
      1e anything reported in speech; a narration, narrative.
      1f matter under discussion, thing spoken of, affair, a matter in dispute, case, suit at law.
      1g the thing spoken of or talked about; event, deed.
   2 its use as respect to the MIND alone.
      2a reason, the mental faculty of thinking, meditating, reasoning, calculating.
      2b account, i.e. regard, consideration.
      2c account, i.e. reckoning, score.
      2d account, i.e. answer or explanation in reference to judgment.
      2e relation, i.e. with whom as judge we stand in relation. 2e1 reason would.
      2f reason, cause, ground.
   3 In John, denotes the essential Word of God, Jesus Christ, the personal wisdom and power in union with God, his minister in creation and government of the universe, the cause of all the world’s life both physical and ethical, which for the procurement of man’s salvation put on human nature in the person of Jesus the Messiah, the second person in the Godhead, and shone forth conspicuously from His words and deeds.
   Additional Information: A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus first used the term Logos around 600 B.
   to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe.
   This word was well suited to John’s purpose in John 1.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3056

λόγου, λόγος, λόγους, λόγῳ, λόγον, λόγων, λόγοι, λόγοις, Λόγος, Λόγου

All words for strongs number G3056 :

Word Occurance
λόγον 125
λόγος 62
λόγῳ 45
λόγου 26
λόγους 22
λόγοις 16
λόγοι 10
λόγων 9
Λόγος 3
Λόγου 1

How strongs number G3056 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
word 160
words 47
saying 9
speech 7
a word 7
[the] word 7
account 7
message 6
report 4
statement 4
talk 4
thing 3
matter 3
the words 3
in word 2
reason 2
of [the] word 2
an account 2
the word 2
of discourse 1
of speech 1
in speech [i am] 1
divine utterance 1
in [the] word 1
the matter 1
[the] account 1
an appearance 1
[let the] speech 1
instruction 1
reckoning 1
[the] sentence 1
teaching 1
by [the] word 1
what he says 1
by word 1
on account 1
with talk 1
in a word 1
by a word 1
commandment 1
accounts 1
his words 1
question 1
in discourse 1
[of the] things 1
of [the] words 1
sayings 1
a reason 1
one thing 1
in talk 1
words [are] 1
remark 1
speaker 1
by words 1
word [of mouth] 1
a matter 1
with words 1

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Mark 4:15 Where the word is sown [οπου σπειρεται ο λογος]
Explanatory detail only in Mark. [source]
Luke 7:17 This report [ο λογος ουτος]
That God had raised up a great prophet who had shown his call by raising the dead. [source]
Luke 8:11 The seed is the word of God [ο σπορος εστιν ο λογος του τεου]
The article with both subject and predicate as here means that they are interchangeable and can be turned round: The word of God is the seed. The phrase “the word of God” does not appear in Matthew and only once in Mark (Mark 7:13) and John (John 10:35), but four times in Luke (Luke 5:1; Luke 8:11, Luke 8:21; Luke 11:28) and twelve times in Acts. In Mark 4:14 we have only “the word.” In Mark 3:31 we have “the will of God,” and in Matthew 12:46 “the will of my Father” where Luke 8:21 has “the word of God.” This seems to show that Luke has the subjective genitive here and means the word that comes from God. [source]
John 7:36 What is this word? [Τις εστιν ο λογος ουτοσ]
Puzzled and uneasy over this unintelligible saying. Even Peter is distressed over it later (John 13:3). [source]
John 1:14 And the Word became flesh [και ο λογος σαρχ εγενετο]
See John 1:3 for this verb and note its use for the historic event of the Incarnation rather than ην — ēn of John 1:1. Note also the absence of the article with the predicate substantive σαρχ — sarx so that it cannot mean “the flesh became the Word.” The Pre-existence of the Logos has already been plainly stated and argued. John does not here say that the Logos entered into a man or dwelt in a man or filled a man. One is at liberty to see an allusion to the birth narratives in Matthew 1:16-25; Luke 1:28-38, if he wishes, since John clearly had the Synoptics before him and chiefly supplemented them in his narrative. In fact, one is also at liberty to ask what intelligent meaning can one give to John‘s language here apart from the Virgin Birth? What ordinary mother or father ever speaks of a child “becoming flesh”? For the Incarnation see also 2 Corinthians 8:9; Galatians 4:4; Romans 1:3; Romans 8:3; Philemon 2:7.; 1 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 2:14. “To explain the exact significance of εγενετο — egeneto in this sentence is beyond the powers of any interpreter” (Bernard). Unless, indeed, as seems plain, John is referring to the Virgin Birth as recorded in Matthew and Luke. “The Logos of philosophy is, John declares, the Jesus of history” (Bernard). Thus John asserts the deity and the real humanity of Christ. He answers the Docetic Gnostics who denied his humanity. Dwelt among us First aorist ingressive aorist active indicative of σκηνοω — skēnoō old verb, to pitch one‘s tent or tabernacle First aorist middle indicative of τεαομαι — theaomai (from τεα — thea spectacle). The personal experience of John and of others who did recognize Jesus as the Shekinah glory John employs τεαομαι — theaomai again in John 1:32 (the Baptist beholding the Spirit coming down as a dove) and John 1:38 of the Baptist gazing in rapture at Jesus. So also John 4:35; John 11:45; 1 John 1:1.; 1 John 4:12, 1 John 4:14. By this word John insists that in the human Jesus he beheld the Shekinah glory of God who was and is the Logos who existed before with God. By this plural John speaks for himself and all those who saw in Jesus what he did. As of the only begotten from the Father Strictly, “as of an only born from a father,” since there is no article with μονογενους — monogenous or with πατρος — patros In John 3:16; 1 John 4:9 we have τον μονογενη — ton monogenē referring to Christ. This is the first use in the Gospel of πατηρ — patēr of God in relation to the Logos. Μονογενης — Monogenēs (only born rather than only begotten) here refers to the eternal relationship of the Logos (as in John 1:18) rather than to the Incarnation. It distinguishes thus between the Logos and the believers as children John clearly means to say that “the manifested glory of the Word was as it were the glory of the Eternal Father shared with His only Son” (Bernard). Cf. John 8:54; John 14:9; John 17:5. Full Probably indeclinable accusative adjective agreeing with δοχαν — doxan (or genitive with μονογενους — monogenous) of which we have papyri examples (Robertson, Grammar, p. 275). As nominative πληρης — plērēs can agree with the subject of εσκηνωσεν — eskēnōsen Of grace and truth Curiously this great word χαρις — charis (grace), so common with Paul, does not occur in John‘s Gospel save in John 1:14, John 1:16, John 1:17, though αλητεια — alētheia (truth) is one of the keywords in the Fourth Gospel and in 1John, occurring 25 times in the Gospel and 20 in the Johannine Epistles, 7 times in the Synoptics and not at all in Revelation (Bernard). In John 1:17 these two words picture the Gospel in Christ in contrast with the law of Moses. See Epistles of Paul for origin and use of both words. [source]
Acts 13:15 If ye have any word of exhortation for the people [ει τις εστιν εν υμιν λογος παρακλησεως προς τον λαον]
Literally, if there is among you any word of exhortation for the people. It is a condition of the first class and assumed to be true, a polite invitation. On “exhortation” (παρακλησις — paraklēsis) See note on Acts 9:31. It may be a technical phrase used in the synagogue (Hebrews 13:22; 1 Timothy 4:13). [source]
Acts 13:26 The word of this salvation [ο λογος της σωτηριας ταυτης]
The message of Jesus as Saviour (Acts 13:23), long ago promised and now come to us as Saviour. [source]
Romans 9:9 A word of promise [επαγγελιας ο λογος ουτος]
Literally, “this word is one of promise.” Paul combines Genesis 18:10,14 from the lxx. [source]
1 Corinthians 1:18 For the word of the cross [ο λογος γαρ ο του σταυρου]
Literally, “for the preaching (with which I am concerned as the opposite of wisdom of word in 1 Corinthians 1:17) that (repeated article ο — ho almost demonstrative) of the cross.” “Through this incidental allusion to preaching St. Paul passes to a new subject. The discussions in the Corinthian Church are for a time forgotten, and he takes the opportunity of correcting his converts for their undue exaltation of human eloquence and wisdom” (Lightfoot). [source]
1 Corinthians 12:8 The Word of wisdom [λογος σοπιας]
Old words. Λογος — Logos is reason, then speech. Wisdom is intelligence, then practical action in accord with it. Here it is speech full of God‘s wisdom (1 Corinthians 2:7) under the impulse of the Spirit of God. This gift is placed first (revelation by the Spirit). The word of knowledge (λογος γνωσεως — logos gnōseōs). This gift is insight (illumination) according to (κατα — kata) the same Spirit. [source]
1 Corinthians 12:8 The word of knowledge [λογος γνωσεως]
This gift is insight (illumination) according to (κατα — kata) the same Spirit. [source]
Ephesians 6:19 That utterance may be given unto me [ινα μοι δοτηι λογος]
Final clause with ινα — hina and first aorist passive subjunctive of διδωμι — didōmi to give. See a like request in Colossians 4:3. Paul wishes their prayer for courage for himself. [source]
Colossians 3:16 The word of Christ [ο λογος του Χριστου]
This precise phrase only here, though “the word of the Lord” in 1 Thessalonians 1:8; 1 Thessalonians 4:15; 2 Thessalonians 3:1. Elsewhere “the word of God.” Paul is exalting Christ in this Epistle. Χριστου — Christou can be either the subjective genitive (the word delivered by Christ) or the objective genitive (the word about Christ). See note on 1 John 2:14. [source]
2 Thessalonians 3:1 That the word of the Lord may run and be glorified [ινα ο λογος του κυριου τρεχηι και δοχαζηται]
Usual construction of ινα — hina after προσευχομαι — proseuchomai sub-final use, content and purpose combined. Note present subjunctive with both verbs rather than aorist, may keep on running and being glorified, two verbs joined together nowhere else in the N.T. Paul probably derived this metaphor from the stadium as in 1 Corinthians 9:24.; Galatians 2:2; Romans 9:16; Philemon 2:16; 2 Timothy 4:7. Lightfoot translates “may have a triumphant career.” On the word of the Lord see note on 1 Thessalonians 1:8. Paul recognizes the close relation between himself and the readers. He needs their prayers and sympathy and he rejoices in their reception of the word of the Lord already, even as also it is with you “As it does in your case” (Frame). [source]
1 Timothy 1:15 Faithful is the saying [πιστος ο λογος]
Five times in the Pastorals (1 Timothy 1:15; 1 Timothy 3:1; 1 Timothy 4:9; Titus 3:8; 2 Timothy 2:11). It will pay to note carefully πιστισ πιστευω πιστος — pistisπιστος — pisteuōλογος — pistos Same use of οτι — pistos (trustworthy) applied to αποδοχης — logos in Titus 1:9; Revelation 21:5; Revelation 22:6. Here and probably in 2 Timothy 2:11 a definite saying seems to be referred to, possibly a quotation (αχιος — hoti) of a current saying quite like the Johannine type of teaching. This very phrase (Christ coming into the world) occurs in John 9:37; John 11:27; John 16:28; John 18:37. Paul, of course, had no access to the Johannine writings, but such “sayings” were current among the disciples. There is no formal quotation, but “the whole phrase implies a knowledge of Synoptic and Johannine language” (Lock) as in Luke 5:32; John 12:47. [source]
1 Timothy 3:1 Faithful is the saying [πιστος ο λογος]
Here the phrase points to the preceding words (not like 1 Timothy 1:15) and should close the preceding paragraph. [source]
2 Timothy 2:11 Faithful is the saying [πιστος ο λογος]
The saying which follows here though it can refer to the preceding as in 1 Timothy 4:9. See note on 1 Timothy 1:15. It is possible that from here to the end of 2 Timothy 2:13 we have the fragment of an early hymn. There are four conditions in these verses (2 Timothy 2:11), all of the first class, assumed to be true. Parallels to the ideas here expressed are found in 2 Thessalonians 1:5; 1 Corinthians 4:8; 2 Corinthians 7:3; Romans 6:3-8; Colossians 3:1-4. Note the compounds with συν — sun For υπομενομεν — hupomenomen (we endure) see note on 1 Corinthians 13:7 and for απιστουμεν — apistoumen (we are faithless) see note on Romans 3:3. The verb αρνεομαι — arneomai to deny Here in 2 Timothy 2:13 it has the notion of proving false to oneself, a thing that Christ “cannot” (ου δυναται — ou dunatai) do. [source]
Titus 3:8 The saying [ο λογος]
In Titus 3:4-7. [source]
Hebrews 4:12 The word of God [ο λογος του τεου]
That just quoted about the promise of rest and God‘s rest, but true of any real word of God. Living Cf. the Living God (Hebrews 3:12). In Philo and the Book of Wisdom the Logos of God is personified, but still more in John 1:1-18 where Jesus is pictured as the Logos on a par with God. “Our author is using Philonic language rather than Philonic ideas” (Moffatt). See John 6:63: “The words which I have spoken are spirit and are life.” Active Energetic, powerful (John 1:12; Philemon 3:21; Colossians 1:29). Sharper Comparative of τομος — tomos cutting (from τεμνω — temnō to cut), late adjective, here only in the N.T. Than Often so after a comparative (Luke 16:8; 2 Corinthians 12:13). Two-edged “Two-mouthed” Present middle participle of αχρι μερισμου — diikneomai old verb to go through, here only in N.T. Even to the dividing Old word from μερος — merizō As in 1 Thessalonians 5:23; 1 Corinthians 15:45, but not an argument for trichotomy. Psychology is constantly changing its terminology. Of both joints and marrow From αρμος — arō to join, comes Μυελος — harmos old word, here only in the N.T. μυω — Muelos (from κριτικος — muō to shut), old word, here only in N.T. This surgeon goes into and through the joints and marrow, not cleaving between them. Quick to discern Verbal adjective in -κρινω — ikos from εντυμησεων και εννοιων καρδιας — krinō skilled in judging, as the surgeon has to be and able to decide on the instant what to do. So God‘s word like his eye sees the secret lurking doubt and unbelief “of the thoughts and intents of the heart” The surgeon carries a bright and powerful light for every dark crevice and a sharp knife for the removal of all the pus revealed by the light. It is a powerful picture here drawn. [source]
Revelation 19:13 The Word of God [ο Λογος του τεου]
Some scholars hold this addition inconsistent with Revelation 19:12, but it may be merely the explanation of the secret name or still another name besides that known only to himself. The personal use of the Logos applied to Christ occurs only in the Johannine writings unless that is the idea in Hebrews 4:12. In John 1:1, John 1:14 it is merely ο Λογος — ho Logos (the Word), in 1 John 1:1 ο Λογος της ζωης — ho Logos tēs zōēs (the Word of Life), while here it is ο Λογος του τεου — ho Logos tou theou (the Word of God), one of the strongest arguments for identity of authorship. The idiom here is one common in Luke and Paul for the teaching of Christ (Luke 5:1; Luke 8:11, etc.; 1 Corinthians 14:36; 2 Corinthians 2:17, etc.). Jesus is himself the final and perfect revelation of God to men (Hebrews 1:1.). [source]

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1 Corinthians 12:8 The Word of wisdom [λογος σοπιας]
Old words. Λογος — Logos is reason, then speech. Wisdom is intelligence, then practical action in accord with it. Here it is speech full of God‘s wisdom (1 Corinthians 2:7) under the impulse of the Spirit of God. This gift is placed first (revelation by the Spirit). The word of knowledge (λογος γνωσεως — logos gnōseōs). This gift is insight (illumination) according to (κατα — kata) the same Spirit. [source]
1 Timothy 1:15 Faithful is the saying [πιστος ο λογος]
Five times in the Pastorals (1 Timothy 1:15; 1 Timothy 3:1; 1 Timothy 4:9; Titus 3:8; 2 Timothy 2:11). It will pay to note carefully πιστισ πιστευω πιστος — pistisπιστος — pisteuōλογος — pistos Same use of οτι — pistos (trustworthy) applied to αποδοχης — logos in Titus 1:9; Revelation 21:5; Revelation 22:6. Here and probably in 2 Timothy 2:11 a definite saying seems to be referred to, possibly a quotation (αχιος — hoti) of a current saying quite like the Johannine type of teaching. This very phrase (Christ coming into the world) occurs in John 9:37; John 11:27; John 16:28; John 18:37. Paul, of course, had no access to the Johannine writings, but such “sayings” were current among the disciples. There is no formal quotation, but “the whole phrase implies a knowledge of Synoptic and Johannine language” (Lock) as in Luke 5:32; John 12:47. [source]
Revelation 19:13 The Word of God [ο Λογος του τεου]
Some scholars hold this addition inconsistent with Revelation 19:12, but it may be merely the explanation of the secret name or still another name besides that known only to himself. The personal use of the Logos applied to Christ occurs only in the Johannine writings unless that is the idea in Hebrews 4:12. In John 1:1, John 1:14 it is merely ο Λογος — ho Logos (the Word), in 1 John 1:1 ο Λογος της ζωης — ho Logos tēs zōēs (the Word of Life), while here it is ο Λογος του τεου — ho Logos tou theou (the Word of God), one of the strongest arguments for identity of authorship. The idiom here is one common in Luke and Paul for the teaching of Christ (Luke 5:1; Luke 8:11, etc.; 1 Corinthians 14:36; 2 Corinthians 2:17, etc.). Jesus is himself the final and perfect revelation of God to men (Hebrews 1:1.). [source]

319 Verses with G3056

Matthew 5:32
Literal: I however say to you that everyone - divorcing the wife of him except on account of sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery And whoever if her having been divorced shall marry commits adultery
KJV: But  say  That  whosoever  shall put away  his  wife,  saving  for the cause  of fornication,  causeth  her  to commit adultery:  and  whosoever  shall marry  her that is divorced  committeth adultery. 

Matthew 5:37
Literal: Let it be however the statement of you Yes ‘Yes [and] ‘No No The more than these from - evil comes
KJV: But  communication  Yea,  Nay,  for  whatsoever is more  of  evil. 

Matthew 7:24
Literal: Everyone therefore whoever hears My - words these and does them will be like a man wise who built his - house upon the rock
KJV: Therefore  whosoever  heareth  sayings  and  doeth  them,  I will liken  him  unto a wise  man,  which  built  his  house  upon  a rock: 

Matthew 7:26
Literal: And everyone - hearing My - words these not doing them he will be likened to a man foolish who built of him the house upon sand
KJV: And  every one  that heareth  sayings  and  doeth  them  not,  shall be likened  unto a foolish  man,  which  built  his  house  upon  the sand: 

Matthew 7:28
Literal: And it came to pass when had finished - Jesus the words these were astonished the crowds at the teaching of Him
KJV: And  it came to pass,  when  Jesus  sayings,  the people  were astonished  at  his  doctrine: 

Matthew 8:8
Literal: Answering however the centurion said Lord not I am worthy that of me under the roof You should come but only speak the word and will be healed servant
KJV: The centurion  answered  and  said,  Lord,  I am  not  worthy  that  thou shouldest come  under  roof:  but  speak  the word  only,  and  servant  shall be healed. 

Matthew 8:16
Literal: Evening now having come they brought to Him being possessed with demons many and He cast out the spirits by a word all those sick being He healed
KJV: When  the even  was come,  they brought  unto him  many  that were possessed with devils:  and  he cast out  the spirits  with his word,  and  healed  all  that were  sick: 

Matthew 10:14
Literal: And whoever - not will receive you nor will hear the words of you going forth out of the house or city that shake off the dust of the feet
KJV: And  whosoever  receive  nor  hear  words,  when ye depart out  of that  house  or  city,  shake off  the dust  feet. 

Matthew 12:32
Literal: And whoever if speaks a word against the Son - of Man it will be forgiven him now - - Spirit the Holy not neither in this - age nor the coming [one]
KJV: And  whosoever  speaketh  a word  against  the Son  of man,  it shall be forgiven  him:  but  whosoever  speaketh  against  the Holy  Ghost,  not  be forgiven  him,  neither  in  world,  neither  in  the world to come. 

Matthew 12:36
Literal: I say now to you that every word careless that will speak - men they will give of it an account in day of judgment
KJV: But  I say  That  every  idle  word  that  men  shall speak,  they shall give  account  thereof  in  the day  of judgment. 

Matthew 12:37
Literal: By for the words of you you will be justified and you will be condemned
KJV: For  by  words  thou shalt be justified,  and  by  words  thou shalt be condemned. 

Matthew 13:19
Literal: Everyone hearing the word of the kingdom and not understanding comes the evil one snatches away that having been sown in the heart of him This is the [one] on the path having been sown
KJV: When any  one heareth  the word  of the kingdom,  and  understandeth  it not,  then cometh  the wicked  one, and  catcheth away  that which  was sown  in  his  heart.  This  he which received seed  by  the way side. 

Matthew 13:20
Literal: That which now upon the rocky places having been sown this is the [one] the word hearing and immediately with joy receiving it
KJV: But  he that received the seed  into  stony places,  the same  he that heareth  the word,  and  with  joy  receiveth  it; 

Matthew 13:21
Literal: no he has now root in himself but temporary is having come however tribulation or persecution on account of the word immediately he falls away
KJV: Yet  hath he  not  root  in  himself,  but  for a while:  for  when tribulation  or  persecution  ariseth  because  of the word,  he is offended. 

Matthew 13:22
Literal: That which now among the thorns having been sown this is the [one] the word hearing and the care - present age of this deceit of riches choke unfruitful it becomes
KJV: He also  that received seed  among  the thorns  he that  heareth  the word;  and  the care  world,  and  the deceitfulness  of riches,  choke  the word,  and  he becometh  unfruitful. 

Matthew 13:23
Literal: That however on the good soil having been sown this is the [one] the word hearing and understanding who indeed brings forth fruit produces some indeed a hundredfold now sixty thirty
KJV: But  he that received seed  into  the good  ground  he  that heareth  the word,  and  understandeth  it; which  also  beareth fruit,  and  bringeth forth,  some  an hundredfold,  some  sixty,  some  thirty. 

Matthew 15:6
Literal: no not he shall honor the father of himself or the mother of himself And you made void commandment - of God on account of tradition of you
KJV: And  honour  his  father  or  his  mother,  he shall be free. Thus  of God  of none effect  by  tradition. 

Matthew 15:12
Literal: Then having come near the disciples said to Him Know You that Pharisees having heard the saying were offended
KJV: Then  came  his  disciples,  unto him,  Knowest thou  that  the Pharisees  were offended,  after they heard  this saying? 

Matthew 15:23
Literal: - And not He answered her a word And having come to [him] the disciples of Him were imploring Him saying Dismiss her for she cries out after us
KJV: But  he answered  her  not  a word.  And  his  disciples  came  and besought  him,  saying,  her  away;  for  she crieth  after 

Matthew 18:23
Literal: Because of this has become like the kingdom of the heavens to a man a king who desired to settle accounts with the servants of him
KJV: Therefore  is the kingdom  of heaven  likened  unto a certain  king,  which  would  take  account  of  his  servants. 

Matthew 19:1
Literal: And it came to pass when had finished - Jesus the words these He withdrew from - Galilee came to the region of Judea beyond the Jordan
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that when  Jesus  had finished  sayings,  he departed  from  Galilee,  and  came  into  the coasts  of Judaea  beyond  Jordan; 

Matthew 19:11
Literal: - And He said to them Not all receive the word this but only [those] to whom it has been given
KJV: But  he said  unto them,  All  men cannot  receive  saying,  save  they to whom  it is given. 

Matthew 19:22
Literal: Having heard now the young man the statement this he went away grieving he was [one] for having possessions many
KJV: But  when the young man  heard  that saying,  he went away  sorrowful:  for  he had  great  possessions. 

Matthew 21:24
Literal: Answering now - Jesus said to them Will ask you I also thing one which if you tell Me to you will say by what authority these things I do
KJV: And  Jesus  answered  and said  unto them,  I also  will ask  one  thing,  which  if  ye tell  I in like wise  will tell  by  what  authority  I do 

Matthew 22:15
Literal: Then having gone out the Pharisees counsel took how Him they might trap in His words
KJV: Then  went  the Pharisees,  and took  counsel  how  they might entangle  him  in  his talk. 

Matthew 22:46
Literal: And no one was able to answer Him a word nor dared anyone from that - day to question Him no longer
KJV: And  no man  was able  to answer  him  a word,  neither  durst  any  man from  that  day  forth ask  him  any more 

Matthew 24:35
Literal: The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me no not shall pass away
KJV: Heaven  and  earth  shall pass away,  but  words  pass away. 

Matthew 25:19
Literal: After then much time comes the master of the servants those and takes account with them
KJV: After  a long  time  the lord  of those  servants  cometh,  and  reckoneth  with  them. 

Matthew 26:1
Literal: And it came to pass when had finished - Jesus all the words these He said to the disciples of Him
KJV: And  it came to pass,  when  Jesus  had finished  all  sayings,  he said  unto his  disciples, 

Matthew 26:44
Literal: And having left them again having gone away He prayed for [the] third time the same thing having said
KJV: And  he left  them,  and went away  again,  and prayed  the third time,  saying  the same  words. 

Matthew 28:15
Literal: - And having taken the money they did as they were instructed And is spread abroad the report this among [the] Jews until the present day
KJV: So  they took  the money,  and did  as  they were taught:  and  this  saying  is commonly reported  among  the Jews  until  this day. 

Mark 1:45
Literal: - And having gone out he began to proclaim much and to spread abroad the matter so that no longer He was able openly into [the] city to enter but out in solitary places He was they were coming to Him from every quarter
KJV: But  he went out,  and began  to publish  it much,  and  to blaze abroad  the matter,  insomuch that  Jesus  could  no more  openly  enter  into  the city,  but  without  desert  places:  and  they came  to  him 

Mark 2:2
Literal: And were gathered together many so that no more to have space not even - at the door He was speaking to them the word
KJV: And  many  were gathered together,  insomuch that  no  room to receive  them, no, not so much  as about  the door:  and  he preached  the word  unto them. 

Mark 4:14
Literal: The [one] sowing the word sows
KJV: The sower  the word. 

Mark 4:15
Literal: These now are they along the road where is sown the word and when they hear immediately comes - Satan takes away the word - having been sown in them
KJV: And  these  by  the way side,  where  the word  is sown;  but  when  they have heard,  Satan  cometh  immediately,  and  taketh away  the word  that was sown  their 

Mark 4:16
Literal: And these are likewise those upon the rocky places sown who when they hear the word immediately with joy receive it
KJV: And  these  likewise  which are sown  on  stony ground;  who,  when  they have heard  the word,  immediately  receive  it  with  gladness; 

Mark 4:17
Literal: and not they have root in themselves but temporary are then having arisen tribulation or persecution on account of the word immediately they fall away
KJV: And  have  no  root  in  themselves,  and  but for a time:  afterward,  when affliction  or  persecution  ariseth  for  the word's sake,  immediately  they are offended. 

Mark 4:18
Literal: And these are those among the thorns sown These are the word having heard
KJV: And  these  sown  among  thorns;  such as  hear  the word, 

Mark 4:19
Literal: and the cares - of this age the deceit of the riches - of the other things desires entering in choke the word unfruitful it becomes
KJV: And  the cares  world,  and  the deceitfulness  of riches,  and  the lusts  of  other things  entering in,  choke  the word,  and  it becometh  unfruitful. 

Mark 4:20
Literal: And these are those upon the soil - good having been sown such as hear the word receive [it] bring forth fruit one thirtyfold sixty a hundred
KJV: And  they which are sown  on  good  ground;  such as  hear  the word,  and  receive  it, and  bring forth fruit,  some  thirtyfold,  some  sixty,  and  some  an hundred. 

Mark 4:33
Literal: And with such parables many He kept speaking to them the word as they were able to hear
KJV: And  with many  such  parables  spake he  the word  unto them,  as  they were able  to hear 

Mark 5:36
Literal: - And Jesus having heard the word spoken says to the ruler of the synagogue Not fear only believe
KJV: As soon as  Jesus  the word  that was spoken,  he saith  unto the ruler of the synagogue,  not  afraid,  only  believe. 

Mark 7:13
Literal: making void the word - of God for the tradition of you which you have handed down And like [things] such many you do
KJV: the word  of God  of none effect  tradition,  which  ye have delivered:  and  many  such  like things  do ye. 

Mark 7:29
Literal: And He said to her Because of this - word go has gone forth out of the daughter of you the demon
KJV: And  he said  unto her,  For  saying  go thy way;  the devil  is gone  out of  daughter. 

Mark 8:32
Literal: And openly the word He was speaking having taken Him - Peter to him he began to rebuke Him
KJV: And  he spake  that saying  openly.  And  Peter  took  him,  and began  to rebuke  him. 

Mark 8:38
Literal: Whoever for if may be ashamed of Me and - My words in the generation this - adulterous sinful also the Son - of Man will be ashamed of him when He shall come glory of the Father of Him with the angels - holy
KJV: Whosoever  therefore  shall be ashamed  and  of my  words  in  adulterous  and  sinful  generation;  of him  also  the Son  of man  be ashamed,  when  he cometh  in  the glory  of his  Father  with  the holy  angels. 

Mark 9:10
Literal: And that saying they kept among themselves questioning what it is - out from the dead to rise
KJV: And  they kept  that saying  with  themselves,  questioning one with another  what  the rising  from  the dead 

Mark 10:22
Literal: - And having been sad at the word he went away grieving he was [one] for having possessions many
KJV: And  he was sad  at  that saying,  and went away  grieved:  for  he had  great  possessions. 

Mark 10:24
Literal: - And the disciples were astonished at the words of Him - But Jesus again answering says to them Children how difficult it is into the kingdom - of God to enter those who trust in riches
KJV: And  the disciples  were astonished  at  his  words.  But  Jesus  answereth  again,  and saith  unto them,  Children,  how  hard  for them that trust  in  riches  to enter  into  the kingdom  of God! 

Mark 11:29
Literal: - And Jesus said to them I will ask you one question and you answer Me I will tell you by what authority these things I do
KJV: And  Jesus  answered  and said  unto them,  ask  one  question,  and  answer  and  I will tell  by  what  authority  I do 

Mark 12:13
Literal: And they send to Him some of the Pharisees Herodians that Him they might catch in discourse
KJV: And  they send  unto  him  certain  of the Pharisees  and  of the Herodians,  to  catch  him  in his words. 

Mark 13:31
Literal: The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me in no way not
KJV: Heaven  and  earth  shall pass away:  but  words  pass away. 

Mark 14:39
Literal: And again having gone away He prayed the same thing having said
KJV: And  again  he went away,  and prayed,  and spake  the same  words. 

Mark 16:20
Literal: They now having gone forth preached everywhere the Lord working with [them] and the word confirming by the accompanying signs all moreover - instructing - to - Peter promptly they reported with these himself - Jesus after that from east to west sent out through them the sacred imperishable preaching of eternal salvation Amen
KJV: And  they  went forth,  and preached  every where,  the Lord  working with  them, and  confirming  the word  with  signs  following.  Amen. 

Luke 1:2
Literal: as delivered [them] to us those from [the] beginning eyewitnesses and servants having been of the word
KJV: Even  as they delivered  which  from  the beginning  were  eyewitnesses,  and  ministers  of the word; 

Luke 1:4
Literal: so that you may know concerning which you were instructed [of the] things the certainty
KJV: That  thou mightest know  the certainty  of  those things,  wherein  thou hast been instructed. 

Luke 1:20
Literal: And behold you will be silent not able to speak until that day shall take place these things in return for that not you did believe the words of me which will be fulfilled in the season of them
KJV: And,  behold,  shalt be dumb,  and  not  able  to speak,  until  the day  that  shall be performed,  because  thou believest  not  words,  which  shall be fulfilled  in  their  season. 

Luke 1:29
Literal: - And at the statement she was troubled and was pondering what kind might be the salutation this
KJV: And  him, she was troubled  at  saying,  and  cast in her mind  what manner  of salutation  this 

Luke 3:4
Literal: as it has been written in [the] book of [the] words of Isaiah the prophet [The] voice of one crying the wilderness Prepare the way of [the] Lord straight make the paths of Him
KJV: As  it is written  in  the book  of the words  of Esaias  the prophet,  The voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Prepare ye  the way  of the Lord,  make  his  paths  straight. 

Luke 4:22
Literal: And all were bearing witness to Him marveling at the words of the grace that are proceeding out of the mouth of Him they were saying Not the son is of Joseph this
KJV: And  all  him  witness,  and  wondered  at  the gracious  words  which  proceeded  out of  his  mouth.  And  this  Joseph's  son? 

Luke 4:32
Literal: and they were astonished at the teaching of Him for with authority was the message
KJV: And  they were astonished  at  his  doctrine:  for  his  word  with  power. 

Luke 4:36
Literal: And came astonishment upon all they were speaking to one another saying What - word [is] this that with authority power He commands the unclean spirits they come out
KJV: And  they were  all  amazed,  and  spake  among  themselves,  saying,  What  a word  is this!  for  with  authority  and  power  he commandeth  the unclean  spirits,  and  they come out. 

Luke 5:1
Literal: It came to pass then in - the crowd pressing on Him also to hear word of God and He was standing by the lake of Gennesaret
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that, as  the people  pressed upon  him  to hear  the word  of God,  he  by  the lake  of Gennesaret, 

Luke 5:15
Literal: Was spread abroad now still more the report concerning Him and were coming crowds great to hear to be healed from the sicknesses of them
KJV: But  so much the more  a fame  abroad  of  him:  and  great  multitudes  came together  to hear,  and  to be healed  him  of  their  infirmities. 

Luke 6:47
Literal: Everyone who is coming to Me and hearing of Me the words doing them I will show you whom he is like
KJV: Whosoever  cometh  to  and  heareth  sayings,  and  doeth  them,  I will shew  to whom  like: 

Luke 7:7
Literal: therefore neither myself counted I worthy to You to come but say in a word and shall be healed the servant of me
KJV: Wherefore  neither  myself  worthy  to come  unto  but  say  in a word,  and  servant  shall be healed. 

Luke 7:17
Literal: And went out the report this in all - Judea concerning Him in all the surrounding region
KJV: And  this  rumour  of  him  went forth  throughout  all  Judaea,  and  throughout  all  the region round about. 

Luke 8:11
Literal: Is now this the parable The seed is word - of God
KJV: Now  the parable  this:  The seed  the word  of God. 

Luke 8:12
Literal: Those now along the road are having heard then comes the devil and takes away the word from the heart of them that not having believed they should be saved
KJV: Those  by  the way side  they that hear;  then  cometh  the devil,  and  taketh away  the word  out of  their  hearts,  they should believe  and be saved. 

Luke 8:13
Literal: Those now upon the rock those who when they hear with joy receive the word and these a root not have who for a time believe in time of testing fall away
KJV: They on  the rock  are they, which,  when  they hear,  receive  the word  with  joy;  and  these  have  no  root,  which  for  a while  believe,  and  in  time  of temptation  fall away. 

Luke 8:15
Literal: That now in the good soil these are those a heart worthy and good having heard the word keep [it] bring forth fruit by perseverance
KJV: But  that on  the good  ground  they,  which  in  an honest  and  good  heart,  having heard  the word,  keep  it, and  bring forth fruit  with  patience. 

Luke 8:21
Literal: - But answering He said to them Mother of Me and brothers those are who the word - of God are hearing doing
KJV: And  he answered  and said  unto  them,  mother  and  brethren  these  which  hear  the word  of God,  and  do  it. 

Luke 9:26
Literal: Whoever for - may have been ashamed of Me and - My words him the Son - of Man will be ashamed of when He shall come in the glory of Himself of the Father of the holy angels
KJV: For  whosoever  shall be ashamed  and  of my  words,  the Son  of man  be ashamed,  when  he shall come  in  his own  glory,  and  in his Father's,  and  of the holy  angels. 

Luke 9:28
Literal: It came to pass now after the sayings these about days eight and having taken Peter John James He went up on the mountain to pray
KJV: And  it came to pass  about  an eight  days  after  sayings,  he took  Peter  and  John  and  James,  and went up  into  a mountain  to pray. 

Luke 9:44
Literal: Let sink you into the ears of you the words these - for the Son - of Man is about to be betrayed [the] hands of men
KJV: sayings  sink down  into  ears:  for  the Son  of man  shall be  delivered  into  the hands  of men. 

Luke 10:39
Literal: And she had a sister called Mary who also having sat down at the feet of the Lord was listening to the word of Him
KJV: And  she  a sister  called  Mary,  which  also  sat  feet,  and heard  his  word. 

Luke 11:28
Literal: He then said No rather blessed [are] those hearing the word - of God and keeping it
KJV: But  he  said,  Yea rather,  blessed  are they that hear  the word  of God,  and  keep  it. 

Luke 12:10
Literal: And everyone who will speak a word against the Son - of Man it will be forgiven him the [one] however the Holy Spirit having blasphemed not will be forgiven
KJV: And  whosoever  shall speak  a word  against  the Son  of man,  it shall be forgiven  him:  but  unto him that blasphemeth  against  the Holy  Ghost  not  be forgiven. 

Luke 16:2
Literal: And having called him he said to him What [is] this I hear concerning you Give the account of the stewardship of you not for you are able any longer to manage
KJV: And  he called  him,  and said  unto him,  How  is it that I hear  of  give  an account  stewardship;  for  thou mayest be  no  longer  steward. 

Luke 20:3
Literal: Answering now He said to them Will ask you I also one thing and you tell Me
KJV: And  he answered  and said  unto  them,  also  ask  thing;  and  answer 

Luke 20:20
Literal: And having watched [Him] they sent spies feigning themselves righteous to be that they might catch Him in talk in order to deliver Him to the rule authority of the governor
KJV: And  they watched  him, and sent forth  spies,  which should feign  themselves  just men,  that  they might take hold  of his  words,  they might deliver  him  unto the power  and  authority  of the governor. 

Luke 21:33
Literal: The heaven and the earth will pass away - but the words of Me no not
KJV: Heaven  and  earth  shall pass away:  but  words  pass away. 

Luke 22:61
Literal: And having turned the Lord looked at - Peter remembered - Peter the word of the Lord how He had said to him - Before [the] rooster crows today you will deny Me three times
KJV: And  the Lord  turned,  and looked upon  Peter.  And  Peter  remembered  the word  of the Lord,  how  he had said  unto him,  Before  the cock  crow,  thou shalt deny  thrice. 

Luke 23:9
Literal: He kept questioning then Him in words many He however nothing answered him
KJV: Then  he questioned  with him  in  many  words;  but  he  answered  him  nothing. 

Luke 24:17
Literal: He said then to them What - words [are] these that you exchange with one another walking And they stood still looking sad
KJV: And  he said  unto  them,  What  manner of communications  are these  that  ye have  one to  another,  as ye walk,  and  sad? 

Luke 24:19
Literal: And He said to them What things - And they said to Him The things concerning Jesus of Nazareth who was a man a prophet mighty in deed word before - God all the people
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  What things?  And  they said  unto him,  Concerning  Jesus  which  was  a prophet  mighty  in  deed  and  word  before  God  and  all  the people: 

Luke 24:44
Literal: He said now unto to them These [are] the words of me which I spoke to you still being with you that it behooves to be fulfilled all things - having been written in the law of Moses and the Prophets [the] Psalms concerning Me
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  These  are the words  which  I spake  unto  I was yet  with  that  all things  must  be fulfilled,  which  were written  in  the law  of Moses,  and  in the prophets,  and  in the psalms,  concerning 

John 1:1
Literal: In [the] beginning was the Word and with - God God
KJV: In  the beginning  the Word,  and  the Word  with  God,  and  the Word  God. 

John 1:14
Literal: And the Word flesh became dwelt among us we beheld the glory of Him a glory as of an only begotten from [the] Father full of grace truth
KJV: And  the Word  was made  flesh,  and  dwelt  among  (and  we beheld  his  glory,  as  of the only begotten  of  the Father,)  full  of grace  and  truth. 

John 2:22
Literal: When therefore He was raised up out from [the] dead remembered the disciples of Him that this He had said and they believed the Scripture the word that had spoken - Jesus
KJV: When  therefore  he was risen  from  the dead,  his  disciples  that  unto them;  and  they believed  the scripture,  and  the word  which  Jesus  had said. 

John 4:37
Literal: In for this the saying is TRUE - One - sowing and another reaping
KJV: And  herein  that saying  true,  One  and  another  reapeth. 

John 4:39
Literal: Out of now the city that many believed in Him of the Samaritans because of the word of the woman testifying - He told me all things whatever I did
KJV: And  many  of the Samaritans  of  that  city  believed  on  him  for  the saying  of the woman,  which testified,  He told  all  I did. 

John 4:41
Literal: And many more believed because of the word of Him
KJV: And  many  more  believed  because  of his own  word; 

John 4:50
Literal: Says to him - Jesus Go the son of you lives Believed man the word that said and he went on his way
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto him,  Go thy way;  son  liveth.  And  the man  believed  the word  that  Jesus  had spoken  unto him,  and  he went his way. 

John 5:24
Literal: Truly I say to you that the [one] the word of Me hearing and believing the [One] having sent Me he has life eternal into judgment not comes but has passed out of - death - life
KJV: Verily,  I say  He that heareth  word,  and  believeth  on him that sent  hath  everlasting  life,  and  not  come  into  condemnation;  but  is passed  from  death  unto  life. 

John 5:38
Literal: And the word of Him not you have in you abiding for whom sent He Him you not believe
KJV: And  ye have  not  his  word  abiding  in  for  whom  he hath sent,  believe  not. 

John 6:60
Literal: Many therefore having heard of the disciples of Him said Difficult is the word this who is able it to hear
KJV: Many  therefore  of  his  disciples,  when they had heard  this, said,  This  an hard  saying;  who  can  hear  it? 

John 7:36
Literal: What is the word this that He said You will seek Me and not will find Me Where am I you not are able to come
KJV: What  manner of saying  this  that  he said,  Ye shall seek  and  not  find  me: and  where  am,  cannot  come? 

John 7:40
Literal: [Some] of the crowd therefore having heard the words these were saying - This is truly the Prophet
KJV: of  the people  therefore,  when they heard  this saying,  Of a truth  this  the Prophet. 

John 8:31
Literal: Was saying therefore - Jesus to the having believed in Him Jews If you abide in the word - My truly disciples of Me you are
KJV: Then  Jesus  to  those Jews  which  believed  on him,  If  continue  in  my  word,  disciples  indeed; 

John 8:37
Literal: I know that seed of Abraham you are but you seek Me to kill because the word - of Me not receives a place in you
KJV: I know  that  Abraham's  seed;  but  ye seek  to kill  because  my  word  no  place  in 

John 8:43
Literal: Because of why the speech - My not do you understand Because you are able to hear the word - My
KJV: not  understand  my  speech?  even because  ye cannot  hear  my  word. 

John 8:51
Literal: Truly I say to you if anyone - My word keeps death never not shall he see to the age
KJV: Verily,  I say  If  a man  keep  my  saying,  see  death. 

John 8:52
Literal: Said therefore to Him the Jews Now we know that a demon You have Abraham died and prophets You say If anyone the word of Me keeps never not shall he taste of death to age
KJV: Then  said  the Jews  unto him,  Now  we know  that  thou hast  a devil.  Abraham  is dead,  and  the prophets;  and  thou  sayest,  If  a man  keep  saying,  taste  of death. 

John 8:55
Literal: And not you have known Him I however know And if I say that I know I will be like you a liar But Him the word of Him I keep
KJV: Yet  not  known  him;  but  know  him:  and  I should say,  I know  him  not,  a liar  like  but  I know  him,  and  keep  his  saying. 

John 10:19
Literal: Division again there was among the Jews on account of the words these
KJV: There was  a division  again  among  the Jews  for  sayings. 

John 10:35
Literal: If them he called gods to whom the word - of God came and not is able to be broken the Scripture
KJV: If  he called  them  gods,  unto  whom  the word  of God  came,  and  the scripture  cannot  be broken; 

John 12:38
Literal: so that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled that said Lord who has believed the report of us And arm of [the] Lord to whom has been revealed
KJV: That  the saying  of Esaias  the prophet  might be fulfilled,  which  he spake,  Lord,  who  hath believed  report?  and  to whom  hath the arm  of the Lord  been revealed? 

John 12:48
Literal: The [one] rejecting Me and not receiving the words of Me has [one] judging him The word which I spoke that will judge him in the last day
KJV: He that rejecteth  and  receiveth  not  words,  hath  one that judgeth  him:  the word  that  I have spoken,  the same  shall judge  him  in  the last  day. 

John 14:23
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to him If anyone loves Me the word of Me he will keep the Father will love him to him we will come a home with him will make
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto him,  If  a man  love  he will keep  words:  and  Father  will love  him,  and  we will come  unto  him,  and  make  our abode  with  him. 

John 14:24
Literal: The [one] not loving Me the words of Me not does keep and the word that you hear not is Mine but of the having sent Father
KJV: He that loveth  not  keepeth  not  sayings:  and  the word  which  ye hear  not  mine,  but  the Father's  which  sent 

John 15:3
Literal: Already you clean are by reason of the word that I have spoken to you
KJV: Now  clean  through  the word  which  I have spoken 

John 15:20
Literal: Remember the word that I said to you Not is a servant greater than master of him If Me they persecuted also you they will persecute the word of Me they kept - yours they will keep
KJV: Remember  the word  that  said  The servant  not  his  lord.  If  they have persecuted  also  persecute  if  they have kept  saying,  they will keep  yours  also. 

John 15:25
Literal: But [this is] that may be fulfilled the word - in the law of them having been written - They hated Me without cause
KJV: But  this cometh to pass, that  the word  might be fulfilled  that is written  in  their  law,  They hated  without a cause. 

John 17:6
Literal: I revealed Your - name to the men whom You have given Me out of the world Yours they were and to Me them You gave and the word of You they have kept
KJV: I have manifested  name  unto the men  which  thou gavest  out of  the world:  thine  and  thou gavest  them  and  they have kept  word. 

John 17:14
Literal: I have given them the word of You and the world hated them because not they are of the world even as am
KJV: have given  them  word;  and  the world  hath hated  them,  because  not  of  the world,  even as  am  not  of  the world. 

John 17:17
Literal: Sanctify them by the truth the word - of You truth is
KJV: Sanctify  them  through  truth:  thy  word  truth. 

John 17:20
Literal: Not for these however do I ask only but also those believing through the word of them in Me
KJV: Neither  pray I  for  alone,  but  for  them also  which shall believe  on  through  their  word; 

John 18:9
Literal: so that might be fulfilled the word that He had spoken - Those whom You have given Me not I lost of them not one
KJV: That  the saying  might be fulfilled,  which  he spake,  Of  them  which  thou gavest  have I  lost  none. 

John 18:32
Literal: that the word - of Jesus might be fulfilled which He had spoken signifying what death He was about to die
KJV: That  the saying  of Jesus  might be fulfilled,  which  he spake,  signifying  what  death  he should  die. 

John 19:8
Literal: When therefore heard - Pilate this - word [the] more he was afraid
KJV: When  Pilate  therefore  heard  saying,  the more  afraid; 

John 19:13
Literal: - Therefore Pilate having heard the words these brought out - Jesus and sat down upon [the] judgment seat at a place called [the] Stone Pavement in Hebrew now Gabbatha
KJV: When Pilate  therefore  heard  saying,  he brought  Jesus  forth,  and  sat down  in  the judgment seat  in  a place  that is called  the Pavement,  but  in the Hebrew,  Gabbatha. 

John 21:23
Literal: Went out therefore this - saying among the brothers that the disciple that not dies said however to him Jesus he dies but If him I desire to remain until I come what [is it] to you
KJV: Then  this  saying  abroad  among  the brethren,  that  that  disciple  not  die:  Jesus  said  not  unto him,  not  die;  but,  If  I will  that he  tarry  till  I come,  what  is that to 

Acts 1:1
Literal: The indeed first account I composed concerning all the things O Theophilus which began - Jesus to do both and to teach
KJV: The former  treatise  have I made,  Theophilus,  of  all  that  Jesus  began  both  to do  and  teach, 

Acts 2:22
Literal: Men Israelites hear the words these Jesus of Nazareth a man having been set forth by - God to you by miracles and wonders signs which did by Him - God in the midst of you as you yourselves know
KJV: Ye men  of Israel,  hear  words;  Jesus  of Nazareth,  a man  approved  of  God  among  by miracles  and  wonders  and  signs,  which  God  did  by  him  in  the midst  as  ye yourselves  also  know: 

Acts 2:40
Literal: Other and words many he earnestly testified and was exhorting them saying Be saved from the generation - perverse this
KJV: And  with many  other  words  did he testify  and  exhort,  saying,  Save yourselves  from  untoward  generation. 

Acts 2:41
Literal: Those indeed therefore having received the word of him were baptized and were added on the day that souls about three thousand
KJV: Then  received  his  word  were baptized:  and  the same  day  there were added  unto them about  three thousand  souls. 

Acts 4:4
Literal: Many however of those having heard the word believed and became the number of the men about thousand five
KJV: Howbeit  many  of them which heard  the word  believed;  and  the number  of the men  was  five  thousand. 

Acts 4:29
Literal: And - now Lord look upon the threats of them grant to the servants of You with boldness all to speak the word
KJV: And  Lord,  behold  their  threatenings:  and  grant unto  servants,  that with  all  boldness  they may speak  word, 

Acts 4:31
Literal: And having prayed they was shaken the place in which they were assembled they were filled with all the Holy Spirit were speaking the word - of God with boldness
KJV: And  when they  had prayed,  the place  was shaken  where  assembled together;  and  all  filled  with the Holy  Ghost,  and  they spake  the word  of God  with  boldness. 

Acts 5:5
Literal: Hearing now - Ananias the words these having fallen down he breathed his last And came fear great upon all those hearing
KJV: And  Ananias  hearing  words  fell down,  and gave up the ghost:  and  great  fear  came  on  all  them that heard 

Acts 5:24
Literal: When now they heard the words these - both the captain of the temple and the chief priests were perplexed concerning them what - might be this
KJV: Now  when  and  the captain  of the temple  and  the chief priests  heard  things,  they doubted  of  them  whereunto  would grow. 

Acts 6:2
Literal: Having called near then the Twelve the multitude of the disciples they said Not desirable it is [for] us having neglected the word - of God to attend tables
KJV: Then  the twelve  called  the multitude  of the disciples  unto them, and said,  not  reason  should leave  the word  of God,  and serve  tables. 

Acts 6:4
Literal: We now in the prayer and the ministry of the word will steadfastly continue
KJV: But  will give ourselves continually  to prayer,  and  to the ministry  of the word. 

Acts 6:5
Literal: And was pleasing the statement before all the multitude they chose Stephen a man full of faith [of the] Spirit holy Philip Prochorus Nicanor Timon Parmenas Nicolas a convert of Antioch
KJV: And  the saying  pleased  the whole  multitude:  and  they chose  Stephen,  a man  full  of faith  and  of the Holy  Ghost,  and  Philip,  and  Prochorus,  and  Nicanor,  and  Timon,  and  Parmenas,  and  Nicolas  a proselyte  of Antioch: 

Acts 6:7
Literal: And the word - of God continued to increase was multiplied number of the disciples in Jerusalem exceedingly a great then multitude priests were becoming obedient to the faith
KJV: And  the word  of God  increased;  and  the number  of the disciples  multiplied  in  Jerusalem  greatly;  and  a great  company  of the priests  were obedient  to the faith. 

Acts 7:22
Literal: And was instructed Moses in all [the] wisdom of [the] Egyptians he was now mighty in words deeds of him
KJV: And  Moses  was learned  in all  the wisdom  of the Egyptians,  and  mighty  in  words  and  in  deeds. 

Acts 7:29
Literal: Fled then Moses at the remark this and became exiled in [the] land of Midian where he begat sons two
KJV: Then  fled  Moses  at  saying,  and  was  a stranger  in  the land  of Madian,  where  he begat  two  sons. 

Acts 8:4
Literal: Those indeed therefore having been scattered went about preaching the word
KJV: Therefore  they that were scattered abroad  went every where  preaching  the word. 

Acts 8:14
Literal: Having heard now the in Jerusalem apostles that had received - Samaria the word - of God they sent to them Peter and John
KJV: Now  when the apostles  which  were at  Jerusalem  heard  that  Samaria  had received  the word  of God,  they sent  unto  them  Peter  and  John: 

Acts 8:21
Literal: No there is to you part nor lot in the matter this the for heart of you not is right before - God
KJV: neither  part  nor  lot  in  matter:  for  heart  not  right  of God. 

Acts 8:25
Literal: They indeed therefore having earnestly testified and having spoken the word of the Lord traveled back to Jerusalem to many then villages of the Samaritans they were preaching the gospel
KJV: And they, when  they had testified  and  preached  the word  of the Lord,  returned  to  and  preached the gospel  in many  villages  of the Samaritans. 

Acts 10:29
Literal: Therefore also without objection I came having been summoned I inquire therefore for what reason did you summon me
KJV: Therefore  came I  unto you without gainsaying,  as soon as I was sent for:  I ask  therefore  for what  intent  ye have sent for 

Acts 10:36
Literal: the word that He sent to the sons of Israel proclaiming the gospel peace by Jesus Christ He is of all Lord
KJV: The word  which  God sent  unto the children  of Israel,  preaching  peace  by  Jesus  Christ:  (he  Lord  of all:) 

Acts 10:44
Literal: Still speaking - of Peter the words these fell the Spirit - Holy upon all those hearing the word
KJV: While Peter  yet  spake  words,  the Holy  Ghost  fell  on  all  them which heard  the word. 

Acts 11:1
Literal: Heard now the apostles and brothers - being in - Judea that also the Gentiles had received the word - of God
KJV: And  the apostles  and  brethren  in  Judaea  heard  that  the Gentiles  also  received  the word  of God. 

Acts 11:19
Literal: Those indeed therefore having been scattered by the tribulation - having taken place over Stephen passed through to Phoenicia and Cyprus Antioch to no one speaking the word if not only to Jews
KJV: Now  they which were scattered abroad  upon  the persecution  that arose  about  Stephen  travelled  as far as  Phenice,  and  Cyprus,  and  Antioch,  preaching  the word  to none  unto the Jews  only. 

Acts 11:22
Literal: Was heard now the report in the ears of the church - being in Jerusalem concerning them and they sent forth Barnabas to go as far as Antioch
KJV: Then  tidings  of  these things  came  unto  the ears  of the church  which  was in  and  they sent forth  Barnabas,  that he should go  as far as  Antioch. 

Acts 12:24
Literal: - But the word - of God continued to grow and to multiply
KJV: But  the word  of God  grew  and  multiplied. 

Acts 13:5
Literal: And having come into Salamis they began proclaiming the word - of God in the synagogues of the Jews They had now also John [as] a helper
KJV: And  when they were  at  Salamis,  they preached  the word  of God  in  the synagogues  of the Jews:  and  they had  also  John  to their minister. 

Acts 13:7
Literal: who was with the proconsul Sergius Paulus man an intelligent He having called to [him] Barnabas and Saul desired to hear the word - of God
KJV: Which  with  the deputy of the country,  Sergius  Paulus,  a prudent  man;  who  called  for Barnabas  and  Saul,  and desired  to hear  the word  of God. 

Acts 13:15
Literal: After then the reading of the law and of the Prophets sent the rulers of the synagogue to them saying Men brothers if any there is among you a word of exhortation toward the people speak
KJV: And  after  the reading  of the law  and  the prophets  the rulers of the synagogue  sent  unto  them,  saying,  Ye men  and brethren,  if  any word  of exhortation  for  the people,  say on. 

Acts 13:26
Literal: Men brothers sons of [the] family of Abraham and those among you fearing - God to us the message of the salvation this has been sent
KJV: Men  and brethren,  children  of the stock  of Abraham,  and  whosoever among  feareth  God,  the word  salvation 

Acts 13:44
Literal: On the now coming Sabbath almost all the city was gathered together to hear the word - of the Lord
KJV: And  the next  sabbath day  almost  the whole  city  together  to hear  the word 

Acts 13:46
Literal: Having spoken boldly also - Paul and Barnabas said To you it was necessary first to be spoken the word - of God but since you thrust away it not worthy you judge yourselves - of eternal life behold we are turning to the Gentiles
KJV: Paul  and  Barnabas  waxed bold,  and said,  necessary  that the word  of God  first  have been spoken  seeing  it  from you,  and  judge  yourselves  unworthy  of everlasting  life,  lo,  we turn  to  the Gentiles. 

Acts 13:48
Literal: Hearing [it] then the Gentiles were rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord believed as many as were appointed to life eternal
KJV: And  when the Gentiles  heard this,  they were glad,  and  glorified  the word  of the Lord:  and  as many as  ordained  to  eternal  life  believed. 

Acts 13:49
Literal: Was carried then the word of the Lord through all the region
KJV: And  the word  of the Lord  was published  throughout  all  the region. 

Acts 14:3
Literal: A long indeed therefore time they stayed speaking boldly for the Lord the [One] bearing witness to word of the grace of Him granting signs and wonders to be done through the hands of them
KJV: Long  time  therefore  abode they  speaking boldly  in  the Lord,  which  gave testimony  unto the word  of his  grace,  and  granted  signs  and  wonders  to be done  by  their  hands. 

Acts 14:12
Literal: They began calling then - Barnabas Zeus and Paul Hermes because he was the leading - speaker
KJV: And  they called  Barnabas,  Jupiter;  and  Paul,  Mercurius,  because  he  the chief  speaker. 

Acts 14:25
Literal: and having spoken in Perga the word they went down to Attalia
KJV: And  when they had preached  the word  in  Perga,  they went down  into  Attalia: 

Acts 15:6
Literal: Were gathered together then the apostles and elders to see about the matter this
KJV: the apostles  and  elders  came together  of  matter. 

Acts 15:7
Literal: Of much now discussion having taken place having risen up Peter said to them Men brothers you know that from days early among you chose - God by the mouth of me to hear the Gentiles the word of the gospel and to believe
KJV: And  when there had been  much  Peter  rose up,  and said  unto  them,  Men  and brethren,  know  how that  a good  while  ago  God  made choice  among  that the Gentiles  by  mouth  should hear  the word  of the gospel,  and  believe. 

Acts 15:15
Literal: And with this agree the words of the prophets as it is written
KJV: And  agree  the words  of the prophets;  as  it is written, 

Acts 15:24
Literal: Inasmuch as we have heard that some from us went out troubled you by words upsetting the minds of you saying [you must] be circumcised and keep the law to whom not we had given instructions
KJV: Forasmuch as  we have heard,  that  certain  which went out  from  have troubled  with words,  subverting  souls,  saying,  Ye must be circumcised,  and  keep  the law:  to whom  no  such commandment: 

Acts 15:27
Literal: We have sent therefore Judas and Silas they by word [of mouth] are telling [you] the same things
KJV: We have sent  therefore  Judas  and  Silas,  who  also  tell  you the same things  by  mouth. 

Acts 15:32
Literal: Judas both and Silas also themselves prophets being by talk much exhorted the brothers strengthened [them]
KJV: And Judas  and  Silas,  prophets  also  themselves,  exhorted  the brethren  with  many  words,  and  confirmed 

Acts 15:35
Literal: Paul however and Barnabas stayed in Antioch teaching proclaiming the good news with also others many the word of the Lord
KJV: Paul  also  and  Barnabas  continued  in  Antioch,  teaching  and  preaching  the word  of the Lord,  with  many  others  also. 

Acts 15:36
Literal: After now some days said to Barnabas Paul Having turned back indeed let us look after the brothers in city every in which we have announced the word of the Lord how they are
KJV: And  some  days  after  Paul  said  unto  Barnabas,  Let us go again  and visit  brethren  in  every  city  where  we have preached  the word  of the Lord,  and see how  they do. 

Acts 16:6
Literal: Having passed through then - Phrygia and the Galatian region having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in - Asia
KJV: Now  when they had gone throughout  Phrygia  and  the region  of Galatia,  and were forbidden  of  the Holy  Ghost  to preach  the word  in  Asia, 

Acts 16:32
Literal: And they spoke to him the word of the Lord along with all those in the house of him
KJV: And  they spake  unto him  the word  of the Lord,  and  to all  that were in  his  house. 

Acts 16:36
Literal: Reported then the jailer the words these to - Paul - Have sent the captains that you may be let go Now therefore having gone out depart in peace
KJV: And  the keeper of the prison  told  saying  to  Paul,  The magistrates  have sent  to  let you go:  now  therefore  depart,  and go  in  peace. 

Acts 17:11
Literal: These now were more noble than those in Thessalonica who received the word with all readiness on the every day examining the Scriptures if were these things so
KJV: These  more noble  than those in  Thessalonica,  in that they  received  the word  with  all  readiness of mind,  and searched  the scriptures  daily,  whether  were  so. 

Acts 17:13
Literal: When however knew those from - Thessalonica Jews that also in - Berea was proclaimed by - Paul the word of God they came there also stirring up and agitating the crowds
KJV: But  when  the Jews  of  Thessalonica  had knowledge  that  the word  of God  was preached  of  Paul  at  Berea,  they came  thither also,  and stirred up  the people. 

Acts 18:5
Literal: When now came down from - Macedonia - both Silas and - Timothy was occupied with the word Paul earnestly testifying to the Jews to be the Christ Jesus
KJV: And  when  Silas  and  Timotheus  were come  from  Macedonia,  Paul  was pressed  and testified  to the Jews  that Jesus  was Christ. 

Acts 18:11
Literal: He remained now a year and months six teaching among them the word - of God
KJV: he continued  there a year  and  six  months,  teaching  the word  of God  among  them. 

Acts 18:14
Literal: Being about now - Paul to open the mouth said - Gallio to the Jews If indeed it was unrighteousness some or crime wicked O Jews according to reason - I would have endured with you
KJV: And  when Paul  was now about  to open  his mouth,  Gallio  said  unto  the Jews,  If  matter of wrong  or  wicked  lewdness,  ye Jews,  reason  would  that I should bear 

Acts 18:15
Literal: if however a question it is about a word and names law - in reference to your you will see [to it] yourselves a judge I of these things not resolve to be
KJV: But  if  a question  of  words  and  names,  and  of  law,  will be  no  judge 

Acts 19:10
Literal: This then continued for years two so that all those inhabiting - Asia heard the word of the Lord Jews both and Greeks
KJV: And  continued  by the space  of two  years;  so  that all  they which dwelt in  Asia  heard  the word  of the Lord  both  Jews  and  Greeks. 

Acts 19:20
Literal: Thus with might of the Lord the word continued to increase and prevail
KJV: So  mightily  grew  the word  of God  and  prevailed. 

Acts 19:38
Literal: If indeed therefore Demetrius and the with him craftsmen have against anyone a matter courts are conducted proconsuls there are let them accuse one another
KJV: Wherefore  if  Demetrius,  and  the craftsmen  which are with  him,  have  a matter  against  any man,  the law  is open,  and  deputies:  let them implead  one another. 

Acts 19:40
Literal: And for we are in danger of being accused of insurrection in regard to - this day not one cause there existing concerning which not we will be able to give a reason for the commotion this
KJV: For  we are in danger  to be called in question  for  this day's  uproar,  there being  no  whereby  we may  give  an account  concourse. 

Acts 20:2
Literal: Having passed through then the districts those and having exhorted them with talk much he came to - Greece
KJV: And  when he had gone over  those  parts,  and  them  much  exhortation,  he came  into  Greece, 

Acts 20:7
Literal: In then the first [day] of the week having come together we to break bread - Paul talked to them about to depart on the next day he continued then the talk until midnight
KJV: And  upon  day of the week,  came together  to break  bread,  Paul  preached  unto them,  ready  to depart  on the morrow;  and  continued  his speech  until  midnight. 

Acts 20:24
Literal: But not any account I make my life dear to myself so as to finish the course of me and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus to testify fully the gospel of the grace - of God
KJV: But  none  of these things  move me,  life  dear  unto myself,  so  that I might finish  course  and  the ministry,  which  I have received  of  the Lord  Jesus,  to testify  the gospel  of the grace  of God. 

Acts 20:32
Literal: And - now I commit you to God to the word of the grace of Him - being able to build up to give you an inheritance among those having been sanctified all
KJV: And  I commend  to God,  and  to the word  of his  grace,  which  is able  and  to give  an inheritance  among  all  them which are sanctified. 

Acts 20:35
Literal: In everything I showed you that by thus straining it behooves [us] to aid those being weak to remember and also the words of the Lord Jesus how He Himself said Blessed it is more to give than to receive
KJV: I have shewed  all things,  how that  so  labouring  ye ought  to support  the weak,  and  to remember  the words  of the Lord  Jesus,  how  he  said,  more  blessed  to give  than  to receive. 

Acts 20:38
Literal: sorrowing especially over the word that he had spoken that no more they are about the face of him to see They accompanied then him to ship
KJV: Sorrowing  most of all  for  the words  which  he spake,  that  they should  see  his  face  no more.  And  they accompanied  him  unto  the ship. 

Acts 22:22
Literal: They were listening now to him until this - word and they lifted up the voice of them saying Away with from the earth the such Not for it is fit he to live
KJV: And  him  audience  unto  word,  and  then lifted up  their  voices,  and said,  Away with  such  a fellow from  the earth:  for  not  fit  that he  should live. 

Romans 3:4
Literal: Never may it be Let be however - God TRUE every now man a liar as it has been written That - You may be justified in the words of You and will prevail - being judged Your
KJV: God forbid:  yea,  God  be  true,  but  every  man  a liar;  as  it is written,  That  thou mightest  be justified  in  sayings,  and  mightest overcome  when  art judged. 

Romans 9:6
Literal: [It is] not as however that has failed the word - of God Not for all who [are] of Israel [are] these Israel
KJV: Not  as  though  the word  of God  hath taken none effect.  For  they are not  all  Israel,  which  are of Israel: 

Romans 9:9
Literal: Of [the] promise for the word [is] this At the time this I will come and there will be - to Sarah a son
KJV: For  this  is the word  of promise,  At  time  will I come,  and  Sara  a son. 

Romans 9:28
Literal: [The] sentence for concluding and bringing swiftly will perform [the] Lord upon the earth
KJV: For  he will finish  the work,  and  cut it short  work  the Lord  make  upon  the earth. 

Romans 13:9
Literal: - For Not you shall commit adultery you shall murder you shall steal Not you shall covet and if any other commandment in the word this it is summed up the [saying] You shall love the neighbor of you as yourself
KJV: For  not  commit adultery,  not  kill,  not  steal,  not  covet;  and  other  commandment,  it is briefly comprehended  in  saying,  namely,  Thou shalt love  neighbour  as 

Romans 14:12
Literal: So then each of us concerning himself account will give - to God
KJV: So  then  every one  shall give  account  of  himself  to God. 

Romans 15:18
Literal: Not for will I dare anything to speak of what except has accomplished Christ through me unto [the] obedience of [the] Gentiles by word and deed
KJV: For  not  dare  to speak  of any  of those things which  Christ  not  wrought  by  to make  the Gentiles  obedient,  by word  and  deed, 

1 Corinthians 1:5
Literal: that in everything you have been enriched Him all speech and all knowledge
KJV: That  in  every thing  ye are enriched  by  him,  in  all  utterance,  and  in all  knowledge; 

1 Corinthians 1:17
Literal: Not for sent me Christ to baptize but to preach the gospel not in wisdom of discourse that not be emptied of power the cross of the Christ
KJV: For  Christ  sent  not  to baptize,  but  to preach the gospel:  not  with  wisdom  of words,  the cross  of Christ  should be made of none effect. 

1 Corinthians 1:18
Literal: The message for - of the cross to those indeed perishing foolishness is those however being saved to us power of God it is
KJV: For  the preaching  of the cross  to them  that perish  foolishness;  but  which are saved  the power  of God. 

1 Corinthians 2:1
Literal: And I having come to you brothers came not according to excellency of speech or wisdom proclaiming to you the testimony - of God
KJV: And I,  brethren,  when I came  to  came  not  with  excellency  of speech  or  of wisdom,  declaring  the testimony  of God. 

1 Corinthians 2:4
Literal: And the message of me the preaching [were] not in persuasive of wisdom words but demonstration of [the] Spirit of power
KJV: And  speech  and  preaching  was not  with  enticing  words  wisdom,  but  in  demonstration  of the Spirit  and  of power: 

1 Corinthians 2:13
Literal: which also we speak not in taught of human wisdom words but in [those] of [the] Spirit by spiritual [means] spiritual things communicating
KJV: Which things  also  we speak,  not  in  the words  which man's  wisdom  teacheth,  but  Ghost  teacheth;  comparing  spiritual things 

1 Corinthians 4:19
Literal: I will come however shortly to you if the Lord wills and I will find out not the talk of those being puffed up but the power
KJV: But  I will come  to  shortly,  if  the Lord  will,  and  will know,  not  the speech  of them which are puffed up,  but  the power. 

1 Corinthians 4:20
Literal: Not for in word the kingdom - of God [is] but power
KJV: For  the kingdom  of God  is not  in  word,  but  in  power. 

1 Corinthians 12:8
Literal: To one truly for through the Spirit is given a word of wisdom to another now of knowledge according to the same Spirit
KJV: For  to one  is given  by  the Spirit  the word  of wisdom;  to another  the word  of knowledge  by  the same  Spirit; 

1 Corinthians 14:9
Literal: So also you with the tongue if not intelligible speech you give how will it be known what [is] being spoken You will be for into [the] air speaking
KJV: So  likewise  ye utter  by  the tongue  words  easy to be understood,  how  shall it be known  what is spoken?  for  speak  into  the air. 

1 Corinthians 14:19
Literal: but in [the] church I desire five words with [the] mind of me to speak that also others I might instruct rather than ten thousand a tongue
KJV: Yet  in  the church  I had rather  speak  five  words  understanding,  that  by my voice I might teach  others  also,  than  ten thousand  words  in  an unknown tongue. 

1 Corinthians 14:36
Literal: Or from you the word - of God has gone out to you only has it come
KJV: What?  the word  of God  out  from  or  came it  unto  only? 

1 Corinthians 15:2
Literal: by which also you are being saved to the word I proclaimed to you if you hold fast unless not in vain you have believed
KJV: By  which  also  ye are saved,  if  ye keep  in memory what  I preached  unless  ye have believed  in vain. 

1 Corinthians 15:54
Literal: When now the perishable this shall have put on the imperishable and mortal immortality then will come to pass the word - having been written Has been swallowed up death in victory
KJV: So  when  corruptible  shall have put on  incorruption,  and  mortal  shall have put on  immortality,  then  shall be brought to pass  the saying  that is written,  Death  is swallowed up  in  victory. 

2 Corinthians 1:18
Literal: Faithful however - God [is] that the word of us to you not was Yes and No
KJV: But  as God  is true,  word  toward  not  yea  and  nay. 

2 Corinthians 2:17
Literal: Not for we are like the many peddling the word - of God but as of sincerity of God before in Christ we speak
KJV: For  not  as  many,  which corrupt  the word  of God:  but  as  of  sincerity,  but  as  of  God,  speak we  in  Christ. 

2 Corinthians 4:2
Literal: But we have renounced the hidden things - of shame not walking in craftiness nor falsifying the word - of God - by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every conscience of men before God
KJV: But  have renounced  the hidden things  of dishonesty,  not  walking  in  craftiness,  nor  the word  of God  deceitfully;  but  by manifestation  of the truth  commending  ourselves  to  every  man's  conscience  in the sight  of God. 

2 Corinthians 5:19
Literal: how that God was in Christ [the] world reconciling to Himself not reckoning to them the trespasses of them and having put into us the word - of reconciliation
KJV: To wit,  that  God  in  Christ,  reconciling  the world  unto himself,  not  imputing  their  trespasses  unto them;  and  hath committed  unto  the word  of reconciliation. 

2 Corinthians 6:7
Literal: in [the] word of truth power of God with the weapons - of righteousness for the right hand and for [the] left
KJV: By  the word  of truth,  by  the power  of God,  by  the armour  of righteousness  on the right hand  and  on the left, 

2 Corinthians 8:7
Literal: But even as in every [way] you abound in faith and speech knowledge all earnestness in the from us to you love that also this - grace you should abound
KJV: Therefore,  as  ye abound  in  every  thing, in faith,  and  utterance,  and  knowledge,  and  in all  diligence,  and  love  to  see that  ye abound  in  grace  also. 

2 Corinthians 10:10
Literal: For the letters indeed they say [are] weighty and strong - but the presence of the body weak the speech having been ignored
KJV: For  his letters,  say they,  are weighty  and  powerful;  but  his bodily  presence  is weak,  and  his speech  contemptible. 

2 Corinthians 10:11
Literal: This let reckon - such a one that such as we are - in word by letters being absent such [we are] also being present - in action
KJV: such an one  think  that,  such as  in word  by  letters  when we are absent,  such  will we be also  in deed  when we are present. 

2 Corinthians 11:6
Literal: If however even unpolished - in speech [I am] yet not - in knowledge but in every [way] we have been made manifest all things to you
KJV: But  I be rude  in speech,  yet  not  in knowledge;  but  we have been throughly  made manifest  among  in  all things. 

Galatians 5:14
Literal: - For the entire Law in one word is fulfilled this You shall love the neighbor of you as yourself
KJV: For  all  the law  is fulfilled  in  one  word,  even in  this; Thou shalt love  neighbour  as 

Galatians 6:6
Literal: Let share now the [one] being taught in the word with the [one] teaching in all good things
KJV: Let  him that is taught  in the word  communicate  unto him that teacheth  in  all  good things. 

Ephesians 1:13
Literal: in whom also you having heard the word - of truth the gospel of the salvation of you having believed you were sealed with the Spirit of promise - Holy
KJV: In  whom  also  trusted, after that ye heard  the word  of truth,  the gospel  salvation:  in  whom  also  after that ye believed,  ye were sealed with  that holy  Spirit  of promise, 

Ephesians 4:29
Literal: Any word unwholesome out of the mouth of you not let go forth but if any good for edification of the need so that it may give grace to those hearing
KJV: no  corrupt  communication  proceed  out of  mouth,  but  is good  to  the use  of edifying,  that  it may minister  grace  unto the hearers. 

Ephesians 5:6
Literal: No one you let deceive with empty words because of these things for comes the wrath - of God upon the sons - of disobedience
KJV: no man  deceive  with vain  words:  for  because  cometh  the wrath  of God  upon  the children  of disobedience. 

Ephesians 6:19
Literal: and also for me that to me may be given divine utterance in [the] opening of the mouth of me with boldness to make known the mystery gospel
KJV: And  for  that  utterance  may be given  that I may open  mouth  boldly,  to make known  the mystery  of the gospel, 

Philippians 1:14
Literal: and - most of the brothers in [the] Lord trusting by the chains of me more abundantly to dare fearlessly the word of God to speak
KJV: And  many  of the brethren  in  the Lord,  waxing confident  bonds,  bold  to speak  the word  without fear. 

Philippians 2:16
Literal: [the] word of life holding forth unto a boast to me in [the] day of Christ that not vain I did run nor toil
KJV: Holding forth  the word  of life;  that  may rejoice  in  the day  of Christ,  that  not  run  in  vain,  neither  laboured  in  vain. 

Philippians 4:15
Literal: Know now also you Philippians that in [the] beginning of the gospel when I went out from Macedonia not one with me church had partnership with regard to the matter of giving and receiving if not alone
KJV: Now  Philippians  know  also,  that  in  the beginning  of the gospel,  when  I departed  from  Macedonia,  no  church  communicated with  as  concerning  giving  and  receiving,  only. 

Philippians 4:17
Literal: Not that I seek after the gift but the fruit - abounding to [the] account of you
KJV: Not  because  I desire  a gift:  but  I desire  fruit  that may abound  to  account. 

Colossians 1:5
Literal: because of the hope - being laid up for you in the heavens which you heard of before the word of truth the gospel
KJV: For  the hope  which  is laid up  in  heaven,  whereof  ye heard before  in  the word  of the truth  of the gospel; 

Colossians 1:25
Literal: of which became I a minister according to the administration - of God - having been given me toward you to complete the word
KJV: Whereof  am made  a minister,  according to  the dispensation  of God  which  is given  for  to fulfil  the word  of God; 

Colossians 2:23
Literal: which are an appearance indeed having of wisdom in self-imposed worship and humility harsh treatment of [the] body not of honor a certain against [the] indulgence of the flesh
KJV: Which things  have  indeed  of wisdom  in  will worship,  and  humility,  and  neglecting  of the body;  not  in  any  honour  to  the satisfying  of the flesh. 

Colossians 3:16
Literal: The word - of Christ let dwell in you richly all wisdom teaching and admonishing each other in psalms hymns [and] songs spiritual with - grace singing the hearts of you to God
KJV: the word  of Christ  dwell  in  richly  in  all  wisdom;  teaching  and  admonishing  one another  in psalms  and  hymns  and  spiritual  songs,  singing  with  grace  in  hearts 

Colossians 3:17
Literal: And everything which what if you might do in word or deed all [the] name of [the] Lord Jesus giving thanks - to God [the] Father through Him
KJV: And  in  word  or  deed,  do all  in  the name  of the Lord  Jesus,  giving thanks  to God  and  the Father  by  him. 

Colossians 4:3
Literal: praying at the same time also for us that - God may open to us a door for the word to declare the mystery - of Christ on account of which I have been bound
KJV: Withal  praying  also  for  that  God  would open  a door  of utterance,  to speak  the mystery  of Christ,  for  which  also  in bonds: 

Colossians 4:6
Literal: - [Let the] speech of you [be] always in grace with salt having been seasoned to know how it behooves you one each to answer
KJV: speech  be alway  with  grace,  seasoned  with salt,  that ye may know  how  ought  to answer  every  man. 

1 Thessalonians 1:5
Literal: because the gospel of us not came to you in word only but also power and [the] Spirit Holy with full assurance much just as you know what we were among you on account of
KJV: For  gospel  came  not  unto  in  word  only,  but  also  in  power,  and  in  the Holy  Ghost,  and  in  much  assurance;  as  ye know  what manner of men  we were  among  for 

1 Thessalonians 1:6
Literal: And you imitators of us became of the Lord having received the word in tribulation much with [the] joy of [the] Spirit Holy
KJV: And  became  followers  and  of the Lord,  having received  the word  in  much  affliction,  with  joy  of the Holy  Ghost: 

1 Thessalonians 1:8
Literal: From you for has sounded forth the word of the Lord not only in - Macedonia and in - Achaia but every place the faith of you - toward - God has gone abroad so as for no need to have us to say anything
KJV: For  from  sounded out  the word  of the Lord  not  only  in  Macedonia  and  Achaia,  but  also  in  every  place  faith  to  God-ward  is spread abroad;  so  need  not  to speak  any thing. 

1 Thessalonians 2:5
Literal: Never for at any time with word of flattery were we just as you know nor a pretext for greed God [is] witness
KJV: For  neither  at any time  used we  flattering  words,  as  ye know,  nor  a cloke  of covetousness;  God  is witness: 

1 Thessalonians 2:13
Literal: And because of this also we give thanks - to God unceasingly that having received [the] word [by your] hearing from us - of God you accepted not of men but even as truly it is which works in you who believe
KJV: cause  also  thank  God  without ceasing,  because,  when ye received  the word  of God  which ye heard  of  ye received  it not  as the word  of men,  but  as  in truth,  the word  of God,  which  effectually worketh  also  in  that believe. 

1 Thessalonians 4:15
Literal: This for to you we declare in [the] word of [the] Lord that we the living - remaining unto the coming of the Lord no not shall precede those having fallen asleep
KJV: For  we say  by  the word  of the Lord,  that  which  are alive  and remain  unto  the coming  of the Lord  prevent  them which  are asleep. 

1 Thessalonians 4:18
Literal: Therefore encourage one another with the words these
KJV: Wherefore  comfort  one another  with  words. 

2 Thessalonians 2:2
Literal: for - not quickly to be shaken you in - mind nor to be troubled neither by spirit nor word by letter as if us as that is present the day of the Lord
KJV: That  not  soon  shaken  in  mind,  or  be troubled,  neither  by  spirit,  nor  by  word,  nor  by  letter  as  from  as  that  the day  is at hand. 

2 Thessalonians 2:15
Literal: So then brothers stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught whether by word or by letter from us
KJV: Therefore,  brethren,  stand fast,  and  hold  the traditions  which  ye have been taught,  whether  by  word,  or  epistle. 

2 Thessalonians 2:17
Literal: may He encourage your - hearts and may He strengthen [them] in every work word good
KJV: Comfort  hearts,  and  stablish  in  every  good  word  and  work. 

2 Thessalonians 3:1
Literal: - Finally pray brothers for us that the word of the Lord may spread quickly and may be glorified just as also with you
KJV: Finally,  brethren,  pray  for  that  the word  of the Lord  may have free course,  and  be glorified,  even  as  it is with 

2 Thessalonians 3:14
Literal: If then anyone not obey this instruction of us through the letter of this [man] take note not to mix with him so that he may be ashamed
KJV: And  obey  not  word  by  this epistle,  note  no  company with  him,  that  he may be ashamed. 

1 Timothy 1:15
Literal: Trustworthy [is] the saying and of full acceptance worthy that Christ Jesus came into the world sinners to save of whom [the] foremost am I
KJV: This is a faithful  saying,  and  worthy  of all  acceptation,  that  Christ  Jesus  came  into  the world  to save  sinners;  of whom  am  chief. 

1 Timothy 3:1
Literal: Trustworthy [is] the saying If anyone overseership aspires to of good a work he is desirous
KJV: This is a true  saying,  desire  the office of a bishop,  he desireth  a good  work. 

1 Timothy 4:5
Literal: it is sanctified for by [the] word of God and prayer
KJV: For  it is sanctified  by  the word  of God  and  prayer. 

1 Timothy 4:6
Literal: These things laying before the brothers good you will be a servant of Christ Jesus being nourished in the words of the faith and good teaching that you have closely followed
KJV: the brethren  in remembrance  a good  minister  of Jesus  Christ,  nourished up  in the words  of faith  and  of good  doctrine,  whereunto  thou hast attained. 

1 Timothy 4:9
Literal: Trustworthy [is] the saying and of full acceptance worthy
KJV: This is a faithful  saying  and  worthy  of all  acceptation. 

1 Timothy 4:12
Literal: No one your - youth let despise but a pattern be for the believers in speech conduct love faith purity
KJV: no man  despise  youth;  but  be thou  an example  of the believers,  in  word,  in  conversation,  in  charity,  in  faith,  in  purity. 

1 Timothy 5:17
Literal: The well ruling elders of double honor let be counted worthy especially those straining in [the] word and [the] teaching
KJV: the elders  that rule  well  be counted worthy  of double  honour,  especially  they who labour  in  the word  and  doctrine. 

1 Timothy 6:3
Literal: If anyone teaches another doctrine and not draws near [the] being sound words - of the Lord of us Jesus Christ the according to godliness teaching
KJV: teach otherwise,  and  consent  not  to wholesome  words,  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  and  to the doctrine  which is according  to godliness; 

2 Timothy 1:13
Literal: [The] pattern retain of sound words which from me you did hear in [the] faith and love that [are] Christ Jesus
KJV: Hold fast  the form  of sound  words,  which  thou hast heard  of  in  faith  and  love  which  is in  Christ  Jesus. 

2 Timothy 2:9
Literal: in which I suffer hardship even to chains as an evildoer But the word - of God not is bound
KJV: Wherein  I suffer trouble,  as  an evil doer,  even unto  bonds;  but  the word  of God  not  bound. 

2 Timothy 2:11
Literal: Trustworthy [is] the saying If for we have died together [with Him] also we will live together [with Him]
KJV: It is a faithful  saying:  For  if  we be dead with  also  live with 

2 Timothy 2:15
Literal: Hasten yourself approved to present - to God a workman not ashamed accurately handling the word - of truth
KJV: Study  to shew  thyself  approved  unto God,  a workman  that needeth not to be ashamed,  rightly dividing  the word  of truth. 

2 Timothy 2:17
Literal: and the talk of them like gangrene pasture to grow will have among whom are Hymenaeus Philetus
KJV: And  their  word  will eat  as  doth a canker:  of whom  Hymenaeus  and  Philetus; 

2 Timothy 4:2
Literal: Preach the word be ready in season [and] out of season convict rebuke [and] exhort with complete patience and instruction
KJV: Preach  the word;  be instant  in season,  out of season;  reprove,  rebuke,  exhort  with  all  longsuffering  and  doctrine. 

2 Timothy 4:15
Literal: whom also you beware of exceedingly for he has opposed - our message
KJV: Of whom  thou  ware  also;  for  greatly  withstood  our  words. 

Titus 1:3
Literal: He revealed now [in] seasons [His] own in the word of Him in [the] proclamation with which have been entrusted I according to [the] commandment of the Savior of us God
KJV: But  in due  times  manifested  his  word  through  preaching,  which  is committed  unto me  according to  the commandment  of God  Saviour; 

Titus 1:9
Literal: holding to the according to the teaching faithful word that able he may be both to encourage with - teaching sound and those contradicting [it] to convict
KJV: Holding fast  the faithful  word  as  he hath been taught,  that  able  by  sound  doctrine  both  to exhort  and  to convince  the gainsayers. 

Titus 2:5
Literal: self-controlled pure keepers at home kind being subject to the own husbands so that not the word - of God should be maligned
KJV: To be discreet,  chaste,  keepers at home,  good,  obedient  to their own  husbands,  the word  of God  blasphemed. 

Titus 2:8
Literal: speech sound beyond reproach so that he who is of the contrary may be ashamed nothing having to say concerning us evil
KJV: Sound  speech,  that cannot be condemned;  that  he that is of  the contrary part  may be ashamed,  having  evil  thing  to say  of 

Titus 3:8
Literal: Trustworthy [is] the saying and concerning these things I want you to affirm strongly so that may take care good works to be devoted to those believing God These things are excellent profitable - to men
KJV: This is a faithful  saying,  and  these things  I will  affirm constantly,  that  they which have believed  in God  might be careful  to maintain  good  works.  good  and  profitable  unto men. 

Hebrews 2:2
Literal: If for the by angels having been spoken word was unalterable and every transgression disobedience received a just recompense
KJV: For  if  the word  spoken  by  angels  was  stedfast,  and  every  transgression  and  disobedience  received  a just  recompence of reward; 

Hebrews 4:2
Literal: And for we are [those] having had the gospel preached just as they [did] but not did profit the message of [their] hearing them not having been united with the faith of those having heard
KJV: For  the gospel preached,  as well as  unto them:  but  the word  preached  not  profit  them,  not  being mixed  with faith  in them that heard 

Hebrews 4:12
Literal: Living [is] for the word - of God and active sharper than any sword two-edged even penetrating as far as [the] division of soul spirit of joints and also marrows able to judge [the] thoughts intentions of [the] heart
KJV: For  the word  of God  is quick,  and  powerful,  and  sharper  than  any  twoedged  sword,  piercing  even to  the dividing asunder  of soul  and  spirit,  and  of the joints  and  marrow,  and  is a discerner  of the thoughts  and  intents  of the heart. 

Hebrews 4:13
Literal: And not there is creature hidden before Him all things however [are] uncovered laid bare to the eyes of Him to whom [is] our - reckoning
KJV: Neither  any creature  that is not manifest  in his  sight:  but  all things  are naked  and  opened  unto the eyes  of him  with  whom  to do. 

Hebrews 5:11
Literal: Concerning this [there is] much from us - speech and difficult in interpretation to speak since sluggish you have become in the hearings
KJV: Of  whom  many things  to say,  and  hard  to be uttered,  seeing  ye are  dull  of hearing. 

Hebrews 5:13
Literal: Everyone for - partaking [only] of milk [is] inexperienced in [the] word of righteousness an infant for he is
KJV: For  every one  that useth  milk  is unskilful  in the word  of righteousness:  for  a babe. 

Hebrews 6:1
Literal: Therefore having left the - beginning of the Christ teaching to - maturity we should go on not again a foundation laying of repentance from dead works and faith in God
KJV: Therefore  leaving  the principles  of the doctrine  of Christ,  let us go on  unto  perfection;  not  laying  again  the foundation  of repentance  from  dead  works,  and  of faith  toward  God, 

Hebrews 7:28
Literal: The law for men appoints as high priests having weakness word however of the oath which [is] after the law a Son to age having been perfected
KJV: For  the law  maketh  men  high priests  which have  infirmity;  but  the word  of the oath,  which  was since  the law,  maketh the Son,  who is consecrated  for  evermore. 

Hebrews 12:19
Literal: and of a trumpet to [the] sound to a voice of words which those having heard excused themselves [asking] not to be addressed to them [the] word
KJV: And  the sound  of a trumpet,  and  the voice  of words;  which  voice they that heard  intreated  that the word  be spoken  to them  any more: 

Hebrews 13:7
Literal: Remember those leading you who spoke to you the word - of God of whom considering the outcome of [their] way of life imitate faith
KJV: Remember  them which have the rule  who  have spoken  the word  of God:  whose  faith  follow,  considering  the end  of their conversation. 

Hebrews 13:17
Literal: Obey those leading you and be submissive they for watch over the souls of you as account about to give that with joy this they might do not groaning unprofitable indeed for you [is] this
KJV: Obey  them that have the rule  and  submit yourselves:  for  they  watch  for  souls,  as  they that must give  account,  that  they may do  with  joy,  and  not  with grief:  for  is unprofitable 

Hebrews 13:22
Literal: I exhort now you brothers bear with the word - of exhortation only for in few words I have written to you
KJV: And  I beseech  brethren,  suffer  the word  of exhortation:  for  I have written a letter  in  few words. 

James 1:18
Literal: Having willed [it] He brought forth us by [the] word of truth for - to be firstfruits a certain - of His creatures
KJV: Of his own will  begat he  with the word  of truth,  that  a kind  of firstfruits  of his  creatures. 

James 1:21
Literal: Therefore having put aside all filthiness and abounding of wickedness in humility receive the implanted word - being able to save the souls of you
KJV: Wherefore  lay apart  all  filthiness  and  superfluity  of naughtiness,  and receive  with  meekness  the engrafted  word,  which  is able  to save  souls. 

James 1:22
Literal: Be however doers of [the] word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves
KJV: But  be ye  doers  of the word,  and  not  hearers  only,  deceiving  your own selves. 

James 1:23
Literal: because if anyone a hearer of [the] word is and not a doer this one is like a man looking at [the] face - natural of him in a mirror
KJV: For  a hearer  of the word,  and  not  a doer,  he  is like  unto a man  beholding  his  natural  face  in  a glass: 

James 3:2
Literal: In many ways for we stumble all If anyone in what he says not does stumble this one [is] a perfect man able to bridle indeed all the body
KJV: For  in many things  we offend  all.  offend  not  in  word,  the same  is a perfect  man,  and able  also  to bridle  the whole  body. 

1 Peter 1:23
Literal: Having been born again not of seed perishable but of imperishable by [the] word living of God and abiding
KJV: Being born again,  not  of  corruptible  seed,  but  of incorruptible,  by  the word  of God,  which liveth  and  abideth 

1 Peter 2:8
Literal: and A stone of stumbling a rock of offense [They] stumble at to the word being disobedient to which also they were appointed
KJV: And  a stone  of stumbling,  and  a rock  of offence,  even to them which  stumble  at the word,  being disobedient:  whereunto  also  they were appointed. 

1 Peter 3:1
Literal: Likewise - wives be subject to the own husbands so that even if any are disobedient to the word by the of the wives conduct without word they will be won over
KJV: Likewise,  ye wives,  be in subjection  to your own  husbands;  that,  obey not  the word,  also  without  the word  be won  by  the conversation  of the wives; 

1 Peter 3:15
Literal: [As] Lord however - Christ sanctify in the hearts of you ready always for a defense to everyone - asking you an account concerning the you hope yet with gentleness and fear
KJV: But  sanctify  the Lord  in  hearts:  and  be ready  always  to  give an answer  to every man  that asketh  a reason  of  the hope  that is in  with  meekness  and  fear: 

1 Peter 4:5
Literal: who will give account to Him who ready is to judge [the] living and [the] dead
KJV: Who  shall give  account  to him that is  ready  to judge  the quick  and  the dead. 

2 Peter 1:19
Literal: And we have more certain the prophetic word to which well you do taking heed as to a lamp shining in [a] dark place until this day shall have dawned [the] morning star shall have arisen the hearts of you
KJV: We have  also  a more sure  word  of prophecy;  whereunto  ye do  well  that ye take heed,  as  unto a light  that shineth  in  a dark  place,  until  the day  dawn,  and  the day star  arise  in  hearts: 

2 Peter 2:3
Literal: And through covetousness with fabricated words you they will exploit for whom the judgment of long ago not is idle the destruction of them not slumbers
KJV: And  through  covetousness  shall they with feigned  words  make merchandise  whose  judgment  now of a long time  lingereth  not,  and  their  damnation  slumbereth  not. 

2 Peter 3:5
Literal: It is concealed from indeed them this willingly that heavens existed long ago and [the] earth out of water through having been composed by the - of God word
KJV: For  they  willingly  are ignorant of,  that  by the word  of God  the heavens  of old,  and  the earth  standing out  of  the water  and  in  the water: 

2 Peter 3:7
Literal: - But now the heavens and the earth by the same word having been stored up exist for fire being kept unto [the] day of judgment destruction - of ungodly men
KJV: But  the heavens  and  the earth,  which are now,  by the same  word  kept in store,  reserved  unto fire  against  the day  of judgment  and  perdition  of ungodly  men. 

1 John 1:1
Literal: That which was from [the] beginning that which we have heard we have seen with the eyes of us we have gazed upon and the hands have handled concerning the Word - of life
KJV: That which  from  the beginning,  which  we have heard,  which  we have seen  eyes,  which  we have looked upon,  and  hands  have handled,  of  the Word  of life; 

1 John 1:10
Literal: If we should say that not we have sinned a liar we make Him and the word of Him not is in us
KJV: If  we say  that  not  sinned,  we make  him  a liar,  and  his  word  not  in 

1 John 2:5
Literal: Whoever however - may keep His - word truly in him the love - of God has been perfected By this we know that Him we are
KJV: But  whoso  keepeth  his  word,  in  verily  the love  of God  perfected:  hereby  know we  that  in  him. 

1 John 2:7
Literal: Beloved not a commandment new I am writing to you but old which you have had from [the] beginning The commandment - old is the word that you have heard
KJV: I write  no  new  commandment  but  an old  commandment  which  ye had  from  the beginning.  The old  commandment  the word  which  ye have heard  from  the beginning. 

1 John 2:14
Literal: I have written to you fathers because you know Him who [is] from [the] beginning young men strong you are and the word - of God in you abides you have overcome the evil [one]
KJV: I have written  fathers,  because  ye have known  him that is from  the beginning.  I have written  young men,  because  strong,  and  the word  of God  abideth  in  and  ye have overcome  the wicked one. 

1 John 3:18
Literal: Little children not we should love in word nor in tongue but in action and in truth
KJV: little children,  not  love  in word,  neither  in tongue;  but  in deed  and  in truth. 

1 John 5:7
Literal: For three there are - bearing testimony in - heaven the Father Word and the Holy Spirit these - one are
KJV: For  there are  three  that bear record  in  heaven,  the Father,  the Word,  and  the Holy  Ghost:  and  these  three  are  one. 

3 John 1:10
Literal: Because of this if I might come I will bring to remembrance of him the works which he is doing with words evil prating against us and not being satisfied with these neither himself he receives the brothers those purposing he forbids from the church he casts [them] out
KJV: Wherefore,  if  I come,  I will remember  his  deeds  which  he doeth,  prating against  with  malicious words:  and  not  content  therewith,  neither  he himself  receive  the brethren,  and  forbiddeth  them that would,  and  casteth  them out of  the church. 

Revelation 1:2
Literal: who testified to the word - of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ as much as he saw
KJV: Who  bare record  of the word  of God,  and  of the testimony  of Jesus  Christ,  of all things 

Revelation 1:3
Literal: Blessed [is] the [one] reading and those hearing the words of the prophecy keeping the things in it having been written - for the time [is] near
KJV: Blessed  is he that readeth,  and  they that hear  the words  of this prophecy,  and  keep  those things which are written  therein:  for  the time  is at hand. 

Revelation 1:9
Literal: I John the brother of you and fellow-partaker in the tribulation kingdom endurance Jesus was island - called Patmos on account of the word - of God the testimony of Jesus
KJV: John,  who  also  brother,  and  companion  in  tribulation,  and  in  the kingdom  and  patience  of Jesus  was  in  the isle  that is called  Patmos,  for  the word  of God,  and  for  the testimony  of Jesus 

Revelation 3:8
Literal: I know your - deeds Behold I have set before you a door having been opened which no one is able to shut it because little you have power and yet you have kept My</