Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 266

Word info for ἁμαρτία

Root: ἁμαρτία
Strongs Number: 266
Transliteration: [hamartia]
Phonetics: ham·ar·tee·ah
Etymology: From 264
Parts of Speech: n f.
Sense: equivalent to 264 (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 equivalent to 264.
      1a to be without a share in.
      1b to miss the mark.
      1c to err, be mistaken.
      1d to miss or wander from the path of uprightness and honour, to do or go wrong.
      1e to wander from the law of God, violate God’s law, sin.
   2 that which is done wrong, sin, an offence, a violation of the divine law in thought or in act.
   3 collectively, the complex or aggregate of sins committed either by a single person or by many.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G266

ἁμαρτιῶν, ἁμαρτίας, ἁμαρτίαι, ἁμαρτία, ἁμαρτίας», ἁμαρτίαν, ἁμαρτίᾳ, ἁμαρτίαις

All words for strongs number G266 :

Word Occurance
ἁμαρτίας 50
ἁμαρτιῶν 32
ἁμαρτίαν 24
ἁμαρτία 18
ἁμαρτίαι 12
ἁμαρτίαις 7
ἁμαρτίᾳ 6
ἁμαρτίας» 1

How strongs number G266 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
sins 55
sin 55
of sins 15
of sin 13
to sin 4
a sin 2
of [the] sins 1
in sin 1
in [the] sins 1
with sins 1
[the] sins 1
from sin 1

Two strong number together

G266 G3303

Greek Commentary Search

Romans 5:12 Sin entered into the worldαμαρτια εις τον κοσμον εισηλτεν]
Personification of sin and represented as coming from the outside into the world of humanity. Paul does not discuss the origin of evil beyond this fact. There are some today who deny the fact of sin at all and who call it merely “an error of mortal mind” (a notion) while others regard it as merely an animal inheritance devoid of ethical quality. [source]
Romans 5:13 Sin is not imputed [αμαρτια δε ουκ ελλογειται]
Present passive indicative of late verb ελλογαω — ellogaō Genitive absolute, no law of any kind, he means. There was law before the Mosaic law. But what about infants and idiots in case of death? Do they have responsibility? Surely not. The sinful nature which they inherit is met by Christ‘s atoning death and grace. No longer do men speak of “elect infants.” [source]
Romans 7:7 Is the law sin? [ο νομος αμαρτια]
A pertinent query in view of what he had said. Some people today oppose all inhibitions and prohibitions because they stimulate violations. That is half-baked thinking. [source]
Romans 7:9 Sin revivedαμαρτια ανεζησεν]
Sin came back to life, waked up, the blissful innocent stage was over, “the commandment having come” But I died (εγω δε απετανον — egō de apethanon). My seeming life was over for I was conscious of sin, of violation of law. I was dead before, but I did not know. Now I found out that I was spiritually dead. [source]
Romans 7:17 But sin that dwelleth in me [αλλ η ενοικουσα εν εμοι αμαρτια]
“But the dwelling in me sin.” Not my true self, my higher personality, but my lower self due to my slavery to indwelling sin. Paul does not mean to say that his whole self has no moral responsibility by using this paradox. “To be saved from sin, a man must at the same time own it and disown it” (Denney). [source]
Romans 14:23 Whatsoever is not of faith is sin [παν ο ουκ εκ πιστεως αμαρτια εστιν]
Faith (πιστις — pistis) here is subjective, one‘s strong conviction in the light of his relation to Christ and his enlightened conscience. To go against this combination is sin beyond a doubt. Some MSS. (A L etc.) put the doxology here which most place in Romans 16:25-27. But they all give chapters 15 and 16. Some have supposed that the Epistle originally ended here, but that is pure speculation. Some even suggest two editions of the Epistle. But chapter 15 goes right on with the topic discussed in chapter 14. [source]
James 1:15 The sinαμαρτια]
The article refers to αμαρτια — hamartia just mentioned. [source]
James 4:17 Sin [αμαρτια]
Unused knowledge of one‘s duty is sin, the sin of omission. Cf. Matthew 23:23. [source]
1 John 3:4 Sin is lawlessnessαμαρτια εστιν η ανομια]
The article with both subject and predicate makes them coextensive and so interchangeable. Doing sin is the converse of doing righteousness (1 John 2:29). The present active participle (ποιων — poiōn) means the habit of doing sin. [source]
1 John 3:5 And in him is no sin [και αμαρτια εν αυτωι ουκ εστιν]
“And sin (the sinful principle) in him is not.” As Jesus had claimed about himself (John 7:18; John 8:46) and as is repeatedly stated in the N.T. (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 4:15; Hebrews 7:26; Hebrews 9:13). [source]
1 John 5:17 All unrighteousness is sin [πασα αδικια αμαρτια εστιν]
Unrighteousness is one manifestation of sin as lawlessness (1 John 3:4) is another (Brooke). The world today takes sin too lightly, even jokingly as a mere animal inheritance. Sin is a terrible reality, but there is no cause for despair. Sin not unto death can be overcome in Christ. [source]

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James 1:15 The sinαμαρτια]
The article refers to αμαρτια — hamartia just mentioned. [source]

150 Verses with G266

Matthew 1:21
Literal: She will bear then a son and you will call the name of Him Jesus He for will save the people from the sins of them
KJV: And  she shall bring forth  a son,  and  thou shalt call  his  name  JESUS:  for  he  shall save  his  people  from  their  sins. 

Matthew 3:6
Literal: and were being baptized in the Jordan River by him confessing the sins of them
KJV: And  were baptized  of  him  in  Jordan,  confessing  their  sins. 

Matthew 9:2
Literal: And behold they were bringing to Him a paralytic on a bed lying having seen - Jesus the faith of them He said to the paralytic Take courage son have been forgiven of you the sins
KJV: And,  behold,  they brought  to him  a man sick of the palsy,  lying  on  a bed:  and  Jesus  their  faith  said  unto the sick of the palsy;  Son,  be of good cheer;  sins  be forgiven 

Matthew 9:5
Literal: Which for is easier to say Are forgiven of you the sins or Arise and walk
KJV: For  whether  easier,  to say,  Thy sins  be forgiven  or  to say,  Arise,  and  walk? 

Matthew 9:6
Literal: So that however you may know that authority has the Son - of Man on the earth to forgive sins Then He says to the paralytic Having arisen take up your - mat and go to the house of you
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  on  earth  to forgive  sins,  (then  saith he  to the sick of the palsy,)  Arise,  take up  bed,  and  go  unto  house. 

Matthew 12:31
Literal: Because of this I say to you every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven - men - however against [the] Spirit not
KJV: Wherefore  I say  All manner of  sin  and  blasphemy  shall be forgiven  unto men:  but  the blasphemy  against the Holy Ghost  not  be forgiven  unto men. 

Matthew 26:28
Literal: This for is the blood of Me of the covenant - for many being poured out for forgiveness of sins
KJV: For  blood  testament,  which  is shed  for  many  for  the remission  of sins. 

Mark 1:4
Literal: Came John - baptizing in the wilderness and proclaiming [a] baptism of repentance for forgiveness of sins
KJV: John  did  baptize  in  the wilderness,  and  preach  the baptism  of repentance  for  the remission  of sins. 

Mark 1:5
Literal: And were going out to him all the of Judea region - of Jerusalem all were being baptized by him in the Jordan river confessing the sins of them
KJV: And  there went out  unto  him  all  the land  of Judaea,  and  they of Jerusalem,  and  all  baptized  of  him  in  the river  of Jordan,  confessing  their  sins. 

Mark 2:5
Literal: And having seen - Jesus the faith of them He says to the paralytic Son are forgiven of you the sins
KJV: Jesus  their  faith,  he said  unto the sick of the palsy,  Son,  sins  be forgiven 

Mark 2:7
Literal: Why this [man] thus does speak He blasphemes Who is able to forgive sins if not alone - God
KJV: Why  this  man thus  speak  who  can  forgive  sins  God  only? 

Mark 2:9
Literal: Which is easier to say to the paralytic Are forgiven of you the sins or Arise and take up the mat walk
KJV: Whether  easier  to say  to the sick of the palsy,  Thy sins  be forgiven  or  to say,  Arise,  and  take up  bed,  and  walk? 

Mark 2:10
Literal: That however you might know that authority has the Son - of Man to forgive sins on the earth He says to the paralytic
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  on  earth  to forgive  sins,  (he saith  to the sick of the palsy,) 

Luke 1:77
Literal: - to give knowledge of salvation to people of Him in forgiveness of [the] sins of them
KJV: To give  knowledge  of salvation  unto his  people  by  the remission  of their  sins, 

Luke 3:3
Literal: And he went into all the surrounding region of the Jordan proclaiming a baptism of repentance for forgiveness of sins
KJV: And  he came  into  all  the country about  Jordan,  preaching  the baptism  of repentance  for  the remission  of sins; 

Luke 5:20
Literal: And having seen the faith of them He said Man have been forgiven you the sins of you
KJV: And  their  faith,  he said  unto him,  Man,  sins  are forgiven 

Luke 5:21
Literal: And began to reason the scribes Pharisees saying Who is this who speaks blasphemies is able sins to forgive if not alone - God
KJV: And  the scribes  and  the Pharisees  began  to reason,  saying,  Who  this  which  speaketh  blasphemies?  Who  can  forgive  sins,  God  alone? 

Luke 5:23
Literal: Which is easier to say Have been forgiven you the sins of you or Arise and walk
KJV: Whether  easier,  to say,  sins  be forgiven  or  to say,  Rise up  and  walk? 

Luke 5:24
Literal: That however you may know that the Son - of Man authority has on the earth to forgive sins He said to the [one] having been paralyzed To you I say arise and having taken up the mat of you go to the house
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  upon  earth  to forgive  sins,  (he said  unto the sick of the palsy,)  I say  Arise,  and  take up  couch,  and go  into  house. 

Luke 7:47
Literal: This therefore I say to you have been forgiven the sins of her - many for she loved much to whom however little is forgiven little he loves
KJV: Wherefore  I say  Her  sins,  which  are many,  are forgiven;  for  she loved  much:  but  to whom  little  is forgiven,  the same loveth  little. 

Luke 7:48
Literal: He said then to her Have been forgiven your - sins
KJV: And  he said  unto her,  sins  are forgiven. 

Luke 7:49
Literal: And began those reclining to say within themselves Who this is who even sins forgives
KJV: And  they that sat at meat with him  began  to say  within  themselves,  Who  this  that  forgiveth  sins  also? 

Luke 11:4
Literal: And forgive us the sins of us also for ourselves we forgive everyone indebted to us not lead us into temptation but deliver from the evil [one]
KJV: And  forgive  sins;  for  we  also  forgive  every one  that is indebted  And  lead  not  into  temptation;  but  deliver  from  evil. 

Luke 24:47
Literal: and to be proclaimed in the name of Him repentance and forgiveness of sins to all - nations having begun from Jerusalem
KJV: And  that repentance  and  remission  of sins  should be preached  in  his  name  among  all  nations,  beginning  at  Jerusalem. 

John 1:29
Literal: On the next day he sees - Jesus coming to him and says Behold the Lamb - of God - taking away the sin of the world
KJV: The next day  seeth  Jesus  coming  unto  him,  and  saith,  the Lamb  of God,  which  taketh away  the sin  of the world. 

John 8:21
Literal: He said then again to them I am going away and you will seek Me in the sin of you you will die where go you not are able to come
KJV: Then  said  again  unto them,  go my way,  and  ye shall seek  and  shall die  in  sins:  whither  go,  cannot  come. 

John 8:24
Literal: I said therefore to you that you will die in the sins of you if for not you believe I am [He]
KJV: I said  therefore  that  ye shall die  in  sins:  for  ye believe  that  am  he, ye shall die  in  sins. 

John 8:34
Literal: Answered them - Jesus Truly I say to you that everyone practicing the sin a slave is of the sin
KJV: Jesus  answered  them,  Verily,  I say  Whosoever  committeth  sin  the servant  of sin. 

John 8:46
Literal: Which of you convicts me concerning sin If [the] truth I speak because of why you not do believe Me
KJV: Which  of  convinceth  of  sin?  if  I say  the truth,  not  believe 

John 9:34
Literal: They answered and said to him In sins you were born entirely teach us they cast him out
KJV: They answered  and  said  unto him,  Thou  altogether  born  in  sins,  and  dost thou  teach  And  they cast  him  out. 

John 9:41
Literal: Said to them - Jesus If blind you were not - you would have sin since however you say - We see the sin of you remains
KJV: Jesus  said  unto them,  If  blind,  ye should  have  no  sin:  but  now  ye say,  We see;  sin  remaineth. 

John 15:22
Literal: If not I had come and spoken to them sin not they would have had now however excuse they have for the sin of them
KJV: come  and  spoken  unto them,  not  had  sin:  but  now  they have  no  cloke  for  their  sin. 

John 15:24
Literal: If the works not I had done among them that no other has done sin not they would have had now however both they have seen and have hated Me the Father of Me
KJV: done  among  them  the works  which  none  other man  did,  not  had  sin:  but  now  both  seen  and  hated  both  Father. 

John 16:8
Literal: And having come He will convict the world concerning sin righteousness judgment
KJV: And  when he is come,  he  will reprove  the world  of  sin,  and  of  righteousness,  and  of  judgment: 

John 16:9
Literal: concerning sin indeed because not do they believe in Me
KJV: Of  sin,  because  they believe  not  on 

John 19:11
Literal: Answered him Jesus Not you would have authority also Me against if not it were given to you from above Because of this the [one] having delivered up Me greater sin has
KJV: Jesus  answered,  Thou couldest have  no  power  at all against  given  from above:  he that delivered  hath  sin. 

John 20:23
Literal: If of any you might forgive the sins they are forgiven them any you might retain they are retained
KJV: Whose  soever  sins  ye remit,  unto them;  and whose  soever  sins ye retain, 

Acts 2:38
Literal: Peter then to them Repent he declared and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of the sins you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
KJV: Then  Peter  said  unto  them,  Repent,  and  be baptized  every one  in  the name  of Jesus  Christ  for  the remission  of sins,  and  ye shall receive  the gift  of the Holy  Ghost. 

Acts 3:19
Literal: Repent therefore and turn again for the blotting out of your - sins
KJV: Repent ye  therefore,  and  be converted,  sins  may be blotted out, 

Acts 5:31
Literal: Him - God [as] Prince and Savior exalted by the right hand of Him - to give repentance - to Israel forgiveness of sins
KJV: hath God  exalted  with his  right hand  to be a Prince  and  a Saviour,  for to give  repentance  to Israel,  and  forgiveness  of sins. 

Acts 7:60
Literal: Having fallen then on [his] knees he cried in a voice loud Lord not place to them this - sin And this having said he fell asleep
KJV: And  he kneeled down,  and cried  with a loud  voice,  Lord,  lay  not  sin  to their  charge. And  when he had said  he fell asleep. 

Acts 10:43
Literal: To Him all the prophets bear witness [that] forgiveness of sins receives through the name of Him everyone - believing in Him
KJV: all  the prophets  witness,  that through  his  name  whosoever  believeth  in  him  shall receive  remission  of sins. 

Acts 13:38
Literal: Known therefore be it to you men brothers that through this One forgiveness of sins is proclaimed
KJV: known  therefore,  men  and brethren,  that  through  is preached  the forgiveness  of sins: 

Acts 22:16
Literal: And now why delay you Having arisen be baptized wash away the sins of you calling on the name of Him
KJV: And  now  why  tarriest thou?  arise,  and be baptized,  and  wash away  sins,  calling on  the name 

Acts 26:18
Literal: to open eyes of them that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power - of Satan to - God [that] may receive they forgiveness of sins [an] inheritance among those having been sanctified by faith that [is] in Me
KJV: To open  their  eyes,  and to turn  them from  darkness  to  light,  and  from the power  of Satan  unto  God,  that they  may receive  forgiveness  of sins,  and  inheritance  among  them which are sanctified  by faith  that is in 

Romans 3:9
Literal: What then Are we better Not at all We have already charged for Jews both and Greeks all under sin to be
KJV: What  then?  are we better  than they? No,  in no wise:  for  we have before proved  both  Jews  and  Gentiles,  all  under  sin; 

Romans 3:20
Literal: Therefore by works of [the] Law not will be justified any flesh before Him through for [the] Law [is] knowledge of sin
KJV: Therefore  by  the deeds  of the law  no  flesh  be justified  in his  sight:  for  by  the law  is the knowledge  of sin. 

Romans 4:7
Literal: Blessed [are they] of whom are forgiven the lawless deeds and of whom are covered sins
KJV: Saying, Blessed  are they whose  iniquities  are forgiven,  and  whose  sins  are covered. 

Romans 4:8
Literal: blessed [the] man against whom no not will reckon [the] Lord sin
KJV: Blessed  is the man  to whom  the Lord  impute  sin. 

Romans 5:12
Literal: Because of this just as through one man - sin into the world entered and through - sin - death also thus to all men passed for that all sinned
KJV: Wherefore,  as  by  one  man  sin  entered  into  the world,  and  death  by  sin;  and  so  death  passed  upon  all  men,  for  that  all  have sinned: 

Romans 5:13
Literal: Until for [the] law sin was in [the] world however not is imputed not there being law
KJV: (For  until  the law  sin  in  the world:  but  sin  not  imputed  no  law. 

Romans 5:20
Literal: [The] law now entered so that might abound the trespass where however abounded - sin overabounded grace
KJV: Moreover  the law  entered,  that  the offence  might abound.  But  where  sin  abounded,  grace  did much more abound: 

Romans 5:21
Literal: so that just as reigned the sin in - death so also - grace might reign through righteousness unto life eternal Jesus Christ the Lord of us
KJV: That  as  sin  hath reigned  unto  death,  even  so  grace  reign  through  righteousness  unto  eternal  life  by  Jesus  Christ  Lord. 

Romans 6:1
Literal: What then will we say Shall we continue - in sin that - grace may abound
KJV: What  shall we say  then?  Shall we continue  in sin,  that  grace  may abound? 

Romans 6:2
Literal: Never may it be Who we died - to sin how still shall we live in it
KJV: God forbid.  How  shall we, that  are dead  to sin,  live  any longer  therein? 

Romans 6:6
Literal: this knowing that - old of us self was crucified with [Him] so that might be annulled the body - of sin [that] no longer are enslaved we - to sin
KJV: Knowing  that  old  man  is crucified with  him, that  the body  of sin  might be destroyed,  not  serve  sin. 

Romans 6:7
Literal: The [one] for having died has been freed from - sin
KJV: For  he that is dead  is freed  from  sin. 

Romans 6:10
Literal: That which for He died - to sin once for all however He lives - to God
KJV: For  in that he died,  unto sin  once:  but  in that  he liveth,  unto God. 

Romans 6:11
Literal: So also you consider yourselves to be dead indeed - to sin living however - to God in Christ Jesus
KJV: Likewise  reckon  also  yourselves  dead  indeed  unto sin,  but  alive  unto God  through  Jesus  Christ 

Romans 6:12
Literal: Not therefore let reign - sin in the mortal of you body in order - to obey the desires of it
KJV: not  sin  therefore  reign  in  mortal  body,  that  ye should obey  it  in  the lusts  thereof. 

Romans 6:13
Literal: Neither yield the members of you [as] instruments of unrighteousness - to sin but yield yourselves - to God as out from [the] dead living and of righteousness
KJV: Neither  yield ye  members  as instruments  of unrighteousness  unto sin:  but  yield  yourselves  unto God,  those that are alive  from  the dead,  and  members  as instruments  of righteousness  unto God. 

Romans 6:14
Literal: Sin for you not will rule over for you are under law but grace
KJV: For  sin  not  have dominion over  for  not  under  the law,  but  under  grace. 

Romans 6:16
Literal: Not know you that to whom you yield yourselves [as] slaves for obedience slaves you are to him whom you obey whether of sin to death or of obedience righteousness
KJV: Know ye  not,  that  to whom  ye yield  yourselves  servants  to  obey,  his servants  to whom  ye obey;  whether  of sin  unto  death,  or  of obedience  unto  righteousness? 

Romans 6:17
Literal: Thanks [be] however - to God that you used to be slaves - of sin you have become obedient now from [the] heart to which you were handed over to the form of teaching
KJV: But  God  be thanked,  that  the servants  of sin,  but  ye have obeyed  from  the heart  that form  of doctrine  which  was delivered you. 

Romans 6:18
Literal: Having been set free now from - sin you have become slaves - to righteousness
KJV: then  made free  from  sin,  ye became the servants  of righteousness. 

Romans 6:20
Literal: When for slaves you were - of sin free - from righteousness
KJV: For  when  the servants  of sin,  free  from righteousness. 

Romans 6:22
Literal: Now however having been set free from - sin having become slaves now - to God you have the fruit of you unto sanctification - the end [is] life eternal
KJV: But  now  being made free  from  sin,  and  become servants  to God,  ye have  fruit  unto  holiness,  and  the end  everlasting  life. 

Romans 6:23
Literal: The for wages - of sin [is] death - but the gift - of God life eternal in Christ Jesus the Lord of us
KJV: For  the wages  of sin  is death;  but  the gift  of God  is eternal  life  through  Jesus  Christ  Lord. 

Romans 7:5
Literal: While for we were in the flesh the passions - of sins that [were] through the law were at work the members of us to the bringing forth of fruit - to death
KJV: For  when  in  the flesh,  the motions  of sins,  which  were by  the law,  did work  in  members  to bring  forth fruit  unto death. 

Romans 7:7
Literal: What then shall we say [Is] the law sin Never may it be But - sin not I have known if not by law - then for covetousness I had been conscious of the had said you shall covet
KJV: What  shall we say  then?  Is the law  sin?  God forbid.  Nay,  not  known  sin,  by  the law:  for  not  known  lust,  the law  not  covet. 

Romans 7:8
Literal: An occasion however having taken - sin by the commandment it produced in me all covetousness apart from for [the] Law [is] dead
KJV: But  sin,  taking  occasion  by  the commandment,  wrought  in  all manner of  concupiscence.  For  without  the law  sin  was dead. 

Romans 7:9
Literal: I however was alive apart from law once having come the commandment the sin revived then died
KJV: For  was alive  without  the law  once:  but  when the commandment  came,  sin  revived,  and  died. 

Romans 7:11
Literal: The for sin an occasion having taken by the commandment deceived me and by it put [me] to death
KJV: For  sin,  taking  occasion  by  the commandment,  deceived  and  by  it  slew 

Romans 7:13
Literal: That which then [is] good to me has become death Never may it be But - sin in order that it might be shown to be through that which [is] good to me is working out death so that might become beyond excess sinful the commandment
KJV: Was then  that which is good  made  death  God forbid.  But  sin,  that  it might appear  sin,  working  death  by  that which is good;  that  sin  by  the commandment  might become  exceeding  sinful. 

Romans 7:14
Literal: We know for that - [the] Law spiritual is I however fleshly am having been sold under - sin
KJV: For  we know  that  the law  spiritual:  but  am  sold  under  sin. 

Romans 7:17
Literal: In that case now no longer I am doing it but the dwelling in me sin
KJV: Now  then  it is no more  that do  it,  but  sin  that dwelleth  in 

Romans 7:20
Literal: If now what not I do want I this do [it is] no longer who do it but - dwelling in me sin
KJV: Now  if  I do  would  not,  that do  it,  but  sin  that dwelleth  in 

Romans 7:23
Literal: I see however another law in the members of me warring against the law of the mind and making captive me to - of sin - being
KJV: But  I see  another  law  in  members,  warring against  the law  mind,  and  into captivity  to the law  of sin  which  in  members. 

Romans 7:25
Literal: Thanks [be] then to God through Jesus Christ the Lord of us Then so myself I with the indeed mind serve law God’s - but [with] the flesh [the] law of sin
KJV: God  through  Jesus  Christ  Lord.  So then  with the mind  myself  serve  the law  of God;  but  with the flesh  the law  of sin. 

Romans 8:2
Literal: - For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set free you from the law - of sin and - of death
KJV: For  the law  of the Spirit  of life  in  Christ  Jesus  free  from  the law  of sin  and  death. 

Romans 8:3
Literal: - For powerless [being] the law in that it was weak through the flesh - God - of Himself Son having sent likeness of flesh of sin and for sin condemned - sin the flesh
KJV: For  what the law  could not do,  in  that  it was weak  through  the flesh,  God  sending  his own  Son  in  the likeness  of sinful  flesh,  and  for  sin,  condemned  sin  in  the flesh: 

Romans 8:10
Literal: If however Christ [is] in you the indeed body [is] dead on account of sin Spirit [is] life righteousness
KJV: And  if  Christ  be in  the body  is dead  because  of sin;  but  the Spirit  is life  because  of righteousness. 

Romans 11:27
Literal: And this [is] to them the from Me covenant when I shall take away the sins of them
KJV: For  this  is my  covenant  unto them,  when  I shall take away  their  sins. 

Romans 14:23
Literal: The [one] however doubting if he eats has been condemned because [it is] not of faith everything now that [is] sin is
KJV: And  he that doubteth  is damned  if  he eat,  because  he eateth not  of  faith:  for  whatsoever  is not  of  faith  sin. 

1 Corinthians 15:3
Literal: I delivered for to you in the foremost what also I received that Christ died for the sins of us according to the Scriptures
KJV: For  I delivered  first of all  that which  also  received,  how  that Christ  died  for  sins  according  to the scriptures; 

1 Corinthians 15:17
Literal: if then Christ not has been raised futile the faith of you is still you are in the sins
KJV: And  if  Christ  not  raised,  faith  is vain;  yet  in  sins. 

1 Corinthians 15:56
Literal: - And the sting - of death [is] - sin the power - of sin the law
KJV: The sting  of death  is sin;  and  the strength  of sin  is the law. 

2 Corinthians 5:21
Literal: The [One] not having known sin for us He made so that we might become [the] righteousness of God in Him
KJV: he hath made  him to be sin  for  who  knew  no  sin;  that  might be made  the righteousness  of God  in  him. 

2 Corinthians 11:7
Literal: Or a sin did I commit myself humbling so that you might be exalted because freely the - of God gospel I preached to you
KJV: Have I committed  an offence  in abasing  myself  that  might be exalted,  because  I have preached  the gospel  of God  freely? 

Galatians 1:4
Literal: the [One] having given Himself for the sins of us so that He might deliver us out of the age of having come presently evil according to the will of the God and Father
KJV: Who  gave  himself  for  sins,  that  he might deliver  from  this present  evil  world,  according  to the will  of God  and  Father: 

Galatians 2:17
Literal: If however seeking to be justified in Christ have been found also we ourselves sinners [is] then Christ of sin a minister Never may it be
KJV: But  if,  while we seek  to be justified  by  Christ,  ourselves  also  are found  sinners,  Christ  the minister  of sin?  God forbid. 

Galatians 3:22
Literal: but imprisoned the Scripture things all under sin so that promise by faith from Jesus Christ might be given to those believing
KJV: But  the scripture  hath concluded  all  under  sin,  that  the promise  by  faith  of Jesus  Christ  might be given  to them that believe. 

Ephesians 2:1
Literal: And you being dead in the trespasses the sins of you
KJV: And  dead  in trespasses  and  sins; 

Colossians 1:14
Literal: in whom we have - redemption the forgiveness - of sins
KJV: In  whom  we have  redemption  even the forgiveness  of sins: 

1 Thessalonians 2:16
Literal: hindering us to the Gentiles to speak that they might be saved so as - to fill up their - sins always Has come now upon them the wrath to the utmost
KJV: Forbidding  to speak  to the Gentiles  that  they might be saved,  to  fill up  their  sins  alway:  for  the wrath  is come  upon  them  to  the uttermost. 

1 Timothy 5:22
Literal: Hands hastily on no one lay nor share in [the] sins of others yourself pure keep
KJV: hands  suddenly  on  no man,  neither  be partaker  of other  men's sins:  keep  thyself  pure. 

1 Timothy 5:24
Literal: Of some men the sins manifest are going before [them] to judgment of some however also they appear later
KJV: Some  men's  sins  open beforehand,  going before  to  judgment;  and  some  men they follow after. 

2 Timothy 3:6
Literal: Out of this sort for are those entering into - households and taking captive weak women burdened with sins being led away by passions various
KJV: For  of  which creep  into  houses,  and  silly women  laden  with sins,  led away  with divers  lusts, 

Hebrews 1:3
Literal: who being [the] radiance of [His] glory and [the] exact expression of the substance of Him upholding then - all things by the word power through of Himself [the] purification - of sins having made sat down at [the] right hand Majesty on high
KJV: Who  the brightness  of his glory,  and  the express image  of his  person,  and  upholding  all things  by the word  of his  power,  by  purged  sins,  sat down  on  the right hand  of the Majesty  on  high; 

Hebrews 2:17
Literal: Therefore it behooved [Him] in all things [His] brothers to be made like so that a merciful He might become and faithful high priest [in] things relating to - God in order - to make propitiation for the sins of the people
KJV: Wherefore  in  all things  it behoved him  to be made like  unto his brethren,  that  he might be  a merciful  and  faithful  high priest  in things pertaining to  God,  to  make reconciliation for  the sins  of the people. 

Hebrews 3:13
Literal: But encourage other each every day while - - today it is called so that not may be hardened one of you by [the] deceitfulness - of sin
KJV: But  exhort  one another  daily,  while  it is called  To day;  any  of  be hardened  through the deceitfulness  of sin. 

Hebrews 4:15
Literal: Not for have we a high priest not being able to sympathize with the weaknesses of us [one] having been tempted however in all things by the same way without sin
KJV: For  we have  not  an high priest  which cannot  be touched with the feeling  infirmities;  but  in  all points  tempted  like  as  we are, yet without  sin. 

Hebrews 5:1
Literal: Every for high priest from among men being taken on behalf of is appointed in things relating to - God that he should offer gifts both and sacrifices for sins
KJV: For  every  high priest  taken  from among  men  is ordained  for  men  in things pertaining to  God,  that  he may offer  both  gifts  and  sacrifices  for  sins: 

Hebrews 5:3
Literal: and because of this he is obligated just as for the people so also himself to offer sacrifices sins
KJV: And  by reason  he ought,  as  for  the people,  so  also  for  to offer  sins. 

Hebrews 7:27
Literal: who not has every day need as the high priests first for the own sins sacrifices to offer up then for those of the people this for He did once for all Himself having offered up
KJV: Who  needeth  not  daily,  as  those high priests,  to offer up  sacrifice,  first  for  his own  sins,  and then  for the people's:  for  he did  once,  when he offered up  himself. 

Hebrews 8:12
Literal: because merciful I will be toward the iniquities of them and the sins no not I shall remember more
KJV: For  merciful  to their  unrighteousness,  and  their  sins  and  their  more. 

Hebrews 9:26
Literal: Otherwise it was necessary for Him repeatedly to have suffered from [the] foundation of [the] world Now however once in [the] consummation of the ages for [the] putting away of sin by the sacrifice of Himself He has been revealed
KJV: For then  must  he  often  have suffered  since  the foundation  of the world:  but  once  in  the end  of the world  hath he appeared  to  put away  sin  by  the sacrifice  of himself. 

Hebrews 9:28
Literal: so also - Christ once having been offered in order - of many to bear [the] sins for a second time apart from sin will appear to those Him awaiting for salvation
KJV: So  Christ  was once  offered  to  bear  the sins  of many;  and unto them that look  for him  the second time  without  sin  unto  salvation. 

Hebrews 10:2
Literal: Otherwise not - would they have ceased being offered because of - none having any longer conscience of sins those serving once having been cleansed
KJV: For then  would they  not  have ceased  to be offered?  because  that the worshippers  once  should have had  no  more  conscience  of sins. 

Hebrews 10:3
Literal: But in these [there is] a reminder of sins every year
KJV: But  in  those  sacrifices there is a remembrance again  made of sins  every  year. 

Hebrews 10:4
Literal: Impossible [it is] indeed [for the] blood of bulls and of goats to take away sins
KJV: For  it is not possible  that the blood  of bulls  and  of goats  should take away  sins. 

Hebrews 10:6
Literal: Burnt offerings and [offerings] for sin not You have delighted in
KJV: In burnt offerings  and  sacrifices for  sin  no  pleasure. 

Hebrews 10:8
Literal: Above saying - Sacrifice and offering burnt offerings [offerings] for sin not You have desired nor have You delighted in which according to [the] Law are offered
KJV: Above  when he said,  Sacrifice  and  offering  and  burnt offerings  and  offering for  sin  thou wouldest  not,  neither  hadst pleasure  therein; which  are offered  by  the law; 

Hebrews 10:11
Literal: And every indeed priest stands every day ministering the same repeatedly offering sacrifices which never are able to take away sins
KJV: And  every  priest  standeth  daily  ministering  and  offering  oftentimes  the same  sacrifices,  which  can  never  take away  sins: 

Hebrews 10:12
Literal: This [One] however one for sins having offered sacrifice in - perpetuity sat down at [the] right hand - of God
KJV: But  after he had offered  sacrifice  for  sins  for  ever,  sat down  on  the right hand  of God; 

Hebrews 10:17
Literal: and The sins of them lawless acts no not will I remember any more
KJV: And  their  sins  and  iniquities  more. 

Hebrews 10:18
Literal: Where now forgiveness of these [is] no longer [is there] an offering for sin
KJV: Now  where  remission  is, there is no more  offering  for  sin. 

Hebrews 10:26
Literal: [If] willingly for sin we after [we are] - to receive the knowledge of the truth no longer for sins remains a sacrifice
KJV: For  sin  wilfully  after  that we have received  the knowledge  of the truth,  there remaineth  no more  sacrifice  for  sins, 

Hebrews 11:25
Literal: rather having chosen to suffer affliction with the people - of God than [the] temporary to have of sin enjoyment
KJV: Choosing  rather  to suffer affliction  with the people  of God,  than  to enjoy the pleasures  of sin  for a season; 

Hebrews 12:1
Literal: Therefore also we such a great having encompassing us a cloud of witnesses weight having laid aside every and the easily entangling sin with endurance should run the lying before race
KJV: Wherefore  seeing we also  are  compassed about  with so great  a cloud  of witnesses,  lay aside  every  weight,  and  the sin  which doth so easily beset  us, and let us run  with  patience  the race  that is set before 

Hebrews 12:4
Literal: Not yet unto blood have you resisted against - sin struggling
KJV: not yet  resisted  unto  blood,  striving  against  sin. 

Hebrews 13:11
Literal: Whose for is brought of animals the blood [as sacrifices] for sin into the holy places by the high priest of those the bodies are burned outside the camp
KJV: For  the bodies  beasts,  whose  blood  is brought  into  by  the high priest  for  sin,  are burned  without  the camp. 

James 1:15
Literal: Then - desire having conceived gives birth to sin and sin having become fully grown brings forth death
KJV: Then  when lust  hath conceived,  it bringeth forth  sin:  and  sin,  when it is finished,  bringeth forth  death. 

James 2:9
Literal: If however you show partiality sin you are committing being convicted by the law as transgressors
KJV: But  if  ye have respect to persons,  ye commit  sin,  and are convinced  of  the law  as  transgressors. 

James 4:17
Literal: To [him] knowing therefore good to do and not doing sin to him it is
KJV: Therefore  to him that knoweth  to do  good,  and  doeth  it not,  to him  sin. 

James 5:15
Literal: And the prayer - of faith will save the one ailing will raise up him the Lord and if sins he might be [one] having committed it will be forgiven him
KJV: And  the prayer  of faith  shall save  the sick,  and  the Lord  him  up;  and if  committed  sins,  they shall be forgiven  him. 

James 5:16
Literal: Confess therefore to one another the sins and pray for one another so that you may be healed Much prevails [the] prayer of a righteous [man] being made effective
KJV: Confess  one to another,  and  pray  for  another,  that  ye may be healed.  The effectual fervent  prayer  of a righteous man  availeth  much. 

James 5:20
Literal: let him know that the [one] having brought back a sinner from [the] error of the way of him will save the soul death and will cover over a multitude of sins
KJV: him  know,  that  he which converteth  the sinner  from  the error  of his  way  shall save  a soul  from  death,  and  shall hide  a multitude  of sins. 

1 Peter 2:22
Literal: Who sin not committed neither was found trickery in the mouth of Him
KJV: Who  did  no  sin,  neither  was guile  found  in  his  mouth: 

1 Peter 2:24
Literal: Who the sins of us Himself bore in the body of Him on the tree so that - to sins having been dead - to righteousness we might live By whose - wounds you have been healed
KJV: Who  his own self  bare  sins  in  his own  body  on  the tree,  that  being dead  to sins,  should live  unto righteousness:  by  whose  stripes  ye were healed. 

1 Peter 3:18
Literal: because also Christ once for sins suffered [the] righteous for [the] unrighteous so that you He might bring - to God having been put to death indeed in [the] flesh having been made alive however in [the] spirit
KJV: For  Christ  also  hath once  suffered  for  sins,  the just  for  the unjust,  that  he might bring  to God,  being put to death  in the flesh,  but  quickened  by the Spirit: 

1 Peter 4:1
Literal: Christ therefore having suffered in [the] flesh also you the same mind arm yourselves with because the [one] having suffered [in the] flesh is done with sin
KJV: Forasmuch then as  Christ  hath suffered  in the flesh,  arm  likewise  with the same  mind:  for  he that hath suffered  the flesh  hath ceased  from sin; 

1 Peter 4:8
Literal: above all things - among yourselves love fervent having because love covers over a multitude of sins
KJV: above  all things  have  fervent  charity  among  yourselves:  for  charity  shall cover  the multitude  of sins. 

2 Peter 1:9
Literal: In whomever for not are present these things blind he is being short sighted forgetfulness having received of the purification the former of him sins
KJV: But  he that  lacketh  blind,  and cannot see afar off,  and hath forgotten  that he was purged from  his  old  sins. 

2 Peter 2:14
Literal: eyes having full of adultery and unceasing from sin enticing souls unestablished a heart having been exercised in craving of a curse children
KJV: Having  eyes  full  of adultery,  and  that cannot cease from  sin;  beguiling  unstable  souls:  an heart  they have  exercised  with covetous practices;  cursed  children: 

1 John 1:7
Literal: If however in the light we should walk as He is light fellowship we have with one another and the blood of Jesus the Son of Him cleanses us from all sin
KJV: But  if  we walk  in  the light,  as  he  in  the light,  we have  fellowship  one with another,  and  the blood  of Jesus  his  Son  cleanseth  from  all  sin. 

1 John 1:8
Literal: If we should say that sin not we have ourselves we deceive and the truth is in us
KJV: If  we say  that  we have  no  sin,  we deceive  ourselves,  and  the truth  not  in 

1 John 1:9
Literal: If we should confess the sins of us faithful He is and just that He may forgive us [our] might cleanse us from all unrighteousness
KJV: If  we confess  sins,  faithful  and  just  to  forgive  our sins,  and  to cleanse  from  all  unrighteousness. 

1 John 2:2
Literal: And He [the] propitiation is for the sins of us not of ours and only but also all the world
KJV: And  he  the propitiation  for  sins:  and  not  for  ours  only,  but  also  for  the sins of the whole  world. 

1 John 2:12
Literal: I am writing to you little children because have been forgiven your - sins for the sake of the name of Him
KJV: I write  little children,  because  your sins  are forgiven  his  name's  sake. 

1 John 3:4
Literal: Everyone - committing - sin also lawlessness commits and - sin is lawlessness
KJV: Whosoever  committeth  sin  also  the law:  for  sin  the transgression of the law. 

1 John 3:5
Literal: And you know that He appeared so that - sins He might take away sin in Him not there is
KJV: And  ye know  that  he  was manifested  to  take away  sins;  and  in  him  no  sin. 

1 John 3:8
Literal: The [one] practicing - sin of the devil is because from [the] beginning the devil has been sinning For this [reason] was revealed Son - of God so that He might destroy the works of the
KJV: He that committeth  sin  of  the devil;  for  the devil  sinneth  from  the beginning.  For  the Son  of God  was manifested,  that  he might destroy  the works  of the devil. 

1 John 3:9
Literal: Anyone - having been born of - God sin not practices because seed of Him in him abides and he is able to continue sinning he has been born
KJV: Whosoever  is born  of  God  doth  not  commit sin;  for  his  seed  remaineth  in  him:  and  he cannot  sin,  because  he is born  of  God. 

1 John 4:10
Literal: In this is - love not that we loved - God but He loved us and sent the Son of Him [as] a propitiation for the sins of us
KJV: Herein  love,  not  that  loved  God,  but  that  he  loved  and  sent  his  Son  to be the propitiation  for  sins. 

1 John 5:16
Literal: If anyone should see the brother of him sinning a sin not unto death he shall ask and He will give him life to those sinning There is a sin not concerning that do I say that he should implore
KJV: If  any man  his  brother  sin  a sin  which is not  unto  death,  he shall ask,  and  he shall give  him  life  for them that sin  not  unto  death.  a sin  unto  death:  I do not  say  that  he shall pray  for  it. 

1 John 5:17
Literal: All unrighteousness sin is and there is not unto death
KJV: All  unrighteousness  sin:  and  a sin  not  unto  death. 

Revelation 1:5
Literal: and from Jesus Christ the witness - faithful firstborn of the dead ruler kings of the earth To the [One] loving us releasing from the sins of us through the blood of Him
KJV: And  from  Jesus  Christ,  who is the faithful  witness,  and the first begotten  of  the dead,  and  the prince  of the kings  of the earth.  Unto him that loved  and  from  sins  in  his own  blood, 

Revelation 18:4
Literal: And I heard another voice from - heaven saying Come the people of me out of her so that not you may have fellowship in the sins of her of the plagues you may receive
KJV: And  I heard  another  voice  from  heaven,  saying,  Come  out of  her,  people,  partakers  of her  sins,  and  ye receive  of  her  plagues. 

Revelation 18:5
Literal: For have been heaped her - sins as high as - heaven and has remembered - God the iniquities of her
KJV: For  her  sins  unto  heaven,  and  God  hath remembered  her  iniquities. 

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