Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2309

Word info for θέλω

Root: θέλω
Strongs Number: 2309
Transliteration: [thelo, ethelo, tenses, theleo, etheleo]
Phonetics: thel·o
Etymology: Apparently strengthened from the alternate form of 138
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to will, have in mind, intend (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to will, have in mind, intend.
      1a to be resolved or determined, to purpose.
      1b to desire, to wish.
      1c to love.
         1c1 to like to do a thing, be fond of doing.
      1d to take delight in, have pleasure.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G2309

θέλων, ἤθελεν, θέλοντί, θέλοντα, θέλητε, θέλῃς, Θέλω, θέλω, θέλετε, θέλομεν, Θέλεις, θέλεις, θέλει, θέλῃ, ἠθέλησαν, ἠθέλησεν, ἤθελον, θέλουσιν, ἠθέλησα, θέλετέ, θελόντων, Θέλετε, ‹θέλετε›, θέλοι, θέλοντές, θέλοντες, θελήσαντάς, ἠθελήσατε, ἤθελες, θέλοντος, ἠθελήσαμεν, θέλωσι, θέλειν, θέλοντι, θελήσῃ, θελήσω, ἠθέλησας, θέλοντας, θελήσωσιν

All words for strongs number G2309 :

Word Occurance
θέλω 29
θέλει 18
θέλεις 14
ἤθελεν 14
θέλων 13
θέλετε 13
ἤθελον 8
ἠθέλησεν 8
θέλῃ 8
Θέλω 8
θέλομεν 7
θέλουσιν 6
θέλοντες 6
θέλῃς 4
θέλητε 4
θέλειν 4
θέλοι 3
θελόντων 3
ἠθέλησαν 3
ἠθέλησα 3
Θέλεις 3
θέλοντος 2
θελήσῃ 2
ἠθέλησας 2
ἠθελήσαμεν 2
θελήσω 1
θέλοντι 1
θέλοντας 1
θέλωσι 1
θέλετέ 1
ἤθελες 1
ἠθελήσατε 1
θελήσαντάς 1
θέλοντές 1
‹θέλετε› 1
Θέλετε 1
θέλοντα 1
θέλοντί 1
θελήσωσιν 1

How strongs number G2309 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
desiring 14
i desire 12
desires 10
do you desire 7
wishing 7
you desire 7
i want 6
i wish 6
willing 4
they desire 4
to will 4
desired 4
you wish 4
i do want 4
i am willing 4
you are willing 4
might desire 3
wishes 3
desire you 3
he wants 2
were willing 2
he desired 2
was willing 2
wish 2
we desire 2
he was wishing 2
wished 2
will you [that] 2
wish you [that] 2
they desired 2
he was willing 2
they were willing 2
you have desired 2
do you want 2
will 2
delighting 1
wills [it] 1
should desire 1
was wanting 1
they would be willing 1
she is willing 1
we do want 1
may desire 1
wills 1
willingly 1
he wills 1
she wills 1
i do wish 1
has willed 1
we wanted 1
he has willed 1
should will 1
is willing 1
we do wish 1
i should desire 1
are desiring 1
i wished 1
i was wishing 1
you might wish 1
do we want 1
will you 1
wanted 1
you would be willing 1
you might desire 1
we wish 1
i will 1
will i 1
are they willing 1
would i 1
are you willing 1
they were wishing 1
he wanted 1
was he willing 1
did he want 1
do you desire [that] 1
do you wish [that] 1
he might wish 1
wanting 1
was desiring 1
i have wanted 1
he would 1
we are willing [for] 1
having been willing [for] 1
would 1
it wishes 1
he will 1
they wished 1
are wishing 1
he did desire 1
do you wish 1
they were desiring 1
you desired 1
desire 1
they might desire 1

Two strong number together

G2309 G302
G2309 G2532

201 Verses with G2309

Matthew 1:19
Literal: Joseph now the husband of her righteous being and not willing her to expose publicly purposed secretly to send away her
KJV: Then  Joseph  her  husband,  a just  man, and  not  willing  her  was minded  her  away  privily. 

Matthew 2:18
Literal: A voice in Ramah was heard weeping and mourning great Rachel weeping [for] the children of her not would be comforted because no more are they
KJV: In  Rama  a voice  heard,  and  weeping,  and  great  mourning,  Rachel  weeping  for her  children,  and  would  not  be comforted,  because  not. 

Matthew 5:40
Literal: and to the one willing you to sue the tunic of you to take yield to him also the cloak
KJV: And  if any man will  at the law,  and  take away  coat,  him  have  thy cloke  also. 

Matthew 5:42
Literal: To the [one] asking of you give and the [one] desiring from you to borrow not you shall turn away from
KJV: Give  to him that asketh  and  from him that would  borrow  of  not  thou away. 

Matthew 7:12
Literal: All things therefore as many as if you might desire that should do to you the men so also you do to them This for is the law and prophets
KJV: Therefore  all things  ye would  that  men  should do  even  so  to them:  for  this  the law  and  the prophets. 

Matthew 8:2
Literal: And behold a leper having come was worshipping Him saying Lord if You are willing You are able me to cleanse
KJV: And,  behold,  a leper  and worshipped  him,  saying,  Lord,  if  thou wilt,  thou canst  clean. 

Matthew 8:3
Literal: And having stretched out the hand He touched him saying I am willing be you cleansed immediately was cleansed his - leprosy
KJV: And  put forth  his hand,  and touched  him,  saying,  I will;  be thou clean.  And  immediately  his  leprosy  was cleansed. 

Matthew 9:13
Literal: Having gone however learn what is Mercy I desire and not sacrifice for I came to call [the] righteous but sinners
KJV: But  go ye  and learn  what  I will  have mercy,  and  not  sacrifice:  for  not  come  to call  the righteous,  but  sinners 

Matthew 11:14
Literal: And if you are willing to receive [it] he is Elijah the one being about to come
KJV: And  if  ye will  receive  it, this  Elias,  which  was for  to come. 

Matthew 12:7
Literal: If however you had known what is Mercy I desire and not sacrifice not - you would have condemned the guiltless
KJV: But  if  ye had known  what  I will have  mercy,  and  not  sacrifice,  ye would  not  have condemned  the guiltless. 

Matthew 12:38
Literal: Then answered him some of the scribes and Pharisees saying Teacher we wish from You a sign to see
KJV: Then  certain  of the scribes  and  of the Pharisees  answered,  saying,  Master,  we would  a sign  from 

Matthew 13:28
Literal: - And he said to them An enemy a man this did - the servants to him said Do you desire then [that] having gone forth we should gather them
KJV: He said  unto them,  An enemy  hath done  The servants  unto him,  Wilt thou  then  that we go  them  up? 

Matthew 14:5
Literal: Although wishing him to kill he feared the multitude because as a prophet they were holding
KJV: And  when he would  him  to death,  he feared  the multitude,  because  they counted  him  as  a prophet. 

Matthew 15:28
Literal: Then answering - Jesus said to her O woman great [is] of you the faith Be it to you as you desire And was healed daughter of her from the hour that
KJV: Then  Jesus  answered  and said  unto her,  woman,  great  faith:  be it  even as  thou wilt.  And  her  daughter  was made whole  from  that very  hour. 

Matthew 15:32
Literal: - And Jesus having called to [him] the disciples of Him said I am moved with compassion toward the crowd because already days three they continue with Me and nothing have that they might eat to send away them hungry not I am willing not lest they faint on the way
KJV: Then  Jesus  called  his  disciples  unto him, and said,  I have compassion  on  the multitude,  because  they continue  now  three  days,  and  have  nothing  to eat:  and  I will  not  them  away  fasting,  they faint  in  the way. 

Matthew 16:24
Literal: Then - Jesus said to disciples of Him If anyone desires after Me to come let him deny himself and take up the cross follow Me
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto his  disciples,  man will  come  after  let him deny  himself,  and  take up  his  cross,  and  follow 

Matthew 16:25
Literal: Whoever for if might desire the life of him to save will lose it however - might lose on account of Me will find
KJV: For  whosoever  will  save  his  life  shall lose  it:  and  whosoever  will lose  his  life  sake  shall find  it. 

Matthew 17:4
Literal: Answering now - Peter said - to Jesus Lord good it is for us here to be If You wish I will make three tabernacles for You one and for Moses for Elijah
KJV: Then  answered  Peter,  and said  unto Jesus,  Lord,  good  here:  if  thou wilt,  let us make  here  three  tabernacles;  and  for Moses,  and  for Elias. 

Matthew 17:12
Literal: I say however to you that Elijah already is come and not they knew him but did to him whatever they desired Thus also the Son - of Man is about to suffer from them
KJV: But  I say  That  Elias  is come  already,  and  they knew  him  not,  but  have done  unto  him  whatsoever  they listed.  Likewise  shall  also  the Son  of man  suffer  of  them. 

Matthew 18:23
Literal: Because of this has become like the kingdom of the heavens to a man a king who desired to settle accounts with the servants of him
KJV: Therefore  is the kingdom  of heaven  likened  unto a certain  king,  which  would  take  account  of  his  servants. 

Matthew 18:30
Literal: - But not he was willing rather having gone he cast him into prison until that he should pay that which was owing
KJV: And  he would  not:  but  went  and cast  him  into  prison,  till  he should pay  the debt. 

Matthew 19:17
Literal: - And He said to him Why Me ask you about what is good Only One is good If however you desire into - life to enter keep the commandments
KJV: And  he said  unto him,  Why  good?  one,  but  if  thou wilt  enter  into  life,  keep  the commandments. 

Matthew 19:21
Literal: Was saying to him - Jesus If you desire perfect to be go sell of you the possessing and give to the poor you will have treasure in [the] heavens come follow Me
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  If  thou wilt  perfect,  go  and sell  and  give  to the poor,  and  thou shalt have  treasure  in  heaven:  and  come  and follow 

Matthew 20:14
Literal: Take what [is] yours and go I desire now to this - last to give as also to you
KJV: Take  that thine  is, and  go thy way:  I will  give  last,  even  as 

Matthew 20:15
Literal: Or not is it lawful for me what I will to do with that which [is] mine Or the eye of you envious is because I generous am
KJV: Is it not  lawful  to do  what  I will  with  mine own?  eye  evil,  because  am  good? 

Matthew 20:21
Literal: - And He said to her What do you desire She says to Him Say that might sit these - two sons of mine one on [the] right hand of You and on [the] left hand of You in the kingdom
KJV: And  he said  unto her,  What  wilt thou?  She saith  unto him,  Grant  that  these  two  sons  may sit,  the one  on  right hand,  and  the other  on  the left,  in  kingdom. 

Matthew 20:26
Literal: Not thus will it be among you but whoever if wishes great to become he will be your servant
KJV: not  so  among  but  whosoever  will  be  great  among  minister; 

Matthew 20:27
Literal: and whoever - wishes among you to be first he will be your slave
KJV: And  whosoever  will  chief  among  servant: 

Matthew 20:32
Literal: And having stopped - Jesus called them said What do you desire I should do unto you
KJV: And  Jesus  stood still,  and called  them,  and  said,  What  will ye  that I shall do 

Matthew 21:29
Literal: - And answering he said master Not will I Afterward however having repented he went
KJV: He answered  and said,  I will  not:  but  afterward  he repented,  and went. 

Matthew 22:3
Literal: And he sent the servants of him to call those having been invited to wedding feast not they were willing to come
KJV: And  sent forth  his  servants  to call  to  the wedding:  and  they would  not  come. 

Matthew 23:4
Literal: They tie up - burdens heavy and hard to bear and lay [them] on the shoulders - of men themselves however with finger of them not are they willing to move them
KJV: they bind  heavy  burdens  and  grievous to be borne,  and  lay  them on  men's  shoulders;  but  they themselves will  not  move  them  fingers. 

Matthew 23:37
Literal: Jerusalem Jerusalem - killing the prophets and stoning those having been sent to her How often would I have gathered together the children of you in which way a hen gathers together chicks of her under the wings not you were willing
KJV: O Jerusalem,  thou that killest  the prophets,  and  stonest  them which are sent  unto  thee,  how often  would I  children  together,  even as  a hen  gathereth  chickens  under  her wings,  and  ye would  not! 

Matthew 26:15
Literal: he said What are you willing me to give and I to you will betray Him - And they appointed to him thirty pieces of silver
KJV: And said  unto them, What  will ye  give  and  I will deliver  him  And  they covenanted  with him  for thirty  pieces of silver. 

Matthew 26:17
Literal: On the now first [day] of the unleavened [bread] came the disciples - to Jesus saying Where wish you [that] we should prepare for You to eat the Passover
KJV: Now  the first  day of the feast of unleavened bread  the disciples  came  to Jesus,  saying  Where  wilt thou  that we prepare  to eat  the passover? 

Matthew 26:39
Literal: And having gone forward a little He fell upon face of Him praying saying Father of Me if possible it is let pass from Me the cup this Nevertheless not as I will but You
KJV: And  further,  and fell  on  his  face,  and  prayed,  saying,  Father,  if  possible,  cup  pass  from  nevertheless  not  as  will,  but  as  thou 

Matthew 27:15
Literal: At now [the] feast was accustomed the governor to release one to the multitude prisoner whom they were wishing
KJV: Now  at  that feast  the governor  was wont  to release  unto the people  prisoner,  whom  they would. 

Matthew 27:17
Literal: Being gathered together therefore of them said to them - Pilate Whom will you [that] I shall release to you Jesus - Barabbas or Jesus who is called Christ
KJV: Therefore  when they  were gathered together,  Pilate  said  unto them,  Whom  will ye  that I release  Barabbas,  or  Jesus  which  is called  Christ? 

Matthew 27:21
Literal: Answering now the governor said to them Which do you desire of the two I release to you - And they said - Barabbas
KJV: The governor  answered  and  said  unto them,  Whether  of  the twain  will ye  that I release  They said,  Barabbas. 

Matthew 27:34
Literal: they gave Him to drink wine with gall mingled and having tasted not He was willing to drink [it]
KJV: They gave  him  to drink  mingled  with  gall:  and  when he had tasted  thereof, he would  not  drink. 

Matthew 27:43
Literal: He trusted on - God Let Him deliver now if He wants Him He said for - Of God I am [the] Son
KJV: He trusted  in  God;  let him deliver  him  now,  if  he will have  him:  for  he said,  I am  the Son  of God. 

Mark 1:40
Literal: And comes to Him a leper imploring kneeling down to Him and saying to Him - If You are willing You are able me to cleanse
KJV: And  there came  a leper  to  him,  beseeching  him,  and  kneeling down  to him,  and  saying  unto him,  If  thou wilt,  thou canst  clean. 

Mark 1:41
Literal: And having been moved with compassion having stretched out the hand of Him He touched him says to him I am willing be you cleansed
KJV: moved with compassion,  put forth  his hand,  and touched  him,  and  saith  unto him,  I will;  be thou clean. 

Mark 3:13
Literal: And He goes up on the mountain calls near those whom he wanted Himself they went to Him
KJV: And  he goeth up  into  a mountain,  and  calleth  unto him whom  he  would:  and  they came  unto  him. 

Mark 6:19
Literal: - And Herodias held it against him and wished him to kill not was able
KJV: Therefore  Herodias  had a quarrel  against him,  and  would  have killed  him;  but  she could  not: 

Mark 6:22
Literal: and having come in the daughter of herself - Herodias having danced pleased - Herod those reclining with [him] - And the king said to the girl Ask me whatever if you wish I will give to you
KJV: And  when the daughter  of the said  Herodias  came in,  and  danced,  and  pleased  Herod  and  them that sat with him,  the king  said  unto the damsel,  Ask  whatsoever  thou wilt,  and  I will give 

Mark 6:25
Literal: And having entered immediately with haste to the king she asked saying I desire that at once you give to me upon a platter the head of John the Baptist
KJV: And  she came in  straightway  with  haste  unto  the king,  and asked,  saying,  I will  that  thou give  by and by  in  a charger  the head  of John  the Baptist. 

Mark 6:26
Literal: And encompassingly sorrowful having been made the king on account of the oaths those reclining with [him] not was he willing to refuse her
KJV: And  the king  was  exceeding sorry;  yet for  his oath's sake,  and  for their sakes which  he would  not  reject  her. 

Mark 6:48
Literal: And He having seen them straining in the rowing was for the wind contrary to them About [the] fourth watch of the night He comes to walking on the sea He was wishing to pass by them
KJV: And  them  toiling  in  rowing;  for  the wind  contrary  unto them:  and  about  the fourth  watch  of the night  he cometh  unto  them,  walking  upon  the sea,  and  would  have passed by  them. 

Mark 7:24
Literal: From there also having risen up He went away into the region of Tyre and Sidon And having entered a house no one He was wishing to know [it] not He was able to be hidden
KJV: And  from thence  he arose,  and went  into  of Tyre  and  Sidon,  and  entered  into  an house,  and would have  no man  know  it: but  he could  not  be hid. 

Mark 8:34
Literal: And having called to [Him] the crowd with the disciples of Him He said to them If anyone desires after Me to come let him deny himself let him take up cross let him follow Me
KJV: And  when he had called  the people  unto him with  his  disciples  also, he said  unto them,  will  come  after  let him deny  himself,  and  take up  his  cross,  and  follow 

Mark 8:35
Literal: Whoever for if might desire - life his to save will lose it now - the of him on account of Me and of the gospel he will save
KJV: For  whosoever  will  save  his  life  shall lose  it;  but  whosoever  shall lose  his  life  for  and  the gospel's,  shall save  it. 

Mark 9:13
Literal: But I say to you that also Elijah has come and they did to him whatever they desired as it has been written of him
KJV: But  I say  That  Elias  indeed  come,  and  they have done  unto him  whatsoever  they listed,  as  it is written  of  him. 

Mark 9:30
Literal: From there having gone forth they were passing through - Galilee and not did He want that anyone should know [it]
KJV: And  they departed  and passed  through  Galilee;  and  he would  not  that  any man  should know 

Mark 9:35
Literal: And having sat down He called the Twelve He says to them If anyone desires first to be he will be of all last servant
KJV: And  he sat down,  and called  the twelve,  and  saith  unto them,  desire  first,  last  of all,  and  servant  of all. 

Mark 10:35
Literal: And come up to Him James John the two sons of Zebedee saying to Him Teacher we desire that whatever if we might ask you You would do for us
KJV: And  James  and  John,  the sons  of Zebedee,  come  unto him,  saying,  Master,  we would  that  thou shouldest do  whatsoever  we shall desire. 

Mark 10:36
Literal: - And He said to them What do you desire Me to do for you
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  What  would  should do 

Mark 10:43
Literal: Not thus however shall it be among you Instead whoever - desires great to become will be your servant
KJV: But  so  not  among  but  whosoever  will  be  great  among  minister: 

Mark 10:44
Literal: and whoever - desires among you to become first will be of all slave
KJV: And  whosoever  will  the chiefest,  servant  of all. 

Mark 10:51
Literal: And answering him - Jesus says What to you do you desire I should do And the blind [man] said to Him Rabboni that I may receive sight
KJV: And  Jesus  answered  unto him,  What  wilt  thou that I should do  The blind man  said  unto him,  Lord,  that  I might receive my sight. 

Mark 12:38
Literal: And in the teaching of Him He was saying Beware of the scribes - desiring robes to walk about greetings the marketplaces
KJV: And  unto them  in  his  doctrine,  Beware  of  the scribes,  which  love  to go  in  long clothing,  and  love salutations  in  the marketplaces, 

Mark 14:7
Literal: Always for the poor you have with you and whenever you desire you are able them always good to do Me however not do you have
KJV: For  ye have  the poor  with  you  always,  and  whensoever  ye will  ye may  do  them  good:  but  ye have  not  always. 

Mark 14:12
Literal: And on the first day - of unleavened [bread] when the Passover lamb they were to sacrifice say to Him the disciples of Him Where do You desire [that] having gone we should prepare that You may eat Passover
KJV: And  the first  day  of unleavened bread,  when  they killed  the passover,  his  disciples  said  unto him,  Where  wilt thou  that we go  and prepare  that  thou mayest eat  the passover? 

Mark 14:36
Literal: And He was saying Abba - Father all things [are] possible to You take away the cup this from Me but not what I will but You
KJV: And  Abba,  Father,  all things  are possible  take away  cup  from  nevertheless  not  what  will,  but  what  thou 

Mark 15:9
Literal: - But Pilate answered them saying Wish you [that] I should release to you the King of the Jews
KJV: But  Pilate  answered  them,  saying,  Will ye  that I release  the King  of the Jews? 

Mark 15:12
Literal: - And Pilate again answering was saying to them What then do you wish [that] I should do to Him you call the King of the Jews
KJV: And  Pilate  answered  and said  again  unto them,  What  will ye  then  that I shall do  unto him whom  ye call  the King  of the Jews? 

Luke 1:62
Literal: They were making signs then to the father of him the what - he might wish to be called him
KJV: And  they made signs  to his  father,  how  he would have  him  called. 

Luke 4:6
Literal: And said to Him the devil To You will I give the authority this all glory of it for to me it has been delivered to whom if I wish I give it
KJV: And  the devil  said  unto him,  All  power  will I give  and  the glory  of them:  for  that is delivered  and  to  whomsoever  I will  I give  it. 

Luke 5:12
Literal: And it came to pass in - being His one of the cities that behold a man full of leprosy having seen then - Jesus having fallen upon [his] face begged Him saying Lord if You would be willing You are able me to cleanse
KJV: And  it came to pass,  when he  in  city,  behold  a man  full  of leprosy:  who  Jesus  fell  on  his face,  and besought  him,  saying,  Lord,  if  thou wilt,  thou canst  clean. 

Luke 5:13
Literal: And having stretched out the hand He touched him saying I am willing be you cleansed immediately the leprosy departed from
KJV: And  he put forth  his hand,  and touched  him,  I will:  be thou clean.  And  immediately  the leprosy  departed  from  him. 

Luke 5:39
Literal: And no one having drunk old [wine] desires new he says for The old better is
KJV: No man  also  having drunk  old  desireth  new:  for  he saith,  The old  better. 

Luke 6:31
Literal: And as you desire that should do to you - men do to them likewise
KJV: And  as  ye would  that  men  should do  also  to them  likewise. 

Luke 8:20
Literal: It was told also Him The mother of You and the brothers are standing outside to see wanting You
KJV: And  it was told  him  mother  and  brethren  stand  without,  desiring 

Luke 9:23
Literal: He was saying then to all If anyone desires after Me to come let him deny himself and let him take up the cross of him every day let him follow Me
KJV: And  to  them all,  will  come  after  himself,  and  take up  his  cross  daily,  and  follow 

Luke 9:24
Literal: Whoever for - might desire the life of him to save will lose it however - might lose on account of me he will save
KJV: For  whosoever  will  save  his  life  shall lose  it:  but  whosoever  will lose  his  life  sake,  the same  shall save  it. 

Luke 9:54
Literal: Having seen [it] now the disciples James and John said Lord will You [that] we should call fire to come down from - heaven to consume them
KJV: And  when his  disciples  James  and  John  this, they said,  Lord,  wilt thou  that we command  fire  to come down  from  heaven,  and  consume  them,  even 

Luke 10:24
Literal: I say for to you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see not saw to hear you hear heard
KJV: For  I tell  that  many  prophets  and  kings  have desired  those things which  see,  and  not  them; and  to hear  those things which  ye hear,  and  not  heard 

Luke 10:29
Literal: - But desiring to justify himself he said to - Jesus And who is my neighbor
KJV: But  he, willing  to justify  himself,  said  unto  Jesus,  And  who  neighbour? 

Luke 12:49
Literal: Fire I came to cast upon the earth and how I wish if already it be kindled
KJV: I am come  to send  fire  the earth;  and  what  will I,  if  already  kindled? 

Luke 13:31
Literal: In same the hour came near certain Pharisees saying to Him Go out and proceed from here for Herod desires You to kill
KJV: The same  there came  certain  of the Pharisees,  saying  unto him,  Get thee out,  and  depart  hence:  for  Herod  will  kill 

Luke 13:34
Literal: Jerusalem Jerusalem - killing the prophets and stoning those having been sent to her how often I have wanted to gather those children of you that way a hen [gathers] - her brood under the wings not you were willing
KJV: O Jerusalem,  which  killest  the prophets,  and  stonest  them that are sent  unto  thee;  how often  would  children  together,  as  a hen  doth gather her  brood  under  her wings,  and  ye would  not! 

Luke 14:28
Literal: Which for of you desiring a tower to build not first having sat down counts the cost whether he has for [its] completion
KJV: For  which  of  intending  to build  a tower,  not  down  first,  and counteth  the cost,  whether  he have  finish 

Luke 15:28
Literal: He was angry however and not was willing to go in - And the father of him having gone was begging him
KJV: And  he was angry,  and  would  not  go in:  his  father  out,  and intreated  him. 

Luke 16:26
Literal: And besides all these things between us you a chasm great has been fixed so that those desiring to pass from here to you not are able nor from there us can they pass
KJV: And  all  between  and  a great  gulf  fixed:  so that  they which would  pass  to  cannot;  neither  can they pass  to  that would come from thence. 

Luke 18:4
Literal: And not he would for a time afterward he however said within himself If even - God not I fear nor man respect
KJV: And  he would  not  for  a while:  but  he said  within  himself,  I fear  not  God,  nor  regard  man; 

Luke 18:13
Literal: - But the tax collector afar off standing not was willing not even the eyes to lift up to - heaven but was striking the breast of himself saying - God be merciful to me the sinner
KJV: the publican,  standing  afar off,  would  not  lift up  so much as  his eyes  unto  heaven,  but  smote  upon  his  breast,  saying,  God  be merciful  a sinner. 

Luke 18:41
Literal: What to you desire you I shall do - And he said Lord that I might receive sight
KJV: What  wilt thou  that I shall do  And  he said,  Lord,  that  I may receive my sight. 

Luke 19:14
Literal: - But the citizens of him hated him and sent a delegation after him saying Not we are willing [for] this [man] to reign over us
KJV: But  his  citizens  hated  him,  and  sent  a message  after  him,  saying,  not  have  man to reign  over 

Luke 19:27
Literal: Furthermore the enemies of mine these those not having been willing [for] me to reign over them bring here and slay before me
KJV: But  enemies,  which  would  not  should reign  over  them,  bring  hither,  and  slay  them before 

Luke 20:46
Literal: Beware of the scribes - desiring to walk in long robes and loving greetings the marketplaces first seats synagogues first places the banquets
KJV: Beware  of  the scribes,  which  desire  to walk  in  long robes,  and  love  greetings  in  the markets,  and  the highest seats  in  the synagogues,  and  the chief rooms  at  feasts; 

Luke 22:9
Literal: - And they said to Him Where will You we should prepare
KJV: And  they said  unto him,  Where  wilt thou  that we prepare? 

Luke 23:8
Literal: - And Herod having seen - Jesus [was] glad exceedingly he was for of a long time wishing to see Him because of - hearing concerning Him and he was hoping some sign by done
KJV: And  when Herod  Jesus,  he was exceeding  glad:  for  desirous  him  of  a long  season, because  he had heard  of  him;  and  he hoped  some  miracle  done  by  him. 

Luke 23:20
Literal: Again therefore - Pilate called to them wishing to release - Jesus
KJV: Pilate  willing  to release  Jesus,  again  to them. 

John 1:43
Literal: On the next day He desired to go forth into - Galilee And He finds Philip says to him - Jesus Follow Me
KJV: The day following  Jesus  would  go forth  into  Galilee,  and  findeth  Philip,  and  saith  unto him,  Follow 

John 3:8
Literal: The wind where it wishes blows and the sound of it You hear but not you know from where it comes where it goes thus is everyone - having been born of the Spirit
KJV: The wind  bloweth  where  it listeth,  and  thou hearest  the sound  thereof,  but  not  tell  whence  it cometh,  and  whither  it goeth:  so  every one  that is born  of  the Spirit. 

John 5:6
Literal: Him having seen - Jesus lying and having known that a long already time he has been He says to him Desire you well to become
KJV: When Jesus  lie,  and  knew  that  he had been  now  a long  time  in that case, he saith  unto him,  Wilt thou  be made  whole? 

John 5:21
Literal: Even as for the Father raises up the dead and gives life thus also Son to whom He will
KJV: For  as  the Father  raiseth up  the dead,  and  quickeneth  them; even  so  the Son  quickeneth  whom  he will. 

John 5:35
Literal: He was the lamp - burning and shining you now were willing to rejoice for a season in the light of him
KJV: He  a burning  and  a shining  light:  and  were willing  for  a season  to rejoice  in  his  light. 

John 5:40
Literal: and not you are willing to come to Me that life you may have
KJV: And  ye will  not  come  to  that  ye might have  life. 

John 6:11
Literal: Took then the loaves - Jesus and having given thanks He distributed to those reclining likewise also of the fish as much as they wished
KJV: Jesus  took  the loaves;  and  when he had given thanks,  he distributed  to them that were set down;  and  likewise  of  the fishes  as much as  they would. 

John 6:21
Literal: They were willing then to receive Him into the boat and immediately was the boat at the land to which they were going
KJV: Then  they willingly  received  him  into  the ship:  and  immediately  the ship  was  at  the land  whither  they went. 

John 6:67
Literal: Said therefore - Jesus to the Twelve Not also you are wishing to go away
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto the twelve,  Will  also  go away? 

John 7:1
Literal: And after these things was walking - Jesus in - Galilee not for He did desire Judea to walk because were seeking Him the Jews to kill
KJV: After  Jesus  walked  in  Galilee:  for  he would  not  walk  in  Jewry,  because  the Jews  sought  to kill  him. 

John 7:17
Literal: If anyone desires the will of Him to do he will know concerning the teaching whether from - God it is or I from Myself speak
KJV: If  any man  will  do  his  will,  he shall know  of  the doctrine,  whether  of  God,  or  whether I  speak  of  myself. 

John 7:44
Literal: Some now desired of them to seize Him but no one laid on Him the hands
KJV: And  some  of  them  would  have taken  him;  but  no man  laid  hands  on  him. 

John 8:44
Literal: You of the father devil are and the desires of of you you desire to do He a murderer was from [the] beginning in the truth not has stood because there is truth him Whenever he might speak - falsehood from the own he speaks for a liar he is the father of it
KJV: of  your father  the devil,  and  the lusts  father  ye will  do.  He  a murderer  from  the beginning,  and  not  in  the truth,  because  no  truth  in  him.  When  he speaketh  a lie,  he speaketh  of  his own:  for  a liar,  and  the father  of it. 

John 9:27
Literal: He answered them I told you already and not you did listen Why again do you wish to hear Not also you do wish His disciples to become
KJV: He answered  them,  I have told  already,  and  not  hear:  wherefore  would  ye hear  it again?  will  also  be  his  disciples? 

John 12:21
Literal: these therefore came to Philip who was from Bethsaida - of Galilee and they were asking him saying Sir we desire - Jesus to see
KJV: The same  came  therefore  to Philip,  which was of  Bethsaida  of Galilee,  and  desired  him,  saying,  Sir,  we would  Jesus. 

John 15:7
Literal: If you abide in Me and the words of Me you abide whatever you wish you shall ask it will come to pass to you
KJV: If  ye abide  in  and  words  abide  in  ye shall ask  what  ye will,  and  it shall be done 

John 16:19
Literal: Knew - Jesus that they were desiring Him to ask and He said to them Concerning this do you inquire among one another I said A little [while] not you do behold Me again you will see
KJV: Jesus  knew  that  they were desirous  to ask  him,  and  said  unto them,  Do ye enquire  among  yourselves  of  I said,  and  not  see  and  again,  and 

John 17:24
Literal: Father [those] whom You have given Me I desire that where am I they also may be with Me they may behold - glory My that You gave because You loved Me before [the] foundation of [the] world
KJV: Father,  I will  that  they also,  whom  thou hast given  with  where  am;  that  they may behold  my  glory,  which  thou hast given  for  thou lovedst  before  the foundation  of the world. 

John 21:18
Literal: Truly I say to you When you were younger you dressed yourself and walked where you desired when however you shall be old you will stretch forth the hands of you another will dress you will bring [you] not you do desire
KJV: Verily,  I say  When  young,  thou girdedst  thyself,  and  walkedst  whither  thou wouldest:  but  when  thou shalt be old,  thou shalt stretch forth  hands,  and  another  shall gird  and  carry  thee whither  thou wouldest  not. 

John 21:22
Literal: Says to him - Jesus If him I desire to remain until I come what [is it] to you You Me follow
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto him,  If  I will  that he  tarry  till  I come,  what  is that to  follow  thou 

John 21:23
Literal: Went out therefore this - saying among the brothers that the disciple that not dies said however to him Jesus he dies but If him I desire to remain until I come what [is it] to you
KJV: Then  this  saying  abroad  among  the brethren,  that  that  disciple  not  die:  Jesus  said  not  unto him,  not  die;  but,  If  I will  that he  tarry  till  I come,  what  is that to 

Acts 2:12
Literal: Were amazed then all and were perplexed other to other saying What wishes this to be
KJV: And  all  amazed,  and  were in doubt,  saying  one  to  another,  What  meaneth 

Acts 7:28
Literal: Not to kill me you desire the same way you put to death yesterday the Egyptian
KJV: Wilt  thou  kill  as  thou diddest  the Egyptian  yesterday? 

Acts 7:39
Literal: to whom not were willing obedient to be the fathers of us but thrust away and turned back in the hearts of them to Egypt
KJV: To whom  fathers  would  not  obey,  but  thrust him from them,  and  in their  hearts  turned back again  into  Egypt, 

Acts 9:5
Literal: He said then Who are You Lord - And [He said] I am Jesus whom you are persecuting [It is] hard for you against [the] goads to kick He trembling both and being astonished said what me do you want to do
KJV: And  he said,  Who  Lord?  And  the Lord  said,  am  Jesus  whom  thou  persecutest:  it is hard  to kick  against  the pricks. 

Acts 10:10
Literal: He became then hungry and desired to eat [as] were preparing however they fell upon him a trance
KJV: And  he became  very hungry,  and  would  have eaten:  but  made ready,  he  into  a trance, 

Acts 14:13
Literal: - And the priest - of Zeus being just outside the city oxen and wreaths to the gates having brought with the crowds was desiring to sacrifice
KJV: the priest  of Jupiter,  which  before  city,  brought  oxen  and  garlands  unto  the gates,  and would  have done sacrifice  with  the people. 

Acts 16:3
Literal: This one wanted - Paul with him to go forth and having taken he circumcised him on account of the Jews - being in the parts those they knew for all that a Greek the father of him was
KJV: would  Paul  have to go forth  with  him;  and  took  and circumcised  him  because  of the Jews  which  in  those  quarters:  for  they knew  all  that  his  father  was  a Greek. 

Acts 17:18
Literal: Some then also of the Epicureans and Stoics philosophers encountered him And some were saying What - may desire of the babbler this to say Others however Of foreign gods he seems a proclaimer to be because - Jesus the resurrection he was proclaiming the gospel of
KJV: Then  certain  philosophers  of the Epicureans,  and  of the Stoicks,  encountered  him.  And  some  said,  What  will  this  babbler  say?  other some, He seemeth  a setter forth  of strange  gods:  because  he preached  unto them  Jesus,  and  the resurrection. 

Acts 17:20
Literal: Strange things for some you are bringing to the ears of us We resolve therefore to know what wish these things to be
KJV: For  thou bringest  certain  strange things  to  ears:  we would  know  therefore  what 

Acts 18:21
Literal: but having taken leave and having said It behooves me by all means the feast - coming to keep at Jerusalem Again I will return to you - God willing he sailed from - Ephesus
KJV: But  farewell,  saying,  must  by all means  keep  this feast  that cometh  in  Jerusalem:  I will return  again  unto  if God  will.  And  he sailed  from  Ephesus. 

Acts 19:33
Literal: Out of now the crowd to explain himself Alexander having thrust forward him the Jews - And Alexander having motioned with the hand was wanting to make a defense to the people
KJV: And  Alexander  out of  the multitude,  the Jews  him  forward.  And  Alexander  beckoned  with the hand,  and would  have made his defence  unto the people. 

Acts 24:6
Literal: who even the temple attempted to profane whom also we seized and according to - our law wished to judge
KJV: Who  also  hath gone about  to profane  the temple:  whom  we took,  and  would  have judged  according  to our  law. 

Acts 24:27
Literal: Two years however having been completed received [as] successor - Felix Porcius Festus wishing then favor to acquire for himself with the Jews left - Paul imprisoned
KJV: But  after  two years  Porcius  Festus  came  into Felix'  room:  and  Felix,  willing  to shew  the Jews  a pleasure,  left  Paul  bound. 

Acts 25:9
Literal: - Festus however wishing on the Jews a favor to lay answering - Paul said Are you willing to Jerusalem having gone up there concerning these things to be judged before me
KJV: But  Festus,  willing  to do  the Jews  a pleasure,  answered  Paul,  and said,  Wilt thou  go up  to  Jerusalem,  and there  be judged  of  before 

Acts 26:5
Literal: knowing me from the first if they would be willing to testify that according to the strictest sect - of our religion I lived [as] a Pharisee
KJV: Which knew  from the beginning,  if  they would  testify,  that  after  the most straitest  sect  of our  religion  I lived  a Pharisee. 

Romans 1:13
Literal: Not I do want now you to be ignorant brothers that many times I purposed to come to and was hindered until the present that some fruit I might have also among you as even the other Gentiles
KJV: Now  I would  not  ignorant,  brethren,  that  oftentimes  I purposed  to come  unto  (but  was let  hitherto,)  that  I might have  some  fruit  among  also,  even as  among  other  Gentiles. 

Romans 7:15
Literal: What for I do not I understand I want this I do but I hate I do
KJV: For  that which  I do  I allow  not:  for  what  I would,  do I  not;  but  what  I hate,  do I. 

Romans 7:16
Literal: If now that which not I do want this I do I consent to the law that [it is] good
KJV: If  then  I do  which  I would  not,  I consent  unto the law  that  it is good. 

Romans 7:18
Literal: I know for that nothing there dwells in me that is the flesh of me good - to will is present with me but to do the good not
KJV: For  I know  that  in  flesh,)  dwelleth  no  good thing:  for  to will  is present  but  how to perform  that which is good  not. 

Romans 7:19
Literal: Not for that I desire I do good but I do want evil this I practice
KJV: For  the good  that I would  I do  not:  but  the evil  which  I would  not,  I do. 

Romans 7:20
Literal: If now what not I do want I this do [it is] no longer who do it but - dwelling in me sin
KJV: Now  if  I do  would  not,  that do  it,  but  sin  that dwelleth  in 

Romans 7:21
Literal: I find so the principle that desiring me to do - good that - evil is present with
KJV: I find  then  a law,  that,  would  do  good,  evil  is present 

Romans 9:16
Literal: So then [it is] not of the willing nor running but - showing mercy of God
KJV: So  then  it is not  of him that willeth,  nor  of him that runneth,  but  of God  that sheweth mercy. 

Romans 9:18
Literal: So then to whom He wants He shows mercy whom now He hardens
KJV: Therefore  hath he mercy  on whom  he will  have mercy, and  whom  he will  he hardeneth. 

Romans 9:22
Literal: What if now desiring - God to show the wrath and to make known the power of Him bore with much patience [the] vessels of wrath having been fitted for destruction
KJV: What if  God,  willing  to shew  his wrath,  and  his  power  known,  endured  with  much  longsuffering  the vessels  of wrath  fitted  to  destruction: 

Romans 11:25
Literal: Not for I want you to be ignorant brothers of the mystery this that not you may be in yourselves wise that a hardening in part - to Israel has happened until that the fullness of the Gentiles may come in
KJV: For  I would  not,  brethren,  should be ignorant  mystery,  wise  your own conceits;  that  blindness  in  part  is happened  to Israel,  until  the fulness  of the Gentiles  be come in. 

Romans 13:3
Literal: The for rulers not are a terror - to good works but to evil Do you desire now not to fear the authority The good do and you will have praise from him
KJV: For  rulers  not  a terror  to good  works,  but  to the evil.  Wilt thou  then  not  be afraid  of the power?  do  that which is good,  and  thou shalt have  praise  of  the same: 

Romans 16:19
Literal: The for of you obedience to all has reached Over you therefore I rejoice I wish however you wise indeed to be - good innocent evil
KJV: For  obedience  is come abroad  unto  all  men. I am glad  therefore  behalf:  but yet  I would have  wise  unto  good,  and  simple  concerning  evil. 

1 Corinthians 4:19
Literal: I will come however shortly to you if the Lord wills and I will find out not the talk of those being puffed up but the power
KJV: But  I will come  to  shortly,  if  the Lord  will,  and  will know,  not  the speech  of them which are puffed up,  but  the power. 

1 Corinthians 4:21
Literal: What desire you With a rod I should come to you or in love a spirit then of gentleness
KJV: What  will ye?  shall I come  unto  with  a rod,  or  in  love,  and  in the spirit 

1 Corinthians 7:7
Literal: I wish now all men to be like even myself But each his own has gift from God one [has] indeed this one however that
KJV: I would  that all  men  even  as  I myself.  But  every man  hath  his proper  gift  of  God,  after this manner,  and  after that. 

1 Corinthians 7:32
Literal: I desire now you without concern to be The unmarried man cares for the things of the Lord how he should please the Lord
KJV: But  without carefulness.  He that is unmarried  careth  for the things that belong to  the Lord,  how  he may please  the Lord: 

1 Corinthians 7:36
Literal: If however anyone to be behaving improperly to the virgin of him supposes if she is beyond youth and so it ought to be what he wills let him do not he does sin let them marry
KJV: But  think  that he behaveth himself uncomely  toward  his  virgin,  if  she pass the flower of her age,  and  need  so  require,  let him do  what  he will,  he sinneth  not:  let them marry. 

1 Corinthians 7:39
Literal: A wife is bound for as long as time may live the husband of her if however shall have died husband free she is to whom she wills to be married only in [the] Lord
KJV: The wife  is bound  as long  as  her  husband  liveth;  but  if  her  husband  be dead,  at liberty  to be married  to whom  she will;  only  in  the Lord. 

1 Corinthians 10:1
Literal: Not I want for you to be ignorant brothers that the fathers of us all under the cloud were and through the sea passed
KJV: brethren,  I would  not  should be ignorant,  how that  all  fathers  under  the cloud,  and  all  passed  through  the sea; 

1 Corinthians 10:20
Literal: Rather that what sacrifice the Gentiles to demons and not to God they sacrifice I do wish now you fellow partakers - with demons to be
KJV: But  I say, that  the things which  the Gentiles  sacrifice,  to devils,  and  not  to God:  and  I would  not  should have  fellowship  with devils. 

1 Corinthians 10:27
Literal: If anyone invites you of the unbelieving and you wish to go everything - being set before you eat nothing inquiring on account of - conscience
KJV: of them that believe not  bid  to a feast, and  ye be disposed  to go;  whatsoever  is set before  eat,  no  question  conscience  sake. 

1 Corinthians 11:3
Literal: I want however you to know that of every man the head - Christ is [the] head now of [the] woman [is] the man - of Christ God
KJV: But  I would have  know,  that  the head  of every  man  Christ;  and  the head  of the woman  is the man;  and  the head  of Christ  is God. 

1 Corinthians 12:1
Literal: Concerning now - spiritual [gifts] brothers not I do want you to be ignorant
KJV: Now  concerning  spiritual  gifts, brethren,  not  have  ignorant. 

1 Corinthians 12:18
Literal: Now however - God has arranged the members one each of them in the body as He desired
KJV: But  now  God  set  the members  every  one  of them  in  the body,  as  it hath pleased him. 

1 Corinthians 14:5
Literal: I desire now all you to speak in tongues rather however that you should prophesy greater [is] the [one] prophesying than speaking except if not he should interpret so that the church edification might receive
KJV: I would  all  spake  with tongues,  but  rather  that  ye prophesied:  than  he that speaketh  with tongues,  except  he interpret,  that  the church  may receive  edifying. 

1 Corinthians 14:19
Literal: but in [the] church I desire five words with [the] mind of me to speak that also others I might instruct rather than ten thousand a tongue
KJV: Yet  in  the church  I had rather  speak  five  words  understanding,  that  by my voice I might teach  others  also,  than  ten thousand  words  in  an unknown tongue. 

1 Corinthians 14:35
Literal: If however anything to learn they desire at home the own husbands let them ask shameful for it is for a woman to speak in [the] church
KJV: And  if  they will  learn  any thing,  let them ask  their  husbands  at  home:  for  for women  to speak  in  the church. 

1 Corinthians 15:38
Literal: - But God gives it a body as He has willed and to each of the seeds its own body
KJV: But  God  giveth  it  a body  as  it hath pleased him,  and  to every  seed  his own  body. 

1 Corinthians 16:7
Literal: Not I want for you now in passing to see I hope indeed a time certain to remain with if the Lord permits
KJV: For  I will  not  now  by  the way;  I trust  to tarry  a while  with  if  the Lord  permit. 

2 Corinthians 1:8
Literal: Not for do we want you to be ignorant brothers as to the affliction of us - having happened in - Asia that against excessively beyond [our] power we were weighed so as to despair for us even - to live
KJV: For  we would  not,  brethren,  ignorant  of  trouble  which  came  in  Asia,  that  we were pressed  out  of measure,  above  strength,  insomuch  despaired  even  of life: 

2 Corinthians 5:4
Literal: And for - being in the tent we groan being burdened because that not we do wish to be unclothed but to be clothed that may be swallowed up the mortal by - life
KJV: For  in  this tabernacle  do groan,  being burdened:  not  we would  be unclothed,  but  clothed upon,  that  mortality  might be swallowed up  of  life. 

2 Corinthians 8:10
Literal: And a judgment in this [matter] I give this indeed for you is profitable who not only - to act but also to will have begun from a year ago
KJV: And  herein  I give  my advice:  for  is expedient  who  have begun before,  not  only  to do,  but  also  to be forward  a year  ago. 

2 Corinthians 8:11
Literal: Now then also the doing complete so that just as [there was] the readiness of the to will so the to complete out of that which you have
KJV: Now  therefore  perform  the doing  of it; that  as  there was a readiness  to will,  so  there may be a performance  also  out of  that which ye have. 

2 Corinthians 11:12
Literal: What however I do also I will do so that I might cut off the opportunity of those desiring an opportunity that in what they are boasting they might be found as we
KJV: But  what  I do,  that  I will do,  that  I may cut off  occasion  from them which desire  occasion;  that  wherein  they glory,  they may be found  even  as 

2 Corinthians 12:6
Literal: If for I should desire to boast not I will be a fool [the] truth I will be speaking I refrain however lest anyone to me should credit more than what he sees in me or hears anyone of me
KJV: For  though  I would desire  to glory,  not  a fool;  for  I will say  the truth:  but  now I forbear,  lest  any man  should think  of  above  that which  he seeth  to be, or  that he heareth  of 

2 Corinthians 12:20
Literal: I fear for lest perhaps having come not such as I wish I may find you and I might be found by you such as not you do wish quarreling jealousy anger contentions slander gossip conceit disorder
KJV: For  I fear,  when I come,  not  find  such as  I would,  and that I  shall be found  such as  ye would  not:  there be debates,  envyings,  wraths,  strifes,  backbitings,  whisperings,  swellings,  tumults: 

Galatians 1:7
Literal: which not is another if not some there are who are troubling you and are desiring to pervert the gospel - of Christ
KJV: Which  not  another;  some  trouble  and  would  pervert  the gospel  of Christ. 

Galatians 3:2
Literal: This only I wish to learn from you by works of [the] Law the Spirit did you receive or hearing of faith
KJV: only  would  I learn  of  Received ye  the Spirit  by  the works  of the law,  or  by  the hearing  of faith? 

Galatians 4:9
Literal: now however having known God rather having been known by God how do you turn again to the weak and destitute principles to which anew to be enslaved you desire
KJV: But  now,  after that ye have known  God,  or  rather  are known  of  God,  how  turn ye  again  to  the weak  and  beggarly  elements,  whereunto  ye desire  again  to be in bondage? 

Galatians 4:17
Literal: They are zealous after you not rightly but to exclude you [from us] They desire so that them you might be zealous after
KJV: They zealously affect  but not  well;  yea,  they would  exclude  that  ye might affect  them. 

Galatians 4:20
Literal: I was wishing indeed to be present with you presently and to change the tone of me because I am perplexed as to you
KJV: I desire  to be present  with  now,  and  to change  voice;  for  I stand in doubt  of 

Galatians 4:21
Literal: Tell me those under [the] Law wishing to be the Law not you do listen to
KJV: Tell  ye that desire  under  the law,  not  hear  the law? 

Galatians 5:17
Literal: The for flesh desires against the Spirit - and the Spirit the flesh these to one another are opposed in order not that if you might wish those things you should do
KJV: For  the flesh  lusteth  against  the Spirit,  and  the Spirit  against  the flesh:  and  are contrary  the one to the other:  so that  do  that  ye would. 

Galatians 6:12
Literal: As many as wish to have a fair appearance in [the] flesh these compel you to be circumcised only that for the cross - of Christ Jesus not they might be persecuted
KJV: As many as  desire  to make a fair shew  in  the flesh,  they  constrain  to be circumcised;  only  they should suffer persecution  for the cross  of Christ. 

Galatians 6:13
Literal: Not even for those being circumcised themselves [the] Law keep but they desire you to be circumcised so that in - your flesh they may boast
KJV: For  neither  they themselves  who are circumcised  keep  the law;  but  desire  circumcised,  that  they may glory  in  your  flesh. 

Philippians 2:13
Literal: God for is the [One] working in you both - to will and to work according to [His] good pleasure
KJV: For  God  which  worketh  in  both  to will  and  to do  of  his good pleasure. 

Colossians 1:27
Literal: to whom has willed - God to make known what [is] the riches of the glory of the mystery this among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope - of glory
KJV: To whom  God  would  make known  what  is the riches  of the glory  mystery  among  the Gentiles;  which  Christ  in  the hope  of glory: 

Colossians 2:1
Literal: I want for you to know how great a struggle I am having for you and those in Laodicea as many as not have seen the face of me [the] flesh
KJV: For  I would  knew  what great  conflict  I have  and  for them at  Laodicea,  and  for as many as  not  seen  face  in  the flesh; 

Colossians 2:18
Literal: No one you let disqualify delighting in humility and [the] worship of the angels which he has seen detailing vainly being puffed up by the mind of the flesh of him
KJV: no man  of your reward  in  a voluntary  humility  and  worshipping  of angels,  intruding into  those things which  seen,  vainly  puffed up  by  his  fleshly  mind, 

1 Thessalonians 2:18
Literal: Therefore we wanted to come to you I indeed Paul both once and twice hindered us - Satan
KJV: we would  have come  unto  even  Paul,  once  again;  but  Satan  hindered 

1 Thessalonians 4:13
Literal: Not we do want but you to be ignorant brothers concerning those having fallen asleep so that not you should be grieved just as also the rest those having hope
KJV: But  not  have  to be ignorant,  brethren,  concerning  them which are asleep,  ye sorrow  even  as  others  which  have  no  hope. 

2 Thessalonians 3:10
Literal: Even for when we were with you this we were commanding you that if anyone not is willing to work neither let him eat
KJV: For  even  when  with  we commanded  that  would  not  work,  neither  should he eat. 

1 Timothy 1:7
Literal: desiring to be teachers of the Law not understanding neither what they are saying nor [that] about which they confidently assert
KJV: Desiring  teachers of the law;  understanding  neither  what  they say,  nor  whereof  they affirm. 

1 Timothy 2:4
Literal: who all men desires to be saved and to [the] knowledge of [the] truth to come
KJV: Who  will have  all  men  to be saved,  and  to come  unto  the knowledge  of the truth. 

1 Timothy 5:11
Literal: Younger however widows refuse when for they might grow wanton against - Christ to marry they desire
KJV: But  the younger  widows  refuse:  for  when  they have begun to wax wanton against  Christ,  they will  marry; 

2 Timothy 3:12
Literal: Also all now - desiring to live piously in Christ Jesus will be persecuted
KJV: Yea,  and  all  that will  live  godly  in  Christ  Jesus  shall suffer persecution. 

Philemon 1:14
Literal: Apart from however - your consent nothing I wished to do so that not as according to necessity the good of you may be but willingness
KJV: But  without  thy  mind  would  I do  nothing;  benefit  as  it were of  necessity,  but  willingly. 

Hebrews 10:5
Literal: Therefore coming into the world He says Sacrifice and offering not You have desired a body however You have prepared me
KJV: Wherefore  when he cometh  into  the world,  he saith,  Sacrifice  and  offering  thou wouldest  not,  but  a body  hast thou prepared 

Hebrews 10:8
Literal: Above saying - Sacrifice and offering burnt offerings [offerings] for sin not You have desired nor have You delighted in which according to [the] Law are offered
KJV: Above  when he said,  Sacrifice  and  offering  and  burnt offerings  and  offering for  sin  thou wouldest  not,  neither  hadst pleasure  therein; which  are offered  by  the law; 

Hebrews 12:17
Literal: You know for that even afterward wishing to inherit the blessing he was rejected of repentance place not he found although with tears having earnestly sought it
KJV: For  how  that afterward,  when he would  have inherited  the blessing,  he was rejected:  for  he found  no  place  of repentance,  though  it  carefully  with  tears. 

Hebrews 13:18
Literal: Pray for us we are persuaded for that a good conscience we have in all things well desiring to conduct ourselves
KJV: Pray  for  for  we trust  we have  a good  conscience,  in  all things  willing  to live  honestly. 

James 2:20
Literal: Do you want however to come to know O man foolish that - faith apart from - works worthless is
KJV: But  wilt  thou know,  vain  man,  that  faith  without  works 

James 4:15
Literal: Instead [ought] - to say you If the Lord should will both we will live and we will do this or that
KJV: For that  ought to say,  If  the Lord  will,  we shall live,  and  do  or  that. 

1 Peter 3:10
Literal: The [one] for desiring life to love and to see days good let him keep the tongue from evil lips - not to speak deceit
KJV: For  he that will  love  life,  and  good  days,  let him refrain  tongue  from  evil,  and  lips  that they speak  no  guile: 

1 Peter 3:17
Literal: [It is] better for doing good if wills [it] the will - of God to suffer than doing evil
KJV: For  it is better,  if  the will  of God  be so,  that ye suffer  for well doing,  than  for evil doing. 

2 Peter 3:5
Literal: It is concealed from indeed them this willingly that heavens existed long ago and [the] earth out of water through having been composed by the - of God word
KJV: For  they  willingly  are ignorant of,  that  by the word  of God  the heavens  of old,  and  the earth  standing out  of  the water  and  in  the water: 

3 John 1:13
Literal: Many things I had to write to you but not I desire with ink and pen to write
KJV: I had  many things  to write,  but  I will  not  with  ink  and  pen  write 

Revelation 2:21
Literal: And I have given her time that she might repent not she is willing to repent of the sexual immorality of her
KJV: And  I gave  her  space  to  repent  of  her  fornication;  and  she repented  not. 

Revelation 11:5
Literal: And if anyone them should desire to harm fire goes out of the mouth of them devours the enemies should desire thus it is necessary for him to be killed
KJV: And  will  hurt  them,  fire  proceedeth  out of  their  mouth,  and  devoureth  their  enemies:  and  will  hurt  them,  he must  in this manner  be killed. 

Revelation 11:6
Literal: These have the power to shut the sky so that no rain shall fall in the days of the prophecy of them and they have over the waters to turn them into blood to strike earth with every plague as often as if they might desire
KJV: These  have  power  to shut  heaven,  it rain  in  the days  of their  prophecy:  and  have  power  over  waters  to turn  them  to  blood,  and  to smite  the earth  with all  plagues,  as often  as  they will. 

Revelation 22:17
Literal: And the Spirit the bride say Come the [one] hearing let him say thirsting let him come desiring let him take [the] water of life freely
KJV: And  the Spirit  and  the bride  say,  Come.  And  let him that heareth  say,  Come.  And  let him that is athirst  come.  And  whosoever will,  let him take  the water  of life  freely. 

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