Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2980

Word info for ἀπολαλέω

Root: ἀπολαλέω, λαλέω
Strongs Number: 2980
Transliteration: [laleo]
Phonetics: lal·eh·o
Etymology: A prolonged form of an otherwise obsolete verb
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to utter a voice or emit a sound (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to utter a voice or emit a sound.
   2 to speak.
      2a to use the tongue or the faculty of speech.
      2b to utter articulate sounds.
   3 to talk.
   4 to utter, tell.
   5 to use words in order to declare one’s mind and disclose one’s thoughts.
      5a to speak.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G2980

λαλοῦντος, ἐλάλησεν, λαλήσητε, λαλοῦντες, λαλεῖν, λαλήσουσιν, λαλῆσαι, λαλεῖς, λαλῶ, λαλοῦντας, λαληθήσεται, ἐλάλει, λαλεῖ, λαλούμενον, λελαλημένοις, ἐλάλουν, λαληθέντος, λαληθέντων, ἐλαλήθη, λαλουμένοις, λαλῶν, ἐλαλήσατε, ἐλάλησαν, λαλούντων, ἐλάλησα, λαλοῦμεν, λελάληκα, λαλῇ, λαλήσει, λελάληκεν, λαλήσω, λαλήσῃ, Λαλούντων, λαλεῖτε, λαλήσαντες, λαληθήσεταί, λαληθῆναι, ἐλαλοῦμεν, λαλουμένη, λάλει, λαλοῦντός, λαλῆσαί, λελάληταί, ἐλάλησέν, λαλοῦσιν, λαλοῦντι, λαλῶσιν, λαλείτω, λαλείτωσαν, ἐλαλήσαμεν, λαλοῦσαι, λαλήσας, λαληθεὶς, λαλεῖσθαι, λαληθησομένων, λαληθείσης, λαλοῦντα, λαλήσομεν, λαλούσης, λαλοῦσαν, λαλοῦν

All words for strongs number G2980 :

Word Occurance
ἐλάλησεν 30
λαλεῖν 21
λαλῆσαι 20
ἐλάλει 19
λαλοῦντος 17
λαλῶ 16
λαλεῖ 14
λαλῶν 14
λελάληκα 11
ἐλάλησαν 10
λαλοῦμεν 9
ἐλάλησα 7
ἐλάλουν 6
λαλοῦντες 5
λαλήσει 4
λαλούντων 4
λαλεῖς 3
λάλει 3
λαλεῖτε 3
λαλουμένοις 3
λαληθήσεται 3
λαληθῆναι 2
λαλήσῃ 2
λαλήσαντες 2
λαλοῦσιν 2
λαλοῦντι 2
λαλήσας 2
λελάληκεν 2
λαλήσω 2
λαλήσουσιν 2
ἐλαλήθη 2
λαλούμενον 2
λαλήσητε 2
λαλείτω 1
λαλοῦσαν 1
λαλούσης 1
λαλήσομεν 1
λαλοῦντα 1
λαληθείσης 1
λαληθησομένων 1
λαλεῖσθαι 1
λαληθεὶς 1
λαλοῦσαι 1
ἐλαλήσαμεν 1
λαλείτωσαν 1
λαλῇ 1
λαλῶσιν 1
ἐλαλήσατε 1
λαλοῦντας 1
ἐλάλησέν 1
λελάληταί 1
λαλῆσαί 1
λαλοῦντός 1
λαλουμένη 1
ἐλαλοῦμεν 1
λελαλημένοις 1
λαληθήσεταί 1
λαληθέντος 1
λαληθέντων 1
Λαλούντων 1
λαλοῦν 1

How strongs number G2980 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
speaking 43
to speak 34
spoke 23
i speak 10
he was speaking 10
we speak 8
he spoke 8
speaks 7
was speaking 7
speak 7
i have spoken 6
has spoken 5
having been spoken 4
spoken 4
i spoke 4
have spoken 4
having spoken 3
i have said 3
to say 3
it will be told 2
he will speak 2
to be spoken 2
i am saying 2
he speaks 2
being spoken 2
said 2
should speak 2
let speak 2
were speaking 2
i will speak 2
it was said 2
speak you 2
will be spoken of 2
will speak 2
as they were telling 1
let him speak 1
they began speaking 1
it has been said 1
it speaks 1
to speak of 1
do i speak 1
do speak 1
i was speaking 1
speaks [for] 1
you should speak 1
they were speaking 1
we have spoken 1
to declare 1
declared 1
we are speaking 1
going to be spoken 1
he would have spoken 1
having said 1
they speak 1
we will speak 1
sounded 1
had spoken 1
saying 1
is spoken 1
continue speaking 1
would he speak 1
having been told 1
were saying 1
they will speak 1
he kept saying 1
you should say 1
he might speak 1
he says 1
he was saying 1
he began speaking 1
is speaking 1
he is saying 1
you have spoken 1
you speak 1
are speaking 1
he might say 1
he kept speaking 1
does speak 1
as he is speaking 1
he had spoken 1
will tell 1
we began speaking 1
spoke he 1
they spoke 1
it was speaking 1

Two strong number together

G2980 G2980
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}

Greek Commentary Search

Luke 24:32 Spake [ελαλει]
Imperfect active, was speaking. This common verb λαλεω — laleō is onomatopoetic, to utter a sound, λαλα — la -διηνοιγεν — la and was used of birds, children chattering, and then for conversation, for preaching, for any public speech.Opened (diēnoigen). Imperfect active indicative of the same verb used of the eyes in Luke 24:31. [source]
Luke 9:11 Spake [ελαλει]
Imperfect active, he continued speaking. [source]
John 14:25 Have I spoken [λελαληκα]
Perfect active indicative of λαλεω — laleō for permanent keeping While yet abiding with you Present active participle, no “yet” (ετι — eti) in the Greek, “while remaining beside (παρ — par') you” before departing for the coming of the other Paraclete. [source]
John 16:4 Have I spoken [λελαληκα]
Perfect active indicative as in John 15:11; John 16:1. Solemn repetition. When their hour is come Indefinite temporal clause, οταν — hotan with the second aorist active subjunctive of ερχομαι — erchomai “whenever their hour comes.” The time appointed for these things. Now that Simply “that” (declarative conjunction in indirect discourse. Forewarned is to be forearmed. Cf. John 13:19. From the beginning As in John 6:64 but practically like απ αρχης — ap' archēs in John 15:27. While Christ was with them, he was the object of attack (John 15:18). [source]
Acts 10:46 Speak [λαλουντων]
Present active participle, speaking, for they kept it up. With tongues (γλωσσαις — glōssais). Instrumental case as in Acts 2:4, Acts 2:11 which see. The fuller statement there makes it clear that here it was new and strange tongues also as in Acts 19:6; 1 Corinthians 14:4-19. This sudden manifestation of the Holy Spirit‘s power on uncircumcised Gentiles was probably necessary to convince Peter and the six brethren of the circumcision that God had opened the door wide to Gentiles. It was proof that a Gentile Pentecost had come and Peter used it effectively in his defence in Jerusalem (Acts 11:15). [source]
Acts 11:20 Spake [ελαλουν]
Inchoative imperfect active, began to speak. For them it was an experiment. [source]
Acts 4:31 They spake [ελαλουν]
Imperfect active indicative, began to speak, after being filled (επληστησαν — eplēsthēsan aorist passive indicative) with the Holy Spirit. Luke uses the very words of the prayer in Acts 4:29 to describe their conduct. [source]
1 Corinthians 13:11 I spake [ελαλουν]
Imperfect active, I used to talk. I felt (επρονουν — ephronoun). Imperfect active, I used to think. Better, I used to understand. I thought Imperfect middle, I used to reason or calculate. Now that I am become (οτε γεγονα — hote gegona). Perfect active indicative γεγονα — gegona I have become a man (ανηρ — anēr) and remain so (Ephesians 4:14). I have put away Perfect active indicative. I have made inoperative (1 Corinthians 13:8) for good. [source]
Revelation 4:1 Speaking [λαλουσης]
From λαλεω — laleō rather λεγουσης — legousēs of Revelation 1:10 from λεγω — legō both agreeing with σαλπιγγος — salpiggos (trumpet).Saying (λεγων — legōn). Present active participle of λεγω — legō repeating the idea of λαλουσης — lalousēs but in the nominative masculine singular construed with πωνη — phōnē (feminine singular), construction according to sense because of the person behind the voice as in Revelation 11:15; Revelation 19:14.Come up Short Koiné form for αναβητι — anabēthi (second aorist active imperative second person singular of αναβαινω — anabainō).Hither (ωδε — hōde). Originally “here,” but vernacular use (John 6:25; John 10:27).I will show Future active of δεικνυμι — deiknumi in same sense in Revelation 1:1.Hereafter (μετα ταυτα — meta tauta). Some editors (Westcott and Hort) connect these words with the beginning of Revelation 4:2. [source]

274 Verses with G2980

Matthew 9:18
Literal: These things of Him speaking to them behold a ruler certain having come was kneeling down to Him saying - The daughter of Me presently has died but having come lay the hand of You upon her and she will live
KJV: While he  spake  unto them,  behold,  there came  a certain  ruler,  and worshipped  him,  saying,  daughter  is even now  dead:  but  come  and lay  hand  upon  her,  and  she shall live. 

Matthew 9:33
Literal: And having been cast out the demon spoke the mute [man] marveled the crowds saying Never was it seen thus in - Israel
KJV: And  when the devil  was cast out,  the dumb  spake:  and  the multitudes  marvelled,  saying,  It was never  so  seen  in  Israel. 

Matthew 10:19
Literal: When then they deliver up you not be anxious how or what you should speak it will be given for you in that - hour you should say
KJV: But  when  up,  no  thought  how  or  what  ye shall speak:  for  it shall be given  in  that same  hour  what  ye shall speak. 

Matthew 10:20
Literal: Not for you are those speaking but the Spirit of the Father of you - speaking through you
KJV: For  not  that speak,  but  the Spirit  Father  which  speaketh  in 

Matthew 12:22
Literal: Then was brought to Him [one] possessed by a demon blind and mute He healed him in order for the mute [man] to speak to see
KJV: Then  was brought  unto him  one possessed with a devil,  blind,  and  dumb:  and  he healed  him,  insomuch that  the blind  and  dumb  both  spake  and  saw. 

Matthew 12:34
Literal: Offspring of vipers how are you able good things to speak evil being Out of for the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
KJV: O generation  of vipers,  how  can ye,  evil,  speak  good things?  for  out of  the abundance  of the heart  the mouth  speaketh. 

Matthew 12:36
Literal: I say now to you that every word careless that will speak - men they will give of it an account in day of judgment
KJV: But  I say  That  every  idle  word  that  men  shall speak,  they shall give  account  thereof  in  the day  of judgment. 

Matthew 12:46
Literal: While now He was speaking to the crowds behold the mother and the brothers of Him were standing outside seeking to Him to speak
KJV: While  he  yet  talked  to the people,  behold,  his mother  and  his  brethren  stood  without,  desiring  to speak  with him. 

Matthew 12:47
Literal: Said now someone to Him Behold the mother of You and the brothers outside are standing seeking to You to speak
KJV: Then  one  said  unto him,  Behold,  mother  and  brethren  stand  without,  desiring  to speak 

Matthew 13:3
Literal: And He spoke to them many things in parables saying Behold went out the [one] sowing - to sow
KJV: And  he spake  many things  unto them  in  parables,  saying,  Behold,  a sower  went forth  to sow; 

Matthew 13:10
Literal: And having come to [Him] the disciples said to Him Because of why in parables speak You to them
KJV: And  the disciples  came,  and said  unto him,  speakest thou  unto them  in  parables? 

Matthew 13:13
Literal: Because of this in parables to them I speak Because seeing not do they see and hearing not do they hear nor do they understand
KJV: Therefore  speak I  to them  in  parables:  because  they seeing  not;  and  hearing  not,  neither  do they understand. 

Matthew 13:33
Literal: Another parable spoke He to them Like is the kingdom of the heavens to leaven which having taken a woman hid in of flour measures three until of it was leavened all
KJV: Another  parable  spake he  unto them;  The kingdom  of heaven  like  unto leaven,  which  a woman  took,  and hid  in  three  measures  of meal,  till  the whole  was  leavened. 

Matthew 13:34
Literal: These things all spoke - Jesus in parables to the crowds and without a parable not He was speaking to them
KJV: All  spake  Jesus  unto the multitude  in  parables;  and  without  a parable  spake he  unto them: 

Matthew 14:27
Literal: Immediately now spoke - Jesus to them saying Take courage I it is not fear
KJV: But  straightway  Jesus  spake  unto them,  saying,  Be of good cheer;  it is  I;  not  afraid. 

Matthew 15:31
Literal: so that the crowd marveled seeing mute speaking crippled restored and lame walking blind they glorified God of Israel
KJV: Insomuch that  the multitude  wondered,  when they saw  the dumb  to speak,  the maimed  to be whole,  the lame  to walk,  and  the blind  to see:  and  they glorified  the God  of Israel. 

Matthew 17:5
Literal: While yet he was speaking behold a cloud bright overshadowed them and a voice out of the cloud saying This is the Son of Me beloved in whom I am well pleased Listen to Him
KJV: While he  yet  spake,  behold,  a bright  cloud  overshadowed  them:  and  behold  a voice  out of  the cloud,  which said,  This  beloved  Son,  in  whom  I am well pleased;  hear ye  him. 

Matthew 23:1
Literal: Then - Jesus spoke to the crowds and to disciples of Him
KJV: Then  spake  Jesus  to the multitude,  and  to his  disciples, 

Matthew 26:13
Literal: Truly I say to you wherever if shall be proclaimed the gospel this in all the world will be spoken of also that which did this [woman] for a memorial of her
KJV: Verily  I say  Wheresoever  gospel  shall be preached  in  the whole  world,  there shall also  this, that  this woman  hath done,  be told  for  a memorial  of her. 

Matthew 26:47
Literal: And yet of Him as He is speaking behold Judas one of the Twelve came with him a crowd great with swords clubs from the chief priests elders of the people
KJV: And  he  yet  spake,  lo,  Judas,  one  of the twelve,  came,  and  with  him  a great  multitude  with  swords  and  staves,  from  the chief priests  and  elders  of the people. 

Matthew 28:18
Literal: And having come to [them] - Jesus spoke to them saying Has been given to Me all authority in heaven on the earth
KJV: And  Jesus  came  and spake  unto them,  saying,  All  power  is given  in  heaven  and  in  earth. 

Mark 1:34
Literal: And He healed many sick being of various diseases demons many He cast out not He would allow to speak the because they knew Him Christ to be
KJV: And  he healed  many  that were  sick  of divers  diseases,  and  cast out  many  devils;  and  suffered  not  the devils  to speak,  because  they knew  him. 

Mark 2:2
Literal: And were gathered together many so that no more to have space not even - at the door He was speaking to them the word
KJV: And  many  were gathered together,  insomuch that  no  room to receive  them, no, not so much  as about  the door:  and  he preached  the word  unto them. 

Mark 2:7
Literal: Why this [man] thus does speak He blasphemes Who is able to forgive sins if not alone - God
KJV: Why  this  man thus  speak  who  can  forgive  sins  God  only? 

Mark 4:33
Literal: And with such parables many He kept speaking to them the word as they were able to hear
KJV: And  with many  such  parables  spake he  the word  unto them,  as  they were able  to hear 

Mark 4:34
Literal: Without then parables not would He speak to them in private however to His own disciples He would explain all things
KJV: But  without  a parable  spake  he not  unto them:  and  when they were alone,  he expounded  all things  to his  disciples. 

Mark 5:35
Literal: [While] yet He is speaking they come from the ruler of synagogue’s [house] saying - The daughter of You is dead why still trouble you the Teacher
KJV: he  yet  spake,  there came  from  the ruler of the synagogue's  house certain which said,  daughter  is dead:  why  troublest thou  the Master  any further? 

Mark 5:36
Literal: - And Jesus having heard the word spoken says to the ruler of the synagogue Not fear only believe
KJV: As soon as  Jesus  the word  that was spoken,  he saith  unto the ruler of the synagogue,  not  afraid,  only  believe. 

Mark 6:50
Literal: All for Him saw and were troubled - And immediately He spoke with them says to them Take courage I am [He] not fear
KJV: For  they all  him,  and  were troubled.  And  immediately  he talked  with  them,  and  saith  unto them,  Be of good cheer:  it is  I;  not  afraid. 

Mark 7:35
Literal: And were opened his - ears and immediately was loosed the band of the tongue of him he began speaking plainly
KJV: And  straightway  his  ears  and  the string  of his  tongue  was loosed,  and  he spake  plain. 

Mark 7:37
Literal: And above measure they were astonished saying Well all things He has done both the deaf He makes to hear the mute to speak
KJV: And  were beyond measure  astonished,  saying,  He hath done  all things  well:  he maketh  both  the deaf  to hear,  and  the dumb  to speak. 

Mark 8:32
Literal: And openly the word He was speaking having taken Him - Peter to him he began to rebuke Him
KJV: And  he spake  that saying  openly.  And  Peter  took  him,  and began  to rebuke  him. 

Mark 11:23
Literal: Truly I say to you that whoever - shall say to the mountain this Be you taken away and be you cast into the sea not shall doubt in the heart of him but shall believe what he says takes place it will be done for him
KJV: verily  I say  That  whosoever  shall say  mountain,  Be thou removed,  and  be thou cast  into  the sea;  and  not  doubt  in  his  heart,  but  shall believe  that  those things which  he saith  shall come to pass;  he  whatsoever  he saith. 

Mark 12:1
Literal: And He began to them in parables to speak A vineyard a man planted he placed around [it] a fence dug a wine vat built a tower rented out it to farmers traveled abroad
KJV: And  he began  unto them  by  parables.  A certain man  planted  a vineyard,  and  set  an hedge about  it, and  digged  a place for the winefat,  and  built  a tower,  and  it  out  to husbandmen,  and  went into a far country. 

Mark 13:11
Literal: And when they might lead away you delivering [you] up not be anxious beforehand what you should say but whatever if might be given to you in that - hour that speak not for are you those speaking but the Spirit - Holy
KJV: when  they shall lead  up,  no  thought beforehand  what  ye shall speak,  but  whatsoever  shall be  given  in  that  hour,  speak  ye: for  not  that speak,  but  the Holy  Ghost. 

Mark 14:9
Literal: Truly now I say to you wherever if shall be proclaimed the gospel in whole the world also what has done this [woman] will be spoken of for a memorial of her
KJV: Verily  I say  Wheresoever  gospel  shall be preached  throughout  the whole  world,  this also  that  she  hath done  shall be spoken  of for  a memorial  of her. 

Mark 14:31
Literal: - And emphatically he kept saying If it is needful of me to die with You no not You will I deny Likewise now also all of them were saying
KJV: But  If  should  die with  deny  Likewise  also  all. 

Mark 14:43
Literal: And immediately while yet of Him speaking comes up - Judas one of the Twelve with Him a crowd with swords clubs from the chief priests scribes elders
KJV: And  immediately,  while he  yet  spake,  cometh  Judas,  one  of the twelve,  and  with  him  multitude  with  swords  and  staves,  from  the chief priests  and  the scribes  and  the elders. 

Mark 16:17
Literal: Signs now those having believed these will accompany In the name of Me demons they will cast out with tongues they will speak new
KJV: And  these  signs  them that believe;  In  name  shall they cast out  devils;  they shall speak  with new  tongues; 

Mark 16:19
Literal: - Indeed therefore the Lord Jesus after - speaking to them was taken up into the heaven and sat at [the] right hand - of God
KJV: So  then  after  the Lord  had spoken  unto them,  he was received up  into  heaven,  and  sat  on  the right hand  of God. 

Luke 1:19
Literal: And answering the angel said to him I am Gabriel the [one] standing before - God I was sent to speak to you to bring glad tidings to you these
KJV: And  the angel  answering  said  unto him,  am  Gabriel,  that stand  in the presence  of God;  and  am sent  to speak  unto  and  glad tidings. 

Luke 1:20
Literal: And behold you will be silent not able to speak until that day shall take place these things in return for that not you did believe the words of me which will be fulfilled in the season of them
KJV: And,  behold,  shalt be dumb,  and  not  able  to speak,  until  the day  that  shall be performed,  because  thou believest  not  words,  which  shall be fulfilled  in  their  season. 

Luke 1:22
Literal: Having come out then not he was able to speak to them and they recognized that a vision he had seen in the temple he was making signs remained mute
KJV: And  when he came out,  he could  not  speak  unto them:  and  they perceived  that  he had seen  a vision  in  the temple:  for  he  and  remained  speechless. 

Luke 1:45
Literal: And blessed [is] the [one] having believed that there will be a fulfillment to the things spoken to her from [the] Lord
KJV: And  blessed  is she that believed:  for  a performance  of those things which were told  her  from  the Lord. 

Luke 1:55
Literal: as He spoke to the fathers of us - to Abraham and to the descendants of him to the age
KJV: As  he spake  to  fathers,  to Abraham,  and  to his  seed  for  ever. 

Luke 1:64
Literal: Was opened then the mouth of him immediately and the tongue he was speaking blessing - God
KJV: And  his  mouth  was opened  immediately,  and  his  tongue  loosed, and  he spake,  and praised  God. 

Luke 1:70
Literal: as He spoke by [the] mouth of the holy of old prophets of Him
KJV: As  he spake  by  the mouth  of his  holy  prophets,  which  have been since  the world began: 

Luke 2:15
Literal: And it came to pass as were departing from them into the heaven the angels shepherds were saying to one another Let us go through indeed as far as Bethlehem let us see the word this that has come to pass which the Lord has made known to us
KJV: And  it came to pass,  as  the angels  were gone away  from  them  into  heaven,  to  another,  now  go  even unto  Bethlehem,  and  thing  which is come to pass,  which  the Lord  hath made known 

Luke 2:17
Literal: Having seen now they proclaimed abroad concerning the saying - having been told them Child this
KJV: And  the saying  which  was told  them  concerning  child. 

Luke 2:18
Literal: And all those having heard marveled concerning the things having been spoken by the shepherds to them
KJV: And  all  they that heard  it wondered  at  those things which  were told  them  by  the shepherds. 

Luke 2:20
Literal: And returned the shepherds glorifying praising - God for all things which they had heard seen as it was said to them
KJV: And  the shepherds  glorifying  and  praising  God  for  all the things  that  they had heard  and  as  it was told  unto  them. 

Luke 2:33
Literal: And were the father of Him the mother marveling at the things having been spoken concerning Him
KJV: And  his  mother  at  those things which were spoken  of  him. 

Luke 2:38
Literal: And she at that hour having come up was giving praise - to God was speaking concerning Him to all those waiting for [the] redemption of Jerusalem
KJV: And  coming in  that  instant  gave thanks likewise  and  spake  of  him  to all  them that looked  for redemption  Jerusalem. 

Luke 2:50
Literal: And they not understood the word that He spoke to them
KJV: And  they  understood  not  the saying  which  he spake  unto them. 

Luke 4:41
Literal: Were going out now also demons from many crying out and saying - You are the Son - of God rebuking [them] not did He allow them to speak because they knew the Christ Him to be
KJV: And  devils  also  came  out of  many,  and  saying,  Thou  Christ  the Son  of God.  And  he rebuking  them suffered  them  not  to speak:  for  they knew  that he  Christ. 

Luke 5:4
Literal: When then He left off speaking He said to - Simon Put off into the deep and let down the nets of you for a catch
KJV: Now  when  he had left  speaking,  he said  unto  Simon,  Launch out  into  the deep,  and  let down  nets  for  a draught. 

Luke 5:21
Literal: And began to reason the scribes Pharisees saying Who is this who speaks blasphemies is able sins to forgive if not alone - God
KJV: And  the scribes  and  the Pharisees  began  to reason,  saying,  Who  this  which  speaketh  blasphemies?  Who  can  forgive  sins,  God  alone? 

Luke 6:45
Literal: The good man out of the good treasure of the heart of him brings forth that which [is] good and evil evil evil for the abundance of his heart speaks the mouth of him
KJV: A good  man  out of  the good  treasure  of his  heart  bringeth forth  that which is good;  and  an evil  man  out of  the evil  treasure  of his  heart  bringeth forth  that which is evil:  for  of  the abundance  of the heart  his  mouth  speaketh. 

Luke 7:15
Literal: And sat up the dead [man] began to speak He gave him to the mother of him
KJV: And  he that was dead  sat up,  and  began  to speak.  And  he delivered  him  mother. 

Luke 8:49
Literal: Still of Him speaking comes one from the synagogue ruler saying - Has died the daughter of You no longer trouble the Teacher
KJV: While he  yet  spake,  there cometh  one  from  the ruler of the synagogue's  house, saying  to him,  daughter  is dead;  trouble  the Master. 

Luke 9:11
Literal: The now crowds having known [it] followed Him and having received them He was speaking to them concerning the kingdom - of God those need having of healing He was healing
KJV: And  the people,  when they knew  it, followed  him:  and  them,  and spake  unto them  of  the kingdom  of God,  and  healed  them that had  need  of healing. 

Luke 11:14
Literal: And He was casting out a demon it was mute it came to pass then the demon having gone out spoke the mute [man] marveled the crowds
KJV: And  casting out  a devil,  and  it  dumb.  And  it came to pass,  when the devil  was gone out,  the dumb  spake;  and  the people  wondered. 

Luke 11:37
Literal: In then the speaking asked Him a Pharisee that He would dine with him having entered He reclined
KJV: And  as  he spake,  Pharisee  besought  him  to  dine  with  him:  and  he went in,  and sat down to meat. 

Luke 12:3
Literal: Instead that whatever in the darkness you have said the light will be heard and what into the ear you have spoken the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops
KJV: Therefore  whatsoever  ye have spoken  in  darkness  shall be heard  in  the light;  and  that which  ye have spoken  in  the ear  in  closets  shall be proclaimed  upon  the housetops. 

Luke 22:47
Literal: While still of Him speaking behold a crowd and he who is called Judas one of the Twelve was going before them he drew near - to Jesus to kiss Him
KJV: while he  yet  spake,  behold  a multitude,  and  he that was called  Judas,  one  of the twelve,  went before  them,  and  drew near  unto Jesus  to kiss  him. 

Luke 22:60
Literal: Said however - Peter Man not I know what you say And immediately while he was speaking of him crowed the rooster
KJV: And  Peter  said,  Man,  I know  not  what  thou sayest.  And  immediately,  while he  yet  spake,  the cock  crew. 

Luke 24:6
Literal: Not He is here but He is risen Remember how He spoke to you yet being in - Galilee
KJV: not  here,  but  is risen:  how  he spake  yet  in  Galilee, 

Luke 24:25
Literal: And He said to them O foolish slow - of heart - to believe in all that have spoken the prophets
KJV: Then  he  said  unto  them,  fools,  and  slow  of heart  to believe  all  that  the prophets  have spoken: 

Luke 24:32
Literal: And they said to one another Not the heart of us burning was within us as He was speaking with us on the road He was opening to us the Scriptures
KJV: And  they said  one to another,  not  heart  burn  within  while  he talked  by  the way,  and  while  he opened  the scriptures? 

Luke 24:36
Literal: These things now of them as they were telling He Himself stood in midst and says to them Peace to you
KJV: And  as they  spake,  himself  stood  in  the midst  of them,  and  saith  unto them,  Peace 

Luke 24:44
Literal: He said now unto to them These [are] the words of me which I spoke to you still being with you that it behooves to be fulfilled all things - having been written in the law of Moses and the Prophets [the] Psalms concerning Me
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  These  are the words  which  I spake  unto  I was yet  with  that  all things  must  be fulfilled,  which  were written  in  the law  of Moses,  and  in the prophets,  and  in the psalms,  concerning 

John 1:37
Literal: And heard the two disciples him speaking followed - Jesus
KJV: And  the two  disciples  heard  him  speak,  and  they followed  Jesus. 

John 3:11
Literal: Truly I say to you that what we know we speak and we have seen we bear witness to the witness of us not you people receive
KJV: Verily,  I say  We speak  that  we do know,  and  testify  that  we have seen;  and  ye receive  not  witness. 

John 3:31
Literal: The [One] from above coming above all is being from the earth is and speaks - heaven
KJV: He that cometh  from above  above  all:  of  the earth  earthly,  and  speaketh  of  the earth:  he that cometh  from  heaven  above  all. 

John 3:34
Literal: He whom for sent - God the words - of God speaks not by measure He gives the Spirit
KJV: For  he whom  God  hath sent  speaketh  the words  of God:  for  God  giveth  not  the Spirit  by  measure 

John 4:26
Literal: Says to her - Jesus I am [He] the [One] speaking to you
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto her,  that speak  am 

John 4:27
Literal: And upon this came the disciples of Him were amazed that with a woman He was speaking no one however said What seek You Or Why speak You with her
KJV: And  upon  came  his  disciples,  and  marvelled  that  he talked  with  the woman:  yet  no man  said,  What  seekest thou?  or,  Why  talkest thou  with  her? 

John 6:63
Literal: The Spirit it is - giving life the flesh not profits nothing The words that I speak to you are and life they are
KJV: the spirit  that quickeneth;  the flesh  profiteth  nothing:  the words  that  speak  spirit,  and  life. 

John 7:13
Literal: No one however publicly was speaking about Him because of the fear of the Jews
KJV: Howbeit  no man  spake  openly  of  him  for  fear  of the Jews. 

John 7:17
Literal: If anyone desires the will of Him to do he will know concerning the teaching whether from - God it is or I from Myself speak
KJV: If  any man  will  do  his  will,  he shall know  of  the doctrine,  whether  of  God,  or  whether I  speak  of  myself. 

John 7:18
Literal: The [one] from himself speaking the glory own seeks however seeking of the [One] having sent Him He TRUE is and unrighteousness in Him not is
KJV: He that speaketh  of  himself  seeketh  his own  glory:  but  he that seeketh  his glory  that sent  him,  the same  true,  and  no  unrighteousness  in  him. 

John 7:26
Literal: And behold publicly He speaks nothing to Him they say not ever Truly have recognized the rulers that this is the Christ
KJV: But,  he speaketh  boldly,  and  they say  nothing  unto him.  the rulers  know  that  this  the very  Christ? 

John 7:46
Literal: Answered the officers Never spoke like this a man as this speaks - man
KJV: The officers  answered,  Never  man  spake  like  this  man. 

John 8:12
Literal: Again therefore to them spoke - Jesus saying I am the light of the world the [one] following Me no not shall walk in the darkness but will have the light - of life
KJV: Then  spake  Jesus  again  unto them,  saying,  am  the light  of the world:  he that followeth  walk  in  darkness,  but  shall have  the light  of life. 

John 8:20
Literal: These - words He spoke in the treasury teaching temple and no one seized Him for not yet had come the hour of Him
KJV: words  spake  in  the treasury,  as he taught  in  the temple:  and  no man  laid hands  on him;  for  his  hour  not yet  come. 

John 8:25
Literal: They were saying therefore to Him You who are Said to them - Jesus From the beginning what also I am saying to you
KJV: Then  unto him,  Who  thou?  And  Jesus  saith  unto them,  the same that I said  from the beginning. 

John 8:26
Literal: Many things I have concerning you to say and to judge but the [One] having sent Me TRUE is and I what I have heard from Him these things I say to the world
KJV: I have  many things  to say  and  to judge  of  but  he that sent  true;  and I  to  the world  which  I have heard  of  him. 

John 8:28
Literal: Said therefore to them - Jesus When you shall have lifted up the Son - of Man then you will know that I am [He] and from Myself I do nothing but as taught Me the Father these things I speak
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto them,  When  ye have lifted up  the Son  of man,  then  shall ye know  that  am  he, and  that I do  nothing  of  myself;  but  as  Father  hath taught  I speak 

John 8:30
Literal: These things of His speaking many believed in Him
KJV: As he  spake  many  believed  on  him. 

John 8:38
Literal: That which I have seen with the Father I speak also you therefore what you have heard from the father you do
KJV: speak  that which  I have seen  with  Father:  and  do  that  which  ye have seen  with  father. 

John 8:40
Literal: now however you seek Me to kill a man who the truth to you has spoken that I heard from - God This Abraham not did
KJV: But  now  ye seek  to kill  a man  that  hath told  the truth,  which  I have heard  of  God:  did  not  Abraham. 

John 8:44
Literal: You of the father devil are and the desires of of you you desire to do He a murderer was from [the] beginning in the truth not has stood because there is truth him Whenever he might speak - falsehood from the own he speaks for a liar he is the father of it
KJV: of  your father  the devil,  and  the lusts  father  ye will  do.  He  a murderer  from  the beginning,  and  not  in  the truth,  because  no  truth  in  him.  When  he speaketh  a lie,  he speaketh  of  his own:  for  a liar,  and  the father  of it. 

John 9:21
Literal: How however presently he sees not we know or who opened of him the eyes we know him ask age has He Concerning himself he will speak
KJV: But  by what means  now  seeth,  we know  not;  or  who  hath opened  his  eyes,  know  not:  he  is  of age;  ask  him:  shall speak  for 

John 9:29
Literal: We know that to Moses has spoken - God this [man] however not we know from where is
KJV: know  that  God  spake  unto Moses:  as for this  fellow, we know  not  from whence 

John 9:37
Literal: Said to him - Jesus Both You have seen Him and the [One] speaking with you He is
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  both  seen  him,  and  he  that talketh  with 

John 10:6
Literal: This - allegory spoke to them - Jesus they however not knew what it was that He was saying
KJV: parable  spake  Jesus  unto them:  but  they  understood  not  what things  which  he spake  unto them. 

John 12:29
Literal: - Therefore the crowd having stood and having heard was saying Thunder there has been Others were saying An angel to Him has spoken
KJV: The people  therefore,  that stood by,  and  heard  that it thundered:  others  An angel  spake  to him. 

John 12:36
Literal: While the light you have believe in so that sons of light you may become These things spoke Jesus and having gone away He was hidden from them
KJV: ye have  light,  believe  in  the light,  that  ye may be  the children  of light.  spake  Jesus,  and departed,  and  did hide himself  from  them. 

John 12:41
Literal: These things said Isaiah because he saw the glory of Him and spoke concerning Him
KJV: said  Esaias,  his  glory,  and  spake  of  him. 

John 12:48
Literal: The [one] rejecting Me and not receiving the words of Me has [one] judging him The word which I spoke that will judge him in the last day
KJV: He that rejecteth  and  receiveth  not  words,  hath  one that judgeth  him:  the word  that  I have spoken,  the same  shall judge  him  in  the last  day. 

John 12:49
Literal: For I from Myself not spoke but the having sent Me Father Himself Me a commandment gave what I should say and I should speak
KJV: For  not  spoken  of  myself;  but  the Father  which sent  he  gave  a commandment,  what  I should say,  and  what  I should speak. 

John 12:50
Literal: And I know that the commandment of Him life eternal is What therefore I speak as has said to Me the Father so I speak
KJV: And  I know  that  his  commandment  life  everlasting:  whatsoever  speak  therefore,  even as  the Father  said  so  I speak. 

John 14:10
Literal: Not believe you that I [am] in the Father and the Father Me is The words that I speak to you from Myself I speak - but the Father Me dwelling does works of Him
KJV: Believest thou  not  that  in  the Father,  and  the Father  in  the words  that  speak  not  of  myself:  but  the Father  that dwelleth  in  he  doeth  the works. 

John 14:25
Literal: These things I have said to you with you abiding
KJV: have I spoken  being yet present  with 

John 14:30
Literal: No longer much I will speak with you comes for the of this world ruler and in Me not he has nothing
KJV: not  talk  much  with  for  the prince  world  cometh,  and  hath  nothing  in 

John 15:3
Literal: Already you clean are by reason of the word that I have spoken to you
KJV: Now  clean  through  the word  which  I have spoken 

John 15:11
Literal: These things I have spoken to you that - joy My in you may be and the of you may be full
KJV: have I spoken  that  my  joy  in  and  joy  might be full. 

John 15:22
Literal: If not I had come and spoken to them sin not they would have had now however excuse they have for the sin of them
KJV: come  and  spoken  unto them,  not  had  sin:  but  now  they have  no  cloke  for  their  sin. 

John 16:1
Literal: These things I have spoken to you that not you might fall away
KJV: have I spoken  be offended. 

John 16:4
Literal: But these things I have said to you so that when might have come the hour of them you may remember them that I said [them] now from [the] beginning not I said because with you I was
KJV: But  have I told  that  when  the time  shall come,  ye may remember  that  told  of them.  And  I said  not  at  the beginning,  because  with 

John 16:6
Literal: But because these things I have said to you - sorrow has filled your - heart
KJV: But  because  I have said  sorrow  hath filled  heart. 

John 16:13
Literal: When however shall come He the Spirit - of truth He will guide you into the truth all not for He will speak from Himself but whatever He may hear and the things coming He will declare to you
KJV: Howbeit  when  he,  the Spirit  of truth,  is come,  he will guide  all  truth:  for  not  speak  of  himself;  but  whatsoever  he shall hear,  that shall he speak:  and  he will shew  things to come. 

John 16:18
Literal: They were saying therefore This what is that He says a little [while] Not we do know what He is saying
KJV: They said  therefore,  What  that  he saith,  we cannot  tell  what  he saith. 

John 16:25
Literal: These things in allegories I have spoken to you is coming an hour when no more I will speak but plainly concerning the Father I will report
KJV: have I spoken  in  proverbs:  but  the time  cometh,  when  no more  speak  in  proverbs,  but  plainly  of  the Father. 

John 16:29
Literal: Say the disciples of Him Behold now in openness You speak and allegory not speak
KJV: His  disciples  said  unto him,  now  speakest thou  plainly,  and  speakest  no  proverb. 

John 16:33
Literal: These things I have spoken to you so that in Me peace you may have the world tribulation you have But take courage I have overcome the world
KJV: I have spoken  that  in  ye might have  peace.  In  the world  ye shall have  tribulation:  but  be of good cheer;  have overcome  the world. 

John 17:1
Literal: These things spoke Jesus and having lifted up the eyes of Him to - heaven He said Father has come the hour glorify Your Son that the Son may glorify You
KJV: spake  Jesus,  and  lifted up  his  eyes  to  heaven,  and  said,  Father,  the hour  is come;  glorify  Son,  that  Son  also  may glorify 

John 17:13
Literal: Now however to You I am coming and these things I speak in the world so that they may have - joy My fulfilled within them
KJV: And  now  come I  to  and  I speak  in  the world,  that  they might have  my  joy  fulfilled  in 

John 18:20
Literal: Answered him Jesus I openly have spoken to the world always taught in [the] synagogue and the temple where all the Jews come together secret I spoke nothing
KJV: Jesus  answered  him,  spake  openly  to the world;  ever  taught  in  the synagogue,  and  in  the temple,  whither  the Jews  always  resort;  and  in  secret  have I said  nothing. 

John 18:21
Literal: Why Me do you question Question those having heard what I spoke to them behold they know what said I
KJV: Why  them which heard me,  what  I have said  unto them:  they  know  what  said. 

John 18:23
Literal: Answered him Jesus If evil I spoke bear witness concerning the evil however rightly why Me strike you
KJV: Jesus  answered  him,  If  I have spoken  evil,  bear witness  of  the evil:  but  if  well,  why  smitest 

John 19:10
Literal: Says therefore to Him - Pilate To me not speak You Not know You that authority I have to release You and to crucify
KJV: Then  saith  Pilate  unto him,  Speakest thou  not  knowest thou  not  that  I have  power  to crucify  and  have  power  to release 

Acts 2:4
Literal: And they were filled with all Spirit Holy began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit was giving to utter forth to them
KJV: And  filled  with the Holy  Ghost,  and  began  to speak with  other  tongues,  as  the Spirit  gave  them  utterance. 

Acts 2:6
Literal: Having come about now the sound of this came together the multitude and was confounded because was hearing one each the own language speaking them
KJV: Now  was  noised abroad,  the multitude  came together,  and  were confounded,  because  that every  man  heard  them  speak  in his own  language. 

Acts 2:7
Literal: They were amazed then and were marveling saying Not behold all these are who are speaking Galileans
KJV: And  all  amazed  and  marvelled,  saying  Behold,  not  all  these  which  speak  Galilaeans? 

Acts 2:11
Literal: Jews both and converts Cretans Arabs we hear speaking them - [in] our own tongues the great things - of God
KJV: Cretes  and  Arabians,  we do hear  them  speak  in our  tongues  the wonderful works  of God. 

Acts 2:31
Literal: Having foreseen he spoke concerning the resurrection of the Christ that neither was He abandoned into Hades nor the flesh of Him saw decay
KJV: spake  of  the resurrection  of Christ,  that  his  in  hell,  his  flesh  corruption. 

Acts 3:21
Literal: whom it behooves heaven indeed to receive until [the] times of restoration of all things of which spoke - God by [the] mouth of holy from [the] age His prophets
KJV: Whom  the heaven  must  receive  until  the times  of restitution  of all things,  which  God  hath spoken  by  the mouth  of all  his  holy  prophets  since  the world began. 

Acts 3:22
Literal: Moses indeed said - A prophet to you will raise up [the] Lord the God of you out from the brothers of you like me Him You will listen to in all things as many as - He might say to you
KJV: Moses  truly  said  unto  A prophet  the Lord  God  raise up  of  brethren,  like  him  shall ye hear  in  all things  whatsoever  he shall say  unto 

Acts 3:24
Literal: And all now the prophets from Samuel those subsequently as many as have spoken also have announced the days these
KJV: Yea,  and  all  the prophets  from  Samuel  and  those that follow after,  as many as  have spoken,  likewise  days. 

Acts 4:1
Literal: Speaking now of them to the people came upon them the priests and the captain of the temple Sadducees
KJV: And  as they  spake  unto  the people,  the priests,  and  the captain  of the temple,  and  the Sadducees,  came upon  them, 

Acts 4:17
Literal: But that not on further it might spread among the people let us warn them no longer to speak in the name this to no man
KJV: But  it spread  further  among  the people,  threaten  them,  that they speak  henceforth  to no  man  in  name. 

Acts 4:20
Literal: not are able for we what we have seen and heard not to speak
KJV: For  cannot  but  speak  the things which  and  heard. 

Acts 4:29
Literal: And - now Lord look upon the threats of them grant to the servants of You with boldness all to speak the word
KJV: And  Lord,  behold  their  threatenings:  and  grant unto  servants,  that with  all  boldness  they may speak  word, 

Acts 4:31
Literal: And having prayed they was shaken the place in which they were assembled they were filled with all the Holy Spirit were speaking the word - of God with boldness
KJV: And  when they  had prayed,  the place  was shaken  where  assembled together;  and  all  filled  with the Holy  Ghost,  and  they spake  the word  of God  with  boldness. 

Acts 5:20
Literal: Go and having stood speak in the temple to the people all the words of the life this
KJV: Go,  stand  and  speak  in  the temple  to the people  all  the words  life. 

Acts 5:40
Literal: They were persuaded now by him and having called in the apostles having beaten they commanded [them] not to speak in the name - of Jesus released [them]
KJV: And  to him  they agreed:  and  when they had called  the apostles,  and beaten  them, they commanded  not  speak  in  the name  of Jesus,  and  them  go. 

Acts 6:10
Literal: And not they were able to withstand the wisdom the Spirit by whom he was speaking
KJV: And  not  able  to resist  the wisdom  and  the spirit  by which  he spake. 

Acts 6:11
Literal: Then they suborned men saying - We have heard him speaking words blasphemous against Moses and - God
KJV: Then  they suborned  men,  which said,  We have heard  him  speak  blasphemous  words  against  Moses,  and  against God. 

Acts 6:13
Literal: They set also witnesses FALSE saying The man this not does stop speaking words against the place - holy this and law
KJV: And  set up  false  witnesses,  which said,  man  ceaseth  not  to speak  words  against  this  holy  place,  and  the law: 

Acts 7:6
Literal: Spoke however thus - God that will be the seed of him a sojourner in a land strange and they will enslave it will mistreat [it] years four hundred
KJV: And  God  spake  on this wise,  That  his  seed  sojourn  in  a strange  land;  and  them  into bondage,  and  entreat them evil  four hundred  years. 

Acts 7:38
Literal: This is the [one] having been in the congregation wilderness with the angel - speaking to him the Mount Sinai and of the fathers of us who received oracles living to give to us
KJV: This  that was  in  the church  in  the wilderness  with  the angel  which  spake  to him  in  the mount  Sina,  and  fathers:  who  received  the lively  oracles  to give 

Acts 7:44
Literal: The tabernacle of the testimony was with fathers of us in the wilderness just as had commanded the [One] speaking - to Moses to make it according to the pattern that he had seen
KJV: fathers  the tabernacle  of witness  in  the wilderness,  as  he had appointed,  speaking  unto Moses,  that he should make  it  according  to the fashion  that  he had seen. 

Acts 8:25
Literal: They indeed therefore having earnestly testified and having spoken the word of the Lord traveled back to Jerusalem to many then villages of the Samaritans they were preaching the gospel
KJV: And they, when  they had testified  and  preached  the word  of the Lord,  returned  to  and  preached the gospel  in many  villages  of the Samaritans. 

Acts 8:26
Literal: An angel now of [the] Lord spoke to Philip saying Rise up and go toward [the] south to the road - going down from Jerusalem to Gaza This is [the] desert [road]
KJV: And  the angel  of the Lord  spake  unto  Philip,  saying,  Arise,  and  go  toward  the south  unto  the way  that goeth down  from  Jerusalem  unto  Gaza,  which  desert. 

Acts 9:6
Literal: But rise up and enter into the city it will be told you that what you it behooves to do
KJV: and  what  to do?  And  Arise,  and  go  into  the city,  and  it shall be told  what  must  do. 

Acts 9:27
Literal: Barnabas however having taken him brought [him] to the apostles and he related to them how on the road he had seen the Lord that He had spoken to him in Damascus he had spoken boldly the name - of Jesus
KJV: But  Barnabas  took  him,  and brought  him to  the apostles,  and  declared  unto them  how  the Lord  in  the way,  and  that  he had spoken  to him,  and  how  he had preached boldly  at  Damascus  in  the name  of Jesus. 

Acts 9:29
Literal: He was speaking also and was debating with the Hellenists - but they were seeking to kill him
KJV: And  he spake  and  disputed  against  the Grecians:  but  they went about  to slay  him. 

Acts 10:6
Literal: He lodges with a certain Simon a tanner whose is [the] house by [the] sea He will tell you what you it behooves to do
KJV: He  lodgeth  with  one  Simon  a tanner,  whose  house  by  the sea side:  he  shall tell  what  oughtest  to do. 

Acts 10:7
Literal: When then had departed the angel - speaking to him having called two of the servants and a soldier devout of those who are attending him
KJV: And  when  the angel  which  spake  was departed,  he called  two  of his  household servants,  and  a devout  soldier  him  continually; 

Acts 10:44
Literal: Still speaking - of Peter the words these fell the Spirit - Holy upon all those hearing the word
KJV: While Peter  yet  spake  words,  the Holy  Ghost  fell  on  all  them which heard  the word. 

Acts 10:46
Literal: They were hearing for them speaking in tongues and magnifying - God Then answered Peter
KJV: For  they heard  them  speak with  tongues,  and  magnify  God.  Then  answered  Peter, 

Acts 11:14
Literal: who will speak words to you in which will be saved you and all the household of you
KJV: Who  shall tell  thee  words,  whereby  thou  and  all  house  shall be saved. 

Acts 11:15
Literal: In then - beginning my to speak fell the Spirit - Holy upon them even as also upon us in [the] beginning
KJV: And  as  began  to speak,  the Holy  Ghost  fell  on  them,  as  on  at  the beginning. 

Acts 11:19
Literal: Those indeed therefore having been scattered by the tribulation - having taken place over Stephen passed through to Phoenicia and Cyprus Antioch to no one speaking the word if not only to Jews
KJV: Now  they which were scattered abroad  upon  the persecution  that arose  about  Stephen  travelled  as far as  Phenice,  and  Cyprus,  and  Antioch,  preaching  the word  to none  unto the Jews  only. 

Acts 11:20
Literal: Were however some of them men of Cyprus and of Cyrene who having come into Antioch were speaking also to the Hellenists proclaiming the gospel the Lord Jesus
KJV: And  some  of  them  men  of Cyprus  and  Cyrene,  which,  to  Antioch,  spake  unto  the Grecians,  preaching  the Lord  Jesus. 

Acts 13:42
Literal: Having departed then they were begging on the next Sabbath to be spoken to them the words these
KJV: And  were gone  besought  words  might be preached  to them  the next  sabbath. 

Acts 13:45
Literal: Having seen however the Jews the crowds they were filled with jealousy and began contradicting the things by Paul spoken blaspheming
KJV: But  when the Jews  the multitudes,  they were filled  with envy,  and  spake against  by  Paul,  contradicting  and  blaspheming. 

Acts 13:46
Literal: Having spoken boldly also - Paul and Barnabas said To you it was necessary first to be spoken the word - of God but since you thrust away it not worthy you judge yourselves - of eternal life behold we are turning to the Gentiles
KJV: Paul  and  Barnabas  waxed bold,  and said,  necessary  that the word  of God  first  have been spoken  seeing  it  from you,  and  judge  yourselves  unworthy  of everlasting  life,  lo,  we turn  to  the Gentiles. 

Acts 14:1
Literal: It came to pass now in Iconium according to the same entered they into the synagogue of the Jews and spoke so that believed of Jewish both Greeks a great number
KJV: And  it came to pass  in  Iconium,  that they  went  both  together  into  the synagogue  of the Jews,  and  so  spake,  that  a great  multitude  both  of the Jews  and also  of the Greeks  believed. 

Acts 14:9
Literal: This [man] heard - Paul speaking who having looked intently at him and having seen that he has faith - to be healed
KJV: The same  heard  Paul  speak:  who  stedfastly beholding  him,  and  that  he had  faith  to be healed, 

Acts 14:25
Literal: and having spoken in Perga the word they went down to Attalia
KJV: And  when they had preached  the word  in  Perga,  they went down  into  Attalia: 

Acts 16:6
Literal: Having passed through then - Phrygia and the Galatian region having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in - Asia
KJV: Now  when they had gone throughout  Phrygia  and  the region  of Galatia,  and were forbidden  of  the Holy  Ghost  to preach  the word  in  Asia, 

Acts 16:13
Literal: On the then day of the Sabbaths we went forth outside the city gate by a river where was customary [a place of] prayer to be And having sat down we began speaking to the having gathered women
KJV: And  on the sabbath  we went  out of  by  a river side,  where  prayer  was wont  and  we sat down,  and spake  unto the women  which resorted 

Acts 16:14
Literal: And a certain woman named Lydia a seller of purple of [the] city of Thyatira worshiping - God was listening of whom the Lord opened the heart to attend to the things being spoken by - Paul
KJV: And  a certain  woman  named  Lydia,  a seller of purple,  of the city  of Thyatira,  which worshipped  God,  heard  us: whose  heart  the Lord  opened,  that she attended  unto the things which were spoken  of  Paul. 

Acts 16:32
Literal: And they spoke to him the word of the Lord along with all those in the house of him
KJV: And  they spake  unto him  the word  of the Lord,  and  to all  that were in  his  house. 

Acts 17:19
Literal: Having taken hold also of him to the Ares Hill they brought [him] saying Are we able to know what [is] the new this which by you is spoken teaching
KJV: And  they took  him,  and brought him  unto  Areopagus,  saying,  May  we know  what  this  new  doctrine,  whereof  speakest, 

Acts 18:9
Literal: Said now the Lord in [the] night through a vision - to Paul Not fear but continue speaking and be silent
KJV: Then  spake  the Lord  to Paul  in  the night  by  a vision,  not  afraid,  but  speak,  and  not  thy peace: 

Acts 18:25
Literal: He was instructed in the way of the Lord And being fervent - in spirit he was speaking was teaching earnestly the things concerning - Jesus knowing only the baptism of John
KJV: This man  instructed in  the way  of the Lord;  and  being fervent  in the spirit,  he spake  and  taught  diligently  the things of  the Lord,  knowing  only  the baptism  of John. 

Acts 19:6
Literal: And having laid on them - Paul the hands came the Spirit - Holy upon them they were speaking then in tongues prophesying
KJV: And  when Paul  his hands  upon  them,  the Holy  Ghost  came  on  them;  and  they spake  with tongues,  and  prophesied. 

Acts 20:30
Literal: and out from your own selves will rise up men speaking perverse things - to draw away - disciples after them
KJV: Also  of  own selves  men  arise,  speaking  perverse things,  to draw away  disciples  after  them. 

Acts 21:39
Literal: Said however - Paul I a man indeed am a Jew of Tarsus - of Cilicia not [of an] insignificant city a citizen I implore now you allow me to speak to the people
KJV: But  Paul  said,  am  a man  which am a Jew  of Tarsus,  a city in Cilicia,  a citizen  of no  mean  city:  and,  I beseech  suffer  to speak  unto  the people. 

Acts 22:9
Literal: Those then with me being the indeed light beheld the however voice not did they hear of the [One] speaking to me
KJV: And  with  saw  indeed  the light,  but  they heard  not  the voice  of him that spake 

Acts 22:10
Literal: I said then What shall I do Lord - And the Lord said to me Having risen up go to Damascus and there you it will be told concerning all things that it has been appointed to do
KJV: And  I said,  What  shall I do,  Lord?  And  the Lord  said  unto  Arise,  and go  into  Damascus;  and there  it shall be told  of  all things  which  are appointed  to do. 

Acts 23:7
Literal: This then of him saying arose a dissension between the Pharisees and Sadducees was divided the crowd
KJV: And  when he  said,  there arose  a dissension  between the Pharisees  and  the Sadducees:  and  the multitude  was divided. 

Acts 23:9
Literal: Arose then a clamor great and having risen up some of the scribes of the party Pharisees they were contending saying Nothing evil we find in the man this What if now a spirit has spoken to him or an angel not let us fight against God
KJV: And  there arose  a great  cry:  and  the scribes  that were of the Pharisees'  part  arose,  and strove,  saying,  We find  no  evil  in  man:  but  if  a spirit  or  an angel  hath spoken  to him,  not  fight 

Acts 23:18
Literal: The [one] indeed therefore having taken him brought [him] to the commander and he says The prisoner Paul having called to me asked [me] this - young man to lead you having something to say to you
KJV: So  he took  him,  and brought  him to  the chief captain,  and  said,  Paul  the prisoner  called  unto him, and prayed me  to bring  unto  who hath  something  to say 

Acts 26:22
Literal: Help therefore having obtained - from - God unto the day this I have stood bearing witness to small both and to great nothing other saying than what the prophets said was about to happen Moses
KJV: therefore  obtained  help  God,  I continue  unto  day,  both  to small  and  great,  saying  none other things  than  those which  the prophets  and  Moses  did say  should  come: 

Acts 26:26
Literal: Understands for concerning these things the king to whom also using boldness I speak Are hidden from him any of these things not I am persuaded none for is in a corner done of these things
KJV: For  the king  knoweth  of  things, before  whom  also  I speak  freely:  for  I am persuaded  that  none  are hidden  from him;  for  not  done  in  a corner. 

Acts 26:31
Literal: and having withdrawn they began speaking to one another saying - Nothing of death or of chains worthy any is doing the man this
KJV: And  when they were gone aside,  they talked  between  themselves,  saying,  This  man  doeth  nothing  worthy  of death  or  of bonds. 

Acts 27:25
Literal: Therefore take courage men I believe for - God that thus it will be according to the way it has been said to me
KJV: Wherefore,  sirs,  be of good cheer:  for  I believe  God,  that  it  even  as  it was told 

Acts 28:21
Literal: - And to him they said We neither letters concerning you received from - Judea nor having arrived any of the brothers reported or said anything evil
KJV: And  they said  unto  him,  neither  received  letters  out of  Judaea  concerning  neither  any  of the brethren  that came  shewed  or  spake  any  harm  of 

Acts 28:25
Literal: Discordant then being with one another they began to leave having spoken - Paul word one - Rightly the Spirit - Holy spoke by Isaiah the prophet to the fathers of you
KJV: And  when they agreed not  among  themselves,  they departed,  after that Paul  had spoken  one  word,  Well  spake  the Holy  Ghost  by  Esaias  the prophet  unto  fathers, 

Romans 3:19
Literal: We know now that whatever the law says to those under the law it speaks so that every mouth may be stopped and under judgment may be all world - to God
KJV: Now  we know  that  what things soever  the law  saith,  it saith  to them who are under  the law:  that  every  mouth  may be stopped,  and  all  the world  may become  guilty  before God. 

Romans 7:1
Literal: Or are you ignorant brothers to those knowing for law I speak that the law rules over the man for as long as [the] time he is alive
KJV: Know ye not,  brethren,  (for  I speak  to them that know  the law,)  how that  the law  hath dominion over  a man  as long as  he liveth? 

Romans 15:18
Literal: Not for will I dare anything to speak of what except has accomplished Christ through me unto [the] obedience of [the] Gentiles by word and deed
KJV: For  not  dare  to speak  of any  of those things which  Christ  not  wrought  by  to make  the Gentiles  obedient,  by word  and  deed, 

1 Corinthians 2:6
Literal: Wisdom however we speak among the mature not the age of this nor of the rulers who are coming to naught
KJV: Howbeit  we speak  wisdom  among  them that are perfect:  yet  not  the wisdom  world,  nor  of the princes  world,  that come to nought: 

1 Corinthians 2:7
Literal: But we speak of God wisdom in a mystery - having been hidden which foreordained - God before the ages for glory of us
KJV: But  we speak  the wisdom  of God  in  a mystery,  even the hidden  wisdom, which  God  ordained  before  the world  unto  glory: 

1 Corinthians 2:13
Literal: which also we speak not in taught of human wisdom words but in [those] of [the] Spirit by spiritual [means] spiritual things communicating
KJV: Which things  also  we speak,  not  in  the words  which man's  wisdom  teacheth,  but  Ghost  teacheth;  comparing  spiritual things 

1 Corinthians 3:1
Literal: And I brothers not was able to speak to you as to spiritual but to fleshly to infants in Christ
KJV: brethren,  could  not  speak  as  unto spiritual,  but  as  unto babes  in  Christ. 

1 Corinthians 9:8
Literal: Not according to man these things do I speak Or also the law not says
KJV: Say I  as  a man?  or  saith  the law  also? 

1 Corinthians 12:3
Literal: Therefore I make known to you that no one in [the] Spirit of God speaking says Accursed [is] Jesus and is able to say Lord [is] if not Holy
KJV: Wherefore  to understand,  that  no man  speaking  by  the Spirit  of God  calleth  Jesus  accursed:  and  that no man  can  say  that Jesus  is the Lord,  by  the Holy  Ghost. 

1 Corinthians 12:30
Literal: Not all gifts have of healings in tongues do speak do interpret
KJV: Have  all  the gifts  of healing?  do all  speak  with tongues?  do  all  interpret? 

1 Corinthians 13:1
Literal: If in the tongues - of men I speak and of angels love however not have I have become a brass sounding or a cymbal clanging
KJV: Though  I speak  with the tongues  of men  and  of angels,  and  have  not  charity,  I am become  as sounding  brass,  or  a tinkling  cymbal. 

1 Corinthians 13:11
Literal: When I was a child I was speaking like I was thinking I was reasoning I became a man I did away with the things of the child
KJV: When  a child,  I spake  as  a child,  I understood  as  a child,  I thought  as  a child:  when  I became  a man,  I put away  childish things. 

1 Corinthians 14:2
Literal: The [one] for speaking in a tongue not to men speaks but to God no one hears in the Spirit however he utters mysteries
KJV: For  he that speaketh  in an unknown tongue  speaketh  not  unto men,  but  unto God:  for  no man  understandeth  him; howbeit  in the spirit  he speaketh  mysteries. 

1 Corinthians 14:3
Literal: The [one] however prophesying to men speaks [for] edification and encouragement consolation
KJV: But  he that prophesieth  speaketh  unto men  to edification,  and  exhortation,  and  comfort. 

1 Corinthians 14:4
Literal: The [one] speaking in a tongue himself edifies however prophesying [the] church
KJV: He that speaketh  in an unknown tongue  edifieth  himself;  but  he that prophesieth  edifieth  the church. 

1 Corinthians 14:5
Literal: I desire now all you to speak in tongues rather however that you should prophesy greater [is] the [one] prophesying than speaking except if not he should interpret so that the church edification might receive
KJV: I would  all  spake  with tongues,  but  rather  that  ye prophesied:  than  he that speaketh  with tongues,  except  he interpret,  that  the church  may receive  edifying. 

1 Corinthians 14:6
Literal: Now however brothers if I should come to you in tongues speaking what will I profit not to you I should speak either in revelation or knowledge prophecy in teaching
KJV: brethren,  if  I come  unto  speaking  with tongues,  what  shall I profit  I shall speak  either  by  revelation,  or  by  knowledge,  or  by  prophesying,  or  by  doctrine? 

1 Corinthians 14:9
Literal: So also you with the tongue if not intelligible speech you give how will it be known what [is] being spoken You will be for into [the] air speaking
KJV: So  likewise  ye utter  by  the tongue  words  easy to be understood,  how  shall it be known  what is spoken?  for  speak  into  the air. 

1 Corinthians 14:11
Literal: If therefore not I know the power of the sound I will be to the [one] speaking a foreigner and the [one] speaking to me
KJV: Therefore  I know  the meaning  of the voice,  unto him that speaketh  a barbarian,  and  he that speaketh  shall be a barbarian  unto 

1 Corinthians 14:13
Literal: Therefore the [one] speaking in a tongue let him pray that he might interpret
KJV: let him that speaketh  in an unknown tongue  pray  that  he may interpret. 

1 Corinthians 14:18
Literal: I thank - God than all of you more in tongues speaking
KJV: I thank  God,  I speak  with tongues  more than  all: 

1 Corinthians 14:19
Literal: but in [the] church I desire five words with [the] mind of me to speak that also others I might instruct rather than ten thousand a tongue
KJV: Yet  in  the church  I had rather  speak  five  words  understanding,  that  by my voice I might teach  others  also,  than  ten thousand  words  in  an unknown tongue. 

1 Corinthians 14:21
Literal: In the law it has been written - By other tongues and lips other I will speak to the people this not even thus will they hear Me says [the] Lord
KJV: In  the law  it is written,  With  men of other tongues  and  other  lips  will I speak  people;  and  yet for all  not  hear  saith  the Lord. 

1 Corinthians 14:23
Literal: If therefore gathers the church whole together the place and all should speak in tongues come in however uninstructed ones or unbelievers not will they say that you are mad
KJV: If  therefore  the whole  church  be come together  into  one place,  and  all  speak  with tongues,  and  there come in  those that are unlearned,  or  unbelievers,  not  say  that  ye are mad? 

1 Corinthians 14:27
Literal: If with a tongue anyone speaks [let it be] by two or the most three and in turn one let interpret
KJV: If  any man  speak  in an unknown tongue,  let it be by  two,  or  at the most  by three,  and  that by  course;  and  one  interpret. 

1 Corinthians 14:28
Literal: If however not there is an interpreter let him be silent in [the] church to himself then let him speak and - to God
KJV: But  interpreter,  let him keep silence  in  the church;  and  let him speak  to himself,  and  to God. 

1 Corinthians 14:29
Literal: Prophets then two or three let speak and the others let discern
KJV: the prophets  speak  two  or  three,  and  the other  judge. 

1 Corinthians 14:34
Literal: the women in the churches let them be silent Not for it is allowed to them to speak but to be in submission as also the law says
KJV: women  keep silence  in  the churches:  for  not  permitted  unto them  to speak;  but  they are commanded to be under obedience,  as  also  saith  the law. 

1 Corinthians 14:35
Literal: If however anything to learn they desire at home the own husbands let them ask shameful for it is for a woman to speak in [the] church
KJV: And  if  they will  learn  any thing,  let them ask  their  husbands  at  home:  for  for women  to speak  in  the church. 

1 Corinthians 14:39
Literal: So brothers of me earnestly desire - to prophesy and to speak not do forbid in tongues
KJV: Wherefore,  brethren,  covet  to prophesy,  and  forbid  not  to speak  with tongues. 

1 Corinthians 15:34
Literal: Sober up righteously and not sin ignorance for of God some have to [the] shame of you I speak
KJV: Awake  to righteousness,  and  sin  not;  for  some  have  not the knowledge  of God:  this to  shame. 

2 Corinthians 2:17
Literal: Not for we are like the many peddling the word - of God but as of sincerity of God before in Christ we speak
KJV: For  not  as  many,  which corrupt  the word  of God:  but  as  of  sincerity,  but  as  of  God,  speak we  in  Christ. 

2 Corinthians 4:13
Literal: Having however the same spirit - of faith according to that having been written I believed therefore I have spoken also we believe speak
KJV: We having  the same  spirit  of faith,  according as  it is written,  I believed,  and therefore  have I spoken;  also  believe,  and  therefore  speak; 

2 Corinthians 7:14
Literal: For if anything to him about you I have boasted not I was put to shame but as all things in truth we have spoken to you so also the boasting of us - to Titus truth became
KJV: For  if I have boasted  to him  of  not  ashamed;  but  as  we spake  all things  in  truth,  even  so  boasting,  which  I made before  Titus,  is found  a truth. 

2 Corinthians 11:17
Literal: What I am saying not according to [the] Lord am I saying but as in foolishness this the confidence - of boasting
KJV: That which  I speak,  it not  after  the Lord,  but  as  it were foolishly,  confidence  of boasting. 

2 Corinthians 11:23
Literal: Servants of Christ are they As being beside myself I speak above [measure] I [too] in labors more abundantly imprisonments beatings above measure deaths often
KJV: ministers  of Christ?  (I speak  as a fool  ) I  am more;  in  labours  in  stripes  above measure,  in  prisons  in  deaths  oft. 

2 Corinthians 12:4
Literal: that he was caught up into - Paradise and he heard inexpressible words - not being permitted to man to speak
KJV: How that  he was caught up  into  paradise,  and  heard  unspeakable  words,  which  not  lawful  for a man  to utter. 

2 Corinthians 12:19
Literal: All along have you been thinking that to you we have been making a defense Before God in Christ we speak - but all things beloved for - your edification
KJV: think ye  that  we excuse ourselves  we speak  God  in  Christ:  but  we do all things,  dearly beloved,  for  edifying. 

2 Corinthians 13:3
Literal: since a proof you seek - in me speaking of Christ who toward you not is weak but is powerful among you
KJV: Since  ye seek  a proof  of Christ  speaking  in  which  to  not  weak,  but  is mighty  in 

Ephesians 4:25
Literal: Therefore having put off - falsehood let speak truth each one with the neighbor of him because we are of one another members
KJV: Wherefore  putting away  lying,  speak  every man  truth  with  his  neighbour:  for  members  one of another. 

Ephesians 5:19
Literal: speaking to each other in psalms and hymns songs spiritual singing making melody in the heart of you to the Lord
KJV: Speaking  to yourselves  in psalms  and  hymns  and  spiritual  songs,  singing  and  making melody  in  heart  to the Lord; 

Ephesians 6:20
Literal: for which I am an ambassador in a chain that it I may be bold as it behooves me to speak
KJV: For  which  I am an ambassador  in  bonds:  that  therein  I may speak boldly,  as  ought  to speak. 

Philippians 1:14
Literal: and - most of the brothers in [the] Lord trusting by the chains of me more abundantly to dare fearlessly the word of God to speak
KJV: And  many  of the brethren  in  the Lord,  waxing confident  bonds,  bold  to speak  the word  without fear. 

Colossians 4:3
Literal: praying at the same time also for us that - God may open to us a door for the word to declare the mystery - of Christ on account of which I have been bound
KJV: Withal  praying  also  for  that  God  would open  a door  of utterance,  to speak  the mystery  of Christ,  for  which  also  in bonds: 

Colossians 4:4
Literal: so that I should make clear it as it behooves me to speak
KJV: That  it  manifest,  as  ought  to speak. 

1 Thessalonians 1:8
Literal: From you for has sounded forth the word of the Lord not only in - Macedonia and in - Achaia but every place the faith of you - toward - God has gone abroad so as for no need to have us to say anything
KJV: For  from  sounded out  the word  of the Lord  not  only  in  Macedonia  and  Achaia,  but  also  in  every  place  faith  to  God-ward  is spread abroad;  so  need  not  to speak  any thing. 

1 Thessalonians 2:2
Literal: but having previously suffered and having been mistreated just as you know in Philippi we had boldness the God of us to speak to you the gospel - of God amid much conflict
KJV: But  even  after that we had suffered before,  and  were shamefully entreated,  as  ye know,  at  Philippi,  we were bold  in  God  to speak  unto  the gospel  of God  with  much  contention. 

1 Thessalonians 2:4
Literal: but just as we have been approved by - God to be entrusted with the gospel so we speak not as men pleasing God the [One] examining the hearts of us
KJV: But  as  we were allowed  of  God  to be put in trust  with the gospel,  even so  we speak;  not  as  pleasing  men,  but  God,  which trieth  hearts. 

1 Thessalonians 2:16
Literal: hindering us to the Gentiles to speak that they might be saved so as - to fill up their - sins always Has come now upon them the wrath to the utmost
KJV: Forbidding  to speak  to the Gentiles  that  they might be saved,  to  fill up  their  sins  alway:  for  the wrath  is come  upon  them  to  the uttermost. 

1 Timothy 5:13
Literal: At the same time then also [to be] idle they learn going about - house to house not only idle but gossips and busybodies speaking things not being proper
KJV: And  withal  they learn  to be idle,  wandering about  from house to house;  and  not  only  idle,  but  tattlers  also  busybodies,  speaking  things which  they ought  not. 

Titus 2:1
Literal: You however speak the things that are consistent with - sound doctrine
KJV: But  speak  thou  the things which  become  sound  doctrine: 

Titus 2:15
Literal: These things speak and exhort rebuke with all authority No one you let despise
KJV: speak,  and  exhort,  and  rebuke  with  all  authority.  no man  despise 

Hebrews 1:1
Literal: In many portions and in many ways long ago - God having spoken to the fathers in the prophets
KJV: God,  who at sundry times  and  in divers manners  spake  in time past  unto the fathers  by  the prophets, 

Hebrews 1:2
Literal: in last - days these has spoken to us in [His] Son whom He appointed heir of all things through whom also He made the ages
KJV: in  last  days  spoken  by  his Son,  whom  he hath appointed  heir  of all things,  by  whom  also  he made  the worlds; 

Hebrews 2:2
Literal: If for the by angels having been spoken word was unalterable and every transgression disobedience received a just recompense
KJV: For  if  the word  spoken  by  angels  was  stedfast,  and  every  transgression  and  disobedience  received  a just  recompence of reward; 

Hebrews 2:3
Literal: how we will escape such a great having neglected a salvation which a commencement having received declared by the Lord by those having heard to us it was confirmed
KJV: How  escape,  if we neglect  so great  salvation;  which  at the first  began  to be spoken  by  the Lord,  and was confirmed  unto  by  them that heard 

Hebrews 2:5
Literal: Not for to angels did He subject the world that is coming of which we are speaking
KJV: For  unto the angels  not  put in subjection  the world  to come,  whereof  we speak. 

Hebrews 3:5
Literal: And Moses indeed [was] faithful in all the house of Him as a servant unto a testimony of the things going to be spoken
KJV: And  Moses  verily  was faithful  in  all  his  house,  as  a servant,  for  a testimony  of those things which were to be spoken after; 

Hebrews 4:8
Literal: If for to them Joshua had given rest not - about another He would have spoken after this day
KJV: For  if  Jesus  them  rest,  then would he  not  afterward  have spoken  of  another  day. 

Hebrews 5:5
Literal: So also - Christ not Himself did glorify to become a high priest but the [One] having said to Him Son of Me are You I today have begotten You
KJV: So  also  Christ  glorified  not  himself  to be made  an high priest;  but  he that said  unto  him,  Thou  Son,  to day  begotten 

Hebrews 6:9
Literal: We are persuaded however concerning you beloved of better [things] and [things] accompanying salvation if even like this we speak
KJV: But,  beloved,  we are persuaded  of  and  things that accompany  salvation,  thus  speak. 

Hebrews 7:14
Literal: [It is] evident for that out of Judah has sprung the Lord of us as to which a tribe concerning priests nothing Moses spoke
KJV: For  it is evident  that  Lord  sprang  out of  of  which  tribe  Moses  spake  nothing  concerning 

Hebrews 9:19
Literal: Having been spoken for of every commandment according to the law by Moses to all the people having taken the blood - of calves and of goats with water wool scarlet hyssop itself both book all people he sprinkled
KJV: For  when  Moses  had spoken  every  precept  to all  the people  according  to the law,  he took  the blood  of calves  and  of goats,  with  water,  and  scarlet  wool,  and  hyssop,  and sprinkled  both  the book,  and  all  the people, 

Hebrews 11:4
Literal: By faith a more excellent sacrifice Abel than Cain offered - to God through which he was testified to be righteous bearing witness to the gifts of him - God and it having died still he speaks
KJV: By faith  Abel  offered  unto God  a more excellent  sacrifice  than  Cain,  by  which  he obtained witness  righteous,  God  testifying  of  his  gifts:  and  by  it  he being dead  yet  speaketh. 

Hebrews 11:18
Literal: as to whom it was said - In Isaac will be reckoned your offspring
KJV: Of  whom  it was said,  That  in  Isaac  seed  be called: 

Hebrews 12:24
Literal: and of a covenant new [the] mediator to Jesus to [the] blood of sprinkling better things speaking than that of Abel
KJV: And  to Jesus  the mediator  of the new  covenant,  and  to the blood  of sprinkling,  that speaketh  better things  than  that of Abel. 

Hebrews 12:25
Literal: Take heed lest you refuse the [One] speaking If for they not escaped on earth having refused divinely instructing [them] much less we - from [the] heavens turning away from
KJV: See  that ye refuse  not  him that speaketh.  For  if  they  not  who refused him  that spake  on  earth,  much  more  escape, if we turn away from him  that speaketh from  heaven: 

Hebrews 13:7
Literal: Remember those leading you who spoke to you the word - of God of whom considering the outcome of [their] way of life imitate faith
KJV: Remember  them which have the rule  who  have spoken  the word  of God:  whose  faith  follow,  considering  the end  of their conversation. 

James 1:19
Literal: Know [this] brothers my beloved Let be however every man swift unto - to hear slow to speak anger
KJV: beloved  brethren,  every  man  swift  to  hear,  slow  to  speak,  slow  to  wrath: 

James 2:12
Literal: So speak and act as by [the] law of freedom being about to be judged
KJV: So  speak ye,  and  so  do,  as  they that shall be  judged  by  the law  of liberty. 

James 5:10
Literal: [As] an example take brothers - of suffering evils and of patience the prophets who spoke in the name of [the] Lord
KJV: Take,  brethren,  the prophets,  who  have spoken  in the name  of the Lord,  for an example  of suffering affliction,  and  of patience. 

1 Peter 3:10
Literal: The [one] for desiring life to love and to see days good let him keep the tongue from evil lips - not to speak deceit
KJV: For  he that will  love  life,  and  good  days,  let him refrain  tongue  from  evil,  and  lips  that they speak  no  guile: 

1 Peter 4:11
Literal: if anyone speaks as oracles of God serves of strength which supplies - God so that in all things may be glorified God through Jesus Christ to whom be the glory and the power to the ages of the ages Amen
KJV: speak,  let him speak as  the oracles  of God;  minister,  let him do it as  of  the ability  which  God  giveth:  that  God  in  all things  may be glorified  through  Jesus  Christ,  to whom  praise  and  dominion  for  ever  Amen. 

2 Peter 1:21
Literal: Not for by [the] will of man was brought prophecy at any time but by [the] Spirit Holy being carried spoke from God men
KJV: For  the prophecy  came  not  in old time  by the will  of man:  but  holy  men  of God  spake  as they were moved  by  the Holy  Ghost. 

2 Peter 3:16
Literal: as also in all the letters speaking them concerning these things among which are difficult to be understood some things which the ignorant and unestablished distort the other Scriptures to the own of them destruction
KJV: As  also  in  all  his epistles,  speaking  in  them  of  in  which  some things  hard to be understood,  which  they that are unlearned  and  unstable  wrest,  as  they do also  the other  scriptures,  unto  their  own  destruction. 

1 John 4:5
Literal: They of the world are because of this from out of the they speak and the world them listens to
KJV: They  of  the world:  therefore  speak they  of  the world,  and  the world  heareth  them. 

2 John 1:12
Literal: Many things having to you to write not I purposed with paper and ink but I hope to come to you mouth to speak so that the joy of us having been completed may be
KJV: Having  many things  to write  I would  not  write with  paper  and  ink:  but  I trust  unto  and  speak  face  to  face,  that  joy  full. 

3 John 1:14
Literal: I hope however soon you to see and mouth to we will speak Peace to you Greet the friends Greet the friends by name
KJV: But  I trust  shortly  and  we shall speak  face  to  face.  Peace  Our friends  salute  the friends  by  name. 

Jude 1:15
Literal: to execute judgment against all and to convict all the ungodly concerning all the works of ungodliness of them which they have done in an ungodly way harsh [things] that have spoken against Him sinners

Jude 1:16
Literal: These are grumblers discontented after the lusts own following and the mouth of them speaks great swelling [words] flattering faces profit for the sake of

Revelation 1:12
Literal: And I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me having turned I saw seven lampstands golden
KJV: And  I turned  to see  the voice  that  spake  with  And  being turned,  seven  golden  candlesticks; 

Revelation 4:1
Literal: After these things I looked and behold a door was standing open in - heaven the voice - first that I heard like a trumpet was speaking with me saying Come up here I will show to you what it behooves to take place
KJV: After  and,  behold,  a door  was opened  in  heaven:  and  the first  voice  which  I heard  was as it were of  a trumpet  talking  with  which said,  Come up  hither,  and  I will shew  things which  must  be  hereafter. 

Revelation 10:3
Literal: And he cried out in a voice loud as a lion roars when sounded the seven thunders the of themselves voice
KJV: And  cried  with a loud  voice,  as  when a lion  roareth:  and  when  he had cried,  seven  thunders  uttered  their  voices. 

Revelation 10:4
Literal: And when had spoken the seven thunders I was about to write But I heard a voice out of - heaven saying Seal what have spoken not them write
KJV: And  when  the seven  thunders  had uttered  voices,  I was about  to write:  and  I heard  a voice  from  heaven  saying  Seal up  those things which  the seven  thunders  uttered,  and  write  not. 

Revelation 10:8
Literal: And the voice that I heard out of - heaven again was speaking with me saying Go take the little scroll - having been opened in the hand of the angel standing upon the sea land
KJV: And  the voice  which  I heard  from  heaven  spake  unto  again,  and  said,  Go  and take  which  is open  in  the hand  of the angel  which  standeth  upon  the sea  and  upon  the earth. 

Revelation 13:5
Literal: And was given to it a mouth speaking great things blasphemy authority to act months forty and two
KJV: And  there was given  unto him  a mouth  speaking  great things  and  blasphemies;  and  power  was given  unto him  to continue  forty  and two  months. 

Revelation 13:11
Literal: And I saw another beast rising out of the earth it had horns two like a lamb it was speaking like a dragon
KJV: And  another  beast  coming up  out of  the earth;  and  he had  two  horns  like  a lamb,  and  he spake  as  a dragon. 

Revelation 13:15
Literal: And there was given to it to give breath to the image of the beast so that also should speak the image should cause that as many as if not would worship the would be killed
KJV: And  he  had power  life  unto the image  of the beast,  that  the image  of the beast  both  speak,  and  cause  that as many as  not  worship  the image  of the beast  should be killed. 

Revelation 17:1
Literal: And came one of the seven angels - having the seven bowls spoke with me saying Come here I will show you the punishment of the prostitute - great the [one] sitting upon waters many
KJV: And  there came  one  of  the seven  angels  which  had  the seven  vials,  and  talked  with  saying  Come hither;  I will shew  the judgment  of the great  whore  that sitteth  upon  many  waters: 

Revelation 21:9
Literal: And came one of the seven angels - having the seven bowls - being full of the seven plagues - last spoke with me saying Come here I will show you the bride wife of the Lamb
KJV: And  there came  one of  the seven  angels  which  had  the seven  vials  full  of the seven  last  plagues,  and  talked  with  saying,  Come hither,  I will shew  the bride,  the Lamb's  wife. 

Revelation 21:15
Literal: And the [one] speaking with me had a measuring reed golden so that he could measure the city the gates of it the wall
KJV: And  he that talked  with  had  a golden  reed  to  measure  the city,  and  the gates  thereof,  and  the wall  thereof. 

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