Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2250

Word info for ἡμέρα

Root: ἡμέρα
Strongs Number: 2250
Transliteration: [hemera]
Phonetics: hay·mer·ah
Etymology: From (with 5610 implied) of a derivative of hemai (to sit, akin to the base of 1476) meaning tame, i.e. gentle
Parts of Speech: n f.
Sense: the day, used of the natural day, or the interval between sunrise and sunset, as distinguished from and contrasted with the night (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 the day, used of the natural day, or the interval between sunrise and sunset, as distinguished from and contrasted with the night.
      1a in the daytime.
      1b metaph.
      , “the day” is regarded as the time for abstaining from indulgence, vice, crime, because acts of the sort are perpetrated at night and in darkness.
   2 of the civil day, or the space of twenty four hours (thus including the night).
      2a Eastern usage of this term differs from our western usage.
      Any part of a day is counted as a whole day, hence the expression “three days and three nights” does not mean literally three whole days, but at least one whole day plus part of two other days.
   3 of the last day of this present age, the day Christ will return from heaven, raise the dead, hold the final judgment, and perfect his kingdom.
   4 used of time in general, i.e. the days of his life.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G2250

ἡμέραις, ἡμέρας, ἡμέρᾳ, ἡμέραι, ἡμερῶν, ἡμέραν, ἡμέρα, Ἡμέρας, Ἡμερῶν

All words for strongs number G2250 :

Word Occurance
ἡμέρας 121
ἡμέρᾳ 81
ἡμέραν 55
ἡμέραις 46
ἡμέραι 25
ἡμέρα 21
ἡμερῶν 18
Ἡμέρας 1
Ἡμερῶν 1

How strongs number G2250 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
day 182
days 142
[the] day 16
[the] days 7
a day 6
years 3
daytime 2
the day 2
of days 1
of [the] day 1
of day 1
a day’s 1
court 1
daybreak 1
[a] day 1
day [is] 1
by day 1

Greek Commentary Search

Luke 6:13 When it was day [οτε εγενετο ημερα]
When day came, after the long night of prayer. [source]
Luke 22:7 The day of unleavened bread came [ηλτεν η ημερα των αζυμων]
The day itself came, not simply was drawing nigh (Luke 22:1). [source]
Luke 22:66 As soon as it was day [ως εγενετο ημερα]
Mark 15:1 (Matthew 27:1) has “morning.” [source]
Luke 23:54 The day of the Preparation [ημερα παρασκευης]
The technical Jewish phrase for the day before the sabbath for which see Matthew 27:62. [source]
Acts 27:33 While the day was coming on [αχρι ου ημερα ημελλεν γινεσται]
More likely here αχρι ου — achri hou (for αχρι τουτου ωι — achri toutou hēi) with the imperfect ημελλεν — ēmellen has its usual meaning, “until which time day was about to come on In Hebrews 3:13 αχρι ου — achri hou with the present indicative has to mean “so long as” or while, but that is not true here (Robertson, Grammar, p. 975). See note on Acts 2:46 for the same phrase for partaking food It is not clear whether the “waiting” (μεταλαμβανω τροπης — prosdokōntes present active participle predicate nominative complementary participle after ημεραν — diateleite Robertson, Grammar, p. 1121) means fourteen days of continuous fasting or only fourteen successive nights of eager watching without food. Galen and Dionysius of Halicarnassus employ the very idiom used here by Luke (προσδοκωντες — asitos diateleō). [source]
1 Corinthians 3:13 The dayημερα]
The day of judgment as in 1 Thessalonians 5:4 (which see), Romans 13:12; Hebrews 10:25. The work (εργον — ergon) of each will be made manifest. There is no escape from this final testing. [source]
2 Thessalonians 2:2 Or by word [ως οτι ενεστηκεν η ημερα του κυριου]
Oral statement of a conversation with Paul (Lightfoot) to this effect as from us. An easy way to set aside Paul‘s first Epistle by report of a private remark from Paul. Or by epistle as from us (ενιστημι — mēte di' epistolēs hōs di' hēmōn). In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:3 Paul had plainly said that Jesus would come as a thief in the night and had shown that the dead would not be left out in the rapture. But evidently some one claimed to have a private epistle from Paul which supported the view that Jesus was coming at once, as that the day of the Lord is now present (τα ενεστωτα — hōs hoti enestēken hē hēmera tou kuriou). Perfect active indicative of τα μελλοντα — enistēmi old verb, to place in, but intransitive in this tense to stand in or at or near. So “is imminent” (Lightfoot). The verb is common in the papyri. In 1 Corinthians 3:22; Romans 8:38 we have a contrast between ως οτι — ta enestōta the things present, and ta mellonta the things future (to come). The use of hōs hoti may be disparaging here, though that is not true in 2 Corinthians 5:19. In the Koiné{[28928]}š it comes in the vernacular to mean simply “that” (Moulton, Proleg., p. 212), but that hardly seems the case in the N.T. (Robertson, Grammar, p. 1033). Here it means “to wit that,” though “as that” or “as if” does not miss it much. Certainly it flatly denies that by conversation or by letter he had stated that the second coming was immediately at hand. “It is this misleading assertion that accounts both for the increased discouragement of the faint-hearted to encourage whom Paul writes 1:3-2:17, and for the increased meddlesomeness of the idle brethren to warn whom Paul writes 3:1-18” (Frame). It is enough to give one pause to note Paul‘s indignation over this use of his name by one of the over-zealous advocates of the view that Christ was coming at once. It is true that Paul was still alive, but, if such a “pious fraud” was so common and easily condoned as some today argue, it is difficult to explain Paul‘s evident anger. Moreover, Paul‘s words should make us hesitate to affirm that Paul definitely proclaimed the early return of Jesus. He hoped for it undoubtedly, but he did not specifically proclaim it as so many today assert and accuse him of misleading the early Christians with a false presentation. [source]
2 Peter 1:19 Until the day dawn [εως ου ημερα διαυγασηι]
First aorist active subjunctive of διαυγαζω — diaugazō with temporal conjunction εως ου — heōs hou usual construction for future time. Late compound verb διαυγαζω — diaugazō (Polybius, Plutarch, papyri) from δια — dia and αυγη — augē to shine through, here only in N.T.The day-star (πωσπορος — phōsphoros). Old compound adjective (πως — phōs light, περω — pherō to bring), light-bringing, light-bearer (Lucifer) applied to Venus as the morning star. Our word ποσπορυς — phosphorus is this word. In the lxx εωσπορος — heōsphoros occurs. Cf. Malachi 4:2; Luke 1:76-79; Revelation 22:16 for “dawn” applied to the Messiah.Arise First aorist active subjunctive of ανατελλω — anatellō (James 1:11; Matthew 5:45). [source]
2 Peter 3:10 The day of the Lord [ημερα κυριου]
So Peter in Acts 2:20 (from Joel 3:4) and Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:4; 2 Thessalonians 2:2; 1 Corinthians 5:5; and day of Christ in Philemon 2:16 and day of God in 2 Peter 2:12 and day of judgment already in 2 Peter 2:9; 2 Peter 3:7. This great day will certainly come Future active of ηκω — hēkō old verb, to arrive, but in God‘s own time. [source]
Revelation 6:17 The great dayημερα η μεγαλη]
The phrase occurs in the O.T. prophets (Joel 2:11, Joel 2:31; Zephaniah 1:14. Cf. Judges 1:6) and is here combined with “of their wrath” (της οργης αυτων — tēs orgēs autōn) as in Zephaniah 1:15, Zephaniah 1:18; Zephaniah 2:3; Romans 2:5. “Their” (αυτων — autōn) means the wrath of God and of the Lamb put here on an equality as in Revelation 1:17., Revelation 22:3, Revelation 22:13; 1 Thessalonians 3:11; 2 Thessalonians 2:16. Beckwith holds that this language about the great day having come “is the mistaken cry of men in terror caused by the portents which are bursting upon them.” There is something, to be sure, to be said for this view which denies that John commits himself to the position that this is the end of the ages. [source]
Revelation 8:12 And the day should not shine [και η ημερα μη πανηι]
Negative purpose clause with ινα μη — hina mē and the first aorist active subjunctive of παινω — phainō to shed light upon, as in Revelation 18:23, not the second aorist passive subjunctive πανηι — phanēi with different accent. The eclipse here is only partial and is kin to the ninth Egyptian plague (Exodus 10:21). [source]

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Acts 27:33 While the day was coming on [αχρι ου ημερα ημελλεν γινεσται]
More likely here αχρι ου — achri hou (for αχρι τουτου ωι — achri toutou hēi) with the imperfect ημελλεν — ēmellen has its usual meaning, “until which time day was about to come on In Hebrews 3:13 αχρι ου — achri hou with the present indicative has to mean “so long as” or while, but that is not true here (Robertson, Grammar, p. 975). See note on Acts 2:46 for the same phrase for partaking food It is not clear whether the “waiting” (μεταλαμβανω τροπης — prosdokōntes present active participle predicate nominative complementary participle after ημεραν — diateleite Robertson, Grammar, p. 1121) means fourteen days of continuous fasting or only fourteen successive nights of eager watching without food. Galen and Dionysius of Halicarnassus employ the very idiom used here by Luke (προσδοκωντες — asitos diateleō). [source]

369 Verses with G2250

Matthew 2:1
Literal: - Now Jesus having been born in Bethlehem - of Judea [the] days of Herod the king behold Magi from [the] east arrived in Jerusalem
KJV: Now  when Jesus  was born  in  Bethlehem  of Judaea  in  the days  of Herod  the king,  behold,  there came  wise men  from  the east  to  Jerusalem, 

Matthew 3:1
Literal: In then the days those comes John the Baptist preaching the wilderness - of Judea
KJV: In  those  days  came  John  the Baptist,  preaching  in  the wilderness  of Judaea, 

Matthew 4:2
Literal: And having fasted days forty forty nights afterward He was hungry
KJV: And  when he had fasted  forty  days  and  forty  nights,  he was afterward  an hungred. 

Matthew 6:34
Literal: Not therefore be anxious about things tomorrow - for will be anxious about itself Sufficient to the day [is] the trouble of it
KJV: therefore  no  thought  for  the morrow:  for  the morrow  shall take thought  for the things  of itself.  Sufficient  unto the day  is the evil  thereof. 

Matthew 7:22
Literal: Many will say to Me in that the day Lord not in Your name did we prophesy and [in] demons cast out miracles many perform
KJV: Many  will say  in  that  day,  Lord,  not  prophesied  in thy  name?  and  in thy  name  have cast out  devils?  and  in thy  name  done  many  wonderful works? 

Matthew 9:15
Literal: And said to them - Jesus Not can the sons of the bridechamber mourn as long as with them is the bridegroom Will come however days when shall have been taken away from then they will fast
KJV: And  Jesus  said  unto them,  Can  the children  of the bridechamber  mourn,  as long as  the bridegroom  with  them?  but  the days  will come,  when  the bridegroom  shall be taken  from  them,  and  then  shall they fast. 

Matthew 10:15
Literal: Truly I say to you More tolerable it will be for [the] land of Sodom and of Gomorrah on day of judgment than the city for that
KJV: Verily  I say  more tolerable  for the land  of Sodom  and  Gomorrha  in  the day  of judgment,  than  for that  city. 

Matthew 11:12
Literal: From then the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of the heavens is taken by violence and [the] violent claim it
KJV: And  from  the days  of John  the Baptist  until  now  the kingdom  of heaven  suffereth violence,  and  the violent  it  by force. 

Matthew 11:22
Literal: But I say to you for Tyre and Sidon more tolerable will it be in [the] day of judgment than for you
KJV: But  I say  more tolerable  for Tyre  and  Sidon  at  the day  of judgment,  than 

Matthew 11:24
Literal: But I say to you that for [the] land of Sodom more tolerable will it be in day of judgment than for you
KJV: But  I say  That  more tolerable  for the land  of Sodom  in  the day  of judgment,  than 

Matthew 12:36
Literal: I say now to you that every word careless that will speak - men they will give of it an account in day of judgment
KJV: But  I say  That  every  idle  word  that  men  shall speak,  they shall give  account  thereof  in  the day  of judgment. 

Matthew 12:40
Literal: Just as for was Jonah in the belly of the great fish three days and nights so will be the Son - of Man heart of the earth
KJV: For  as  Jonas  three  days  and  three  nights  in  the whale's  belly;  so  shall the Son  of man  three  days  and  three  nights  in  the heart  of the earth. 

Matthew 13:1
Literal: In the day that having gone forth - Jesus [from] the house was sitting by the sea
KJV: The same  day  went  Jesus  the house,  and sat  by  the sea side. 

Matthew 15:32
Literal: - And Jesus having called to [him] the disciples of Him said I am moved with compassion toward the crowd because already days three they continue with Me and nothing have that they might eat to send away them hungry not I am willing not lest they faint on the way
KJV: Then  Jesus  called  his  disciples  unto him, and said,  I have compassion  on  the multitude,  because  they continue  now  three  days,  and  have  nothing  to eat:  and  I will  not  them  away  fasting,  they faint  in  the way. 

Matthew 16:21
Literal: From that time began - Jesus Christ to show to the disciples of Him that it is necessary for Him to Jerusalem to go away and many things to suffer the elders chief priests scribes to be killed on the third day to be raised
KJV: From  that time forth  began  Jesus  to shew  unto his  disciples,  how that  he  must  go  unto  Jerusalem,  and  suffer  many things  of  the elders  and  chief priests  and  scribes,  and  be killed,  and  be raised again  the third  day. 

Matthew 17:1
Literal: And after days six takes with [Him] - Jesus - Peter James John the brother of him brings up them into a mountain high by themselves
KJV: And  after  six  days  Jesus  taketh  Peter,  James,  and  John  his  brother,  and  them  up  into  an high  mountain  apart, 

Matthew 17:23
Literal: and they will kill Him on the third day He will be raised up they were grieved deeply
KJV: And  they shall kill  him,  and  the third  day  he shall be raised again.  And  they were exceeding  sorry. 

Matthew 20:2
Literal: Having agreed then with the workmen for a denarius for the day he sent them into the vineyard of him
KJV: And  when he had agreed  with  the labourers  for  a penny  a day,  he sent  them  into  his  vineyard. 

Matthew 20:6
Literal: About then the eleventh having gone out he found others standing and he says to them Why here stand you all day idle
KJV: And  about  the eleventh  he went out,  and found  others  standing  idle,  and  saith  unto them,  Why  stand ye  here  all  the day  idle? 

Matthew 20:12
Literal: saying These the last one hour have worked and equal them to us you have made those having borne the burden of the day the scorching heat
KJV: Saying,  These  last  have wrought  hour,  and  thou hast made  them  equal  which  have borne  the burden  and  heat  of the day. 

Matthew 20:19
Literal: and they will betray Him the Gentiles unto - to mock to flog to crucify the third day He will rise again
KJV: And  shall deliver  him  to the Gentiles  to  mock,  and  to scourge,  and  to crucify  him: and  the third  day 

Matthew 22:23
Literal: On that - day came to Him Sadducees those saying not there is a resurrection and they questioned Him
KJV: The same  day  came  to him  the Sadducees,  which  say  no  resurrection,  and  asked  him, 

Matthew 22:46
Literal: And no one was able to answer Him a word nor dared anyone from that - day to question Him no longer
KJV: And  no man  was able  to answer  him  a word,  neither  durst  any  man from  that  day  forth ask  him  any more 

Matthew 23:30
Literal: and you say If we had lived in the days of the fathers of us not - we would have been with them partakers the blood prophets
KJV: And  say,  If  in  the days  fathers,  we would  not  partakers  with them  in  the blood  of the prophets. 

Matthew 24:19
Literal: Woe then to those in womb having and to the [ones] nursing infants those the days
KJV: And  woe  unto them that are  with  child,  and  to them that give suck  in  those  days! 

Matthew 24:22
Literal: And if not had been shortened the days those not - there would have been saved any flesh because of however the elect will be shortened
KJV: And  those  days  should be shortened,  there  should  no  flesh  be saved:  but  for  the elect's sake  those  days  shall be shortened. 

Matthew 24:29
Literal: Immediately then after the tribulation the days of those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it the stars will fall from the sky the powers of the heavens will be shaken
KJV: Immediately  after  the tribulation  of those  days  shall the sun  be darkened,  and  the moon  not  give  her  light,  and  the stars  shall fall  from  heaven,  and  the powers  of the heavens  shall be shaken: 

Matthew 24:36
Literal: Concerning however the day that and hour no one knows not even the angels of the heavens nor the Son if not Father only
KJV: But  of  that  day  and  hour  knoweth  no  man, no, not  the angels  of heaven,  Father  only. 

Matthew 24:37
Literal: As [were] for the days - of Noah so will be the coming of the Son of Man
KJV: as  the days  of Noe  were, so  the coming  of the Son  of man 

Matthew 24:38
Literal: As for they were in the days those - before the flood eating and drinking marrying giving in marriage until that day entered Noah into the ark
KJV: For  in  the days  before  the flood  they were eating  and  drinking,  marrying  and  until  the day  that  Noe  entered  into  the ark, 

Matthew 24:42
Literal: Keep watch therefore for not you know on what day the Lord of you comes
KJV: Watch  therefore:  for  ye know  not  what  Lord  doth come. 

Matthew 24:50
Literal: will come the master the servant of that in a day in which not he does expect and an hour which he is aware
KJV: The lord  of that  servant  shall come  in  a day  when  he looketh  not  for him, and  in  an hour  that  not  aware of, 

Matthew 25:13
Literal: Watch therefore for neither do you know the day nor hour in which the Son - of Man comes
KJV: Watch  therefore,  for  ye know  neither  the day  nor  the hour  wherein  the Son  of man  cometh. 

Matthew 26:2
Literal: You know that after two days the Passover takes place and the Son - of Man is delivered over - to be crucified
KJV: Ye know  that  after  two  days  is  the feast of the passover,  and  the Son  of man  is betrayed  to  be crucified. 

Matthew 26:29
Literal: I say now to you no not will I drink from now of this the fruit of the vine until the day that when it I drink with you anew in the kingdom of the Father of Me
KJV: But  I say  drink  henceforth  of  fruit  of the vine,  until  that  day  when  I drink  it  new  with  in  Father's  kingdom. 

Matthew 26:55
Literal: In that - hour said - Jesus to the crowds As against a robber did you come out with swords and clubs to capture Me Every day the temple I was sitting teaching not you did seize
KJV: In  that same  hour  said  Jesus  to the multitudes,  Are ye come out  as  against  a thief  with  swords  and  staves  for to take  I sat  daily  teaching  in  the temple,  and  no  hold 

Matthew 26:61
Literal: they said This [man] has been saying I am able to destroy the temple - of God and in three days to rebuild it
KJV: And said,  This  fellow said,  I am able  to destroy  the temple  of God,  and  to build  in  three  days. 

Matthew 27:40
Literal: and saying The [One] destroying the temple in three days building [it] save Yourself If [the] Son You are - of God also descend from the cross
KJV: And  saying,  Thou that destroyest  the temple,  and  buildest  it in  three  days,  save  thyself.  If  the Son  of God,  come down  from  the cross. 

Matthew 27:63
Literal: saying Sir we have remembered how that - deceiver said while living After three days I arise
KJV: Saying,  Sir,  that  that  deceiver  said,  while he was yet  alive,  After  three  days  I will rise again. 

Matthew 27:64
Literal: Command therefore to be secured the tomb until the third day lest ever having come the disciples of Him steal away him and say to the people He is risen from the dead will be the last deception worse than the first
KJV: Command  therefore  that the sepulchre  be made sure  until  the third  day,  his  disciples  come  him  away,  and  say  unto the people,  He is risen  from  the dead:  so  the last  error  worse than  the first. 

Matthew 28:15
Literal: - And having taken the money they did as they were instructed And is spread abroad the report this among [the] Jews until the present day
KJV: So  they took  the money,  and did  as  they were taught:  and  this  saying  is commonly reported  among  the Jews  until  this day. 

Matthew 28:20
Literal: teaching them to observe all things whatever I commanded you And behold I with you am all the days until the completion of the age
KJV: Teaching  them  to observe  all things  whatsoever  I have commanded  and,  lo,  am  with  alway,  even unto  the end  of the world. 

Mark 1:9
Literal: And it came to pass in those - days [that] came Jesus from Nazareth - of Galilee was baptized in the Jordan by John
KJV: And  it came to pass  in  those  days,  that Jesus  came  from  Nazareth  of Galilee,  and  was baptized  of  John  in  Jordan. 

Mark 1:13
Literal: And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by - Satan with the wild animals the angels were ministering to Him
KJV: And  in  the wilderness  forty  days,  tempted  of  Satan;  and  with  the wild beasts;  and  the angels  ministered  unto him. 

Mark 2:1
Literal: And He having entered again into Capernaum after [some] days it was heard that in [the] house He is
KJV: And  again  he entered  into  Capernaum  after  some days;  and  it was noised  that  in  the house. 

Mark 2:20
Literal: Will come however [the] days when will have been taken away from them the bridegroom and then they will fast in those the days
KJV: But  the days  will come,  when  the bridegroom  shall be taken away  from  them,  and  then  shall they fast  in  those  days. 

Mark 4:27
Literal: and should sleep rise night day the seed should sprout grow how not knows he
KJV: And  should sleep,  and  rise  night  and  day,  and  the seed  should spring  and  grow up,  he  knoweth  not  how. 

Mark 4:35
Literal: And He says to them on that - day evening having come Let us pass over to the other side
KJV: And  the  same  day,  when the even  was come,  he saith  unto them,  Let us pass over  unto  the other side. 

Mark 5:5
Literal: And constantly all night day in the tombs mountains he was crying out cutting himself with stones
KJV: And  night  and  day,  in  the mountains,  and  in  the tombs,  crying,  and  cutting  himself  with stones. 

Mark 6:11
Literal: And whatever - place not will receive you nor hear you departing from there shake off the dust which [is] under the feet of you for a testimony against them Truly I say to you more tolerable it will be for Sodom or Gomorrah in day of judgment than that town for
KJV: And  not  receive  nor  hear  when ye depart  thence,  shake off  the dust  under  feet  for  a testimony  against them.  Verily  I say  more tolerable  for Sodom  and  Gomorrha  in  the day  of judgment,  than  for that  city. 

Mark 6:21
Literal: And having come [a] day opportune when Herod on the birthday of him a banquet made to the great men chief captains leading [men] - of Galilee
KJV: And  when a convenient  day  was come,  that  Herod  on his  birthday  made  a supper  to his  lords,  high captains,  and  chief  estates of Galilee; 

Mark 8:1
Literal: In those - days again great [the] crowd being and not having what they might eat having called to [Him] the disciples He says to them
KJV: In  those  days  the multitude  and  having  nothing  to eat,  called  his  disciples  unto him, and saith  unto them, 

Mark 8:2
Literal: I am moved with compassion upon the crowd because already days three they continue with Me and nothing have that they might eat
KJV: I have compassion  on  the multitude,  because  now  been  three  days,  and  have  nothing  to eat: 

Mark 8:31
Literal: And He began to teach them that it is necessary for the Son - of Man many things to suffer to be rejected by the elders chief priests scribes to be killed after three days to rise [again]
KJV: And  he began  to teach  them,  that  the Son  of man  must  suffer  many things,  and  be rejected  the elders,  and  of the chief priests,  and  scribes,  and  be killed,  and  after  three  days  rise again. 

Mark 9:2
Literal: And after days six takes along - Jesus - Peter James - John brings up them into a mountain high apart themselves alone He was transfigured before them
KJV: And  after  six  days  Jesus  taketh  with him Peter,  and  James,  and  John,  and  them  up  into  an high  mountain  apart  by themselves:  and  he was transfigured  before  them. 

Mark 9:31
Literal: He was teaching for the disciples of Him and He was saying to them - The Son - of Man is delivered into [the] hands of men they will kill Him having been killed on the third day He will arise
KJV: For  he taught  his  disciples,  and  unto them,  The Son  of man  is delivered  into  the hands  of men,  and  they shall kill  him;  and  after that he is killed,  he shall rise  day. 

Mark 10:34
Literal: And they will mock Him will spit upon will flog Him will kill on the third day He will rise again
KJV: And  they shall mock  him,  and  shall scourge  him,  and  shall spit upon  him,  and  shall kill  him:  and  day  he shall rise again. 

Mark 13:17
Literal: Woe then to those in womb having and to the [ones] nursing infants those - days
KJV: But  woe  to them that are  with  child,  and  to them that give suck  in  those  days! 

Mark 13:19
Literal: will be [in] for the days those tribulation such as never has been the like from [the] beginning of creation which created - God until - now and not shall be
KJV: For  in those  days  affliction,  such  as  was  not  from  the beginning  of the creation  which  God  created  unto  this time,  neither  shall be. 

Mark 13:20
Literal: And if not had shortened [the] Lord the days no - there would have been saved any flesh but on account of the elect whom He chose He has shortened
KJV: And  that the Lord  had shortened  those days,  no  flesh  should be  saved:  but  for  the elect's sake,  whom  he hath chosen,  he hath shortened  the days. 

Mark 13:24
Literal: But in those - days after the tribulation those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it
KJV: But  in  those  days,  after  that  tribulation,  the sun  shall be darkened,  and  the moon  not  give  her  light, 

Mark 13:32
Literal: Concerning now the day that or hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven nor the Son if not Father
KJV: But  of  that  day  that hour  knoweth  no man,  no, not  the angels  which  are in  heaven,  neither  the Son,  the Father. 

Mark 14:1
Literal: It would be now the Passover and the [Feast of] Unleavened Bread after two days were seeking the chief priests scribes how Him by stealth having taken they might kill [Him]
KJV: After  two  days  the feast of the passover,  and  of  unleavened bread:  and  the chief priests  and  the scribes  sought  how  they might take  him  by  craft,  and put him to death. 

Mark 14:12
Literal: And on the first day - of unleavened [bread] when the Passover lamb they were to sacrifice say to Him the disciples of Him Where do You desire [that] having gone we should prepare that You may eat Passover
KJV: And  the first  day  of unleavened bread,  when  they killed  the passover,  his  disciples  said  unto him,  Where  wilt thou  that we go  and prepare  that  thou mayest eat  the passover? 

Mark 14:25
Literal: Truly I say to you that no more never not will I drink of the fruit of the vine until the day that when it I drink anew in the kingdom - of God
KJV: Verily  I say  drink  no more  of  the fruit  of the vine,  until  that  day  that  I drink  it  new  in  the kingdom  of God. 

Mark 14:49
Literal: Every day I was with you in the temple teaching and not you did seize Me But [it is] that may be fulfilled the Scriptures
KJV: daily  with  in  the temple  teaching,  and  ye took  not:  but  the scriptures  must  be fulfilled. 

Mark 14:58
Literal: - We heard Him saying I will destroy the temple this the [one] made with hands and in three days another not made with hands I will build
KJV: heard  him  say,  will destroy  temple  that is made with hands,  and  within  three  days  I will build  another  made without hands. 

Mark 15:29
Literal: And those passing by were railing at Him shaking the heads of them saying Aha The [One] destroying the temple building [it] in three days
KJV: And  they that passed by  railed  on him,  wagging  their  heads,  and  saying,  Ah,  thou that destroyest  the temple,  and  buildest  it in  three  days, 

Luke 1:5
Literal: There was in the days of Herod king - of Judea a priest certain named Zechariah of [the] division of Abijah and wife of him of the daughters of Aaron the name of her Elizabeth
KJV: There was  in  the days  of Herod,  the king  of Judaea,  a certain  priest  named  Zacharias,  of  the course  of Abia:  and  his  wife  was of  the daughters  of Aaron,  and  her  name  was Elisabeth. 

Luke 1:7
Literal: And no there was to them child inasmuch as was - Elizabeth barren both advanced in the years of them were
KJV: And  they  no  child,  because  that Elisabeth  barren,  and  they  both  now well stricken  in  years. 

Luke 1:18
Literal: And said Zechariah to the angel By what will I know this I for am an old man the wife of me is advanced in the years of her
KJV: And  Zacharias  said  unto  the angel,  Whereby  shall I know  for  am  an old man,  and  wife  well stricken  in  years. 

Luke 1:20
Literal: And behold you will be silent not able to speak until that day shall take place these things in return for that not you did believe the words of me which will be fulfilled in the season of them
KJV: And,  behold,  shalt be dumb,  and  not  able  to speak,  until  the day  that  shall be performed,  because  thou believest  not  words,  which  shall be fulfilled  in  their  season. 

Luke 1:23
Literal: And it came to pass when were fulfilled the days of the service of him he departed to the home
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that, as soon as  the days  of his  ministration  were accomplished,  he departed  to  his own  house. 

Luke 1:24
Literal: After then these - days conceived Elizabeth the wife of him and hid herself months five saying
KJV: And  after  days  his  wife  Elisabeth  conceived,  and  hid  herself  five  months,  saying, 

Luke 1:25
Literal: - Thus to me has done the Lord in [the] days in which He looked upon [me] to take away [the] disgrace of me among men
KJV: Thus  the Lord  dealt  in  the days  wherein  he looked on  me, to take away  reproach  among  men. 

Luke 1:39
Literal: Having risen up then Mary in the days this she went into the hill country with haste to a town of Judah
KJV: And  Mary  arose  in  days,  and went  into  the hill country  with  haste,  into  a city  of Juda; 

Luke 1:59
Literal: And it came to pass on - day the eighth they came to circumcise the child were calling it after the name of the father of him Zechariah
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that on  the eighth  day  they came  to circumcise  the child;  and  they called  him  Zacharias,  after  the name  of his  father. 

Luke 1:75
Literal: in holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life
KJV: In  holiness  and  righteousness  before  him,  all  the days 

Luke 1:80
Literal: - And the child continued to grow and was strengthened in spirit he was in the deserted places until [the] day of appearance of him to - Israel
KJV: And  the child  grew,  and  waxed strong  in spirit,  and  in  the deserts  till  the day  of his  shewing  unto  Israel. 

Luke 2:1
Literal: It came to pass then in the days those went out a decree from Caesar Augustus to register all the world
KJV: And  it came to pass  in  those  days,  that there went out  a decree  from  Caesar  Augustus,  that all  the world  should be taxed. 

Luke 2:6
Literal: It came to pass then in their being - there were fulfilled the days of the giving birth of her
KJV: And  so it was,  that, while  they  there,  the days  were accomplished  that she  should be delivered. 

Luke 2:21
Literal: And when were fulfilled days eight - to circumcise Him then was called the name of Him Jesus which He had been called by the angel before was conceived He in the womb
KJV: And  when  eight  days  were accomplished  for the circumcising  his  name  was called  JESUS,  which  was so named  of  the angel  before  he  was conceived  in  the womb. 

Luke 2:22
Literal: And when were fulfilled the days of the purification of them according to the law of Moses they brought Him to Jerusalem to present to the Lord
KJV: And  when  the days  of her  purification  according  to the law  of Moses  were accomplished,  they brought  him  to  Jerusalem,  to present  him to the Lord; 

Luke 2:36
Literal: And there was Anna a prophetess daughter of Phanuel of [the] tribe of Asher she being advanced in years great having lived with a husband years seven from the marriage of herself
KJV: And  one Anna,  a prophetess,  the daughter  of Phanuel,  of  the tribe  of Aser:  she  was of a great  age,  and had lived  with  an husband  seven  years  from  her  virginity; 

Luke 2:37
Literal: and she [was] a widow of about years eighty [and] four who not departed the temple with fastings prayers serving night day
KJV: And  was a widow  fourscore  and four  years,  which  departed  not  the temple,  but served  God with fastings  and  prayers  night  and  day. 

Luke 2:43
Literal: and having completed the days in the returning of them remained behind Jesus the boy Jerusalem But not knew the parents of Him
KJV: And  when they had fulfilled  the days,  as  they  returned,  the child  Jesus  tarried behind  in  Jerusalem;  and  his  knew  not 

Luke 2:44
Literal: Having supposed now Him to be in their company they went a day’s journey and began seeking among the relatives acquaintances
KJV: But  they, supposing  him  in  the company,  went  a day's  journey;  and  they sought  him  among  their kinsfolk  and  acquaintance. 

Luke 2:46
Literal: And it came to pass after days three they found Him in the temple sitting [the] midst of the teachers both hearing them questioning them
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that after  three  days  they found  him  in  the temple,  sitting  in  the midst  of the doctors,  both  hearing  them,  and  them  questions. 

Luke 4:2
Literal: days forty being tempted by the devil And not He ate nothing in the days those having ended they He was hungry
KJV: forty  days  tempted  of  the devil.  And  in  those  days  he did eat  nothing:  and  when they  were ended,  hungered. 

Luke 4:16
Literal: And He came to Nazareth where He had been brought up He entered according to the custom to Him on the day of the Sabbaths into the synagogue stood up to read
KJV: And  he came  to  Nazareth,  where  brought up:  and,  his  custom  was,  he went  into  the synagogue  on  the sabbath  day,  and  stood up  for to read. 

Luke 4:25
Literal: In truth now I say to you many widows there were in the days of Elijah - Israel when was shut up the heaven for years three and months six when there was a famine great upon all the land
KJV: But  I tell  of  a truth,  many  widows  in  Israel  in  the days  of Elias,  when  the heaven  was shut up  three  years  and  six  months,  when  great  famine  was  throughout  all  the land; 

Luke 4:42
Literal: Having arrived now daybreak having gone out He went into a solitary place and the crowds were seeking Him they came up to Him were detaining Him of the not to go from them
KJV: And  when it was  day,  he departed  and went  into  a desert  place:  and  the people  him,  and  came  unto  him,  and  stayed  him,  that he should not  depart  from  them. 

Luke 5:17
Literal: And it came to pass on one of the days that He was teaching there were sitting by Pharisees teachers of the law who were come out of every village - of Galilee of Judea of Jerusalem [the] power of [the] Lord was [there] for - to heal Him
KJV: And  it came to pass  on  day,  as  he  teaching,  that  Pharisees  and  doctors of the law  sitting by,  which  come  out of  every  town  of Galilee,  and  Judaea,  and  Jerusalem:  and  the power  of the Lord  present to  heal  them. 

Luke 5:35
Literal: Will come however days also when shall be taken away from them the bridegroom then they will fast in those - days
KJV: But  the days  will come,  when  the bridegroom  shall be taken away  from  them,  and then  shall they fast  in  those  days. 

Luke 6:12
Literal: It came to pass then in the days those went out He to the mountain to pray and He was spending the night - prayer - to God
KJV: And  it came to pass  in  days,  that he went out  into  a mountain  to pray,  and  continued all night  in  prayer  to God. 

Luke 6:13
Literal: And when it became day He called to [Him] the disciples of Him also having chosen out from them twelve whom apostles He named
KJV: And  when  it was  day,  he called  unto him his  disciples:  and  of  them  he chose  twelve,  whom  also  he named  apostles; 

Luke 6:23
Literal: Rejoice in that - day and leap for joy behold for the reward of you [is] great - heaven According to these things of them used to treat the prophets the fathers likewise
KJV: Rejoice ye  in  that  day,  and  leap for joy:  for,  behold,  reward  is great  in  heaven:  for  in  did  their  fathers  unto the prophets. 

Luke 8:22
Literal: It came to pass then on one of the days also He entered into a boat with the disciples of Him and He said to them Let us pass over to the other side of the lake they launched out
KJV: Now  it came to pass  on  day,  that  he  went  into  a ship  with  his  disciples:  and  he said  unto  them,  Let us go over  unto  the other side  of the lake.  And  they launched forth. 

Luke 9:12
Literal: - And the day began to decline having come then the Twelve said to Him Dismiss the crowd that having gone into the surrounding villages and countryside they might lodge might find provisions for here in a desolate place we are
KJV: And  when the day  began  to wear away,  then  came  the twelve,  and said  unto him,  the multitude  away,  that  into  the towns  and  country  round about,  and lodge,  and  get  victuals:  for  here  in  a desert  place. 

Luke 9:22
Literal: having said - It is necessary for the Son - of Man many things to suffer and to be rejected by the elders chief priests scribes to be killed on the third day to be raised
KJV: Saying,  The Son  of man  must  suffer  many things,  and  be rejected  of  the elders  and  chief priests  and  scribes,  and  be slain,  and  be raised  the third  day. 

Luke 9:23
Literal: He was saying then to all If anyone desires after Me to come let him deny himself and let him take up the cross of him every day let him follow Me
KJV: And  to  them all,  will  come  after  himself,  and  take up  his  cross  daily,  and  follow 

Luke 9:28
Literal: It came to pass now after the sayings these about days eight and having taken Peter John James He went up on the mountain to pray
KJV: And  it came to pass  about  an eight  days  after  sayings,  he took  Peter  and  John  and  James,  and went up  into  a mountain  to pray. 

Luke 9:36
Literal: And as - occurred the voice was found Jesus alone they were silent to no one they told in those the days anything of what they had seen
KJV: And  when the voice  was past,  Jesus  was found  alone.  And  they  kept it close,  and  told  no man  in  those  days  any  of those things which  they had seen. 

Luke 9:37
Literal: It came to pass then the next day on having come down of them from the mountain met Him a crowd great
KJV: And  it came to pass,  the next  day,  when they  were come down  from  the hill,  much  people  met  him. 

Luke 9:51
Literal: It came to pass then in the completing the days of the ascension of Him that He the face steadfastly set - to go to Jerusalem
KJV: And  it came to pass,  when  the time  was come  that he  should be received up,  he  stedfastly set  his  face  to go  to  Jerusalem, 

Luke 10:12
Literal: I say to you that for Sodom in the day that more tolerable it will be than city for that
KJV: I say  that  more tolerable  in  that  day  for Sodom,  than  for that  city. 

Luke 11:3
Literal: The bread of us - daily give us - each day
KJV: Give  day  by day  daily  bread. 

Luke 12:46
Literal: will come the master of the servant that in a day in which not he does expect and an hour that he knows he will cut in two him the place of him with the unbelievers will appoint
KJV: The lord  of that  servant  will come  in  a day  when  not  for  him, and  at  an hour  when  not  aware,  and  him  in sunder,  and  will appoint  him his  portion  with  the unbelievers. 

Luke 13:14
Literal: Answering now the ruler of the synagogue indignant because on the Sabbath had healed - Jesus he was saying to the crowd - Six days there are in which it behooves to work these therefore coming be healed and not on the day of the Sabbath
KJV: And  the ruler of the synagogue  answered  with indignation,  because  that Jesus  had healed  on the sabbath  unto the people,  six  days  in  which  men ought  to work:  in  therefore  come  and be healed,  and  not  on the sabbath  day. 

Luke 13:16
Literal: This now a daughter of Abraham being whom has bound - Satan behold ten and eight years not ought [she] to be loosed from the bond this on the day of the Sabbath
KJV: And  ought  not  a daughter  of Abraham,  whom  Satan  hath bound,  lo,  these eighteen  years,  be loosed  from  bond  on the sabbath  day? 

Luke 14:5
Literal: And to them He said Which of you a son or an ox into a pit will fall also not immediately he will pull up him on day the Sabbath
KJV: And  them,  saying,  Which  or  an ox  into  a pit,  and  not  straightway  him  out  on  the sabbath  day? 

Luke 15:13
Literal: And after not many days having gathered together all the younger son went away into a country distant there he wasted the estate of him living prodigally
KJV: And  not  many  days  after  the younger  son  together,  and took his journey  into  a far  country,  and  there  wasted  his  substance  with riotous  living. 

Luke 16:19
Literal: A man now certain there was rich and he was clothed in purple fine linen making good cheer every day in splendor
KJV: a certain  rich  man,  which  was clothed  in purple  and  fine linen,  and fared  sumptuously  every  day: 

Luke 17:4
Literal: And if seven times in the day he should sin against you should return to saying I repent you shall forgive him
KJV: And  if  he trespass  against  seven times  in a day,  and  seven times  in a day  turn again  saying,  I repent;  thou shalt forgive  him. 

Luke 17:22
Literal: He said then to the disciples Will come days when you will desire one of the days of the Son - of Man to see and not you will see [it]
KJV: And  he said  unto  the disciples,  The days  will come,  when  ye shall desire  of the days  of the Son  of man,  and  not 

Luke 17:24
Literal: As for the lightning flashing from the [one end] of the sky to the [other end] of the shines thus will be the Son - of Man in the day of Him
KJV: For  as  the lightning,  that lighteneth  out of  the one part under  heaven,  shineth  unto  the other part under  heaven;  so  the Son  of man  in  his  day. 

Luke 17:26
Literal: And as it came to pass in the days of Noah thus will it be also of the Son of man
KJV: And  as  it was  in  the days  of Noe,  so  also  in  the days  of the Son  of man. 

Luke 17:27
Literal: They were eating they were drinking they were marrying they were being given in marriage until that day entered Noah into the ark and came the flood destroyed all
KJV: They did eat,  they drank,  they married wives,  until  the day  that  Noe  entered  into  the ark,  and  the flood  came,  and  destroyed 

Luke 17:28
Literal: Likewise as it came to pass in the days of Lot they were eating they were drinking they were buying they were selling they were planting they were building
KJV: Likewise  it was  in  the days  of Lot;  they did eat,  they drank,  they bought,  they sold,  they planted,  they builded; 

Luke 17:29
Literal: in that then day went out Lot from Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven destroyed all
KJV: But  the same day  that Lot  went  out of  Sodom  it rained  fire  and  brimstone  from  heaven,  and  destroyed 

Luke 17:30
Literal: According - to these will it be in that day the Son - of Man is revealed
KJV: Even  in the day  when the Son  of man  is revealed. 

Luke 17:31
Literal: In that - day the [one who] will be on the housetop and the goods of him the house not let him come down to take away them the [one] [the] field likewise let him return to the things behind
KJV: In  that  day,  he which  upon  the housetop,  and  his  stuff  in  the house,  him not  come down  it  away:  and  he that is in  the field,  likewise  not  return  back. 

Luke 18:7
Literal: - And God no not shall execute the avenging of the elect of Him the [ones] crying out to Him day and night be deferring in regard to them
KJV: And  God  avenge  his own  elect,  which  cry  day  and  night  him,  though  he bear long  with  them? 

Luke 18:33
Literal: And having flogged [Him] they will kill Him on the day - third He will rise again
KJV: And  they shall scourge  him  to death:  and  the third  day  he shall rise again. 

Luke 19:42
Literal: saying - If you had known in the day this even you the things for peace Now however they are hidden from eyes of you
KJV: Saying,  If  thou hadst known,  even  thou,  in  day,  the things  which belong unto  peace!  but  now  they are hid  from  eyes. 

Luke 19:43
Literal: For will come days upon you that will cast around the enemies of you a barricade you and they will surround you will hem in on every side
KJV: For  the days  shall come  upon  that  enemies  a trench  and  round,  and  in  on every side, 

Luke 19:47
Literal: And He was teaching - every day in the temple the however chief priests scribes were seeking Him to destroy foremost of the people
KJV: And  daily  in  the temple.  But  the chief priests  and  the scribes  and  the chief  of the people  sought  to destroy  him, 

Luke 20:1
Literal: And it came to pass on one of the days as was teaching He the people in the temple proclaiming the gospel came up the chief priests scribes with the elders
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that on  days,  as he  taught  the people  in  the temple,  and  preached the gospel,  the chief priests  and  the scribes  came upon  him with  the elders, 

Luke 21:6
Literal: [As to] these things which you are beholding will come [the] days in which not will be left stone upon stone here which not will be thrown down
KJV: which  ye behold,  the days  will come,  in  the which  not  be left  one stone  upon  another,  that  not  be thrown down. 

Luke 21:22
Literal: for [the] days of avenging these are - to fulfill all things - having been written
KJV: For  these  the days  of vengeance,  that all things  which  are written 

Luke 21:23
Literal: But woe to those in womb having and to the [ones] nursing those the days there will be for distress great upon the land wrath to the people this
KJV: woe  unto  them that are with child,  and  to them that give suck,  in  those  days!  for  great  distress  in  the land,  and  wrath  upon  people. 

Luke 21:34
Literal: Take heed now to yourselves lest ever be burdened of you the hearts with dissipation and drunkenness cares of life would come upon you suddenly the day that as a snare
KJV: And  take heed  to yourselves,  hearts  with  surfeiting,  and  drunkenness,  and  cares  of this life,  and  so that  day  come  upon  unawares. 

Luke 21:37
Literal: He was now during the day in the temple teaching - and the evening going out He was lodging on the mount - called Olivet
KJV: And  in the day time  teaching  in  the temple;  and  at night  he went out,  and abode  in  the mount  that is called  the mount of Olives. 

Luke 22:7
Literal: Came then the day of Unleavened [Bread] on which it was necessary for to be sacrificed the Passover lamb
KJV: Then  came  the day  of unleavened bread,  when  the passover  must  be killed. 

Luke 22:53
Literal: Every day being of Me with you in the temple not did you stretch out the hands against Me but this is of you the hour and power of the darkness
KJV: daily  with  in  the temple,  ye stretched forth  no  hands  against  but  this  hour,  and  the power  of darkness. 

Luke 22:66
Literal: And when it became day were gathered together the elderhood of the people chief priests both scribes they led Him into the council of them saying
KJV: And  as soon as  it was  day,  the elders  of the people  and  the chief priests  and  the scribes  came together,  and  him  into  council,  saying, 

Luke 23:7
Literal: and having learned that from the jurisdiction of Herod He is he sent up Him to Herod being also he himself in Jerusalem those - days
KJV: And  as soon as he knew  that  unto  Herod's  jurisdiction,  he sent  him  to  Herod,  himself  also  at  Jerusalem  at  time. 

Luke 23:12
Literal: Became then friends - both Herod and - Pilate on that - day with one another previously it had been that for at enmity they were between themselves
KJV: And  the same  day  Pilate  and  Herod  were made  friends  together:  for  before  at  enmity  between 

Luke 23:29
Literal: For behold are coming days in which they will say Blessed [are] the barren and wombs that never did bear breasts that nursed
KJV: For,  behold,  the days  are coming,  in  the which  they shall say,  Blessed  are the barren,  and  the wombs  that  never  bare,  and  the paps  which  never 

Luke 23:54
Literal: And [the] Day it was of Preparation Sabbath was just beginning
KJV: And  that day  the preparation,  and  the sabbath  drew on. 

Luke 24:7
Literal: saying The Son - of Man - it behooves to be delivered into hands of men sinful and to be crucified the third day to arise
KJV: Saying,  The Son  of man  must  be delivered  into  the hands  of sinful  men,  and  be crucified,  and  the third  day  rise again. 

Luke 24:13
Literal: And behold two of them on same the day were going to a village being distant stadia sixty from Jerusalem whose name [is] Emmaus
KJV: And,  behold,  two  of  them  that  same  day  to  a village  called  Emmaus,  which was  from  Jerusalem  about threescore  furlongs. 

Luke 24:18
Literal: Answering now [the] one named Cleopas said to Him You alone visit Jerusalem and not have known the things having come to pass in it the days these
KJV: And  the one of them,  name  was Cleopas,  answering  said  unto  him,  Art thou  only  a stranger  in  Jerusalem,  and  not  known  the things which are come to pass  there  days? 

Luke 24:21
Literal: We however were hoping - He it is who is about to redeem - Israel But indeed also with all these things [the] third this day brings away from which these things came to pass
KJV: But  trusted  that  he  which should  have redeemed  Israel:  and  beside  all  is  third  day  since  were done. 

Luke 24:29
Literal: And they constrained Him saying Abide with us for toward evening it is has declined now the day He entered in - to abide with them
KJV: But  they constrained  him,  saying,  Abide  with  for  toward  evening,  and  the day  is far spent.  And  he went in  to tarry  with  them. 

Luke 24:46
Literal: And He said to them - Thus it has been written Was to suffer the Christ to rise out from [the] dead the third day
KJV: And  said  unto them,  Thus  it is written,  and  thus  Christ  to suffer,  and  to rise  from  the dead  the third  day: 

John 1:39
Literal: He says to them Come and you will see They went therefore saw where He abides with Him they stayed the day that [The] hour was about [the] tenth
KJV: He saith  unto them,  Come  and  They came  and  he dwelt,  and  abode  with  him  that  day:  about  the tenth  hour. 

John 2:1
Literal: And on the day - third a wedding took place in Cana - of Galilee was the mother - of Jesus there
KJV: And  the third  day  there was  a marriage  in  Cana  of Galilee;  and  the mother  of Jesus  there: 

John 2:12
Literal: After this He went down to Capernaum He and the mother of Him the brothers of Him disciples there they stayed not many days
KJV: After  he went down  to  Capernaum,  he,  and  his  mother,  and  his  brethren,  and  his  disciples:  and  they continued  there  not  many  days. 

John 2:19
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to them Destroy the temple this in three days I will raise up it
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto them,  Destroy  temple,  and  in  three  days  it  up. 

John 2:20
Literal: Said therefore the Jews Forty and six years was built the temple this You in three days will raise up it
KJV: Then  said  the Jews,  Forty  and  six  years  this  temple  in building,  and  thou  it  up  in  three  days? 

John 4:40
Literal: When therefore came to Him the Samaritans they were asking to abide with them and He stayed there two days
KJV: So  when  the Samaritans  were come  unto  him,  they besought  him  that he would tarry  with  them:  and  he abode  there  two  days. 

John 4:43
Literal: After then the two days He went forth from there into - Galilee
KJV: Now  after  two  days  thence,  went into  Galilee. 

John 5:9
Literal: And immediately became well the man he took up the mat of him began to walk It was now Sabbath on that - day
KJV: And  immediately  the man  was made  whole,  and  took up  his  bed,  and  walked:  and  on  the same  day  the sabbath. 

John 6:39
Literal: This now is the will of the [One] having sent Me that all that He has given Me none I should lose of it but will raise up it in the last day
KJV: And  will  which  hath sent  that  of all  which  he hath given  I should lose  nothing,  but  it  up again  at  the last  day. 

John 6:40
Literal: This for is the will of the Father of Me that everyone - beholding the Son and believing in Him should have life eternal will raise up I in the last day
KJV: the will  that  every one  which  seeth  the Son,  and  believeth  on  him,  may have  everlasting  life:  and  him  up  at the last  day. 

John 6:44
Literal: No one is able to come to Me if not the Father the [one] having sent draws him and I will raise up him in the last day
KJV: No man  can  come  to  the Father  which  hath sent  draw  him:  him  up  at the last  day. 

John 6:54
Literal: The [one] eating of Me the flesh and drinking the blood has life eternal and I will raise up him in the last day
KJV: Whoso eateth  flesh,  and  drinketh  blood,  hath  eternal  life;  and  him  up  at the last  day. 

John 7:37
Literal: In now the last day great [day] of the feast stood - Jesus and cried out saying If anyone thirsts let him come to Me drink
KJV: In  the last  day,  that great  day of the feast,  Jesus  stood  and  cried,  saying,  If  any man  thirst,  let him come  unto  and  drink. 

John 8:56
Literal: Abraham the father of you rejoiced in that he should see - day My and he saw rejoiced
KJV: father  Abraham  rejoiced  to  my  day:  and  was glad. 

John 9:4
Literal: Us it behooves to work the works of the [One] having sent Me while day it is is coming night when no one is able
KJV: must  work  the works  of him that sent  while  day:  the night  cometh,  when  no man  can  work. 

John 9:14
Literal: Was now Sabbath in which day the clay had made - Jesus and opened of him the eyes
KJV: And  the sabbath day  Jesus  made  the clay,  and  opened  his  eyes. 

John 11:6
Literal: When therefore He heard that he is sick then indeed He remained in which He was [the] place two days
KJV: When  he had heard  therefore  that  he was sick,  he abode  two  days  still  in  the same place  where 

John 11:9
Literal: Answered Jesus Not twelve hours are there in the day If anyone walks in the day not he stumbles because the light the world of this he sees
KJV: Jesus  answered,  not  twelve  hours  in the day?  If  any man  walk  in  the day,  he stumbleth  not,  because  he seeth  the light  world. 

John 11:17
Literal: Having come therefore - Jesus found him four already days having been in the tomb
KJV: Then  when Jesus  came,  he found  that he  had  lain in  the grave  four  days  already. 

John 11:24
Literal: Says to him - Martha I know that he will rise again in the resurrection last day
KJV: Martha  saith  unto him,  I know  that  he shall rise again  in  the resurrection  at  the last  day. 

John 11:53
Literal: From that therefore - day they took counsel together that they might kill Him
KJV: Then  from  that  day  for to  him  to death. 

John 12:1
Literal: - Therefore Jesus before six days the Passover came to Bethany where was Lazarus whom had raised out from [the] dead
KJV: Then  Jesus  six  days  before  the passover  came  to  Bethany,  where  Lazarus  which  whom  he raised  from  the dead. 

John 12:7
Literal: Said therefore - Jesus Leave alone her so that for the day of the burial of Me she may keep it
KJV: Then  said  Jesus,  her  alone:  against  the day  burying  hath she kept  this. 

John 12:48
Literal: The [one] rejecting Me and not receiving the words of Me has [one] judging him The word which I spoke that will judge him in the last day
KJV: He that rejecteth  and  receiveth  not  words,  hath  one that judgeth  him:  the word  that  I have spoken,  the same  shall judge  him  in  the last  day. 

John 14:20
Literal: In that - day will know you that I [am] the Father of Me and Me and I you
KJV: At  that  day  shall know  that  am in  Father,  and  in  and I  in 

John 16:23
Literal: And in that - day of Me not you will ask nothing Truly I say to you - whatever you may ask the Father He will give you in the name of Me
KJV: And  in  that  day  ye shall  ask  nothing.  Verily,  I say  ye shall ask  the Father  in  name,  he will give 

John 16:26
Literal: In that - day the name of Me you will ask and not I say to you that I will implore the Father for you
KJV: At  that  day  ye shall ask  in  name:  and  I say  not  that  will pray  the Father  for 

John 19:31
Literal: - Therefore the Jews because [the] Preparation it was so that not would remain on the cross the bodies on the Sabbath was for a high - day that - Sabbath asked - Pilate that might be broken their - legs and they might be taken away
KJV: The Jews  therefore,  because  the preparation,  the bodies  remain  upon  the cross  on  the sabbath day,  (for  that  sabbath day  an high  day,)  besought  Pilate  that  their  legs  might be broken,  and  that they might be taken away. 

John 20:19
Literal: It being therefore evening the day same first of [the] week and the doors having been shut where were the disciples through the fear of the Jews came - Jesus stood in the midst He says to them Peace to you
KJV: Then  the same  day  at evening,  day of the week,  when  the doors  were shut  where  the disciples  for  fear  of the Jews,  came  Jesus  and  stood  in  the midst,  and  saith  unto them,  Peace 

John 20:26
Literal: And after days eight again were inside the disciples of Him Thomas with them Comes - Jesus the doors having been shut He stood in the midst said Peace to you
KJV: And  after  eight  days  again  his  disciples  within,  and  Thomas  with  them:  then came  Jesus,  the doors  being shut,  and  stood  in  the midst,  and  said,  Peace 

Acts 1:2
Literal: until the day having given orders to the apostles by [the] Spirit Holy whom He had chosen He was taken up
KJV: Until  the day  in which  he was taken up,  after that he through  the Holy  Ghost  had given commandments  unto the apostles  whom  he had chosen: 

Acts 1:3
Literal: to whom also He presented Himself alive after the suffering of Him with many proofs during days forty being seen by them and speaking the things concerning the kingdom - of God
KJV: To whom  also  he shewed  himself  alive  after  his  passion  by  many  infallible proofs,  being seen  of them  forty  days,  and  speaking  of the things pertaining  to the kingdom  of God: 

Acts 1:5
Literal: for John indeed baptized with water you however with [the] Spirit will be baptized Holy not after many these days
KJV: For  John  truly  baptized  with water;  but  shall be baptized  with  the Holy  Ghost  not  many  days 

Acts 1:15
Literal: And in the days these having stood up Peter [the] midst of the brothers he said was then [the] number of names together the same about a hundred twenty
KJV: And  in  days  Peter  stood up  in  the midst  and said,  (the number  of names  together  an hundred  and twenty,) 

Acts 1:22
Literal: having begun from the baptism of John until the day in which He was taken up from us a witness of the resurrection of Him with us to become one of these
KJV: Beginning  from  the baptism  of John,  unto  that same day  that  he was taken up  from  one  be ordained  to be a witness  with  of his  resurrection. 

Acts 2:1
Literal: And during the arriving of the day - of Pentecost they were all together in the one [place]
KJV: And  when  the day  of Pentecost  was fully come,  in  one place. 

Acts 2:15
Literal: Not for as you suppose these are drunkards it is [the] hour third of the day
KJV: For  these  not  drunken,  as  suppose,  seeing  but the third  hour  of the day. 

Acts 2:17
Literal: And it will be in the last days says - God I will pour out of the Spirit of Me upon all flesh will prophesy the sons of you the daughters young men visions will see elders dreams will dream
KJV: And  in  the last  days,  saith  God,  I will pour out  of  Spirit  upon  all  flesh:  and  sons  and  daughters  shall prophesy,  and  young men  visions,  and  old men  shall dream  dreams: 

Acts 2:18
Literal: and even upon the servants of Me and the handmaidens in the days those I will pour out of the Spirit they will prophesy
KJV: And  on  servants  and  on  handmaidens  I will pour out  in  those  days  of  Spirit;  and  they shall prophesy: 

Acts 2:20
Literal: The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon blood before than coming day of [the] Lord - great glorious
KJV: The sun  shall be turned  into  darkness,  and  the moon  into  blood,  before  that great  and  notable  day  of the Lord  come: 

Acts 2:29
Literal: Men brothers it is permitted [me] to speak with freedom to you concerning the patriarch David that both he died and was buried the tomb of him is among us unto the day this
KJV: Men  and brethren,  me  freely  speak  unto  of  the patriarch  David,  that  both  dead  and  buried,  and  his  sepulchre  with  unto  day. 

Acts 2:41
Literal: Those indeed therefore having received the word of him were baptized and were added on the day that souls about three thousand
KJV: Then  received  his  word  were baptized:  and  the same  day  there were added  unto them about  three thousand  souls. 

Acts 2:46
Literal: Every day and steadfastly continuing with one accord in the temple breaking then at each house bread they were partaking of food with gladness and sincerity of heart
KJV: And  they, continuing  daily  with one accord  in  the temple,  and  breaking  bread  from  house to house,  did eat  their meat  with  gladness  and  singleness  of heart, 

Acts 2:47
Literal: praising - God and having favor with all the people - And the Lord kept adding those who were being saved every day to their number
KJV: Praising  God,  and  having  favour  with  all  the people.  And  the Lord  added  daily  such as should be saved. 

Acts 3:2
Literal: And a certain man lame from womb of mother of him being was being carried whom they placed every day at the gate of the temple - called Beautiful - to ask for alms from those who were going into the temple
KJV: And  a certain  man  lame  from  his  mother's  womb  was carried,  whom  they laid  daily  at  the gate  of the temple  which  is called  Beautiful,  to ask  alms  of  them that entered  into  the temple; 

Acts 3:24
Literal: And all now the prophets from Samuel those subsequently as many as have spoken also have announced the days these
KJV: Yea,  and  all  the prophets  from  Samuel  and  those that follow after,  as many as  have spoken,  likewise  days. 

Acts 5:36
Literal: Before for these - days rose up Theudas affirming to be somebody himself to whom were joined of men number about four hundred who was put to death and all as many as were persuaded by him were dispersed it came to nothing
KJV: For  before  days  rose up  Theudas,  boasting  himself  somebody;  to whom  a number  of men,  four hundred,  who  was slain;  and  all,  as many as  obeyed  him,  were scattered,  and  brought  to  nought. 

Acts 5:37
Literal: After this man rose up Judas the Galilean in the days of the registration and drew away people after him And he perished all as many as were persuaded by him were scattered
KJV: After  rose up  Judas  of Galilee  in  the days  of the taxing,  and  drew away  people  after  him:  he also  perished;  and  all,  even as many as  obeyed  him,  were dispersed. 

Acts 5:42
Literal: Every then day in the temple and in house not they ceased teaching proclaiming the good news that the Christ [is] Jesus
KJV: And  daily  in  the temple,  and  in every  house,  they ceased  not  to teach  and  preach  Jesus  Christ. 

Acts 6:1
Literal: In now the days these [as] are multiplying the disciples there arose a grumbling of the Hellenists against the Hebrews because were being overlooked the distribution - daily the widows of them
KJV: And  in  days,  of the disciples  was multiplied,  there arose  a murmuring  of the Grecians  against  the Hebrews,  because  their  widows  were neglected  in  the daily  ministration. 

Acts 7:8
Literal: And He gave to him [the] covenant of circumcision thus he begat - Isaac circumcised him on the day - eighth Isaac Jacob Jacob the twelve patriarchs
KJV: And  he gave  him  the covenant  of circumcision:  and  so  Abraham begat  Isaac,  and  circumcised  him  the eighth  day;  and  Isaac  begat Jacob;  and  Jacob  begat the twelve  patriarchs. 

Acts 7:26
Literal: On the and following day he appeared to those who were quarreling and urged them to peace having said Men brothers you are So that why wrong you one another
KJV: And  the next  day  unto them  as they strove,  and  would have set  them  at  one again,  saying,  Sirs,  brethren;  do ye wrong  one to another? 

Acts 7:41
Literal: And they made a calf in the days those offered a sacrifice to the idol they were rejoicing the works of the hands of them
KJV: And  they made a calf  in  those  days,  and  offered  sacrifice  unto the idol,  and  rejoiced  in  the works  of their own  hands. 

Acts 7:45
Literal: which also brought [it] having received by succession the fathers of us with Joshua in the taking possession of the nations whom drove out - God from [the] face of the fathers until the days of David
KJV: Which  also  fathers  that came  after brought in  with  Jesus  into  the possession  of the Gentiles,  whom  God  drave out  before  the face  fathers,  unto  the days  of David; 

Acts 8:1
Literal: Saul now was there consenting to the killing of him Arose then on that - day a persecution great against the church which [was] in Jerusalem All were scattered throughout the regions - of Judea and Samaria except the apostles
KJV: And  Saul  consenting  unto his  death.  And  at  that  time  there was  a great  persecution  against  the church  which  was at  Jerusalem;  all  scattered abroad  throughout  the regions  of Judaea  and  Samaria,  except  the apostles. 

Acts 9:9
Literal: And he was days three without seeing neither did he eat nor drink
KJV: And  three  days  without  sight,  and  neither  did eat  nor  drink. 

Acts 9:19
Literal: and having taken food he was strengthened He was now with the in Damascus disciples days some
KJV: And  when he had received  meat,  he was strengthened.  Then  was  certain  days  with  the disciples  which were at  Damascus. 

Acts 9:23
Literal: When now had passed days many plotted together the Jews to kill him
KJV: And  after  that many  days  were fulfilled,  the Jews  took counsel  to kill  him: 

Acts 9:24
Literal: became known however - to Saul the plot of them They were closely watching now also the gates day and night so that him they might kill
KJV: But  their  laying await  was known  of Saul.  And  they watched  the gates  day  and  night  to  kill  him. 

Acts 9:37
Literal: It came to pass however in the days those [that] having become sick she died Having washed [her] then put [her] they an upper room
KJV: And  it came to pass  in  those  days,  that she was sick,  and died:  whom when  they  had washed,  they laid  her in  an upper chamber. 

Acts 9:43
Literal: It came to pass then days many he stayed in Joppa with a certain Simon a tanner
KJV: And  it came to pass,  tarried  many  days  in  Joppa  with  one  Simon  a tanner. 

Acts 10:3
Literal: He saw in a vision clearly as if about hour the ninth of the day an angel - of God having come to him and having said to him Cornelius
KJV: in  a vision  evidently  about  the ninth  hour  of the day  an angel  of God  coming in  to  him,  and  saying  unto him,  Cornelius. 

Acts 10:30
Literal: And - Cornelius was saying Ago four days until this the hour I was at the ninth hour praying in the house of me behold a man stood before me apparel bright
KJV: And  Cornelius  said,  Four  days  ago  until  hour;  and  at the ninth  hour  I prayed  in  house,  and,  behold,  a man  stood  before  in  bright  clothing, 

Acts 10:40
Literal: This One - God raised up on the third day and gave Him manifest to become
KJV: God  raised up  the third  day,  and  shewed  him  openly; 

Acts 10:48
Literal: He commanded now them in the name of Jesus Christ to be baptized Then they asked him to remain days some
KJV: he commanded  them  to be baptized  in  the name  Then  prayed they  him  to tarry  certain  days. 

Acts 11:27
Literal: In these now - days came down from Jerusalem prophets to Antioch
KJV: And  in  days  came  prophets  from  Jerusalem  unto  Antioch. 

Acts 12:3
Literal: Having seen now that pleasing it is to the Jews he proceeded to take also Peter these were the days of the Unleavened [Bread]
KJV: And  it  the Jews,  he proceeded further  to take  Peter  also.  (Then  the days  of unleavened bread.) 

Acts 12:18
Literal: Having come now day there was disturbance no small among the soldiers what then [of] - Peter has become
KJV: Now  as soon as it was  day,  no  small  stir  among  the soldiers,  what  was become  of Peter. 

Acts 12:21
Literal: On the appointed now day - Herod having put on apparel royal and having sat on the throne was making an address to them
KJV: And  upon a set  day  Herod,  arrayed  in royal  apparel,  sat  upon  his throne,  and  made an oration  unto  them. 

Acts 13:14
Literal: They now having passed through from - Perga came to Antioch - of Pisidia and having gone into the synagogue on the day of the Sabbaths they sat down
KJV: But  when they  departed  from  Perga,  they came  to  Antioch  in Pisidia,  and  went  into  the synagogue  on the sabbath  day,  and sat down. 

Acts 13:31
Literal: who appeared for days many to those having come up with Him from - Galilee to Jerusalem who now are witnesses of Him to the people
KJV: And he  many  days  of them which came up with  him  from  Galilee  to  Jerusalem,  who  his  witnesses  unto  the people. 

Acts 13:41
Literal: Behold - scoffers and wonder perish for a work am working I in the days of you that never not you would believe even if one should declare it to you
KJV: ye despisers,  and  wonder,  and  perish:  for  work  a work  in  days,  a work  which  believe,  though  a man  declare it 

Acts 15:7
Literal: Of much now discussion having taken place having risen up Peter said to them Men brothers you know that from days early among you chose - God by the mouth of me to hear the Gentiles the word of the gospel and to believe
KJV: And  when there had been  much  Peter  rose up,  and said  unto  them,  Men  and brethren,  know  how that  a good  while  ago  God  made choice  among  that the Gentiles  by  mouth  should hear  the word  of the gospel,  and  believe. 

Acts 15:36
Literal: After now some days said to Barnabas Paul Having turned back indeed let us look after the brothers in city every in which we have announced the word of the Lord how they are
KJV: And  some  days  after  Paul  said  unto  Barnabas,  Let us go again  and visit  brethren  in  every  city  where  we have preached  the word  of the Lord,  and see how  they do. 

Acts 16:5
Literal: The indeed therefore churches were strengthened in the faith and were increasing - in number every day
KJV: And so  the churches  established  in the faith,  and  increased  in number  daily. 

Acts 16:12
Literal: and from there to Philippi which is [the] leading of the district of Macedonia city a colony We were now in this - city staying days some
KJV: to  Philippi,  which  the chief  city  of that part  of Macedonia,  and a colony:  and  in  city  abiding  certain  days. 

Acts 16:13
Literal: On the then day of the Sabbaths we went forth outside the city gate by a river where was customary [a place of] prayer to be And having sat down we began speaking to the having gathered women
KJV: And  on the sabbath  we went  out of  by  a river side,  where  prayer  was wont  and  we sat down,  and spake  unto the women  which resorted 

Acts 16:18
Literal: This then she continued for many days Having been distressed Paul and having turned to the spirit he said I command you in [the] name of Jesus Christ to come out from her it came out [the] same - hour
KJV: And  did she  many  days.  But  Paul,  being grieved,  turned  and  said  to the spirit,  I command  in  the name  of Jesus  Christ  to come  out of  her.  And  he came out  the same  hour. 

Acts 16:35
Literal: Day then having come sent the magistrates the officers saying Release men those
KJV: And  when it was  day,  the magistrates  sent  the serjeants,  saying,  those  men  go. 

Acts 17:11
Literal: These now were more noble than those in Thessalonica who received the word with all readiness on the every day examining the Scriptures if were these things so
KJV: These  more noble  than those in  Thessalonica,  in that they  received  the word  with  all  readiness of mind,  and searched  the scriptures  daily,  whether  were  so. 

Acts 17:17
Literal: He was reasoning indeed therefore in the synagogue with the Jews and those worshiping marketplace on every day with those meeting [him]
KJV: Therefore  disputed he  in  the synagogue  with the Jews,  and  with the devout persons,  and  in  the market  daily  with  them that met with him. 

Acts 17:31
Literal: because He set a day in which He is about to judge the world righteousness by a man whom He appointed a guarantee having provided to all having raised Him out from [the] dead
KJV: he hath appointed  a day,  in  the which  he will  judge  the world  in  righteousness  by  that man  whom  he hath ordained;  whereof he hath given  assurance  unto all  men, in that he hath raised  him  from  the dead. 

Acts 18:18
Literal: - Now Paul more having remained days many the brothers having taken leave of sailed away to - Syria and with him Priscilla Aquila having shaved in Cenchrea the head he had for a vow
KJV: And  Paul  after this tarried  there yet  a good  while,  and then took his leave  of the brethren,  and sailed thence  into  Syria,  and  with  him  Priscilla  and  Aquila;  having shorn  his head  in  Cenchrea:  for  he had  a vow. 

Acts 19:9
Literal: When however some were hardened and were disbelieving speaking evil of the Way before the multitude having departed from them he took separately the disciples every day reasoning in the lecture hall of Tyrannus
KJV: But  when  divers  were hardened,  and  believed not,  but spake evil  of that way  before  the multitude,  he departed  from  them,  and separated  the disciples,  disputing  daily  in  the school  of one  Tyrannus. 

Acts 20:6
Literal: We then sailed away after the days of the Unleavened Bread from Philippi and we came to them at - Troas within days five where we stayed seven
KJV: And  sailed away  from  Philippi  after  the days  of unleavened bread,  and  came  unto  them  to  Troas  in  five  days;  we abode  seven  days. 

Acts 20:16
Literal: Had decided for - Paul to sail by - Ephesus so that not it might come upon to him to spend time in - Asia he was hastened if possible it was for him on the day - of Pentecost to be in Jerusalem
KJV: For  Paul  had determined  to sail by  Ephesus,  because  he  would  not  spend the time  in  Asia:  for  he hasted,  if  possible  for him,  to be  at  Jerusalem  the day  of Pentecost. 

Acts 20:18
Literal: When then they had come to him he said to them You know from the first day on which I arrived in - Asia how with you the whole time I was
KJV: And  when  they were come  to  him,  he said  unto them,  know,  from  the first  day  that  I came  into  Asia,  after what manner  I have been  with  at all  seasons, 

Acts 20:26
Literal: Therefore I testify to you in - this day that innocent I [am] of the blood of all
KJV: to record  this  day,  that  am pure  from  the blood  of all 

Acts 20:31
Literal: Therefore stay awake remembering that three years night and day not I ceased with tears admonishing one each
KJV: Therefore  watch,  and remember,  that  by the space of three years  I ceased  not  to warn  every  one  night  and  day  with  tears. 

Acts 21:4
Literal: Having sought out then the disciples we remained there days seven who - to Paul kept telling through the Spirit not to go up to Jerusalem
KJV: finding  disciples,  we tarried  there  seven  days:  who  to Paul  through  the Spirit,  not  to 

Acts 21:5
Literal: When then it happened that had completed we the days having set out we journeyed accompanying us all with wives and children as far as outside the city having bowed the knees on the shore having prayed
KJV: And  when  had  accomplished  those days,  we departed  and went our way;  and they all  on our way,  with  wives  and  children,  till  we were out of  the city:  and  we kneeled down  on  the shore,  and prayed. 

Acts 21:7
Literal: We then the voyage having completed from Tyre came down to Ptolemais and having greeted the brothers we stayed day one with them
KJV: And  had finished  our course  from  Tyre,  we came  to  Ptolemais,  and  saluted  the brethren,  and abode  with  them  day. 

Acts 21:10
Literal: Remaining now days many came down a certain one from - Judea a prophet named Agabus
KJV: And  tarried  there many  days,  there came down  from  Judaea  a certain  prophet,  named  Agabus. 

Acts 21:15
Literal: After now the days these having packed the baggage we started on our way up to Jerusalem
KJV: And  after  days  we took up our carriages,  and went up  to 

Acts 21:26
Literal: Then - Paul having taken the men on the following day with them having been purified entered into the temple declaring the fulfillment of the days of the purification until that was offered for one each of them the sacrifice
KJV: Then  Paul  took  the men,  and the next  day  purifying himself  with  them  entered  into  the temple,  to signify  the accomplishment  of the days  of purification,  until  that  an offering  should be offered  for  every  one  of them. 

Acts 21:27
Literal: When now were about the seven days to be completed the from - Asia Jews having seen him in the temple began stirring up all the crowd and laid upon the hands
KJV: And  when  the seven  days  were almost  ended,  the Jews  which were of  Asia,  when they saw  him  in  the temple,  stirred up  all  the people,  and  laid  hands  on  him, 

Acts 21:38
Literal: Not then you are the Egyptian - before these the days having led a revolt and having led out into the wilderness the four thousand men of the Assassins
KJV: not  thou  that Egyptian,  which before  days  madest an uproar,  and  leddest out  into  the wilderness  four thousand  men  that were murderers? 

Acts 23:1
Literal: Having looked intently then - Paul at the Council he said Men brothers I in all conscience good have lived as a citizen - to God unto this - day
KJV: And  Paul,  earnestly beholding  the council,  said,  Men  and brethren,  have lived  in all  good  conscience  before God  until  day. 

Acts 23:12
Literal: When it was then day having made a conspiracy the Jews put under an oath themselves declaring neither to eat nor to drink until that they should kill - Paul
KJV: And  when it was  day,  of the Jews  banded together,  themselves  under a curse,  saying  neither  eat  nor  drink  till  they had killed  Paul. 

Acts 24:1
Literal: After then five days came down the high priest Ananias with elders some and an orator Tertullus certain who made a representation to the governor against - Paul
KJV: And  after  five  days  Ananias  the high priest  descended  with  the elders,  and  with a certain  orator  named Tertullus,  who  informed  the governor  against  Paul. 

Acts 24:11
Literal: Being able you to know that not more than there are to me days twelve from which I went up to worship in Jerusalem
KJV: mayest  that  days  since  went up  Jerusalem  for to worship. 

Acts 24:24
Literal: After then days some having arrived - Felix with Drusilla the own wife being a Jewess he sent for - Paul and heard him concerning the in Christ Jesus faith
KJV: And  after  certain  days,  when Felix  came  with  his  wife  Drusilla,  a Jewess,  he sent for  Paul,  and  heard  him  concerning  the faith  in  Christ. 

Acts 25:1
Literal: Festus therefore having arrived in the province after three days he went up to Jerusalem from Caesarea
KJV: Now  when Festus  was come  into the province,  after  three  days  he ascended  from  Caesarea  to  Jerusalem. 

Acts 25:6
Literal: Having spent then with them days not more than eight or ten having gone down to Caesarea on the next day having sat on the judgment seat he commanded - Paul to be brought
KJV: And  when he had tarried  among  them  more  than  ten  days,  he went down  unto  Caesarea;  and the next day  sitting  on  the judgment seat  commanded  Paul  to be brought. 

Acts 25:13
Literal: Days now having passed some Agrippa the king and Bernice came down to Caesarea greeting - Festus
KJV: And  after  certain  days  king  Agrippa  and  Bernice  came  unto  Caesarea  to salute  Festus. 

Acts 25:14
Literal: As now many days they stayed there - Festus the king laid before the things relating to - Paul saying A man certain there is left by Felix [as] a prisoner
KJV: And  when  they had been  there  many  days,  Festus  declared  Paul's  cause  unto the king,  saying,  a certain  man  left  in bonds  by  Felix: 

Acts 26:7
Literal: to which the twelve tribes of us in earnestness night and day serving hope to attain concerning which hope I am accused by the Jews O king
KJV: Unto  which  twelve tribes,  instantly  serving  God day  and  night,  hope  to come.  For  which  hope's sake,  king  I am accused  of  the Jews. 

Acts 26:13
Literal: day mid on the road I saw O king from heaven above brightness of the sun having shone around me a light and those with me journeying
KJV: At midday,  O king,  in  the way  a light  from heaven,  above  the brightness  of the sun,  shining round about  and  them which journeyed  with 

Acts 26:22
Literal: Help therefore having obtained - from - God unto the day this I have stood bearing witness to small both and to great nothing other saying than what the prophets said was about to happen Moses
KJV: therefore  obtained  help  God,  I continue  unto  day,  both  to small  and  great,  saying  none other things  than  those which  the prophets  and  Moses  did say  should  come: 

Acts 27:7
Literal: For many now days sailing slowly and with difficulty having arrived off - Cnidus not permitting us the wind we sailed under Crete Salmone
KJV: And  when we had sailed slowly  many  days,  and  scarce  were come  over against  Cnidus,  the wind  not  suffering  we sailed under  Crete,  over against  Salmone; 

Acts 27:20
Literal: Neither now sun nor stars appearing for many days tempest and no small lying on [us] from then on was abandoned hope all - being saved of us
KJV: And  when neither  sun  nor  stars  in  many  days  appeared,  and  no  small  tempest  lay on  us, all  hope  should be saved  then  taken away. 

Acts 27:29
Literal: Fearing then lest somewhere on rocky places we might fall out of [the] stern having cast anchors four they were praying for day to come
KJV: Then  fearing  we should have fallen  rocks,  they cast  four  anchors  out of  the stern,  and wished  for the day. 

Acts 27:33
Literal: Until then that day was about to come kept urging - Paul all to partake of food saying The fourteenth today [is] day watching without eating you continue nothing having taken
KJV: And  while  the day  was coming  on,  Paul  besought  them all  to take  meat,  saying,  This day  is the fourteenth  day  that ye have tarried  and continued  fasting,  having taken  nothing. 

Acts 27:39
Literal: When now day it was the land not they did recognize a bay however certain they noticed having a shore on which they determined if they should be able to drive the ship
KJV: And  when  it was  day,  they knew  not  the land:  but  they discovered  a certain  creek  with  a shore,  into  the which  they were minded,  if  it were possible,  to thrust in  the ship. 

Acts 28:7
Literal: In now the [parts] around the place that were lands belonging to the chief of the island named Publius who having received us days three hospitably entertained [us]
KJV: In  the same  quarters  were  possessions  of the chief man  of the island,  whose name was  Publius;  who  received  and lodged us  three  days  courteously. 

Acts 28:12
Literal: And having put in at Syracuse we stayed days three
KJV: And  landing  at  Syracuse,  we tarried  there three  days. 

Acts 28:13
Literal: from where having gone around we arrived at Rhegium And after one day having come on a south wind on the second day we came to Puteoli
KJV: And from thence  and came  to  Rhegium:  and  after  day  the south wind  blew,  and we came  the next day  to  Puteoli: 

Acts 28:14
Literal: where having found [some] brothers we were entreated with them to remain days seven And so to - Rome we came
KJV: Where  we found  brethren,  and were desired  to tarry  them  seven  days:  and  so  we went  toward  Rome. 

Acts 28:17
Literal: It came to pass then after days three called together he those being of the Jews leaders Having come together of them he was saying to them I men brothers nothing against having done the people or the customs - of our fathers a prisoner from Jerusalem was delivered into the hands Romans
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that after  three  days  the chief  of the Jews  together:  and  when they  were come together,  unto  them,  Men  and brethren,  though I  have committed  nothing  against  the people,  or  customs  of our fathers,  yet was I delivered  prisoner  from  Jerusalem  into  the hands  of the Romans. 

Acts 28:23
Literal: Having appointed then him a day came to him to the lodging many to whom he expounded fully testifying to the kingdom - of God persuading then them concerning Jesus from both the law of Moses and the Prophets from morning to evening
KJV: And  when they had appointed  him  a day,  many  to  him  into  his lodging;  to whom  he expounded  and testified  the kingdom  of God,  persuading  them  concerning  Jesus,  both  out of  the law  of Moses,  and  out of the prophets,  from  morning  till  evening. 

Romans 2:5
Literal: Because of however the hardness of you and unrepentant heart you are treasuring up to yourself wrath in [the] day of wrath revelation of righteous judgement - of God
KJV: But  after  hardness  and  impenitent  heart  treasurest up  unto thyself  wrath  against  the day  of wrath  and  revelation  of the righteous judgment  of God; 

Romans 2:16
Literal: on [that] day when will judge - God the secrets - of men according to the gospel of me by Christ Jesus
KJV: In  the day  when  God  shall judge  the secrets  of men  by  Jesus  Christ  according  gospel. 

Romans 8:36
Literal: As it has been written - For the sake of you we face death all the day we were regarded as sheep of slaughter
KJV: As  it is written,  sake  we are killed  all  the day long;  we are accounted  as  sheep  for the slaughter. 

Romans 10:21
Literal: As for however - Israel he says All the day I have stretched out the hands of Me to a people disobeying and contradicting
KJV: But  to  Israel  he saith,  All  day long  I have stretched forth  hands  unto  a disobedient  and  gainsaying  people. 

Romans 11:8
Literal: as it has been written Gave them - God a spirit of stupor eyes - not to see and ears to hear unto the today day
KJV: (According as  it is written,  God  hath given  them  the spirit  of slumber,  eyes  not  see,  and  ears  not  hear;)  unto  this  day. 

Romans 13:12
Literal: The night is nearly over - and the day has drawn near We should cast off therefore the works - of darkness we should put on now armor of light
KJV: The night  is far spent,  the day  is at hand:  therefore  cast off  the works  of darkness,  let us put on  the armour  of light. 

Romans 13:13
Literal: As in daytime properly we should walk not in reveling and drinking in sexual immorality sensuality in dissension jealousy
KJV: Let us walk  honestly,  as  in  the day;  not  in rioting  and  drunkenness,  not  in chambering  and  wantonness,  not  in strife  and  envying. 

Romans 14:5
Literal: One truly for judges a day [to be] above [another] day however every day [alike] Each in the own mind let be fully assured
KJV: One  man  esteemeth  one day  above  another:  another  esteemeth  every  day  every man  be fully persuaded  in  his own  mind. 

Romans 14:6
Literal: The [one] regarding the day to [the] Lord regards [it] And not observing to the Lord not does observe eating eats he gives thanks for - to God and not he eats
KJV: He that regardeth  the day,  regardeth  it unto the Lord;  and  he that regardeth  not  the day,  to the Lord  not  regard  it. He that eateth,  to the Lord,  for  he giveth God  thanks;  and  he that eateth  not,  to the Lord  he eateth  not,  and  giveth God  thanks. 

1 Corinthians 1:8
Literal: who also will sustain you to [the] end blameless in the day of the Lord of us Jesus Christ
KJV: Who  also  confirm  unto  the end,  that ye may be blameless  in  the day  Lord  Jesus  Christ. 

1 Corinthians 3:13
Literal: of each the work manifest will become the for day will disclose [it] because in fire it is revealed and the work what sort it is fire itself will prove
KJV: Every man's  work  shall be made  manifest:  for  the day  shall declare  it, because  it shall be revealed  by  fire;  and  the fire  shall try  every man's  work  of what sort 

1 Corinthians 4:3
Literal: Me however to the smallest matter it is that by you I be examined or by a human court In fact neither myself do I examine
KJV: But  a very small thing  that  I should be judged  of  or  of  man's  judgment:  yea,  I judge  not  mine own self. 

1 Corinthians 5:5
Literal: to deliver - such a one - to Satan for destruction of the flesh so that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord
KJV: To deliver  such an one  unto Satan  for  the destruction  of the flesh,  that  the spirit  may be saved  in  the day  of the Lord 

1 Corinthians 10:8
Literal: Neither should we commit sexual immorality as some of them committed sexual immorality and fell in one day twenty three thousand
KJV: Neither  let us commit fornication,  as  some  of them  committed,  and  fell  day  three  and twenty  thousand. 

1 Corinthians 15:4
Literal: and that He was buried He was raised the day third according to the Scriptures
KJV: And  that  he was buried,  and  that  he rose again  the third  day  according  to the scriptures: 

1 Corinthians 15:31
Literal: Every day I die as surely as the in you boasting brothers which I have in Christ Jesus the Lord of us
KJV: I protest by  your  which  I have  in  Christ  Jesus  Lord,  I die  daily. 

2 Corinthians 1:14
Literal: as also you have understood us in part so that boasting of you we are even as you [are] ours in the day of the Lord of us Jesus
KJV: As  also  ye have acknowledged  in  part,  that  rejoicing,  even as  also  in  the day  of the Lord  Jesus. 

2 Corinthians 3:14
Literal: But were hardened the minds of them Until for the present day the same veil at the reading of the old covenant remains not being lifted which in Christ is being removed
KJV: But  their  minds  were blinded:  for  until  this day  remaineth  the same  vail  untaken  away  in  the reading  of the old  testament;  vail is done away  in  Christ. 

2 Corinthians 4:16
Literal: Therefore not we lose heart but if indeed the outward of us man is being brought to decay yet inner is being renewed day and
KJV: For which cause  we faint  not;  but  outward  man  perish,  yet  man is renewed  day  by  day. 

2 Corinthians 6:2
Literal: He says for In a time acceptable I listened to you and in a day of salvation I helped you Behold now [is the] time of favor [is the] day
KJV: (For  he saith,  I have heard  in a time  accepted,  and  in  the day  of salvation  have I succoured  behold,  now  is the accepted  time;  behold,  now  is the day  of salvation.) 

2 Corinthians 11:28
Literal: Besides the things external the pressure on me - on every day [is my] care for all the churches
KJV: Beside  those things that are without,  that which  cometh upon  daily,  the care  of all  the churches. 

Galatians 1:18
Literal: Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to make acquaintance with Cephas and I remained with him days fifteen
KJV: Then  after  three  years  I went up  to  Jerusalem  to see  and  abode  with  him  fifteen  days. 

Galatians 4:10
Literal: Days you observe and months seasons years
KJV: Ye observe  days,  and  months,  and  times,  and  years. 

Ephesians 4:30
Literal: And not grieve the Spirit - Holy - of God in whom you were sealed for [the] day of redemption
KJV: And  grieve  not  the holy  Spirit  of God,  whereby  ye are sealed  unto  the day  of redemption. 

Ephesians 5:16
Literal: redeeming the time because the days evil are
KJV: Redeeming  the time,  because  the days  evil. 

Ephesians 6:13
Literal: Because of this take up the complete armor - of God so that you may be able to withstand in the day - evil and all things having done to stand
KJV: Wherefore  take unto you  the whole armour  of God,  that  ye may be able  to withstand  in  the evil  day,  and  having done  all,  to stand. 

Philippians 1:5
Literal: for the partnership of you in the gospel from the first day until - now
KJV: For  fellowship  in  the gospel  from  the first  day  until  now; 

Philippians 1:6
Literal: being persuaded of [the] very thing this that the [One] having begun in you a work good will complete [it] until [the] day of Christ Jesus
KJV: Being confident  very thing,  that  he which hath begun  a good  work  in  will perform  it until  the day  of Jesus  Christ: 

Philippians 1:10
Literal: for - to approve you the things being excellent so that you may be pure and blameless unto [the] day of Christ
KJV: That  may approve  things that are excellent;  that  sincere  and  without offence  till  the day  of Christ; 

Philippians 2:16
Literal: [the] word of life holding forth unto a boast to me in [the] day of Christ that not vain I did run nor toil
KJV: Holding forth  the word  of life;  that  may rejoice  in  the day  of Christ,  that  not  run  in  vain,  neither  laboured  in  vain. 

Colossians 1:6
Literal: the [one] being present unto you just as also in all the world it is bearing fruit and increasing among you from the day you heard knew the grace - of God truth
KJV: Which  is come  unto  as  it is in  all  the world;  and  as  it doth also  in  since  the  day  ye heard  of it, and  knew  the grace  of God  in  truth: 

Colossians 1:9
Literal: Because of this also we from the day we heard not cease for you praying and asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of the will of Him in all wisdom understanding spiritual
KJV: For  also,  since  the  day  we heard  not  cease  to pray  for  and  to desire  that  ye might be filled  with the knowledge  of his  will  in  all  wisdom  and  spiritual