Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 3004

Word info for λέγω

Root: λέγω, εἴρω
Strongs Number: 3004
Transliteration: [lego]
Phonetics: leg·o
Etymology: A root word
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to say, to speak (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to say, to speak.
      1a affirm over, maintain.
      1b to teach.
      1c to exhort, advise, to command, direct.
      1d to point out with words, intend, mean, mean to say.
      1e to call by name, to call, name.
      1f to speak out, speak of, mention.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G3004

λεγόμενος, λέγων, λέγοντος, λέγοντες, λεγομένην, λέγειν, λέγουσα, λέγει, λεγόμενον, λέγω, λέγουσιν, λέγοντι, Λέγουσιν, λέγεται, λέγετε, Λέγει, λέγοντας, λέγουσαι, λεγομένου, ‹λέγων›, λέγοντα, λέγεις, λέγωσιν, λεγόντων, Λέγω, λέγεσθαι, εἴπεν, Λέγων, λεγόμενα, λεγομένη, λέγομεν, λέγουσα›, λεγομένης, λεγομένοις, {εἰπε, λέγουσαν, εἶπε, λεγούσης, ⧼λέγοντες, λέγον, λέγοντά, Λέγε, λέγητε, λέγῃ, λεγόμενοι, λέγωμεν, Λέγετέ, λεγέτω, λέγουσίν

All words for strongs number G3004 :

Word Occurance
λέγει 236
λέγω 183
λέγων 173
λέγοντες 149
Λέγει 75
λέγειν 40
λέγουσιν 33
λέγετε 25
λέγοντος 23
λέγουσα 21
λέγεις 15
Λέγω 14
Λέγουσιν 13
λεγόμενος 10
λεγόμενον 9
λέγοντας 8
λεγούσης 7
λέγουσαν 7
λεγόντων 6
λέγεται 5
λέγοντα 4
λέγομεν 4
λέγουσαι 4
λεγομένην 4
λέγεσθαι 4
λεγομένοις 4
λέγωσιν 3
λέγῃ 2
λεγομένη 2
‹λέγων› 2
λεγόμενοι 2
λέγωμεν 1
λέγητε 1
λέγον 1
Λέγε 1
λεγέτω 1
λέγοντά 1
Λέγετέ 1
λέγουσα› 1
⧼λέγοντες 1
εἶπε 1
{εἰπε 1
λεγομένης 1
λέγοντι 1
λεγόμενα 1
Λέγων 1
εἴπεν 1
λεγομένου 1
λέγουσίν 1

How strongs number G3004 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
saying 387
says 166
i say 151
he says 107
say 40
to say 24
they say 23
called 19
you say 13
said 11
i speak 10
to speak 8
it says 6
is called 6
tell 5
she says 5
being called 5
telling 5
he said 4
i tell 4
claiming 4
declaring 4
i ask 4
to tell 3
speak 3
he is speaking 3
i am speaking 3
say you 3
they should tell 2
being spoken 2
they speak 2
do pronounce 2
i am saying 2
is saying 2
call you 2
spoken 2
he speaks 2
i mean 1
might say 1
i say this 1
it does say 1
[those] called 1
is he speaking 1
you speak 1
do i speak 1
calling 1
we might say 1
says [the] 1
we declare 1
do i say 1
to mention 1
let say 1
they might say 1
so-called 1
they are saying 1
states 1
asserting 1
i may say 1
it is said 1
to be named 1
are said 1
to be called 1
shall i say 1
being spoken of [is that] 1
tells 1
says it 1
do they declare 1
named 1
are saying 1
those saying 1
they said 1
say [that] 1
saying to 1
calls 1
you speak of 1
you call 1
it was said 1
he is saying 1
speak you 1
on saying 1
he calls 1
were speaking 1
speaks 1
says he 1
do say 1
who says 1
i am telling 1
he tells 1
i call 1
speaking 1
affirming 1
to call 1
proclaiming 1
we say 1
they call 1
declares 1
we are saying 1
crying out 1

Greek Commentary Search

Matthew 5:22 But I say unto you [εγω δε λεγω υμιν]
Jesus thus assumes a tone of superiority over the Mosaic regulations and proves it in each of the six examples. He goes further than the Law into the very heart. [source]
Matthew 16:18 And I also say unto thee [καγω δε σοι λεγω]
“The emphasis is not on ‹Thou art Peter‘ over against ‹Thou art the Christ,‘ but on Καγω — Kagō ‹The Father hath revealed to thee one truth, and I also tell you another” (McNeile). Jesus calls Peter here by the name that he had said he would have (John 1:42). Peter Then it was prophecy, now it is fact. In Matthew 16:17 Jesus addresses him as “Simon Bar-Jonah,” his full patronymic (Aramaic) name. But Jesus has a purpose now in using his nickname “Peter” which he had himself given him. Jesus makes a remarkable play on Peter‘s name, a pun in fact, that has caused volumes of controversy and endless theological strife. [source]
Luke 6:27 But I say unto you that hear [Αλλα υμιν λεγω τοις ακουουσιν]
There is a contrast in this use of αλλα — alla like that in Matthew 5:44. This is the only one of the many examples given by Matthew 5 of the sharp antithesis between what the rabbis taught and what Jesus said. Perhaps that contrast is referred to by Luke. If necessary, αλλα — alla could be coordinating or paratactic conjunction as in 2 Corinthians 7:11 rather than adversative as apparently here. See notes on Matthew 5:43. Love of enemies is in the O.T., but Jesus ennobles the word, αγαπαω — agapaō and uses it of love for one‘s enemies. [source]
John 8:45 Because I speak the truth [εγω δε οτι την αλητειαν λεγω]
Proleptic emphatic position of εγω — egō “Truth is uncongenial to them” (Bernard). See John 3:19 for their picture. [source]
John 16:26 I say not [ου λεγω]
“I speak not.” Christ did pray for the disciples before his death (John 14:16; John 17:9, John 17:15, John 17:24) and he prays also for sinners (Luke 23:34; 1 John 2:1). Here it is the special love of God for disciples of Jesus (John 14:21, John 14:23; John 17:23; 1 John 4:19). Note αιτεω — aiteō and ερωταω — erōtaō used in practically the same sense as in John 16:23. [source]
Romans 6:19 I speak after the manner of men [αντρωπινον λεγω]
“I speak a human word.” He begs pardon for using “slaving” in connection with righteousness. But it is a good word, especially for our times when self-assertiveness and personal liberty bulk so large in modern speech. See note on Romans 3:5; Galatians 3:15 where he uses κατα αντρωπον — kata anthrōpon [source]
Romans 11:1 I say then [λεγω ουν]
As in Romans 11:11. Ουν — Oun looks back to 9:16-33 and Romans 10:19-21. [source]
1 Corinthians 6:5 I say this to move you to shame [προς εντροπην υμιν λεγω]
Old word εντροπη — entropē from εντρεπω — entrepō to turn in (1 Corinthians 4:14 which see). In N.T. only here and 1 Corinthians 15:34. [source]
1 Corinthians 1:12 Now this I mean [λεγω δε τουτο]
Explanatory use of λεγω — legō Each has his party leader. Απολλω — Apollō is genitive of Απολλως — Apollōs (Acts 18:24), probably abbreviation of Απολλωνιυς — Apollōnius as seen in Codex Bezae for Acts 18:24. See note on Acts 18:24 for discussion of this “eloquent Alexandrian” (Ellicott), whose philosophical and oratorical preaching was in contrast “with the studied plainness” of Paul (1 Corinthians 2:1; 2 Corinthians 10:10). People naturally have different tastes about styles of preaching and that is well, but Apollos refused to be a party to this strife and soon returned to Ephesus and refused to go back to Corinth (1 Corinthians 16:12). Χηπα — Cēphā is the genitive of Χηπας — Cēphās the Aramaic name given Simon by Jesus (John 1:42), Πετρος — Petros in Greek. Except in Galatians 2:7, Galatians 2:8 Paul calls him Cephas. He had already taken his stand with Paul in the Jerusalem Conference (Acts 15:7-11; Galatians 2:7-10). Paul had to rebuke him at Antioch for his timidity because of the Judaizers (Galatians 2:11-14), but, in spite of Baur‘s theory, there is no evidence of a schism in doctrine between Paul and Peter. If 2 Peter 3:15. be accepted as genuine, as I do, there is proof of cordial relations between them and 1 Corinthians 9:5 points in the same direction. But there is no evidence that Peter himself visited Corinth. Judaizers came and pitted Peter against Paul to the Corinthian Church on the basis of Paul‘s rebuke of Peter in Antioch. These Judaizers made bitter personal attacks on Paul in return for their defeat at the Jerusalem Conference. So a third faction was formed by the use of Peter‘s name as the really orthodox wing of the church, the gospel of the circumcision. [source]
1 Corinthians 7:12 But to the rest say I, not the Lord [τοις δε λοιποις λεγω εγω ουχ ο Κυριος]
Paul has no word about marriage from Jesus beyond the problem of divorce. This is no disclaimer of inspiration. He simply means that here he is not quoting a command of Jesus. [source]
Galatians 1:9 So say I now again [και αρτι παλιν λεγω]
Paul knows that he has just made what some will consider an extreme statement. But it is a deliberate one and not mere excitement. He will stand by it to the end. He calls down a curse on any one who proclaims a gospel to them contrary to that which they had received from him. [source]
Galatians 3:17 Now this I say [τουτο δε λεγω]
Now I mean this. He comes back to his main point and is not carried afield by the special application of σπερμα — sperma to Christ. [source]
Ephesians 5:32 But I speak [εγω δε λεγω]
“Now I mean.” Cf. 1 Corinthians 7:29; 1 Corinthians 15:50. In regard of Christ and of the church (εις Χριστον και εισ την εκκλησιαν — eis Christon kai ̣eiš tēn ekklēsian). “With reference to Christ and the church.” That is all that εις — eis here means. [source]
Colossians 2:4 This I say [τουτο λεγω]
Paul explains why he has made this great claim for Christ at this point in his discussion. [source]
1 Timothy 2:7 I speak the truth, I lie not [αλητειαν λεγω ου πσευδομαι]
A Pauline touch (Romans 9:1). Cf. Galatians 1:20; 2 Corinthians 11:31. Here alone he calls himself “a teacher of the Gentiles,” elsewhere apostle (Romans 11:13), minister (Romans 15:16), prisoner (Ephesians 3:1). [source]
Philemon 1:19 That I say not [ινα μη λεγω]
Neat idiom as in 2 Corinthians 9:4, delicately reminding Philemon that Paul had led him also to Christ. Thou owest to me even thine own self besides (και σεαυτον μοι προσοπειλεις — kai seauton moi prosopheileis). Old verb, only here in N.T., Paul using the verb οπειλω — opheilō of Philemon 1:18 with προς — pros added. He used every available argument to bring Philemon to see the higher ground of brotherhood in Christ about Onesimus. [source]
Philemon 1:21 Even beyond what I say [και υπερ α λεγω]
That can only mean that Paul “knows” (ειδως — eidōs second perfect active participle of οιδα — oida) that Philemon will set Onesimus free. He prefers that it come as Philemon‘s idea and wish rather than as a command from Paul. Paul has been criticized for not denouncing slavery in plain terms. But, when one considers the actual conditions in the Roman empire, he is a wise man who can suggest a better plan than the one pursued here for the ultimate overthrow of slavery. [source]
Hebrews 11:32 And what shall I more say? [Και τι ετι λεγω]
Deliberative present active subjunctive (same form as indicative, λεγω — legō). It is both a literary and an oratorical idiom here. He feels helpless to go on in the same style as he has done from Abel to Rahab (11:4-31). Will fail me if I tell about Literally, “will leave me telling about.” Present middle participle of διηγεομαι — diēgeomai to lead through, carry a discussion through, and masculine (disposing of Priscilla as possible author) with με — me Vivid and picturesque description of the author‘s embarrassment of riches as he contemplates the long list of the heroes of faith during the long years in Palestine. He mentions six names (Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephtha, David, Samuel) and then summarizes the rest under “the prophets” (των προπητων — tōn prophētōn the for-speakers for God) of whom Samuel was the leader. [source]

1105 Verses with G3004

Matthew 1:16
Literal: Jacob then begat - Joseph the husband of Mary out of whom was born Jesus the [One] being called Christ
KJV: And  Jacob  begat  Joseph  the husband  of Mary,  of  whom  was born  Jesus,  who  is called  Christ. 

Matthew 1:20
Literal: These things now of him having pondered behold an angel of [the] Lord in a dream appeared to him saying Joseph son of David not you should fear to receive Mary [as] the wife of you that for in her having been conceived from [the] Spirit is Holy
KJV: But  while he  thought on  behold,  the angel  of the Lord  appeared  unto him  in  a dream,  saying,  Joseph,  thou son  of David,  fear  not  to take  Mary  thy wife:  for  that which is conceived  in  her  of  the Holy  Ghost. 

Matthew 1:22
Literal: This then all has come to pass that may be fulfilled that having been spoken by the Lord through the prophet saying
KJV: Now  all  was done,  that  it might be fulfilled  which  of  the Lord  by  the prophet,  saying, 

Matthew 2:2
Literal: saying Where is the [One] having been born King of the Jews We saw for of Him the star in the east and are come to worship Him
KJV: Saying,  Where  he that is born  King  of the Jews?  for  his  star  in  the east,  and  are come  to worship  him. 

Matthew 2:13
Literal: Having withdrawn then of them behold an angel of [the] Lord appears in a dream - to Joseph saying Having arisen take the Child and the mother of Him flee into Egypt remain there until - I should tell you is about for Herod to seek - to destroy Him
KJV: And  when they  were departed,  behold,  the angel  of the Lord  appeareth  to Joseph  in  a dream,  saying,  Arise,  and take  the young child  and  his  mother,  and  flee  into  Egypt,  and  there  until  word:  for  Herod  will  seek  the young child  to destroy  him. 

Matthew 2:15
Literal: and he remained there until the death of Herod so that it might be fulfilled that having been spoken by [the] Lord through the prophet saying Out of Egypt have I called the Son of me
KJV: And  there  until  the death  of Herod:  that  it might be fulfilled  which  of  the Lord  by  the prophet,  saying,  Out of  Egypt  have I called  son. 

Matthew 2:17
Literal: Then was fulfilled that having been spoken by Jeremiah the prophet saying
KJV: Then  was fulfilled  that which  Jeremy  the prophet,  saying, 

Matthew 2:20
Literal: saying Having arisen take the Child and the mother of Him go into [the] land of Israel they have died for those seeking life of the Child
KJV: Saying,  Arise,  and take  the young child  and  his  mother,  and  go  into  the land  of Israel:  for  they are dead  which  sought  the young child's  life. 

Matthew 2:23
Literal: and having come he dwelt in a city being called Nazareth so that it should be fulfilled that having been spoken through the prophets that A Nazarene He will be called
KJV: And  he came  and dwelt  in  a city  called  Nazareth:  that  it might be fulfilled  which  by  the prophets,  He shall be called  a Nazarene. 

Matthew 3:2
Literal: and saying Repent has drawn near for the kingdom of the heavens
KJV: And  saying,  Repent ye:  for  the kingdom  of heaven  is at hand. 

Matthew 3:3
Literal: This for is the [One] having been spoken of through Isaiah the prophet saying [The] voice of one crying in the wilderness Prepare the way of [the] Lord straight make the paths of Him
KJV: For  this  the prophet  Esaias,  saying,  The voice  of one crying  in  the wilderness,  Prepare ye  the way  of the Lord,  make  his  paths  straight. 

Matthew 3:9
Literal: And not presume to say within yourselves [As] father we have - Abraham I say for to you that able is - God out of the stones these to raise up children unto Abraham
KJV: And  think  not  to say  within  yourselves,  We have  Abraham  to our father:  for  I say  that  God  is able  of  stones  to raise up  children  unto Abraham. 

Matthew 3:14
Literal: - But John was hindering Him saying I need have by You to be baptized and You come to me
KJV: But  John  forbad  him, saying,  have  need  to be baptized  of  and  comest  thou  to 

Matthew 3:17
Literal: And behold a voice out of the heavens saying This is the Son of me beloved in whom I was well pleased
KJV: And  lo  a voice  from  heaven,  saying,  This  beloved  Son,  in  whom  I am well pleased. 

Matthew 4:6
Literal: and says to him If Son You are - of God throw Yourself down it has been written for - To the angels of Him He will give orders concerning You in [their] hands will they bear up You lest ever You strike against a stone the foot of You
KJV: And  saith  unto him,  If  the Son  of God,  cast  thyself  down:  for  it is written,  his  angels  charge  concerning  and  in  their hands  up,  thou dash  foot  against  a stone. 

Matthew 4:10
Literal: Then says to him - Jesus Get you away Satan it has been written for [The] Lord the God of you you shall worship and Him alone shall you serve
KJV: Then  saith  Jesus  unto him,  Get thee hence,  Satan:  for  it is written,  Thou shalt worship  the Lord  God,  and  him  only  shalt thou serve. 

Matthew 4:14
Literal: that it might be fulfilled that having been spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying
KJV: That  it might be fulfilled  which  by  Esaias  the prophet,  saying, 

Matthew 4:17
Literal: From that time began - Jesus to proclaim and to say Repent has drawn near for the kingdom of the heavens
KJV: From  that time  Jesus  began  to preach,  and  to say,  Repent:  for  the kingdom  of heaven  is at hand. 

Matthew 4:18
Literal: Walking now beside the Sea - of Galilee He saw two brothers Simon - called Peter and Andrew the brother of him casting a net into they were for fishermen
KJV: And  walking  by  the sea  of Galilee,  two  brethren,  Simon  called  Peter,  and  Andrew  his  brother,  casting  a net  into  the sea:  for  fishers. 

Matthew 4:19
Literal: And He says to them Come follow after Me I will make you fishers of men
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  Follow  and  I will make  fishers  of men. 

Matthew 5:2
Literal: And opening the mouth of Him He was teaching them saying
KJV: And  he opened  his  mouth,  and taught  them,  saying, 

Matthew 5:18
Literal: Truly for I say to you until - shall pass away the heaven and the earth iota one or one stroke of a letter no not from the law everything should happen
KJV: For  verily  I say  Till  heaven  and  earth  pass,  one  jot  or  tittle  pass  from  the law,  till  all  be fulfilled. 

Matthew 5:20
Literal: I say for to you that if not shall abound your - righteousness above [that] of the scribes and Pharisees no shall you enter into the kingdom heavens
KJV: For  I say  That  righteousness  shall exceed  the righteousness of the scribes  and  Pharisees,  enter  into  the kingdom  of heaven. 

Matthew 5:22
Literal: I however say to you that everyone - being angry with the brother of him liable will be to the judgment whoever now - shall say to Raca to the Sanhedrin Fool to the hell - of fire
KJV: But  say  That  whosoever  is angry  with his  brother  in danger  of the judgment:  and  whosoever  shall say  to his  brother,  Raca,  in danger  of the council:  but  whosoever  shall say,  Thou fool,  in danger  of  hell  fire. 

Matthew 5:26
Literal: Truly I say to you no not shall you come out from there until - you should pay the last kodranten
KJV: Verily  I say  come  out thence,  till  thou hast paid  the uttermost  farthing. 

Matthew 5:28
Literal: I however say to you that everyone - looking upon a woman in order - to lust after her already has committed adultery with in the heart of him
KJV: But  say  That  whosoever  looketh  on a woman  to  lust after  her  hath committed adultery  with her  already  in  his  heart. 

Matthew 5:32
Literal: I however say to you that everyone - divorcing the wife of him except on account of sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery And whoever if her having been divorced shall marry commits adultery
KJV: But  say  That  whosoever  shall put away  his  wife,  saving  for the cause  of fornication,  causeth  her  to commit adultery:  and  whosoever  shall marry  her that is divorced  committeth adultery. 

Matthew 5:34
Literal: I however say to you not to swear at all neither by - heaven because [the] throne it is - of God
KJV: But  say  Swear  not  at all;  neither  by  heaven;  for  God's  throne: 

Matthew 5:39
Literal: I however say to you not to resist the evil [person] Instead whoever you shall strike on the right cheek of you turn to him also other
KJV: But  say  That ye resist  not  evil:  but  whosoever  shall smite  right  cheek,  turn  to him  the other  also. 

Matthew 5:44
Literal: I however say to you love the enemies of you and pray for those persecuting you bless those cursing good do to those persecuting hating you
KJV: But  say  Love  enemies,  bless  them that curse  do  good  to them that hate  and  pray  for  them which  despitefully use  and  persecute 

Matthew 6:2
Literal: When therefore you do acts of charity not do sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and streets so that they may have glory from - men Truly I say to you they have the reward of them
KJV: Therefore  when  thou doest  thine alms,  not  sound a trumpet  before  as  the hypocrites  do  in  the synagogues  and  in  the streets,  that  they may have glory  of  men.  Verily  I say  They have  their  reward. 

Matthew 6:5
Literal: And when you pray not you shall be like the hypocrites for they love in the synagogues on corners of the streets standing to pray so that they might be seen - by men Truly I say to you they have the reward of them
KJV: And  when  thou prayest,  not  the hypocrites  are: for  they love  to pray  standing  in  the synagogues  and  in  the corners  of the streets,  that  be seen  of men.  Verily  I say  They have  their  reward. 

Matthew 6:16
Literal: Whenever now you fast not be like the hypocrites gloomy they disfigure for the appearance of them so that they might appear - to men [as] fasting Truly I say to you they have the reward
KJV: Moreover  when  ye fast,  be  not,  the hypocrites,  of a sad countenance:  for  they disfigure  their  faces,  that  they may appear  unto men  to fast.  Verily  I say  They have  their  reward. 

Matthew 6:25
Literal: Because of this I say to you not be anxious about the life of you what you should eat or you should drink nor the body you should put on Not the life more is than the food and the body than clothing
KJV: Therefore  I say  Take no  thought  life,  what  ye shall eat,  or  what  ye shall drink;  nor yet for  body,  what  ye shall put on.  not  the life  more than  meat,  and  the body  than raiment? 

Matthew 6:29
Literal: I say however to you that not even Solomon in all the glory of him was adorned like one of these
KJV: And yet  I say  That  Solomon  in  all  his  glory  not  arrayed  like  one 

Matthew 6:31
Literal: Not therefore be anxious saying What shall we eat Or shall we drink shall we wear
KJV: Therefore  take no  thought,  saying,  What  shall we eat?  or,  What  shall we drink?  or,  Wherewithal  shall we be clothed? 

Matthew 7:21
Literal: Not everyone - saying to Me Lord will enter into the kingdom of the heavens but the [one] doing the will the Father of Me who [is] in the heavens
KJV: Not  every one  that saith  Lord,  shall enter  into  the kingdom  of heaven;  but  he that doeth  the will  Father  which is in  heaven. 

Matthew 8:2
Literal: And behold a leper having come was worshipping Him saying Lord if You are willing You are able me to cleanse
KJV: And,  behold,  a leper  and worshipped  him,  saying,  Lord,  if  thou wilt,  thou canst  clean. 

Matthew 8:3
Literal: And having stretched out the hand He touched him saying I am willing be you cleansed immediately was cleansed his - leprosy
KJV: And  put forth  his hand,  and touched  him,  saying,  I will;  be thou clean.  And  immediately  his  leprosy  was cleansed. 

Matthew 8:4
Literal: And says to him - Jesus See that no one you tell But go yourself show to the priest offer the gift that commanded Moses for a testimony to them
KJV: And  Jesus  saith  unto him,  See  thou tell  no man;  but  go thy way,  shew  thyself  to the priest,  and  offer  the gift  that  Moses  commanded,  for  a testimony  unto them. 

Matthew 8:6
Literal: and saying Lord the servant of me is lying in the house paralyzed grievously tormented
KJV: And  saying,  Lord,  servant  lieth  at  home  sick of the palsy,  grievously  tormented. 

Matthew 8:7
Literal: And He says to him I having come will heal him
KJV: And  saith  unto him,  will come  and heal  him. 

Matthew 8:9
Literal: Also for I a man am under authority I appoint having under me soldiers and I say to this [one] Go he goes to another Come he comes to [the] servant of me Do this he does [it]
KJV: For  am  a man  under  authority,  having  soldiers  under  me:  and  I say  man, Go,  and  he goeth;  and  to another,  Come,  and  he cometh;  and  servant,  Do  and  he doeth 

Matthew 8:10
Literal: Having heard now - Jesus marveled and said to those following Truly I say to you except no one so great faith in - Israel have I found
KJV: When  Jesus  heard  it, he marvelled,  and  said  to them that followed,  Verily  I say  found  so great  faith,  in  Israel. 

Matthew 8:11
Literal: I say now to you that many from east and west will come will recline with Abraham Isaac Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens
KJV: And  I say  That  many  shall come  from  the east  and  west,  and  shall sit down  with  Abraham,  and  Isaac,  and  Jacob,  in  the kingdom  of heaven. 

Matthew 8:17
Literal: so that it might be fulfilled that having been spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying Himself the infirmities of us He took and our diseases bore
KJV: That it might  be fulfilled  by  Esaias  the prophet,  saying,  Himself  took  infirmities,  and  bare  our sicknesses. 

Matthew 8:20
Literal: And says to him - Jesus - Foxes holes have the birds of the air nests but the Son - of Man no has [place] where the head He might lay
KJV: And  Jesus  saith  unto him,  The foxes  have  holes,  and  the birds  of the air  have nests;  but  the Son  of man  hath  not  where  to lay  his head. 

Matthew 8:22
Literal: - But Jesus said to him Follow Me and leave the dead to bury - their own dead
KJV: But  Jesus  unto him,  Follow  and  let  the dead  bury  their  dead. 

Matthew 8:25
Literal: And having come to [Him] they awoke Him saying Lord save us we are perishing
KJV: And  his  came  to him, and awoke  him,  saying,  Lord,  save  we perish. 

Matthew 8:26
Literal: And He says to them Why fearful are you O [you] of little faith Then having arisen He rebuked the winds the sea there was a calm great
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  Why  fearful,  O ye of little faith?  Then  he arose,  and rebuked  the winds  and  the sea;  and  there was  a great  calm. 

Matthew 8:27
Literal: - And the men marveled saying What kind [of man] is this that even the winds and the sea Him obey
KJV: But  the men  marvelled,  saying,  What manner of man  this,  that  even  the winds  and  the sea  obey  him! 

Matthew 8:29
Literal: And behold they cried out saying What to us to you Son - of God Are You come here before [the] time to torment us
KJV: And,  behold,  they cried out,  saying,  What  to do with  thou Son  of God?  art thou come  hither  to torment  before  the time? 

Matthew 8:31
Literal: - And the demons were begging Him saying If You cast out us send away into the herd - of pigs
KJV: So  the devils  besought  him,  saying,  If  out,  into  the herd  of swine. 

Matthew 9:6
Literal: So that however you may know that authority has the Son - of Man on the earth to forgive sins Then He says to the paralytic Having arisen take up your - mat and go to the house of you
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  on  earth  to forgive  sins,  (then  saith he  to the sick of the palsy,)  Arise,  take up  bed,  and  go  unto  house. 

Matthew 9:9
Literal: And passing on - Jesus from there He saw a man sitting at the tax booth Matthew named He says to him Follow Me having arisen he followed Him
KJV: And as  Jesus  passed forth  from thence,  a man,  named  Matthew,  sitting  at  the receipt of custom:  and  he saith  unto him,  Follow  And  he arose,  and followed  him. 

Matthew 9:14
Literal: Then come to Him the disciples of John saying Because of why we and Pharisees do fast many times however disciples of You not fast
KJV: Then  came  to him  the disciples  of John,  saying,  and  the Pharisees  fast  oft,  but  disciples  fast  not? 

Matthew 9:18
Literal: These things of Him speaking to them behold a ruler certain having come was kneeling down to Him saying - The daughter of Me presently has died but having come lay the hand of You upon her and she will live
KJV: While he  spake  unto them,  behold,  there came  a certain  ruler,  and worshipped  him,  saying,  daughter  is even now  dead:  but  come  and lay  hand  upon  her,  and  she shall live. 

Matthew 9:27
Literal: And passing on from there - Jesus followed Him two blind [men] crying out saying Have mercy on us Son of David
KJV: And  when Jesus  departed  thence,  two  blind men  followed  him,  crying,  and  saying,  Thou Son  of David,  have mercy 

Matthew 9:28
Literal: Having come now into the house came to Him the blind [men] and says to them - Jesus Believe you that I am able this to do They say Yes Lord
KJV: And  when he was come  into  the house,  the blind men  came  to him:  and  Jesus  saith  unto them,  Believe ye  that  I am able  to do  They said  unto him,  Yea,  Lord. 

Matthew 9:29
Literal: Then He touched the eyes of them saying According to the faith of you be it to you
KJV: Then  touched he  their  eyes,  saying,  According  faith  be it 

Matthew 9:30
Literal: And were opened their - eyes strictly instructed them - Jesus saying See that no one knows
KJV: And  their  eyes  were opened;  and  Jesus  straitly charged  them,  saying,  See  that no man  know 

Matthew 9:33
Literal: And having been cast out the demon spoke the mute [man] marveled the crowds saying Never was it seen thus in - Israel
KJV: And  when the devil  was cast out,  the dumb  spake:  and  the multitudes  marvelled,  saying,  It was never  so  seen  in  Israel. 

Matthew 9:37
Literal: Then He says to the disciples of Him The indeed harvest [is] plentiful the however workmen [are] few
KJV: Then  saith  he unto his  disciples,  The harvest  truly  is plenteous,  but  the labourers  are few; 

Matthew 10:2
Literal: - And of the twelve apostles the names are these first Simon - called Peter and Andrew the brother of him James the [son] of Zebedee John
KJV: Now  the names  of the twelve  apostles  The first,  Simon,  who  is called  Peter,  and  Andrew  his  brother;  James  the son of  Zebedee,  and  John  his  brother; 

Matthew 10:5
Literal: These - twelve sent forth - Jesus having instructed them saying Into [the] way of the Gentiles not go off and any city of [the] Samaritans enter
KJV: twelve  Jesus  sent forth,  and commanded  them,  saying,  Go  not  into  the way  of the Gentiles,  and  into  any city  of the Samaritans  enter ye  not: 

Matthew 10:7
Literal: Going on also proclaim saying - Has drawn near The kingdom of the heavens
KJV: And  as ye go,  preach,  saying,  The kingdom  of heaven  is at hand. 

Matthew 10:15
Literal: Truly I say to you More tolerable it will be for [the] land of Sodom and of Gomorrah on day of judgment than the city for that
KJV: Verily  I say  more tolerable  for the land  of Sodom  and  Gomorrha  in  the day  of judgment,  than  for that  city. 

Matthew 10:23
Literal: Whenever then they persecute you in the city one flee to the next Truly for I say to you no not shall you have completed the cities of Israel until - be come the Son Man
KJV: But  when  they persecute  in  city,  flee ye  into  for  verily  I say  have gone over  the cities  of Israel,  till  the Son  of man  be  come. 

Matthew 10:27
Literal: What I tell you in the darkness speak the light and in the ear you hear proclaim upon the housetops
KJV: What  I tell  in  darkness,  that speak ye  in  light:  and  what  ye hear  in  the ear,  that preach ye  upon  the housetops. 

Matthew 10:42
Literal: And whoever - shall give to drink one the little ones of these a cup of cold [water] only in [the] name of a disciple truly I say to you no not shall he lose the reward of him
KJV: And  whosoever  shall give to drink  unto one  little ones  a cup  of cold  water only  in  the name  of a disciple,  verily  I say  lose  his  reward. 

Matthew 11:7
Literal: As these now were going away began - Jesus to speak to the crowds concerning John What went you out into the wilderness to see A reed by [the] wind shaken
KJV: And  they departed,  Jesus  began  to say  unto the multitudes  concerning  John,  What  went ye  out into  the wilderness  to see?  A reed  shaken  with  the wind? 

Matthew 11:9
Literal: But what did you go out a prophet to see Yes I say to you and [one] more excellent than a prophet
KJV: But  what  went ye out  A prophet?  yea,  I say  and  than a prophet. 

Matthew 11:11
Literal: Truly I say to you not there has risen among [those] born of women one greater than John the Baptist - Yet the least in the kingdom of the heavens greater than he is
KJV: Verily  I say  Among  them that are born  of women  not  risen  John  the Baptist:  notwithstanding  he that is least  in  the kingdom  of heaven  he. 

Matthew 11:17
Literal: saying We piped for you and not you did dance we sang a dirge you did wail
KJV: And  saying,  We have piped  and  not  danced;  we have mourned  and  not  lamented. 

Matthew 11:18
Literal: Came for John neither eating nor drinking and they say A demon he has
KJV: For  John  came  neither  eating  nor  drinking,  and  they say,  He hath  a devil. 

Matthew 11:19
Literal: Came the Son - of Man eating and drinking they say Behold a man a glutton a drunkard of tax collectors a friend of sinners But is justified - wisdom by the deeds of her
KJV: The Son  of man  came  eating  and  drinking,  and  they say,  Behold  a man  gluttonous,  and  a winebibber,  a friend  of publicans  and  sinners.  But  wisdom  is justified  of  her 

Matthew 11:22
Literal: But I say to you for Tyre and Sidon more tolerable will it be in [the] day of judgment than for you
KJV: But  I say  more tolerable  for Tyre  and  Sidon  at  the day  of judgment,  than 

Matthew 11:24
Literal: But I say to you that for [the] land of Sodom more tolerable will it be in day of judgment than for you
KJV: But  I say  That  more tolerable  for the land  of Sodom  in  the day  of judgment,  than 

Matthew 12:6
Literal: I say however to you that the temple a greater than is here
KJV: But  I say  That  in this place  the temple. 

Matthew 12:10
Literal: And behold a man a hand having withered they asked Him saying Is it lawful on the Sabbaths to heal so that they might accuse Him
KJV: And,  behold,  a man  which had  his hand  withered.  And  they asked  him,  saying,  Is it lawful  to heal  on the sabbath days?  that  they might accuse  him. 

Matthew 12:13
Literal: Then He says to [the] man Stretch out your - hand And he stretched [it] out it was restored sound as the other
KJV: Then  saith  he to the man,  Stretch forth  hand.  And  he stretched it forth;  and  it was restored  whole,  like as  the other. 

Matthew 12:17
Literal: so that might be fulfilled that having been spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying
KJV: it might be fulfilled  which  by  Esaias  the prophet,  saying, 

Matthew 12:31
Literal: Because of this I say to you every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven - men - however against [the] Spirit not
KJV: Wherefore  I say  All manner of  sin  and  blasphemy  shall be forgiven  unto men:  but  the blasphemy  against the Holy Ghost  not  be forgiven  unto men. 

Matthew 12:36
Literal: I say now to you that every word careless that will speak - men they will give of it an account in day of judgment
KJV: But  I say  That  every  idle  word  that  men  shall speak,  they shall give  account  thereof  in  the day  of judgment. 

Matthew 12:38
Literal: Then answered him some of the scribes and Pharisees saying Teacher we wish from You a sign to see
KJV: Then  certain  of the scribes  and  of the Pharisees  answered,  saying,  Master,  we would  a sign  from 

Matthew 12:44
Literal: Then it says To the house of me I will return from where I came out And having come it finds [it] being unoccupied and swept put in order
KJV: Then  he saith,  I will return  into  house  from whence  I came out;  and  when he is come,  he findeth  it empty,  swept,  and  garnished. 

Matthew 12:48
Literal: - And answering He said to the [one] telling Him Who is the mother of Me and who are the brothers
KJV: But  he answered  and said  him,  Who  mother?  and  who  brethren? 

Matthew 13:3
Literal: And He spoke to them many things in parables saying Behold went out the [one] sowing - to sow
KJV: And  he spake  many things  unto them  in  parables,  saying,  Behold,  a sower  went forth  to sow; 

Matthew 13:14
Literal: And is fulfilled in them the prophecy of Isaiah - saying In hearing you will hear no not understand seeing you will see perceive
KJV: And  them  is fulfilled  the prophecy  of Esaias,  which  saith,  By hearing  ye shall hear,  and  understand;  and  seeing  and 

Matthew 13:17
Literal: Truly for I say to you that many prophets and righteous [men] longed to see what you see not saw to hear you hear heard
KJV: For  verily  I say  That  many  prophets  and  righteous  men have desired  those things which  ye see,  and  not  them; and  to hear  those things which  ye hear,  and  not  heard 

Matthew 13:24
Literal: Another parable put He before them saying Has become like the kingdom of the heavens a man having sown good seed in the field of him
KJV: Another  parable  put he forth  unto them,  saying,  The kingdom  of heaven  is likened  unto a man  which sowed  good  seed  in  his  field: 

Matthew 13:28
Literal: - And he said to them An enemy a man this did - the servants to him said Do you desire then [that] having gone forth we should gather them
KJV: He said  unto them,  An enemy  hath done  The servants  unto him,  Wilt thou  then  that we go  them  up? 

Matthew 13:31
Literal: Another parable put He before them saying Like is the kingdom of the heavens to a grain of mustard which having taken a man sowed in the field of him
KJV: Another  parable  put he forth  unto them,  saying,  The kingdom  of heaven  like  to a grain  of mustard seed,  which  a man  took,  and sowed  in  his  field: 

Matthew 13:35
Literal: so that might be fulfilled that having been spoken by the prophet saying I will open in parables the mouth of Me I will utter things hidden from [the] foundation [of the] world
KJV: That  it might be fulfilled  which  by  the prophet,  saying,  I will open  mouth  in  parables;  I will utter  things which have been kept secret  from  the foundation  of the world. 

Matthew 13:36
Literal: Then having dismissed the crowds He went into the house And came to Him the disciples of Him saying Explain to us parable of the weeds of the field
KJV: Then  the multitude  away,  and went  into  the house:  and  his  disciples  came  unto him,  saying,  the parable  of the tares  of the field. 

Matthew 13:51
Literal: Have you understood these things all They say to Him Yes
KJV: saith  unto them,  Have ye understood  things?  They say  unto him,  Yea, 

Matthew 13:54
Literal: And having come into the region His [own] He was teaching them in the synagogue of them so that are astonished they are saying From where to this [man] the wisdom this the miraculous powers
KJV: And  when he was come  into  his own  country,  he taught  them  in  their  synagogue,  insomuch that  they  were astonished,  and  said,  Whence  this  wisdom,  and  these mighty works? 

Matthew 13:55
Literal: Not this is the of the carpenter Son [Is] not the mother of Him called Mary And the brothers James Joseph Simon Judas
KJV: not  this  the carpenter's  son?  his  mother  called  Mary?  and  his  brethren,  James,  and  Simon,  and  Judas? 

Matthew 14:15
Literal: Evening now having come came to Him the disciples saying Desolate is this place and the time already is gone by Dismiss therefore the crowds that having gone into the villages they might buy for themselves food
KJV: And  when it was  evening,  his  disciples  came  to him,  saying,  a desert  place,  and  the time  is now  past;  the multitude  away,  that  they may go  into  the villages,  and buy  themselves  victuals. 

Matthew 14:17
Literal: - And they say to Him Not we have here if not five loaves and two fish
KJV: And  they say  unto him,  We have  here  but  five  loaves,  and  two  fishes. 

Matthew 14:26
Literal: - And the disciples having seen Him on the sea walking were troubled saying - A ghost it is And in - fear they cried out
KJV: And  when the disciples  him  walking  on  the sea,  they were troubled,  saying,  a spirit;  and  they cried out  for  fear. 

Matthew 14:27
Literal: Immediately now spoke - Jesus to them saying Take courage I it is not fear
KJV: But  straightway  Jesus  spake  unto them,  saying,  Be of good cheer;  it is  I;  not  afraid. 

Matthew 14:30
Literal: Seeing now the wind charging he was afraid and having begun to sink he cried out saying Lord save me
KJV: But  when he saw  the wind  boisterous,  he was afraid;  and  beginning  to sink,  he cried,  saying,  Lord,  save 

Matthew 14:31
Literal: Immediately now - Jesus having stretched out the hand took hold of him and says to him [You] of little faith of why did you doubt
KJV: And  immediately  Jesus  stretched forth  his hand,  and caught  him,  and  said  unto him,  O thou of little faith,  wherefore  didst thou doubt? 

Matthew 14:33
Literal: Those then in the boat worshiped Him saying Truly of God Son You are
KJV: Then  they that were in  the ship  and worshipped  him,  saying,  Of a truth  the Son  of God. 

Matthew 15:1
Literal: Then come - to Jesus from Jerusalem Pharisees and scribes saying
KJV: Then  came  to Jesus  scribes  and  Pharisees,  which were of  Jerusalem,  saying, 

Matthew 15:5
Literal: You however say Whoever - shall say to the father or the mother [It is] a gift whatever if by me you might be profited
KJV: But  say,  Whosoever  shall say  to his father  or  his mother,  It is a gift,  by  whatsoever  thou mightest be profited 

Matthew 15:7
Literal: Hypocrites Rightly prophesied concerning you Isaiah saying
KJV: Ye hypocrites,  well  Esaias  prophesy  of  saying, 

Matthew 15:12
Literal: Then having come near the disciples said to Him Know You that Pharisees having heard the saying were offended
KJV: Then  came  his  disciples,  unto him,  Knowest thou  that  the Pharisees  were offended,  after they heard  this saying? 

Matthew 15:22
Literal: And behold a woman Canaanite from the region same having approached was crying out saying Have mercy on me Lord Son of David the daughter of me miserably is possessed by a demon
KJV: And,  behold,  a woman  of Canaan  came  out of  the same  coasts,  saying,  Have mercy  O Lord,  thou Son  of David;  daughter  is grievously  vexed with a devil. 

Matthew 15:23
Literal: - And not He answered her a word And having come to [him] the disciples of Him were imploring Him saying Dismiss her for she cries out after us
KJV: But  he answered  her  not  a word.  And  his  disciples  came  and besought  him,  saying,  her  away;  for  she crieth  after 

Matthew 15:25
Literal: - And having come she was worshiping Him saying Lord help me
KJV: Then  came she  and worshipped  him,  saying,  Lord,  help 

Matthew 15:33
Literal: And say to Him the disciples From where to us in a secluded place loaves so many as to satisfy a crowd so great
KJV: And  his  disciples  say  unto him,  Whence  have so much  bread  in  the wilderness,  as  to fill  so great  a multitude? 

Matthew 15:34
Literal: And says to them - Jesus How many loaves have you - And they said Seven a few small fish
KJV: And  Jesus  saith  unto them,  How many  loaves  have ye?  And  they said,  Seven,  and  a few  little fishes. 

Matthew 16:2
Literal: - And answering He said to them Evening having come you say Fair weather is red for the sky
KJV: He answered  and said  unto them,  When it is  evening,  ye say,  It will be fair weather:  for  the sky  is red. 

Matthew 16:7
Literal: - And they were reasoning among themselves saying Because bread not we took
KJV: And  they reasoned  among  themselves,  saying,  It is because  we have taken  no  bread. 

Matthew 16:13
Literal: Having come then - Jesus into the district of Caesarea - Philippi He was questioning the disciples of Him saying Whom do pronounce - men to be the Son of man
KJV: When  Jesus  came  into  the coasts  of Caesarea  Philippi,  he asked  his  disciples,  saying,  Whom  do men  say  the Son  of man 

Matthew 16:15
Literal: He says to them You but whom Me do you pronounce to be
KJV: He saith  unto them,  But  whom  say 

Matthew 16:18
Literal: I also now to you say that you are Peter and on this the rock I will build My - church [the] gates of hades not will prevail against it
KJV: And  I say  also  That  thou  Peter,  and  upon  rock  I will build  church;  and  the gates  of hell  not  prevail against  it. 

Matthew 16:22
Literal: And having taken aside Him - Peter began to rebuke Him saying Far be it from You Lord never not will be to You this
KJV: Then  Peter  took  him,  and began  to rebuke  him,  saying,  Be it far  Lord: 

Matthew 16:28
Literal: Truly I say to you - there are some of those here standing who no not shall taste of death until - they have seen the Son - of Man coming in the kingdom of Him
KJV: Verily  I say  some  standing  here,  which  taste  of death,  till  the Son  of man  coming  in  his  kingdom. 

Matthew 17:5
Literal: While yet he was speaking behold a cloud bright overshadowed them and a voice out of the cloud saying This is the Son of Me beloved in whom I am well pleased Listen to Him
KJV: While he  yet  spake,  behold,  a bright  cloud  overshadowed  them:  and  behold  a voice  out of  the cloud,  which said,  This  beloved  Son,  in  whom  I am well pleased;  hear ye  him. 

Matthew 17:9
Literal: And [as] were descending they from the mountain instructed them - Jesus saying To no one tell the vision until that the Son - of Man out from [the] dead is risen
KJV: And  as they  came down  the mountain,  Jesus  charged  them,  saying,  Tell  the vision  to no man,  until  the Son  of man  from  the dead. 

Matthew 17:10
Literal: And asked Him the disciples saying Why then scribes say that Elijah it behooves to come first
KJV: And  his  disciples  asked  him,  saying,  Why  then  say  the scribes  that  Elias  must  first  come? 

Matthew 17:12
Literal: I say however to you that Elijah already is come and not they knew him but did to him whatever they desired Thus also the Son - of Man is about to suffer from them
KJV: But  I say  That  Elias  is come  already,  and  they knew  him  not,  but  have done  unto  him  whatsoever  they listed.  Likewise  shall  also  the Son  of man  suffer  of  them. 

Matthew 17:15
Literal: and saying Lord have mercy on my - son for he is epileptic miserably suffers often for he falls into the fire water
KJV: Lord,  have mercy  son:  for  he is lunatick,  and  sore  vexed:  for  ofttimes  he falleth  into  the fire,  and  oft  into  the water. 

Matthew 17:20
Literal: - And He said to them Because of the little faith of you Truly for I say to you If you have faith as a seed of mustard you will say to the mountain to this Move from here to there and it will move nothing will be impossible for you
KJV: And  unto them,  Because  for  verily  I say  If  ye have  faith  as  a grain  of mustard seed,  ye shall say  mountain,  Remove  to yonder place;  and  it shall remove;  and  nothing  shall be impossible 

Matthew 17:25
Literal: He says Yes And he having entered into the house anticipated him - Jesus saying What you do think Simon The kings of the earth from whom do they receive custom or tribute the sons of them - strangers
KJV: He saith,  Yes.  And  into  the house,  Jesus  prevented  him,  saying,  What  thinkest  Simon?  of  whom  the kings  of the earth  take  custom  or  tribute?  of  their own  children,  or  of  strangers? 

Matthew 18:1
Literal: In that - hour came the disciples - to Jesus saying Who then [the] greatest is the kingdom of the heavens
KJV: At  the same  time  came  the disciples  unto Jesus,  saying,  Who  in  the kingdom  of heaven? 

Matthew 18:3
Literal: and said Truly I say to you if not you turn become as the little children no shall you enter into the kingdom of the heavens
KJV: And  said,  Verily  I say  ye be converted,  and  become  as  little children,  enter  into  the kingdom  of heaven. 

Matthew 18:10
Literal: See [that] not you despise one of the little ones of these I say for to you that the angels of them in [the] heavens continually always behold the face of the Father of me who [is]
KJV: Take heed  that ye despise  not  one  little ones;  for  I say  That  in  heaven  their  angels  do always  behold  the face  Father  which  is in  heaven. 

Matthew 18:13
Literal: And if he should find it truly I say to you that he rejoices over it more than over the ninety nine - not having gone astray
KJV: And  if so  be  that he find  it,  verily  I say  he rejoiceth  more  of  that  sheep, than  of  the ninety and nine  which  not  astray. 

Matthew 18:18
Literal: Truly I say to you how many if you shall bind on the earth shall have been bound in heaven and you shall loose loosed
KJV: Verily  I say  Whatsoever  ye shall bind  on  earth  bound  in  heaven:  and  whatsoever  ye shall loose  on  earth  loosed  in  heaven. 

Matthew 18:19
Literal: Again truly I say to you that if two might agree of you on the earth concerning any matter that they shall ask it will be done for them by the Father of Me who [is] in [the] heavens
KJV: Again  I say  That  if  two  shall agree  on  earth  as touching  any  thing  that  they shall ask,  it shall be done  for them  of  Father  which  is in  heaven. 

Matthew 18:22
Literal: Says to him - Jesus Not I say to you up to seven times but seventy times seven
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto him,  I say  not  Until  seven times:  but,  Until  seventy times  seven. 

Matthew 18:26
Literal: Having fallen down therefore the servant was bowing on his knees to him saying Have patience with me and all I will pay to you
KJV: The servant  therefore  fell down,  and worshipped  him,  saying,  have patience  with  and  I will pay  all. 

Matthew 18:28
Literal: Having gone out however the servant same found one the fellow servants of him who was owing him a hundred denarii and having seized him he was throttling [him] saying Pay if any you owe
KJV: But  the same  servant  went out,  and found  one  of his  fellowservants,  which  owed  him  an hundred  pence:  and  he laid hands  on him,  and took him by the throat,  saying,  Pay  thou owest. 

Matthew 18:29
Literal: Having fallen down therefore the fellow servant of him was begging him saying Have patience with me and I will pay you
KJV: And  his  fellowservant  fell down  his  and besought  him,  saying,  Have patience  with  and  I will pay 

Matthew 18:32
Literal: Then having called to him the master of him says to him Servant evil all the debt that I forgave you because you begged me
KJV: Then  his  lord,  after that he had called  him,  said  unto him,  O thou wicked  servant,  I forgave  all  that  debt,  because  thou desiredst 

Matthew 19:3
Literal: And came to Him Pharisees testing Him saying If is it lawful for a man to divorce the a wife to him for every cause
KJV: The Pharisees  also  came  unto him,  tempting  him,  and  saying  unto him,  Is it lawful  for a man  to put away  his  wife  for  every  cause? 

Matthew 19:7
Literal: They say to Him Why then Moses did command to give a roll of divorce and to send away her
KJV: They say  unto him,  Why  did Moses  then  command  to give  a writing  of divorcement,  and  her  away? 

Matthew 19:8
Literal: He says to them - Moses in view of the hardness of heart of you allowed you to divorce the wives from [the] beginning however not was [it] this way
KJV: He saith  unto them,  Moses  because of  hearts  suffered  to put away  wives:  but  from  the beginning  it was  not  so. 

Matthew 19:9
Literal: I say now to you that whoever - shall divorce - wife of him except for sexual immorality and shall marry another commits adultery and he who her [that is] put away marries commits adultery
KJV: And  I say  Whosoever  shall put away  his  wife,  it be for  fornication,  and  shall marry  another,  committeth adultery:  and  whoso marrieth  her which  is put away  doth commit adultery. 

Matthew 19:10
Literal: Say to Him the disciples of Him If this is the case of the man with the wife not it is better to marry
KJV: His  disciples  say  unto him,  If  the case  of the man  so  with  his wife,  not  good  to marry. 

Matthew 19:18
Literal: He says to him Which - And Jesus said - Not shall you murder shall you commit adultery shall you steal shall you bear false witness
KJV: He saith  unto him,  Which?  Jesus  said,  no  murder,  not  commit adultery,  not  steal,  not  bear false witness, 

Matthew 19:20
Literal: Says to him the young man Things all these I have kept What yet lack I
KJV: The young man  saith  unto him,  All  have I kept  what  lack  I yet? 

Matthew 19:23
Literal: - And Jesus said to the disciples of Him Truly I say to you that a rich man with difficulty will enter into the kingdom of the heavens
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto his  disciples,  Verily  I say  That  a rich man  shall hardly  enter  into  the kingdom  of heaven. 

Matthew 19:24
Literal: Again now I say to you easier for [it] is a camel through [the] eye of a needle to go than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God
KJV: And  again  I say  easier  for a camel  through  the eye  of a needle,  than  for a rich man  to enter  into  the kingdom  of God. 

Matthew 19:25
Literal: Having heard now the disciples were astonished exceedingly saying Who then is able to be saved
KJV: When  disciples  heard  it, they were exceedingly  amazed,  saying,  Who  then  can  be saved? 

Matthew 19:28
Literal: - And Jesus said to them Truly I say to you that you - having followed Me in the regeneration when shall sit down the Son - of Man upon [the] throne of glory of Him will sit also you on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel
KJV: And  Jesus  said  unto them,  Verily  I say  That  which  have followed  in  the regeneration  when  the Son  of man  shall sit  in  the throne  of his  glory,  also  shall sit  upon  twelve  thrones,  judging  the twelve  tribes  of Israel. 

Matthew 20:6
Literal: About then the eleventh having gone out he found others standing and he says to them Why here stand you all day idle
KJV: And  about  the eleventh  he went out,  and found  others  standing  idle,  and  saith  unto them,  Why  stand ye  here  all  the day  idle? 

Matthew 20:7
Literal: They say to him Because no one us has hired He says to them Go also You into the vineyard and whatever . . . may be right you shall receive
KJV: They say  unto him,  Because  no man  hath hired  He saith  unto them,  Go  also  into  the vineyard;  and  whatsoever  right,  that shall ye receive. 

Matthew 20:8
Literal: Evening then having arrived says the master of the vineyard to foreman of him Call the workmen and pay them the wages having begun from the last unto first
KJV: So  when even  was come,  the lord  of the vineyard  saith  unto his  steward,  Call  the labourers,  and  give  them  their hire,  beginning  from  the last  unto  the first. 

Matthew 20:12
Literal: saying These the last one hour have worked and equal them to us you have made those having borne the burden of the day the scorching heat
KJV: Saying,  These  last  have wrought  hour,  and  thou hast made  them  equal  which  have borne  the burden  and  heat  of the day. 

Matthew 20:21
Literal: - And He said to her What do you desire She says to Him Say that might sit these - two sons of mine one on [the] right hand of You and on [the] left hand of You in the kingdom
KJV: And  he said  unto her,  What  wilt thou?  She saith  unto him,  Grant  that  these  two  sons  may sit,  the one  on  right hand,  and  the other  on  the left,  in  kingdom. 

Matthew 20:22
Literal: Answering now - Jesus said Not you know what you ask for Are you able to drink the cup which I am about to drink and baptism am baptized to be baptized [with] They say to Him We are able
KJV: But  Jesus  answered  and said,  Ye know  not  what  ye ask.  Are ye able  to drink  of the cup  that  shall  drink of,  to be baptized  with the baptism  that  am baptized with?  They say  unto him,  We are able. 

Matthew 20:23
Literal: He says to them - Indeed the cup of Me You will drink [and the] baptism which I am baptized you shall be baptized [with] but to sit on [the] right hand and on [the] left not is Mine this to give but [to those] for whom it has been prepared by the Father
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  Ye shall drink  indeed  cup,  and  be baptized  with the baptism  that  am baptized with:  but  to sit  on  right hand,  and  on  left,  not  mine  to give,  but  it shall be given to them for whom  it is prepared  of  Father. 

Matthew 20:30
Literal: And behold two blind [men] sitting beside the road having heard that Jesus is passing by cried out saying Lord Have mercy on us Son of David
KJV: And,  behold,  two  blind men  sitting  by the way  side,  when they heard  that  Jesus  passed by,  cried out,  saying,  Have mercy  O Lord,  thou Son  of David. 

Matthew 20:31
Literal: - And the crowd rebuked them that they should be silent - But all the more they cried out saying Lord have mercy on us Son of David
KJV: And  the multitude  rebuked  them,  because  they should hold their peace:  but  they cried  saying,  Have mercy  O Lord,  thou Son  of David. 

Matthew 20:33
Literal: They say to Him Lord that might be opened the eyes of us
KJV: They say  unto him,  Lord,  that  eyes  may be opened. 

Matthew 21:2
Literal: saying to them Go into the village - in front of you and immediately you will find a donkey having been tied a colt with her having untied [them] bring [them] to Me
KJV: Saying  unto them,  Go  into  the village  and  straightway  ye shall find  an ass  tied,  and  a colt  with  her:  loose  them, and bring 

Matthew 21:4
Literal: This then came to pass that it might be fulfilled that having been spoken by the prophet saying
KJV: All  was done,  that  it might be fulfilled  which  by  the prophet,  saying, 

Matthew 21:9
Literal: The now crowds - going before Him and those following were crying out saying Hosanna to the Son of David Blessed is the [One] coming in [the] name of [the] Lord the highest
KJV: And  the multitudes  that went before,  and  that followed,  cried,  saying,  Hosanna  to the Son  of David:  Blessed  is he that cometh  in  the name  of the Lord;  Hosanna  in  the highest. 

Matthew 21:10
Literal: And having entered of Him into Jerusalem was stirred all the city saying Who is this
KJV: And  when he  was come  into  Jerusalem,  all  the city  was moved,  saying,  Who  this? 

Matthew 21:13
Literal: And He says to them It has been written The house of Me a house of prayer will be called You however it have made a den of robbers
KJV: And  said  unto them,  It is written,  house  shall be called  the house  of prayer;  but  have made  it  a den  of thieves. 

Matthew 21:15
Literal: Having seen now the chief priests and scribes the wonders that He did the children crying out in the temple saying Hosanna to the Son of David they were indignant
KJV: And  when the chief priests  and  scribes  the wonderful things  that  he did,  and  the children  crying  in  the temple,  and  saying,  Hosanna  to the Son  of David;  they were sore displeased, 

Matthew 21:16
Literal: and said to Him Hear you what these say - And Jesus says to them Yes never did you read - Out of [the] mouth of babes sucklings You have prepared for yourself praise
KJV: And  said  unto him,  Hearest thou  what  these  say?  And  Jesus  saith  unto them,  Yea;  have ye never  read,  Out of  the mouth  of babes  and  sucklings  thou hast perfected  praise? 

Matthew 21:19
Literal: And having seen fig tree one along the road He came to it nothing found on it if not leaves only He says to it Never no more from you fruit let there be to the age withered immediately the fig tree
KJV: And  fig tree  in  the way,  he came  to  it,  and  found  nothing  thereon,  leaves  only,  and  said  unto it,  fruit  grow  on  henceforward  for  ever.  And  presently  the fig tree  withered away. 

Matthew 21:20
Literal: And having seen [it] the disciples marveled saying How so quickly withered the fig tree
KJV: And  when the disciples  it, they marvelled,  saying,  How  soon  is the fig tree  withered away! 

Matthew 21:21
Literal: Answering now - Jesus said to them Truly I say to you if you have faith and not do doubt not only the [miracle] of the fig tree will you do but even if to the mountain this you should say Be you taken away be you cast into the sea it will come to pass
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto them,  Verily  I say  If  ye have  faith,  and  doubt  not,  not  do  this  which is done to the fig tree,  but  also if  ye shall say  mountain,  Be thou removed,  and  be thou cast  into  the sea;  it shall be done. 

Matthew 21:23
Literal: And having come of Him into the temple came to Him teaching the chief priests elders of the people saying By what authority these things are You doing who to You gave the authority this
KJV: And  when he  was come  into  the temple,  the chief priests  and  the elders  of the people  came  unto him  as he was teaching,  and said,  By  what  authority  doest thou  and  who  gave  authority? 

Matthew 21:25
Literal: The baptism of John from where was it From heaven or men - And they were reasoning with themselves saying If we should say He will say to us Because of why then not did you believe him
KJV: The baptism  of John,  whence  from  heaven,  or  of  men?  And  they reasoned  themselves,  saying,  If  we shall say,  From  heaven;  he will say  not  then  believe  him? 

Matthew 21:27
Literal: And answering - Jesus they said Not do we know Said to them also He Neither I tell you by what authority these things I do
KJV: And  they answered  Jesus,  and said,  We cannot  tell.  And  he  said  unto them,  Neither  tell  by  what  authority  I do 

Matthew 21:31
Literal: Which of the two did the will of the father They say The first Says to them - Jesus Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and the prostitutes go before you into the kingdom - of God
KJV: Whether  of  them twain  did  the will  of his father?  They say  unto him,  The first.  Jesus  saith  unto them,  Verily  I say  That  the publicans  and  the harlots  into  the kingdom  of God  before 

Matthew 21:37
Literal: Afterward then he sent to them the son of him saying They will respect son of me
KJV: But  last of all  he sent  unto  them  son,  saying,  They will reverence  son. 

Matthew 21:41
Literal: They say to him [The] wretches grievously He will destroy them and the vineyard he will rent out to other farmers who will give the fruits in the seasons of them
KJV: They say  unto him,  He will miserably  destroy  those  wicked men,  and  will let out  his vineyard  unto other  husbandmen,  which  shall render  him  the fruits  in  their  seasons. 

Matthew 21:42
Literal: Says to them - Jesus Never did you read in the Scriptures [The] stone which rejected those building this has become the chief corner From [the] Lord was this and it is marvelous [the] eyes of us
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto them,  never  read  in  the scriptures,  The stone  which  the builders  rejected,  the same  is become  the head  of the corner:  this  is  the Lord's  doing,  and  marvellous  in  eyes? 

Matthew 21:43
Literal: Because of this I say to you that will be taken away from you the kingdom - of God and it will be given to a people producing the fruits of it
KJV: Therefore  say I  The kingdom  of God  shall be taken  from  and  given  to a nation  bringing forth  the fruits  thereof. 

Matthew 21:45
Literal: And having heard the chief priests Pharisees the parables of Him they knew that about them He speaks
KJV: And  when the chief priests  and  Pharisees  had heard  his  parables,  they perceived  that  he spake  of  them. 

Matthew 22:1
Literal: And answering - Jesus again spoke in parables to them saying
KJV: And  Jesus  answered  and spake  unto them  again  by  parables,  and said, 

Matthew 22:4
Literal: Again he sent other servants saying Say to those having been invited Behold the dinner of me I have prepared the oxen and the fatlings have been killed all things [are] ready come to the wedding feast
KJV: Again,  he sent forth  other  servants,  saying,  Tell  them which are bidden,  Behold,  I have prepared  dinner:  oxen  and  my fatlings  are killed,  and  all things  are ready:  come  unto  the marriage. 

Matthew 22:8
Literal: Then he says to servants of him The indeed wedding feast ready is those however having been invited not were worthy
KJV: Then  saith he  to his  servants,  The wedding  ready,  but  they which were bidden  not  worthy. 

Matthew 22:12
Literal: and he says to him Friend how did you enter here not having garment of wedding - And he was speechless
KJV: And  he saith  unto him,  Friend,  how  camest thou  in hither  not  having  a wedding  garment?  And  he was speechless. 

Matthew 22:16
Literal: And they send to Him the disciples of them with the Herodians saying Teacher we know that TRUE You are the way - of God in [the] truth You teach not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men
KJV: And  they sent out  unto him  disciples  with  the Herodians,  saying,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth,  neither  carest  for  any  man: for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men. 

Matthew 22:20
Literal: And He says to them Whose [is] the likeness this whose inscription
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  Whose  is this  image  and  superscription? 

Matthew 22:21
Literal: They say to Him Caesar’s Then He says to them Give back therefore the things of Caesar to Caesar and - of God - to God
KJV: They say  unto him,  Caesar's.  Then  saith he  unto them,  Render  therefore  unto Caesar  the things which are  Caesar's;  and  unto God  the things that are  God's. 

Matthew 22:23
Literal: On that - day came to Him Sadducees those saying not there is a resurrection and they questioned Him
KJV: The same  day  came  to him  the Sadducees,  which  say  no  resurrection,  and  asked  him, 

Matthew 22:24
Literal: saying Teacher Moses said If anyone should die not having children will marry the brother of him the wife and he will raise up offspring for the brother
KJV: Saying,  Master,  Moses  said,  If  a man  die,  having  no  children,  his  brother  shall marry  his  wife,  and  raise up  seed  unto his  brother. 

Matthew 22:31
Literal: Concerning now the resurrection of the dead not have you read that which has been spoken to you by - God saying
KJV: But  as touching  the resurrection  of the dead,  not  read  that which  by  God,  saying, 

Matthew 22:42
Literal: saying What you think concerning the Christ Of whom son is He They say to Him - Of David
KJV: Saying,  What  think  of  Christ?  whose  son  They say  unto him,  The Son of David. 

Matthew 22:43
Literal: He says to them How then David in spirit does call Him Lord saying
KJV: He saith  unto them,  How  then  doth David  in  spirit  call  him  Lord,  saying, 

Matthew 23:2
Literal: saying On - Moses’ seat have sat down the scribes and Pharisees
KJV: Saying,  The scribes  and  the Pharisees  sit  in  Moses'  seat: 

Matthew 23:3
Literal: All things therefore how many if they might tell you keep and observe After however the works of them not do They speak for not act
KJV: All  therefore  they bid  observe,  and  do;  but  do  not  ye after  their  works:  for  they say,  and  do  not. 

Matthew 23:16
Literal: Woe to you guides blind those saying Whoever - shall swear by the temple nothing it is however gold of the temple is bound by his oath
KJV: Woe  ye blind  guides,  which  say,  Whosoever  shall swear  by  the temple,  nothing;  but  whosoever  shall swear  by  the gold  of the temple,  he is a debtor! 

Matthew 23:30
Literal: and you say If we had lived in the days of the fathers of us not - we would have been with them partakers the blood prophets
KJV: And  say,  If  in  the days  fathers,  we would  not  partakers  with them  in  the blood  of the prophets. 

Matthew 23:36
Literal: Truly I say to you will come these things all upon the generation this
KJV: Verily  I say  All  shall come  upon  generation. 

Matthew 23:39
Literal: I say for to you no not Me shall you see from now until - you say Blessed [is] the [One] coming in [the] name of [the] Lord
KJV: For  I say  henceforth,  till  ye shall say,  Blessed  is he that cometh  in  the name  of the Lord. 

Matthew 24:2
Literal: - And answering He said to them Not do you see these things all Truly I say to you none not even shall be left here stone upon stone which will be thrown down
KJV: And  said  unto them,  See ye  not  all  verily  I say  be left  here  one stone  upon  another,  that  be thrown down. 

Matthew 24:3
Literal: [As] was sitting now He upon the Mount - of Olives came to Him the disciples in private saying Tell us when these things will be And what [is] the sign - of Your coming of the consummation of the age
KJV: And  as he  sat  upon  the mount  of Olives,  the disciples  came  unto him  privately,  saying,  Tell  when  and  what  shall be the sign  of thy  coming,  and  of the end  of the world? 

Matthew 24:5
Literal: Many for will come in the name of Me saying I am the Christ and many they will mislead
KJV: For  many  shall come  in  name,  saying,  am  Christ;  and  shall deceive  many. 

Matthew 24:34
Literal: Truly I say to you that no not will have passed away the generation this until - all these things shall have taken place
KJV: Verily  I say  This  generation  pass,  till  all  be fulfilled. 

Matthew 24:47
Literal: Truly I say to you that over all the possessing of him he will set him
KJV: Verily  I say  That  him  ruler  over  all  his 

Matthew 25:9
Literal: Answered then the wise saying Lest no not even it might suffice for us and you Go rather to those selling buy for yourselves
KJV: But  the wise  answered,  saying,  Not so; lest  not  enough  and  but  go ye  rather  to them  that sell,  and  buy  for yourselves. 

Matthew 25:11
Literal: Afterward then come also the other virgins saying Lord open to us
KJV: Afterward  came  also  the other  virgins,  saying,  Lord,  open 

Matthew 25:12
Literal: - And answering he said Truly I say to you not I do know you
KJV: But  he answered  and said,  Verily  I say  I know  not. 

Matthew 25:20
Literal: And having come the [one] the five talents having received brought to [him] other saying Master talents to me you did deliver Behold more have I gained
KJV: And so  he that had received  five  talents  came  and brought  other  five  talents,  saying,  Lord,  thou deliveredst  five  talents:  I have gained  five  talents  more. 

Matthew 25:37
Literal: Then will answer Him the righteous saying Lord when You saw we hungering and fed [You] Or thirsting gave [You] to drink
KJV: Then  shall the righteous  answer  him,  saying,  Lord,  when  an hungred,  and  fed  thee? or  thirsty,  and  gave thee drink? 

Matthew 25:40
Literal: And answering the King will say to them Truly I say to you to the extent as much as you did [it] to one of these the brothers of Me least to Me
KJV: And  the King  shall answer  and say  unto them,  Verily  I say  Inasmuch  as  ye have done  it unto one  of the least  brethren,  ye have done 

Matthew 25:44
Literal: Then will answer also themselves saying Lord when You saw we hungering or thirsting a stranger naked sick in prison and not did minister to You
KJV: Then  shall they  also  answer  him,  saying,  Lord,  when  an hungred,  or  athirst,  or  a stranger,  or  naked,  or  sick,  or  in  prison,  and  not  minister 

Matthew 25:45
Literal: Then will He answer them saying Truly I say to you to the extent that not you did [it] to one of these the least neither to Me did you
KJV: Then  shall he answer  them,  saying,  Verily  I say  Inasmuch  as  ye did  it not  to one  of the least  ye did  it not 

Matthew 26:3
Literal: Then were gathered together the chief priests and elders of the people in the courtyard high priest who is called Caiaphas
KJV: Then  assembled together  the chief priests,  and  the elders  of the people,  unto  the palace  of the high priest,  who  was called  Caiaphas, 

Matthew 26:8
Literal: Having seen then the disciples became indignant saying For what purpose [is] the waste this
KJV: But  disciples  it, they had indignation,  saying,  To  what purpose  is this  waste? 

Matthew 26:13
Literal: Truly I say to you wherever if shall be proclaimed the gospel this in all the world will be spoken of also that which did this [woman] for a memorial of her
KJV: Verily  I say  Wheresoever  gospel  shall be preached  in  the whole  world,  there shall also  this, that  this woman  hath done,  be told  for  a memorial  of her. 

Matthew 26:14
Literal: Then having gone one of the Twelve the [one] being called Judas Iscariot to the chief priests
KJV: Then  one  of the twelve,  called  Judas  Iscariot,  went  unto  the chief priests, 

Matthew 26:17
Literal: On the now first [day] of the unleavened [bread] came the disciples - to Jesus saying Where wish you [that] we should prepare for You to eat the Passover
KJV: Now  the first  day of the feast of unleavened bread  the disciples  came  to Jesus,  saying  Where  wilt thou  that we prepare  to eat  the passover? 

Matthew 26:18
Literal: - And He said Go into the city unto a certain man and tell him the Teacher says time of Me near is with you I will keep the Passover with the disciples
KJV: And  he said,  Go  into  the city  to  such a man,  and  say  unto him,  The Master  saith,  time  at hand;  I will keep  the passover  at  with  disciples. 

Matthew 26:21
Literal: And [as] they were eating to them He said Truly I say to you that one of you will betray Me
KJV: And  as they  did eat,  he said,  Verily  I say  that  one  of  shall betray 

Matthew 26:22
Literal: And being grieved exceedingly they began to say to Him one each Not I is it Lord
KJV: And  they were exceeding  sorrowful,  and began  every one  of them  to say  unto him,  Lord,  is  it  I? 

Matthew 26:25
Literal: Answering now Judas who was betraying Him said Not I is it Rabbi He says to him You have said
KJV: Then  Judas,  which  betrayed  him,  answered  and said,  Master,  is  it  I?  He said  unto him,  Thou  hast said. 

Matthew 26:27
Literal: And having taken a cup having given thanks He gave [it] to them saying Drink of it all of you
KJV: And  he took  the cup,  and  gave thanks,  and gave  it to them,  saying,  Drink ye  all  of  it; 

Matthew 26:29
Literal: I say now to you no not will I drink from now of this the fruit of the vine until the day that when it I drink with you anew in the kingdom of the Father of Me
KJV: But  I say  drink  henceforth  of  fruit  of the vine,  until  that  day  when  I drink  it  new  with  in  Father's  kingdom. 

Matthew 26:31
Literal: Then says to them - Jesus All you will fall away because of Me during the night this It has been written for I will strike the shepherd and will be scattered the sheep of the flock
KJV: Then  saith  Jesus  unto them,  All  shall be offended  because  night:  for  it is written,  I will smite  the shepherd,  and  the sheep  of the flock  shall be scattered abroad. 

Matthew 26:34
Literal: Said to him - Jesus Truly I say to you that during this - night before [the] rooster crowing three times you will deny Me
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  Verily  I say  That  this  night,  before  the cock  crow,  thou shalt deny  thrice. 

Matthew 26:35
Literal: Says to Him - Peter Even if it were necessary for me with You to die no not You will I deny Likewise also all the disciples said
KJV: Peter  said  unto him,  Though  should  die  with  deny  Likewise  also  said  all  the disciples. 

Matthew 26:36
Literal: Then comes with them - Jesus to a place called Gethsemane and He says to the disciples Sit here until that having gone away over there I shall pray
KJV: Then  cometh  Jesus  with  them  unto  a place  called  Gethsemane,  and  saith  unto the disciples,  Sit ye  here,  while  I go  and pray  yonder. 

Matthew 26:38
Literal: Then He says to them Very sorrowful is the soul of Me even to death remain here and watch with Me
KJV: Then  saith he  unto them,  soul  exceeding sorrowful,  even unto  death:  tarry ye  here,  and  watch  with 

Matthew 26:39
Literal: And having gone forward a little He fell upon face of Him praying saying Father of Me if possible it is let pass from Me the cup this Nevertheless not as I will but You
KJV: And  further,  and fell  on  his  face,  and  prayed,  saying,  Father,  if  possible,  cup  pass  from  nevertheless  not  as  will,  but  as  thou 

Matthew 26:40
Literal: And He comes to the disciples finds them sleeping He says - to Peter Thus not were you able one hour to watch with Me
KJV: And  he cometh  unto  the disciples,  and  findeth  them  asleep,  and  saith  unto Peter,  What,  could ye  not  watch  with  hour? 

Matthew 26:42
Literal: Again for a second time having gone away He prayed saying Father of Me if not is possible this to pass if not it I drink be done the will of You
KJV: He went away  again  the  second time,  and prayed,  saying,  Father,  if  may  not  pass away  I drink  it,  will  be done. 

Matthew 26:45
Literal: Then He comes to the disciples and says to them Sleep - later on take your rest Behold has drawn near the hour the Son - of Man is betrayed into [the] hands of sinners
KJV: Then  cometh he  to  his  disciples,  and  saith  unto them,  Sleep on  now,  and  take your rest:  behold,  the hour  is at hand,  and  the Son  of man  is betrayed  into  the hands  of sinners. 

Matthew 26:48
Literal: The [one] then betraying Him gave them a sign saying Whomever - I shall kiss He it is seize Him
KJV: Now  he that betrayed  him  gave  them  a sign,  saying,  Whomsoever  I shall kiss,  that same  fast. 

Matthew 26:52
Literal: Then says to him - Jesus Return the sword of you into the place of it all for those having taken [the] sword by [the] sword will perish
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto him,  Put up again  sword  into  his  place:  for  all they  that take  the sword  shall perish  with  the sword. 

Matthew 26:64
Literal: Says to him - Jesus You have said But I say to you from now you will see the Son - of Man sitting at [the] right hand - of Power and coming upon the clouds of heaven
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto him,  Thou  hast said:  nevertheless  I say  Hereafter  the Son  of man  sitting  on  the right hand  of power,  and  coming  in  the clouds  of heaven. 

Matthew 26:65
Literal: Then the high priest tears the garments of him saying He has blasphemed why any more need have we of witnesses Behold now you have heard the blasphemy
KJV: Then  the high priest  rent  his  clothes,  saying,  He hath spoken blasphemy;  what  further  need  have we  of witnesses?  now  ye have heard  his  blasphemy. 

Matthew 26:68
Literal: saying Prophesy to us Christ who is the [one] having struck You
KJV: Saying,  Prophesy  thou Christ,  Who  that smote 

Matthew 26:69
Literal: - And Peter was sitting outside in the court and came to him one servant girl saying Also You were with Jesus the Galilean
KJV: Now  Peter  sat  without  in  the palace:  and  damsel  came  unto him,  saying,  Thou  also  with  Jesus  of Galilee. 

Matthew 26:70
Literal: - And he denied before all saying Not I know what you say
KJV: But  he denied  before  them all,  saying,  I know  not  what  thou sayest. 

Matthew 26:71
Literal: Having gone out then to the porch saw him another [servant girl] and says to those there This [man] was with Jesus of Nazareth
KJV: And  when he  was gone out  into  the porch,  another  him,  and  said  unto them that were there,  This  also  with  Jesus  of Nazareth. 

Matthew 27:4
Literal: saying I sinned having betrayed blood innocent - Then they said What [is that] to us You will see
KJV: Saying,  I have sinned  in that I have betrayed  the innocent  blood.  And  they said,  What  is that to  thou 

Matthew 27:9
Literal: Then was fulfilled that having been spoken by Jeremiah the prophet saying And they took the thirty pieces of silver the price of the [One] having been priced whom they set a price on by [the] sons of Israel
KJV: Then  was fulfilled  that which  by  Jeremy  the prophet,  saying,  And  they took  the thirty  pieces of silver,  the price  of him that was valued,  whom  they of  the children  of Israel  did value; 

Matthew 27:11
Literal: - And Jesus stood before the governor and questioned Him the governor saying You are King of the Jews said say
KJV: And  Jesus  stood  before  the governor:  and  the governor  asked  him,  saying,  thou  the King  of the Jews?  And  Jesus  said  unto him,  Thou  sayest. 

Matthew 27:13
Literal: Then says to Him - Pilate Not do you hear how many things You they witness against
KJV: Then  said  Pilate  unto him,  Hearest thou  not  how many things  they witness against 

Matthew 27:16
Literal: They were holding now at that time a prisoner notable called Jesus Barabbas
KJV: And  they had  then  a notable  prisoner,  called  Barabbas. 

Matthew 27:17
Literal: Being gathered together therefore of them said to them - Pilate Whom will you [that] I shall release to you Jesus - Barabbas or Jesus who is called Christ
KJV: Therefore  when they  were gathered together,  Pilate  said  unto them,  Whom  will ye  that I release  Barabbas,  or  Jesus  which  is called  Christ? 

Matthew 27:19
Literal: As was sitting now he on the judgment seat sent to him the wife of him saying [Let there be] nothing between you and the righteous [man] that many things for I suffered today in a dream because of Him
KJV: When  he  was set down  on  the judgment seat,  his  wife  sent  unto  him,  saying,  nothing  to do with that  just man:  for  I have suffered  many things  this day  in  a dream  because  of him. 

Matthew 27:22
Literal: Says to them - Pilate What then should I do with Jesus who is called Christ They say all Let [Him] be crucified
KJV: Pilate  saith  unto them,  What  shall I do  then  with Jesus  which  is called  Christ?  They all  say  unto him,  Let him be crucified. 

Matthew 27:23
Literal: - And he said What for evil did He commit - all the more they kept crying out saying Let [Him] be crucified
KJV: And  said,  Why,  what  evil  hath he done?  But  they cried out  the more,  saying,  Let him be crucified. 

Matthew 27:24
Literal: Having seen now - Pilate that nothing it availed but rather a riot is arising having taken water he washed the hands before the crowd saying Guiltless I am of the blood of this For yourselves you will see
KJV: When  Pilate  that  he could prevail  nothing,  but  that rather  a tumult  was made,  he took  water,  and washed  his hands  before  the multitude,  saying,  I am  innocent  of  the blood 

Matthew 27:29
Literal: And having twisted together a crown of thorns they put [it] on the head of Him a reed in the right hand having bowed the knees before Him they mocked Him saying Hail King of the Jews
KJV: And  when they had platted  a crown  of  thorns,  they put  it upon  his  head,  and  a reed  in  his  right hand:  and  they bowed the knee  before  him,  and mocked  him,  saying,  Hail,  King  of the Jews! 

Matthew 27:33
Literal: And having come to a place called Golgotha which is of a Skull Place called
KJV: And  when they were come  unto  a place  called  Golgotha,  that  to say,  a place  of a skull, 

Matthew 27:40
Literal: and saying The [One] destroying the temple in three days building [it] save Yourself If [the] Son You are - of God also descend from the cross
KJV: And  saying,  Thou that destroyest  the temple,  and  buildest  it in  three  days,  save  thyself.  If  the Son  of God,  come down  from  the cross. 

Matthew 27:46
Literal: About then the ninth hour cried out - Jesus in a voice loud saying Eli lema sabachthani That is God of Me so that why Me have you forsaken
KJV: And  about  the ninth  hour  Jesus  cried  with a loud  voice,  saying,  Eli,  lama  sabachthani?  God,  hast thou forsaken 

Matthew 27:54
Literal: - And the centurion and those with him keeping guard over - Jesus having seen the earthquake the things taking place feared greatly saying Truly God’s Son was this
KJV: Now  when the centurion,  and  they that were with  him,  watching  Jesus,  the earthquake,  and  those things that were done,  they feared  greatly,  saying,  Truly  this  the Son  of God. 

Matthew 27:63
Literal: saying Sir we have remembered how that - deceiver said while living After three days I arise
KJV: Saying,  Sir,  that  that  deceiver  said,  while he was yet  alive,  After  three  days  I will rise again. 

Matthew 28:9
Literal: as moreover they were going to tell - disciples of him And behold Jesus met them saying Greetings - And having come to [Him] they took hold of His - feet worshiped Him
KJV: And  as  they went  to tell  his  disciples,  behold,  Jesus  them,  saying,  All hail.  And  they came  and held  him  by the feet,  and  worshipped  him. 

Matthew 28:10
Literal: Then says to them - Jesus Not fear Go tell the brothers of Me so that they should go into - Galilee and there Me will they see
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto them,  not  afraid:  go  tell  brethren  that  they go  into  Galilee,  and there 

Matthew 28:13
Literal: saying Say that the disciples of Him by night having come stole Him we being asleep
KJV: Saying,  Say ye,  His  disciples  came  by night,  and stole  him  slept. 

Matthew 28:18
Literal: And having come to [them] - Jesus spoke to them saying Has been given to Me all authority in heaven on the earth
KJV: And  Jesus  came  and spake  unto them,  saying,  All  power  is given  in  heaven  and  in  earth. 

Mark 1:7
Literal: And he was preaching saying He comes who [is] mightier than I after me of whom not I am sufficient having stooped down to untie the strap of the sandals of Him
KJV: And  preached,  saying,  There cometh  one mightier than  after  the latchet  of whose  shoes  I am  not  worthy  to stoop down  and unloose. 

Mark 1:15
Literal: and saying - Has been fulfilled the time has drawn near the kingdom - of God repent believe in the gospel
KJV: And  saying,  The time  is fulfilled,  and  the kingdom  of God  is at hand:  repent ye,  and  believe  the gospel. 

Mark 1:24
Literal: saying What to us and to You Jesus of Nazareth Did You come to destroy us I know You who are the Holy [One] - of God
KJV: Saying,  what  to do  thou Jesus  of Nazareth?  art thou come  to destroy  I know  who  the Holy One  of God. 

Mark 1:25
Literal: And rebuked him - Jesus saying Be silent come forth out of him
KJV: And  Jesus  rebuked  him,  saying,  Hold thy peace,  and  come  out of  him. 

Mark 1:27
Literal: And were astonished all so as to question among themselves saying What is this teaching new With authority even the spirits - unclean He commands they obey Him
KJV: And  amazed,  insomuch that  they questioned  among  themselves,  saying,  What thing  this?  what  new  doctrine  with  authority  commandeth  he even  the unclean  spirits,  and  they do obey  him. 

Mark 1:30
Literal: - and the mother-in-law of Simon was laying sick fevering And immediately they speak to Him about her
KJV: But  Simon's  wife's mother  lay  sick of a fever,  and  anon  they tell  him  of  her. 

Mark 1:37
Literal: and having found Him also they say to Him - Everyone seeks You
KJV: And  when they had found  him,  they said  unto him,  All  men seek 

Mark 1:38
Literal: And He says to them Let us go another way into the neighboring towns so that also there I might preach for this therefore have I come forth
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  Let us go  into  the next  towns,  that  I may preach  for  therefore  came I forth. 

Mark 1:40
Literal: And comes to Him a leper imploring kneeling down to Him and saying to Him - If You are willing You are able me to cleanse
KJV: And  there came  a leper  to  him,  beseeching  him,  and  kneeling down  to him,  and  saying  unto him,  If  thou wilt,  thou canst  clean. 

Mark 1:41
Literal: And having been moved with compassion having stretched out the hand of Him He touched him says to him I am willing be you cleansed
KJV: moved with compassion,  put forth  his hand,  and touched  him,  and  saith  unto him,  I will;  be thou clean. 

Mark 1:44
Literal: And He says to him See [that] nothing to none you speak But go yourself show to the priest offer for the cleansing of you what commanded Moses for a testimony to them
KJV: And  saith  unto him,  See  thou say  nothing  but  go thy way,  shew  thyself  to the priest,  and  offer  for  cleansing  those things  which Moses  commanded,  for  a testimony  unto them. 

Mark 2:5
Literal: And having seen - Jesus the faith of them He says to the paralytic Son are forgiven of you the sins
KJV: Jesus  their  faith,  he said  unto the sick of the palsy,  Son,  sins  be forgiven 

Mark 2:8
Literal: And immediately having known - Jesus in the spirit of Him that thus they are reasoning within themselves He says to them Why these things reason you in the hearts of you
KJV: And  immediately  when Jesus  perceived  in his  spirit  that  they so  reasoned  within  themselves,  unto them,  Why  reason ye  in  hearts? 

Mark 2:10
Literal: That however you might know that authority has the Son - of Man to forgive sins on the earth He says to the paralytic
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  on  earth  to forgive  sins,  (he saith  to the sick of the palsy,) 

Mark 2:11
Literal: To you I say arise take up the mat of you and go to home
KJV: I say  Arise,  and  take up  bed,  and  go thy way  into  house. 

Mark 2:12
Literal: And he arose immediately having taken up the mat he went forth before all so as for to be amazed all to glorify - God saying - Thus never did we see
KJV: And  immediately  he arose,  took up  the bed,  and  went forth  them all;  insomuch that  all  amazed,  and  glorified  God,  saying,  never  it on this fashion. 

Mark 2:14
Literal: And passing on He saw Levi the [son] - of Alphaeus sitting at the tax booth He says to him Follow Me having arisen he followed Him
KJV: And  as he passed by,  Levi  the son of Alphaeus  sitting  at  the receipt of custom,  and  said  unto him,  Follow  And  he arose  and followed  him. 

Mark 2:17
Literal: And having heard - Jesus says to them - No need have those being strong of a physician but sick being Not I came to call [the] righteous but sinners
KJV: When  Jesus  heard  it, he saith  unto them,  They that are whole  have  no  need  of the physician,  but  they that are  sick:  I came  not  to call  the righteous,  but  sinners 

Mark 2:18
Literal: And were the disciples of John Pharisees fasting they come say to Him Because of why of the Pharisees fast - but Your not
KJV: And  the disciples  of John  and  of the Pharisees  to fast:  and  they come  and  say  unto him,  the disciples  of John  and  of the Pharisees  fast,  but  thy  disciples  fast  not? 

Mark 2:25
Literal: And He said to them Never did you read what did David when need he had hungered he those with him
KJV: And  he  said  unto them,  Have ye never  read  what  David  did,  when  he had  need,  and  was an hungred,  he,  and  they that were with  him? 

Mark 3:3
Literal: And He says to the man - the hand having withered Arise into the midst
KJV: And  he saith  unto the man  which had  hand,  Stand  forth. 

Mark 3:4
Literal: And He says to them Is it lawful on the Sabbaths to do good or to do evil Life to save to kill - But they were silent
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  Is it lawful  to do good  on the sabbath days,  or  to do evil?  to save  life,  or  to kill?  But  they held their peace. 

Mark 3:5
Literal: And having looked around on them with anger being grieved at the hardness of the heart of them He says to the man Stretch out the hand of you he stretched [it] out was restored the hand of him
KJV: And  when he had looked round about  on them  with  anger,  being grieved  for  the hardness  of their  hearts,  he saith  unto the man,  Stretch forth  hand.  And  he stretched it out:  and  his  hand  was restored 

Mark 3:11
Literal: And the spirits - unclean whenever Him they beheld were falling down before Him crying out saying - You are the Son - of God
KJV: And  unclean  spirits,  when  they saw  him,  fell down before  him,  and  cried,  saying,  Thou  the Son  of God. 

Mark 3:28
Literal: Truly I say to you that all will be forgiven the sons the of men the sins and the blasphemies as many as if they shall have blasphemed
KJV: Verily  I say  All  sins  shall be forgiven  unto the sons  of men,  and  blasphemies  wherewith  they shall blaspheme: 

Mark 3:32
Literal: And was sitting around Him a crowd they said to Him Behold the mother of You the brothers the sister outside are seeking You
KJV: And  the multitude  sat  about  him,  Behold,  mother  and  brethren  without  seek for 

Mark 3:33
Literal: And He answering them says Who are the mother of Me the brothers of Me
KJV: And  he answered  them,  saying,  Who  mother,  brethren? 

Mark 3:34
Literal: And having looked around on those who around Him in a circle were sitting He says Behold the mother of Me the brothers
KJV: And  he looked  round about  on them which  sat  about  him,  and said,  mother  and  brethren! 

Mark 4:13
Literal: And He says to them Not understand you the parable this how all the parables will you understand
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  Know ye  not  parable?  and  how then  will ye know  all  parables? 

Mark 4:35
Literal: And He says to them on that - day evening having come Let us pass over to the other side
KJV: And  the  same  day,  when the even  was come,  he saith  unto them,  Let us pass over  unto  the other side. 

Mark 4:38
Literal: And He was in the stern on the cushion sleeping they awaken Him say to Him Teacher not is it concern to You that we perish
KJV: And  he  in  the hinder part of the ship,  asleep  on  a pillow:  and  him,  and  say  unto him,  Master,  carest  not  that  we perish? 

Mark 5:7
Literal: And having cried in a voice loud he said What to me to You Jesus Son - of God the Most High I adjure You - by God not me torment
KJV: And  cried  with a loud  voice,  What  to do  Jesus,  thou Son  of the most high  God?  I adjure  by God,  that thou torment  not. 

Mark 5:9
Literal: And He was asking him What [is] [the] name of you saying he answered Legion [is] name to Me because many we are
KJV: And  he asked  him,  What  name?  And  saying,  name  is Legion:  for  many. 

Mark 5:12
Literal: And they begged Him saying Send us into the pigs so that them we may enter
KJV: And  besought  him,  saying,  Send  into  the swine,  that  we may enter  into  them. 

Mark 5:19
Literal: And not He did permit him but He says to him Go to the home of you to - your own report to them how much the Lord for you did had mercy on you
KJV: suffered  him  not,  but  saith  unto him,  Go  home  to  thy friends,  and  them  how great things  the Lord  hath done  and  hath had compassion 

Mark 5:23
Literal: and he begs Him much saying - The little daughter of me at the end is holding that having come You would lay the hands on her so that she might be cured she shall live
KJV: And  besought  him  greatly,  saying,  little daughter  lieth  at the point of death:  I pray thee, come  and  lay  thy hands  on her,  she may be healed;  and  she shall live. 

Mark 5:31
Literal: And were saying to Him the disciples of Him You see the crowd pressing in on You say You Who Me touched
KJV: And  his  disciples  said  unto him,  Thou seest  the multitude  thronging  and  sayest thou,  Who  touched 

Mark 5:35
Literal: [While] yet He is speaking they come from the ruler of synagogue’s [house] saying - The daughter of You is dead why still trouble you the Teacher
KJV: he  yet  spake,  there came  from  the ruler of the synagogue's  house certain which said,  daughter  is dead:  why  troublest thou  the Master  any further? 

Mark 5:36
Literal: - And Jesus having heard the word spoken says to the ruler of the synagogue Not fear only believe
KJV: As soon as  Jesus  the word  that was spoken,  he saith  unto the ruler of the synagogue,  not  afraid,  only  believe. 

Mark 5:39
Literal: And having entered He says to them Why make you commotion weep The child not is dead but sleeps
KJV: And  when he was come in,  he saith  unto them,  Why  make ye this ado,  and  weep?  the damsel  not  dead,  but  sleepeth. 

Mark 5:41
Literal: And having taken the hand of the child He says to her Talitha koum Which is translated - Little girl to you I say arise
KJV: And  he took  the damsel  by the hand,  and said  unto her,  Talitha  cumi;  which  being interpreted,  Damsel,  I say  arise. 

Mark 6:2
Literal: And having come [the] Sabbath He began to teach in the synagogue - many hearing were astonished saying From where to this [man] these things what [is] the wisdom - having been given to Him even the miracles such by the hands of Him are done<