Exhaustive information for Strongs Number: 1325

Word info for διδῶ

Root: διδῶ, δίδωμι
Strongs Number: 1325
Transliteration: [didomi]
Phonetics: did·o·mee
Etymology: A prolonged form of a primary verb (which is used as an altern. in most of the tenses)
Parts of Speech: v.
Sense: to give (more info)

Outline of Biblical Usage:

   1 to give.
   2 to give something to someone.
      2a of one’s own accord to give one something, to his advantage.
         2a1 to bestow a gift.
      2b to grant, give to one asking, let have.
      2c to supply, furnish, necessary things.
      2d to give over, deliver.
         2d1 to reach out, extend, present.
         2d2 of a writing.
         2d3 to give over to one’s care, intrust, commit.
            2d3a something to be administered.
            2d3b to give or commit to some one something to be religiously observed.
      2e to give what is due or obligatory, to pay: wages or reward.
      2f to furnish, endue.
   3 to give.
      3a to cause, profuse, give forth from one’s self.
         3a1 to give, hand out lots.
      3b to appoint to an office.
      3c to cause to come forth, i.e. as the sea, death and Hell are said to give up the dead who have been engulfed or received by them.
      3c to give one to someone as his own.
         3c1 as an object of his saving care.
         3c2 to give one to someone, to follow him as a leader and master.
         3c3 to give one to someone to care for his interests.
         3c4 to give one to someone to whom he already belonged, to return.
   4 to grant or permit one.
      4a to commission.
      Additional Information: For synonyms see entry 1433, doreomai.
      See entry 5836 for comparison of synonyms.

Frequency in the Books

Words from the Root of G1325

δώσω, δότω, δός, δὸς, δῶτε, δοθήσεται, διδόναι, δόντα, ἔδωκεν, δότε, ἐδίδου, δέδοται, δοῦναι, Δός, δοθῆναι, ἐδόθη, δώσει, δώσουσιν, Δότε, ἐδώκατέ, δοὺς, ἔδωκαν, Ἐδόθη, ἐδίδουν, δοθεῖσα, δῷς, δοῖ, Δὸς, δοθῇ, Δεδώκει, δίδου, δίδοτε, ἔδωκας, δέδωκα, δοῦναί, δίδωμι, δεδώκει, ἔδωκάς, δούς, δῶμεν, δεδομένον, δίδωσιν, δέδωκεν, δέδωκέν, διδοὺς, δίδωσίν, δεδώκεισαν, ἔδωκα, δῷ, (ἔδωκέν), δέδωκάς, ἐδίδοσαν, δώσεις, δίδοται, Δώσω, διδόντι, δοθέντος, Ἔδωκεν, δοθείσης, δοθεῖσαν, δῴη, δοθεῖσάν, δοθείσῃ, διδόντα, διδόντες, δόντος, δεδομένην, ἔδωκέν, δώῃ, ἐδώκαμεν, διδόντος, Δῴη, διδῶ, ἐδόθησαν, Δοῦναί, δῶσιν, δέδωκας, διδόασιν, δώσομεν

All words for strongs number G1325 :

Word Occurance
ἔδωκεν 60
δοῦναι 28
ἐδόθη 27
δώσω 20
δώσει 15
δοθήσεται 14
δοὺς 10
δότε 10
δέδωκεν 9
ἐδίδου 9
δέδωκάς 8
δίδωμι 7
δὸς 7
διδόναι 6
δίδωσιν 6
ἔδωκαν 6
δοθῆναι 5
διδοὺς 5
δέδοται 5
δῷ 5
δέδωκέν 4
δεδομένον 4
Δότε 4
δώσουσιν 4
ἔδωκας 4
δοθεῖσάν 4
δίδοται 3
διδόντι 3
δοθεῖσαν 3
ἔδωκάς 3
δοθείσης 3
δέδωκα 3
δῶμεν 3
δός 3
δῶτε 3
Δός 3
δοθῇ 3
Δὸς 3
ἐδώκατέ 3
δίδοτε 2
δόντα 2
διδόντα 2
διδόντες 2
δόντος 2
δώσεις 2
δώῃ 2
ἐδίδουν 2
ἔδωκα 2
διδόντος 2
Δῴη 2
ἐδόθησαν 2
δίδου 2
δῴη 2
ἐδώκαμεν 1
ἔδωκέν 1
δεδομένην 1
διδῶ 1
Δοῦναί 1
δῶσιν 1
δέδωκας 1
διδόασιν 1
δοθέντος 1
δοθείσῃ 1
δοθεῖσα 1
δεδώκει 1
Δεδώκει 1
δούς 1
δότω 1
δοῖ 1
δῷς 1
δίδωσίν 1
Ἔδωκεν 1
δεδώκεισαν 1
(ἔδωκέν) 1
Ἐδόθη 1
ἐδίδοσαν 1
Δώσω 1
δοῦναί 1
δώσομεν 1

How strongs number G1325 is translated (KJV)

English Occurance
give 32
to give 30
gave 25
has given 19
will give 19
he gave 16
was given 14
having been given 14
having given 13
i will give 12
you have given 11
i give 8
will be given 8
giving 7
they gave 5
you gave 5
it will be given 5
gives 5
he will give 4
has been given 4
to be given 4
had given 4
were given 4
he has given 4
is given 3
putting 3
was giving 3
may give 3
there was given 3
grant 3
he gives 3
given 3
may grant 2
did you give 2
he gave [them] 2
will i give 2
it has been given 2
he kept giving [them] 2
he gave [it] 2
you give 2
they will give 2
might be given 2
give [it] 2
has given [us] 1
had been given 1
you would have given [them] 1
having given [us] 1
he might give 1
having been bestowed 1
it may give 1
may be given 1
we gave 1
placing 1
inflicting 1
to have been given 1
i have given 1
we may offer 1
have been given 1
i have set 1
was granted 1
it has been granted 1
it had been given 1
it was granted 1
it has been given [up] 1
i will grant 1
were yielding 1
it should give 1
they shall give up 1
has put 1
it was given 1
are giving 1
to venture 1
we should place 1
has given [them] 1
to grant 1
to offer 1
shall give 1
there will be given 1
to give [them] 1
kept giving [them] 1
he had given 1
we might give 1
began yielding 1
it yielded 1
began to take 1
let him give 1
have been granted 1
i gave 1
may he give 1
he should give 1
he may give 1
have given 1
they kept giving 1
did give 1
gives [it] 1
i will show 1
will you allow 1
he did give 1
is giving 1
you will allow 1
granting 1
having given [them] 1
they were offering 1
gave up 1

Two strong number together

G1325 G4475
G1325 G4991
G1325 G5100

Greek Commentary Search

Revelation 3:9 I give [διδω]
Late omega form for διδωμι — didōmi but the μι — ̇mi form in Revelation 17:13 These Jewish converts are a gift from Christ. For this use of διδωμι — didōmi see Acts 2:27; Acts 10:40; Acts 14:3. There is ellipse of τινας — tinas before εκ — ek as in Revelation 2:10 (εχ υμων — ex humōn) and see Revelation 2:9 for “the synagogue of Satan.” [source]

379 Verses with G1325

Matthew 4:9
Literal: and he says to Him These things to You all will I give if falling down You will worship me
KJV: And  unto him,  All  will I give  if  thou wilt fall down  and worship 

Matthew 5:31
Literal: It was said also Whoever - shall divorce the wife of him let him give to her a letter of divorce
KJV: Whosoever  shall put away  his  wife,  let him give  her  a writing of divorcement: 

Matthew 5:42
Literal: To the [one] asking of you give and the [one] desiring from you to borrow not you shall turn away from
KJV: Give  to him that asketh  and  from him that would  borrow  of  not  thou away. 

Matthew 6:11
Literal: The bread of us - daily grant us today
KJV: Give  this day  daily  bread. 

Matthew 7:6
Literal: Not give that which [is] holy to the dogs nor cast the pearls of you before the pigs not lest they shall trample upon them with the feet of them and having turned they tear to pieces you
KJV: Give  not  that which  is holy  unto the dogs,  neither  cast  pearls  before  swine,  they trample  them  under  their  feet,  and  turn again  and rend 

Matthew 7:7
Literal: Ask and it will be given to you seek you will find knock it will be opened
KJV: Ask,  and  it shall be given  seek,  and  ye shall find;  knock,  and  it shall be opened 

Matthew 7:11
Literal: If therefore you evil being know gifts good to give to the children of you how much more the Father who [is] in the heavens will give good things to those asking Him
KJV: If  then,  evil,  know  how to give  good  gifts  children,  how much  more  Father  which  is in  heaven  give  good things  to them that ask  him? 

Matthew 9:8
Literal: Having seen now the crowds marveled and glorified - God the [One] having given authority such - to men
KJV: But  when the multitudes  and  glorified  God,  which  had given  such  power  unto men. 

Matthew 10:1
Literal: And having summoned the twelve disciples of Him He gave to them authority over spirits unclean so as to cast out them to heal every disease sickness
KJV: And  when he had called  unto him his  twelve  disciples,  he gave  them  power  against unclean  spirits,  to  them  out,  and  to heal  all manner  of sickness  and  all manner  of disease. 

Matthew 10:8
Literal: [Those] ailing heal dead raise lepers cleanse demons cast out freely you received give
KJV: Heal  the sick,  cleanse  the lepers,  raise  the dead,  cast out  devils:  freely  ye have received,  freely  give. 

Matthew 10:19
Literal: When then they deliver up you not be anxious how or what you should speak it will be given for you in that - hour you should say
KJV: But  when  up,  no  thought  how  or  what  ye shall speak:  for  it shall be given  in  that same  hour  what  ye shall speak. 

Matthew 12:39
Literal: - And answering He said to them A generation evil and adulterous a sign seeks for a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah the prophet
KJV: But  he answered  and said  unto them,  An evil  and  adulterous  generation  seeketh after  a sign;  and  there shall no  sign  be given  to it,  the sign  of the prophet  Jonas: 

Matthew 13:8
Literal: Other now fell upon the soil - good and were yielding fruit some indeed a hundredfold sixty thirty
KJV: But  other  fell  into  good  ground,  and  brought forth  fruit,  some  an hundredfold,  some  sixtyfold,  some  thirtyfold. 

Matthew 13:11
Literal: - And answering He said to them Because to you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of the heavens to them however not
KJV: He answered  and  said  unto them,  Because  it is given  to know  the mysteries  of the kingdom  of heaven,  but  to them  not  given. 

Matthew 13:12
Literal: Whoever for has will be given to him and he will be in abundance now not even what he has will be taken away from him
KJV: For  whosoever  hath,  to him  shall be given,  and  he shall have more abundance:  but  whosoever  hath  not,  from  him  shall be taken away  even  that  he hath. 

Matthew 14:7
Literal: whereupon with oath he promised to her to give whatever if she should ask
KJV: Whereupon  he promised  with  an oath  to give  her  whatsoever  she would ask. 

Matthew 14:8
Literal: - And having been urged on by the mother of her Give me she says here upon a platter the head of John the Baptist
KJV: And  she, being before instructed  of  her  mother,  said,  Give  here  John  Baptist's  head  in  a charger. 

Matthew 14:9
Literal: And having been grieved the king on account of the oaths those reclining with [him] he commanded [it] to be given
KJV: And  the king  was sorry:  the oath's sake,  and  them which sat with him at meat,  he commanded  it to be given 

Matthew 14:11
Literal: And was brought the head of him on a platter was given to the girl she brought [it] to [the] mother of her
KJV: And  his  head  was brought  in  a charger,  and  given  to the damsel:  and  she brought  it to her  mother. 

Matthew 14:16
Literal: - And Jesus said to them No need they have to go away Give you to eat
KJV: But  Jesus  said  unto them,  They need  not  depart;  give  them  to eat 

Matthew 14:19
Literal: And having commanded the crowds to sit down on the grass having taken five loaves two fish having looked up to - heaven He spoke a blessing having broken He gave to the disciples - and the disciples crowds
KJV: And  he commanded  the multitude  to sit down  on  the grass,  and  took  the five  loaves,  and  the two  fishes,  and looking up  to  heaven,  he blessed,  and  brake,  and gave  the loaves  to his disciples,  and  the disciples  to the multitude. 

Matthew 15:36
Literal: having taken the seven loaves and fish having given thanks He broke [them] was giving to disciples - and the disciples to the crowd
KJV: And  he took  the seven  loaves  and  the fishes,  and gave thanks,  and brake  them, and  gave  disciples,  and  the disciples  to the multitude. 

Matthew 16:4
Literal: A generation evil and adulterous a sign seeks a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah having left them He went away
KJV: A wicked  and  adulterous  generation  seeketh after  a sign;  and  there shall no  sign  be given  unto it,  the sign  Jonas.  And  he left  them,  and departed. 

Matthew 16:19
Literal: I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of the heavens and whatever if you might bind on the earth will be bound in the heavens you might loose loosed
KJV: And  I will give  the keys  of the kingdom  of heaven:  and  whatsoever  thou shalt bind  on  earth  bound  in  heaven:  and  whatsoever  thou shalt loose  on  earth  loosed  in  heaven. 

Matthew 16:26
Literal: What for will it profit a man if the world whole he gains - but the soul of him loses Or will give [as] an exchange for the soul
KJV: For  what  is a man  profited,  if  he shall gain  the whole  world,  and  lose  his own  soul?  or  what  shall a man  give  in exchange  for his  soul? 

Matthew 17:27
Literal: That however not we might offend them having gone to sea cast a hook and the having come up first fish take having opened the mouth of it you will find a four-drachma coin That having taken give to them for Me yourself
KJV: Notwithstanding,  we should offend  them,  go thou  to  the sea,  and cast  an hook,  and  take up  the fish  that first  cometh up;  and  when thou hast opened  his  mouth,  thou shalt find  a piece of money:  that  take,  and give  unto them  for  and 

Matthew 19:7
Literal: They say to Him Why then Moses did command to give a roll of divorce and to send away her
KJV: They say  unto him,  Why  did Moses  then  command  to give  a writing  of divorcement,  and  her  away? 

Matthew 19:11
Literal: - And He said to them Not all receive the word this but only [those] to whom it has been given
KJV: But  he said  unto them,  All  men cannot  receive  saying,  save  they to whom  it is given. 

Matthew 19:21
Literal: Was saying to him - Jesus If you desire perfect to be go sell of you the possessing and give to the poor you will have treasure in [the] heavens come follow Me
KJV: Jesus  said  unto him,  If  thou wilt  perfect,  go  and sell  and  give  to the poor,  and  thou shalt have  treasure  in  heaven:  and  come  and follow 

Matthew 20:4
Literal: and to them he said Go also you into the vineyard whatever if might be right I will give you
KJV: And said  Go  also  into  the vineyard,  and  whatsoever  right  I will give 

Matthew 20:14
Literal: Take what [is] yours and go I desire now to this - last to give as also to you
KJV: Take  that thine  is, and  go thy way:  I will  give  last,  even  as 

Matthew 20:23
Literal: He says to them - Indeed the cup of Me You will drink [and the] baptism which I am baptized you shall be baptized [with] but to sit on [the] right hand and on [the] left not is Mine this to give but [to those] for whom it has been prepared by the Father
KJV: And  he saith  unto them,  Ye shall drink  indeed  cup,  and  be baptized  with the baptism  that  am baptized with:  but  to sit  on  right hand,  and  on  left,  not  mine  to give,  but  it shall be given to them for whom  it is prepared  of  Father. 

Matthew 20:28
Literal: even as the Son - of Man not came to be served but to serve and to give the life of Him [as] a ransom for many
KJV: Even as  the Son  of man  came  not  to be ministered unto,  but  to minister,  and  to give  his  life  a ransom  for  many. 

Matthew 21:23
Literal: And having come of Him into the temple came to Him teaching the chief priests elders of the people saying By what authority these things are You doing who to You gave the authority this
KJV: And  when he  was come  into  the temple,  the chief priests  and  the elders  of the people  came  unto him  as he was teaching,  and said,  By  what  authority  doest thou  and  who  gave  authority? 

Matthew 21:43
Literal: Because of this I say to you that will be taken away from you the kingdom - of God and it will be given to a people producing the fruits of it
KJV: Therefore  say I  The kingdom  of God  shall be taken  from  and  given  to a nation  bringing forth  the fruits  thereof. 

Matthew 22:17
Literal: Tell therefore us what You think Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not
KJV: Tell  therefore,  What  thinkest  Is it lawful  to give  tribute  unto Caesar,  or  not? 

Matthew 24:24
Literal: There will arise for false Christs and false prophets they will give signs great wonders so as to mislead if possible even the elect
KJV: For  there shall arise  false Christs,  and  false prophets,  and  shall shew  great  signs  and  wonders;  insomuch that,  if  it were possible,  they shall deceive  the very  elect. 

Matthew 24:29
Literal: Immediately then after the tribulation the days of those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it the stars will fall from the sky the powers of the heavens will be shaken
KJV: Immediately  after  the tribulation  of those  days  shall the sun  be darkened,  and  the moon  not  give  her  light,  and  the stars  shall fall  from  heaven,  and  the powers  of the heavens  shall be shaken: 

Matthew 24:45
Literal: Who then is the faithful servant and wise whom has set master over the household of him - to give to them the food in season
KJV: Who  then  a faithful  and  wise  servant,  whom  his  lord  hath made ruler  over  his  to give  them  meat  in  due season? 

Matthew 25:8
Literal: - And the foolish to the wise said Give us of the oil of you for the lamps of us are going out
KJV: And  the foolish  said  unto the wise,  Give  of  oil;  for  lamps  are gone out. 

Matthew 25:15
Literal: And to one indeed he gave five talents then two one to each according to the own ability he left the region immediately
KJV: And  unto one  he gave  five  talents,  to another  two,  and  to another  one;  to every man  according  to his several  ability;  and  straightway  took his journey. 

Matthew 25:28
Literal: Take therefore from him the talent and give [it] to the [one] having the ten talents
KJV: Take  therefore  the talent  from  him,  and  give  it unto him which hath  ten  talents. 

Matthew 25:29
Literal: - For having to everyone will be given and he will have in abundance the [one] however not having even that which he has will be taken away from him
KJV: For  unto every one  that hath  shall be given,  and  he shall have abundance:  but  from  him  that hath  not  shall be taken away  even  that which  he hath. 

Matthew 25:35
Literal: I hungered for and you gave Me to eat I thirsted you gave to drink me a stranger I was you took in
KJV: For  I was an hungred,  and  ye gave  meat:  I was thirsty,  and  drink:  a stranger,  and  in: 

Matthew 25:42
Literal: I hungered for and nothing you gave to Me to eat and I thirsted You gave to drink Me
KJV: For  I was an hungred,  and  ye gave  no  meat:  I was thirsty,  and  no  drink: 

Matthew 26:9
Literal: Could for this have been sold for much and have been given to [the] poor
KJV: For  might  have been sold  for much,  and  given  to the poor. 

Matthew 26:15
Literal: he said What are you willing me to give and I to you will betray Him - And they appointed to him thirty pieces of silver
KJV: And said  unto them, What  will ye  give  and  I will deliver  him  And  they covenanted  with him  for thirty  pieces of silver. 

Matthew 26:26
Literal: [As] they were eating now of them having taken - Jesus bread and having blessed broke [it] having given to the disciples He said Take eat this is the body of Me
KJV: And  as they  were eating,  Jesus  took  bread,  and  blessed  it, and brake  it, and  gave  it to the disciples,  and  said,  Take,  eat;  body. 

Matthew 26:27
Literal: And having taken a cup having given thanks He gave [it] to them saying Drink of it all of you
KJV: And  he took  the cup,  and  gave thanks,  and gave  it to them,  saying,  Drink ye  all  of  it; 

Matthew 26:48
Literal: The [one] then betraying Him gave them a sign saying Whomever - I shall kiss He it is seize Him
KJV: Now  he that betrayed  him  gave  them  a sign,  saying,  Whomsoever  I shall kiss,  that same  fast. 

Matthew 27:10
Literal: and they gave them for the field of the potter as directed me [the] Lord
KJV: And  gave  them  for  the potter's  field,  as  the Lord  appointed 

Matthew 27:34
Literal: they gave Him to drink wine with gall mingled and having tasted not He was willing to drink [it]
KJV: They gave  him  to drink  mingled  with  gall:  and  when he had tasted  thereof, he would  not  drink. 

Matthew 28:12
Literal: And having been gathered together with the elders counsel then having taken silver pieces many they gave to the soldiers
KJV: And  when they were assembled  with  the elders,  and  had taken  counsel,  they gave  large  money  unto the soldiers, 

Matthew 28:18
Literal: And having come to [them] - Jesus spoke to them saying Has been given to Me all authority in heaven on the earth
KJV: And  Jesus  came  and spake  unto them,  saying,  All  power  is given  in  heaven  and  in  earth. 

Mark 2:26
Literal: How he entered into the house - of God in [the days of] Abiathar the high priest and the loaves of the presentation ate which not it is lawful to eat if not for the priests he gave even to those with him being
KJV: How  he went  into  the house  of God  in the days  of Abiathar  the high priest,  and  did eat  the shewbread,  which  not  lawful  to eat  the priests,  and  gave  also  with  him? 

Mark 3:6
Literal: And having gone out the Pharisees immediately with the Herodians counsel began to take against Him how Him they might destroy
KJV: And  the Pharisees  went forth,  and straightway  counsel  with  the Herodians  against  him,  how  they might destroy  him. 

Mark 4:7
Literal: And other fell among the thorns grew up the thorns choked it fruit no it yielded
KJV: And  some  fell  among  thorns,  and  the thorns  grew up,  and  choked  it,  and  it yielded  no  fruit. 

Mark 4:8
Literal: And other fell into the soil - good began yielding fruit growing up increasing bearing one thirtyfold one sixty a hundred
KJV: And  other  fell  on  good  ground,  and  did yield  fruit  that sprang up  and  increased;  and  brought forth,  some  thirty,  and  some  sixty,  and  some  an hundred. 

Mark 4:11
Literal: And He was saying to them To you the mystery has been given of the kingdom - of God To those however who are outside in parables - everything is done
KJV: And  unto them,  it is given  the mystery  of the kingdom  of God:  but  unto them  that are without,  all these things  are done  in  parables: 

Mark 4:25
Literal: Whoever for may have it will be given to him and he who not has even that which he has will be taken away from him
KJV: For  he that  hath,  to him  shall be given:  and  he that  hath  not,  from  him  shall be taken  even  that which  he hath. 

Mark 5:43
Literal: And He instructed them strictly that no one should know this He commanded to be given to her to eat
KJV: And  he charged  them  straitly  that  no man  should know  and  commanded  that something should be given  her  to eat. 

Mark 6:2
Literal: And having come [the] Sabbath He began to teach in the synagogue - many hearing were astonished saying From where to this [man] these things what [is] the wisdom - having been given to Him even the miracles such by the hands of Him are done
KJV: And  when the sabbath day  was come,  he began  to teach  in  the synagogue:  and  many  hearing  him were astonished,  saying,  From whence  and  what  wisdom  is this which is given  unto him,  even  such  mighty works  are wrought  by  his  hands? 

Mark 6:7
Literal: And He calls near the Twelve He began them to send forth two [by] two He gave to them authority over the spirits - unclean
KJV: And  he called  unto him the twelve,  and  began  them  forth  by two  and  gave  them  power over  unclean  spirits; 

Mark 6:22
Literal: and having come in the daughter of herself - Herodias having danced pleased - Herod those reclining with [him] - And the king said to the girl Ask me whatever if you wish I will give to you
KJV: And  when the daughter  of the said  Herodias  came in,  and  danced,  and  pleased  Herod  and  them that sat with him,  the king  said  unto the damsel,  Ask  whatsoever  thou wilt,  and  I will give 

Mark 6:23
Literal: And he swore to her Whatever that if me you might ask I will give you up to half of the kingdom of me
KJV: And  he sware  unto her,  Whatsoever  thou shalt ask  I will give  unto  the half  kingdom. 

Mark 6:25
Literal: And having entered immediately with haste to the king she asked saying I desire that at once you give to me upon a platter the head of John the Baptist
KJV: And  she came in  straightway  with  haste  unto  the king,  and asked,  saying,  I will  that  thou give  by and by  in  a charger  the head  of John  the Baptist. 

Mark 6:28
Literal: and brought the head of him upon a platter gave it to the girl the girl to the mother of her
KJV: And  brought  his  head  in  a charger,  and  gave  it  to the damsel:  and  the damsel  gave  it  mother. 

Mark 6:37
Literal: - But answering He said to them Give you [something] to eat And they say to Him Having gone shall we buy denarii two hundred of bread give them to eat
KJV: He answered  and  said  unto them,  Give  them  to eat.  And  they say  unto him,  Shall we go  and buy  two hundred  pennyworth  of bread,  and  give  them  to eat? 

Mark 6:41
Literal: And having taken the five loaves two fish having looked up to the heaven He blessed broke He kept giving [them] to the disciples of Him that they might set before them He divided among all
KJV: And  when he had taken  the five  loaves  and  the two  fishes,  he looked up  to  heaven,  and blessed,  and  brake  the loaves,  and  gave  them to his  disciples  to  set before  them;  and  the two  fishes  divided he  among them all. 

Mark 8:6
Literal: And He directs the crowd to recline on the ground having taken the seven loaves having given thanks He broke [them] kept giving [them] to disciples of Him that they might set before [them] they set [it] before
KJV: And  he commanded  the people  to sit down  on  the ground:  and  he took  the seven  loaves,  and gave thanks,  and brake,  and  gave  to his  disciples  to  set before  them; and  they did set them before  the people. 

Mark 8:12
Literal: And having sighed deeply in the spirit of Him He says Why the generation this seeks a sign Truly I say to you if there will be given to the generation this a sign
KJV: And  he sighed deeply  in his  spirit,  and saith,  Why  this  generation  a sign?  verily  I say  There shall no  sign  be given  generation. 

Mark 8:37
Literal: What for shall give a man [as] an exchange for the soul of him
KJV: what  a man  give  in exchange  for his  soul? 

Mark 10:21
Literal: - And Jesus having looked upon him loved him and said to him One thing to you is lacking Go as much as you have sell give to the poor you will have treasure in heaven come follow Me
KJV: Then  Jesus  beholding  him  loved  him,  and  said  unto him,  One thing  lackest:  go thy way,  sell  whatsoever  thou hast,  and  give  to the poor,  and  thou shalt have  treasure  in  heaven:  and  come,  and follow 

Mark 10:37
Literal: - And they said to Him Grant to us that one of [us] at [Your] right hand and at [Your] left hand we might sit in the glory of You
KJV: They said  unto him,  Grant  that  we may sit,  one  on  right hand,  and  the other  on  in  glory. 

Mark 10:40
Literal: - but to sit at [the] right hand of Me or at [the] left hand not is Mine to give but [to those] for whom it has been prepared
KJV: But  to sit  on  right hand  on  left hand  not  mine  to give;  but  it shall be given to them for whom  it is prepared. 

Mark 10:45
Literal: Even for the Son - of Man not came to be served but to serve and to give the life of Him [as] a ransom for many
KJV: For  even  the Son  of man  came  not  to be ministered unto,  but  to minister,  and  to give  his  life  a ransom  for  many. 

Mark 11:28
Literal: And they were saying to Him By what authority these things are You doing Or who You gave the authority this that You should do
KJV: And  unto him,  By  what  authority  doest thou  and  who  gave  authority  to  do 

Mark 12:9
Literal: What therefore will do the master of the vineyard He will come and will destroy the farmers will give the vineyard to others
KJV: What  therefore  the lord  of the vineyard  do?  he will come  and  destroy  the husbandmen,  and  will give  the vineyard  unto others. 

Mark 12:14
Literal: And having come they say to Him Teacher we know that TRUE You are not there is care to You about no one for You look on [the] appearance of men but on the basis of [the] truth the way - of God teach Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not Should we pay not pay
KJV: when they were come,  they say  unto him,  Master,  we know  that  true,  and  carest  for  no man:  for  thou regardest  not  the person  of men,  but  teachest  the way  of God  in  truth:  Is it lawful  to give  tribute  to Caesar,  or  not? 

Mark 13:11
Literal: And when they might lead away you delivering [you] up not be anxious beforehand what you should say but whatever if might be given to you in that - hour that speak not for are you those speaking but the Spirit - Holy
KJV: when  they shall lead  up,  no  thought beforehand  what  ye shall speak,  but  whatsoever  shall be  given  in  that  hour,  speak  ye: for  not  that speak,  but  the Holy  Ghost. 

Mark 13:22
Literal: There will arise for false Christs and false prophets will give signs wonders so as - to deceive if possible the elect
KJV: For  false Christs  and  false prophets  shall rise,  and  shall shew  signs  and  wonders,  to  seduce,  if  it were possible,  even  the elect. 

Mark 13:24
Literal: But in those - days after the tribulation those The sun will be darkened and the moon not will give the light of it
KJV: But  in  those  days,  after  that  tribulation,  the sun  shall be darkened,  and  the moon  not  give  her  light, 

Mark 13:34
Literal: [It is] like a man going on a journey having left the house of him and having given the servants - authority to each one the work the doorkeeper he commanded that he should keep watch
KJV: For the Son of man is as  a man  taking a far journey,  who left  his  house,  and  gave  authority  to his  servants,  and  to every man  his  work,  and  commanded  the porter  to  watch. 

Mark 14:5
Literal: Could for this - fragrant oil to have been sold for above denarii three hundred and to have been given to the poor they were grumbling at her
KJV: For  might  have been sold  for more than  three hundred  pence,  and  have been given  to the poor.  And  they murmured against  her. 

Mark 14:11
Literal: - And having heard they rejoiced and promised him money to give he was seeking how Him conveniently he might deliver up
KJV: And  when they heard  it, they were glad,  and  promised  to give  him  money.  And  he sought  how  he might conveniently  betray  him. 

Mark 14:22
Literal: And they were eating of them having taken bread having spoken a blessing He broke gave to them said Take this is the body of Me
KJV: And  as they  did eat,  took  bread,  and blessed,  and brake  it, and  gave  to them,  and  said,  Take,  body. 

Mark 14:23
Literal: And having taken the cup having given thanks He gave [it] to them they drank of it all
KJV: And  he took  the cup,  and when he had given thanks,  he gave  it to them:  and  they all  drank  of  it. 

Mark 14:44
Literal: Had given then the [one] delivering up Him a sign to them saying Whomever - I shall kiss He is seize and lead [Him] away securely
KJV: And  he that betrayed  him  had given  them  a token,  saying,  Whomsoever  I shall kiss,  that same  take  him,  and  lead him away  safely. 

Mark 15:23
Literal: And they were offering Him having been mixed with myrrh wine He however not did take [it]
KJV: And  they gave  him  wine  mingled with myrrh:  but  he received  it not. 

Luke 1:32
Literal: He will be great and Son of [the] Most High He will be called will give Him [the] Lord - God the throne of David of the father of Him
KJV: He  great,  and  shall be called  the Son  of the Highest:  and  the Lord  God  shall give  unto him  the throne  of his  father  David: 

Luke 1:73
Literal: [the] oath that He swore to Abraham the father of us - to grant us
KJV: The oath  which  he sware  to  father  Abraham, 

Luke 1:77
Literal: - to give knowledge of salvation to people of Him in forgiveness of [the] sins of them
KJV: To give  knowledge  of salvation  unto his  people  by  the remission  of their  sins, 

Luke 2:24
Literal: and - to offer a sacrifice according to that having been said in the law of [the] Lord A pair of turtle doves or two young pigeons
KJV: And  to offer  a sacrifice  according  to that which is said  in  the law  of the Lord,  A pair  of turtledoves,  or  two  young  pigeons. 

Luke 4:6
Literal: And said to Him the devil To You will I give the authority this all glory of it for to me it has been delivered to whom if I wish I give it
KJV: And  the devil  said  unto him,  All  power  will I give  and  the glory  of them:  for  that is delivered  and  to  whomsoever  I will  I give  it. 

Luke 6:4
Literal: how he entered into the house - of God and the loaves of the presentation having taken ate gave to those with him which not it is lawful to eat if not only to the priests
KJV: How  he went  into  the house  of God,  and  did take  and  eat  the shewbread,  and  gave  also  to them that were with  him;  which  not  lawful  to eat  the priests  alone? 

Luke 6:30
Literal: To everyone asking you give and from the [one] taking away what [is] yours not ask [it] back
KJV: Give  to every man  that asketh  and  of  him that taketh away  thy goods  them not  again. 

Luke 6:38
Literal: Give and it will be given to you Measure good pressed down shaken together running over will they put into the lap of you with that for measure you measure it will be measured again
KJV: Give,  and  it shall be given  good  measure,  pressed down,  and  shaken together,  and  running over,  shall men give  into  bosom.  For  measure  that  ye mete withal  again. 

Luke 7:15
Literal: And sat up the dead [man] began to speak He gave him to the mother of him
KJV: And  he that was dead  sat up,  and  began  to speak.  And  he delivered  him  mother. 

Luke 7:44
Literal: And having turned to the woman - to Simon He was saying See you this I entered of you into house water of Me for feet not you gave with her however - tears she wet My - with [the] hair of her wiped [them]
KJV: And  he turned  to  the woman,  and said  unto Simon,  Seest thou  woman?  I entered  into  house,  thou gavest me  no  water  for  feet:  but  she  hath washed  feet  with tears,  and  wiped  them with the hairs  of her 

Luke 7:45
Literal: A kiss to Me not you gave she herself however from which [time] I came in not has ceased kissing My - feet
KJV: Thou gavest  no  kiss:  but  this woman  since  the time  I came in  not  ceased  to kiss  feet. 

Luke 8:10
Literal: - And He said To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom - of God to however [the] rest [it is] in parables so that Seeing not may they see and hearing may they understand
KJV: And  he said,  it is given  to know  the mysteries  of the kingdom  of God:  but  to others  in  parables;  that  seeing  not  see,  and  hearing  not  understand. 

Luke 8:18
Literal: Take heed therefore how you hear whoever - for might have will be given to him and not even what he seems to have will be taken away from him
KJV: Take heed  therefore  how  ye hear:  for  whosoever  hath,  to him  shall be given;  and  whosoever  hath  not,  from  him  shall be taken  even  that which  he seemeth  to have. 

Luke 8:55
Literal: And returned the spirit of her she arose immediately He directed to her to be given to eat
KJV: And  her  spirit  came again,  and  she arose  straightway:  and  he commanded  to give  her  meat. 

Luke 9:1
Literal: Having called together then the Twelve He gave to them power and authority over all the demons diseases to heal
KJV: Then  his  twelve  together,  and  gave  them  power  and authority  over  all  devils,  and  to cure  diseases. 

Luke 9:13
Literal: He said now to them Give to them to eat you - But they said Not there are to us more than loaves five and fish two if not having gone we should buy for all the people this food
KJV: But  he said  unto  them,  Give  them  to eat.  And  they said,  have no  more  but  five  loaves  and  two  fishes;  should go  and buy  meat  for  all  people. 

Luke 9:16
Literal: Having taken then the five loaves and two fish having looked up to the heaven He blessed them broke [them] He kept giving [them] to the disciples to set before the crowd
KJV: Then  he took  the five  loaves  and  the two  fishes,  and looking up  to  heaven,  he blessed  them,  and  brake,  and  gave  to the disciples  to set before  the multitude. 

Luke 10:19
Literal: Behold I give you the authority - to tread upon serpents and scorpions upon all power of the enemy nothing you no not will injure
KJV: Behold,  I give  power  to tread  on  serpents  and  scorpions,  and  over  all  the power  of the enemy:  and  nothing  hurt 

Luke 10:35
Literal: And on the next day having taken out two denarii he gave [them] to the innkeeper said Take care of him whatever more - you might expend of me on - returning I will repay you
KJV: And  on  the morrow  he took out  two  pence,  and gave  them to the host,  and  said  unto him,  Take care  of him;  and  thou spendest more,  come again,  will repay 

Luke 11:3
Literal: The bread of us - daily give us - each day
KJV: Give  day  by day  daily  bread. 

Luke 11:7
Literal: And he from within answering will say Not me trouble cause already the door has been shut and the children of me with me in the bed are not I am able having risen up to give to you
KJV: And he  from within  shall answer  and say,  Trouble  not:  the door  now  shut,  and  children  with  in  bed;  I cannot  rise  and give 

Luke 11:8
Literal: I say to you if even not he will give to him having risen up because of - being friend of him because of yet the persistence having risen him as much as he needs
KJV: I say  not  rise  and give  him,  because  his  friend,  yet  because  of his  importunity  he will rise  and give  him  as many as  he needeth. 

Luke 11:9
Literal: And I to you say ask and it will be given seek you will find knock it will be opened
KJV: And  I say  Ask,  and  it shall be given  seek,  and  ye shall find;  knock,  and  it shall be opened 

Luke 11:13
Literal: If therefore you evil being know gifts good to give to the children of you how much more the Father who [is] in heaven will give [the] Spirit Holy to those asking Him
KJV: If  then,  being  evil,  know  how to give  good  gifts  children:  how much  more  your heavenly  Father  give  the Holy  Spirit  to them that ask  him? 

Luke 11:29
Literal: Of the now crowds being pressed around together He began to say The generation this an evil is a sign it seeks after and a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah
KJV: And  when the people  were gathered thick together,  he began  to say,  This  an evil  generation:  a sign;  and  no  sign  be given  it,  the sign  of Jonas 

Luke 11:41
Literal: But [of] the things being within give alms and behold all things clean to you are
KJV: But rather  give  alms  of such things as ye have;  and,  behold,  all things  clean 

Luke 12:32
Literal: Not fear - little flock for took delight the Father of you to give you the kingdom
KJV: Fear  not,  little  flock;  for  Father's  good pleasure  to give  the kingdom. 

Luke 12:33
Literal: Sell the possessions of you and give alms make to yourselves purses not growing old a treasure unfailing in the heavens where thief not does draw near nor moth destroy
KJV: Sell  and  give  alms;  provide  yourselves  bags  not  old,  a treasure  in  the heavens  that faileth not,  where  no  thief  approacheth,  neither  moth  corrupteth. 

Luke 12:42
Literal: And said the Lord Who then is faithful manager [and] the wise whom will set master over the care [of servants] of him - to give [them] in season the measure of food
KJV: the Lord  said,  Who  then  that faithful  and  wise  steward,  whom  his lord  shall make ruler  over  his  household,  to give  them their portion of meat  in  due season? 

Luke 12:48
Literal: the [one] however not having known having done [things] worthy of stripes will be beaten with few Everyone now to whom has been given much much will be required from him and has been committed much the more will they ask of him
KJV: But  he that knew  not,  and  did commit  things worthy  of stripes,  shall be beaten  with few  stripes. For  unto whomsoever  much  is given,  of  him  shall be much  required:  and  to whom men  have committed  much,  of him  they will ask 

Luke 12:51
Literal: Think you that peace I came to give on the earth No I say to you but rather division
KJV: Suppose ye  that  I am come  to give  peace  on  earth?  I tell  Nay;  but  rather  division: 

Luke 12:58
Literal: As for you are going with the adversary of you before a magistrate in the way give earnestness to be set free from him lest ever he should drag away you to the judge and the judge will deliver to the officer officer will cast into prison
KJV: When  thou goest  with  adversary  to  the magistrate,  as thou art in  the way,  give  diligence  that thou mayest be delivered  from  him;  he hale  to  the judge,  and  the judge  deliver  to the officer,  and  the officer  cast  into  prison. 

Luke 14:9
Literal: and having come the [one] you him having invited will say to you Give to this one [your] place then you should begin with shame the last place to take
KJV: And  he that bade  and  him  come  and say  Give  place;  and  thou begin  with  shame  to take  the lowest  room. 

Luke 15:12
Literal: And said the younger of them to [the] father Father give to me the falling [to me] portion of the property - And he divided between them the property
KJV: And  the younger  of them  said  to his father,  give  the portion  of goods  that falleth  to me. And  he divided  unto them  his living. 

Luke 15:16
Literal: And he was longing to fill the belly of him from the pods that were eating the pigs no one was giving to him
KJV: And  he would fain  have filled  his  belly  the husks  that  the swine  did eat:  and  no man  gave  unto him. 

Luke 15:22
Literal: Said then the father to the servants of him Quickly bring out robe the best and clothe him give a ring for hand sandals his feet
KJV: But  the father  said  to  his  servants,  Bring forth  the best  robe,  and  put it on  him;  and  put  a ring  on  his  hand,  and  shoes  on  his feet: 

Luke 15:29
Literal: - And answering he said to [the] father of him Behold so many years I serve you and never a commandment of you I disobeyed to me did you give a young goat that with the friends of me I might make merry
KJV: And  he answering  said  to his father,  Lo,  these many  years  do I serve  transgressed I  at any time  commandment:  and  never  gavest  a kid,  that  I might make merry  with  friends: 

Luke 16:12
Literal: And if in that which [is] of another faithful not you have been that which [is] yours who will give to you
KJV: And  if  not  been  faithful  in  that which is another man's,  who  shall give  that which is your own? 

Luke 17:18
Literal: None was there found having returned to give glory - to God if not the foreigner this
KJV: not  found  that returned  to give  glory  to God,  this  stranger. 

Luke 18:43
Literal: And immediately he received sight began following Him glorifying - God all the people having seen [it] gave praise - to God
KJV: And  immediately  he received his sight,  and  followed  him,  glorifying  God:  and  all  the people,  it, gave  praise  unto God. 

Luke 19:8
Literal: Having stood then Zacchaeus said to the Lord Behold the half of me of the possessions Lord to the poor I give and if of anyone anything I have defrauded I restore [it] fourfold
KJV: And  Zacchaeus  stood,  and said  unto  the Lord;  Behold,  Lord,  the half  I give  to the poor;  and  from any man  by false accusation,  I restore  him fourfold. 

Luke 19:13
Literal: Having called then ten servants of himself he gave to them ten minas and said to them Do business until that I come back
KJV: And  he called  his  ten  servants,  and delivered  them  ten  pounds,  and  said  unto  them,  Occupy  I come. 

Luke 19:15
Literal: And it came to pass on the returning of him having received the kingdom that he directed to be called to him the servants these to whom he had given the money in order that he might know each what had gained by trading
KJV: And  it came to pass,  that when  he  was returned,  having received  the kingdom,  then  he commanded  servants  to be called  unto him,  to whom  he had given  the money,  that  he might know  how much  had gained by trading. 

Luke 19:23
Literal: Then because of why not did you give of me the money to [the] bank and I having come with interest - it might have collected
KJV: then  not  thou  money  into  the bank,  that  at my coming  might  have required  mine own  with  usury? 

Luke 19:24
Literal: And to those standing by he said Take from him the mina give [it] to the [one] the ten minas having
KJV: And  he said  unto them that stood by,  Take  from  him  the pound,  and  give  it to him that hath  ten  pounds. 

Luke 19:26
Literal: I say to you that to everyone - having will be given from however the [one] not having even that which he has will be taken away
KJV: I say  That  unto every one  which  hath  shall be given;  and  from  him that hath  not,  even  that  he hath  shall be taken away  from 

Luke 20:2
Literal: and spoke saying to Him Tell us by what authority these things You do or who is the [one] having given to You the authority this
KJV: And  spake  unto  him,  saying,  Tell  by  what  authority  doest thou  or  who  that gave  authority? 

Luke 20:10
Literal: And [in the] season he sent to the farmers a servant that from the fruit of the vineyard they will give to him - But the farmers sent away him having beaten [him] empty-handed
KJV: And  the season  he sent  a servant  to  the husbandmen,  that  they should give  him  of  the fruit  of the vineyard:  but  the husbandmen  beat  him,  and sent him away  empty. 

Luke 20:16
Literal: He will come and will destroy the farmers these will give the vineyard to others Having heard [it] then they said Never may it be
KJV: He shall come  and  destroy  husbandmen,  and  shall give  the vineyard  to others.  And  when they heard  it, they said,  God forbid. 

Luke 20:22
Literal: Is it lawful for us to Caesar tribute to give or not
KJV: Is it lawful  to give  tribute  unto Caesar,  or  no? 

Luke 21:15
Literal: I for will give you a mouth and wisdom which not will be able to resist nor to reply to all those opposing
KJV: For  will give  a mouth  and  wisdom,  which  adversaries  not  be able  resist. 

Luke 22:5
Literal: And they rejoiced agreed him money to give
KJV: And  they were glad,  and  covenanted  to give  him  money. 

Luke 22:19
Literal: And having taken [the] bread having given thanks He broke [it] gave to them saying This is the body of Me which for you is given this do in the of Me remembrance
KJV: And  he took  bread,  and gave thanks,  and brake  it, and  gave  unto them,  saying,  body  which  is given  for  do  in remembrance  of  me. 

Luke 23:2
Literal: They began then to accuse Him saying This [man] we found misleading the nation of us and forbidding tribute to Caesar to be given declaring Himself Christ a king to be
KJV: And  they began  to accuse  him,  saying,  We found  fellow perverting  the nation,  and  forbidding  to give  tribute  to Caesar,  saying  that he himself  Christ  a King. 

John 1:12
Literal: As many as however received Him He gave to them authority children of God to be to those believing in the name of Him
KJV: But  as many as  received  him,  gave he  power  to become  the sons  of God,  even to them that believe  on  his  name: 

John 1:17
Literal: For the law through Moses was given - grace and truth Jesus Christ came
KJV: For  the law  was given  by  Moses,  but grace  and  truth  came  by  Jesus  Christ. 

John 1:22
Literal: They said therefore to him Who are you That an answer we might give to those having sent us what say you about yourself
KJV: Then  said they  unto him,  Who  that  we may give  an answer  to them that sent  What  sayest thou  of  thyself? 

John 3:16
Literal: Thus for loved - God the world that Son only begotten He gave so that everyone believing in Him not should perish but should have life eternal
KJV: For  God  so  loved  the world,  that  he gave  his  only begotten  Son,  that  whosoever  believeth  in  him  not  perish,  but  have  everlasting  life. 

John 3:27
Literal: Answered John and said Nothing is able a man to receive nothing one if not it is given to him from - heaven
KJV: John  answered  and  said,  A man  can  receive  given  him  from  heaven. 

John 3:34
Literal: He whom for sent - God the words - of God speaks not by measure He gives the Spirit
KJV: For  he whom  God  hath sent  speaketh  the words  of God:  for  God  giveth  not  the Spirit  by  measure 

John 3:35
Literal: The Father loves the Son and all things has given into the hand of Him
KJV: The Father  loveth  the Son,  and  hath given  all things  into  his  hand. 

John 4:5
Literal: He comes therefore to a city - of Samaria called Sychar near the plot of ground that had given Jacob to Joseph the son of him
KJV: Then  cometh he  to  a city  of Samaria,  which is called  Sychar,  near  to the parcel of ground  that  Jacob  gave  to his  son  Joseph. 

John 4:7
Literal: Comes a woman out of - Samaria to draw water Says to her - Jesus Give Me to drink
KJV: There cometh  a woman  of  Samaria  to draw  water:  Jesus  saith  unto her,  Give  to drink. 

John 4:10
Literal: Answered Jesus and said to her If you had known the gift - of God who it is - saying to you Give Me to drink you - would have asked Him He would have given - water living
KJV: Jesus  answered  and  said  unto her,  If  thou knewest  the gift  of God,  and  who  that saith  Give  to drink;  thou  wouldest  have asked  of him,  and  he would  have given  living  water. 

John 4:12
Literal: Not You greater than are the father of us Jacob who gave us the well and himself of it drank the sons of him the livestock
KJV: thou  father  Jacob,  which  gave  the well,  and  drank  thereof  himself,  and  his  children,  and  his  cattle? 

John 4:14
Literal: whoever however - may drink of the water that I will give him never not will thirst to the age Instead the water that I will give to him will become in a spring of water welling up into life eternal
KJV: But  whosoever  drinketh  of  the water  that  shall give  him  never  thirst;  but  the water  that  I shall give  him  shall be  in  him  a well  of water  springing up  into  everlasting  life. 

John 4:15
Literal: Says to Him the woman Sir give me this - water that not I might thirst nor come here to draw
KJV: The woman  saith  unto  him,  Sir,  give  water,  I thirst  neither  hither  to draw. 

John 5:22
Literal: Not even for the Father judges no one but - judgment all has given to the Son
KJV: For  the Father  judgeth  no man,  but  hath committed  all  judgment  unto the Son: 

John 5:26
Literal: As for the Father has life in Himself so also to the Son He gave to have
KJV: For  as  the Father  hath  life  in  himself;  so  hath he given  to the Son  to have  life  in  himself; 

John 5:27
Literal: And authority He gave Him judgment to execute because Son of Man He is
KJV: And  hath given  him  authority  to execute  judgment  also,  because  the Son  of man. 

John 5:36
Literal: I however have the testimony greater than that of John - For the works that has given Me the Father that I should complete them same the works which I do bear witness concerning Me that Father Me has sent
KJV: But  have  witness  than that of John:  for  the works  which  the Father  hath given  to  finish,  the same  works  that  do,  bear witness  of  that  the Father  hath sent 

John 6:27
Literal: Work not [for] the food that is perishing but [for] - enduring unto life eternal which the Son - of Man to you will give Him for Father has sealed - God
KJV: Labour  not  for the meat  which  perisheth,  but  for that meat  which  endureth  unto  everlasting  life,  which  the Son  of man  shall give  for  God  the Father  sealed. 

John 6:31
Literal: The fathers of us the manna ate in the wilderness as it is written Bread from - heaven He gave them to eat
KJV: fathers  did eat  manna  in  the desert;  as  written,  He gave  them  bread  from  heaven  to eat. 

John 6:32
Literal: Said therefore to them - Jesus Truly I say to you not Moses has given you the bread from - heaven but the Father of Me gives - TRUE
KJV: Then  Jesus  said  unto them,  Verily,  I say  Moses  gave  not  that bread  from  heaven;  but  Father  giveth  the true  bread  from  heaven. 

John 6:33
Literal: The for bread - of God is the [One] coming down out of heaven and life giving to the world
KJV: For  the bread  of God  which  cometh down  from  heaven,  and  giveth  life  unto the world. 

John 6:34
Literal: They said therefore to Him Sir always give to us the bread this
KJV: Then  said they  unto  him,  Lord,  evermore  give  bread. 

John 6:37
Literal: All that gives Me the Father to Me will come and the [one] coming to Me no not shall I cast out
KJV: All  that  the Father  giveth  shall come  to  and  him that cometh  to  cast  out. 

John 6:39
Literal: This now is the will of the [One] having sent Me that all that He has given Me none I should lose of it but will raise up it in the last day
KJV: And  will  which  hath sent  that  of all  which  he hath given  I should lose  nothing,  but  it  up again  at  the last  day. 

John 6:51
Literal: I am the bread - living from - heaven having come down if anyone shall have eaten of this bread he will live to the age and also that I will give the flesh of Me is for the of the world life
KJV: am  the living  bread  which  came down  from  heaven:  if  any man  eat  of  bread,  he shall live  for  ever:  and  the bread  that  will give  flesh,  which  will give  for  the life  of the world. 

John 6:52
Literal: Were arguing therefore with one another the Jews saying How is able this [man] us to give the flesh of Him to eat
KJV: The Jews  therefore  strove  among  themselves,  saying,  How  can  this man  give  his flesh  to eat? 

John 6:65
Literal: And He was saying Because of this have I said to you that no one is able to come to Me if not it shall have been granted to him from the Father
KJV: And  Therefore  said I  that  no man  can  come  unto  given  unto him  of  Father. 

John 7:19
Literal: Not Moses has given to you the law and no one of you keeps Why Me do you seek to kill
KJV: not  Moses  give  the law,  and  yet none  of  keepeth  the law?  Why  go ye about  to kill 

John 7:22
Literal: Because of the fact that Moses has given you - circumcision not that of - Moses it is but the fathers also on Sabbath you circumcise a man
KJV: Moses  therefore  gave  circumcision;  (not  because  of  Moses,  but  of  the fathers;)  and  on  the sabbath day  circumcise  a man. 

John 9:24
Literal: They called therefore the man out a second time who had been blind and said to him Give glory - to God We know that this - man a sinner is
KJV: Then  again  called they  the man  that  blind,  and  said  unto him,  Give  God  the praise:  know  that  this  man  a sinner. 

John 10:28
Literal: and I give them life eternal and never not shall they perish to the age never will seize anyone them out of the hand of Me
KJV: And I  give  unto them  eternal  life;  and  perish,  neither  any  man pluck  them  out of  hand. 

John 10:29
Literal: The Father of Me who has given [them] to Me than all greater is and no one is able to seize [them] out of the hand the Father
KJV: Father,  which  gave  all;  and  no  man is able  to pluck  them out of  Father's  hand. 

John 11:22
Literal: Nevertheless even now I know that whatever - You might ask - God will give You - God
KJV: But  I know,  that even  now,  whatsoever  thou wilt ask  of God,  will give 

John 11:57
Literal: Had given now the chief priests and Pharisees a command that if anyone should know where He is he should show [it] so that they might seize Him
KJV: Now  both  the chief priests  and  the Pharisees  had given  a commandment,  that,  if  any man  knew  where  he should shew  it, that  they might take  him. 

John 12:5
Literal: Because of why this - fragrant oil not was sold for three hundred denarii and given to [the] poor
KJV: not  ointment  sold  for three hundred  pence,  and  given  to the poor? 

John 12:49
Literal: For I from Myself not spoke but the having sent Me Father Himself Me a commandment gave what I should say and I should speak
KJV: For  not  spoken  of  myself;  but  the Father  which sent  he  gave  a commandment,  what  I should say,  and  what  I should speak. 

John 13:3
Literal: knowing that all things has given Him the Father into the hands and from God He came forth to - God He is going
KJV: knowing  that  the Father  had given  all things  into  his  hands,  and  that  he was come  from  God,  and  went  to  God; 

John 13:15
Literal: A pattern for I gave you that as I did to you also you should do
KJV: For  I have given  an example,  that  should do  as  have done 

John 13:26
Literal: Answers then - Jesus He it is to whom I will dip the morsel and will give him Having dipped then He takes [it] gives [it] to Judas [son] of Simon Iscariot
KJV: Jesus  answered,  He  to whom  a sop,  when I  have dipped  it. And  the sop,  he gave  it to Judas  Iscariot,  the son of Simon. 

John 13:29
Literal: Some for were thinking since the money bag had Judas that is saying to him - Jesus Buy what things need [of] we have for the feast or to the poor that something he should give
KJV: For  some  of them thought,  because  Judas  had  the bag,  that  Jesus  had said  unto him,  Buy  those things that  we have  need of  against  the feast;  or,  that  he should give  something  to the poor. 

John 13:34
Literal: A commandment new I give to you that you should love one another as I have loved you so also you should love
KJV: A new  commandment  I give  That  ye love  one another;  as  I have loved  that  also  love  one another. 

John 14:16
Literal: And I will ask the Father and another Helper He will give you that He may be with you to age
KJV: And  will pray  the Father,  and  he shall give  another  Comforter,  that  with  for  ever; 

John 14:27
Literal: Peace I leave with you - My I give to you not as the world gives I give Not let be troubled of you the heart nor let it fear
KJV: Peace  I leave  my  peace  I give  not  as  the world  giveth,  not  heart  be troubled,  neither  let it be afraid. 

John 14:31
Literal: but that may know the world that I love the Father and as has commanded gives Me Father thus I do Rise up let us go from here
KJV: But  that  the world  may know  that  I love  the Father;  and  as  the Father  commandment,  even so  I do.  Arise,  let us go  hence. 

John 15:16
Literal: Not you Me chose but I chose you and appointed that should go fruit you should bear the fruit of you should remain so that whatever - you might ask the Father in the name of Me He may give you
KJV: not  chosen  but  have chosen  and  ordained  that  should go  and  bring forth  fruit,  and  fruit  should remain:  that  ye shall ask  of the Father  in  name,  he may give it 

John 16:23
Literal: And in that - day of Me not you will ask nothing Truly I say to you - whatever you may ask the Father He will give you in the name of Me
KJV: And  in  that  day  ye shall  ask  nothing.  Verily,  I say  ye shall ask  the Father  in  name,  he will give 

John 17:2
Literal: As You gave Him authority over all flesh so that all whom You have given He may give to them life eternal
KJV: As  thou hast given  him  power  over all  flesh,  that  he should give  eternal  life  to  as many as  thou hast given  him. 

John 17:4
Literal: I You glorified on the earth the work having completed that You have given Me that I should do
KJV: have glorified  on  the earth:  I have finished  the work  which  thou gavest  to  do. 

John 17:6
Literal: I revealed Your - name to the men whom You have given Me out of the world Yours they were and to Me them You gave and the word of You they have kept
KJV: I have manifested  name  unto the men  which  thou gavest  out of  the world:  thine  and  thou gavest  them  and  they have kept  word. 

John 17:7
Literal: Now they have known that all things whatever You have given Me of You are
KJV: Now  they have known  that  all things  whatsoever  thou hast given  of 

John 17:8
Literal: for the words that You have given Me I have given them and they received [them] knew truly that from You I came forth they believed You Me sent
KJV: For  I have given  unto them  the words  which  thou gavest  and  they  have received  them, and  have known  surely  that  I came out  from  and  they have believed  that  thou  didst send 

John 17:9
Literal: I concerning them am praying Not the world do I pray but those whom You have given Me for Yours they are
KJV: pray  for  them:  I pray  not  for  the world,  but  for  them which  thou hast given  for 

John 17:11
Literal: And no longer I am in the world and yet themselves they are and I to You am coming Father Holy keep them the name of You which You have given Me that they may be one as we [are]
KJV: And  I am  no more  in  the world,  but  in  the world,  and  come  to  Holy  Father,  keep  through  name  those  whom  thou hast given  that  one,  as 

John 17:12
Literal: When I was with them I was keeping them in the name of You which You have given Me And I guarded [them] none of has perished if not the son - of destruction that the Scripture might be fulfilled
KJV: While  with  them  in  kept  them  in  name:  those that  thou gavest  I have kept,  and  none  of  them  is lost,  the son  of perdition;  that  the scripture  might be fulfilled. 

John 17:14
Literal: I have given them the word of You and the world hated them because not they are of the world even as am
KJV: have given  them  word;  and  the world  hath hated  them,  because  not  of  the world,  even as  am  not  of  the world. 

John 17:22
Literal: And I the glory which You have given Me have given them so that they may be one as We [are] one
KJV: the glory  which  thou gavest  have given  them;  that  one,  even as  one: 

John 17:24
Literal: Father [those] whom You have given Me I desire that where am I they also may be with Me they may behold - glory My that You gave because You loved Me before [the] foundation of [the] world
KJV: Father,  I will  that  they also,  whom  thou hast given  with  where  am;  that  they may behold  my  glory,  which  thou hast given  for  thou lovedst  before  the foundation  of the world. 

John 18:9
Literal: so that might be fulfilled the word that He had spoken - Those whom You have given Me not I lost of them not one
KJV: That  the saying  might be fulfilled,  which  he spake,  Of  them  which  thou gavest  have I  lost  none. 

John 18:11
Literal: Said therefore - Jesus - to Peter Put the sword into sheath The cup which has given Me the Father no not shall I drink it
KJV: Then  said  Jesus  unto Peter,  Put up  sword  into  the sheath:  the cup  which  my Father  hath given  drink  it? 

John 18:22
Literal: These things now of Him having said one standing by of the officers gave a blow with the palm - to Jesus having said Thus answer You the high priest
KJV: And  when he  spoken,  one  of the officers  which stood by  Jesus  with the palm of his hand,  saying,  Answerest thou  the high priest  so? 

John 19:3
Literal: and they began coming up to Him saying Hail - King of the Jews they kept giving Him blows with the palm
KJV: And  Hail,  King  of the Jews!  and  they smote  him  with their hands. 

John 19:9
Literal: And he went into the Praetorium again he says - to Jesus From where are You - But Jesus an answer not did give him
KJV: And  went  again  into  the judgment hall,  and  saith  unto Jesus,  Whence  thou?  But  Jesus  gave  him  no  answer. 

John 19:11
Literal: Answered him Jesus Not you would have authority also Me against if not it were given to you from above Because of this the [one] having delivered up Me greater sin has
KJV: Jesus  answered,  Thou couldest have  no  power  at all against  given  from above:  he that delivered  hath  sin. 

John 21:13
Literal: Comes - Jesus and takes the bread gives [it] to them the fish likewise
KJV: Jesus  cometh,  and  taketh  bread,  and  giveth  them,  and  fish  likewise. 

Acts 1:26
Literal: And they gave lots for them fell the lot on Matthias he was numbered with the eleven apostles
KJV: And  they gave forth  their  lots;  and  the lot  fell  upon  Matthias;  and  he was numbered  with  the eleven  apostles. 

Acts 2:4
Literal: And they were filled with all Spirit Holy began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit was giving to utter forth to them
KJV: And  filled  with the Holy  Ghost,  and  began  to speak with  other  tongues,  as  the Spirit  gave  them  utterance. 

Acts 2:19
Literal: and I will show wonders in - heaven above signs on the earth below blood fire vapor of smoke
KJV: And  I will shew  wonders  in  heaven  above,  and  signs  in  the earth  beneath;  blood,  and  fire,  and  vapour  of smoke: 

Acts 2:27
Literal: for not You will abandon the soul of me into Hades nor will You allow the Holy One of You to see decay
KJV: Because  not  leave  soul  in  hell,  neither  wilt thou suffer  Holy One  corruption. 

Acts 3:6
Literal: Said however Peter Silver and gold none there is to me what I have this to you I give In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk
KJV: Then  Peter  said,  Silver  and  gold  have  none;  but  such as  I have  give I  In  the name  of Jesus  Christ  of Nazareth  rise up  and  walk. 

Acts 3:16
Literal: And on the faith in the name of Him this [man] whom you see know has strengthened the name the faith which [is] through Him has given to him the complete soundness this before all of you
KJV: And  his  name  through  faith  in his  name  strong,  whom  ye see  and  know:  yea,  the faith  by  him  hath given  him  perfect soundness  in the presence  all. 

Acts 4:12
Literal: And not there is in other no one the salvation not for name is there another under - heaven - having been given among men by which it behooves to be saved us
KJV: Neither  salvation  in  any  other:  for  other  name  under  heaven  given  among  men,  whereby  must  be saved. 

Acts 4:29
Literal: And - now Lord look upon the threats of them grant to the servants of You with boldness all to speak the word
KJV: And  Lord,  behold  their  threatenings:  and  grant unto  servants,  that with  all  boldness  they may speak  word, 

Acts 5:31
Literal: Him - God [as] Prince and Savior exalted by the right hand of Him - to give repentance - to Israel forgiveness of sins
KJV: hath God  exalted  with his  right hand  to be a Prince  and  a Saviour,  for to give  repentance  to Israel,  and  forgiveness  of sins. 

Acts 5:32
Literal: And we are witnesses of the things these and also the Spirit - Holy whom has given - God to those obeying Him
KJV: And  his  witnesses  things;  and  the Holy  Ghost,  whom  God  hath given  to them that obey  him. 

Acts 7:5
Literal: And not He did give to him an inheritance in it not even [the] length of a foot but He promised to give for a possession it to the descendants of him after him there being a child
KJV: And  he gave  him  none  inheritance  in  it,  no, not  his foot  on:  yet  he promised  that he would give  it  for  a possession,  and  to his  seed  after  him,  no  child. 

Acts 7:8
Literal: And He gave to him [the] covenant of circumcision thus he begat - Isaac circumcised him on the day - eighth Isaac Jacob Jacob the twelve patriarchs
KJV: And  he gave  him  the covenant  of circumcision:  and  so  Abraham begat  Isaac,  and  circumcised  him  the eighth  day;  and  Isaac  begat Jacob;  and  Jacob  begat the twelve  patriarchs. 

Acts 7:10
Literal: and rescued him out of all the tribulations of him gave him favor wisdom before Pharaoh king of Egypt he appointed ruler over Egypt over all the house
KJV: And  delivered  him  out of  all  his  afflictions,  and  gave  him  favour  and  wisdom  in the sight  of Pharaoh  king  of Egypt;  and  he made  him  governor  over  Egypt  and  all  his  house. 

Acts 7:25
Literal: He was supposing now to understand the brothers of him that - God by [the] hand of him is giving salvation them - but not they understood
KJV: For  he supposed  his  brethren  would have understood  how  that God  by  his  hand  would deliver  them:  but  they understood  not. 

Acts 7:38
Literal: This is the [one] having been in the congregation wilderness with the angel - speaking to him the Mount Sinai and of the fathers of us who received oracles living to give to us
KJV: This  that was  in  the church  in  the wilderness  with  the angel  which  spake  to him  in  the mount  Sina,  and  fathers:  who  received  the lively  oracles  to give 

Acts 8:18
Literal: Having seen now - of Simon that through the laying on of the hands of the apostles was given the Spirit he offered to them money
KJV: And  when Simon  that  through  laying on  of the apostles'  hands  Ghost  was given,  he offered  them  money, 

Acts 8:19
Literal: saying Give also to me the authority this that on whom if I may lay the hands he may receive [the] Spirit Holy
KJV: Saying,  Give  me also  power,  that  whomsoever  I lay  hands,  he may receive  the Holy  Ghost. 

Acts 9:41
Literal: Having given then her [his] hand he raised up her Having called the saints and the widows he presented her living
KJV: And  he gave  her  his hand,  her  up,  and  when he had called  the saints  and  widows,  presented  her  alive. 

Acts 10:40
Literal: This One - God raised up on the third day and gave Him manifest to become
KJV: God  raised up  the third  day,  and  shewed  him  openly; 

Acts 11:17
Literal: If then the same gift has given to them - God as also to us having believed on the Lord Jesus Christ I how was able to forbid - God
KJV: Forasmuch  then  as  God  gave  them  the like  gift  as  who believed  on  the Lord  Jesus  Christ;  what  I,  that I could  withstand  God? 

Acts 11:18
Literal: Having heard then these things they were silent and glorified - God saying Then indeed also to the Gentiles - God - repentance unto life has given
KJV: When  they heard  they held their peace,  and  glorified  God,  saying,  Then  God  to the Gentiles  granted  repentance  unto  life. 

Acts 12:23
Literal: Immediately then struck him an angel of [the] Lord in return for that not he gave the glory - to God and having been eaten by worms he breathed his last
KJV: And  immediately  the angel  of the Lord  smote  him,  because  he gave  not  God  the glory:  and  he was  eaten of worms,  and gave up the ghost. 

Acts 13:20
Literal: during years four hundred and fifty after these things He gave [them] judges until Samuel the prophet
KJV: And  after  he gave  unto them judges  about  the space of four hundred  and  fifty  years,  until  Samuel  the prophet. 

Acts 13:21
Literal: Then they asked for a king and gave to them - God - Saul son of Kish a man of [the] tribe of Benjamin years forty
KJV: And afterward  they desired  a king:  and  God  gave  unto them  Saul  the son  of Cis,  a man  of  the tribe  of Benjamin,  by the space of forty  years. 

Acts 13:34
Literal: That then He raised Him out from [the] dead no more being about to return to decay thus He spoke - I will give to you the holy [blessings] of David sure [blessings]
KJV: And  as concerning that  him  up  from  the dead,  now no more  to  return  to  corruption,  he said  on this wise,  I will give  the sure  mercies  of David. 

Acts 13:35
Literal: Therefore also in another He says Not You will allow the Holy One of you to see decay
KJV: he saith  also  in  another  not  suffer  Holy One  corruption. 

Acts 14:3
Literal: A long indeed therefore time they stayed speaking boldly for the Lord the [One] bearing witness to word of the grace of Him granting signs and wonders to be done through the hands of them
KJV: Long  time  therefore  abode they  speaking boldly  in  the Lord,  which  gave testimony  unto the word  of his  grace,  and  granted  signs  and  wonders  to be done  by  their  hands. 

Acts 14:17
Literal: And yet not without witness Himself He has left doing good from heaven to you rains giving and seasons fruitful filling with food gladness the hearts of you
KJV: he left  not  without witness,  and gave  rain  from heaven,  and  fruitful  seasons,  filling  hearts  with food  and  gladness. 

Acts 15:8
Literal: And the heart-knowing God bore witness to them having given [them] the Spirit - Holy as also to us
KJV: And  God,  which knoweth the hearts,  bare them  witness,  giving  them  the Holy  Ghost,  even  as 

Acts 17:25
Literal: nor by hands of men is He served as needing anything Himself giving to all life and breath the all
KJV: Neither  is worshipped  with  hands,  as though he needed  any thing,  seeing he  giveth  to all  life,  and  breath,  all things; 

Acts 19:31
Literal: Some then also of the Asiarchs being to him friends having sent to him were urging [him] not to venture himself into the theatre
KJV: And  certain  of the chief of Asia,  his  friends,  sent  unto  him,  desiring  not  adventure  himself  into  the theatre. 

Acts 20:32
Literal: And - now I commit you to God to the word of the grace of Him - being able to build up to give you an inheritance among those having been sanctified all
KJV: And  I commend  to God,  and  to the word  of his  grace,  which  is able  and  to give  an inheritance  among  all  them which are sanctified. 

Acts 20:35
Literal: In everything I showed you that by thus straining it behooves [us] to aid those being weak to remember and also the words of the Lord Jesus how He Himself said Blessed it is more to give than to receive
KJV: I have shewed  all things,  how that  so  labouring  ye ought  to support  the weak,  and  to remember  the words  of the Lord  Jesus,  how  he  said,  more  blessed  to give  than  to receive. 

Acts 24:26
Literal: At the same time also he is hoping that riches will be given him by - Paul Therefore often him sending for he was talking with him
KJV: He hoped  also  that  money  should have been given  him  of  Paul,  him:  wherefore  he sent for  him  the oftener,  and  communed with  him. 

Romans 4:20
Literal: At however the promise - of God not he did waver - through unbelief but was strengthened in faith having given glory - to God
KJV: He staggered  not  at  the promise  of God  through unbelief;  but  was strong  in faith,  giving  glory  to God; 

Romans 5:5
Literal: - And hope not does make [us] ashamed because the love - of God has been poured out into the hearts of us through [the] Spirit Holy the [One] having been given to us
KJV: And  hope  not  ashamed;  because  the love  of God  is shed abroad  in  hearts  by  the Holy  Ghost  which  is given 

Romans 11:8
Literal: as it has been written Gave them - God a spirit of stupor eyes - not to see and ears to hear unto the today day
KJV: (According as  it is written,  God  hath given  them  the spirit  of slumber,  eyes  not  see,  and  ears  not  hear;)  unto  this  day. 

Romans 12:3
Literal: I say for through the grace - having been given to me to everyone - being among you not to be high-minded above what it behooves [you] to think but so as - to be sober-minded to each as - God has allotted a measure of faith
KJV: For  I say,  through  the grace  given  to every man  among  not  to think of himself more  highly  than  he ought  to think;  but  to think  soberly,  according as  God  hath dealt  to every man  the measure  of faith. 

Romans 12:6
Literal: We are having however gifts according to the grace - having been given to us different if prophecy proportion of the faith
KJV: Having  then  gifts  differing  according  to the grace  that is given  whether  prophecy,  let us prophesy according  to the proportion  of faith; 

Romans 12:19
Literal: never yourselves avenging beloved instead give place - to wrath it has been written for Mine [is] vengeance I will repay says [the] Lord
KJV: Dearly beloved,  avenge  not  yourselves,  but  rather give  place  unto wrath:  for  it is written,  Vengeance  will repay,  saith  the Lord. 

Romans 14:12
Literal: So then each of us concerning himself account will give - to God
KJV: So  then  every one  shall give  account  of  himself  to God. 

Romans 15:5
Literal: The now God - of endurance and encouragement may He give you the same to be of mind with one another according to Christ Jesus
KJV: Now  the God  of patience  and  consolation  grant  to be  likeminded  toward another  according  to Christ  Jesus: 

Romans 15:15
Literal: More boldly however I have written to you in part as reminding you because of the grace - having been given to me by - God
KJV: Nevertheless,  I have written  the more boldly  in  some sort,  as  in mind,  because  of the grace  that is given  of  God, 

1 Corinthians 1:4
Literal: I thank the God of me always concerning you for the grace - of God - having been given you in Christ Jesus
KJV: I thank  God  always  behalf,  for  the grace  of God  which  is given  by  Jesus  Christ; 

1 Corinthians 3:5
Literal: Who then is Apollos now Paul Servants through whom you believed also to each as the Lord has given
KJV: Who  then  Paul,  and  who  is Apollos,  ministers  by  whom  ye believed,  even  as  the Lord  gave  to every man? 

1 Corinthians 3:10
Literal: According to the grace - of God - having been given to me as a wise master builder [the] foundation I have laid another however is building upon [it] Each one let take heed how he builds upon [it]
KJV: According  to the grace  of God  which  is given  as  a wise  masterbuilder,  I have laid  the foundation,  and  another  buildeth  thereon. But  every man  take heed  how  he buildeth 

1 Corinthians 7:25
Literal: Concerning now the virgins a commandment of [the] Lord not I have judgment however I give as having received mercy from [the] Lord trustworthy to be
KJV: Now  concerning  virgins  I have  no  commandment  of the Lord:  yet  I give  my judgment,  as  one that hath obtained mercy  of  the Lord  faithful. 

1 Corinthians 9:12
Literal: If others of the over you authority partake [should] not more we But not we did use the right this Instead all things we bear so that not any hindrance we should place to the gospel of Christ
KJV: If  others  be partakers  of this power  are not  rather?  Nevertheless  not  used  power;  but  suffer  all things,  we should  hinder  the gospel  of Christ. 

1 Corinthians 11:15
Literal: a woman however if she has long hair glory to her it is For the long hair instead of a covering is given
KJV: But  if  a woman  have long hair,  a glory  to her:  for  her hair  is given  her  for  a covering. 

1 Corinthians 12:7
Literal: To each now is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common profiting
KJV: But  the manifestation  of the Spirit  is given  to every man  to  profit withal. 

1 Corinthians 12:8
Literal: To one truly for through the Spirit is given a word of wisdom to another now of knowledge according to the same Spirit
KJV: For  to one  is given  by  the Spirit  the word  of wisdom;  to another  the word  of knowledge  by  the same  Spirit; 

1 Corinthians 12:24
Literal: - and the presentable [parts] of us no need have But - God has composed the body to the [parts] being deficient more abundant having given honor
KJV: For  comely  parts have  no  need:  but  God  the body  together,  having given  honour  to that part which lacked: 

1 Corinthians 14:7
Literal: Even - lifeless things a sound giving whether flute or harp if distinction to the sounds not they give how will it be known what [is] being piped or - being harped
KJV: And even  things without life  giving  sound,  whether  pipe  or  harp,  they give  a distinction  in the sounds,  how  shall it be known  what is piped  or  harped? 

1 Corinthians 14:8
Literal: Also for if indistinct [the] trumpet sound gives who will prepare himself for battle
KJV: For  if  the trumpet  give  an uncertain  sound,  who  shall prepare himself  to  the battle? 

1 Corinthians 14:9
Literal: So also you with the tongue if not intelligible speech you give how will it be known what [is] being spoken You will be for into [the] air speaking
KJV: So  likewise  ye utter  by  the tongue  words  easy to be understood,  how  shall it be known  what is spoken?  for  speak  into  the air. 

1 Corinthians 15:38
Literal: - But God gives it a body as He has willed and to each of the seeds its own body
KJV: But  God  giveth  it  a body  as  it hath pleased him,  and  to every  seed  his own  body. 

1 Corinthians 15:57
Literal: to however God [be] thanks the [One] giving us the victory through the Lord of us Jesus Christ
KJV: But  thanks  be to God,  which  giveth  the victory  through  Lord  Jesus  Christ. 

2 Corinthians 1:22
Literal: the [One] also having sealed us and having given the pledge of the Spirit in the hearts of us
KJV: Who  also  sealed  and  given  the earnest  of the Spirit  in  hearts. 

2 Corinthians 5:5
Literal: The [One] now having prepared us for very this [is] God - having given to us the pledge of the Spirit
KJV: Now  he that hath wrought  for  the selfsame thing  is God,  who  hath given  the earnest  of the Spirit. 

2 Corinthians 5:12
Literal: Not again ourselves are we commending to you but occasion are giving of boasting on behalf of us so that you may have [an answer] toward those in appearance boasting and not [the] heart
KJV: we commend  not  ourselves  again  but  give  occasion  to glory  behalf,  that  ye may have  somewhat to  answer them which glory  in  appearance,  and  not  in heart. 

2 Corinthians 5:18
Literal: - And all things [are] of - God the [One] having reconciled us to Himself through Christ and having given to us the ministry - of reconciliation
KJV: And  all things  are of  God,  who  hath reconciled  to himself  by  Christ,  and  hath given  the ministry  of reconciliation; 

2 Corinthians 6:3
Literal: Nothing before no one placing an obstacle so that not should be blemished the ministry
KJV: Giving  no  offence  in  any thing,  the ministry  blamed: 

2 Corinthians 8:1
Literal: We make known now to you brothers the grace - of God - having been bestowed among the churches - of Macedonia
KJV: Moreover,  brethren,  to wit  of the grace  of God  bestowed  on  the churches  of Macedonia; 

2 Corinthians 8:5
Literal: And not [only] as we had hoped but themselves they gave first to the Lord and then to us by [the] will of God
KJV: And  this they did, not  as  we hoped,  but  first  gave  their own selves  to the Lord,  and  by  the will  of God. 

2 Corinthians 8:10
Literal: And a judgment in this [matter] I give this indeed for you is profitable who not only - to act but also to will have begun from a year ago
KJV: And  herein  I give  my advice:  for  is expedient  who  have begun before,  not  only  to do,  but  also  to be forward  a year  ago. 

2 Corinthians 8:16
Literal: Thanks however - to God the [One] putting the same earnestness for you into the heart of Titus
KJV: But  thanks  be to God,  which  put  the same  earnest care  into  the heart  of Titus  for 

2 Corinthians 9:9
Literal: As it has been written He has scattered abroad He has given to the poor the righteousness of Him abides to the age
KJV: (As  it is written,  He hath dispersed abroad;  he hath given  to the poor:  his  righteousness  remaineth  for  ever. 

2 Corinthians 10:8
Literal: If even for more abundantly somewhat I should boast concerning the authority of us which has given [us] the Lord for building [you] up and not tearing down you I will be ashamed
KJV: For  though  I should boast  somewhat  of  authority,  which  the Lord  hath given  for  edification,  and  not  for  destruction,  not  be ashamed: 

2 Corinthians 12:7
Literal: and the surpassingness of the revelations Therefore that not I should become conceited was given to me a thorn in [my] flesh a messenger of Satan me he might buffet so that
KJV: And  I should be exalted above measure  through the abundance  of the revelations,  there was given  a thorn  in the flesh,  the messenger  to  buffet  I should be exalted above measure. 

2 Corinthians 13:10
Literal: Because of therefore these things being absent I write so that being present not with severity I should treat [you] according to the authority that the Lord has given me for building up and not tearing down
KJV: I write  being absent,  being present  I should use  sharpness,  according  to the power  which  the Lord  hath given  to  edification,  and  not  to  destruction. 

Galatians 1:4
Literal: the [One] having given Himself for the sins of us so that He might deliver us out of the age of having come presently evil according to the will of the God and Father
KJV: Who  gave  himself  for  sins,  that  he might deliver  from  this present  evil  world,  according  to the will  of God  and  Father: 

Galatians 2:9
Literal: and having known the grace - having been given to me James Cephas John those esteemed pillars to be [the] right hands gave to me Barnabas of fellowship that we [should go] to the Gentiles they however circumcision
KJV: And  when James,  Cephas,  and  John,  who  seemed  pillars,  perceived  the grace  that was given  and  Barnabas  the right hands  of fellowship;  that  should go unto  the heathen,  and  they  unto  the circumcision. 

Galatians 3:21
Literal: The therefore Law [is] contrary to the promises - of God Never may it be If for had been given a law - being able to impart life indeed from out of [the] Law - would have emerged - righteousness
KJV: Is the law  then  against  the promises  of God?  God forbid:  for  if  a law  given  which  could  have given life,  verily  righteousness  should  by  the law. 

Galatians 3:22
Literal: but imprisoned the Scripture things all under sin so that promise by faith from Jesus Christ might be given to those believing
KJV: But  the scripture  hath concluded  all  under  sin,  that  the promise  by  faith  of Jesus  Christ  might be given  to them that believe. 

Galatians 4:15
Literal: What then the blessedness of you I bear witness for to you that if possible the eyes having gouged out you would have given [them] to me
KJV: then  the blessedness  spake of? for  record,  that,  if  it had been possible,  ye would have plucked out  own eyes, 

Ephesians 1:17
Literal: that the God of the Lord of us Jesus Christ Father - of glory may give to you [a] spirit of wisdom and revelation in [the] knowledge of Him
KJV: That  the God  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  the Father  of glory,  may give  the spirit  of wisdom  and  revelation  in  the knowledge  of him: 

Ephesians 1:22
Literal: And all things He put under the feet of Him Him gave [to be] head over to the church
KJV: And  hath put  all  things under  his  feet,  and  gave  him  to be the head  over  all  things to the church, 

Ephesians 3:2
Literal: If indeed you have heard of the administration of the grace - of God - having been given to me toward you
KJV: ye have heard  of the dispensation  of the grace  of God  which  is given  to 

Ephesians 3:7
Literal: of which I became servant according to the gift of the grace - of God - having been given to me working power of Him
KJV: Whereof  I was made  a minister,  according  to the gift  of the grace  of God  given  by  the effectual working  of his  power. 

Ephesians 3:8
Literal: To me the very least of all saints was given the grace this to the Gentiles to preach the unsearchable riches - of Christ
KJV: who am less than the least  of all  saints,  this  grace  given,  that I should preach  the Gentiles  the unsearchable  riches  of Christ; 

Ephesians 3:16
Literal: that He might give you according to the riches of the glory of Him with power to be strengthened by the Spirit in the inner man
KJV: That  he would grant  according to  the riches  of his  glory,  to be strengthened  with might  by  his  Spirit  in  the inner  man; 

Ephesians 4:7
Literal: One now to each of us has been given - grace according to the measure of the gift - of Christ
KJV: But  unto every  one  is given  grace  according to  the measure  of the gift  of Christ. 

Ephesians 4:8
Literal: Therefore it says Having ascended on high He led captive captivity and gave gifts - to men
KJV: Wherefore  he saith,  When he ascended  up  on high,  he led captivity  captive,  and  gave  gifts  unto men. 

Ephesians 4:11
Literal: And He gave some indeed [to be] apostles now prophets evangelists shepherds teachers
KJV: And  he  gave  some,  apostles;  and  some, prophets;  and  some, evangelists;  and  some, pastors  and  teachers; 

Ephesians 4:27
Literal: neither give opportunity to the devil
KJV: give  place  to the devil. 

Ephesians 4:29
Literal: Any word unwholesome out of the mouth of you not let go forth but if any good for edification of the need so that it may give grace to those hearing
KJV: no  corrupt  communication  proceed  out of  mouth,  but  is good  to  the use  of edifying,  that  it may minister  grace  unto the hearers. 

Ephesians 6:19
Literal: and also for me that to me may be given divine utterance in [the] opening of the mouth of me with boldness to make known the mystery gospel
KJV: And  for  that  utterance  may be given  that I may open  mouth  boldly,  to make known  the mystery  of the gospel, 

Colossians 1:25
Literal: of which became I a minister according to the administration - of God - having been given me toward you to complete the word
KJV: Whereof  am made  a minister,  according to  the dispensation  of God  which  is given  for  to fulfil  the word  of God; 

1 Thessalonians 4:2
Literal: You know for what instructions we gave you through the Lord Jesus
KJV: For  ye know  what  commandments  we gave  by  the Lord  Jesus. 

1 Thessalonians 4:8
Literal: So then the [one] rejecting [this] not man disregards but - God the [One] also giving the Spirit of Him - Holy to you
KJV: He therefore  that despiseth,  not  man,  but  God,  also  given  unto  his  holy  Spirit. 

2 Thessalonians 1:8
Literal: in a fire of flame inflicting vengeance on those not knowing God and obeying the gospel of the Lord of us Jesus
KJV: In  flaming  fire  taking  vengeance  on them that know  not  God,  and  that obey  not  the gospel  Lord  Jesus 

2 Thessalonians 2:16
Literal: Himself now the Lord of us Jesus Christ and - God Father the [One] having loved us having given [us] comfort eternal hope good by grace
KJV: Now  Lord  Jesus  Christ  himself,  and  God,  even  Father,  which  hath loved  and  hath given  us everlasting  consolation  and  good  hope  through  grace, 

2 Thessalonians 3:9
Literal: not that not we have [the] right but that ourselves [as] an example we may offer to you for - you to imitate us
KJV: Not  because  we have  not  power,  but  to  make  ourselves  an ensample  to  follow 

2 Thessalonians 3:16
Literal: Himself now the Lord - of peace may give you - peace through all in every way Lord [be] with all of you
KJV: Now  the Lord  of peace  himself  give  peace  always  by  all  means.  The Lord  be with  all. 

1 Timothy 2:6
Literal: the [One] having given Himself [as] a ransom for all the testimony in proper times their own
KJV: Who  gave  himself  a ransom  for  all,  to be testified  in due  time. 

1 Timothy 4:14
Literal: Not be negligent of the in you gift which was given to you through prophecy with [the] laying on of the hands elderhood
KJV: Neglect  not  the gift  that is in  which  was given  by  prophecy,  with  the laying on  of the hands  of the presbytery. 

1 Timothy 5:14
Literal: I want therefore [the] younger [ones] to marry to bear children to manage their households no occasion to give the [one] opposing of reproach on account
KJV: I will  therefore  that the younger women  marry,  bear children,  guide the house,  give  none  occasion  to the adversary