Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 2087

Word info for ἀλλοιόω

Root: ἀλλοιόω, ἕτερος
Strongs Number: 2087
Transliteration: [heteros]
Phonetics: het·er·os
Etymology: Of uncertain affinity
Parts of Speech: adj.
Sense: the other, another, other (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 the other, another, other.
      1a to number.
         1a1 to number as opposed to some former person or thing.
         1a2 the other of two.
      1b to quality.
         1b1 another: i.e. one not of the same nature, form, class, kind, different.
         Additional Information: For synonyms see entry 243, allos.
         See entry 5806 for comparison of synonyms.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G2087

ἕτερον, Ἕτερος, ἑτέραν, ἑτέροις, ἕτερα, ἑτέρους, ἕτεροι, ἑτέρᾳ, ἑτέραις, ἑτέρῳ, ἕτερος, ἕτεραι, ἑτέρα, Ἕτεροι, Ἑτέροις, ἑτέρου, ἑτέρων, ἑτέρας

All words for strongs number G2087 :

Word Occurance
ἕτερον 25
ἕτερος 15
ἑτέρῳ 10
ἕτεροι 5
ἑτέρα 5
ἕτερα 4
ἑτέρους 4
ἑτέρᾳ 4
ἑτέρου 4
ἑτέρων 4
ἑτέραις 3
ἑτέραν 3
ἑτέρας 2
ἑτέροις 1
Ἕτερος 1
ἕτεραι 1
Ἕτεροι 1
Ἑτέροις 1

How strongs number G2087 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
other 29
another 27
others 10
the other 3
and to a different one 2
to another 2
of others 2
in other 2
by another 1
[for] another 1
another [place] 1
a different 1
different 1
one 1
else 1
next [day] 1
the next [day] 1
other things 1
with another 1
[was] altered 1
things 1
to others 1
next 1
strange 1

Two strong number together

93 Verses with G2087

Matthew 6:24
Literal: No one is able two masters to serve either for the one he will hate and other he will love or [the] one he will be devoted to the other he will despise Not you are able God money
KJV: No man  can  serve  two  masters:  for  either  he will hate  the one,  and  love  the other;  or else  he will hold  to the one,  and  despise  the other.  Ye cannot  serve  God  and  mammon. 

Matthew 8:21
Literal: Another now of the disciples of Him said to Him Lord allow me first to go and to bury the father of me
KJV: And  another  of his  disciples  said  unto him,  Lord,  suffer  first  to go  and  bury  father. 

Matthew 10:23
Literal: Whenever then they persecute you in the city one flee to the next Truly for I say to you no not shall you have completed the cities of Israel until - be come the Son Man
KJV: But  when  they persecute  in  city,  flee ye  into  for  verily  I say  have gone over  the cities  of Israel,  till  the Son  of man  be  come. 

Matthew 11:3
Literal: said to Him You are the coming [One] or another are we to look for
KJV: And said  unto him,  thou  he that should come,  or  do we look  for another? 

Matthew 11:16
Literal: To what however will I compare the generation this Like it is little children sitting in the markets and calling out - to others
KJV: But  whereunto  shall I liken  generation?  like  sitting  in  the markets,  calling 

Matthew 12:45
Literal: Then it goes and takes with itself seven other spirits more evil than itself having entered in they dwell there becomes the last of the man that worse than the first So it will be also unto generation this the evil
KJV: Then  goeth he,  and  taketh  with  himself  seven  other  spirits  than himself,  and  they enter in  and dwell  there:  and  the last  state of that  man  is  worse than  the first.  Even so  also  wicked  generation. 

Matthew 15:30
Literal: And came to Him crowds great having with them lame crippled blind mute others many they placed them at the feet of Him He healed them
KJV: And  great  multitudes  came  unto him,  having  with  them those that were  lame,  blind,  dumb,  maimed,  and  many  others,  and  them  down  at  feet;  and  he healed  them: 

Matthew 16:14
Literal: - And they said Some indeed John the Baptist others now Elijah others Jeremiah or one of the prophets
KJV: And  they said,  Some say that thou art  John  the Baptist:  some,  Elias;  and  others,  Jeremias,  or  one  of the prophets. 

Mark 16:12
Literal: After now these things to two of them as they are walking He appeared in another form going into [the] country
KJV: After  he appeared  in  another  form  unto two  of  them,  as they walked,  and went  into  the country. 

Luke 3:18
Literal: Many indeed therefore other things exhorting he was preaching the good news to the people
KJV: And  other  things  in his exhortation  preached  he unto the people. 

Luke 4:43
Literal: - But He said to them - Also to the other towns to preach [the] good news Me it behooves of the kingdom - of God because for this have I been sent forth
KJV: And  he said  unto  them,  must  preach  the kingdom  of God  to other  cities  also:  for  am I sent. 

Luke 5:7
Literal: And they beckoned to the partners in the other boat - having come to help them they came filled both the boats so that were sinking they
KJV: And  they beckoned  unto their partners,  which  were in  the other  ship,  that they should come  and help  them.  And  they came,  and  filled  both  the ships,  so  that they  began to sink. 

Luke 6:6
Literal: It came to pass then on another Sabbath entered He into the synagogue and taught there was a man there the hand of him right was withered
KJV: And  it came to pass  also  on  another  sabbath,  that he  entered  into  the synagogue  and  taught:  and  there  a man  whose  right  hand  withered. 

Luke 7:41
Literal: Two debtors there were to a creditor certain the one owed denarii five hundred - and the other fifty
KJV: a certain  creditor  which had two  debtors:  the one  owed  five hundred  pence,  and  the other  fifty. 

Luke 8:3
Literal: and Joanna wife of Chuza a steward of Herod Susanna others many who were ministering to them out of the means their own
KJV: And  Joanna  the wife  of Chuza  Herod's  steward,  and  Susanna,  and  many  others,  which  ministered  unto him 

Luke 8:6
Literal: And other fell upon the rock having sprung up it withered through - no having moisture
KJV: And  some  upon  a rock;  and  as soon as it was sprung up,  it withered away,  because  it lacked  moisture. 

Luke 8:7
Literal: And other fell in [the] midst of the thorns having sprung up with [it] the thorns choked it
KJV: And  some  fell  among  thorns;  and  the thorns  sprang up with it,  and choked  it. 

Luke 8:8
Literal: And other fell upon the soil - good having sprung up it produced fruit a hundredfold These things saying He was calling out The [one] having ears to hear let him hear
KJV: And  other  fell  good  ground,  and  sprang up,  and bare  fruit  an hundredfold.  And when he had said  he cried,  He that hath  ears  to hear, 

Luke 9:29
Literal: And it came to pass in the praying of Him the appearance of the face of Him [was] altered the clothing white became dazzling
KJV: And  as  he  prayed,  the fashion  of his  countenance  was  altered,  and  his  raiment  was white  and glistering. 

Luke 9:56
Literal: - For [the] Son - of Man not did come [the] lives of men to destroy but to save And they went to another village
KJV: For  the Son  of man  not  come  to destroy  men's  lives,  but  to save  them. And  they went  to  another  village. 

Luke 9:59
Literal: He said then to another Follow Me - But Lord allow first having gone away to bury the father of me
KJV: And  he said  unto  another,  Follow  But  he said,  Lord,  suffer  first  to go  and bury  father. 

Luke 9:61
Literal: Said then also another I will follow You Lord first however allow me to bid farewell to those at the home of me
KJV: And  another  also  said,  Lord,  I will follow  but  let  first  go bid them farewell,  which are at home at  house. 

Luke 10:1
Literal: After now these things appointed the Lord also others seventy two and sent them in two [by] before [the] face of Himself into every city place where was about He Himself to go
KJV: After  the Lord  appointed  other  seventy  also,  sent  them  two  and two  before  his  face  into  every  city  and  place,  he himself  would  come. 

Luke 11:16
Literal: Others now testing a sign from heaven were seeking from Him
KJV: And  others,  tempting  him, sought  of  him  a sign  from  heaven. 

Luke 11:26
Literal: Then it goes and takes other spirits more evil than itself seven having entered they dwell there becomes the last of the man that worse than the first
KJV: Then  goeth he,  and  taketh  to him seven  other  spirits  than himself;  and  they enter in,  and dwell  there:  and  the last  state of that  man  is  worse  than the first. 

Luke 14:19
Literal: And another said Yoke of oxen I have bought five I am going to prove them I beg of you hold me excused
KJV: And  another  said,  I have bought  five  yoke  of oxen,  and  I go  to prove  them:  I pray  have  excused. 

Luke 14:20
Literal: And another said A wife I have married because of this not I am able to come
KJV: And  another  said,  I have married  a wife,  and  therefore  I cannot  come. 

Luke 14:31
Literal: Or what king proceeding with another king to engage in war not having sat down first will take counsel whether able he is with ten thousand to meet the [one] with twenty thousand coming against him
KJV: Or  what  king,  going  to make  war  against  another  king,  not  down  first,  and consulteth  whether  able  with  ten  thousand  him that cometh  against  him  with  twenty  thousand? 

Luke 16:7
Literal: Then to another he said You now how much owe - And A hundred cors of wheat He says to him Take your - bill and write eighty
KJV: Then  said he  to another,  And  how much  owest  thou?  And  he said,  An hundred  measures  of wheat.  And  he said  unto him,  Take  bill,  and  write  fourscore. 

Luke 16:13
Literal: No servant is able two masters to serve either for the one he will hate and other he will love or one he will be devoted to the other he will despise Not you are able God money
KJV: No  servant  can  serve  two  masters:  for  either  he will hate  the one,  and  love  the other;  or else  he will hold  to the one,  and  despise  the other.  Ye cannot  serve  God  and  mammon. 

Luke 16:18
Literal: Everyone - putting away the wife of him and marrying another commits adultery the [one] her put away from a husband
KJV: Whosoever  putteth away  his  wife,  and  marrieth  another,  committeth adultery:  and  whosoever  marrieth  her that is put away  from  her husband  committeth adultery. 

Luke 17:34
Literal: I say to you in that - night there will be two upon bed one The one will be taken and other will be left
KJV: I tell  night  two  men in  bed;  the one  shall be taken,  and  the other  shall be left. 

Luke 17:35
Literal: There will be two [women] grinding at the same [place] The one will be taken - and the other will be left
KJV: Two  grinding  together;  shall be taken,  the other  left. 

Luke 17:36
Literal: Two will be in the field the one will be taken and other will be left
KJV: Two  in  the field;  the one  shall be taken,  and  the other  left. 

Luke 18:10
Literal: Men two went up into the temple to pray the one a Pharisee and other a tax collector
KJV: Two  men  went up  into  the temple  to pray;  the one  a Pharisee,  and  the other  a publican. 

Luke 19:20
Literal: And - another came saying Lord behold the mina of you which I kept lying away in a piece of cloth
KJV: And  another  came,  saying,  Lord,  behold,  pound,  which  I have  kept laid up  in  a napkin: 

Luke 20:11
Literal: And he proceeded another to send a servant - but him having beaten having dishonored they sent away empty-handed
KJV: And  again  he sent  another  servant:  and  they beat  him also,  and  entreated him shamefully,  and sent him away  empty. 

Luke 22:58
Literal: And after a little another having seen him was saying Also you of them are - But Peter Man not I am
KJV: And  after  a little while  another  him,  and said,  Thou  also  of  them.  And  Peter  Man,  I am  not. 

Luke 22:65
Literal: And other things many blaspheming they were saying to Him
KJV: And  many  other things  blasphemously  against  him. 

Luke 23:32
Literal: Were being led away now also other criminals two with Him to be put to death
KJV: And  there were also  two  other,  malefactors,  led  with  him  to be put to death. 

Luke 23:40
Literal: Answering now the other was rebuking him saying Not even do fear you - God that under the same judgment you are
KJV: But  the other  answering  rebuked  him,  not  thou  fear  God,  seeing  in  the same  condemnation? 

John 19:37
Literal: And again another Scripture says They will look on the [One] they have pierced
KJV: And  again  another  scripture  saith,  on  him whom  they pierced. 

Acts 1:20
Literal: It has been written for in [the] book of Psalms Let become the homestead of him desolate and not let there be [one person] dwelling in it and The position let take another
KJV: For  it is written  in  the book  of Psalms,  his  habitation  be  desolate,  and  no man  dwell  therein:  and  his  bishoprick  another  take. 

Acts 2:4
Literal: And they were filled with all Spirit Holy began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit was giving to utter forth to them
KJV: And  filled  with the Holy  Ghost,  and  began  to speak with  other  tongues,  as  the Spirit  gave  them  utterance. 

Acts 2:13
Literal: Others however mocking were saying - Of new wine full they are
KJV: Others  mocking  full  of new wine. 

Acts 2:40
Literal: Other and words many he earnestly testified and was exhorting them saying Be saved from the generation - perverse this
KJV: And  with many  other  words  did he testify  and  exhort,  saying,  Save yourselves  from  untoward  generation. 

Acts 4:12
Literal: And not there is in other no one the salvation not for name is there another under - heaven - having been given among men by which it behooves to be saved us
KJV: Neither  salvation  in  any  other:  for  other  name  under  heaven  given  among  men,  whereby  must  be saved. 

Acts 7:18
Literal: until that there arose king another over Egypt who not knew - Joseph
KJV: Till  another  king  arose,  which  knew  not  Joseph. 

Acts 8:34
Literal: Answering now the eunuch - to Philip said I pray you concerning whom prophet says this himself or other some
KJV: And  the eunuch  answered  Philip,  and said,  I pray  of  whom  speaketh  the prophet  of  himself,  or  of  some  other man? 

Acts 12:17
Literal: Having made a sign then to them with the hand to be silent he related how the Lord him had brought out of the prison He said then Report to James and to the brothers these things having gone out he went to another place
KJV: But  he, beckoning  unto them  with the hand  to hold their peace,  declared  unto them  how  the Lord  had brought  him  out of  the prison.  And  he said,  Go shew  unto James,  and  to the brethren.  And  he departed,  and went  into  another  place. 

Acts 13:35
Literal: Therefore also in another He says Not You will allow the Holy One of you to see decay
KJV: he saith  also  in  another  not  suffer  Holy One  corruption. 

Acts 15:35
Literal: Paul however and Barnabas stayed in Antioch teaching proclaiming the good news with also others many the word of the Lord
KJV: Paul  also  and  Barnabas  continued  in  Antioch,  teaching  and  preaching  the word  of the Lord,  with  many  others  also. 

Acts 17:7
Literal: whom has received Jason And these all contrary to the decrees of Caesar do king another proclaiming to be Jesus
KJV: Whom  Jason  hath received:  and  these  all  do  contrary  to the decrees  of Caesar,  saying  another  king,  one Jesus. 

Acts 17:21
Literal: [The] Athenians now all and the visiting strangers in nothing else spent their time than to tell something and to hear new
KJV: (For  all  the Athenians  and  strangers  which  were there  spent their time  in  nothing  else,  but either  to tell,  or  to hear  some  new thing.) 

Acts 17:34
Literal: Some however men having joined themselves to him believed among whom also [were] Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris others with them
KJV: Howbeit  certain  men  clave  unto him,  and believed:  among  the which  was Dionysius  the Areopagite,  and  a woman  named  Damaris,  and  others  with  them. 

Acts 20:15
Literal: And from there having sailed away on the following [day] we arrived opposite Chios - then the next [day] we arrived at Samos the now following [day] we came to Miletus
KJV: we sailed  thence,  and came  the next  day over against  Chios;  and  the next  day we arrived  at  Samos,  and the next  day we came  to  Miletus. 

Acts 23:6
Literal: Having known then - Paul that the one part consists of Sadducees - but the other of Pharisees he began crying out in the Council Men brothers I a Pharisee am [the] son of a Pharisee concerning [the] hope and resurrection of [the] dead I am judged
KJV: But  when Paul  perceived  that  the one  part  Sadducees,  and  the other  Pharisees,  he cried out  in  the council,  Men  and brethren,  am  a Pharisee,  the son  of a Pharisee:  of  the hope  and  resurrection  of the dead  am called in question. 

Acts 27:1
Literal: When now was determined - sailing our to - Italy they delivered - both Paul and certain other prisoners to a centurion named Julius of the cohort of Augustus
KJV: And  when  it was determined  should sail  into  Italy,  they delivered  Paul  and  certain  other  prisoners  unto one named  Julius,  a centurion  of Augustus'  band. 

Acts 27:3
Literal: The then next [day] we landed at Sidon Considerately - Julius - Paul having treated allowed [him] to his friends having gone care to receive
KJV: And  the next  day we touched  at  Sidon.  And  Julius  courteously  entreated  Paul,  and gave him liberty  to go  unto  his friends  to refresh himself. 

Romans 2:1
Literal: Therefore inexcusable you are O man each one who is judging In that which for you judge the other yourself you are condemning - the same things you do the [one] judging
KJV: Therefore  inexcusable,  man,  whosoever  thou art that judgest:  for  wherein  thou judgest  another,  thou condemnest  thyself;  for  thou that judgest  doest  the same things. 

Romans 2:21
Literal: [you] then teaching another yourself not do you teach You preaching not to steal do you steal
KJV: Thou therefore  which  teachest  another,  teachest thou  not  thyself?  thou that preachest  not  steal, 

Romans 7:3
Literal: Then therefore being alive the husband an adulteress she will be called if she is to man another however should die the husband free she is from law [so as for] not to be her an adulteress having been
KJV: So then  if,  while her husband  liveth,  she be married  to another  man,  she shall be called  an adulteress:  but  if  her husband  be dead,  free  from  that law;  so that she  no  adulteress,  though she be married  to another  man. 

Romans 7:4
Literal: Likewise brothers of me also you have been put to death to the law through the body - of Christ for - to belong you to another to the [One] out from [the] dead having been raised so that we should bear fruit - to God
KJV: Wherefore,  brethren,  also  are become dead  to the law  by  the body  of Christ;  that  should be married  to another,  even to him who is raised  from  the dead,  that  we should bring forth fruit  unto God. 

Romans 7:23
Literal: I see however another law in the members of me warring against the law of the mind and making captive me to - of sin - being
KJV: But  I see  another  law  in  members,  warring against  the law  mind,  and  into captivity  to the law  of sin  which  in  members. 

Romans 8:39
Literal: nor height depth any created thing other will be able us to separate from the love - of God - in Christ Jesus the Lord of us
KJV: Nor  height,  nor  depth,  nor  any  other  creature,  shall be able  to separate  from  the love  of God,  which is in  Christ  Jesus  Lord. 

Romans 13:8
Literal: To no one nothing owe if not - one another to love the [one] for loving the other [the] Law has fulfilled
KJV: Owe  no man  to love  one another:  for  he that loveth  another  hath fulfilled  the law. 

Romans 13:9
Literal: - For Not you shall commit adultery you shall murder you shall steal Not you shall covet and if any other commandment in the word this it is summed up the [saying] You shall love the neighbor of you as yourself
KJV: For  not  commit adultery,  not  kill,  not  steal,  not  covet;  and  other  commandment,  it is briefly comprehended  in  saying,  namely,  Thou shalt love  neighbour  as 

1 Corinthians 3:4
Literal: When for might say one I indeed am of Paul another however of Apollos not fleshly are you
KJV: For  while  one  saith,  am  of Paul;  and  another,  am of Apollos; 

1 Corinthians 4:6
Literal: These things now brothers I have applied to myself and Apollos on account of you so that in us you may learn - not beyond what has been written that one for - one you be puffed up over the other
KJV: And  brethren,  I have in a figure transferred  to  myself  and  to Apollos  for  that  ye might learn  in  not  of men above  that  which  is written,  one  of you be puffed up  for  one  against  another. 

1 Corinthians 6:1
Literal: Dare anyone of you a matter having against the other go to law before the unrighteous and not saints
KJV: Dare  any  having  a matter  against  another,  go to law  before  the unjust,  and  not  before  the saints? 

1 Corinthians 10:24
Literal: No one the [good] of himself let seek but that of the other
KJV: no man  seek  his own,  but  another's 

1 Corinthians 10:29
Literal: [the] conscience now I am saying not - your own but that of the other that what for the freedom of me is judged by another’s conscience
KJV: Conscience,  I say,  not  thine own,  but  of the other:  for  liberty  judged  of  another  man's conscience? 

1 Corinthians 12:9
Literal: and to a different one faith by the same Spirit to another now gifts of healing in that one
KJV: To another  faith  by  the same  Spirit;  to another  the gifts  of healing  by  the same  Spirit; 

1 Corinthians 12:10
Literal: to another now working of miracles prophecy distinguishing of spirits and to a different one various kinds of tongues interpretation
KJV: To another  the working  of miracles;  to another  prophecy;  to another  discerning  of spirits;  to another  divers kinds  of tongues;  to another  the interpretation  of tongues: 

1 Corinthians 14:17
Literal: You truly for well are giving thanks but the other not is edified
KJV: For  thou  verily  givest thanks  well,  but  the other  not  edified. 

1 Corinthians 14:21
Literal: In the law it has been written - By other tongues and lips other I will speak to the people this not even thus will they hear Me says [the] Lord
KJV: In  the law  it is written,  With  men of other tongues  and  other  lips  will I speak  people;  and  yet for all  not  hear  saith  the Lord. 

1 Corinthians 15:40
Literal: And bodies [there are] heavenly bodies earthly But one truly [is] the of the heavenly glory another now that earthly
KJV: There are also  celestial  bodies,  and  bodies  terrestrial:  but  the glory  of the celestial  is one,  and  the glory of the terrestrial  is another. 

2 Corinthians 8:8
Literal: Not as a command do I speak but through the of others earnestness also the - of your love genuineness proving
KJV: I speak  not  by  commandment,  but  by occasion  of the forwardness  of others,  and  to prove  the sincerity  of your  love. 

2 Corinthians 11:4
Literal: If indeed for the [one] coming another Jesus proclaims whom not we did proclaim or a spirit different you receive which you did receive glad tidings you did accept well are you bearing with [it]
KJV: For  if  he that cometh  preacheth  another  Jesus,  whom  not  preached,  or  if ye receive  another  spirit,  which  not  received,  or  another  gospel,  which  not  accepted,  well  bear with 

Galatians 1:6
Literal: I am astonished that so quickly you are deserting from the [One] having called you in [the] grace of Christ to a different gospel
KJV: I marvel  that  so  soon  removed  from  him that called  into  the grace  of Christ  unto  another  gospel: 

Galatians 1:19
Literal: Other however of the apostles none I saw if not James the brother of the Lord
KJV: But  other  of the apostles  none,  James  the Lord's  brother. 

Galatians 6:4
Literal: - But the work of himself test each and then as to himself alone the ground of boasting he will have not - another
KJV: But  every man  prove  his own  work,  and  then  shall he have  rejoicing  in  himself  alone,  and  not  in  another. 

Ephesians 3:5
Literal: which in other generations not was made known to the sons - of men as now it has been revealed to holy apostles His and prophets in [the] Spirit
KJV: Which  in  other  ages  not  made known  unto the sons  of men,  as  now  revealed  unto his  holy  apostles  and  prophets  by  the Spirit; 

Philippians 2:4
Literal: not the things of themselves each considering but also of others
KJV: Look  not  every man  on his own things,  but  every man  also  on the things  of others. 

1 Timothy 1:10
Literal: for the sexually immoral homosexuals enslavers liars perjurers and if anything other in the being sound teaching is opposed to
KJV: For whoremongers,  for them that defile themselves with mankind,  for menstealers,  for liars,  for perjured persons,  and  other thing  that is contrary  to sound  doctrine; 

2 Timothy 2:2
Literal: And the things which you have heard from me among many witnesses these entrust to faithful men such as sufficient will be also others to teach
KJV: And  the things  that thou hast heard  of  among  many  witnesses,  commit thou  to faithful  men,  who  able  to teach  others  also. 

Hebrews 5:6
Literal: Just as also in another [place] He says You [are] a priest to the age according to the order of Melchizedek
KJV: As  he saith  also  in  another  place, Thou  art a priest  for  ever  after  the order  of Melchisedec. 

Hebrews 7:11
Literal: If indeed then perfection by the Levitical priesthood were the people for upon it had received [the] Law what still need [was there] according to the order of Melchizedek [for] another to arise priest and not of Aaron to be named
KJV: If  therefore  perfection  by  the Levitical  priesthood,  (for  under  it  the people  received the law,)  what  further  need  was there that another  priest  should rise  after  the order  of Melchisedec,  and  not  be called  after  the order  of Aaron? 

Hebrews 7:13
Literal: [He] concerning whom for are said these things a tribe another belonged to from which no one has served at the altar
KJV: For  he of  whom  are spoken  pertaineth  to another  tribe,  of  which  no man  gave attendance  at the altar. 

Hebrews 7:15
Literal: And more abundantly yet evident it is if according to the likeness of Melchizedek arises a priest another
KJV: And  yet  evident:  for  that after  the similitude  of Melchisedec  there ariseth  another  priest, 

Hebrews 11:36
Literal: Others then of mockings and of scourgings trial received in addition also of chains imprisonment
KJV: And  others  had  trial  of cruel mockings  and  scourgings,  yea,  moreover  of bonds  and  imprisonment: 

James 2:25
Literal: Likewise then also Rahab the prostitute not by works was justified having received the messengers and by another way having sent [them] forth
KJV: Likewise  also  not  Rahab  the harlot  justified  by  works,  when she had received  the messengers,  and  had sent them out  another  way? 

Jude 1:7
Literal: just as Sodom and Gomorrah the around them cities - in like manner with them having indulged in sexual immorality having gone after flesh strange are set forth as an example of fire eternal [the] penalty undergoing

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