Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2288

Word info for θάνατος

Root: θάνατος, ἀθάνατος
Strongs Number: 2288
Transliteration: [thanatos]
Phonetics: than·at·os
Etymology: From 2348
Parts of Speech: n m.
Sense: the death of the body (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 the death of the body.
      1a that separation (whether natural or violent) of the soul and the body by which the life on earth is ended.
      1b with the implied idea of future misery in hell.
         1b1 the power of death.
      1c since the nether world, the abode of the dead, was conceived as being very dark, it is equivalent to the region of thickest darkness i.e. figuratively, a region enveloped in the darkness of ignorance and sin.
   2 metaph.
   , the loss of that life which alone is worthy of the name,.
      2a the misery of the soul arising from sin, which begins on earth but lasts and increases after the death of the body in hell.
   3 the miserable state of the wicked dead in hell.
   4 in the widest sense, death comprising all the miseries arising from sin, as well physical death as the loss of a life consecrated to God and blessed in him on earth, to be followed by wretchedness in hell.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G2288

θανάτου, θάνατον, θανάτῳ, θάνατος, θάνατε, θανάτοις, Θάνατος

All words for strongs number G2288 :

Word Occurance
θανάτου 49
θάνατον 21
θάνατος 20
θανάτῳ 13
θάνατε 1
θανάτοις 1
Θάνατος 1

How strongs number G2288 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
death 67
of death 24
[is] death 3
in death 2
to death 2
o death 1
of death [is] 1
a death 1
deaths 1
unto death 1
by death 1
[the] death 1
fatal 1

Two strong number together

106 Verses with G2288

Matthew 4:16
Literal: The people - sitting in darkness a light have seen great and to those sitting in [the] land shadow of death a light has dawned on them
KJV: The people  which  sat  in  great  light;  and  to them which  sat  in  the region  and  shadow  of death  light  is sprung up. 

Matthew 10:21
Literal: Will deliver up now brother brother to death and father child will rise up children against parents will put to death them
KJV: And  the brother  shall deliver up  the brother  to  death,  and  the father  the child:  and  the children  shall rise up  against  their parents,  and  them  to be put to death. 

Matthew 15:4
Literal: - For God commanded Honor the Father and the mother and The [one] speaking evil of or in death must end
KJV: For  God  Honour  father  and  mother:  and,  He that curseth  father  or  mother,  let him die  the death. 

Matthew 16:28
Literal: Truly I say to you - there are some of those here standing who no not shall taste of death until - they have seen the Son - of Man coming in the kingdom of Him
KJV: Verily  I say  some  standing  here,  which  taste  of death,  till  the Son  of man  coming  in  his  kingdom. 

Matthew 20:18
Literal: Behold we go up to Jerusalem and the Son - of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests scribes they will condemn Him to death
KJV: Behold,  we go up  to  Jerusalem;  and  the Son  of man  shall be betrayed  unto the chief priests  and  unto the scribes,  and  they shall condemn  him  to death, 

Matthew 26:38
Literal: Then He says to them Very sorrowful is the soul of Me even to death remain here and watch with Me
KJV: Then  saith he  unto them,  soul  exceeding sorrowful,  even unto  death:  tarry ye  here,  and  watch  with 

Matthew 26:66
Literal: What you do think - And answering they said Deserving of death He is
KJV: What  think  They answered  and  said,  guilty  of death. 

Mark 7:10
Literal: Moses for said Honor the father of you and the mother and The [one] speaking evil of or in death must end
KJV: For  Moses  said,  Honour  father  and  mother;  and,  Whoso curseth  father  or  mother,  let him die  the death: 

Mark 9:1
Literal: And He was saying to them Truly I say to you that there are some here of those standing who no not shall taste of death until - they see the kingdom - of God having come with power
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  Verily  I say  That  some  of them that stand  here,  which  taste  of death,  till  the kingdom  of God  come  with  power. 

Mark 10:33
Literal: - Behold we go up to Jerusalem and the Son - of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests scribes they will condemn Him to death will betray to the Gentiles
KJV: Saying,  Behold,  we go up  to  Jerusalem;  and  the Son  of man  shall be delivered  unto the chief priests,  and  unto the scribes;  and  they shall condemn  him  to death,  and  shall deliver  him  to the Gentiles: 

Mark 13:12
Literal: And will deliver up brother brother to death father child will rise up children against parents will put to death them
KJV: the brother  shall betray  the brother  to  death,  and  the father  the son;  and  children  shall rise up  against  their parents,  and  them  to be put to death. 

Mark 14:34
Literal: And He says to them Very sorrowful is the soul of Me even to death remain here watch
KJV: And  saith  unto them,  soul  exceeding sorrowful  unto  death:  tarry ye  here,  and  watch. 

Mark 14:64
Literal: You heard the blasphemy What to you does it appear - And all condemned Him deserving to be of death
KJV: Ye have heard  the blasphemy:  what  think  And  they all  condemned  him  guilty  of death. 

Luke 1:79
Literal: to shine upon those in darkness and in [the] shadow of death sitting - to direct the feet of us into [the] way of peace
KJV: To give light  to them that sit  in  darkness  and  in the shadow  of death,  to guide  feet  into  the way  of peace. 

Luke 2:26
Literal: And it was to him divinely revealed by the Spirit - Holy not to see death before that - he should see the Christ of [the] Lord
KJV: And  revealed  unto him  by  the Holy  Ghost,  not  death,  before  the Lord's  Christ. 

Luke 9:27
Literal: I say now to you truthfully there are some of those here standing who no not shall taste of death until - they shall have seen the kingdom - of God
KJV: But  I tell  of a truth,  some  standing  which  taste  of death,  till  the kingdom  of God. 

Luke 22:33
Literal: - And he said to Him Lord with You ready I am both to prison and death to go
KJV: And  he said  unto him,  Lord,  I am  ready  to go  with  both  into  prison,  and  to  death. 

Luke 23:15
Literal: No not even Herod [did] he sent back for Him to us And behold nothing worthy of death is done by Him
KJV: No,  nor yet  Herod:  for  I sent  to  him;  and,  lo,  nothing  worthy  of death  done  unto him. 

Luke 23:22
Literal: - And a third [time] he said to them What for evil did commit this [man] No cause of death found I in Him Having chastised therefore Him I will release [Him]
KJV: And  he said  unto  them  the third time,  Why,  what  evil  he  done?  I have found  no  of death  in  him:  therefore  chastise  him,  and let him go. 

Luke 24:20
Literal: that then delivered up him the chief priests and rulers of us to [the] judgment of death crucified Him
KJV: And how  the chief priests  and  rulers  delivered  him  to  be condemned  to death,  and  have crucified  him. 

John 5:24
Literal: Truly I say to you that the [one] the word of Me hearing and believing the [One] having sent Me he has life eternal into judgment not comes but has passed out of - death - life
KJV: Verily,  I say  He that heareth  word,  and  believeth  on him that sent  hath  everlasting  life,  and  not  come  into  condemnation;  but  is passed  from  death  unto  life. 

John 8:51
Literal: Truly I say to you if anyone - My word keeps death never not shall he see to the age
KJV: Verily,  I say  If  a man  keep  my  saying,  see  death. 

John 8:52
Literal: Said therefore to Him the Jews Now we know that a demon You have Abraham died and prophets You say If anyone the word of Me keeps never not shall he taste of death to age
KJV: Then  said  the Jews  unto him,  Now  we know  that  thou hast  a devil.  Abraham  is dead,  and  the prophets;  and  thou  sayest,  If  a man  keep  saying,  taste  of death. 

John 11:4
Literal: Having heard then - Jesus said This - sickness not is unto death but for the glory - of God that may be glorified the Son by it
KJV: When  Jesus  heard  that, he said,  This  sickness  not  unto  death,  but  for  the glory  of God,  that  the Son  of God  might be glorified  thereby. 

John 11:13
Literal: Had spoken however - Jesus of the death of him they thought that the rest - of sleep He speaks
KJV: Howbeit  Jesus  spake  of  his  death:  but  they  thought  that  he had spoken  of  taking of rest  in sleep. 

John 12:33
Literal: This now He was saying signifying by what death He was about to die
KJV: signifying  what  death  he should  die. 

John 18:32
Literal: that the word - of Jesus might be fulfilled which He had spoken signifying what death He was about to die
KJV: That  the saying  of Jesus  might be fulfilled,  which  he spake,  signifying  what  death  he should  die. 

John 21:19
Literal: This now He said signifying by what death he will glorify - God And having said He says to him Follow Me
KJV: spake he,  signifying  by what  death  he should glorify  God.  And  when he had spoken  he saith  unto him,  Follow 

Acts 2:24
Literal: whom - God raised up having loosed the agony of death inasmuch as not it was possible [for] to be held Him by it
KJV: Whom  God  hath raised up,  having loosed  the pains  of death:  because  not  possible  that he  should be holden  of  it. 

Acts 13:28
Literal: And no cause of death having found they begged Pilate to put to death him
KJV: And  though they found  no  cause  of death  in him, yet desired they  Pilate  that he  should be slain. 

Acts 22:4
Literal: who this - Way persecuted as far as death binding and betraying to prisons men both women
KJV: And I  persecuted  way  unto  the death,  binding  and  delivering  into  prisons  both  men  and  women. 

Acts 23:29
Literal: whom I found being accused concerning questions of the law of them no however worthy of death or of chains having accusation
KJV: Whom  I perceived  to be accused  of  questions  of their  law,  but  to have  nothing  laid to his charge  worthy  of death  or  of bonds. 

Acts 25:11
Literal: If indeed therefore I do wrong and worthy of death have done anything not I do refuse - to die however nothing there is of which they [can] accuse me no one me can to them give up To Caesar I appeal
KJV: if  I be an offender,  or  have committed  any thing  worthy  of death,  I refuse  not  to die:  but  if  none  of these things  whereof these  accuse  no man  may  deliver  unto them.  I appeal unto  Caesar. 

Acts 25:25
Literal: I however having understood nothing worthy him of death to have done himself and of this one having appealed to the Emperor I determined to send [him]
KJV: But  when I  found  that he  had committed  nothing  worthy  of death,  that he himself  to  Augustus,  I have determined  to send  him. 

Acts 26:31
Literal: and having withdrawn they began speaking to one another saying - Nothing of death or of chains worthy any is doing the man this
KJV: And  when they were gone aside,  they talked  between  themselves,  saying,  This  man  doeth  nothing  worthy  of death  or  of bonds. 

Acts 28:18
Literal: who having examined me were wanting to let [me] go on account of - not one cause of death existing in me
KJV: Who,  when they had examined  would  have let me go,  because  there was  no  cause  of death  in 

Romans 1:32
Literal: who the righteous decree - of God having known that those such things doing worthy of death are not only them are practicing but also are approving of those practicing [them]
KJV: Who  knowing  the judgment  of God,  that  they which commit  such things  worthy  of death,  not  only  do  the same,  but  have pleasure  in them that do 

Romans 5:10
Literal: If for enemies being we were reconciled - to God through the death of the Son of Him much more having been reconciled shall we be saved in the life
KJV: For  if,  enemies,  we were reconciled  to God  by  the death  of his  Son,  much  more,  being reconciled,  we shall be saved  by  his  life. 

Romans 5:12
Literal: Because of this just as through one man - sin into the world entered and through - sin - death also thus to all men passed for that all sinned
KJV: Wherefore,  as  by  one  man  sin  entered  into  the world,  and  death  by  sin;  and  so  death  passed  upon  all  men,  for  that  all  have sinned: 

Romans 5:14
Literal: Nevertheless reigned - death from Adam until Moses even over those not having sinned in the likeness of the transgression of Adam who is a type of the coming [One]
KJV: Nevertheless  death  reigned  from  Adam  to  Moses,  even  over  not  sinned  after  the similitude  of Adam's  transgression,  who  the figure  of him that was to come. 

Romans 5:17
Literal: If for by the of the one trespass - death reigned through the one how much more those the abundance - of grace and of the gift of righteousness receiving in life will reign Jesus Christ
KJV: For  if  by one man's  offence  death  reigned  by  one;  much  more  they which receive  abundance  of grace  and  of the gift  of righteousness  shall reign  in  life  by  one,  Jesus  Christ.) 

Romans 5:21
Literal: so that just as reigned the sin in - death so also - grace might reign through righteousness unto life eternal Jesus Christ the Lord of us
KJV: That  as  sin  hath reigned  unto  death,  even  so  grace  reign  through  righteousness  unto  eternal  life  by  Jesus  Christ  Lord. 

Romans 6:3
Literal: Or are you unaware that as many as have been baptized into Christ Jesus the death of Him
KJV: Know ye not,  that so  many of us  as were baptized  into  Jesus  Christ  were baptized  into  his  death? 

Romans 6:4
Literal: We were buried therefore with Him through - baptism into - death so that just as was raised up Christ out from [the] dead by the glory of the Father so also we in newness of life should walk
KJV: Therefore  we are buried with  him  by  baptism  into  death:  that  like as  Christ  was raised up  from  the dead  by  the glory  of the Father,  even so  also  should walk  in  newness  of life. 

Romans 6:5
Literal: If for united we have become in the likeness of the death of Him certainly also of the resurrection we will be
KJV: For  if  we have been  planted together  in the likeness  of his  death,  also  in the likeness of his resurrection: 

Romans 6:9
Literal: knowing that Christ having been raised up out from [the] dead no more dies Death Him no longer rules over
KJV: Knowing  that  Christ  being raised  from  the dead  dieth  no more;  death  no more  dominion over  him. 

Romans 6:16
Literal: Not know you that to whom you yield yourselves [as] slaves for obedience slaves you are to him whom you obey whether of sin to death or of obedience righteousness
KJV: Know ye  not,  that  to whom  ye yield  yourselves  servants  to  obey,  his servants  to whom  ye obey;  whether  of sin  unto  death,  or  of obedience  unto  righteousness? 

Romans 6:21
Literal: What therefore fruit had you then in the [things] of which now you are ashamed The for end of those things [is] death
KJV: What  fruit  had ye  then  in  those things whereof  now  ashamed?  for  the end  of those things  is death. 

Romans 6:23
Literal: The for wages - of sin [is] death - but the gift - of God life eternal in Christ Jesus the Lord of us
KJV: For  the wages  of sin  is death;  but  the gift  of God  is eternal  life  through  Jesus  Christ  Lord. 

Romans 7:5
Literal: While for we were in the flesh the passions - of sins that [were] through the law were at work the members of us to the bringing forth of fruit - to death
KJV: For  when  in  the flesh,  the motions  of sins,  which  were by  the law,  did work  in  members  to bring  forth fruit  unto death. 

Romans 7:10
Literal: And proved to be me the commandment that [was] to life this death
KJV: And  the commandment,  which  was ordained to  life,  found  to be unto  death. 

Romans 7:13
Literal: That which then [is] good to me has become death Never may it be But - sin in order that it might be shown to be through that which [is] good to me is working out death so that might become beyond excess sinful the commandment
KJV: Was then  that which is good  made  death  God forbid.  But  sin,  that  it might appear  sin,  working  death  by  that which is good;  that  sin  by  the commandment  might become  exceeding  sinful. 

Romans 7:24
Literal: O wretched I am man Who me will deliver out of the body - of death this
KJV: O wretched  man  that I am!  who  shall deliver  from  the body  death? 

Romans 8:2
Literal: - For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set free you from the law - of sin and - of death
KJV: For  the law  of the Spirit  of life  in  Christ  Jesus  free  from  the law  of sin  and  death. 

Romans 8:6
Literal: The for mind of the flesh [is] death but of the Spirit life and peace
KJV: For  carnally  minded  is death;  but  spiritually  minded  is life  and  peace. 

Romans 8:38
Literal: I am persuaded for that neither death nor life angels principalities things present things to come powers
KJV: For  I am persuaded,  that  neither  death,  nor  life,  nor  angels,  nor  principalities,  nor  powers,  nor  things present,  nor  things to come, 

1 Corinthians 3:22
Literal: whether Paul or Apollos Cephas or [the] world life death things present things to come all yours
KJV: Whether  Paul,  or  Apollos,  or  Cephas,  or  the world,  or  life,  or  death,  or  things present,  or  things to come;  all 

1 Corinthians 11:26
Literal: As often as for if you may eat the bread this and the cup may drink death of the Lord you proclaim until that He should come
KJV: For  ye eat  bread,  and  drink  cup,  ye do shew  the Lord's  death  till  he  come. 

1 Corinthians 15:21
Literal: Since for by a man [came] death also a man resurrection of [the] dead
KJV: For  since  by  man  came death,  by  man  came also  the resurrection  of the dead. 

1 Corinthians 15:26
Literal: [The] last enemy to be abolished [is] - death
KJV: The last  enemy  that shall be destroyed  is death. 

1 Corinthians 15:54
Literal: When now the perishable this shall have put on the imperishable and mortal immortality then will come to pass the word - having been written Has been swallowed up death in victory
KJV: So  when  corruptible  shall have put on  incorruption,  and  mortal  shall have put on  immortality,  then  shall be brought to pass  the saying  that is written,  Death  is swallowed up  in  victory. 

1 Corinthians 15:55
Literal: Where of you O death the victory sting
KJV: O death,  where  sting?  where  victory? 

1 Corinthians 15:56
Literal: - And the sting - of death [is] - sin the power - of sin the law
KJV: The sting  of death  is sin;  and  the strength  of sin  is the law. 

2 Corinthians 1:9
Literal: But we in ourselves the sentence - of death had in order that not trusting we should be in but in - God the [One] raising the dead
KJV: But  we had  the sentence  of death  in  ourselves,  trust  in  ourselves,  but  in  God  which  raiseth  the dead: 

2 Corinthians 1:10
Literal: who from such a great a death has delivered us and will deliver [us] in whom we have hope that also still He will deliver [us]
KJV: Who  delivered  from  so great  a death,  and  doth deliver:  in  whom  we trust  that  yet  deliver 

2 Corinthians 2:16
Literal: to one indeed an odor from death to death now a fragrance life life And for these things who [is] sufficient
KJV: To  the one  we are the savour  of death  unto  death;  and  to the other  the savour  of life  unto  life.  And  who  is sufficient  for 

2 Corinthians 3:7
Literal: If now the ministry - of death in letters having been engraved on stones was produced glory so as for not to be able to look intently the sons of Israel into the face of Moses on account of the glory of the face of him which is fading
KJV: But  if  the ministration  of death,  written  and engraven  in  stones,  was  glorious,  so  that the children  of Israel  could  not  stedfastly behold  the face  of Moses  for  the glory  of his  countenance;  which  glory was to be done away: 

2 Corinthians 4:11
Literal: always for we the living to death are being delivered on account of Jesus so that also the life - of Jesus may be manifested in the mortal flesh of us
KJV: which  live  alway  delivered  unto  death  Jesus'  sake,  that  the life  also  of Jesus  might be made manifest  in  mortal  flesh. 

2 Corinthians 4:12
Literal: So then - death in us works - but life you
KJV: So  death  worketh  in  but  life  in 

2 Corinthians 7:10
Literal: The for according to God grief repentance to salvation without regret produces - and the of the world death produces
KJV: For  godly  sorrow  worketh  repentance  to  salvation  not to be repented of:  but  the sorrow  of the world  worketh  death. 

2 Corinthians 11:23
Literal: Servants of Christ are they As being beside myself I speak above [measure] I [too] in labors more abundantly imprisonments beatings above measure deaths often
KJV: ministers  of Christ?  (I speak  as a fool  ) I  am more;  in  labours  in  stripes  above measure,  in  prisons  in  deaths  oft. 

Philippians 1:20
Literal: according to the earnest expectation and hope of me that in nothing I will be ashamed but all boldness as always also now will be magnified Christ the body whether by life or death
KJV: According  earnest expectation  and  my hope,  that  in  nothing  I shall be ashamed,  but  that with  all  boldness,  as  always,  so now  also  Christ  shall be magnified  in  body,  whether  it be by  life,  or  by  death. 

Philippians 2:8
Literal: And in appearance having been found as a man He humbled Himself having become obedient unto death [the] death even of [the] cross
KJV: And  being found  in fashion  as  a man,  he humbled  himself,  and became  obedient  unto  death,  even  the death  of the cross. 

Philippians 2:27
Literal: And indeed he was sick nearly unto death but - God had mercy on him not on him now alone also on me that not sorrow upon I should have
KJV: For  indeed  he was sick  nigh  unto death:  but  God  had mercy  on him;  and  not  on him  but  also,  I should have  sorrow  upon  sorrow. 

Philippians 2:30
Literal: because for the sake of the work of Christ unto death he came near having disregarded [his] life so that he might fill up of you deficit of toward me service
KJV: Because  for  the work  of Christ  he was nigh  unto  death,  not regarding  his life,  to  supply  lack  of service  toward 

Philippians 3:10
Literal: - to know Him and the power of the resurrection of Him the fellowship of sufferings being conformed to the death
KJV: That I may know  him,  and  the power  of his  resurrection,  and  the fellowship  of his  sufferings,  being made conformable  unto his  death; 

Colossians 1:22
Literal: now however He has reconciled [You] in the body of the flesh of Him through - death to present you holy and unblemished blameless before Him
KJV: In  the body  of his  flesh  through  death,  to present  holy  and  unblameable  and  unreproveable  in his  sight: 

2 Timothy 1:10
Literal: having been made manifest also now by the appearing of the Savior of us Christ Jesus having abolished indeed - death having brought to light now life and immortality through the gospel
KJV: But  now  made manifest  by  the appearing  Saviour  Jesus  Christ,  who  hath abolished  death,  and  life  and  immortality  to light  through  the gospel: 

Hebrews 2:9
Literal: Who however a little one than [the] angels having been made lower we see Jesus because of the suffering - of death with glory and with honor having been crowned so that by [the] grace of God for everyone He might taste death
KJV: But  we see  Jesus,  who  a little  lower  than  the angels  for  the suffering  of death,  crowned  with glory  and  honour;  that  by the grace  of God  should taste  death  for  every man. 

Hebrews 2:14
Literal: Since therefore the children have partaken of blood and of flesh also He likewise took part in the same things so that through [His] death He might destroy the [one] the power holding - of death that is the devil
KJV: Forasmuch  then  as the children  are partakers  of flesh  and  blood,  also  himself  likewise  took part  of the same;  that  through  death  he might destroy  him that had  the power  of death,  the devil; 

Hebrews 2:15
Literal: and might set free those who fear of death through all [their time] to live subject were to slavery
KJV: And  deliver  who  through  fear  of death  all  their lifetime  subject  to bondage. 

Hebrews 5:7
Literal: [He] in the days of the flesh of Him prayers both and supplications to the [One] being able to save Him from death with crying loud tears having offered up having been heard because of - reverence
KJV: Who  in  the days  of his  flesh,  when he had offered up  prayers  and  supplications  with  strong  crying  and  tears  unto  him that was able  to save  him  from  death,  and  was heard  in that  he feared; 

Hebrews 7:23
Literal: And those indeed many are having become priests because of - by death being prevented from continuing
KJV: And  truly  many  priests,  because they were not suffered  to continue  by reason of  death: 

Hebrews 9:15
Literal: And because of this of a covenant new [the] mediator He is so that death having taken place for redemption of the under the first covenant transgressions the promise might receive those having been called of the eternal inheritance
KJV: And  cause  the mediator  of the new  testament,  that  by means  of death,  for  the redemption  of the transgressions  that were under  the first  testament,  they which are called  might receive  the promise  of eternal  inheritance. 

Hebrews 9:16
Literal: Where for [there is] a will [the] death [it is] necessary to establish of the [one] having made [it]
KJV: For  where  a testament  is, there must also of necessity  be  the death  of the testator. 

Hebrews 11:5
Literal: By faith Enoch was translated - not to see death and not was he found because had taken up him - God Before for the translation he was commended to have pleased - God
KJV: By faith  Enoch  was translated  not  death;  and  not  found,  because  God  had translated  him:  for  before  his  translation  he had this testimony,  that he pleased  God. 

James 1:15
Literal: Then - desire having conceived gives birth to sin and sin having become fully grown brings forth death
KJV: Then  when lust  hath conceived,  it bringeth forth  sin:  and  sin,  when it is finished,  bringeth forth  death. 

James 5:20
Literal: let him know that the [one] having brought back a sinner from [the] error of the way of him will save the soul death and will cover over a multitude of sins
KJV: him  know,  that  he which converteth  the sinner  from  the error  of his  way  shall save  a soul  from  death,  and  shall hide  a multitude  of sins. 

1 John 3:14
Literal: We know that we have passed from - death to - life because we love [our] brothers The [one] not loving abides in - death
KJV: We know  that  have passed  from  death  unto  life,  because  we love  the brethren.  He that loveth  not  his brother  abideth  in  death. 

1 John 5:16
Literal: If anyone should see the brother of him sinning a sin not unto death he shall ask and He will give him life to those sinning There is a sin not concerning that do I say that he should implore
KJV: If  any man  his  brother  sin  a sin  which is not  unto  death,  he shall ask,  and  he shall give  him  life  for them that sin  not  unto  death.  a sin  unto  death:  I do not  say  that  he shall pray  for  it. 

1 John 5:17
Literal: All unrighteousness sin is and there is not unto death
KJV: All  unrighteousness  sin:  and  a sin  not  unto  death. 

Revelation 1:18
Literal: and the Living [One] I was dead behold living I am to the ages of the ages I have the keys of Death Hades
KJV: I am he that liveth,  and  was  dead;  and,  behold,  I am  alive  for  evermore,  and  have  the keys  of hell  and  of death. 

Revelation 2:10
Literal: Not fear what you are about to suffer Behold is about to cast the devil [some] of you into prison so that you might be tested and you shall have tribulation days ten Be faithful unto death I will give to you the crown - of life
KJV: Fear  none  of those things which  thou shalt  suffer:  behold,  the devil  shall  cast  some of  into  prison,  that  ye may be tried;  and  ye shall have  tribulation  ten  days:  be thou  faithful  unto  death,  and  I will give  a crown  of life. 

Revelation 2:11
Literal: The [one] having an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches overcoming no not shall be injured by the death - second
KJV: He that hath  an ear,  let him hear  what  the Spirit  saith  unto the churches;  He that overcometh  be hurt  of  the second  death. 

Revelation 2:23
Literal: And the children of her I will kill with death will know all the churches that I am the [One] searching affections hearts I will give of you to each according to works of you
KJV: And  I will kill  her  children  with  death;  and  all  the churches  shall know  that  am  he which  searcheth  the reins  and  hearts:  and  I will give  unto every one  according to  works. 

Revelation 6:8
Literal: And I looked behold a horse pale the [one] sitting on it [the] name of him [was] - Death Hades was following with him was given to them authority over the fourth of the earth to kill with sword famine plague by the beasts
KJV: And  behold  a pale  horse:  and  his  name  that sat  on  him  was Death,  and  Hell  followed  with  him.  And  power  was given  unto them  over  the fourth part  of the earth,  to kill  with  sword,  and  with  hunger,  and  with  death,  and  with  the beasts  of the earth. 

Revelation 9:6
Literal: And in the days those will seek - men - death not no more will find it they will long to die shall flee - death from them
KJV: And  in  those  days  shall men  seek  death,  and  not  find  it;  and  shall desire  to die,  and  death  shall flee  from  them. 

Revelation 12:11
Literal: And they have overcome him by reason of the blood of the Lamb by reason of the word of the testimony of them not they have loved the life unto death
KJV: And  they  overcame  him  by  the blood  of the Lamb,  and  by  the word  of their  testimony;  and  they loved  not  their  lives  unto  the death. 

Revelation 13:3
Literal: And one of the heads of it [was] as having been slain to death the wound of death was healed marveled all earth after the beast
KJV: And  of his  heads  as it were  wounded  to  death;  and  his  deadly  wound  was healed:  and  all  the world  wondered  after  the beast. 

Revelation 13:12
Literal: And the authority of the first beast all it exercises on behalf of it causes earth those in it dwelling that they will worship the beast - first of whom had been healed the wound - fatal
KJV: And  he exerciseth  all  the power  of the first  beast  before  him,  and  causeth  the earth  and  them which dwell  therein  to  worship  the first  beast,  whose  deadly  wound  was healed. 

Revelation 18:8
Literal: Because of this in one day will come the plagues of her death and misery famine with fire she will be burned up because mighty [is the] Lord - God the [One] having judged her
KJV: her  plagues  come  in  day,  death,  and  mourning,  and  famine;  and  she shall be utterly burned  with  fire:  for  strong  is the Lord  God  who  judgeth  her. 

Revelation 20:6
Literal: Blessed and holy [is] the [one] having a part in the resurrection - first Over these the second death not has power but they will be priests - of God of Christ will reign with Him a thousand years
KJV: Blessed  and  holy  is he that hath  part  in  the first  resurrection:  on  the second  death  hath  no  power,  but  priests  of God  and  of Christ,  and  shall reign  with  him  a thousand  years. 

Revelation 20:13
Literal: And gave up the sea the dead who were in it - Death Hades gave up them they were judged each [of them] according to the works of them
KJV: And  the sea  gave up  the dead  which  were in  it;  and  death  and  hell  delivered up  the dead  which  were in  them:  and  they were judged  every man  according to  their  works. 

Revelation 20:14
Literal: And - Death Hades were cast into the lake - of fire This the second is the lake of fire
KJV: And  death  and  hell  were cast  into  the lake  of fire.  This  the second  death. 

Revelation 21:4
Literal: And He will wipe away every tear from the eyes of them - death not will be any longer nor mourning crying pain they will be because the former things have passed away
KJV: And  shall wipe away  all  tears  their  eyes;  and  no  more  death,  neither  sorrow,  nor  crying,  neither  any more  pain:  for  the former things  are passed away. 

Revelation 21:8
Literal: - But to the cowardly and unbelieving having become abominable murderers the sexually immoral sorcerers idolaters all liars the portion of them [is] in the lake - burning with fire brimstone which is the death - second
KJV: But  the fearful,  and  unbelieving,  and  the abominable,  and  murderers,  and  whoremongers,  and  idolaters,  and  all  liars,  shall have their  part  in  the lake  which  burneth  with fire  and  brimstone:  the second  death. 

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