Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 1492

Word info for οἶδα

Root: οἶδα
Strongs Number: 1492
Transliteration: [eido, oida]
Phonetics: i·do
Etymology: A root word
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to see (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to see.
      1a to perceive with the eyes.
      1b to perceive by any of the senses.
      1c to perceive, notice, discern, discover.
      1d to see.
         1d1 i.e. to turn the eyes, the mind, the attention to anything.
         1d2 to pay attention, observe.
         1d3 to see about something.
            1d31 i.e. to ascertain what must be done about it.
         1d4 to inspect, examine.
         1d5 to look at, behold.
      1e to experience any state or condition.
      1f to see i.e. have an interview with, to visit.
   2 to know.
      2a to know of anything.
      2b to know, i.e. get knowledge of, understand, perceive.
         2b1 of any fact.
         2b2 the force and meaning of something which has definite meaning.
         2b3 to know how, to be skilled in.
      2c to have regard for one, cherish, pay attention to (1Th. 5:12).
                  Additional Information: For synonyms see entries 1097, ginosko; 1987, epistamai; and 4920, suniemi.
                  See entry 5825 for comparison of synonyms.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G1492

οἶδεν, οἴδατε, εἰδὼς, εἰδῆτε, Εἰδὼς, Οἶδας, Οἴδατε, οἴδαμεν, εἰδότες, ᾔδει, οἶδα, ᾔδεις, οἶδά, ᾔδεισαν, εἰδυῖα, οἶδας, ᾔδειτε, οἴδασιν, εἰδέναι, ᾔδειν, Οἶδα, Οἴδαμεν, ᾔδειτε›, εἰδώς, ἴσασι, εἰδῶμεν, εἰδῶ, Εἰδότες, ἴστε, εἰδότα, εἰδόσιν, εἰδῇς, εἰδήσουσίν, Ἴστε, εἰδότι, εἰδότας, Οἶδά

All words for strongs number G1492 :

Word Occurance
οἴδατε 54
οἶδα 35
οἴδαμεν 30
εἰδότες 22
οἶδεν 20
εἰδὼς 19
ᾔδει 14
οἶδας 13
εἰδέναι 10
Οἴδαμεν 9
οἴδασιν 7
Οἶδα 7
ᾔδεισαν 7
εἰδῆτε 6
Οἴδατε 5
ᾔδειν 5
Οἶδά 5
ᾔδεις 3
εἰδυῖα 2
οἶδά 2
εἰδότας 2
Οἶδας 2
εἰδῶ 2
Εἰδὼς 2
ἴστε 2
ᾔδειτε 1
εἰδῇς 1
εἰδότι 1
Ἴστε 1
εἰδήσουσίν 1
Εἰδότες 1
εἰδόσιν 1
εἰδότα 1
εἰδῶμεν 1
ἴσασι 1
ᾔδειτε› 1
εἰδώς 1

How strongs number G1492 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
knowing 45
i know 41
you know 38
we know 31
know 27
know you 17
knows 15
knew 10
to know 7
having known 5
they knew 5
he knew 4
you may know 4
i do know 4
had known 3
you knew 2
do we know 2
you know [how] 2
did know 2
they know 2
regard 1
knows [i do] 1
may know 1
to appreciate 1
you have known 1
knowing [them] 1
will know 1
know [this] 1
to [him] knowing 1
[then] knows 1
does he know 1
he knows 1
has known 1
they have seen 1
you would have known 1
understand 1
we may know 1
i had been conscious of 1
having knowledge of 1
i was aware 1
understood they 1
we do know 1
they have known 1
they recognize 1
you had known 1
have known [it] 1
knew you 1
understand you 1
you might know 1
do you know 1
do you realize 1

Two strong number together

G1492 G3756
G1492 G1492

Greek Commentary Search

Matthew 25:12 I know you not [ουκ οιδα υμας]
Hence there was no reason for special or unusual favours to be granted them. They must abide the consequences of their own negligence. [source]
Matthew 26:70 I know not what thou sayest [ουκ οιδα τι λεγεις]
It was an affectation of extreme ignorance (Bruce) that deceived no one. It was an easy and ancient dodge and easy subterfuge. Dalman (Words of Jesus, 80f.) suggests that Peter used the Galilean Aramaean word for know instead of the Judean Aramaean word which betrayed at once his Galilean residence. [source]
Mark 14:68 I neither know nor understand [ουτε οιδα ουτε επισταμαι]
This denial is fuller in Mark, briefest in John. [source]
Luke 13:27 I know not whence ye are [ουκ οιδα ποτεν εστε]
This blunt statement cuts the matter short and sweeps away the flimsy cobwebs. Acquaintance with Christ in the flesh does not open the door. Jesus quotes Psalm 8:9 as in Matthew 7:23, there as in the lxx, here with παντες εργαται αδικιας — pantes ergatai adikias there with οι εργαζομενοι την ανομιαν — hoi ergazomenoi tēn anomian But αποστητε — apostēte (second aorist active imperative) here, and there αποχωρειτε — apochōreite (present active imperative). [source]
Luke 22:57 I know him not [ουκ οιδα αυτον]
Just as Jesus had predicted that he would do (Luke 22:34). [source]
Luke 22:60 I know not what thou sayest [ουκ οιδα ο λεγεις]
Each denial tangles Peter more and more. [source]
John 7:29 I know him [εγω οιδα αυτον]
In contrast to the ignorance of these people. See the same words in John 8:55 and the same claim in John 17:25; Matthew 11:27; Luke 10:22 (the Johannine aerolite). “These three words contain the unique claim of Jesus, which is pressed all through the chapters of controversy with the Jews” (Bernard). Jesus is the Interpreter of God to men (John 1:18). And he sent me First aorist active indicative of αποστελλω — apostellō the very verb used of Jesus when he sent forth the twelve (Matthew 10:5) and used by Jesus again of himself in John 17:3. He is the Father‘s Apostle to men. [source]
John 9:25 One thing I know [εν οιδα]
This man is keen and quick and refuses to fall into the trap set for him. He passes by their quibbling about Jesus being a “sinner” Literally, “Being blind I now see.” The present active participle ων — ōn of ειμι — eimi by implication in contrast with αρτι — arti (just now, at this moment) points to previous and so past time. It must be borne in mind that the man did not at this stage know who Jesus was and so had not yet taken him as Saviour (John 9:36-38). [source]
John 11:22 And even now I know [και νυν οιδα]
Rather just, “Even now I know.” Αλλα — Alla (but) of the Textus Receptus is not genuine. Whatsoever thou shalt ask of God Indefinite relative Repetition of ο τεος — ho theos for emphasis. Martha still has courageous faith in the power of God through Jesus, and Jesus in John 11:41 says practically what she has said here. [source]
John 20:13 I do not know [ουκ οιδα]
Singular here, not plural as in John 20:2, because clearly Mary is alone here. But the problem is the same. She did not see Peter and John at the tomb. [source]
Acts 3:17 I wot [οιδα]
Old English for “I know.” In ignorance (κατα αγνοιαν — kata agnoian). This use of κατα — kata occurs in the Koiné. See also Philemon 1:14. One may see note on Luke 23:34 for the words of the Saviour on the Cross. “They had sinned, but their sin was not of so deep a dye that it could not have been still more heinous” (Hackett). If they had known what they were doing, they would not knowingly have crucified the Messiah (1 Corinthians 2:8). [source]
Acts 12:11 Now I know of a truth [νυν οιδα αλητως]
There was no further confusion of mind that it was an ecstasy as in Acts 10:10. But he was in peril for the soldiers would soon learn of his escape, when the change of guards came at 6 a.m. Delivered me (εχειλατο με — exeilato me). Second aorist middle indicative of εχαιρεω — exaireō The Lord rescued me of himself by his angel. Expectation Old word from προσδοκαω — prosdokaō to look for. In the N.T. only here and Luke 21:26. James had been put to death and the Jewish people were eagerly waiting for the execution of Peter like hungry wolves. [source]
Acts 26:27 I know that thou believest [οιδα οτι πιστευεις]
Paul had “cornered” Agrippa by this direct challenge. As the Jew in charge of the temple he was bound to confess his faith in the prophets. But Paul had interpreted the prophets about the Messiah in a way that fell in with his claim that Jesus was the Messiah risen from the dead. To say, “Yes” would place himself in Paul‘s hands. To say “No” would mean that he did not believe the prophets. Agrippa had listened with the keenest interest, but he slipped out of the coils with adroitness and a touch of humour. [source]
Romans 14:14 I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus [οιδα και πεπεισμαι εν κυριωι Ιησου]
He knows it and stands persuaded (perfect passive indicative of πειτω — peithō to persuade), but in the sphere of the Lord Jesus (cf. Romans 9:1), not by mere rational processes. [source]
2 Corinthians 12:2 I know a man [οιδα αντρωπον]
Paul singles out one incident of ecstasy in his own experience that he declines to describe. He alludes to it in this indirect way as if it were some other personality. [source]
2 Corinthians 12:3 I do not know [ουκ οιδα]
Paul declines to pass on his precise condition in this trance. We had best leave it as he has told it. [source]
Philippians 4:12 I know how [οιδα]
Followed by the infinitive οιδα — oida has this sense. So here twice, with ταπεινουσται — tapeinousthai to be humbled, from ταπεινος — tapeinos and with περισσευειν — perisseuein to overflow. [source]
Revelation 2:2 I know [οιδα]
Rather than γινωσκω — ginōskō and so “emphasizes better the absolute clearness of mental vision which photographs all the facts of life as they pass” (Swete). So also in Revelation 2:9, Revelation 2:13, Revelation 2:19; Revelation 3:1, Revelation 3:8, Revelation 3:15. For the distinction see John 21:17, “where the universal knowledge passes into the field of special observation.” [source]
Revelation 3:8 That [οιδα σου τα εργα]
This conjunction resumes the construction of ιδουαυτην — oida sou ta erga (I know thy works) after the parenthesis (μικραν δυναμιν — idou- και ετηρησας — autēn Behold - shut). [source]

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Philippians 4:12 I know how [οιδα]
Followed by the infinitive οιδα — oida has this sense. So here twice, with ταπεινουσται — tapeinousthai to be humbled, from ταπεινος — tapeinos and with περισσευειν — perisseuein to overflow. [source]

297 Verses with G1492

Matthew 6:8
Literal: Not therefore be like to them knows for - God the Father of you of what things need you have before - your asking Him
KJV: not  therefore  like  unto them:  for  Father  knoweth  what things  ye have  need of,  before  ask  him. 

Matthew 6:32
Literal: All for these things the Gentiles seek after knows the Father of you - Heavenly that you have need of them all
KJV: (For  all  do the Gentiles  seek:)  for  heavenly  Father  knoweth  that  ye have need  of all 

Matthew 7:11
Literal: If therefore you evil being know gifts good to give to the children of you how much more the Father who [is] in the heavens will give good things to those asking Him
KJV: If  then,  evil,  know  how to give  good  gifts  children,  how much  more  Father  which  is in  heaven  give  good things  to them that ask  him? 

Matthew 9:4
Literal: And having known - Jesus the thoughts of them He said So that why think you evil in the hearts of you
KJV: And  Jesus  knowing  their  thoughts  said,  think  evil  in  hearts? 

Matthew 9:6
Literal: So that however you may know that authority has the Son - of Man on the earth to forgive sins Then He says to the paralytic Having arisen take up your - mat and go to the house of you
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  on  earth  to forgive  sins,  (then  saith he  to the sick of the palsy,)  Arise,  take up  bed,  and  go  unto  house. 

Matthew 12:25
Literal: Having known now the thoughts of them He said to them Every kingdom having been divided against itself is brought to desolation and city or house not will stand
KJV: And  knew  their  thoughts,  and said  unto them,  Every  kingdom  divided  against  itself  is brought to desolation;  and  every  city  or  house  divided  against  itself  not  stand: 

Matthew 15:12
Literal: Then having come near the disciples said to Him Know You that Pharisees having heard the saying were offended
KJV: Then  came  his  disciples,  unto him,  Knowest thou  that  the Pharisees  were offended,  after they heard  this saying? 

Matthew 20:22
Literal: Answering now - Jesus said Not you know what you ask for Are you able to drink the cup which I am about to drink and baptism am baptized to be baptized [with] They say to Him We are able
KJV: But  Jesus  answered  and said,  Ye know  not  what  ye ask.  Are ye able  to drink  of the cup  that  shall  drink of,  to be baptized  with the baptism  that  am baptized with?  They say  unto him,  We are able. 

Matthew 20:25
Literal: - And Jesus having called to [him] them said You know that the rulers of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them and great ones exercise authority over
KJV: But  Jesus  called  them  unto him, and said,  Ye know  that  the princes  of the Gentiles  exercise dominion over  them,  and  they that are great  exercise authority upon  them. 

Matthew 21:27
Literal: And answering - Jesus they said Not do we know Said to them also He Neither I tell you by what authority these things I do
KJV: And  they answered  Jesus,  and said,  We cannot  tell.  And  he  said  unto them,  Neither  tell  by  what  authority  I do 

Matthew 22:16
Literal: And they send to Him the disciples of them with the Herodians saying Teacher we know that TRUE You are the way - of God in [the] truth You teach not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men
KJV: And  they sent out  unto him  disciples  with  the Herodians,  saying,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth,  neither  carest  for  any  man: for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men. 

Matthew 22:29
Literal: Answering now - Jesus said to them You err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power - of God
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto them,  Ye do err,  not  knowing  the scriptures,  nor  the power  of God. 

Matthew 24:36
Literal: Concerning however the day that and hour no one knows not even the angels of the heavens nor the Son if not Father only
KJV: But  of  that  day  and  hour  knoweth  no  man, no, not  the angels  of heaven,  Father  only. 

Matthew 24:42
Literal: Keep watch therefore for not you know on what day the Lord of you comes
KJV: Watch  therefore:  for  ye know  not  what  Lord  doth come. 

Matthew 24:43
Literal: This then know that if had known the master of the house in what time of night thief comes he would have watched - and not have allowed to be broken into the house of him
KJV: But  know  this,  that  if  the goodman of the house  had known  in what  watch  the thief  would come,  he would  have watched,  and  would  not  have suffered  his  house  to be broken up. 

Matthew 25:12
Literal: - And answering he said Truly I say to you not I do know you
KJV: But  he answered  and said,  Verily  I say  I know  not. 

Matthew 25:13
Literal: Watch therefore for neither do you know the day nor hour in which the Son - of Man comes
KJV: Watch  therefore,  for  ye know  neither  the day  nor  the hour  wherein  the Son  of man  cometh. 

Matthew 25:26
Literal: Answering now the master of him said to him Wicked servant and lazy You knew that I reap where not I sowed gather from where not I scattered
KJV: His  lord  answered  and said  unto him,  Thou wicked  and  slothful  servant,  thou knewest  that  I reap  where  I sowed  not,  and  gather  where  not  strawed: 

Matthew 26:2
Literal: You know that after two days the Passover takes place and the Son - of Man is delivered over - to be crucified
KJV: Ye know  that  after  two  days  is  the feast of the passover,  and  the Son  of man  is betrayed  to  be crucified. 

Matthew 26:70
Literal: - And he denied before all saying Not I know what you say
KJV: But  he denied  before  them all,  saying,  I know  not  what  thou sayest. 

Matthew 26:72
Literal: And again he denied with an oath - Not I know the man
KJV: And  again  he denied  with  an oath,  not  know  the man. 

Matthew 26:74
Literal: Then he began to curse and to swear - Not I know the man immediately a rooster crowed
KJV: Then  began he  to curse  and  to swear,  saying,  I know  not  the man.  And  immediately  the cock  crew. 

Matthew 27:18
Literal: He knew for that through envy they delivered up him
KJV: For  he knew  that  for  envy  they had delivered  him. 

Matthew 27:65
Literal: Said to them - Pilate You have a guard Go make [it as] secure as you know [how]
KJV: Pilate  said  unto them,  Ye have  a watch:  go your way,  make it as sure  as  ye can. 

Matthew 28:5
Literal: Answering now the angel said to the women Not fear you I know for that Jesus the [One] having been crucified you seek
KJV: And  the angel  answered  and said  unto the women,  Fear  not  for  I know  that  ye seek  Jesus,  which  was crucified. 

Mark 1:24
Literal: saying What to us and to You Jesus of Nazareth Did You come to destroy us I know You who are the Holy [One] - of God
KJV: Saying,  what  to do  thou Jesus  of Nazareth?  art thou come  to destroy  I know  who  the Holy One  of God. 

Mark 1:34
Literal: And He healed many sick being of various diseases demons many He cast out not He would allow to speak the because they knew Him Christ to be
KJV: And  he healed  many  that were  sick  of divers  diseases,  and  cast out  many  devils;  and  suffered  not  the devils  to speak,  because  they knew  him. 

Mark 2:10
Literal: That however you might know that authority has the Son - of Man to forgive sins on the earth He says to the paralytic
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  on  earth  to forgive  sins,  (he saith  to the sick of the palsy,) 

Mark 4:13
Literal: And He says to them Not understand you the parable this how all the parables will you understand
KJV: And  he said  unto them,  Know ye  not  parable?  and  how then  will ye know  all  parables? 

Mark 4:27
Literal: and should sleep rise night day the seed should sprout grow how not knows he
KJV: And  should sleep,  and  rise  night  and  day,  and  the seed  should spring  and  grow up,  he  knoweth  not  how. 

Mark 5:33
Literal: - And the woman having been frightened and trembling knowing what had been done to her came fell down before Him told all the truth
KJV: But  the woman  fearing  and  trembling,  knowing  what  was done  her,  came  and  fell down before  him,  and  told  him  all  the truth. 

Mark 6:20
Literal: - for Herod was afraid of - John knowing him [to be] a man righteous and holy he kept safe him having heard him greatly he was perplexed gladly heard
KJV: For  Herod  feared  John,  knowing  that he  was a just  man  and  an holy,  and  observed  him;  and  when he heard  him,  many things,  and  heard  him  gladly. 

Mark 9:6
Literal: Not for he knew what he should say terrified they were
KJV: For  he wist  not  what  for  afraid. 

Mark 10:19
Literal: The commandments you know Not shall you murder shall you commit adultery shall you steal shall you bear false witness shall you defraud you shall honor the father of you and the mother
KJV: Thou knowest  the commandments,  not  commit adultery,  not  kill,  not  steal,  not  bear false witness,  Defraud  not,  Honour  father  and  mother. 

Mark 10:38
Literal: - And Jesus said to them Not you know what you ask Are you able to drink the cup which I drink and baptism am baptized to be baptized [with]
KJV: But  Jesus  said  unto them,  Ye know  not  what  ye ask:  can ye  drink  of the cup  that  drink of?  be baptized  with the baptism  that  am baptized with? 

Mark 10:42
Literal: And having called near them - Jesus says to them You know that those being accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them great ones of them exercise authority over
KJV: Jesus  called  them  to him, and saith  unto them,  Ye know  that  they which are accounted  to rule  over the Gentiles  exercise lordship  over them;  and  their  great ones  exercise authority  upon them. 

Mark 11:33
Literal: And answering - to Jesus they say Not do we know - Jesus says to them Neither I tell you by what authority these things I do
KJV: And  they answered  and said  unto Jesus,  cannot  tell.  And  Jesus  answering  saith  unto them,  Neither  do I  tell  by  what  authority  I do 

Mark 12:14
Literal: And having come they say to Him Teacher we know that TRUE You are not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men but on the basis of [the] truth the way - of God teach Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not Should we pay not pay
KJV: when they were come,  they say  unto him,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  carest  for  no man:  for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men,  but  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth:  Is it lawful  to give  tribute  to Caesar,  or  not? 

Mark 12:15
Literal: - And knowing of them the hypocrisy He said to them Why Me do you test Bring Me a denarius that I might see [it]
KJV: But  he, knowing  their  hypocrisy,  said  unto them,  Why  tempt ye  bring  a penny,  that  I may see 

Mark 12:24
Literal: Was saying to them - Jesus Not because of this do you err not knowing the Scriptures nor the power - of God
KJV: Jesus  unto them,  not  therefore  err,  because ye know  not  the scriptures,  neither  the power  of God? 

Mark 13:32
Literal: Concerning now the day that or hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven nor the Son if not Father
KJV: But  of  that  day  that hour  knoweth  no man,  no, not  the angels  which  are in  heaven,  neither  the Son,  the Father. 

Mark 13:33
Literal: Take heed watch not you know for when the time is
KJV: Take ye heed,  watch  for  ye know  not  when  the time 

Mark 13:35
Literal: Watch therefore not you know for when the master of the house comes or at evening at midnight when the rooster crows morning
KJV: Watch ye  therefore:  for  ye know  not  when  the master  of the house  cometh,  at even,  or  at midnight,  or  at the cockcrowing,  or  in the morning: 

Mark 14:40
Literal: And again having returned he found them sleeping Were for of them the eyes heavy not they knew what they should answer Him
KJV: And  he found  them  asleep  again,  (for  their  eyes  neither  wist they  what  to answer  him. 

Mark 14:68
Literal: - But he denied [it] saying Neither I know nor even understand you what say And he went forth out into the porch and the rooster crowed
KJV: But  he denied,  saying,  I know  understand I  what  thou  sayest.  And  he went  out  into  the porch;  and  the cock  crew. 

Mark 14:71
Literal: - But he began to curse and to swear - Not I know the man this whom you speak of
KJV: But  he began  to curse  and  to swear,  saying, I know  not  man  of whom  ye speak. 

Luke 2:49
Literal: And He said to them Why [is it] that you were seeking Me Not knew you in the [house] of the Father of Me it behooves to be
KJV: And  he said  unto  them,  How  is it that  ye sought  wist ye  not  that  must  about  Father's business? 

Luke 4:34
Literal: Ha What to us and to You Jesus of Nazareth Are You come to destroy us I know You who are the Holy [One] - of God
KJV: Let us alone;  what  thou Jesus  of Nazareth?  art thou come  to destroy  I know  who  the Holy One  of God. 

Luke 4:41
Literal: Were going out now also demons from many crying out and saying - You are the Son - of God rebuking [them] not did He allow them to speak because they knew the Christ Him to be
KJV: And  devils  also  came  out of  many,  and  saying,  Thou  Christ  the Son  of God.  And  he rebuking  them suffered  them  not  to speak:  for  they knew  that he  Christ. 

Luke 5:24
Literal: That however you may know that the Son - of Man authority has on the earth to forgive sins He said to the [one] having been paralyzed To you I say arise and having taken up the mat of you go to the house
KJV: But  that  ye may know  that  the Son  of man  hath  power  upon  earth  to forgive  sins,  (he said  unto the sick of the palsy,)  I say  Arise,  and  take up  couch,  and go  into  house. 

Luke 6:8
Literal: He now knew the thoughts of them He said to the man the withered having the hand Arise and stand in the midst having risen up he stood
KJV: But  he  knew  their  thoughts,  and  said  which  had  the withered  hand,  Rise up,  and  stand forth  in  the midst.  And  he arose  and stood forth. 

Luke 8:53
Literal: And they were laughing at Him knowing that she was dead
KJV: And  him  to scorn,  knowing  that  she was dead. 

Luke 9:33
Literal: And it came to pass in the departing of them from Him said - Peter to - Jesus Master good it is for us here to be also let us make tabernacles three one for You for Moses for Elijah not knowing what he is saying
KJV: And  it came to pass,  as  they  departed  from  him,  Peter  said  unto  Jesus,  Master,  good  here:  and  let us make  three  tabernacles;  and  Moses,  and  Elias:  not  knowing  what  he said. 

Luke 9:47
Literal: - But Jesus having known the reasoning of the heart of them having taken hold of a child set it by Him
KJV: And  Jesus,  perceiving  the thought  of their  heart,  took  a child,  and set  him  by  him, 

Luke 9:55
Literal: Having turned then He rebuked them and said not You know of what spirit are you
KJV: But  he turned,  and rebuked  them,  and  Ye know  not  what manner  of spirit 

Luke 11:13
Literal: If therefore you evil being know gifts good to give to the children of you how much more the Father who [is] in heaven will give [the] Spirit Holy to those asking Him
KJV: If  then,  being  evil,  know  how to give  good  gifts  children:  how much  more  your heavenly  Father  give  the Holy  Spirit  to them that ask  him? 

Luke 11:17
Literal: He now knowing their - thoughts said to them Every kingdom against itself having been divided is brought to desolation and a house against a house falls
KJV: But  he,  knowing  their  thoughts,  said  unto them,  Every  kingdom  divided  against  itself  is brought to desolation;  and  a house  divided against  a house  falleth. 

Luke 11:44
Literal: Woe to you for you are like - graves unmarked and the men - walking above not have known [it]
KJV: Woe  and  for  as  graves  which  appear not,  and  the men  that walk  over  not  aware 

Luke 12:30
Literal: these things for all the nations of the world seek after of you now the Father knows that you have need of these
KJV: For  all  the nations  of the world  seek after:  and  Father  knoweth  that  ye have need 

Luke 12:39
Literal: This however know that if had known the master of the house in what hour thief is coming he would have watched not - and he would have allowed to be broken into the house of him
KJV: And  know,  that  if  the goodman of the house  had known  what  hour  the thief  would come,  he would have watched,  and  not  have suffered  his  house  to be broken through. 

Luke 12:56
Literal: Hypocrites The appearance of the earth and of the sky you know [how] to discern the time however this how not do you know to discern
KJV: Ye hypocrites,  ye can  discern  the face  of the sky  and  of the earth;  but  how is it  that ye do not  discern  time? 

Luke 13:25
Literal: From what - shall have risen up the master of the house and shall have shut the door then you should begin outside to stand to knock at the saying Lord open to us he answering will say to you Not I do know you from where are
KJV: When once  the master of the house  is risen up,  and  hath shut  to the door,  and  ye begin  to stand  without,  and  to knock  at the door,  saying,  Lord,  open  and  he shall answer  and say  I know  not  whence 

Luke 13:27
Literal: And he will say I tell you not I do know you from where you are depart from me all [you] workers of unrighteousness
KJV: But  he shall say,  I tell  I know  not  whence  depart  from  all  ye workers  of iniquity. 

Luke 18:20
Literal: The commandments You know Not shall you commit adultery shall you murder shall you steal shall you bear false witness you shall honor the father of you and the mother
KJV: Thou knowest  the commandments,  not  commit adultery,  not  kill,  not  steal,  not  bear false witness,  Honour  father  and  mother. 

Luke 19:22
Literal: He says to him Out of the mouth of you I will judge you evil servant You knew that I a man harsh am taking up what not I did lay down and reaping I did sow
KJV: he saith  unto him,  Out of  mouth  will I judge  thou wicked  servant.  Thou knewest  that  was  an austere  man,  taking up  that  not  down,  and  reaping  that  not  sow: 

Luke 20:7
Literal: And they answered not they knew from where
KJV: And  they answered,  not  tell  whence 

Luke 20:21
Literal: And they questioned Him saying Teacher we know that rightly You speak teach not receive [any] person but on the basis of truth the way - of God
KJV: And  they asked  him,  saying,  Master,  we know  that  thou sayest  and  teachest  rightly,  neither  acceptest thou  the person  of any, but  teachest  the way  of God  truly: 

Luke 22:34
Literal: - And He said I tell you Peter not will crow today [the] rooster until three times Me you will deny not knowing
KJV: And  he said,  I tell  Peter,  the cock  crow  this day,  thrice  deny  that thou  knowest 

Luke 22:57
Literal: - But he denied [it] saying Not I do know Him woman
KJV: And  he denied  him,  saying,  Woman,  I know  him  not. 

Luke 22:60
Literal: Said however - Peter Man not I know what you say And immediately while he was speaking of him crowed the rooster
KJV: And  Peter  said,  Man,  I know  not  what  thou sayest.  And  immediately,  while he  yet  spake,  the cock  crew. 

Luke 23:34
Literal: - And Jesus was saying Father forgive them not for they know what they do Dividing then the garments of Him they cast lots
KJV: Then  Jesus,  Father,  forgive  them;  for  they know  not  what  they do.  And  they parted  his  raiment,  and cast  lots. 

John 1:26
Literal: Answered them - John saying I baptize with water but in [the] midst of you stands [One] whom you not know
KJV: John  answered  them,  saying,  baptize  with  water:  there standeth one  among  whom  know  not; 

John 1:31
Literal: And I not knew Him but that He might be revealed - to Israel because of this came I with water baptizing
KJV: And I  knew  him  not:  but  that  he should be made manifest  to Israel,  therefore  come  baptizing  with  water. 

John 1:33
Literal: And I not knew Him but the [One] having sent me to baptize with water He to me said Upon whom - you shall see the Spirit descending and abiding on He is baptizing [the] Spirit Holy
KJV: And I  knew  him  not:  but  he that sent  to baptize  with  water,  the same  said  Upon  whom  thou shalt see  the Spirit  descending,  and  remaining  on  him,  the same  he which baptizeth  with  the Holy  Ghost. 

John 2:9
Literal: When then had tasted the master of the feast the water wine having become and not he knew from where it is the however servants knew - having drawn calls the bridegroom
KJV: When  the ruler of the feast  had tasted  the water  that was made  wine,  and  knew  not  whence  (but  the servants  which  drew  the water  knew;)  the governor of the feast  called  the bridegroom, 

John 3:2
Literal: He came to Him by night and said to Him Rabbi we know that from God You have come a teacher no one for is able these - signs to do that You do if not should be - God with him
KJV: The same  came  to  by night,  and  said  unto him,  Rabbi,  we know  that  a teacher  come  from  God:  for  no man  can  do  miracles  that  thou  doest,  God  with  him. 

John 3:8
Literal: The wind where it wishes blows and the sound of it You hear but not you know from where it comes where it goes thus is everyone - having been born of the Spirit
KJV: The wind  bloweth  where  it listeth,  and  thou hearest  the sound  thereof,  but  not  tell  whence  it cometh,  and  whither  it goeth:  so  every one  that is born  of  the Spirit. 

John 3:11
Literal: Truly I say to you that what we know we speak and we have seen we bear witness to the witness of us not you people receive
KJV: Verily,  I say  We speak  that  we do know,  and  testify  that  we have seen;  and  ye receive  not  witness. 

John 4:10
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to her If you had known the gift - of God who it is - saying to you Give Me to drink you - would have asked Him He would have given - water living
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto her,  If  thou knewest  the gift  of God,  and  who  that saith  Give  to drink;  thou  wouldest  have asked  of him,  and  he would  have given  living  water. 

John 4:22
Literal: You worship what not you know we worship we know for - salvation of the Jews is
KJV: worship  ye know  not  what:  we know  what  worship:  for  salvation  of  the Jews. 

John 4:25
Literal: Says to Him the woman I know that Messiah is coming who is called Christ when comes He He will tell us all things
KJV: The woman  saith  unto him,  I know  that  Messias  cometh,  which  is called  Christ:  when  he  is come,  he will tell 

John 4:32
Literal: - But He said to them I food have to eat that you not know
KJV: But  he said  unto them,  have  meat  to eat  that  not  of. 

John 4:42
Literal: - and to the woman they were saying - No longer because of - your speech we believe we ourselves for have heard and we know that this is truly the Savior of the world
KJV: And  unto the woman,  Now  we believe,  not  because  of thy  saying:  for  we have heard  him ourselves,  and  know  that  this  indeed  the Saviour  of the world. 

John 5:13
Literal: The [one] now having been healed not knew who it is - for Jesus had moved away a crowd being in the place
KJV: And  he that was healed  wist  not  who  for  Jesus  had conveyed himself away,  a multitude  in  that place. 

John 5:32
Literal: Another it is - bearing witness concerning Me and I know that TRUE is the testimony which he bears witness
KJV: another  that beareth witness  of  and  I know  that  the witness  which  he witnesseth  of  true. 

John 6:6
Literal: This now He was saying testing him He for knew what He was about to do
KJV: And  to prove  him:  for  he himself  knew  what  he would  do. 

John 6:42
Literal: And they were saying Not this is Jesus the son of Joseph of whom we know the father the mother How then says He - From - heaven I have come down
KJV: And  they said,  not  this  Jesus,  the son  of Joseph,  whose  father  and  mother  know?  how is it  that he  saith,  I came down  from  heaven? 

John 6:61
Literal: Knowing however - Jesus in Himself that are grumbling about this the disciples of Him He said to them This you does offend
KJV: When  Jesus  knew  in  himself  that  his  disciples  murmured  at  he said  unto them,  offend 

John 6:64
Literal: But they are of you some who not believe Knew for from [the] beginning - Jesus who are those not believing and who it is who will betray Him
KJV: But  some  of  that  believe  not.  For  Jesus  knew  from  the beginning  who  that believed  not,  and  who  betray  him. 

John 7:15
Literal: Were marveling then the Jews saying How this one writings knows not having studied
KJV: the Jews  marvelled,  saying,  How  knoweth  this man  letters,  never  learned? 

John 7:27
Literal: But this [man] we know from where He is The however Christ whenever He may come no one knows
KJV: Howbeit  we know  whence  but  when  Christ  cometh,  no man  knoweth  whence 

John 7:28
Literal: Cried out therefore in the temple teaching - Jesus and saying Me you know from where I am of Myself not I have come but is TRUE the [One] having sent Me whom you know
KJV: Then  cried  Jesus  in  the temple  as he taught,  saying,  Ye both  know me,  and  ye know  whence  I am:  and  not  come  of  myself,  but  he that sent  true,  whom  know  not. 

John 7:29
Literal: But I know Him because from Him I am and He Me sent
KJV: know  him:  for  I am  from  him,  and he  hath sent 

John 8:14
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to them Even if I am bearing witness concerning Myself TRUE is the testimony of Me because I know from where I came where I am going You however not know I come or
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto them,  Though  bear record  of  myself,  record  true:  for  I know  whence  I came,  and  whither  I go;  but  cannot  tell  whence  I come,  and  whither  I go. 

John 8:19
Literal: They were saying therefore to Him Where is the Father of You Answered Jesus Neither Me you know nor the Father of Me If you had known also - you would have known
KJV: Then  unto him,  Where  Father?  Jesus  answered,  neither  know  nor  Father:  if  ye had known  Father  also. 

John 8:37
Literal: I know that seed of Abraham you are but you seek Me to kill because the word - of Me not receives a place in you
KJV: I know  that  Abraham's  seed;  but  ye seek  to kill  because  my  word  no  place  in 

John 8:55
Literal: And not you have known Him I however know And if I say that I know I will be like you a liar But Him the word of Him I keep
KJV: Yet  not  known  him;  but  know  him:  and  I should say,  I know  him  not,  a liar  like  but  I know  him,  and  keep  his  saying. 

John 9:12
Literal: And they said to him Where is He He says Not I know
KJV: said they  unto him,  Where  he?  He said,  I know  not. 

John 9:20
Literal: Answered therefore the parents of him and said We know that this is the son of us blind he was born
KJV: His  parents  answered  them  and  said,  We know  that  this  son,  and  that  he was born  blind: 

John 9:21
Literal: How however presently he sees not we know or who opened of him the eyes we know him ask age has He Concerning himself he will speak
KJV: But  by what means  now  seeth,  we know  not;  or  who  hath opened  his  eyes,  know  not:  he  is  of age;  ask  him:  shall speak  for 

John 9:24
Literal: They called therefore the man out a second time who had been blind and said to him Give glory - to God We know that this - man a sinner is
KJV: Then  again  called they  the man  that  blind,  and  said  unto him,  Give  God  the praise:  know  that  this  man  a sinner. 

John 9:25
Literal: Answered then he Whether a sinner He is not I know One [thing] I do know that blind being now I see
KJV: He  answered  Whether  a sinner  or no, I know  not:  one thing  I know,  that,  blind,  now  I see. 

John 9:29
Literal: We know that to Moses has spoken - God this [man] however not we know from where is
KJV: know  that  God  spake  unto Moses:  as for this  fellow, we know  not  from whence 

John 9:30
Literal: Answered the man and said to them In this for - an amazing thing is that you not know from where He is and yet He opened my - eyes
KJV: The man  answered  and  said  unto them,  Why  herein  a marvellous thing,  that  know  not  from whence  and  yet he hath opened  eyes. 

John 9:31
Literal: We know that - God sinners not does hear but if anyone God-fearing is and the will of Him does him He hears
KJV: we know  that  God  heareth  not  sinners:  but  if  any man  a worshipper of God,  and  doeth  his  will,  he heareth. 

John 10:4
Literal: When the own all he has brought out before them he goes and the sheep him follow because they know the voice of him
KJV: And  when  he putteth forth  his own  sheep,  he goeth  before  them,  and  the sheep  follow  him:  for  they know  his  voice. 

John 10:5
Literal: A stranger however in no way not they will follow but will flee from him because not they recognize - of strangers the voice
KJV: And  a stranger  follow,  but  will flee  from  him:  for  they know  not  the voice  of strangers. 

John 11:22
Literal: Nevertheless even now I know that whatever - You might ask - God will give You - God
KJV: But  I know,  that even  now,  whatsoever  thou wilt ask  of God,  will give 

John 11:24
Literal: Says to him - Martha I know that he will rise again in the resurrection last day
KJV: Martha  saith  unto him,  I know  that  he shall rise again  in  the resurrection  at  the last  day. 

John 11:42
Literal: I and knew that always Me You hear but on account of the crowd - standing around I said [it] that they may believe You Me sent
KJV: And  knew  that  thou hearest  always:  but  because  of the people  which  stand by  I said  it, that  they may believe  that  thou  hast sent 

John 11:49
Literal: One however certain of them Caiaphas high priest being the year same said to them You not know nothing
KJV: And  one  of  them,  named Caiaphas,  the high priest  that same  year,  said  unto them,  know  nothing at all, 

John 12:35
Literal: Said therefore to them - Jesus Yet a little while the light with you is Walk while the light you have so that not darkness you might overtake And the [one] walking in the darkness not knows where he is going
KJV: Then  Jesus  said  unto them,  Yet  a little  while  the light  Walk  ye have  the light,  darkness  come upon  for  he that walketh  in  darkness  knoweth  not  whither  he goeth. 

John 12:50
Literal: And I know that the commandment of Him life eternal is What therefore I speak as has said to Me the Father so I speak
KJV: And  I know  that  his  commandment  life  everlasting:  whatsoever  speak  therefore,  even as  the Father  said  so  I speak. 

John 13:1
Literal: Before now the feast of the Passover knowing - Jesus that had come His - hour that He would depart out of the world this to the Father having loved the own who [were] in the world to [the] end He loved them
KJV: Now  before  the feast  of the passover,  when Jesus  knew  that  his  hour  was come  that  he should depart  out of  world  unto  the Father,  having loved  his own  which  were in  the world,  he loved  them  unto  the end. 

John 13:3
Literal: knowing that all things has given Him the Father into the hands and from God He came forth to - God He is going
KJV: knowing  that  the Father  had given  all things  into  his  hands,  and  that  he was come  from  God,  and  went  to  God; 

John 13:7
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to him What I do you not know presently you will know however after these things
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto him,  What  do  thou  knowest  not  now;  but  thou shalt know  hereafter. 

John 13:11
Literal: He knew for the [one who] was betraying Him on account of this He said - Not all clean you are
KJV: For  he knew  who  should betray  him;  said he,  not  all  clean. 

John 13:17
Literal: If these things you know blessed are you if you do them
KJV: If  ye know  happy  if  ye do  them. 

John 13:18
Literal: Not about all of you I speak I know whom I chose but that the Scripture may be fulfilled The [one] eating of Me the bread lifted up against Me the heel of him
KJV: I speak  not  of  all:  know  I have chosen:  but  that  the scripture  may be fulfilled,  He that eateth  bread  hath lifted up  his  heel  against 

John 14:4
Literal: And to the place I am going you know the way
KJV: And  whither  go  ye know,  and  the way  ye know. 

John 14:5
Literal: Says to Him Thomas Lord not we know where You are going how can we the way know
KJV: Thomas  saith  unto him,  Lord,  we know  not  whither  thou goest;  how  can we  know  the way? 

John 14:7
Literal: If you had known Me also the Father of Me - you would have known from now you know Him and have seen Him
KJV: If  ye had known  Father  also:  from  henceforth  ye know  him,  and  have seen  him. 

John 15:15
Literal: No longer I call you servants for the servant not knows what is doing his - master however I have called friends because all things that I heard from the Father of Me I have made known to you
KJV: I call  not  servants;  for  the servant  knoweth  not  what  his  lord  doeth:  but  I have called  friends;  for  all things  that  I have heard  of  Father  I have made known 

John 15:21
Literal: But these things all they will do against you on account of the name of Me because not they have known the [One] having sent Me
KJV: But  all  will they do  for  name's  because  they know  not  him that sent 

John 16:18
Literal: They were saying therefore This what is that He says a little [while] Not we do know what He is saying
KJV: They said  therefore,  What  that  he saith,  we cannot  tell  what  he saith. 

John 16:30
Literal: Now we know that You know all things and not need have that anyone You should ask In this we believe from God You came forth
KJV: Now  are we sure  that  thou knowest  all things,  and  needest  not  that  any man  should ask  by  we believe  that  thou camest forth  from  God. 

John 18:2
Literal: Knew now also Judas who was delivering up Him the place because often gathered together Jesus there with the disciples of Him
KJV: And  Judas  also,  which  betrayed  him,  knew  the place:  for  Jesus  ofttimes  resorted  thither  with  his  disciples. 

John 18:4
Literal: Jesus therefore knowing all things that are coming upon Him having gone forth also said to them Whom seek you
KJV: Jesus  therefore,  knowing  all things  that should come  upon  him,  went forth,  unto them,  Whom  seek ye? 

John 18:21
Literal: Why Me do you question Question those having heard what I spoke to them behold they know what said I
KJV: Why  them which heard me,  what  I have said  unto them:  they  know  what  said. 

John 19:10
Literal: Says therefore to Him - Pilate To me not speak You Not know You that authority I have to release You and to crucify
KJV: Then  saith  Pilate  unto him,  Speakest thou  not  knowest thou  not  that  I have  power  to crucify  and  have  power  to release 

John 19:28
Literal: After this knowing - Jesus that now all things had been accomplished so that might be fulfilled the Scripture He says I thirst
KJV: After  Jesus  knowing  that  all things  now  accomplished,  that  the scripture  might be fulfilled,  saith,  I thirst. 

John 19:35
Literal: And the [one] having seen has borne witness TRUE of him is the testimony He knows that truth he is speaking that also you might believe
KJV: And  he that saw  it bare record,  and  his  record  true:  knoweth  that  he saith  true,  that  might believe. 

John 20:2
Literal: She runs therefore and comes to Simon Peter the other disciple whom loved - Jesus she says to them They have taken away Lord out of the tomb not we know where they have laid Him
KJV: Then  she runneth,  and  cometh  to  Simon  Peter,  and  to  the other  disciple,  whom  Jesus  loved,  and  saith  unto them,  They have taken away  the Lord  out of  the sepulchre,  and  we know  not  where  they have laid  him. 

John 20:9
Literal: not yet for understood they the Scripture that it behooves Him out from [the] dead to rise
KJV: For  they knew  not  the scripture,  that  he  must  rise again  from  the dead. 

John 20:13
Literal: And say to her they Woman why weep you She says to them Because they have taken away the Lord of me not I know where they have laid Him
KJV: And  they  say  unto her,  Woman,  why  weepest thou?  She saith  unto them,  Because  they have taken away  Lord,  and  I know  not  where  they have laid  him. 

John 20:14
Literal: These things having said she turned back - around and she sees - Jesus standing [there] not had known that Jesus it is
KJV: And  said,  she turned  herself  back,  and  saw  Jesus  standing,  and  knew  not  that  Jesus. 

John 21:4
Literal: Morning now already having come stood Jesus on the shore not however knew the disciples that it is
KJV: But  when the morning  now  come,  Jesus  stood  on  the shore:  but  the disciples  knew  not  that  Jesus. 

John 21:12
Literal: Says to them - Jesus Come have breakfast None however dared of the disciples to ask Him You who are knowing that the Lord it is
KJV: Jesus  saith  unto them,  Come  and dine.  And  none  of the disciples  durst  ask  him,  Who  thou?  knowing  that  the Lord. 

John 21:15
Literal: When therefore they had dined says - to Simon Peter - Jesus Simon [son] of John love you Me more than these He says to Him Yes Lord You know that I dearly love You Feed the lambs of Me
KJV: So  when  they had dined,  Jesus  saith  to Simon  Peter,  Simon,  lovest thou  more than  He saith  unto him,  Yea,  Lord;  thou  knowest  that  I love  He saith  unto him,  Feed  lambs. 

John 21:16
Literal: He says to him again a second time Simon [son] of John love you Me Yes Lord You know that I dearly love You Shepherd the sheep of Me
KJV: He saith  to him  again  the second time,  Simon,  lovest thou  He saith  unto him,  Yea,  Lord;  thou  knowest  that  I love  He saith  unto him,  Feed  sheep. 

John 21:17
Literal: He says to him the third time Simon [son] of John do you dearly love Me Was grieved - Peter because He said And Lord all things You know know that I dearly love You Says - Jesus Feed the sheep of Me
KJV: He saith  unto him  the third  time, Simon,  lovest  Peter  was grieved  because  he said  unto him  the third  time, Lovest  And  he said  unto him,  Lord,  thou  knowest  all things;  thou  knowest  that  I love  Jesus  saith  unto him,  Feed  sheep. 

John 21:24
Literal: This is the disciple - bearing witness concerning these things and the [one] having written these things we know that TRUE of him the testimony is
KJV: This  the disciple  which  testifieth  of  and  wrote  and  we know  that  his  testimony  true. 

Acts 2:22
Literal: Men Israelites hear the words these Jesus of Nazareth a man having been set forth by - God to you by miracles and wonders signs which did by Him - God in the midst of you as you yourselves know
KJV: Ye men  of Israel,  hear  words;  Jesus  of Nazareth,  a man  approved  of  God  among  by miracles  and  wonders  and  signs,  which  God  did  by  him  in  the midst  as  ye yourselves  also  know: 

Acts 2:30
Literal: A prophet therefore being and knowing that with an oath swore to him - God out of [the] fruit of the loins of him to set upon the throne
KJV: Therefore  being  a prophet,  and  knowing  that  God  had sworn  with an oath  to him,  that of  the fruit  of his  loins,  to sit  on  his  throne; 

Acts 3:16
Literal: And on the faith in the name of Him this [man] whom you see know has strengthened the name the faith which [is] through Him has given to him the complete soundness this before all of you
KJV: And  his  name  through  faith  in his  name  strong,  whom  ye see  and  know:  yea,  the faith  by  him  hath given  him  perfect soundness  in the presence  all. 

Acts 3:17
Literal: And now brothers I know that in ignorance you acted as also the rulers of you
KJV: And  now,  brethren,  I wot  that  through  ignorance  ye did  it, as  did also  rulers. 

Acts 5:7
Literal: It came to pass now about hours three afterward also the wife of him not knowing that having come to pass came in
KJV: And  it was  about  of three  hours  after,  when  his  wife,  not  knowing  what was done,  came in. 

Acts 7:18
Literal: until that there arose king another over Egypt who not knew - Joseph
KJV: Till  another  king  arose,  which  knew  not  Joseph. 

Acts 7:40
Literal: having said - to Aaron Make us gods who will go before us - As for Moses this who brought out us from [the] land of Egypt not we know what has happened to him
KJV: Saying  unto Aaron,  Make  gods  to  go before  for  as for this  Moses,  which  brought  out of  the land  of Egypt,  we wot  not  what  is become  of him. 

Acts 10:37
Literal: You yourselves know the having come declaration through all - Judea having begun from Galilee after baptism that proclaimed John
KJV: That word,  know,  which was published  throughout  all  Judaea,  and began  from  Galilee,  after  the baptism  which  John  preached; 

Acts 12:9
Literal: And having gone forth he was following not did know that real is what is happening by means of the angel he was thinking however a vision he saw
KJV: And  he went out,  and followed  and  wist  not  that  true  which  was done  by  the angel;  but  thought  he saw  a vision. 

Acts 12:11
Literal: And - Peter to himself having come said Now I know truly that has sent forth the Lord the angel of Him delivered me out of [the] hand of Herod all the expectation of the people of the Jews
KJV: And  when Peter  was come  to  himself,  he said,  Now  I know  of a surety,  that  the Lord  hath sent  his  angel,  and  hath delivered  out of  the hand  of Herod,  and  from all  the expectation  of the people  of the Jews. 

Acts 16:3
Literal: This one wanted - Paul with him to go forth and having taken he circumcised him on account of the Jews - being in the parts those they knew for all that a Greek the father of him was
KJV: would  Paul  have to go forth  with  him;  and  took  and circumcised  him  because  of the Jews  which  in  those  quarters:  for  they knew  all  that  his  father  was  a Greek. 

Acts 19:32
Literal: Others indeed therefore some thing were crying out was for the assembly confused and - most not did know for what cause they were assembled
KJV: Some  therefore  cried  one thing,  and some another:  for  the assembly  confused;  and  the more part  knew  not  wherefore  they were come together. 

Acts 20:22
Literal: And now behold bound I in the Spirit go to Jerusalem what in it will happen to me not knowing
KJV: And  now,  behold,  go  bound  in the spirit  unto  Jerusalem,  not  knowing  the things that shall befall  there: 

Acts 20:25
Literal: And now behold I know that no more you will see the face of me you all among whom I have gone about proclaiming the kingdom
KJV: And  now,  behold,  know  that  all,  among  whom  I have gone  preaching  the kingdom  face  no more. 

Acts 20:29
Literal: I know that will come in after the departure of me wolves grievous among you not sparing the flock
KJV: know  that  after  departing  shall grievous  wolves  enter in  among  not  sparing  the flock. 

Acts 23:5
Literal: Was saying then - Paul Not I was aware brothers that he is high priest it has been written for - [The] ruler of the people of you you shall speak evil [of]
KJV: Then  said  Paul,  I wist  not,  brethren,  that  the high priest:  for  it is written,  not  speak  evil  of the ruler  people. 

Acts 24:22
Literal: Put off however them - Felix more precisely having knowledge of the things concerning the Way having said When Lysias the commander might have come down I will examine as to you
KJV: And  when Felix  knowledge  of  that way,  he deferred  them,  and said,  When  Lysias  the chief captain  shall come down,  I will know the uttermost  matter. 

Acts 26:4
Literal: The indeed then manner of life of me which [is] from youth - from [its] beginning having been among the nation in also Jerusalem know all the Jews
KJV: manner  of life  from  my youth,  which  was  at  the first  among  own nation  at  Jerusalem,  all  the Jews; 

Acts 26:27
Literal: Believe you King Agrippa the prophets I know that you believe
KJV: King  Agrippa,  believest thou  the prophets?  I know  that  thou believest. 

Romans 2:2
Literal: We know however that the judgment - of God is according to truth upon those - such things practicing
KJV: But  we are sure  that  the judgment  of God  according  to truth  against  them which commit  such things. 

Romans 3:19
Literal: We know now that whatever the law says to those under the law it speaks so that every mouth may be stopped and under judgment may be all world - to God
KJV: Now  we know  that  what things soever  the law  saith,  it saith  to them who are under  the law:  that  every  mouth  may be stopped,  and  all  the world  may become  guilty  before God. 

Romans 5:3
Literal: Not only [so] now but also we glory in - tribulations knowing that - tribulation perseverance produces
KJV: And  not  only  so, but  we glory  in  tribulations  also:  knowing  that  tribulation  worketh  patience; 

Romans 6:9
Literal: knowing that Christ having been raised up out from [the] dead no more dies Death Him no longer rules over
KJV: Knowing  that  Christ  being raised  from  the dead  dieth  no more;  death  no more  dominion over  him. 

Romans 6:16
Literal: Not know you that to whom you yield yourselves [as] slaves for obedience slaves you are to him whom you obey whether of sin to death or of obedience righteousness
KJV: Know ye  not,  that  to whom  ye yield  yourselves  servants  to  obey,  his servants  to whom  ye obey;  whether  of sin  unto  death,  or  of obedience  unto  righteousness? 

Romans 7:7
Literal: What then shall we say [Is] the law sin Never may it be But - sin not I have known if not by law - then for covetousness I had been conscious of the had said you shall covet
KJV: What  shall we say  then?  Is the law  sin?  God forbid.  Nay,  not  known  sin,  by  the law:  for  not  known  lust,  the law  not  covet. 

Romans 7:14
Literal: We know for that - [the] Law spiritual is I however fleshly am having been sold under - sin
KJV: For  we know  that  the law  spiritual:  but  am  sold  under  sin. 

Romans 7:18
Literal: I know for that nothing there dwells in me that is the flesh of me good - to will is present with me but to do the good not
KJV: For  I know  that  in  flesh,)  dwelleth  no  good thing:  for  to will  is present  but  how to perform  that which is good  not. 

Romans 8:22
Literal: We know for that all the creation groans together and travails together until - now
KJV: For  we know  that  the whole  creation  groaneth  and  travaileth in pain together  until  now. 

Romans 8:26
Literal: Likewise now also the Spirit joins to help the weakness of us the for things which we should pray for as it behooves not we know but Himself makes intercession with groanings inexpressible
KJV: Likewise  the Spirit  also  helpeth  infirmities:  for  we know  not  what  we should pray for  as  we ought:  but  the Spirit  itself  maketh intercession  with groanings  which cannot be uttered. 

Romans 8:27
Literal: The [One] now searching - hearts knows what [is] the mindset of the Spirit because according to God He intercedes for [the] saints
KJV: And  he that searcheth  the hearts  knoweth  what  is the mind  of the Spirit,  because  he maketh intercession  for  the saints  according  to the will of God. 

Romans 8:28
Literal: We know now that to those loving - God all things works together - God for good according to [His] purpose called being
KJV: And  we know  that all things  work together  for  good  to them that  love  God,  the called  according  to his purpose. 

Romans 11:2
Literal: Not did reject - God the people of Him whom He foreknew Or know you in Elijah what says the Scripture how he pleads - with God against - Israel
KJV: God  not  cast away  his  people  which  he foreknew.  Wot ye  not  what  the scripture  saith  of  Elias?  how  he maketh intercession  to God  against  Israel,  saying, 

Romans 13:11
Literal: And this knowing the time that [it is the] hour already for you out of sleep to awaken now for nearer [is] of us the salvation than when first we believed
KJV: And  knowing  the time,  that  now  it is high time  out of  sleep:  for  now  salvation  nearer  than  when  we believed. 

Romans 14:14
Literal: I know and I am persuaded in [the] Lord Jesus that nothing [is] unclean of itself if not to him reckoning anything to be to that one unclean [it is]
KJV: I know,  and  am persuaded  by  the Lord  Jesus,  that  there is nothing  unclean  of  itself:  to him that esteemeth  any thing  unclean,  to him  it is unclean. 

Romans 15:29
Literal: I know now that coming to you in [the] fullness of the blessing of Christ I will come
KJV: And  I am sure  that,  when I come  unto  I shall come  in  the fulness  of the blessing  of Christ. 

1 Corinthians 1:16
Literal: I baptized now also the of Stephanas household as to the rest not I know whether any other
KJV: And  I baptized  also  the household  of Stephanas:  besides,  I know  not  whether I baptized  other. 

1 Corinthians 2:2
Literal: Nothing for I decided anything to know among you if not Jesus Christ and Him having been crucified
KJV: For  I determined  not  to know  any thing  among  Jesus  Christ,  and  crucified. 

1 Corinthians 2:11
Literal: Who for knows among men the things of the man if not the spirit that [is] within him So also - of God no one knows
KJV: For  what  man  knoweth  the things  of a man,  the spirit  of man  which  is in  him?  even  so  the things  of God  knoweth  no man,  the Spirit  of God. 

1 Corinthians 2:12
Literal: We now not the spirit of the world have received but who [is] from - God that we may know the things by having been granted to us
KJV: Now  have received,  not  the spirit  of the world,  but  the spirit  which  is of  God;  that  we might know  the things that are freely given  of  God. 

1 Corinthians 3:16
Literal: Not know you that temple of God you yourselves are and the Spirit - in you dwells
KJV: Know ye  not  that  the temple  of God,  and  that the Spirit  of God  dwelleth  in 

1 Corinthians 5:6
Literal: Not good [is] the boasting of you Not know you that a little leaven all the lump leavens
KJV: glorying  is not  good.  Know ye  not  that  a little  leaven  leaveneth  the whole  lump? 

1 Corinthians 6:2
Literal: Or not know you that the saints the world will judge And if by you is to be judged the world unworthy are you of cases of the smallest
KJV: not  know  that  the saints  shall judge  the world?  and  if  the world  shall be judged  by  unworthy  to judge  the smallest matters? 

1 Corinthians 6:3
Literal: Not know you that angels we will judge How much more the things of this life
KJV: Know ye  not  that  we shall judge  angels?  how much more  things that pertain to this life? 

1 Corinthians 6:9
Literal: Or not know you that [the] unrighteous ones of God [the] kingdom not will inherit Not be deceived neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters adulterers effeminate homosexuals
KJV: Know ye  not  that  the unrighteous  not  inherit  the kingdom  of God?  not  deceived:  neither  fornicators,  nor  idolaters,  nor  adulterers,  nor  effeminate,  nor  abusers of themselves with mankind, 

1 Corinthians 6:15
Literal: Not know you that the bodies of you members of Christ are Having taken then the members of the Christ shall I make [them] of a prostitute Never may it be
KJV: Know ye  not  that  bodies  the members  of Christ?  then  take  the members  of Christ,  and make  them the members  of an harlot?  God forbid. 

1 Corinthians 6:16
Literal: Or not know you that the [one] being joined to the prostitute one body is Will become for it says the two into flesh one
KJV: What?  know ye  not  that  he which is joined  to an harlot  one  body?  for  two,  saith he,  one  flesh. 

1 Corinthians 6:19
Literal: Or not know you that the body of you a temple of the in you Holy Spirit is whom you have from God And you are your own
KJV: What?  know ye  not  that  body  the temple  of the Holy  Ghost  which is in  which  ye have  of  God,  and  not  your own? 

1 Corinthians 7:16
Literal: How for know you wife if the husband you will save Or husband the wife
KJV: For  what  knowest thou,  O wife,  whether  thou shalt save  thy husband?  or  how  knowest thou,  O man,  whether  thou shalt save  thy wife? 

1 Corinthians 8:1
Literal: Concerning now the things sacrificed to idols we know indeed all knowledge we have - Knowledge puffs up but love builds up
KJV: Now  as touching  things offered unto idols,  we know  that  we all  have  knowledge.  puffeth up,  but  charity  edifieth. 

1 Corinthians 8:4
Literal: Concerning the eating therefore of the things sacrificed to idols we know that nothing an idol [is] in [the] world and that [there is] no God if not one
KJV: As concerning  therefore  the eating  of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols,  we know  that  an idol  is nothing  in  the world,  and  that  there is none  God  one. 

1 Corinthians 9:13
Literal: Not know you that those in the temple working the things of the temple eat at the altar attending in the partake
KJV: not  know  that  they which minister  about holy things  live  of the things of  the temple?  and they which wait  at the altar  are partakers  with the altar? 

1 Corinthians 9:24
Literal: Not know you that those in a race course running all indeed run one however receives the prize Thus run that you might obtain [it]
KJV: Know ye  not  that  they which run  in  a race  run  all,  but  one  receiveth  the prize?  So  run,  that  ye may obtain. 

1 Corinthians 11:3
Literal: I want however you to know that of every man the head - Christ is [the] head now of [the] woman [is] the man - of Christ God
KJV: But  I would have  know,  that  the head  of every  man  Christ;  and  the head  of the woman  is the man;  and  the head  of Christ  is God. 

1 Corinthians 12:2
Literal: You know that when pagans you were to - idols mute even as - you were led being carried away
KJV: Ye know  that  Gentiles,  carried away  unto  these dumb  idols,  even as  ye were led. 

1 Corinthians 13:2
Literal: And if I should have prophecy understand the mysteries all all the knowledge faith so as mountains to remove love however not have nothing I am
KJV: And  though  I have  the gift of prophecy,  and  understand  all  mysteries,  and  all  knowledge;  and  though  I have  all  faith,  so  that I could remove  mountains,  and  have  not  charity,  I am  nothing. 

1 Corinthians 14:11
Literal: If therefore not I know the power of the sound I will be to the [one] speaking a foreigner and the [one] speaking to me
KJV: Therefore  I know  the meaning  of the voice,  unto him that speaketh  a barbarian,  and  he that speaketh  shall be a barbarian  unto 

1 Corinthians 14:16
Literal: Otherwise if you bless with the spirit the [one] filling the place of the uninstructed how will he say the Amen at - your thanksgiving since what you say not he knows
KJV: Else  when  thou shalt bless  with the spirit,  how  shall he that occupieth  the room  of the unlearned  say  Amen  at  thy  giving of thanks,  seeing  he understandeth  not  what  thou sayest? 

1 Corinthians 15:58
Literal: Therefore brothers of me beloved steadfast be immovable abounding in the work of the Lord always knowing that the toil of you not is in vain [the] Lord
KJV: Therefore,  beloved  brethren,  be ye  stedfast,  unmoveable,  always  abounding  in  the work  of the Lord,  forasmuch as ye know  that  labour  not  in vain  in  the Lord. 

1 Corinthians 16:15
Literal: I exhort now you brothers you know the house of Stephanas that it is firstfruit - of Achaia and to service to the saints they have devoted themselves
KJV: I beseech  brethren,  (ye know  the house  of Stephanas,  that  the firstfruits  of Achaia,  and  that they have addicted  themselves  to  the ministry  of the saints,) 

2 Corinthians 1:7
Literal: And the hope of us [is] steadfast for you knowing that as partners you are of the sufferings so also of the comfort
KJV: And  hope  of  is stedfast,  knowing,  that  partakers  of the sufferings,  so  shall ye be also  of the consolation. 

2 Corinthians 4:14
Literal: knowing that the [One] having raised up the Lord Jesus also us through Jesus will raise up and will present [us] with you
KJV: Knowing  that  he which raised up  the Lord  Jesus  shall raise up  also  Jesus,  and  shall present  us with 

2 Corinthians 5:1
Literal: We know for that if - earthly of us house the tent should be destroyed a building from God we have a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens
KJV: For  we know  that  if  earthly  house  of this tabernacle  were dissolved,  we have  a building  of  God,  an house  not made with hands,  eternal  in  the heavens. 

2 Corinthians 5:6
Literal: being confident therefore always and knowing that being at home in the body we are absent from the Lord
KJV: Therefore  we are always  confident,  knowing  that,  whilst we are at home  in  the body,  we are absent  from  the Lord: 

2 Corinthians 5:11
Literal: Knowing therefore the fear of the Lord men we persuade to God and we have been made manifest I hope now also in the consciences of you to have been made manifest
KJV: Knowing  therefore  the terror  of the Lord,  we persuade  men;  but  we are made manifest  unto God;  and  I trust  also  are made manifest  in  consciences. 

2 Corinthians 5:16
Literal: Therefore we from - now no one regard according to [the] flesh Though even we have regarded flesh Christ yet no longer we regard [Him thus]
KJV: Wherefore  henceforth  know  no man  after  the flesh:  we have known  Christ  after  the flesh,  yet  now  know we  him no more. 

2 Corinthians 9:2
Literal: I know for the readiness of you which concerning you I boast of to Macedonians that Achaia has been prepared from a year ago and - your zeal has been provoking the greater number
KJV: For  I know  mind,  for which  I boast  of  to them of Macedonia,  that  Achaia  was ready  a year  ago;  and  zeal  hath provoked  very many. 

2 Corinthians 11:11
Literal: Because of why Because not I do love you - God knows [I do]
KJV: because  I love  not?  God  knoweth. 

2 Corinthians 11:31
Literal: The God and Father of the Lord Jesus knows the [One] being blessed to the ages that not I am lying
KJV: The God  and  Father  Lord  Jesus  which  blessed  for  evermore,  knoweth  that I  lie  not. 

2 Corinthians 12:2
Literal: I know a man in Christ ago years fourteen whether [the] body not or out of the body - God knows having been caught up - such a man to [the] third heaven
KJV: I knew  a man  in  Christ  fourteen  years  ago,  (whether  in  the body,  I cannot  tell;  or whether  out  of the body,  I cannot  tell:  God  knoweth;)  such an one  caught up  to  the third  heaven. 

2 Corinthians 12:3
Literal: And I know - such a man whether in [the] body or out of the body not - God knows
KJV: And  I knew  such  a man,  (whether  in  the body,  or  of the body,  I cannot  tell:  God  knoweth;) 

Galatians 2:16
Literal: knowing nevertheless that not is justified a man by works of law if not through faith Christ from Jesus even we in Christ Jesus have believed that we may be justified by from Christ and not of the Law because will be justified any flesh
KJV: Knowing  that  a man  not  justified  by  the works  of the law,  by  the faith  of Jesus  Christ,  even  have believed  in  Jesus  Christ,  that  we might be justified  by  the faith  of Christ,  and  not  by  the works  of the law:  by  the works  of the law  no  flesh  be justified. 

Galatians 4:8
Literal: But at that time indeed not knowing God you were enslaved to those by nature not being gods
KJV: Howbeit  then,  when ye knew  not  God,  ye did service  unto them which by nature  no  gods. 

Galatians 4:13
Literal: You know now that in weakness of the flesh I proclaimed the gospel to you at the first
KJV: Ye know  how  through  infirmity  of the flesh  I preached the gospel  at the first. 

Ephesians 1:18
Literal: being enlightened the eyes of the heart of you in order for - to know you what is the hope calling of Him what [are] the riches glory inheritance in the saints
KJV: The eyes  being enlightened;  that  may know  what  the hope  of his  calling,  what  the riches  of the glory  of his  inheritance  in  the saints, 

Ephesians 5:5
Literal: This for you know realizing that any fornicator or unclean person covetous man who is an idolater not has inheritance in the kingdom - of Christ and of God
KJV: For  that  no  whoremonger,  nor  unclean person,  nor  covetous man,  who  an idolater,  hath  any inheritance  in  the kingdom  of Christ  and  of God. 

Ephesians 6:8
Literal: knowing that each one if whatever he might have done good this he will receive [back] from [the] Lord whether slave or free
KJV: Knowing  that  good thing  any man  doeth,  shall he receive  of  the Lord,  whether  he be bond  or  free. 

Ephesians 6:9
Literal: And - masters the same things them do toward them giving up the threatening knowing that also of them of you the master is in [the] heavens partiality not there is with Him
KJV: And,  ye masters,  do  the same things  unto  them,  forbearing  threatening:  knowing  that  Master  also  in  heaven;  neither  respect of persons  with  him. 

Ephesians 6:21
Literal: That now may know also you the things concerning me what I am doing all things will make known to you Tychicus the beloved brother and faithful servant in [the] Lord
KJV: But  that  also  may know  affairs,  and how  I do,  Tychicus,  a beloved  brother  and  faithful  minister  in  the Lord,  shall make known  all things: 

Philippians 1:16
Literal: the [ones] indeed out of love knowing that for [the] defense of the gospel I am appointed
KJV: The one  of 

Philippians 1:19
Literal: I know for that this for me will turn out to deliverance through - your prayer and [the] provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ
KJV: For  I know  that  shall turn  to  salvation  through  prayer,  and  the supply  of the Spirit  of Jesus  Christ, 

Philippians 1:25
Literal: And this having been persuaded of I know that I will remain will continue with all of you for - your progress joy of the faith
KJV: And  confidence,  I know  that  I shall abide  and  all  for  furtherance  and  joy  of faith; 

Philippians 4:12
Literal: I know also [how] to be brought low [how] to abound In everything and all things I have learned the secret to be full to hunger to abound to be deficient
KJV: I know  both how to be abased,  and  I know  how to abound:  every where  and  in  all things  I am instructed  both  to be full  and  to be hungry,  both  to abound  and  to suffer need. 

Philippians 4:15
Literal: Know now also you Philippians that in [the] beginning of the gospel when I went out from Macedonia not one with me church had partnership with regard to the matter of giving and receiving if not alone
KJV: Now  Philippians  know  also,  that  in  the beginning  of the gospel,  when  I departed  from  Macedonia,  no  church  communicated with  as  concerning  giving  and  receiving,  only. 

Colossians 2:1
Literal: I want for you to know how great a struggle I am having for you and those in Laodicea as many as not have seen the face of me [the] flesh
KJV: For  I would  knew  what great  conflict  I have  and  for them at  Laodicea,  and  for as many as  not  seen  face  in  the flesh; 

Colossians 3:24
Literal: knowing that from [the] Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance The Lord Christ you serve
KJV: Knowing  that  of  the Lord  ye shall receive  the reward  of the inheritance:  ye serve  the Lord  Christ. 

Colossians 4:1
Literal: - Masters that which [is] righteous and that which [is] equal to the slaves give knowing that also you have a Master in heaven
KJV: Masters,  give  unto your servants  that which is just  and  equal;  knowing  that  also  have  a Master  in  heaven. 

Colossians 4:6
Literal: - [Let the] speech of you [be] always in grace with salt having been seasoned to know how it behooves you one each to answer
KJV: speech  be alway  with  grace,  seasoned  with salt,  that ye may know  how  ought  to answer  every  man. 

1 Thessalonians 1:4
Literal: knowing brothers beloved by - God the election of you
KJV: Knowing,  brethren  beloved,  election  of  God. 

1 Thessalonians 1:5
Literal: because the gospel of us not came to you in word only but also power and [the] Spirit Holy with full assurance much just as you know what we were among you on account of
KJV: For  gospel  came  not  unto  in  word  only,  but  also  in  power,  and  in  the Holy  Ghost,  and  in  much  assurance;  as  ye know  what manner of men  we were  among  for 

1 Thessalonians 2:1
Literal: You yourselves for know brothers the coming of us - to you that not in vain has been
KJV: For  yourselves,  brethren,  know  entrance in  unto  that  it was  not  in vain: 

1 Thessalonians 2:2
Literal: but having previously suffered and having been mistreated just as you know in Philippi we had boldness the God of us to speak to you the gospel - of God amid much conflict
KJV: But  even  after that we had suffered before,  and  were shamefully entreated,  as  ye know,  at  Philippi,  we were bold  in  God  to speak  unto  the gospel  of God  with  much  contention. 

1 Thessalonians 2:5
Literal: Never for at any time with word of flattery were we just as you know nor a pretext for greed God [is] witness
KJV: For  neither  at any time  used we  flattering  words,  as  ye know,  nor  a cloke  of covetousness;  God  is witness: 

1 Thessalonians 2:11
Literal: just as you know how one each of you as a father children his own
KJV: As  ye know  how  every  one  as  a father  doth his  children, 

1 Thessalonians 3:3
Literal: that no one be moved in the tribulations these Yourselves for you know that for this we are destined
KJV: That no man  should be moved  by  afflictions:  for  yourselves  know  that  we are appointed  thereunto. 

1 Thessalonians 3:4
Literal: And indeed when with you we were we were telling beforehand you that we are about to suffer affliction just as also it came to pass you know
KJV: For  verily,  when  with  before  that  we should  suffer tribulation;  even  as  it came to pass,  and  ye know. 

1 Thessalonians 4:2
Literal: You know for what instructions we gave you through the Lord Jesus
KJV: For  ye know  what  commandments  we gave  by  the Lord  Jesus. 

1 Thessalonians 4:4
Literal: to know each of you [how] the of himself vessel to control in holiness and honor
KJV: That every one  should know  how to possess  his  vessel  in  sanctification  and  honour; 

1 Thessalonians 4:5
Literal: not in [the] passion of lust as also the Gentiles - knowing - God
KJV: Not  in  the lust  of concupiscence,  even  as  the Gentiles  which  know  not  God: 

1 Thessalonians 5:2
Literal: Yourselves for fully you know that [the] day of [the] Lord as a thief by night in this manner comes
KJV: For  yourselves  know  perfectly  that  the day  of the Lord  so  cometh  as  a thief  in  the night. 

1 Thessalonians 5:12
Literal: We implore however you brothers to appreciate those toiling among you and taking the lead over you in [the] Lord admonishing
KJV: And  we beseech  brethren,  to know  them which  labour  among  and  are over  in  the Lord,  and  admonish 

2 Thessalonians 1:8
Literal: in a fire of flame inflicting vengeance on those not knowing God and obeying the gospel of the Lord of us Jesus
KJV: In  flaming  fire  taking  vengeance  on them that know  not  God,  and  that obey  not  the gospel  Lord  Jesus 

2 Thessalonians 2:6
Literal: And now that which is restraining you know for - to be revealed him in - his time
KJV: And  now  ye know  what withholdeth  that  he  might be revealed  in  his  time. 

2 Thessalonians 3:7
Literal: Yourselves for you know how it behooves [you] to imitate us because not we were idle among you
KJV: For  yourselves  know  how  ye ought  to follow  for  not  ourselves disorderly  among 

1 Timothy 1:8
Literal: We know now that good [is] the law if one it lawfully uses
KJV: But  we know  that  the law  is good,  if  a man  use  it  lawfully; 

1 Timothy 1:9
Literal: knowing this that for a righteous [one] law not is enacted for [the] lawless however and insubordinate for [the] ungodly sinful for [the] unholy profane for murderers of fathers murderers of mothers for slayers of man
KJV: Knowing  that  the law  not  made  for a righteous man,  but  for the lawless  and  disobedient,  for the ungodly  and  for sinners,  for unholy  and  profane,  for murderers of fathers  and  murderers of mothers,  for manslayers, 

1 Timothy 3:5
Literal: if but one the own household to manage not knows how [the] church of God [how] will he care for
KJV: (For  not  how  to rule  his own  house,  how  shall he take care of  the church  of God?) 

1 Timothy 3:15
Literal: if however I should delay so that you may know how it behooves [one] in [the] household of God to conduct oneself which is [the] church [the] living [the] pillar and base of the truth
KJV: But  if  I tarry long,  that  thou mayest know  how  thou oughtest  to behave thyself  in  the house  of God,  which  the church  of the living  God,  the pillar  and  ground  of the truth. 

2 Timothy 1:12
Literal: For this reason also these things I suffer But not I am ashamed I know for whom I have believed and I am persuaded that able He is the deposit entrusted of me to guard for that - day
KJV: For  the which  cause  also  suffer  nevertheless  not  ashamed:  for  I know  whom  I have believed,  and  am persuaded  that  able  to keep  have committed unto him  against  that  day. 

2 Timothy 1:15
Literal: You know this that turned away from me all those in - Asia among whom are Phygelus and Hermogenes
KJV: thou knowest,  that  all  they which are in  Asia  be turned away from  of whom  Phygellus  and  Hermogenes. 

2 Timothy 2:23
Literal: - And foolish and ignorant speculations refuse knowing that they breed quarrels
KJV: But  foolish  and  unlearned  questions  avoid,  knowing  that  they do gender  strifes. 

2 Timothy 3:14
Literal: You however abide in the things you have learned and have been assured of having known from whom you learned [them]
KJV: But  continue  thou  in  the things which  thou hast learned  and  hast been assured of,  knowing  of  whom  thou hast learned 

2 Timothy 3:15
Literal: and that from childhood the sacred writings you have known - being able you to make wise unto salvation through faith - in Christ Jesus
KJV: And  that  from  a child  thou hast known  the holy  scriptures,  which  are able  wise  unto  salvation  through  faith  which  is in  Christ  Jesus. 

Titus 1:16
Literal: God they profess to know in however works they deny [Him] detestable being and disobedient for any work good unfit
KJV: They profess  that they know  God;  but  in works  they deny  abominable,  and  disobedient,  and  unto  every  good  work  reprobate. 

Titus 3:11
Literal: knowing that is corrupt - such a man and is sinning being self-condemned
KJV: Knowing  that  he that is such  is subverted,  and  sinneth,  condemned of himself. 

Philemon 1:21
Literal: Being persuaded of the obedience of you I write to you knowing that even above what I say you will do
KJV: Having confidence  obedience  I wrote  knowing  that  also  do  more than  I say. 

Hebrews 8:11
Literal: And no not shall they teach each the neighbor of him brother saying Know Lord because all will know Me from [the] least to [the] greatest of them
KJV: And  teach  every man  his  and  every man  his  brother,  saying,  Know  the Lord:  for  all  shall know  from  the least  to  the greatest. 

Hebrews 10:30
Literal: We know for the [One] having said Mine [is] vengeance I will repay and again Will judge [the] Lord the people of Him
KJV: For  we know  him that hath said,  Vengeance  will recompense,  the Lord.  And  again,  The Lord  shall judge  his  people. 

Hebrews 12:17
Literal: You know for that even afterward wishing to inherit the blessing he was rejected of repentance place not he found although with tears having earnestly sought it
KJV: For  how  that afterward,  when he would  have inherited  the blessing,  he was rejected:  for  he found  no  place  of repentance,  though  it  carefully  with  tears. 

James 1:19
Literal: Know [this] brothers my beloved Let be however every man swift unto - to hear slow to speak anger
KJV: beloved  brethren,  every  man  swift  to  hear,  slow  to  speak,  slow  to  wrath: 

James 3:1
Literal: Not many [of you] teachers let be brothers of mine knowing that greater judgment we will receive
KJV: brethren,  be  not  many  masters,  knowing  that  we shall receive  condemnation. 

James 4:4
Literal: Adulteresses Not know you that the friendship with the world hostility [with] God is Whoever if therefore has chosen a friend to be of the an enemy - of God is appointed
KJV: adulteresses,  know ye  not  that  the friendship  of the world  enmity  with God?  whosoever  therefore  a friend  of the world  is  the enemy  of God. 

James 4:17
Literal: To [him] knowing therefore good to do and not doing sin to him it is
KJV: Therefore  to him that knoweth  to do  good,  and  doeth  it not,  to him  sin. 

1 Peter 1:18
Literal: knowing that not by perishable things by silver or by gold you were redeemed from the futile of you manner of life handed down from [your] fathers
KJV: Forasmuch as ye know  that  not  redeemed  with corruptible things,  as silver  and  gold,  from  vain  conversation  received by tradition from your fathers; 

1 Peter 5:9
Literal: whom you should resist firm in the faith knowing the same - sufferings - throughout the world in your brotherhood to be accomplished
KJV: Whom  resist  stedfast  in the faith,  knowing  that the same  afflictions  are accomplished  brethren  that are in  the world. 

2 Peter 1:12
Literal: Therefore I will be ready always you to remind concerning these things though knowing [them] and having been strengthened in the being present [in you] truth
KJV: Wherefore  always  in remembrance  of  though  ye know  them, and  be established  in  the present  truth. 

2 Peter 1:14
Literal: knowing that impending is the putting off of the tabernacle of me as also the Lord of us Jesus Christ has made clear to me
KJV: Knowing  that  shortly  put off  tabernacle,  even  as  Lord  Jesus  Christ  hath shewed 

2 Peter 2:9
Literal: [then] knows [the] Lord [the] devout out of temptation to deliver [the] unrighteous then unto [the] day of judgment being punished to keep
KJV: The Lord  knoweth  how to deliver  the godly  out of  temptations,  and  to reserve  the unjust  unto  the day  of judgment  to be punished: 

1 John 2:11
Literal: The [one] however hating the brother of him in the darkness is and walks not does he know where he is going because the darkness has blinded the eyes
KJV: But  he that hateth  his  brother  in  darkness,  and  walketh  in  darkness,  and  knoweth  not  he goeth,  because  that darkness  hath blinded  his  eyes. 

1 John 2:20
Literal: And you [the] anointing have from the Holy [One] know you all
KJV: But  have  an unction  from  the Holy One,  and  ye know  all things. 

1 John 2:21
Literal: Not I have written to you because you know the truth but it and any lie of the truth is
KJV: not  written  because  ye know  not  the truth,  but  because  ye know  it,  and  that  no  lie  of  the truth. 

1 John 2:29
Literal: If you know that righteous He is you know also everyone - practicing - righteousness of Him has been begotten
KJV: If  ye know  that  righteous,  ye know  that  every one  that doeth  righteousness  is born  of  him. 

1 John 3:2
Literal: Beloved now children of God are we and not yet has been revealed what we will be We know that when He appears like Him for we will see Him as He is
KJV: Beloved,  now  the sons  of God,  and  not yet  appear  what  we know  that,  when  he shall appear,  like  him;  for  him  as 

1 John 3:5
Literal: And you know that He appeared so that - sins He might take away sin in Him not there is
KJV: And  ye know  that  he  was manifested  to  take away  sins;  and  in  him  no  sin. 

1 John 3:14
Literal: We know that we have passed from - death to - life because we love [our] brothers The [one] not loving abides in - death
KJV: We know  that  have passed  from  death  unto  life,  because  we love  the brethren.  He that loveth  not  his brother  abideth  in  death. 

1 John 3:15
Literal: Everyone - hating the brother of him a murderer is and you know that any murderer not has life eternal in him abiding
KJV: Whosoever  hateth  his  brother  a murderer:  and  ye know  that  no  murderer  hath  eternal  life  abiding  in  him. 

1 John 5:13
Literal: These things have I written to you so that you may know that life you have eternal to those believing in the name of the Son - of God and that you may believe on name of God
KJV: have I written  that believe  on  the name  of the Son  of God;  that  ye may know  that ye  have  eternal  life,  and  that  ye may believe  on  the name  of the Son  of God. 

1 John 5:15
Literal: And if we know that He hears us whatever we might ask we have the requests that we have asked from Him
KJV: And  if  we know  that  he hear  whatsoever  we ask,  we know  that  we have  the petitions  that  we desired  him. 

1 John 5:18
Literal: We know that everyone - having been born of - God not continues to sin but the [One] having been begotten protects him and the evil [one] does touch him
KJV: We know  that  whosoever  is born  of  God  sinneth  not;  but  he that is begotten  of  God  keepeth  and  that wicked one  toucheth  him  not. 

1 John 5:19
Literal: We know that of - God we are and the world whole in the evil [one] lies
KJV: And we know  that  of  God,  and  the whole  world  lieth  in  wickedness. 

1 John 5:20
Literal: We know now that the Son - of God is come and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who [is] TRUE we are in Him who [is] TRUE the Son of Him Jesus Christ He is TRUE God life eternal
KJV: And  we know  that  the Son  of God  is come,  and  hath given  an understanding,  that  we may know  him that is true,  and  in  him that is true,  even in  his  Son  Jesus  Christ.  This  the true  God,  and  eternal  life. 

3 John 1:12
Literal: To Demetrius witness has been given by all and itself the truth we also bear witness you know that the testimony of us TRUE is
KJV: Demetrius  hath good report  of  all  men, and  of  the truth  itself:  yea,  and  also bear record;  and  ye know  that  record  true. 

Jude 1:5
Literal: To remind now you I want having known you at one time all this that - Jesus a people out of [the] land of Egypt having saved - afterward those not having believed He destroyed

Jude 1:10
Literal: These however whatever things indeed not they have seen they speak evil of then naturally as the irrational animals they understand in these things they corrupt themselves

Revelation 2:2
Literal: I know the works of you and the labor - endurance that not you are able to tolerate evil [ones] you have tested those claiming to be apostles not are you have found them FALSE
KJV: I know  works,  and  labour,  and  patience,  and  how  thou canst  not  bear  them which are evil:  and  thou hast tried  apostles,  and  not,  and  hast found  them  liars: 

Revelation 2:9
Literal: I know your - tribulation and poverty but rich you are the slander of those claiming Jews to be themselves not are a synagogue - of Satan
KJV: I know  and  tribulation,  and  poverty,  rich)  and  I know the blasphemy  of them which  say  they  Jews,  and  not,  but  are the synagogue  of Satan. 

Revelation 2:13
Literal: I know where you dwell where the throne - of Satan [is] and you hold fast to the name of Me not you have denied the faith even in the days of Antipas witness faithful [one] who was killed among you - Satan dwells
KJV: I know  and  where  thou dwellest,  even where  Satan's  seat  is: and  thou holdest fast  name,  and  not  denied  faith,  even  in  those days  wherein  Antipas  faithful  martyr,  who  was slain  among  where  Satan  dwelleth. 

Revelation 2:17
Literal: The [one] having an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches The [one] overcoming I will give to him the manna - having been hidden and stone white on the a name new having been written which no one has known if not receiving [it]
KJV: He that hath  an ear,  let him hear  what  the Spirit  saith  unto the churches;  To him  that overcometh  will I give  the hidden  manna,  and  will give  him  a white  stone,  and  in  the stone  a new  name  written,  which  no man  he that receiveth 

Revelation 2:19
Literal: I know your - works and - love faith service the perseverance of you the latter [are] greater than the first
KJV: I know  works,  and  charity,  and  service,  and  faith,  and  patience,  and  works;  and  the last  to be more than  the first. 

Revelation 3:1
Literal: And to the messenger of the in Sardis church write These things says the [One] having the seven Spirits - of God the seven stars I know your - deeds that [the] characterization you have you are alive and yet dead you are
KJV: And  unto the angel  of the church  in  Sardis  write;  These things  saith  he that hath  the seven  Spirits  of God,  and  the seven  stars;  I know  works,  that  thou hast  a name  that  thou livest,  and  dead. 

Revelation 3:8
Literal: I know your - deeds Behold I have set before you a door having been opened which no one is able to shut it because little you have power and yet you have kept My - word and not have denied the name of Me
KJV: I know  works:  behold,  I have set  before  an open  door,  and  no man  can  shut  it:  for  thou hast  a little  strength,  and  hast kept  word,  and  not  denied  name. 

Revelation 3:15
Literal: I know your - works that neither cold you are nor hot I wish you would be or
KJV: I know  works,  that  neither  cold  nor  hot:  I would  cold  or  hot. 

Revelation 3:17
Literal: For you say - Rich I am and I have grown rich of nothing need I have not do you realize that you are - wretched miserable poor blind naked
KJV: Because  thou sayest,  I am  rich,  and  increased with goods,  and  have  need  of nothing;  and  knowest  not  that  thou  wretched,  and  miserable,  and  poor,  and  blind,  and  naked: 

Revelation 7:14
Literal: And I said to him Lord of me you know he said to me These are the [ones] coming out of the tribulation - great they have washed the robes of them made white them in the blood of the Lamb
KJV: And  I said  unto him,  Sir,  thou  knowest.  And  he said  These  which came  out of  great  tribulation,  and  have washed  their  robes,  and  them  white  in  the blood  of the Lamb. 

Revelation 12:12
Literal: Because of this rejoice O heavens and those in them dwelling Woe to the earth sea because has come down the devil to you having fury great knowing that a short time he has
KJV: Therefore  rejoice,  ye heavens,  and  ye that dwell  in  them.  Woe  of the earth  and  of the sea!  for  the devil  is come down  unto  having  great  wrath,  because he knoweth  that  he hath  but a short  time. 

Revelation 19:12
Literal: - And the eyes of Him [are] like a flame of fire and upon the head royal crowns many having a name having been written which no one knows if not He Himself
KJV: His  eyes  were as  a flame  of fire,  and  on  his  head  were many  crowns;  and he had  a name  written,  that  no man  knew,  he himself. 

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