Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 227

Word info for ἀληθής

Root: ἀληθής
Strongs Number: 227
Transliteration: [alethes]
Phonetics: al·ay·thace
Etymology: From 1 (as a negative particle) and 2990
Parts of Speech: adj.
Sense: true (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 true.
   2 loving the truth, speaking the truth, truthful.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G227

ἀληθὴς, ἀληθής, ἀληθὲς, ἀληθῆ, ἀληθές, ἀληθεῖς, ἀληθοῦς

All words for strongs number G227 :

Word Occurance
ἀληθής 12
ἀληθῆ 4
ἀληθὴς 3
ἀληθὲς 2
ἀληθές 2
ἀληθεῖς 1
ἀληθοῦς 1

How strongs number G227 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
true 21
truly 1
truth 1
real 1
[the] true 1

Two strong number together

25 Verses with G227

Matthew 22:16
Literal: And they send to Him the disciples of them with the Herodians saying Teacher we know that TRUE You are the way - of God in [the] truth You teach not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men
KJV: And  they sent out  unto him  disciples  with  the Herodians,  saying,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth,  neither  carest  for  any  man: for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men. 

Mark 12:14
Literal: And having come they say to Him Teacher we know that TRUE You are not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men but on the basis of [the] truth the way - of God teach Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not Should we pay not pay
KJV: when they were come,  they say  unto him,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  carest  for  no man:  for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men,  but  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth:  Is it lawful  to give  tribute  to Caesar,  or  not? 

John 3:33
Literal: The [one] having received His - testimony has set his seal that - God TRUE is
KJV: He that hath received  his  testimony  hath set to his seal  that  God  true. 

John 4:18
Literal: Five for husbands you have had and now he whom you have not is your husband this truly you have spoken
KJV: For  thou hast had  five  husbands;  and  he whom  now  hast  not  husband:  saidst thou  truly. 

John 5:31
Literal: If I bear witness concerning Myself the testimony of Me not is TRUE
KJV: If  bear witness  of  myself,  witness  not  true. 

John 5:32
Literal: Another it is - bearing witness concerning Me and I know that TRUE is the testimony which he bears witness
KJV: another  that beareth witness  of  and  I know  that  the witness  which  he witnesseth  of  true. 

John 6:55
Literal: The for flesh of Me TRUE is food and the blood drink
KJV: For  flesh  meat  and  blood  drink 

John 7:18
Literal: The [one] from himself speaking the glory own seeks however seeking of the [One] having sent Him He TRUE is and unrighteousness in Him not is
KJV: He that speaketh  of  himself  seeketh  his own  glory:  but  he that seeketh  his glory  that sent  him,  the same  true,  and  no  unrighteousness  in  him. 

John 8:13
Literal: Said therefore to Him the Pharisees You concerning Yourself are bearing witness the testimony of You not is TRUE
KJV: The Pharisees  therefore  said  unto him,  Thou  bearest record  of  thyself;  record  not  true. 

John 8:14
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to them Even if I am bearing witness concerning Myself TRUE is the testimony of Me because I know from where I came where I am going You however not know I come or
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto them,  Though  bear record  of  myself,  record  true:  for  I know  whence  I came,  and  whither  I go;  but  cannot  tell  whence  I come,  and  whither  I go. 

John 8:17
Literal: And in the law also - of you it has been written that of two men the testimony TRUE is
KJV: also  written  in  your  law,  that  the testimony  of two  men  true. 

John 8:26
Literal: Many things I have concerning you to say and to judge but the [One] having sent Me TRUE is and I what I have heard from Him these things I say to the world
KJV: I have  many things  to say  and  to judge  of  but  he that sent  true;  and I  to  the world  which  I have heard  of  him. 

John 10:41
Literal: And many came to Him were saying - John indeed sign did no everything however that said about this [man] TRUE was
KJV: And  many  resorted  unto  him,  and  John  did  no  miracle:  but  all things  that  John  spake  of  true. 

John 19:35
Literal: And the [one] having seen has borne witness TRUE of him is the testimony He knows that truth he is speaking that also you might believe
KJV: And  he that saw  it bare record,  and  his  record  true:  knoweth  that  he saith  true,  that  might believe. 

John 21:24
Literal: This is the disciple - bearing witness concerning these things and the [one] having written these things we know that TRUE of him the testimony is
KJV: This  the disciple  which  testifieth  of  and  wrote  and  we know  that  his  testimony  true. 

Acts 12:9
Literal: And having gone forth he was following not did know that real is what is happening by means of the angel he was thinking however a vision he saw
KJV: And  he went out,  and followed  and  wist  not  that  true  which  was done  by  the angel;  but  thought  he saw  a vision. 

Romans 3:4
Literal: Never may it be Let be however - God TRUE every now man a liar as it has been written That - You may be justified in the words of You and will prevail - being judged Your
KJV: God forbid:  yea,  God  be  true,  but  every  man  a liar;  as  it is written,  That  thou mightest  be justified  in  sayings,  and  mightest overcome  when  art judged. 

2 Corinthians 6:8
Literal: through glory and dishonor bad report good report as imposters and yet TRUE
KJV: By  honour  and  dishonour,  by  evil report  and  good report:  as  deceivers,  and  yet true; 

Philippians 4:8
Literal: - Finally brothers whatever is TRUE venerable right pure lovely admirable if any excellence and any praise these things think on
KJV: Finally,  brethren,  whatsoever things  true,  whatsoever things  are honest,  whatsoever things  are just,  whatsoever things  are pure,  whatsoever things  are lovely,  whatsoever things  are of good report;  virtue,  and  praise,  think 

Titus 1:13
Literal: The testimony this is TRUE for which cause rebuke them severely so that they may be sound in the faith
KJV: This  witness  true.  Wherefore  rebuke  them  sharply,  that  they may be sound  in  the faith; 

1 Peter 5:12
Literal: Through Silvanus to you the faithful brother as I regard [him] through few [words] I have written exhorting and testifying this to be [the] true grace - of God in which you stand
KJV: By  Silvanus,  a faithful  brother  as  I suppose,  I have written  briefly,  exhorting,  and  testifying  the true  grace  of God  wherein  ye stand. 

2 Peter 2:22
Literal: Has happened to them the thing of the TRUE proverb A dog having returned to [its] own vomit and A sow having washed to [her] rolling place in [the] mire
KJV: it is happened  unto them  according to  the true  proverb,  The dog  to  his own  vomit  again;  and  the sow  that was washed  to  her wallowing  in the mire. 

1 John 2:8
Literal: Again a commandment new I am writing to you which is TRUE in Him and you because the darkness is passing away the light - TRUE already shines
KJV: Again,  a new  commandment  I write  which thing  true  in  him  and  in  because  the darkness  is past,  and  the true  light  now  shineth. 

1 John 2:27
Literal: And you the anointing that you received from Him abides in you not need you have that anyone should teach you But just as same teaches concerning all things TRUE is not is a lie just as it has taught you shall abide Him
KJV: But  the anointing  which  have received  of  him  abideth  in  and  ye need  not  that  any man  teach  but  as  the same  anointing  teacheth  of  all things,  and  truth,  and  no  lie,  and  even as  it hath taught  ye shall abide  in  him. 

3 John 1:12
Literal: To Demetrius witness has been given by all and itself the truth we also bear witness you know that the testimony of us TRUE is
KJV: Demetrius  hath good report  of  all  men, and  of  the truth  itself:  yea,  and  also bear record;  and  ye know  that  record  true. 

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